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Mineralogy & The Peabody Museum Collection : A 5 page overview of mineralogy, the branch of science dealing with minerals in the Earth's crust and also those found outside the Earth (such as in lunar samples and meteorites). The writer focuses specifically upon a very important (and well-known) collection stored in the Peabody Museum at Yale University. That particular collection's history is discussed in light of mineralogy itself. Bibliography is missing. Mineralg.wps

High Pressure Silica Minerals: Coesite and Stishovite : A 5 page paper discussing these rare forms of silica. Generally only found in areas where quartz rocks have been subjected to extremely high pressure such as in Arizona’s Meteor Crater, stishovite was first discovered in sandstone that had been converted to glass as a result of the impact of the meteor. While both are silica, coesite’s structure is that of tetrahedrons; stishovite is constructed of octahedrons with oxygen. Stishovite is the densest known form of silica and also the hardest known oxide; both begin to degrade in the absence of high pressure. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Coestis.wps

Physical Features Of Mount St. Helens And Mount Etna : This 6 page report discusses the physical features of Mount St. Helens in southwestern Washington State and compares it briefly with Mount Etna in Sicily. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Physfeat.wps

Earth Science & The Environmental Scientist : 13 pages on the important relevance that earth science has to the environmental sciences. Numerous case examples are provided. Bibliography lists more than 20 comprehensive sources. Envirsci.wps

Plate Tectonics : A 7 page paper discussing the theory of plate tectonics. Citing the works of various key theorists, the write describes how exploring plate tectonics helps us to better understand the validity of Continental Drift. Bibliography lists five sources. Platet.wps

The Study Of Geological History Prior To The 1900's : 7 pages in length. Theories and concepts in geological history prior to the twentieth century are both significant and far-reaching. So instrumental are they in gauging the earth's ongoing changes that a specialized scientific field was developed solely for its continued study. The writer discusses the study of geological history as it existed prior to the twentieth century. Bibliography lists 5 sources. GeoHist.wps

Earthquakes / A Comprehensive Discussion : A 9 page paper on earthquakes in which the writer explains their different classifications, the role of various seismic wave patterns & types, etc; Also discussed are causes, reasons for geographical distribution, and the effects of earthquakes at different proximities beginning with the meizoseismal area (most damaged region). A final section looks at some experimental and theoretical grounds for predicting earthquakes. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Quakes.wps

Earthquakes & The New Madrid Fault : An 8 page research paper that examines the most dangerous geological feature of the North American heartland. While most Americans think of California whenever the topic of earthquakes comes up, the residents of New Madrid, Missouri suffered through the worst series of quakes in the known history of North America during an eight-week period in the winter of 1811 to 1812. The three principal shocks have been determined to have had a magnitude of 8.0 or higher. Additionally, ten of the aftershocks reached or exceeded a magnitude of 6.0, and at least three may have reached 7.0. Scientists now believe that eyewitness stories of the Mississippi flowing backward, and waterfalls on the Mississippi are true. The writer discusses what is now known about what happened during this dramatic eight-week period. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Madridf.wps

The Whittier Earthquake Of 1987 : In this 7 page essay, the writer uses the Whittier Narrows Quake to show how frighteningly unpredictable and random California's earthquakes have become. The writer discusses the occurrence of that particular quake, its socioeconomic devastation, and most importantly-- describes what "lessons" we should have learned from this random example of geologic terror. Comparisons are also made between the Whittier quake and the Loma Prieta quake of 1989. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Whittier.wps

Earthquakes in New Jersey : The possibility of earthquakes occurring in the New Jersey area is addressed in this 5 page paper. The history of quakes in the geographic location as well as a discussion on current seismologic theory is included. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Eqnj.wps

Earthquakes In New York : The possibility of a major earthquake occurring in the New York area is addressed in this 7 page paper. The history of quakes in the area as well as a discussion on fault lines existing in the state's region is examined. A general discussion on the ineffectiveness of current seismological equipment is also included. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Earthny.wps

The Possibility of A Major Earthquake in the New York City Area : A 3 page paper on the geology of the northeastern United States and the extremely serious -- although unlikely -- earthquake that could occur with respect to Cameron's Line (Bronx area), the prevalence red brownstone and red sandstone in the Palisades, and NYC's location a long a major tectonic plate. Specific locations for the possible earthquake and its resulting damage are described in considerable detail. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Quakesnj.wps

Advances In The Science & Technology Of Earthquake Prediction & Protection : A 5 page paper discussing scientific advancements in the prediction of earthquakes and the means by which technology can assist in minimizing earthquake damage. Bibliography lists five sources. Quakepro.wps

Law Review / Avalanches & Liability : A 7 page research paper on avalanche predictions, postings, and cleanup in light of federal, state, and torte law. Also considered are contract, negligence and manslaughter. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Avalanc.wps

The Volcanoes Of Papua, New Guinea : This 11 page research paper examines the historical phenomena of volcano eruptions in Papua. The writer is particularly concerned with caldera eruptions, predictors, etc; Bibliography lists 7 sources. Papuav.wps

Human Habitation and Geological Disasters : A 10 page research paper on flood, earthquake, and volcano destruction of human civilizations. The writer details the causes of such disasters and famous instances including Vesuvius, Krakatoa, New Madrid, San Francisco, and the great Mississippi floods of 1993. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Volcano.wps

Origin and Physical Characteristics of the Basin & Range Province in the United States : A 5 page paper that provides a concise overview of the origin and major geological characteristics of the Basin and Range Province of the United States, and considers the implications of this information for understanding the geological development in the region. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Province.wps.

Carlsbad Caverns : A 6 page paper that presents an overview of the geological and geographical structure of Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico. This paper recognizes the fragile states of this natural wonder, and presents and overview of the impact of the human element on the natural mineral structures created within the caves. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Carlsbad.wps

Diamonds / Their Structure and Geologic Formation : A 5 page overview of the gemstone known as a diamond. Includes information on diamond structure and geologic formation, including its presence in kimberlite formations. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Diamond.wps

The Garnet / A Geological Overview : A 5 page review of the gem stone garnet. Includes information on its geology, associated species of minerals, and its processing. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Garnet.wps

Gemstone Enhancement : A 5 page overview of the technologies and methodologies involved in the artificial enhancement of gemstones. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Gemstone.wps

Population Dynamics Of Northern Ecosystems In Relation To Nutrient Application/ A Research Proposal : A 7 page examination factors which influence the ecological structure of northern ecosystems, one of which is nutrients such as those observed with the application of treated domestic wastewater. Outlines a proposal for evaluating the effects of nutrients on ecosystem dynamics. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Popdyn.wps

Physical Geography and Socio-Environmental Responsibility : A 14 page research on this science of global environmental change. The writer defines physical geography, presents an historical overview of it, and attempts to explain reasons for physical geography's neglect of certain relevant social issues concerning the environment. It is noted that this example represents a basic misunderstanding of the relationship between science and the philosophy of science. Contemporary perspectives and a look at the future direction of physical geography are provided as well. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Physgeog.wps

The Hoover Dam : This 10 page paper provides an overview of the Hoover Dam, including its history, construction and present state. Also included is information on water power in general as well as environmental issues. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hdam.rtf

Environmental Concerns Regarding Heap Leaching : A 5 page paper discussing the environmental concerns related to heap leach operations. What is the process of heap leaching and why is it used? Current issues surrounding the process are briefly examined. Bibliography lists five sources. Leach.wps

Organometallic Compounds : A 5 page overview of the history of and uses for this broad range of highly reactive compounds so often used as catalysts for many of the processes involved in products ranging in function from containing milk to operating supercomputers. The paper discusses carbonyl cations and anions, hydroformylation and polyalkene polymerization. The entire area of organometallic compounds has been important for decades, but it has been only recently that new discoveries and realization of new uses for old processes has led to increasing benefits so numerous they appear to be limited only by our ability to find them. Bibliography lists 6 sources. OrganoM.wps

Versatile Limestone : A 5 page paper discussing the origins and chemical composition of this sedimentary rock used in so many diverse applications even today. For the soil as well as the sulfur-emitting furnace, limestone is applied as small particles no larger than good-sized dust particles, often the result of quarrying activities. Calcium, the primary component of limestone, is our "miracle mineral" adding stability to buildings, enhancing soil fertility and strengthening our own human infrastructure. And it still can be as beautiful as the finely-veined marble with which Michelangelo sculpted. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Limeston.wps

Centrifugal And Coriolis Forces : A 5 page overview of the two forces and their interaction. Centrifugal force is that fictitious force that imparts a general feeling of weightlessness for astronauts and is also the force by which washing machines extract excess water from wet clothes. The Coriolis effect holds that an object which moves in a straight line above the surface of the Earth (and not parallel to the equator) will appear to curve because the Earth is turning under it. Together, both are important for space travel. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Coriolis.wps
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