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Status & Power In America : A 9 page paper discussing status and power in America from a sociological perspective and their effects on government and communications which ultimately protect the status quo of class separation. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Poweras.wps

Minorities in Politics : A 12 page paper on the political attitudes and opinions of minorities in America. Includes a brief overview of the major minority groups and what issues determine whether they will support a particular candidate. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Minorpol.wps

Race as a Social Construct Rather Than Biological Fact : A 6 page paper examining the biological basis of racial categorization. There is little evidence of race as a physical and biological fact, but much evidence indeed for race as a purely social concept. One very biological fact is that we humans need to finds points of reference in everything in order to process information most efficiently. Our very mechanism of thinking and learning categorizes information, and there is no shame in categorizing people according to color—it is a physical characteristic readily discernible and requires no value judgment, though such is often superfluously attached. The shame is in elevating that need to categorize items to condone one group claiming superiority over another based on physical characteristics alone. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Soclrace.wps

Bridging the Gap Between Rich & Poor In America : This 5 page paper argues that there is a wide chasm between rich and poor in America, which can only be bridges with radical social change. Several areas are addressed including the education, legal and tax systems. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Poorich.wps

The Effects of Student Race on the Quality of Education : An 8 page overview of the literature concerning the quality of education when multi- racial students are concerned. Links race with culture and emphasizes that reading comprehension is often determined by background knowledge structure which is determined by an individual’s culture. Concludes that a student’s race is very relevant to potential academic success and emphasizes that this success is directly related not only to the method of presentation but also to student attitude. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Studrace.wps

Human, Cultural and Social Capital & Success in American Society :
A 30 page paper that provides a comprehensive overview of human capital, cultural capital and social capital, compares the essential premise presented by experts including Becker, Bourdieu and Farkas, and considers their implications for success in American society. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Humancap.wps

The Economics of Urban Poverty : The premise that poverty is largely a racial issue is discussed in this 8 page paper. The thesis presented has support from many economists who link race and the proliferation of the welfare state. Solutions to poverty are provided and include decreasing social services while improving educational facilities in poor, urban areas and implementing large scale affirmative action programs. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Urbpov.wps

Sociology and Race, Homelessness, and Urban Life : A 25 page paper that presents the works of three authors, Studs Terkel, Elijah Anderson and Elliot Liebow and considers their works with regard to race, poverty, gender and ethics. These works all represent different perspectives on race and urban issues, and provide compelling support against the common stereotypes of the day. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Socrace.wps

The American Jewish Experience : It is a fundamental aspect of New York life that there are enclaves of different social and class distinctions that have grown from the need of sets of immigrants to come together in a cohesive community to support and provide each other with a sense of stability and coherence. This 6 page paper examines the unique position of the Jewish immigrant to New York in the early twentieth century. It looks at the rift in the community that was described geographically but was based on socio-economic factors and rooted in cultural beliefs. The political organizations of the Zionist and Labor Movements are also explored. No bibliography provided. Amjewex.wps

African American Cultural Continuity : A 5 page paper which examines African-American cultural continuity and how it has remained essentially the same since the 1960s. The African-American community is examined from the inside and outside -- how they regard other cultural groups and how whites and Hispanics view them. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Contcult.wps

The History Of U.S. Children In Poverty : A 15 page paper that provides a historical analysis of the topic of children in poverty, and considers the advantages and disadvantages within the scope of society & social theory. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Childpov.wps

Middle Class Americans & Health Insurance Coverage : A 15 page paper discussing the social and economic factors contributing to the increasing number of middle-class Americans who have no health-insurance coverage. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Healins.rtf

The Concept Of A Middle Class Black America : A 5 page paper exploring the differences in middle class standards. The writer examines white middle-America as compared to the black middle class, and shows the latter's progression. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Blkmddl.wps

African-Americans & Racism : A 10 page paper that demonstrates the processes that have led to an increase in institutional racism rather than a decrease. The writer suggests that the decline of Affirmative Action over the past few years has led to increased support for racial inequities and demonstrated the lack of equality in housing, employment and educational opportunities for many Blacks. Bilbiography lists 8 sources. Racism.wps

Why People Support Affirmative Action : A 15 page paper presenting a literature review and an abbreviated survey-based research seeking attitudes and reasons why Affirmative Action policies appear to be ingrained forever in our society. Research findings indicate that while individuals, both African American and white, believe that the very program tends to extend racial discrimination rather than alleviate it, none wants to be accused of being either "racist" or uncaring regarding the fate of others. The sample is a limited number of women equally divided according to race; the findings indicate that further research is warranted. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Whysuppo.wps

Black Neighbors : A 6 page paper on the book "Black Neighbors : Race and the limits of reform in the American Settlement House Movement, 1890-1945," by Elizabeth Lasch-Quinn. Settlement houses were designed to enable people living in poverty to have access to support and help no matter what their ethnicity, religious beliefs, or other differences that may be discriminated against in other areas of society. Lasch-Quinn addresses the issue form a unique perspective and allows the reader to see another viewpoint, a viewpoint that goes beyond the surface to the subtle realities of the settlement houses. She discusses the often misconstrued ideas regarding poverty stricken African Americans. Lasch.wps

Race Relations : 10 pages in length. Humanity has been enduring an ongoing battle for centuries: the strained relations among the races. Despite efforts to put the past behind, signs remain at nearly every juncture that there still exists a strong sense of racial dissension. While many Caucasians do not see the problem being as severe as it is represented, African-Americans angrily reply that the lighter skinned race has not had to endure such prejudice and, therefore, cannot begin to identify with the situation. Similarly, Asians, Hispanics and other United States minorities believe they often receive unfair treatment because of their race. The writer discusses the various aspects of race relations and how they have changed over time. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Racerel.wps

Affects Of Racial Stereotypes On Society : 5 pages in length. Society has been struggling to overcome centuries of racism, racial conflicts and racial polarization. There is virtually no segment of society that is not affected by racial stereotypes, which are oversimplified or mistaken attitudes, opinions or judgments. From school children to the workplace, from the entertainment industry to the sports world, racial stereotypes are an integral part of society's framework. Indeed, a perfect society would reflect an attitude of equality -- rather than one of segregation -- toward the myriad ethnicities that exist in today's world; however, as much as humanity has moved away from racism, there have been just as many issues that have stalled its continuation. The writer discusses how racial stereotypes affect society. Bibliography lists 10 sources. RacialSt.wps

Cultural Aspects In The Use Of Foul Language Among Black Male Teens : This is a 6 page paper that outlines a study on the effect and significance of foul language among black males between the ages of 14 and 18. The hypothesis of this study states that 'foul' language by secondary school level black males is culturally derived and is an accepted defense mechanism to 1) overwhelming incidence of violence and 2) cultural differences in definitions of family and gender roles. Bibliography lists 28 sources. Foultalk.wps

The Hispanic Community in West Texas & Texas Law Enforcement : Increases in the Hispanic populations nationwide have impacted communities and defined a new process of interaction with law enforcement officials. This 15 page paper considers the changes and impacts of police in states like Texas, as they have struggled to define these communities and distinguish between illegal immigrants and the rights of Hispanic-Americans, with a close look at the issue as it pertains to one example: the city of El Paso. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Texaslaw.wps

The Role of the Hispanic Community in the Modern West : Illegal immigration, migrant farm jobs and two periods of immigration allowances since the turn of the century have determined large Hispanic communities in the modern West. States like Texas have struggled to define these communities and distinguish between illegal immigrants and the crack down on illegal immigration and the rights of Hispanic-Americans living in these communities. This 12 page paper considers the scope of this problem, reflects the role of law enforcement officials, and also considers the problem of vigilante border patrols, who pose a threat both to Hispanic American citizens and illegal immigrants. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Hispwest.wps

The Impact of Racism on City Government & Community Business : Increasingly, suburban communities that were once predominantly white are becoming more complex in their racial composition, and racial issues have become an element of city government and community business. This 16 page paper reflects on the scope of this problem, considers the impacts of racism, and relates this information in terms of government, businesses, the media and community decision making. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Govrace.wps

Authority / A Socio-Political Analysis : The subject of authority is discussed in relationship to political ideology and class. This 8 page paper suggests that societal reaction to authority is inextricably linked with liberalism and conservatism as well as social status. The Rodney King beating and trial is used as one illustration. The paper includes Weber's interpretation of authority. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Authorit.wps

White Male Culture Throughout The Twentieth Century : The thesis of this 10 page paper is that white males have always been in power. This is evidenced by the interaction of culture, politics, economics, and social development. Four specific time periods are highlighted as proof. Bibliography cites 6 sources. Cultprod.wps

Eurocentrism & Afrocentrism / Contrasting Views and the Significance for Race Relations : An 8 page paper that considers the differences between Eurocentrism and Afrocentrism and relates them in terms of the perceptions of Molei Kete Asante and Mary Lefkowitz. This paper demonstrates the arguments presented by both theorists and then considers their implication for race relations. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Eurafro.wps

Minorities In The U.S.A. / Assimilation & Social Mobility : These two terms are defined and explored in this 5 page paper that looks at minorities in the United States. Immigration today and many years ago is the focus of this overview which also addresses such issues as multiculturalism. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Assimm.wps

Cultural Assimilation in America / Mission Impossible : A 9 page research paper includes a 1 page Roman Numeral Sentence Outline. This paper discusses the myth of successful cultural assimilation among ethnic groups in the United States today. An argument is presented from the viewpoint that ethnic groups can never become completely assimilated into American society and culture. Bibliography lists 6 sources. EthAssim.wps

The Fallacy Of Assimilation : A 7 page research paper that examines the process of assimilation of ethnic groups into mainstream culture. In recent years, assimilation theory has fallen into disrepute. The writer explains why this is so and discusses the actual process involved in cultural exchange. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Fallassi.wps

Multiculturalism as an Important American Ideology : A 7 page essay on the importance of multiculturalism in which the writer makes the argument that this concept should really be "nothing new" as it was established in theme, by the Founding Fathers of the U.S. The writer points out that there does not exist any single, common American culture to begin with and continues to refute all arguments opposed to multiculturalism. The importance of diversity is stressed. Statistics and case examples from the research are included. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Multicul.wps

Multiculturalism / A Critical Examination : 3 pages in length. A critical essay on the concept of multiculturalism and the historic growth of the "monoculture" that has led to so much profound controversy. After assessing a number of relevant social and political issues, the writer concludes that there are both advantages and disadvantages to multiculturalism. No Bibliography. Multicu2.wps

Will Restricting Immigration Prevent Cultural Disintegration? : 6 pages in length. The United States of America is known as a cultural melting pot, where foreign-born peoples have flourished both economically and independently for nearly four hundred years. However, there is currently much concern about the long-term effects such immigrant influx is causing and will continue to cause the both the land and the legal citizens. The writer discusses the aspect of job stealing, overpopulation and environmental consequences instigated by the open-door immigration policy. Extensive bibliography included. Immigrat.wps

"The Rise of David Levinsky" & "Our Country" / How They Relate to the American Immigrant Experience : A 7 page paper discussing the unsettling experience of the wave of immigrants during the turn of the century America and the effect it had on both immigrants and residents. No additional sources cited. Levinsky.wps

Cultural Diversity : A 4 page paper the considers personal attitudes and responses to cultural diversity. The writer suggests that because of the perception that different is negative and same is positive, cultural diversity has many negative misconceptions that can impact people in a number of job areas, including criminal justice. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Divpers.wps

Variances in Leisure Practices Between Blacks & Whites : In 5 pages the author discusses the variances in leisure practices between the black and white culture. "This is a cultural variance in the leisure practices between blacks and whites, particularly those blacks and whites who are in different socioeconomic classes. Although not a significant amount of research has been done concerning the variances in leisure practices between blacks and whites, diverse conclusions have been made." Bibliography lists 4 sources. Bwleisur.wps

Culture & Service Providers : A 7 page paper that recognizes that the nature of public service often requires that people work within multi-cultural environments and inteactions between people of diverses cultures is frequent. The writer also provides two distinct examples of intercultural interactions and suggests ways to address the issues that arise. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Culture2.wps

Political Correctness in the College Classroom : A 9 page research paper on being P.C. on campus. The writer explores the 'myth' of PC and its effects on policies and studies in higher education. A number of theories are cited to explain the evolution of PC's popularity. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Polcrrct.wps

The Concept Of Race As a Social Construct : In this 4 page research paper, the writer argues that race has no biological basis and is merely a socially-constructed concept-- created from perceptions conditioned by events of recorded history. Race and class issues (primarily the example of inner-city African-Americans) are examined with many examples to support this theory. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Racesoci.wps racism

Dealing with Racism and Racial Violence : A 5 paper on the problems associated with racism and the violence that stems from it. Discussed in the paper are different cultural and ethnic groups that are generally effected the most by racial violence, and what can be done about it. A brief description of what different types of racial violence can entail is also included. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ratvio.wps

Orphanage Conditions According to Race, 1900-1950 : A 6 page paper discussing differences in white orphanages and black orphanages in the first part of the century. Conditions in orphanages of any racial makeup were deplorable by today’s standards, but were far more acceptable in the days in which work ethic and religious values were stressed above anything else. Those lesson were rigidly and harshly taught to white children, but black children in the days of Jim Crow were all too familiar with the realities of life. Black orphanages existed only through the altruism and true caring of successful African Americans, and exhibited far greater degrees of true caring than did policies of white orphanages. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Orphanag.wps

Discrimination / Cause & Effect : In 6 pages, the writer discusses the cause and effect of discrimination. The Rodney King case is used as one of the prime examples. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Discking.wps

Immigration Law & Poverty : A 30 page paper that considers the past and present immigration laws in the United States and considers them in terms of poverty in immigrant communities. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Immpolaw.wps

Science, The Bell Curve, & Racism : A 14 page paper that presents the theory that science has been readily utilized as a means for promoting racism. This paper considers the impact of scientific findings in regards to ethnicity and the impact that these have on racism, especially in the United States. The Bell Curve is one example of recent racially-based scientific findings that have been challenged because of their jaded methodology. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Science.wps

The Historical Experiences of Native Americans, Black Americans, & Chinese Americans / Comparison : In 5 pages the author compares the historical experiences of Native Americans, Black Americans, and Chinese Americans. A historical narrative of Native Americans, Black Americans, and Chinese Americans is necessary to determine the specific historical factors, social structure factors, and ideological factors that seem to have contributed to the differences in their experiences. The history of Native Americans, Black Americans, and Chinese Americans is unique to each of those groups of peoples, yet they have all been discriminated against. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Histexp.wps

Asian In America : An 8 page essay on the problems that Asian Americans face trying to live in the United States. The writer examines the real crisis Asians face on many fronts. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Amasian.wps

Chinese American Families Analyzed : This 8 page research paper examines Chinese American families today. Specifically discussed are a short history of their arrival in America, current prejudices they face today, how they have overcome cultural changes and adapt to life in U.S., and common American misconceptions about the Chinese. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Chinamer.wps

A Loss of Culture / Japanese - Americans During WW II : A 6 page examination of the true story documented in Monica Stone's "Nisei Daughter"-- the recounting of events that took place in a community of Japanese-Americans during and around the time of World War II. Specifically examined are the harsh ways that the Japanese people were treated and the socio-cultural problems they endured. Culture, power, and minority stereotypes are among the many issues explored (all Japanese were stereotyped as being "anti-American). Bibliography lists 3 additional sources used to support how the book itself illustrated such problems. Nisei.wps

Culture, Stereotyping, & Monica Stone's "Nesei Daughter" : An 8 page research paper on various sociological concepts concerning race, culture, power, stereotypes, etc; The writer defines relevant terms, provides examples, and then applies them to Stone's "Nesei Daughter"-- a narrative about the poor treatment of Japanese-American families during WWII. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Snisei2.wps

A History of Racism & Sexism in America : A concise 5 page essay on the historical origin of racism and sexism in the Americas. The writer details how the White Man brutally conquested the Native Indians and continued a reign of racist oppression thereafter. Sociopolitical examples such as The Chinese Exclusion Act, the persecution of Japanese-Americans during World War II, etc; are provided to support points made throughout the essay. No Bibliography. Amerrace.wps

Minority Smoking Rates : An 8 page paper written in the attempt to prove the hypothesis that smoking rates among low income minority adults in the southwest region are higher than those of upper and middle income classes regardless of race. What was discovered in the course of the research, however, was that not only is this sort of information apparently not available, but that current research is so poorly designed it cannot possibly provide reliable conclusions. Most discouraging is that the bulk of research data has come out of the Centers for Disease Control, one of our more respected government agencies. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Smoke.doc

Marriage & African-American Female College Grads : A 7 research paper which examines the fact that the rates for African-American marriage have declined over the last several decades. The writer discusses obvious explanations-such as the declining pool of eligible black men who have college degrees-but also postulates that there are other reasons which tend to indicate a cultural diversity between black and white models of family structure. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Afrowome.wps

The Black Family / Structure, Gender Roles & Individual Community Identity : This 5 page paper considers the perspective on the Black family as presented by Sherley Ann Williams in her novel Dessa Rose, Herbert Gutman in his work The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s article "The Negro Family: The Case for National Action." Points considered in this paper: the family structure, male and female identity, specific family roles, individual and community identity, patriarchy and matriarchy, and the different perspectives presented by each of the three authors. No additional sources cited. Blackfa2.wps

Social Structure, Race, Class, & Economics In America : A 7 page essay on socioeconomics in the United States. The writer feels that even though Black people are regarded as socially equal-- society has still managed to keep minority races as socio-economically unequal to the middle class. Race as a social construct is examined as are the demographics of each class. No Bibliography. Socioeco.wps

Minority Rules vs. Majority Rules : In 5 pages the author discusses minority rules vs. majority rules. There is inevitable conflict between majority rule and minority rule. Conflict is an ever-present part of human life, and one of ruling parties, in general. The side of the majority rule wants one thing and the side of the minority rule wants another. One person wants one thing and another person wants another thing. Both parties can not rule at once, so a struggle of some sort must ensue. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Minorule.wps

Reverse Discrimination / A Black Perspective : An 8 page overview of the effects of Affirmative Action and the resulting phenomena of reverse discrimination. Concludes that although reverse discrimination does sometimes occur, it alone is not reason to abolish Affirmative Action policies. Bibliography lists ten sources. Revdisc.wps

Gary Althen’s "American Ways" : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of Gary Althen's book American Ways. This paper demonstrates the way in which Althen's cultural perspective on white, middle-class America can be an important sociological tool for people from other countries. Bibliography lists 1 source. Amerways.wps

The Journey Into Adulthood : This 5 page essay explores the 3 stages of adulthood using Helen L. Bee's The Journey of Adulthood as its only source. The book is used, along with personal observations, to provide an overview of the various stages as well as its relevance to a class on family life. Adulth.wps

Indo-Americans Propose Melting Pot Resolution : A 7 page piece that discusses two issues confronting Indo-Americans (Americans from India) today--discrimination and cultural identity. The paper provides an historical perspective on how diversity within the Indian community was created and what that means to the Indo-American community. In response to the identity crisis, the paper posits the call of some Indo-American leaders for the true formation of an American melting pot rather than strict ethnocism. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Indoamer.wps

Portuguese Emigration : The emigration of the Portuguese in the eighties is the focus of this 6 page paper. Discussed in detail is their trek from Portugal during a time of political upheaval to the United States. Newark, New Jersey and Boston are highlighted. Also discussed is the prejudice that they faced as well as their successful social mobility. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Portemig.wps

Effects Of Immigration : A correlation between immigration and the increase in delinquency, crime and poverty is made in this 8 page paper. Statistics are noted to support the argument as well as studies that show that crime is brought into the United States by foreign groups. Regional variations are also included. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Immigration.rtf

Sociology, Culture, & Learning -- A Theoretical Examination : A 5 page essay exploring specific sociological issues: social factors involved in learning; how social structure creates social order in a culture; how social structure and culture have changed over the last 50 years. Theories are offered in terms of learning as a social act. Social order is explained. Bibliography is included. Socio.wps

Problems of the Mass Media : A 5 page analytical look at the writer's perceived "down" fall of the "mass audience" and, ultimately, of the mass media. Stereotypes, prejudices, and the public's lack of faith in institutions are cited as being responsible. Media responsibility is examined as are a number of other key topics from this genre. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Massmedi.wps

Media Stereotypes : A 5 page essay that looks at the current state of media and its obsession with stereotypical images. The paper reviews social theory relating to image, racial portrayals in the media, and the portrayal of women in the media—and posits that in the United States, legitimate media is currently underground. Bibliography cites 7 sources. Steromed.wps

Separatism / A Legacy 1960-1990 : A 6 page paper on how the 1960s led to the separatism of the 1990s. The writer proves, through historical, socioeconomic and political perspectives that "the revolutionaries of the 1960s are still stranded on the edge of the abyss and scrambling for ways to keep their children from falling in. One or more leaders today haven’t the charisma or opportunity, due to media castration, to lead them. Leadership is coming in the form of separatism into various cultures. Just as they were then, the boomers are stuck looking for identity in separatism, and also as they were then, they are the leaders of that revolution." Bibliography lists 14 sources. 60s.wps

Life In The City / Advantages & Disadvantages Of Urban Life For Children :
A 7 page paper considering the ways in which living in urban centers is associated with advantages or disavantages. Focus is on lower-income families in the inner city, for whom many of the cultural advantages of the city do not apply, the challenges they face, and the effect of these upon the children. Successful urban improvement programs to address these difficulties are described as potential advantages to urban children. Bibliography lists 24 sources. Urbanchi.wps

Rising Class Consciousness in The U.S.A. : This 10 page paper arguing that there is a rising class consciousness in America today. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Classcon.wps

Saturday Night Fever / Film Exemplifying "The Working Class": This 5 page essay examines this film starring John Travolta sociologically, as it demonstrates the realities of the working class. Analysis includes the significance of Bobby's suicide as well as Tony's internal struggles that have much to do with his class status. No bibliography. Satfev.wps

Individualism v. Collectivism / Americans Value The Individual : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the debate between individualism and collectivism, supporting the position that American society values individualism. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Indicoll.wps

Society And The Individual : A 6 page overview of the role of the individual in society. Questions whether it is the individual who shapes society or society which shapes the individual. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Socind.wps

The Role Of Wealthy Families In New York City’s History : New York's wealthy families are highlighted in this 5 page paper which outlines the city's history. Families which were integral to the development of New York City such as the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts and the Astors are discussed. Their attitudes, as well as their financial endeavors, are noted. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Nycfam.wps

The Upper Class As A Governing Class : G. William Domhoff’s political observations, along with those of others, are explored in this 7 page paper. Issues discussed include the domination of the upper class in politics, particularly in the white house, campaign financing and the difficulty in defining the upper class. Several views concerning the observations are discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Domone.wps

The Upper Class Defined : G. William Domhoff’s observations of the upper class as a cohesive, class conscious and national group, are explored in this 7 page paper. Issues discussed include the definition of upper class and how other classes fit into Domhoff’s observations. Other perspectives are also noted as well as the relevance of the conclusions themselves. Several examples are shown, including one from the 1997 film Titanic. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Domtwo.wps

The Upper Class As A Governing Class # 2 : Adolf Berle’s theory that major corporations are run by upper middle class managers is explored in this 7 page paper. Other theorists are included such as Marx, Engels, Weber, Domhoff and Kahl. An analysis of the concept of housing class is included as well as the role which corporate takeovers play in terms of control. After careful consideration, the conclusion that the elite control corporate America is reached. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Domthree.wps

America’s Self-Made Man : A 5 page paper discussing just what the American Dream is. It has nearly always been measured in terms of wealth, but not necessarily in terms of dollars. The self-made man of Ben Franklin’s time was not a success only in terms of money, but in terms of life. Money was the reward—not the goal. The American Dream is still alive, but it has been replaced in the eyes of many by a sham, by that counterfeit that says that money is the only true measure of the worth of a man. The pity is that money can be lost; character remains. Those with little character but great sums can completely lose themselves when the money is lost. Bibliography lists 1 source. Selfmade.wps

A Short Demographic Analysis Pertaining To Education In Georgia : A 6 page paper discussing some of the uses of demographic studies, but focusing more on a demographic analysis of regions of Georgia based on data collected in the 1990 census, comparing the striated regions of the state with each other according to state averages. Assuming that all other conditions remain the same, it is reasonable to forecast trends indicated by demographic studies. Georgia education data is compared to that of the US as a whole, but the paper points out the problems inherent in comparing some categories, such as "high school by grade" vs "did not complete high school." Bibliography lists 7 sources. Demograf.doc

Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) Immigration Women in the Australian Workforce : A 10 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of the problem and research surrounding the issue of NESB. Critics have suggested that large populations of non-English speaking background (NESB) unemployed overburden the welfare and social security systems, and in their attempts to enter the workforce, also strain the country's remedial adult education programs. But in light of maintained immigration levels over the past decade, the path towards changing the negative perceptions of NESB immigrants within the workforce is imbedded not only in a system designed to enhance language skill development, but also to dispel the myths related to their lack of skills and their long-term impacts on the job market. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Nesb.wps

Effects of Racism on Children : An 8 page research paper which examines how racism impacts children. The writer discusses how black parents have to transmit to their children information concerning racism and the dangers of world without having the children internalize the dominant culture’s negative messages concerning African-Americans. Other topics addressed include the importance of multiculturalism in school curriculums, conflict resolution, and the traditional approach to teaching history. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Childrac.wps

Cornel West’s "Race Matters" / Analyzed : This paper examines the 1993 collection of essays by Princeton University Afro-American Studies professor Cornel West entitled, Race Matters. Specifically discussed are the individual chapters on black-American nihilism, problems with racial reasoning, the lack of quality within current black leadership, the problem with the black conservatism movement, the importance of Affirmative Action, the historical evolution of black-Jewish relations, the myths surrounding black sexuality, and the mobilizing influence of Malcolm X's leadership upon black society. Bibliography lists 1 source. Racematr.wps

Tomas Almaguer’s "Racial Fault Lines" : A 10 page paper that provides a basic overview of Tomas Almaguer's book Racial Fault Lines, and considers the implications of his arguments for the development of white supremacy in California. No additional sources cited. Racfault.wps

Robert Hughes' "Culture of Complaint" : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the major points in Hughes' book Culture Of Complaint and considers their implications. Hughes argues that we have developed into a culture of individuals arguing for their victim status, and that as the growing groups of victims and the consistency of the search for resolution takes shape within our national identity, the very core of all that is valued and strong falls to the wayside.No additional sources cited. Hughesr.rtf

Race Relations in American Society : A 5 page paper discussing two books in relationship to prejudices. The books are, "Natives and Strangers: A Multicultural History of Americas," by Leonard Dinnerstein, Roger L. Nichols, and David M. Reimers, and "Lies My Teacher told Me: Everything Your American History textbook Gone Wrong," by James W. Loewen. The different levels of prejudice are discussed as well as definitions of racism and stereotypes. Two models of racism are presented and detailed. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Raceam.wps

John Berger’s "Ways of Seeing" : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the essential elements of Berger's book Ways of Seeing. No additional sources cited. Berger.rtf

Charles Murray’s "Affirmative Racism" / An Analysis : This 6 page essay analyzes Murray's article and argues to support his comments. Anti-discrimination laws in employment and higher education admissions with their resultant lawsuits have resulted in the very thing they intended to eliminate -- racism but a different form of racism. The writer agrees with Murray that racism of any kind, is destructive to all involved. Murray.wps

American Gypsies : A 6 page argumentative paper that states that Gypsies not only should not be discriminated against, like any other race, but some of their ideals should be enjoyed and preserved as contributions to the American fantasy against the status quo. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Amgypsie.wps

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