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Sociology : 5 pages in length. The social, political, economical and religious activities experienced in everyday life represent the very essence of what it means to be a human being. These representations illustrate how and why a person acts the way he or she does, how they attribute their moods, feelings and emotions, the way in which they interact with one another, as well as what governs their overall behavior. All of this is rolled up into one well-defined subject: the study of sociology. The writer offers an overview of sociology as a study, as well as describes the duties of sociologists. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Socio.wps

Qualitative Research In The Social Sciences : A 15 page research paper that gives an overview of this field of research. It defines qualitative research, contrasts it with the concepts behind quantitative research, and explores the conflict between these two major forms of academic research. The writer also includes the major steps involved in conducting a qualitative research study. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Quality.wps

Sociology and the Characterization Of The Discipline : A 15 page paper that considers the characterization of the sociological discipline and the importance of this determination in relation to classical sociological theory. This paper answers relative questions about bias and efficacy in creating a comprehensive look at the value of the sociological process. Bibliography with 5 sources. Disc.wps

Sociology of Humans & Animals : Using 3 relevant sources, this 5 page essay discusses how similar apes and humans are from a socio-psychological perspective. Author makes the argument that apes should be treated just as humanely as ourselves. Apebook.wps

Telethons As A Societal Dilemma / Labeling The Handicapped : 6 pages in length. Although telethons have long been commended for their ability to raise money to help disabled persons, the writer of this paper argues that there also exists a number of reasons to criticize them as actually doing more harm than good. Labels such as "victim,"" cripple," and "wheelchair-bound" are demeaning. They invoke undue pity from telethon viewers and resentment from the disabled. Moreover, corruption and scandal are linked to these media masquerades and ultimately, a grave societal dilemma is presented by them. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Telethon.wps

Trends Affecting the Individual: A 5 page research paper on the role of the individual and trends that affect it. The writer details selected rights which are currently at issue, specifically gay marriage, communication privacy, gun laws, and abortion. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Indtrend.wps

Intention : A 15 page paper discussing the possibility, and belief, that our intentions can affect society in one way or another. It is believed that by changing our own personal intentions, and by changing our thought patterns we can inadvertently alter society in general. While we do not have the power to alter or create synchronistic events we can alter how we perceive these events we can sensitize ourselves to the realities that surround us and thereby have a direct affect on the society around us. Sections of paper are: Evolution, Synchronicity, and Intention. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Intdesti.wps

Cohabitation & Marriage : The effects of cohabitation on an impending marriage are discussed in this 5 page paper. Also examined, more briefly, is the current trend for couples to marry but live apart. The paper concludes that it is more beneficial for relationships if the couple lives together than if they live apart, whether or not they are married. Religious aspects are explored as well but the paper takes a sociological point of view. The effects of cohabitation on children are also discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cohabit.wps

Cohabitation / Problems : A 5 page paper discussing the problems that can arise from living together without marriage. Living together has caused far more controversy than just the value of maintaining laws that are no longer enforced. The focus here is its effects on traditional marriage and social issues. Though the most common opinion is that there is nothing "wrong" with living together either instead of, or before marriage, there is increasing evidence that there is indeed something "wrong" with it, to the extent that it is listed as a risk factor against the success of subsequent marriage between the same partners. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cohab.wps

Cults & The Rationale Behind Mass Suicides : A 6 page paper discussing several "suicide cults,"including Heaven’s Gate, The People’s Temple, The Branch Davidians, and the Canadian Solar Temple. The writer explains why people join these cults, and argues that although these groups are definitely an aberration of our times, there is little that can be done, at least in the United States, because freedom of religion is guaranteed under the Constitution. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Cults.wps

Suicide & Religion : The correlation between these two variables is outlined in this 10 page research proposal. After a review of sociological literature, a study is designed which includes the derivation of relevant statistical data as well as questionnaire distribution. Ten sample questions are included as well as an explanation of the methodology employed. Variables are described in detail. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Relsuic.wps

Dangerous Cults In The United States : This 14 page paper answers the question as to whether or not dangerous cults should be legal in the United States. The answer is not surprisingly complex as the question involves many issues, most predominately Constitutional freedoms. Groups such as Heaven's Gate, EST, Santeria, the Ku Kux Klan and the Right to Life movement are just some of the groups discussed. Satanic song lyrics are also addressed as part of the issue. The paper concludes that while truly dangerous cults should be outlawed, this should be done very carefully as not to infringe on first amendment rights. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cults.wps

Adolescent Homosexuality : 5 page research paper on adolescent homosexuality. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Please send e-mail for more information. Adolhomo.wps

Counseling Perspectives For Adolescent Homosexuality : A 5 page paper that deals with the issues facing counseling psychologists who counsel adolescent homosexuals. The paper discusses the issues facing the adolescents and gives the psychologist background research on a few of these issues. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Youngay.wps

Adults Return to School / Sociology & The Non-Traditional Student : The reentry of adults as non traditional students into higher education has become linked to the changes in job descriptions, job availability, job demands, and the world-wide corporate-industrial culture. In this very detailed 16 page research paper, the writer explores how adult college education has become symbolic of job opportunity/qualification & improvement yet at the same time, the meaning of a college degree has become less and less significant over the years. Macro & Micro studies as well as numerous statistics, studies, and case examples are provided. Bibliography lists more than 12 sources. Nontrads.wps

Aggression, Obsessive Love, & Codependency : A 12 page research paper on obsessive love and codependency. Obsessive love is defined as a social psychology issue and the role of aggression is explored in great detail. The "Fatal Attraction Syndrome" is essentially what this paper attempts to clarify for the reader. The importance of frustration and its relationship to rejection is of importance as well -- The writer concludes that it is only when we begin to realize that we are creating the very problems we hope to be preventing will the whole problem of codependency, and obsessive love disappear. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Obseslov.wps

"Drugs, Policy, and Society" : An 11 page analytical discussion of early legislative policy and how it compares to the contemporary war on drugs. Especially useful to those studying policy & planning, sociology, and/or public administration. Bibliography lists 14+ sources. Drugpoli.wps

Effects Of The Mass Media On Our Perception Of Christmas : A 25 page research paper examining the question: "Does mass media affect the image of Christmas?" The writer traces the history of Santa Claus, examines the importance of Christmas shopping for retailers, reviews the types of media that affect the meaning and image of Christmas providing quotes from a number of sources, and reaches a relevant conclusion based upon the research. Extensive bibliography is included. Christma.wps

How Much Have Public Attitudes Really Shifted? : A 14 page paper evaluating the mechanisms underlying shifting public attitudes toward sexuality, globalization, drug and alcohol use, and marriage. Too often, we allow our attitudes to be shaped by movies, news items and bored celebrities who have too little of consequence to do with their time and are too shallow to seek out worthy pursuits from which we could all benefit. Hollywood and journalists often exploit marginal aspects of society, making aberrations appear more common than they truly are. The visibility, however, works to diminish the shock value of the real-life occurrences and contributes to their becoming more common. Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources. Changes.rtf

Shifting Public Attitudes : 10 pages in length. Where the world is headed is anyone's guess. If the barometer on such direction is based on shifting public attitudes, however, there are some diverse and alternating roads ahead. The climate of public attitude is dependent upon the source of contention; some issues are met with open-mindedness and liberality, while others face a wall of indifference and scorn. The writer addresses this progression on several issues with regard to current attitudes. Change2.wps

Spending Habits Of Today’s Young Americans vs. Yesterday’s : A 6 page paper discussing the very different spending patterns and attitudes of young Americans just starting out in the adult world and more "settled," thirty-something Americans. Bibliography lists several sources. Spend.wps

The Feminization of Poverty : 40 pages discussing from a feminist's viewpoint how changing social structures have brought about "Feminization of poverty." Numerous case studies are backed-up by relevant statistical data to prove thesis. Bibliography lists 20+ sources. Fempover.wps

Pornography / Sexual Slavery : A 4 page argumentative essay examining the controversy surrounding pornography. The writer discusses the negativity and danger of porn and argues against it from a social (not moral) perspective. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Pornogra.wps

Transforming The Social Definition Of Violence : Both sides of the debate surrounding expansion of the definition of violence is outlined in this 4 page essay. Some believe that prejudicial invectives, slurs, or insults should be included in the definition. The paper concludes that the definition should not be expanded, despite the case made by sociologist Howard J. Ehrlich. One source is cited in the bibliography. Defviol.wps

Rent Control : This 5 page paper provides an overview of the rent control issue. Its impact on a variety of U.S. cities is discussed as well as other areas around the world. Bibliography lists 7 sources Rencontl.wps

Kubler-Ross' Death / The Final Stage of Growth : 8 pages in length. America, says Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, is a death-denying society. We all know death is going to happen to us, but we act as if it’s not. Even when we hear of the death of an elderly acquaintance, we ask what was wrong with him -- as though death were somehow a rare or abnormal condition caused by something he did. This thoughtful essay and review of Kubler's well-known book argues that the American method of handling the subject of death is injurious to both the dying and their survivors. The primary source is quoted and full citation is provided. Death.wps

Humanities / One Definition, Two Meanings : A 3 page essay which discusses the two different meanings of humanities--in the general sense and in the liberal arts sense. Humanit.wps

Has "The American Dream" Come True ? : A 4 page discussion of the proverbial "American Dream," what it meant.. and what it has come to mean today. The writer is particularly concerned with obstacles to achieving the dream and whether or not it still may constitute a definitive reality for all in this country. No bibliography. Amerdrea.wps

Perception of Change & Fear of Crime- Implications for Television News Viewers : 11 pages in length. The impact of television viewing on viewers' attitudes and behaviors is an ongoing public debate and one that has much room for further inquiry. Using primary research, study posits that fear of crime is exacerbated by the perception of change in one's immediate environment. Several free charts are provided in an appendix and a bibliography lists 6+ sources. Crimetv.wps *Graduate level, advanced research.

Kohn's Demonizing of Competition In The Book "No Contest" : A 5 page opinion paper on the value of competition in life. The writer details arguments Kohn makes in his book "No Contest," and refutes them accordingly. Kohn feels that competition is an unavoidable evil and uses many examples to prove his point. No other sources cited. Nocontes.wps

Views on Affirmative Action/ African vs. Irish-American : A 15 page research paper on the reasons why African-Americans and Irish-Americans each have different, opposing views of Affirmative Action in the United States. The writer finds that their different backgrounds in this country (i.e. slavery vs. immigration) are the apparent reasons. Paper is pro-affirmative action --- Bibliography lists 12 comprehensive sources. Afroiris.wps

Long Distance Relationships : An 8 page literature review of research on long distance relationships. Different types of relationships are examined such as prisoners and their wives or girlfriends.College students and commuters and their experiences are discussed. Children are discussed as well as the implications a long distance relationship between their parents may have. Techniques that make for successful and fulfilling relationships are described which may be helpful for individuals involved in a marriage or romance that spans a considerable distance. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Distanrt.wps

Children’s Clothing / Change : This evolution is looked at from a sociological point of view in this 6 page analysis. The relevance of the change in children’s clothing, as well as marketing efforts is discussed. Also part of the analysis is the significance of the Barbie doll, designer labels and capitalism in the premodern, modern and postmodern eras. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chldclth.wps

Cultural & Ethnic Group Expressions Of Humor : 2 pages discussing some of the groups that joke about each other; mentions FDR’s requirement of the US ambassadors in 1930’s Europe to report to him current political humor. No bibliography. Humor3.wps

Early Twentieth Century / New Humor : This 5 page research paper examines the social changes between men and women during the early twentieth century, 1900-1920s, which was reflected in the humor. Specifically discussed is the "battle of the sexes" theme which emerged during this time period as a result of women in the workplace and women becoming more assertive in society. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Humor20.wps

Practical Uses Of Humor In Health Care, Education, & Business : A 3 page look at some of the ways humor can be of benefit in health care, education and business. No cited references. Humor1.wps

How Americans Spend Their Free Time : A 5 page paper that considers the amount of free time that Americans have and the surprising ways that this time is spent. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Leisure.wps

Equality & Its Importance In Modern Society : A 7 page paper defending the need for equality / equal treatment in society. The writer defines and explores various relevant issues and refutes opposing viewpoints. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Equality.wps

WASPs: Privileged or Prejudged? : A 3-page paper analyzing racism in relation to WASPs. The writer examines the issues of reverse discrimination, what can be done to change prejudice, and what WASPs can do to bring about this change in how they are perceived. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Wasps.wps racism

Why We Eat Certain Foods : 8 pages in length. Using information from a documented Household Expenditure Survey, this paper attempts to analyze,-- mostly from a socioeconomic perspective, why we eat the foods we do. (i.e., lower classes consume more junk food, etc;) Bibliography lists 4 sources. Foodwhy.wps

Buying A Car : A 6 page paper that considers the economic elements of purchasing a car. This paper evaluates things like: the use of the blue book, getting the best buy, differences between new and used cars, and the long-term implications of car buying. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Carbuy.doc

Is Creationism a Science ?-- Yes ! : A comprehensive, 6 page discussion of whether or not creationism is truly a science. The author believes that it is in fact, a science and defines many relevant terms. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Keywords: biology, evolution, social science. Creatism.wps

Is Creationism a Science? -- No ! : An 8 page research paper examining whether or not creationism is truly a bonafide science. The writer describes the main theories of Creation-science and illustrates through argument that it does not meet the criteria to be a science. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Creation2.wps

Theories of Creationism : This 8 page paper delves into the controversies not only surrounding the debate between creationism and evolution but arguments within the realm of creationism itself. Include are interpretations such as progressive creationism, catastrophism, scientific creationism and the gap theory. The premise that the majority of people in America believe in pure creationism is supported by several arguments. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Creatheo.wps

The Teachings of Creationism as Contrasted to the Theory of Evolution :
A 10 page research paper discussing Evolution vs. Creation. Topics explored include: reaction of 19th century theologians and clergy to Darwin's theories, court cases resulting from teaching the theory of evolution, including the famous Scopes' Monkey Trial, the current acceptance level of evolution. Bibliography includes 10 references. Darwin.wps

Views as Reflected in Darwinism : A 5 page paper discussing divergent views of racism and colonialism based on the premises advanced by Charles Darwin in developing his theories of natural selection and the existence of "the fittest." Concentrating on the philosophies of Darwin, Josiah Strong and Adolf Hitler, the paper also examines the stance presented by several other authors, with diversity among them ranging between Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling and the Japanese Imperial Government. Darwinwr.wps

Biological Determinism / Our Actions Are Determined by Biology : A 17 page discussion of the role of genetics in determining behavior. Emphasizes that our actions and behaviors are essentially an interplay of genetics and societal factors but acknowledges that the genetic predisposition for certain behaviors is definite and difficult to overcome. Relies extensively on the ideas presented in Richard Dawkin’s The Selfish Gene but backs these ideas up with actual research examples. Uses the counter examples of research indicating that homosexuality is a genetic condition and that research which shows that gender roles are shaped by the environment. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Biodeter.wps

"The Way We Live Now" by Anthony Trollope and the Relationship Between the Sexes : This 5 page report discusses Anthony Trollope’s book and examines the consequences of a laissez faire society, especially as it applies to the relationships between men and women. No additional sources cited. Trollope.wps

Biology & Behavior / Nature vs. Nurture : 9 pages on biologically determined behaviors and the nature vs. nurture controversy. Writer finds that many of our more common behaviors do indeed find their roots in biology. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Biolbeha.wps

The Nature vs. Nurture Controversy : A good 6 page analysis of the nature vs. nurture controversy regarding factors that contribute most strongly to human development. The writer assesses both sides of the issue, explains its relevance to sociology & sociobiology, and determines that the development of a personality and the characteristics of that personality actually depend upon a combination of biological and social factors. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Naturenu.wps

Nature vs. Nurture / Article Discussion : This debate is presented in a 1997 New York Times article that proposes two diametric sides on the issue of brain development. A 5 page critical analysis explores assumptions made in the article. Pros and cons are shown on each side. While no side is taken, the analysis suggests that political correctness may play a role in the debate. No other sources used. Nnurt.wps

Computers & Entertainment : This 6 page paper takes a look at the effects the introduction of the personal computer has had on the entertainment industry. Also discussed is how computers are used as a form of entertainment. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Compent.wps

Origin of Social Movements / Civil Rights & Farm Workers : A 3 page essay that investigates the origin of these two social movements and their subsequent impacts on the American society. The writer argues that social movements always have an impact on the society, the questions are: is the impact lasting and how much of an impact is made. In both these cases the impacts were significant. Evidence for the conclusion is presented. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Impact.wps

Impact Of 1960s Social Movements : A 4 page essay discussing how the social movements of the 1960s impacted attitudes toward race, government, war, politicians and women. Did the struggles of those involved in the different movements result in lasting changes? This writer suggests they did, although true equality still eludes many segments of the population, the events of the 1960s did have a positive impact in many arenas. Socmove.wps

Media Bias : The subject is covered by focusing on a New York Times article published shortly after the Abner Louima incident in Brooklyn. This 6 page analysis suggests that, although this Haitian immigrant was brutalized, it was unfair for media to blame the police without adequately exploring the case. Other cases are mentioned in the discussion. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Mediabia.wps

Media Bias # 2 : This 5 page paper provides a discussion on the premise that media is biased. It concludes that although there is less objectivity in reporting today, there is not a particular slant as often charged. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Medbias.wps

Media Racial Bias : 9 pages in length. Given the power of the press, one would think that reporting the facts would be of utmost importance. However, the truth is often intermixed with fiction, opinion and downright bias when it comes to the media's interpretation of racial issues. The writer addresses racial bias within the media, as well as cites substantiated reasons for its existence. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mrbias.wps

Restaurant Smoking Policies / Scientific, Economic, & Social Aspects :
A 5 page examination of the scientific, economic, and social aspects which affect the implementation of smoking policies in restaurants. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Restsmok.wps

Sexual Deviance / Changes In Perception & Definition Throughout Time: This 11 page paper looks at what constitutes sexual deviancy and how those "measures" change with any given timeframe. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Sexdev.wps

Sexual Misconduct : This 6 page paper discusses the concept in terms of modern litigation. Cases include the Paula Jones allegation against President Clinton, the military case of adulterer Kelly Flinn, allegations by many women against Sgt. Delmar Simpson as well as a recent case involving homosexual advances which served to set a precedent. Definitions and guidelines are given for both sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. The recent Brown University controversy is used to demonstrate that there is a fine line between misconduct and acceptable sexual behavior. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Sexmis.wps

A Qualitative Analysis of the Social Environment at a McDonald’s :
5 pages in length. The writer analytically discusses the social environment and atmosphere in a typical Mc Donald’s fast food restaurant. Qualitative research on social environments is included as well. Bibliography lists 1 source. Qualanal.wps

Philanthropy / An Overview : Philanthropy is a 5 page paper on philanthropy in the U.S. The paper talks about what philanthropy is, when it got started, some key players in the game, and where philanthropy is today. Philant.wps

Societal Evolution : A 4 page essay on how the world has changed between 1650-1980, and how these cultural changes have affected the European and non-European countries. Bibliography lists 1 source. CNesywrl.wps

Michael Bernard’s "Staying Rational In An Irrational World" : In this 5 page book review, the writer explores "Staying Rational in an Irrational World" edited by Michael Bernard. In exploring Albert Ellis' theories, the writer reports how one's thinking may be changed to become a more rational person. No additional sources cited. Stayingr.wps

Life Changes : A 5 page analysis of the book Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes by William Bridges. This book deals with the transitions that everyone goes thorough, specifically or non-specifically. Everyone goes through difficult and painful transitions at one time or another in their life and that is the basis for this book. It is a well written and exceptionally well detailed book filled with easily understandable concepts that make a lot of sense. He details the idea of growth as opposed to the unrealistic idea of ridding oneself of the unavoidable transitions. No additional sources cited. Lifecha.wps

Heroes And Icons : 5 pages in length. What is it that people look for when they seek out heroes and icons? Some search for characteristics with which they can identify, while others probe for traits the represent the person they would most like to emulate. Whether money, fame and material wealth is indicative of hero worship, or if that praise is more appropriately placed with those who make a difference in society, is something that is quite personal in nature. The writer discusses the definition of the word hero, as well as offers an example of such a person. No sources cited. HeroIcon.wps

Money’s Role In United States Culture : 5 pages in length. Money controls the United States entire cultural existence. This may be a rather bold statement, to be sure, but one that is founded in fact and reality. When one considers the fact that money is attached to each and every aspect of one’s life, from food and shelter to recreation and business, it is easy to see the influence monetary importance has upon the country. The writer discusses how money possesses a value unlike any other commodity in the world, that its very nature allows for it to become a beneficial or most devastating force in one’s life. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Usmoney.wps

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