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The Family Concept : The family is explored as a concept from a sociological point of view in this 12 page paper. Included in the analysis is an in-depth discussion on varied definitions of the family which takes into consideration contemporary sociologists' views such as Stacey and Popenoe. A theme of this paper focuses on the changing family structure, inclusive of variations in the African American community. A discussion of the traditional nuclear family is replete throughout the paper. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Family.wps

The Family / Two Theoretical Approaches : This 8 page paper explores sociological concepts as it pertains to the family. Families of the nineties are compared to earlier family structures. Definitions are explored. All discussion involves both systems theory and the symbolic interactionist approach. Bibliography lists 6 sources. 2fam.wps

Family Violence Between Siblings : In 5 pages the author discusses the subject of family violence between siblings. It is posited that the numbers of cases of sibling violence is increasing, as is the number of cases of domestic violence between children and parents. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Sibviol.wps

Boys & Absent Fathers : A 6 page paper on single-parent homes in regards to sons and the fathers who are absent from the home. There are many reasons why the family of today is filled with households where the father is not present. These various reasons are addressed as well as the effects these absences have on the male children of such households. The main focus is on the boy whose family has been essentially abandoned by the father and the problems this may cause, both as a child, as well as lingering problems that exist well into adulthood. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Boysfath.wps

Domestic Violence in Police Families : In 20 pages the author discusses domestic violence in police families. The paper is divided into the following sections: 1. Statement of the problem, 2. Literature review, 3. Proposed methodology, 4. Analysis, and 5. Conclusion. " The law enforcement officer must maintain his/her cool on the job. It is easy for an officer to take out his/her frustration on his/her spouse, companion, or child. For some police officers the result of their job stress surfaces as aggression. In far too many cases, that aggression become domestic violence." Bibliography lists 12 sources. Domviol.wps

Woman, Violence, Substance Abuse & the Family / Implications for Social Work : As an increasing number of women with children seek services from providers in the social services community, understanding the major issues facing these women has become a significant task. Social service providers have noted three prevalent problems in female populations seeking services: domestic and interpersonal violence, substance abuse and the presence of children or pregnancies without resources to provide care. This 10 page paper provides an overview of four empirical studies conducted to consider the problems facing women seeking social services and then evaluates the implications for social work. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Soclwork.wps

Adoption : A 4 page overview of adoption, legal issues, and opinions. Bibliography contains 5 sources. Adoption.wps

Issues in Adoption : A 5 page research paper investigating some of the controversial issues in adoption today, including racial mixing and adoption by homosexual couples. Several laws have been passed recently not only giving homosexual couples the right to adopt, but giving them preference, too. Conservatives and children’s rights advocates vow to keep fighting. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Adoptio2.wps

Permanency Planning : An 8 page research paper analytically detailing the importance of the child's benefit in adoption. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Adoptchi.wps

Adopting Older Children : This 5 page research paper explores the challenges and joys of adopting the older child. More challenges exist because these children have more memories to overcome. The writer explains the kinds of situations that become obstacles to the child and of which the adoptive parents need to be aware. Adopting infants is certainly easier but the writer contends there are joys as well as challenges in either case. Adopt.wps

Transracial Adoption : A 14 page research paper on Transracial Adoption. Stresses how the concept can "work" in our contemporary society. Includes 1 appendix and 8 references. Adoptin2.wps

Transracial Adoption # 2 : 6 pages of research on Transracial Adoption; presents both sides of the issues. Contains 20+ references in a suggested bibliography. Adoptint.wps

The Sociological Impacts of Adoption on Marriage & Family : A 5 page paper that considers the issue of adoption and its sociological impact on marriage and family in the United States. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Adoptsoc.wps

Changes In Foster Care : A 6 page paper on changes taking place in the foster care system, how it has failed kids in the past, how changes are concentrating on getting kids out of the system and either back home or up for adoption within 1 year. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Fosterca.wps

Grandparents Or Foster Care ? : Should children who are taken from their parents be placed with a grandparent or in foster care. Most believe a grandparent provides a better home; some argue for foster homes. The issue is discussed in this 4 page essay. Placemen.wps

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren : A 12 page research paper. The writer asserts there is a new epidemic in the U.S. -- grandparents raising their grandchildren at a time in their lives when they thought their minute-to-minute parenting responsibilities were behind them and they were planning or already in retirement. Various issues are explored in this essay including the changes in the lifestyles of both grandparent and child, obstacles, challenges, fears and joys. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Grand.wps

The Sudden Death of a Child / Siblings Coping With The Fact : A 9 page paper discussing the death of a young child in a sudden and often violent manner. The siblings and the fact that they have been neglected in terms of research and counseling are the main focus. Children can be simple and not understand what has happened like adults do and it is important to approach them correctly according to their cognitive abilities. Bibliography lists10 sources. Sudeath.wps

Male Suicide & The Impacts on the Family : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to male suicide and the impacts on their family members, from both a psychological and social perspective. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Malesuic.wps

Orphanages / Controversy : A 5 page overview of the orphanage debate. The writer posits that although few would argue against removing children from abusive homes, few would agree with the Republican plan that the government should raise children living in loving, but impoverished homes. Issues discussed are orphan surveys, historical view of orphanages, and the role of big government. Bibliography cites 5 sources. Orphangs.doc

Proposal For Integral Child Care Services : A 30 page, partly-fictitious financial proposal under the Partners In Change program to keep 1600 children in the Washington, D.C. area in affordable childcare program in light of the reduction in state and federal funds. The proposal covers a background of the problem in the industry and for the D.C.-based facilities, a description of the partnership programs, why government funding does not work, funding resources and a "proposed budget." Bibliography lists approximately 2 dozen references. Chidcare.wps

The Importance of Quality Rural Child Care : A 10 page discussion of the quality of traditional rural child care verses that provided in an urban centralized group care facility. Concludes that while rural children face many economic related problems, the care that they receive outside the home is not necessarily inferior to that provided in centralized child care facilities and, in fact, may be superior. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Childimp.wps

Administrative Skills Needed in a Child Care Center : A 5 page research paper that examines the requirements of what is needed to open a child care center. The writer demonstrates that this is complicated business that requires an administrator who has to be an educator, a negotiator, and a good public relations expert. It requires someone who has empathy and compassion, who loves children and let's it show; but it also requires someone who is a rock-solid businessperson who understands the ends and outs of payroll and how to provide a quality service while keeping an eye on the overhead. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Adminchi.wps

Going About Child Care the Right Way : A 5 page paper presenting a hypothetical research involving child care. Evidence shows that child care, in large doses, is very unhealthy. Child care, if used, should be in limited doses. The hypothetical research includes going to a day care center and offering a questionnaire to the teachers and the parents as well as observation. Additional information for the research may also be obtained from schools, public mental health clinics, and family therapists. This information can be used to evaluate the amount of influence child care may have on problems with children and families. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Chilcare.wps

Childcare Facilities Within the Workplace : In 5 pages the author discusses childcare in the workplace. " In order to offer the family what it needs, companies of the 21st century will have to develop childcare facilities within the workplace. It is vitally important for the employee to have her or his day care needs met. The company's doing this makes for better a relationship between the company and the employee." Annotated Bibliography lists 10 sources. Childcar.wps

American Families & The Nostalgia Myth / The Way We Never Were : Focusing primarily upon the argument in Stephanie Coontz's (1992) book by same title, the writer of this 5 page paper presents the argument that each generation has looked upon the one previous to it and commented on how pure and innocent things were back in the proverbial "good ol' days." In actuality, however, morality was never as high in the past as we are led to believe. We are "brainwashed" by family-orientated television programs to believe that during the 50's and 60's, people were more "innocent" when in reality, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, etc.;-- soared-- sometimes to levels much higher than today. This social phenomenon is explored in great detail. Bibliography also cites 2 additional sources. Waywene.wps

The Changing American Family : This 5 page essay describes the changing American family, considering many aspects including gender roles, ethnic variances, longevity, blended families as well as projections for the future. The paper’s position is that the traditional nuclear family was a temporary structure and has been replaced by a revised definition mostly brought on by social change. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Charamer.wps

Gender Roles in Society : This 5 page paper explores several sociological theories in terms of how society has been ordered to render the male the dominant sex. Feminist ideology is explored as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Gndrole.wps

"The Way We Live Now" by Anthony Trollope and the Relationship Between the Sexes : This 5 page report discusses Anthony Trollope’s book and examines the consequences of a laissez faire society, especially as it applies to the relationships between men and women. No additional sources cited. Trollope.wps

The Simpsons – A Cartoon Portrait Of The American Family : A 5 page paper discussing the FOX television network’s long running half-hour show "The Simpsons." The program’s characters are representative of American family life, American dreams and goals, and American humor. Bibliography lists four sources. Simp.wps

Emancipation Of Children : A 25 page paper discussing the liberation of children from their parents’ control. The emancipation of children from the control of their parents has been an issue in this country for years. Twenty years ago, adults were nearly at a loss for any sense of control over the actions of their teenage children. Though many of the more radical measures have since been neutralized, parents are still at risk if they impose any measure of forced control over their dependent children who are approaching the age of majority. There are also those who believe that the age of majority should be lowered from 18 to 16, along with applicable child labor laws so that those between the ages of 16 and 18 can be employed in a manner in which they can support themselves and so be fully independent of their parents should they choose to do so. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Emanchi.wps

The History Of U.S. Children In Poverty : A 15 page paper that provides a historical analysis of the topic of children in poverty, and considers the advantages and disadvantages within the scope of society & social theory. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Childpov.wps

Solutions To Poverty : A 5 page paper discussing various solutions to poverty conditions that exist in this country today. Some of the solutions include the elimination of the welfare system, community involvement, which includes the participation of businesses and corporations, as well as family commitment and lower regulations in regards to adoption for unwed mothers who give birth. There are many possible options available to help eliminate poverty. Perhaps one of the most important issues, however, may be to educate people about the fallacies of poverty. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Povesolu.wps

Problems With Teen Marriages : In 5 pages, the writer discusses the disadvantages of teen marriage. Teenagers should not be allowed to marry. It is ridiculous for anyone under the age of 21 to even consider marriage. There is a high divorce rate for couples in that age group. They are just not mature enough to get married and remain that way. Plus, there are many factors against them. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Probmarr.wps

Downsizing’s Effects on its Affected Households : An 8 page paper. Even though two-income families can make the downsizing transition much easier than those without a significant second income, there are still substantial issues they will have to overcome. Some end up working in distant cities and conducting long-distance marriages; many more finally take jobs at an income far below their former one. Homes have been lost, retirement funds have been decimated to meet living expenses, and some have even taken to living on credit card cash advances for their immediate needs when they saw no alternative. Downsizing and layoffs all affect specific households, but not all those effects are "bad" ones. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Tight.wps

Ethical Dilemmas & Human Services : A 5 page paper that considers the complex ethical situations erupting for human services workers who interact with individuals and families in their work role, The writer provides an informative overview of how to address these issues. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Humans.wps

Habituation and Dishabituation : 8 pages in length. Individuals have varying abilities to assess the degree of variation between either related or unrelated events. Habituation is the technical psychological equivalent of "get used to it," and is important in industrial applications involving environmental noise and chemical odors. Some workers do indeed "get used to it" more quickly than others, while some are affected to the point of illness. The underlying difference may be no more than personality type, a point that could be effectively and economically important to industrial manufacturers and affect worker placement according to personality type. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Habitua.wps

Habituation and Dishabituation #2 : 6 pages in length. Observed behavior can result from habituated responses. Habituation is the technical psychological equivalent of "get used to it," and then exhibit a resulting change in behavior. Many researchers directly apply the results of animal studies to human behavior, but at least one cautions against doing so. The underlying difference may be no more than personality type, a point that could be effectively and economically important to industrial manufacturers and affect worker placement according to personality type. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Habit2.wps

Careers v. Families in Marriage : A 7 page paper discussing the responsibilities of career and family in marriage and how they impact the union. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Careerma.wps

Marriage In Historical Context : This 5 page paper provides an overview of the book A History of Marriage Systems by G. Robina Quale. Additionally, the paper discusses marriage as an institution in both history and in the context of sociology. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Marrsys.wps

The Concept Of A Happy Marriage : A 12 page paper that considers the arguments of Aquinas, Singer, Wallerstein and Blaseslee and Whitehead in regards to what makes an ideal marriage. This paper presents supported considerations about what makes an ideal marriage and then demonstrates some issues relative to this premise. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Happym.wps

Some Reflections Upon Marriage : 5 pages in length. The concept that men are entitled to inherent privileges in marriage, while women have to earn their place in the same state of matrimony, is the clear implication in Mary Astell's Some Reflections Upon Marriage. Asserting feminist views about the vast differences between the roles men and women play in relationships, Astell contends that the fairer sex has routinely been victimized by society merely because of gender; that women are lesser human beings in any respect is a concept foreign to the author's forward thinking structure. The writer discusses the concepts of marriage, roles and feminism as they relate to the essay. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Refmar.wps

Marriage & The Importance Of Religion : This 5 page paper sets out to prove that marriages with strong religious ties are more likely to continue than those that do not share such commitment. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Divrel4.wps

An Argument for Monogamy : In this 5 page report, the writer makes an excellent argument for monogamy-- describing it in an historical context as actually outdating polygamy. The evolution of hunting societies and the imbalance of sexes in society are two of the many causal factors attributed to the unfortunate rise of polygamy. In great detail, the writer also explores social, medical, and economic reasons to promote monogamy. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Monogamy.wps

Monogamy & Polygamy This 10 page paper examines the practices of monogamy and polygamy and concludes that monogamy is the best choice. The conclusion comes after an examination of a variety of cultures that have allowed for multiple spouses. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Monopoly.wps

The State Of Marriage / Monogamy vs. Polygamy : This 10 page paper looks at the concept through a variety of cultures around the world. The prevalence of both forms of marriage is discussed in relationship to each particular geographic region. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Monopoli.wps

The Catholic Church / Sex & Marriage : In this 5 page paper the author discusses whether it is wrong to have sex outside the sanctity of marriage? The Catholic Church says most definitely, but in today's more liberal society, this notion might not be as widely accepted as in the past. The writer talks about how sex, marriage and chastity still hold firm within the religion. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Cathsex.wps

New Republic’ Article Review / Rauch’s "For Better Or Worse" : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of premises in a New Republic article suggesting the Christian arguments against Rauch's perspective. Rauch essentially provides arguments in regards to marriage and the efficacy of both homosexual and heterosexual unions. Bibliography lists no additional sources. Better.wps

Stigma & The Family : This 8 page paper describes stigmas faced by families and how these cause oppression and lessen the family's ability to socialize. Issues addressed include AIDS, homosexuality, interracial marriage, out of wedlock pregnancy, adoption and suicide. Fictitious illustrations are used in addition to examples of celebrities who have faced stigmatization such as Margaux Hemingway, Marv Albert and Joan Rivers. The impact of stigma on the family remains the focus of the paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Stigma.wps

Hochman’s "Growing Pains" / Truth & Openness : A 3 page analysis of Anndee Hochman’s essay on the enduring bond of family relationships. Hochman’s decision to reveal that she is a lesbian tests the strength of these bonds. Bibliography lists 1 source. Hochman.wps

Society & Views On Concepts Of "The Family" : The subject of this 6 page essay in light of opposing viewpoints of two contemporary sociologists, David Popenoe and Judith Stacey. Bibliography cites 2 sources. Thefamily.wps

The Family Farm - A Thing Of Yesterday : The concept of the dying family farm is illustrated in this 15 page paper. Several aspects of the concept are included such as economic, social and environmental variables. Sustainable farming is also discussed. The takeover of small farms by large conglomerates is a major theme of the paper. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Famfarm.wps

Dysfunctional Family On TV / "Married With Children" : A 5 page essay on this popular TV sitcom in which the writer analyzes the show from a sociological point of view. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Marriedw.wps

Video Games / Labeling & Ethics : A 12 page paper describing video games and the fact they contain graphics, language and ideas that may be objectionable and damaging if not handled properly. At present the method of censuring is labeling the games. Descriptions of games and of advertising is described. The main point in focus is the fact that it is the parents responsibility to filter the information of video games just as it is their responsibility to control the child’s access to television, music, and movies. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Videogms.wps

Video Games And Violence : A 9 page review of the violence of video games and the possible impacts of these games on real life violence. Suggests that the level of violence we are experiencing in our society today can be correlated, at least to a certain degree, with the violent stimuli our children are being exposed to through video games and other sources. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Vidviol.wps

Teen Marriages / Do They Last ? : This 5 page essay argues that teen marriages do last. Despite statistics to the contrary, and a social structure that discourages these unions, there are compelling reasons for people to marry early. It is further shown that there is a lack of adequate data to support the notion that adolescent marriages fail. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Teenmari.doc

The Future of the Family : The impact of the family on future generations is discussed in this 5 page paper. A description of the family as it exists in society today, as well as its past and future are all included. The premise that in a postmodern society all types of families must be accepted, and more attention needs to be paid to raising children, are two themes which are incorporated into the discussion . Bibliography lists 5 sources. Futfam.wps

Trends in Divorce over the Last Century : Reduced mortality rates, increased life span, changing religious perspectives and the focus on the American marriage in the early 1900s have all impacted divorce rates, and have demonstrated the link between demographic components and social problems, including those that have arisen for public safety providers and other social services as a result of the break-up of the family. This 10 page paper looks at the underlying trends in marriage and divorce, considers the demographic changes, and also relates the findings for possible trends for the future. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Divtrend.wps

Fault & No-Fault Divorce / Family Law In The 90s : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the legal issues related to no-fault divorce, and considers the existing elements of debate that have resulted from a renewed focus on fault-only divorce laws. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Divorce.wps

Global Values & Whitehead's Divorce Culture : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the issues relating to Barbara Whitehead’s work The Divorce Culture, and also looks at ways in which the structure and content of the book could be changed to underscore fundamental values. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Globalva.wps

The Culture of Social Work : The populations that influence the cultural make-up of the social work profession are threefold: Those who are members of the profession, those who are served by the profession and those who are not included in the first two. There are education and training requirements to enter the field of Social Work. This sets a barrier to entrance and insures a standard of expertise. This 10 page paper examines the 'culture' of the social work profession. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Socult.wps

Modern Social Theory & The Issue Of Divorce: A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the application of a number of major social theories to the issue of divorce and considers the implications. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Asa.wps

Marriages Under Slavery : This 5 page overview on wedding ceremonies held for slaves in nineteenth century America details customs such as "jumping the broom." The role of the church is also addressed. The paper ends with marriage statistics from the time period. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Slavewed.wps

The Effects Of Parents Not Being Home : This 5 page research paper discuses the controversy regarding the effects of having children in day care as opposed to having the child being cared for by a parent. Some researchers believe there is a negative effect, some do not think there is a negative effect. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Workpare.wps

The Impact of Absent Fathers on Children : A 4 page paper that documents the impact of absent fathers on the social, psychological and cognitive development of children. Literature supports the theory that children who are raised by single mothers often exhibit a number of problems relative to their development, including lower test score reflecting cognigitive problems. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Fatherle.wps

The Growing Role Of Fathers In Today's Family : The changing role of the father is examined in this 10 page paper, inclusive of historical references. Numerous studies reveal that a father's role significantly impacts the development of the child, which is separate and distinct from maternal influences. Also noted are differences in black and gay communities and how the male role model is viewed by each. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Father.wps

Raising Children With Special Needs : A 6 page research paper investigating the stress parents experience raising a child who has exceptional needs. Topics include types of stress, family functioning, social support, implications for parents and counselors. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Stressp.wps

Princess Diana / The Myth Of The Good Mother : This 10 page essay explores Diana's role as a mother and how, although she tried to fulfill this obligation, often chose selfish goals over the integration of family values. A synopsis of the events which led up to her divorce, and her death, portray a troubled woman intertwined with the colder side of royalty. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Diana.doc

Mothers' Organizations : A 7 page paper discussing the history and effect of organizations formed by women and mothers for the purpose of reform. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Mothrorg.wps

Child Discipline / Spare The Rod & Understand The Child : A 5 page research paper in which the writer cites the opinions of numerous authorities who oppose physical punishment for children. The psychological implications of inflicted violence are stressed and alternatives are presented. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Children.wps

Corporal Punishment / Pros and Cons : An 11 page paper that presents the arguments regarding the use of corporal punishment. This paper focuses on the negative psychological impacts and suggests a number of options to this kind of action. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Childcor.wps

Marriage and Religion / The Role of Commitment : A 10 page paper focusing on the importance of commitment in marriage, and presented in the light of "religion" as the term is commonly used. Religion in itself can do little to build or preserve a marriage, but faith can. Couples with a strong basis of faith have a much better chance of seeing their marriages survive the daily pressures placed on them. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Marriage.wps

Sources Of Hostility For Same Sex Couples ("Gay Marriages") : A 10 page research paper that examines the sources behind homophobia and the hostility that society demonstrates toward same-sex couples. As evidence of this, the writer specifically looks at a ruling in Hawaii that permitted homosexual marriage and the reaction that this caused with religious leaders across the country. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hostsame.wps

Gay & Lesbian Families : A 25 page research paper that considers the issues relative to gay and lesbian families and correlates the current literature to research findings with gay and lesbian couples to demonstrate the issues of marriage and family. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Gayfam.wps

Gay Marriages : A thorough 9 page discussion of the social, political, and economic implications of gay marriages in today's society. The writer concludes that NO viable argument exists to justify the denial of marriage rights to homosexuals. Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Garmarri.wps

Gay Marriages # 2 : The case for homosexual marriage is made in this four page argument. Positions on both sides of the controversy are explored. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Gaym.wps

Same-Sex Marriages : 15 pages in length. Morality is a grand issue on which lives are built and destroyed. Veering off course into immoral territory is just where marriages are headed when the wedded couple is of the same sex. Religion is opposed of such acceptance; the general public, for the most part, believes it to be a sinful lifestyle, yet there continues to be a crusade to incorporate the activities of gay and lesbian couples into mainstream society. The writer addresses various issues surrounding same-sex marriages, as well as takes the stand that they are not in the best interest of anyone involved in that reality. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Samesex.wps

Gay Adoption / A Controversial Issue : This 20 page research paper explores the social impact, legal issues, and controversies surrounding the issue of gays adopting children. Both conservatives and activists offer evidence to support their positions in terms of the effect gay parenting has on children. Legal issues are being fought in most states, a battle renewed as a result of a recent ruling by a judge in New Jersey. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Gayadopt.wps

Gay/Lesbian Parenting--- The Adoption Issue : A 6 page paper concerning the controversial issue of same sex couples and adoption. The issues discussed are the "morality" of being a gay parent, stands taken for and against the issue, etc-- the writer is in favor of adoption rights for gay couples. Counter-arguments are presented and then attacked--asserting that just because homosexuals are not biologically able to produce children does not been they should be barred from adopting them. After all, not every heterosexual couple produces their own children either. Moreover, gay parenting helps solve the single-parenting issue as well. Numerous other strong points concerning gay adoption are made. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Gaypar.wps

Should Gays Be Allowed To Adopt Children ? : A 10 page research paper exploring the question: should gays be allowed to adopt children? Both sides of the "gay adoption" controversy are presented with an analysis of the arguments offered. Finally, the writer takes and defends a position in favor of gay adpotion rights. Bibliography includes 11 references. Gadop.wps

Gay Adoption / An Overview : An 8 page research paper in which the writer looks at both sides of the gay adoption controversy -- examining a number of relevant case examples, laws, and policies in different states & regions. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Adogay.wps

Alternative Schools : 9 page analytical discussion of "The Burger King" academy; an alternative high school within Newark, New Jersey's "Cities in Schools" program. Author draws upon personal experiences as an observer/intern and employs pertinent sociological terminology within the discussion Altskool.wps

Applied Essays / Sociology & Behavior : 8 pages worth of comprehensive essays on behavior & sociology of the family. Various sociological terms are used to analyze minority families, conflict, and dysfunctional families such as depicted in the film "What’s Eating Gilbert Grape ?" Bbliography lists 4 relevant sources. Behther.wps

The Importance of Head Start : A 10 page research paper which examines the history of this popular federally-funded program which is designed to enrich the early years of at-risk children by offering a part-day preschool experience which is generally one-year in length. The writer looks at both arguments supporting and criticizing the program before coming to the conclusion that Head Start needs to be expanded. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Headstar.wps

United Way Foundation : A 5 page paper discussing the giving and receiving tactics of the United Way. The foundation makes vital services possible, but for all the good the foundation does, it has achieved the position within many of the agencies it helps support of being their primary source of income, or at least being so important to the continued level of service provided that losing United Way income would present real hardship. Regrettably, the United Way’s position of power through donated dollars has enabled their leadership to force the leaders of several groups to either accept the politically correct ideologies to which the United Way officially subscribes or forfeit any donation from United Way. Bibliography lists 5 sources. United1.wps

Child Support in the United States : Approximately 4 pages worth of notes on Child Support, relevant laws etc; Includes contact information. No bibliography. Childsup.wps Social services, law

Child Support # 2 : A 4 page paper on child support; discusses laws and contemporary problems faced in collecting from "welfare dads" The writer also outlines various actions being taken by the government etc; Includes many statistics- cites 6 sources. Chilsup2.wps

Child Support Collections as an Inter-governmental Problem : A 3 page discussion of child support in the United States and the problem of collecting from "deadbeat dads." The writer sees the issue as an intergovernmental one and comments specifically on important laws which gave the Federal government collection authority during the mid-1990's. Bibliography lists 4 supporting sources. Chilsup3.wps

Joint Custody / The Better Option : A 6 page paper examining issues surrounding joint custody. The paper provides a history of laws leading to maternal-bias custody and how that was changed by "the men's movement," issues mothers face, issues fathers face, issues children face, and statistics which prove that sole-custody is not as good an idea as joint custody. Recommended self-help tips for parents are included as a response to parental issues. The writer argues that children suffer the most from divorce, but joint custody is the better option. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Jointcus.wps

Support Services For The Families Of Deaf Infants : A 5 page overview of some of the problems families face in finding adequate and appropriate professional support in dealing with a deaf or hearing-impaired infant. Includes a detailed appeal for professionals to provide family support using the approach best for the particular family, rather than for the professional to promote only personal preferences in communication choices, future schooling, etc. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Infantde.wps

Oliver Sacks’ "Seeing Voices: A Journey Into The World Of The Deaf" :
2 pages in length. The writer offers a brief overview of Oliver Sacks' book about how the deaf community has overcome inherent obstacles to finally be accepted as part of society. No additional sources cited. Seevoice.wps

A Social History Of The Deaf : This 5 page paper provides an overview of deaf culture. The history of how the deaf have been educated in the U.S. is explored. The controversy over inclusion is discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Deafhist.wps

Mothers And Children In The Prison Setting : A 3 page exploration of the potential emotional and developmental impacts which could be expected in allowing incarcerated mother's to keep their children with them in prison for the first year of the child's life. Prison.doc

Views On Early Childhood In The U.K. / Education & Labor Reform : An 11 page research paper in which the writer provides an overview of the current perspectives on early childhood that can be derived from understanding labor and educational reforms in the U.K. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Chiluk.wps

Child Services In England, Wales & Germany / The Impact Of Perspectives, Attitudes & Approaches On Service Development And Practice : A 10 page paper that considers the status of child services in England and Wales as compared to Germany, relating both services and social perspectives. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Chilser.wps

Male Social Workers & The Conveyance Of Compassion And Nurturing in Professional Relationships : A 20 page research study that considers the issues of gender bias as they relate to the male role in social work. This paper incorporates the current literature with a study of social work students. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Malesoc.wps

Chinese Family Systems : A 7 page paper on Chinese families, comparing contemporary situations with traditional. The writer details Chinese wedding customs, gender power, patriarchy and the traditional family structure juxtaposed in modern life. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chinafam.wps

Children & Divorce : A 5 page research report examining the detrimental effects that divorce often has on children and adolescents. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Childiv.wps

Divorce and Its Effects on Children : A 5 page paper discussing divorce and its effects on children. Specifically contrasts the differences between its effect on younger children and on adolescents. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Divochil.wps

Divorce & Its Impact Upon The Success Of Children : The hypothesis that children of divorce are less successful in later life is proven by an original study described in this 8 page paper. Recent literature and other studies related to this issue are also discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Divorce.wps

Divorce As It Affects Children : A 10 page paper discussing current social research and the views presented in the popular press in light of the legal aspects of divorce. Among legislators and researchers, there is nearly as much debate now over the effects of divorce on children as there was in the 1970s. Research design has changed and more long-term longitudinal studies have been made, but opinion appears to be split much along the same lines as it was 25 years ago. There have been significant changes in the popular press, however. Few current articles discuss the effects of divorce on children, choosing rather to focus more on time management technique for single parents as if being a single parent is inevitable. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Divoall.wps

Divorce and Its Effects on Relationships with Parents : 7 pages examining relationships with parents after divorce. Paper is based on arguments made in two pertinent journal articles- each of which are cited in bibliography. Divochi2.wps

Are Egalitarian Marriages Possible Today ? : 6 page discussion of whether or not egalitarian marriages are truly possible in our contemporary society. Drawing upon research, the author presents both sides of the argument and concludes that they are indeed very possible. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Egalmarr.wps

Gay Marriages : A thorough 9 page discussion of the social, political, and economic implications of gay marriages in today's society. The writer concludes that NO viable argument exists to justify the denial of marriage rights to homosexuals. Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Garmarri.wps

Gay Marriages # 2 : The case for homosexual marriage is made in this four page argument. Positions on both sides of the controversy are explored. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Gaym.wps

Career In Social Work : In this 7 page essay, the goals, jobs and opportunities of a social worker are presented. The writer then presents their own strengths and weaknesses as a future social worker in light of these definitions-- using real-life examples to illustrate points made. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Sociwork.wps

Senior Citizens / Individual Or Group Programs? : A 5 page paper discussing the merits of whether it is better to implement individualized programs for seniors or government programs that target seniors as a group. Bibliography lists 4 sources. seniors.doc

Goals of a Future Social Worker : A 4 page essay on an interview with a social worker and the goals of the student. The writer details what is involved in a career and what to expect in twenty years. No bibliography. Socialwk.wps

Interviewer And Interviewee Interactions / An Analytical Examination : This 9 page paper considers the roles of both the interviewer and interviewee and techniques and social factors utilized by both in their interactions that impacts the outcomes of the interview process. This paper evaluates the differentiations in the roles, but also considers elements like gender, perceived truthfulness and the impact of the need for closure on the interview process. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Oninterv.wps

Human Service Ethics & Home Visitations : 14 pages in length. Paper examines a number of ethical issues in home visitations for human services workers,-- emphasizing the importance of maintaining a client focus, confidentiality, and so forth. Recommendations are also included. Bibliography lists approximately 12 sources. Healteth.wps

Interracial Relationships : In 5 pages, the writer discusses interracial relationships. Much has been said concerning interracial relationships. Children of interracial marriages have been given slur names, as have those in the relationships. In the 1990s interracial relationships are more and more common. Surprisingly, interracial relationships are becoming more readily accepted. People are discovering that people are just people, no matter what the race, and are not concerning themselves with race, color, or creed when it comes to relationships. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Racerela.wps

Interracial Marriage : This 8 page paper takes a look at interracial marriage from a sociological perspective. David Popenoe’s ideas are highlighted throughout and statistics on changes over the past few decades on intermarriage are reported. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Intrmarr.wps

Interfaith Marriage : The subject is explored in terms of the marital union itself as well as how society views couples from different backgrounds. This 8 page paper looks at both interracial and interfaith wedlocks, and what difficulties such couples may encounter. Bibliography cites 6 sources. Interma.wps

Interfaith Marriage & Social Problems : 4 pages in length. An interesting look at interfaith marriages and the unfair social problems they result in-- These issues are looked at both in terms of the unexpected feelings that a typical interfaith couple will have towards one another and also, of course, with regard to society's own prejudicial treatment. Various issues concerning the raising of children are highlighted as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Interfai.wps

Two Religions--One Family : A 9 page research paper which discusses the effects of maintaining two religions. Four real-life scenarios describe the joys and heartbreaks involved in this dual-relationship struggle. A brief background into Judaism and Catholicism is included. Bibliography contains five sources. Famireli.wps

Diversity & Cultural Nationalism : An 8 page essay on cultural diversity and its convolutions in political, social and religious intermarriages. The paper focuses on the African American, Asian, Islamic, and Jewish interrelationships (or lack of ) formed in the United States. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Afriturk.wps

Juvenile Delinquency / Designing a Strategy for Intervention : 5 pages in length. A social work-related discussion in which the writer presents a specific case study of a young adolescent in an inner-city help center who struggles with counselors to avoid maintaining a life of crime and drugs. The writer fulfilled internship requirements at a 'Youth Advocate Center' where this particular case examination takes place. Common concepts in social counseling such as peer pressure, role models, and so forth are utilized and recommendations are made based upon pertinent knowledge. The youth's name remains anonymous. Bibliography lists 4 supporting sources. Intervst.wps

Sex & The Mass Media: The Sixties Vs. The Nineties : A 10 page paper on the change in attitudes and policy regarding sex in TV and movies from the beginning of the sixties to the middle of the nineties. It concludes that since television followed movies in becoming more "sexually free," perhaps the "kinder, gentler" love story the movies have focused on of late presages a change for television as well. Bibliography lists six sources. Sexmedia.wps

The Evolution Of "TV Moms" : A 9 page paper on television mothers and their evolution from domestic housekeeper/child-raisers to professional women. Beginning with the '50s, TV moms are examined and compared to the real-life counterparts. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Tvmoms.wps

Sitcoms Of The 50's & 60's -- Media Portrayal Of The American Family :
A 14 page research paper on the history of situational comedies ("sitcoms") and their presentation of the American family during the 1950's and 60's. The writer discusses specific shows, their characters, and the degree of reality presented by them and their on-screen families. Comparisons are made between yesterday and today regarding TV's portrayal of divorce, social problems, etc; Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources. Sitcom60.wps

The Development of Love Relationships Within The TV Sitcom : A 3 page essay on the development of love relationships within the American family as shown on TV sitcoms. Bibliography included. TVfam.wps

"Transformation of the American Family / The Pursuit of Individualism" 48 page thesis. Research utilizes historic theories of Hegel, Durkheim, Marx, and many others to illustratively prove points. Bibliography lists well over 40 references. Amerfami.wps

American Families & The Nostalgia Myth / The Way We Never Were : Focusing primarily upon the argument in Stephanie Coontz's (1992) book by same title, the writer of this 5 page paper presents the argument that each generation has looked upon the one previous to it and commented on how pure and innocent things were back in the proverbial "good ol' days." In actuality, however, morality was never as high in the past as we are led to believe. We are "brainwashed" by family-orientated television programs to believe that during the 50's and 60's, people were more "innocent" when in reality, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, etc.;-- soared-- sometimes to levels much higher than today. This social phenomenon is explored in great detail. Bibliography also cites 2 additional sources. Waywene.wps

The Changing American Family : This 5 page essay describes the changing American family, considering many aspects including gender roles, ethnic variances, longevity, blended families as well as projections for the future. The paper’s position is that the traditional nuclear family was a temporary structure and has been replaced by a revised definition mostly brought on by social change. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Charamer.wps

Family Relations / Domestic Changes In Modern Times : A 9 page paper that considers the impacts that have transitioned the status of families over the past 200 years. This paper demonstrates that the social, cultural, political and economic impacts of changing families have led to increased crime and increased domestic violence. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Dome.wps

Domestic Violence In New Jersey : 10 pages in length. New Jersey reflects but one of fifty states in America where domestic violence has reached epidemic proportions. It is also the most aggressive state to address the issue. In an outright attempt to decrease the ever-increasing incidents of domestic violence, New Jersey has passed the most sweeping laws in the nation. The writer discusses domestic violence as it relates to New Jersey. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Domvionj.wps

Domestic Violence : 12 pages in length. Domestic violence against women is one of the most blatant manifestations of patriarchy that has no respect for race, color, class or nationality. The reasons behind domestic violence are great and varied, as countless sociologists, anthropologists and psychologists have determined from having examined the situation. What drives people to physically attack one another is based upon many issues that are presently occurring within the attacker’s life; also pertinent to the situation is whether or not there is a history of domestic abuse that extends back through family generations. The writer addresses various aspects of domestic violence, as well as discusses other victims involved in spousal abuse. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Domviol.wps

Family & Marriage : A 9 page paper that considers the impact of working mothers on the development of the family. The writer demonstrates the social and cultural changes that have impacted the role of the family. No bibliography. Fammar.wps

The Working, Single Mother & Primary Care vs. Secondary Care : A 6 page examination of sociological issues and transformations concerning the move from primary care to secondary care. Examined is the impact that the changing role of the mother has had -- While they once stayed home with their children, they no go off to work-- often leaving children in the hands of secondary care. Highlighted are the different relationships that evolve between mother and child and the possibility of increased social risk for the child. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Primacar.wps

Working Mothers & The Mother-Child Relationship : A 7 page research paper describing how the modern family has changed now that so many women are working full-time and not spending entire days with their children. The writer analyzes the effect that this social phenomenon has had on relationships between mothers and children-- arguing that mothers who work all day are not as apt to understand all needs communicated by their children and are consequently, unavoidably neglectful in some areas. Children do, however, often regard their maternal working parent much in the same light that they once did their father -- as a strict disciplinarian. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Workinmo.wps

Propsal -- Working Mothers vs. Non-Working Mothers / Impact Upon Children : This 7 page paper discusses a proposal for a research study to investigate the psychological impact on children of working mothers and non-working mothers. The hypotheses are that the impact is minimal and, in fact, children from homes where the mother works may even have some advantages. Bibliography includes 2 references. Promo.wps

Family Support Act Of 1988 / Reform 1996 : An 8 page research paper that looks at the intricate details of the two "Acts." Because of space, the paper discusses in detail only those issues that have to do with work and retraining, or "family issues" such as child support and teen education, although there are a number of other issues related to the 1996 Act (these are referenced). Bibliography lists 9 sources. Famsuact.wps

Le Sueur’s "The Girl" And The Exploration of Feminine Relationships :
A 4 page essay exploring the relationship between mothers and daughters and between women in relation to the feminist movement. The story of "The Girl" by Le Soeuer is integrated into the text. No additional sources cited. Motherd.wps

Recreation For The Disabled : In this 4 page paper, the writer examines community recreation programs for disabled persons, the importance of reinforcing achievements, techniques such as the use of "sight words," and more. It is made clear that many disabled people fail to participate in such activities and that although a number of skills are usually required, it is usually worthwhile for them to do so. Participation is known to enhance exploration of the environment, expanded repertoire of recreation skills, increased opportunities for social interactions, and improved physical fitness among disabled persons. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Recredis.wps

Organizing & Administering Programs For Families & Individuals : A 10 page paper that deals with the technicalities in starting a nonprofit organization emphasizing the need for an overall strategic plan. Bibliography lists 5 sources. NonpOrgs.rtf

Social Services & The Homeless Mentally Ill : A 7 page research paper discussing the severely mentally ill person who is also homeless. The specific question posed was: what services are most needed and how best to provide those services? The paper is divided into these sections: introduction, including statistics on homeless population; who is homeless; and reaching out to the homeless mentally ill person. Extensive bibliography is included. Homeill.wps

Social Services in Orange County, New York : This 4 page paper highlights social services in the county and compares it with the rest of the state. The subject of welfare cuts in the state of New York is addressed and the city of Newburgh is discussed as a problematic area. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Orange. rtf

The Sociology Of Attention Deficit Disorder : A 45 page research paper that discusses and analyzes the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD. The writer argues that d is a very over-diagnosed condition that relieves children and parents of taking responsibility for the children's misdeeds. Significant data from research studies is offered to support the position. Additionally, the writer discusses why over-diagnosis and over-medication is a fact of our society. Bibliography lists 31 sources. Sclgyadd.wps

Recreation Programming For At-Risk Youth : A 12 page research paper on programming for at-risk youth. The paper posits that recreational programs are viewed as the most effective means of intervention in crime and also instills the desire for a healthy lifestyle. The paper highlights the International Consensus Conference on Physical Activity Guidelines for community recreational program development. The paper also explores innovative programs being used, including weight training, indoor and outdoor programs, sports camps, dance programs, and leadership programs. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Atrisrec.wps

Essays On Social Research : 6 pages worth of short essay answers concerning basic social research techniques. Using local examples, the writer discusses such concepts as the role of inaccurate observations, selective observation, overgeneralization, ex post facto hypothesizing, mysticizing, etc; The original essay questions are unavailable. No Bibliography. Socialr2.wps

Career In Social Work : In this 7 page essay, the goals, jobs and opportunities of a social worker are presented. The writer then presents their own strengths and weaknesses as a future social worker in light of these definitions-- using real-life examples to illustrate points made. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Sociwork.wps

Interview With A Social Worker : An interesting, 2 page discussion of the writer's interview with a social worker. Various key concepts are defined and the role of the social worker in society is explained. No Bibliography. Sociralp.wps

Goals Of A Future Social Worker : A 4 page essay in which the writer re-caps a one-on-one interview with a social worker. For the most part, the paper contains an informative explanation of the field, its prerequisites, opportunities, and obstacles to success. Socialwk.wps

Social Work / Applying Classroom Techniques To Genuine Experience : In this 5 page essay, the writer discusses their internship at a Youth Advocate Center and focuses upon one particular problemed youth. An attempt is made to correlate social theory (i.e. modeling theory) and the Center's stated purpose with the behavior of that youth and to ultimately make suggestions as to how the writer will be able to help him solve problems over time. No Bibliography. Socikid.wps

Responsibilities Of The Hospice Social Worker : In this 15 page research paper, the writer investigates hospice care and specifically hospice social workers. Beginning with a description of hospice care, then following with an explanation of the many and diverse responsibilities of the hospice social worker and concluding with a proposal for a research study investigating the level of job satisfaction among hospice social workers. Bibliography lists 12 references. Hosp.wps

Social Services / Self-Help Groups in New Jersey : A 5 page look at non-profit social services organizations located in the State of New Jersey. Focusing upon advocacy services, pregnancy hotlines, the State Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse, the "Self-Help Clearinghouse," and more-- the writer pinpoints the backgrounds and specific services offered by each group. No Bibliography. Njsocisv.wps

Treatment of Retarded and Other Mentally Ill Individuals During Colonial Times : A 6 page look at how mental illness was perceived and treated during colonial times. During this period, the mentally ill were regarded as individual -- and not social problems. Western culture often assumed that retarded citizens were bewitched or bedeviled in some way. The concept of colonial institutionalization is looked at as are laws pertaining to what level of mental fitness was sufficient to allow someone to remain among the rest of society. For the most part, the colonial era is criticized for its unfair handling of the mentally ill. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Mentill2.wps

Caring for the Mentally Ill / Changing Views Since the 19th Century : Beginning with the 19th century asylum, its justification & treatment of the mentally ill, this 5 page paper offers a comprehensive examination of how views concerning the mentally ill have changed over the years. The writer presents an historic look at how various societies ranging from the post-Civil war era to the days of World War II -- began to treat their mental patients differently as we learned more about the true nature of mental illness. The growing role of government in caring for these patients is discussed as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mentill3.wps

Mental Retardation / "Cloak of Competence" by Robert Edgerton : A 7 page paper the provides an overview of a study conducted by the researchers through the Pacific Hospital on the outcomes of released mentally retarded patients. Edgerton utilized case studies and interviews to present a comprehensive look at the impact of release on the patients, and their ability to adapt to life on the outside. Cloak.wps

Diagnosing and Labeling the Mentally Ill / 18th & 19th Century Views : An in-depth 12 page research paper on how poorly the mentally-ill were treated during the 18th and w19th centuries when terms such as "loony" and "insane" were common. Some of the ridiculous ideas from those years pertaining to how mental illness was caused are explored as well (i.e., partying, masturbation, criminal activity, etc;). Key historic figures involved in mental health labeling are identified and the writer presents some of the more common atrocities known to be found in the asylums of yesteryear. Excellent analysis is provided. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Mentillh.wps

Maintaining Family Values In The Creation Of A Sustainable Society : This 30 page paper creates a new model which can be used to achieve a sustainable society. The model includes a return to family values, not necessarily those thought of as traditional but a new paradigm involving partnerships rather than old patriarchal structures. Also addressed are environmental concerns and the fulfillment of human needs as introduced by Maslow's hierarchy, all of which must be considered in the design of a sustainable society. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Sustsoci.wps

Baby Boomers & Their Retirement Years : This 17 page report discusses the "baby boom" generation (Americans born between 1946 and 1964) in terms of their retirement plans, options, and likely economic realities. This report examines general issues related to retirement and baby boomers but focuses on the issues confronting women of the baby boom generation as they move toward their retirement years. A hypothetical survey and its methodology and findings are also discussed in relationship to the topic. Bibliography lists 13 sources. BWretire.wps

Marketing Plan For A Community Nursing Program : A 6 page paper on recruiting student volunteers to work with homeless children at a homeless shelter. The writer describes the methods proposed to recruit volunteers along with unique innovations to motivate students. Techniques for assessment of the program are described. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Nursemar.wps

Marketing Plan For A Community Nursing Program # 2 : A 5 pager on recruiting women from an inner-city homeless shelter to attend S.T.D. workshops. The writer describes the methods proposed to recruit them as well as how to evaluate whether or not these are successful. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nursemar2.wps

Italian Americans In The United States : This 11 page report examines many aspects of Italian immigration. Health, occupation and other issues are explored, including a look at Italian neighborhoods in the New York area. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Italamer.wps

U.S. Immigration From 1800's to Present : A 10 page exploration of the history and policy of U.S. Immigration from the 1800's to present. Emphasis is placed upon Mexican, Cuban, and Haitian immigrants; the demands American's put on new immigrants to assimilate; xenophobia; and the cultural and economic factors which shape our immigration policies. Bibliography includes five references. Imm180.wps

Puerto Rican Migration & The Quest For Social Equality : Beginning with a history of reasons Puerto Ricans came to the mainland, this 15 page research paper delves into the psychology of today's new migrant and the need for empathetic social service programs. It is argued that Puerto Ricans can best be serviced by those who are of their own culture, or at least -- of their Latin-America background as it is difficult for anyone else to earn necessary trust. Suggestions and specific cultural examples are provided throughout. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Puetomi2.wps

Puerto Ricans on the Mainland : A 10 page paper focusing on this topic. THe writer looks at the impact on the US of Puerto Rican migration, and examines how this ethnic group has assimilated into the culture. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Pr.wps

The Simmering Melting Pot / Haitians & Cubans In the U.S.A. : A 6 page paper on the Cuban and Haitian boat people. The writer focuses on the plight of the Marielitos -- Cuban refugees who braved the treacherous waters of the Gulf in an attempt to reach America, where, they hope, they will be able to seek asylum from the oppression of their native land. Detailing the history of the first Marielitos, the paper then goes on to describe the different situation encountered by the "new Marielitos" and the problems they encounter in trying to assimilate into American society; a society that frequently wishes they would be returned to Cuba. Similar information is also examined with regard to Haitian refugees and their own unique problems in assimilating to American culture. Bibliography lists 6 sources.Melting2.wps

Assimiliation Into The U.S. / The Plight Of Minority Groups : 8 pages in length. The immigration and assimilation of Asians, Latinos, and African Americans has a history of controversy. Each group has been the subject of harrassment and exteme prejudice. One of the most blatant forms of harassment was the internment of Japanese during World War II. Unlide Latinos and Asians, Africans did not come to the country voluntarily. Their forced immigration reflects an era in this country's history that it may never really recover from. Different aspects of each group are discussed. Extensive Bibliography. Assimi.wps

Mainstream America’s View of Its Latino Population : A 6 page paper discussing American perceptions toward Latinos. Hispanics represent the fastest-growing ethnic group in America. Their numbers are expected to exceed that of African-Americans by 2005, and it is expected that by the year 2050 they will represent fully 25 percent of the total American population. Marketers have discovered the purchasing power of the Latino population and have made demographic "discoveries" of the family values and unity that characterize much of this group that actually represents at least 17 different subcultures. Individual contact and a diminishing language barrier are seen as keys to furthering the trend of increasing favorable view of this group as a whole. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Latpop.wps

Los Angeles And Homeless Latinos : A 20 page paper which addresses the issue of homelessness in Los Angeles, with specific reference to the Latino population. Issues, other than dire situations, addressed include positive contributions such as recent small businesses. Also included is some economical information which is directly related to the Latino population and medical insurance. While these subjects are not necessarily directly related to the issue of homelessness among the Latino, they are relevant concerns in that they help to demonstrate the various circumstances involving the Latino population in Los Angeles. These sections are followed by a discussion of various studies which illustrate some of the statistical conditions which involve the Latinos and homelessness. The last section discusses some of the programs and various organizations which are attempting to change the current situations of homelessness. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Latihome.wps

Are Immigrants the Scapegoats for our National Problems? : A 9 page paper evaluating the attitudes that many of our social and economic ills are caused by immigration. Immigrants are accused of inundating the labor market with low-wage, low-skilled labor, further depressing wages. One author applies the term "welfare magnet," stopping just short of saying that immigrants are leaving their native countries and everything familiar for the primary purpose of ensconcing themselves on U.S. welfare roles. Bibliography lists 8+ sources. Scapegoa.wps

Multicultural Identities In American Society : A 4 page paper discussing the means used by various ethnic leaders to adapt to American society and culture. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Multicu23.wps

The Role of Extended Families in Black Culture : 5 page essay exploring the role of the extended family in Black families. Anecdotes as well as formal research studies are reported. The importance of the extended family which includes blood-related and nonblood-related persons cannot be overestimated for the African-American family particularly in helping the youth deal with prejudice. Bibliography lists 5 references. Blackfam.wps

Aristotle vs. Barbara Whitehead / Marriage & Friendship : A 7 page paper that considers the idea of marriage based in friendship as presented by both Aristotle and Barbara Whitehead. The writer demonstrates Aristotle's belief in the necessity of virtue and argues this in terms of the risks presented by Whitehead. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Arisbarb.wps

Physical Education & The Family : The sociology of the family is discussed in context of the physical education teacher's career. This 5 page paper explains the many reasons why coaches and physical education teachers need a clear understanding of different types of families. Gender issues are explored as well and practical application of the information is also discussed. Bibliography cites 3 sources. Physfam.wps

Legal Services Assistance For the Poor : This 10 page research paper examines legal service assistance available to the poor in civil cases. Specifically explored are the history of such legal services, what services are provided, who qualifies for services, pro bono lawyers offering such services, and agencies which handle legal services, with particular emphasis upon Pennsylvania. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Lawpoor.wps

Book Review / Information Highway Not As Great As We Think... : A 3 page review of Clifford Stoll's "Silicon Snake Oil : Second Thoughts On The Information Superhighway" in which the writer discusses Stoll's thoughts on the various social problems that an expanding Internet will present. Bibliography lists 2 supporting sources. Silicons.wps

Comparison of Research Approaches / Family Psychology : A 5 page paper discussing the method in which four researchers have approached the issue of family cohesiveness and its effect on the children of the family. Most of the studies reviewed revolve in some way around previously established models, and one was little more than a basic literature review of previously published work. Because the focus of each of the others was that of attitudes and feelings, the researchers were unable to employ definite measures of specific qualities. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Famre.wps

Imogene King : The theory of Goal Attainment, presented by Ms. King, focuses on how client goals are attained through the transactions that occur between the client and nurse. The concepts of personal system, social system, perception, communication, interaction, transaction, role, time, space, growth, and development she presents offers validation of the belief of community as client. This 3 page paper explores her thoughts concerning people, how health is defined and the environment of health care provision to assess her reaction to the shift to community based nursing. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Imogenek.wps

Employment Subsidies : This 5 page paper explores the subject of employment subsidies. Although many programs have failed in the past, programs to help people find employment continue to be created in the United States and other countries as well. The paper goes on to demonstrate a sample problem with the use of isoquant analysis. A chart is included. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Empsub.wps

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