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Management Theory / Business Case Studies

Boeing / A Case Study : Approximately 4 pages worth of case study analysis and notes on Boeing (corporation) written from a management/business orientated perspective. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Macro, Micro analysis etc;). No Bibliography. Boeing.wps

Boeing in the Year 2001 and Beyond : A 10 page paper on Boeing's proposed merger with McDonnell Douglas, its current advantage in commerical and defense aviation, how its work in the community increases the company's strength, and financial information. The paper seeks to prove that Boeing's mid-1990’s business moves thrust the company forward into the next century. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Boeing2.wps

Boeing Airlines Company / Contributions : This 15 page research paper investigates the history of Boeing Airlines Company focusing on the contributions the company has made through the decades to the industry. This is the largest manufacturer of aircraft, both civilian and military, in the world. Their continuing innovative nature and commitment to efficiency and quality give them an excellent competitive edge for the future. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Boeing4.wps

A Business Analysis of the Boeing Company : This 5 page paper explores the Boeing situation, along with the airline industry in general. The reason for company layoffs are explored which include things such as the company’s refusal to advance and general mismanagement. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Boeco.wps

SmithKline Beecham : A 20 page paper discussing SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceutical Corporation, its background, its financial status both before and after merger activities, SmithKline Beecham’s position in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as stock information and some of the current issues facing the company. Bibliography lists 21 sources. SKB.doc.wps

Business History Film Reviews : 18 pages worth of business (history of business) film reviews. In all, these seven summaries and reactions (about 2 1/2 pages each) discuss such titles as "The Prize," "The Prize : Black Grant," "The Prize Our Plan," "Railroads, Robber Barrons, and Rebels," "The Coming of the Iron Horse," "Entrepreneurs:Volume II, The Land and Its People," and The Day the Universe Changed: The Factory and Marketplace Revolution." No Bibliography. Please call for information on film content. Please e-mail us if you need to purchase individual essays. Bnsfilms.wps

Case / Evaluation Of 501c.3 Organizations For Contribution Of $300,000 :
A 5 page paper that evaluates 4 different 501c.3 charitable organizations to choose two for the distribution of $300,000 in contributions. The writer compares the four organizations on the basis of whether the meet the goals of their mission statements and how they use the donations they receive. In the end, the writer chooses just two of the four to receive donations. No Bibliography. 501c3.wps

SWOT Analysis of Merrill Lynch : A 5 page SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of the worldwide brokerage firm. Merrill Lynch is a financial services firm known around the world for a variety of financial services. It is a relatively conservative organization, however, as reflected in a comparison of Merrill Lynch’s performance over the past three years to that of the Dow Industrials. There have been age and sex discrimination suits that the organization has lost, but their ability to find and maintain above-average return on relatively safe investments remains and perhaps is their greatest strength. Bibliography lists 9 sources. MerrillL.wps

SWOT Analysis of Miller Brewing : A 6 page economic analysis on the Miller Brewing Company utilizing the strategy of listing "strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats" to analyze Miller’s position in the market. Bibliography lists 5 sources. MilBrews.wps

Harley Davidson Co. / Management Case Study : 8 pages in length. Analytical discussion of the company Harley-Davidson from a management perspective. Paper details how they applied contemporary principles of quality management to save the company during the late 1980's and early 1990's. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Harley.wps

The Ford Motor Company : This 15 page paper provides an overview of the Ford Motor Company, its history and development, its move into the global market, and its diversification of products and services. Bibliography lists ten sources. Fordco.wps

Henry Ford & Automobile Production: This 8 page paper discusses Ford's implementation of mass production and the effect that change had on both Ford's company and the society. Topics discussed include an overview of Ford's Model A and Model T, Ford's use of an automatic conveyor belt and the assembly line process, dealer franchises and the Ford's increase in wages for the workers in his employ. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Fordauto.wps

Mercedes-Benz North American Operations : A 5 page paper discussing the Mercedes Metamorphosis. Mercedes-Benz seems to have been with us from time immemorial, but it has only been in the last 30 years that the German parent company, Daimler-Benz, has had a North American subsidiary. At sales of $1.7 billion in 1995, the last year for which figures are available for this privately-held subsidiary, Mercedes-Benz has seen success in North America, and indeed all over the world. No amount of former success, however, is preparatory for the heights to which Mercedes intends to fly, beginning with the manufacture of their sports utility vehicle in their new Alabama plant. Bibliography lists 7 sources. M-Benz.doc

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation : A 5 page research paper reviewing the background and history of Mitsubishi. A massive Federal lawsuit charging sexual harassment of hundreds of women placed a shadow over the company during the mid-1990’s. Racial discrimination was also alleged. Fiscal data and information about Mitsubishi's environmental efforts are presented in this paper. Bibliography included. Mitsubish.wps

BMW / Company Analysis : A 5 page research paper describing BMW. Information on the following topics provided in this report : background, history, financial report, safety innovations, and recycling. BMW is a major force in the economy of at least two countries: the United States and Germany. Bibliography is included. Bmw.wps

Company Profile for BMW / Review : A 5 page review of the BMW company profile written by Greg Farrell and published January 22, 1996 in "Bandweek". Concurs with Farrell’s contentions that BMW has achieved acceptance in the American market and concludes that his documentary methods and manner of presentation are correct and precise. No additional sources cited. Bmwcomp.wps

Problems & Solutions At Toyota : In this 8 page research paper, the writer discusses some of the problems that Toyota had during the early 1990's along with other Japanese auto manufacturers. Some specific concerns included : high material costs, too few vehicle choices, high employee turnover, and inattentiveness to marketing mix. The writer makes pertinent recommendations -- detailing some of the steps that Toyota can take to ensure a more productive, profitable future. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Toyota.wps

Problems & Solutions At Toyota # 2 : In this 11 page case study, several key problems facing Toyota are presented, described, and analyzed to find possible solutions. Macro and microeconomic issues are explored and the writer offers ideas relevant to contemporary management theory including the possibility of Toyota switching to a J.I.T. inventory system, becoming proactive in their leadership style-- and solving problems before they happen. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Toyota2.wps

Business & Information Technology Case Study : A 9 page paper that provides a comprehensive sample case study of a business and evaluations and recommendations based on their operations. The business, Video-Vision provides video cassettes to 50 hotels in 12 countries. Charts included. No Bibliography. Videocas.wps

Honda Motor Company : A 15 page paper discussing corporate strategy at Honda. Honda Motor Company went to the crest of the hill of decline in the early 1990s, and it has only been the astute leadership of CEO Nobuhiko Kawamoto that prevented a free fall from the top. Honda was found to be suffering from what Kawamoto called "big company disease," ironic within a Japanese company that contributed to the upheaval in the US auto market in the 1970s and 1980s that led to radical changes not only in the manner in which American cars are constructed, but in the philosophy behind designing and selling them as well. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Hondamot.wps

Chrysler Corporation : This 20 page paper examines Chrysler Corporation shortly before its merger with Daimler-Benz. An overview of the firm is provided. A comprehensive financial analysis, inclusive of two charts and SWOT assessment, is a major part of the analysis. Strategies are recommended and a detailed plan of action is incorporated. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Chrysler.wps

Chrysler And GM: Case Study : 5 pages in length. The writer discusses differing business concepts that allowed both Chrysler and GM to come back strong within the automobile industry. Bibliography lists 1 source. TLC_GM.wps

Apple Computer Inc : A 10 page research paper that investigates Apple Computer, Inc. Current fiscal information is reported as well as setbacks the company has experienced and recent announcements Apple has made. A SWOT analysis is provided. Conclusions offer recommendations for Apple Computer to regain its image and market share. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Apcomp.wps

Dell Computer : An 18 page paper discussing Dell’s acsension to the number one producer of personal computers and the competitive pressures they face. Historically, Dell Computer has participated primarily in the hardware segment of the PC market, and has concentrated on government agencies and small business for the bulk of their sales. With the shift of focus among so many companies regarding just what the Internet might be able to do for them, both in terms of boosting sales of their own products and as a tool for developing intranets not dependent on physical location as Local Area Networks (LANs) are, Dell has also added Internet servers to their talents for voluminous and rapid sales. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Dellcomp.doc

Leadership at Gateway 2000 : 5 pages in length. Gateway 2000 CEO Ted Waitt has learned the immeasurable business value of both great customer service and extremely happy employees. One of his requirements of both his employees and his leadership team is that they have fun while they work hard. There is no doubt that Ted Waitt and the other 9,700 employees of Gateway 2000 are dedicated to the success of their company, and the company seems to have suffered little of the "little Caesar" growing pains so common with a rapidly growing business. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Gateway.wps

One Month Of Activity At Gateway 2000 : A 10 page paper evaluating Gateway 2000's varied strategies and strategy implementation based on reports of the company’s activity in a single month. That single month was October, 1998, in which Gateway reported results for the quarter ended in September. Shipments increased 43% for record numbers of PCs shipped while the company’s organizational business also saw dramatic increases. Several new products have been introduced, four of which have been nominated for industry awards. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Gateway2.wps

Dell & Gateway Computers / Corporate Overview : This 20 page report discusses two of the most highly successful personal computer companies in the world – Dell and Gateway. Each of them have become darlings of the investment world and each is living up to their own publicity and promotion. A brief overview is given of each with an analysis of various financial features, ratios, and market position. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Dellgate.wps

Sun Microsystems / Workstations : A 40 page research thesis that explores first the Workstation industry, then specifically Sun Microsystems. Sections regarding the industry as a whole include: an industry profile, competitors, comparisons of sales and net income of major players in the industry, an analysis of Porter's model and how it is used in the industry, and the importance of information technology to the industry. Sections focusing on Sun Microsystems include: a profile of the company, including its chief executive officers, financial performance over a five year period of time, their competitive strategy model, and an analysis of how they use information systems including the use of Wiseman's strategic option generator, a profile of the company's success factors and a final analysis of Sun in terms of business strategy and how well the company is positioned for the future. Tables, Charts and other Illustrations are included in this report. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Sun.wps

Assessing The Inner Operation Of Mercury Web & Graphic Designs : 6 pages in length. The Mercury Web & Graphic Designs Company is a firm that is in the business of enhancing the business lives of their clients. Because of their expertise, customers are able to design specific components that address their enterprising needs. The company has been quite successful throughout the last several years, demonstrating ever-growing profits with each passing quarter. However, it has come to the owner's attention that production on all levels has begun to slip considerably with regard to overall employee morale; as a direct result, revenue has shown a significant decline within a very brief period. The writer analyzes the situation with the help of an employee survey/interview, as well as suggests improvements to rectify the situation. Bibliography lists 2 sources. TLCgraph.wps

Telecommunications Equipment Industry / An Analysis Of 3Com : A 40 page research investigation into the titled industry with an emphasis on 3Com Corporation. The report first provides an overview of the subset of the industry: networking and modems, and describes each of the major competitors. Porter's competitive strategies model is used to explain competitive advantages of each company. The second section of the report deals specifically with the 3Com Corporation, its financial state, it market share, and products it manufacturers and those they are beginning to manufacture. Illustrations, tables and graphs are included. Bibliography lists 23 sources. 3Com.wps

Telecommunications Equipment Industry / 3Com : A 52 page research report about their telecommunications equipment industry in general and 3Com in specific. This vast report includes a summary of the industry including information from Moody's, a historical report of 3Com, an analysis of the company, its products, and competitive advantage within the industry. The report includes financial analyses as well as alliances and partnerships developed by 3Com and its cutting edge products. As the world's leader in Ethernet and Fast Ethernet technology in combination with its many other innovations and attention to customers' needs, 3Com is very well positioned for the future. This comprehensive report also provides a structured analysis of the company and an analysis of the factors contributing to its success. Bibliography lists 26 sources. Telecom.doc

Telecommunications Deregulation / Microsoft’s $1 Billion Investment In Comcast : A 10 page paper on some of the effects of the 1996 Telecommunications Deregulation and Reform Act. When the first phase of industry deregulation went into effect in 1992, some of the largest phone companies rushed to become cable companies also, but only a few succeeded in making their ventures profitable. Microsoft’s investment in Comcast in 1997 marked the first large-scale attempt to capitalize on deregulation by a related, rather than direct segment of the telecommunications industry. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Comcast.wps

Microsoft : In 5 pages the author discusses the following question pertaining to a 1996 article on Microsoft, "How is Microsoft currently doing? Is it happy w/ its current performance situation? Where does the firm want to be 5 years from now? What are the firm's weaknesses and strengths? What strategies does the firm have to use to be successful in the future?" Bibliography lists 1 source. 96micro.wps

The Growth Of Lotus Development Corporation : 5 pages in length. Of the early days of Lotus Development Corporation, Janet Axelrod says that she and Mitchell Kapor, Lotus’ founder, had come to an understanding early on: Kapor would deal with the business end of things; Axelrod would ensure that Lotus employees enjoyed some of the most liberal benefits in the industry and that Lotus would be recognized as a leading innovator in corporate responsibility. That agreement was struck in 1981, and it still holds today. Though IBM broke its own precedence and acquired Lotus by means of a hostile takeover in 1995, Lotus remains a leader in its field and is increasingly global in its focus. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Lotus2.doc

Texas Instruments’ Legal Guards : 14 pages in length. Texas Instruments has been in the enviable position of holding the only semiconductor-specific patent addressing basic design. TI is extremely protective of their rights concerning the patent, and with good reason: semiconductor pursuits currently account for 84 percent of all of TI’s business, but the patent is set to expire in 2001. While the company pursues other avenues of business in search of products and processes that can take the revenue places of patent licensing, they also pursue every method of protecting the use of the patent until the final expiration, when it becomes public domain property. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Texasins.doc

Intel / Getting the Chips to the Marketplace : This 15 page paper discusses Intel Corporation, maker of Pentium microprocessors and a leader throughout the world in personal computing. A specific management problem is presented and analyzed (why Intel is not getting sub1000 chips to the market fast enough) and what solutions may be available to the company. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Intlchip.wps

Intel's Success & Failure : A 6 page analysis of Intel's success in the microprocessor industry supplemented with critical review of their apparently poor handling of the 1995 "flawed Pentium" chip fiasco in which it was announced that all chips made up until a certain date would produce an incorrect result when performing one specific calculation in division. A useful reference for those studying public relations. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Intel95.wps

Microsoft Human Resources : A 20 page paper that investigates the human resources function at Microsoft Corporation. Aspects discussed include: recruiting, selection, salary and benefits, involvement, IS, IT, labor relations and general management philosophy. The writer also notes steps HR could take to demonstrate their value so as to become a strategic business partner within the corporation. Bibliography lists 17 sources. MShr.wps

Managing Technology / AMP Incorporated, A Case Example : As much of the corporate world focuses the totality of their information systems on the implementation of technology, companies have had to define a process for managing technology and devising a directive for continued development. This 6 page paper considers the process by which AMP Incorporated manages their technology, and evaluates the process in relationship to common precepts on technology management assertedc by Lowell Steele in Managing Technology. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Manatech.wps

Kinko’s, Inc. : A 14 page paper discussing Kinko’s management and possibilities for increasing the level of true communication occurring between locations. Kinko’s is expanding into diverse international markets, and the private company has 900 locations just in the US. The paper has a discussion of Management By Objective and its usefulness for short-term projects such as opening new stores, along with an organizational chart and two communications diagrams. The chosen method for enhancing communications between locations is that of video conferencing, using equipment that every Kinko’s uses already for that service. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Kinkos.wps

The Limited / A Retail Case Study : A short, yet comprehensive 5 page case study in Management & Marketing of The Limited; -- a chain of retail stores that re-vitalized its strategy to incorporate and remain focused upon a number of important techniques including : brand-building, centralized decision-making, adherence codes for all stores, and more. Limited was a chain suffering from rapidly-dwindling sales volume whose productivity was turned around completely by the back-to-basics approach(es) discussed in this paper. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Limited.wps

Kenneth Blanchard & Michael O’Connor’s Becoming a Fortunate 500 Organization / Managing by Values : Kenneth Blanchard and Michael O’Connor pursue a more effective route to leadership an motivation for large companies, directed primarily at top management and with the focus on the best approaches for creating cohesiveness and direction as well as implementing effective change. In their work Managing by Values: Becoming a Fortunate 500 Organization, Blanchard, O’Connor and other contributors promote the idea that management holds the key to corporate success, not through implementing top-down management strategies that focus on leadership style, productivity goals, and other effective means of operational support. This 6 page paper reflects the central perspectives presented in the work and underscores the link between management process and corporate outcomes. No additional sources cited. Valman.wps

Saks Fifth Avenue / Improving Customer Relations Increase Sales : A 9 page paper which primarily examines how increased customer service efforts at Saks Fifth Avenue chains have improved the retail chain's image and greatly augmented sales at the same time. In response to a previous decline in sales, Saks has added a greater amount of accommodations for customers, stopped charging women for alterations, improved record-keeping procedures, and re-trained employees in customer service-related skills & techniques. It is concluded that Sax Fifth Avenue is one of few companies that has managed to successfully "turn around" yesterday's failure to mind the needs of consumers. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Saks5th.wps

Merrill Lynch & Company : 12 pages in length. Founded in 1914 by Charles Merrill, Merrill Lynch is "the US's leading brokerage firm and the leader in US and foreign equities underwriting, combines retail brokerage and cash management with investment banking." Other lines include clearing services, retail banking, and insurance. The company also has a recognized presence overseas and provides investment and financing services to companies outside the US and Canada. Its combined asset-management arms make up one of the largest mutual fund managers in the world, with a business value of over $1 trillion. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Merrill.wps

The Credit Card Industry : A 26 page research paper that gives an overall look at some of the most recent problems and innovations facing this industry. The writer addresses such topics as the dramatic increase in the rise of consumer debt--particularly among low-income families, the saturation of the "prime" consumer market and the advent of "smart" cards, which hold the possibility of revolutionizing the way in which societies exchange goods and services. Bibliography lists 21 sources. Credcard.wps

American Express : This 20 page paper provides an overview of American Express as well as marketing strategies it can use in both the domestic and international arenas. The credit and charge card markets are explored. Several current trends are mentioned including the effect of the euro on such businesses and the implications of the antitrust lawsuit against Visa and Mastercard. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Amex.wps / Company Case Study : This 5 page paper provides an overview of the major components of the company, created in 1994 by Jeffrey Bezos. This paper provides a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) as well as a central company problem and three possible solutions. This paper concludes with a discussion of one of the three solutions and describes the implementation and possible benefits that can be derived. No additional sources cited. Amazonco.wps

Browning Ferris Industries : This 25 page report discusses the environmental management company BFI (Browning Ferris Industries) and its economic interactions within the realm in which BFI operates. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Bfi.wps

Corporate Code Of Ethics / Case Study - National City Bank : This 10 page paper analyzes the Ethics Policy and the Applications for Ethics Policy of National City Bank. The introduction offers a general discussion of ethics policies, how to apply the policies and why they are important. The essay then makes recommendations for improving the bank's applications document. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Citybank.wps

Salomon/Smith Barney Merger : The acquisition of Salomon by Travelers’ in the Fall of 1997 is studied in this 40 page paper. The new company which was created by the deal, Salomon Smith Barney is studied. An analysis considers not only the financial picture of each company, but also problems with the clash of corporate cultures and personalities at the highest levels of the firms. Several charts are provided to illustrate financial information. A note is included that suggests techniques for conveying methods of financial analysis while utilizing the case study.This is also helpful to anyone who wants an understanding of how to consider various factors in any financial analysis. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Smithb.rtf

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company : A 5 page paper that overviews this company which is now 100 years old. Last year's income is given as are the strengths and weaknesses of the company. The CEO who took over in 1996 has a large vision for the future and this is also reported. Finally, a SWOT analysis chart is provided. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Goodyear.wps

Winnebago’s Strategic Management : A 10 page paper examining the sales record of the motor home manufacturer and answering the speculation that perhaps Winnebago should look to overseas markets for their products. The company has entered into a marketing consortium with other manufacturers to attract the over-50 buyers to whom they typically sell their vehicles, but they apparently have totally overlooked the convenience of family vacations when based on motor home travel. There is little worse than the complaints of bored children tied into the back seat of a car, tired, hungry and needing a bathroom stop, all problems that do not arise when travelling in a motor home. The writer recommends that the company target this group rather than attempting to go overseas. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Winebag.wps

Management And Communication At Proctor & Gamble : A 12 page paper examining the paradox presented by management structure at Proctor & Gamble. Proctor & Gamble’s "paint by number" approach to organizational decision making appears to be inhibiting with the effect of stifling the same creativity that senior management claims the company seeks at all levels, but Proctor & Gamble has reached a level of standardization in their decision process that would be unworkable in many other organizations. Other businesses with Proctor & Gamble’s rigid hierarchy would only be immobilized, but this company is able to use its strict procedures to channel the creative energies of its managers into a single common direction. That focus enables managers of all departments to be better able to meet their objectives, which presently lie in making Proctor & Gamble a global company with local focus. Bibliography lists 14 sources. P&G.wps

Rectifying Communications Impasses : A 5 page paper analyzing the organizational communication "disconnect" of a rapidly growing business, Lawson Software, that inadvertently allows their attitudes to lapse into a we vs. they mentality. The company urged their reluctant managers to use peer-to-peer training to become facilitators of groups whose surface purposes were to discuss the internal problems of the company. The managers, however, realized that all their internal problems were only facets of one underlying trouble: an early breakdown of communication both intragroup and intergroup. One manager said that while Deming had provided the philosophy, the facilitator approach at Lawson had provided the means for implementation. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Impass.wps

Fictitious Case In Sales Management / Hiring & Assimilating Women : In this 8 page case analysis of a fictitious company, the writer describes the problem faced by an older manager who has not found the same success in assimilating women as he had always found with men. The same motivations and invitations to social affairs that improved rapport with male salespeople only damaged relations with women. The writer presents possible solutions to this sales manager's common problem and evaluates each one- -deciding that the company will need to hire women trainers with experience in their field to help restructure company efforts and to make the new generation of saleswomen happy with their job. Short & long term implications of the proposed plan are discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Salecas2.wps

Fictitious Case In Sales Management / Firing Moonlighters : In this 7 page case analysis of a fictitious company, a manager finds that one of his salespeople has been lying about the reasons for his sharp decline in sales; Evidently, the rep had been moonlighting at a part-time job and the manager is now confronted with an executive dilemma concerning what course of action should be taken. The writer evaluates the internal and external implications of every possible decision (i.e. impact that firing the rep would have on employee morale, cost of replacing him, effects of disciplining him, effects of changing him over from salary to straight commission, etc;) and ultimately concludes that while it would not be reasonable to fire the salesperson, a switch to straight commission would be most appropriate in this case. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Salecas3.wps

Fictitious Case In Sales Management / Earnings Caps For Top Performers ? :
In this 6 page case analysis of a fictitious company, a top salesperson threatens to leave when her quota to earn bonuses is consistently raised each year to be higher than she earned during the previous year. The company's possible solutions to this problem are evaluated as are the potentially positive and negative outcomes of each. The interest of company & sales morale is figured in and it is ultimately concluded that payscales which reward top performers are indeed the most beneficial in the long run and that caps or "ceilings" should be removed. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Salecas4.wps

Managerial Case Study / HealthSouth Rehabilitation Corporation : Discussed are the internal & external environments as well as the company's outlook for the future and recommendations, etc; No Bibliography available. Healcase.wps

Healthy Existence Pty Ltd : This 6 page paper discusses the fiscal health of a company that sells health and beauty care products. The company did not perform well in 1998 and, in fact, their net profit has decreased each of the last three years. An analysis is made using fiscal data. Recommendations are made for strengthening the company's position. Four tables are provided. No Bibliography. PGhealth.rtf

McDonald's / Case Study : An 8 page study of McDonald's and the trend towards globalization. The company's history, present, and future growth are examined with emphasis on common principles of international business. Financial data is provided and the company's strong points and weak points are assessed with relevance to all aspects of the marketing mix. Mcdonald.wps

McDonald's & Team Development : A 7 page paper that discusses the corporate management training and internal and external environments of the corporation. It also provides information from a local restaurant, its environment and the number one cost-containment issue of raw waste as related to employee morale. Solutions provided are related to building a team, including friendly competition awards, quick team meetings, and instilling the sense of "team." Concludes with a discussion of process. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Mickyd.wps

Is "Mickey Dee’s" A Good Investment ? : A 7 page paper discussing whether or not McDonald’s is a good investment. The corporation’s financial information, profit improvement, and corporate structure are discussed. Bibliography lists ten sources. McD.doc

McDonald's & Marketing In Russia : A 12 page research paper discussing McDonald's entrance into Russia. A brief overview history of McDonald's Corporation is provided, followed by their successful opening in Moscow. Other issues discussed include establishing a business in Russia, including the an explanation of the different business behaviors expected and marketing. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Mcrussia.wps

Risk Management / McDonald's Restaurant & Southwest Airlines : This 8 page paper explores different aspects of risk management, in general as well as those affecting these two disparate companies. The writer offers a generic process of strategic risk management planning for both companies. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Riskmd.wps

McDonaldization : The theory is explored by a look at George Ritzer’s book The McDonaldization of Society in this 5 page paper. Related notions are discussed and many illustrations are used, including Wal Mart’s attack on Sheryl Crow’s CD. Also included is a comparison of the phenomenon to Marxist concepts. Mcdiz.wps

Biblical & Secular Management : This 4 page paper and 1 page outline explore the topic of differences between biblical and secular leadership in a business setting. Several companies are named including the fast food chain Chick-Fil-A. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Bibsec.wps

Sonic, Incorporated [Fast Food] : This 6 page paper analyzes the Sonic company exploring the reasons for their success. Sonic occupies an enviable fifth position in the hamburger section of the fast food restaurant industry. That position has been solid since 1987 due to the efforts of the CEO who took over that year. The paper ends with recommendations for Sonic to consider. Sonic.wps

Sonic, Incorporated : This 10 page paper analyzes the Sonic company exploring the reasons for their success. Sonic occupies an enviable fifth position in the hamburger section of the fast food restaurant industry. That position has been solid since 1987 due to the efforts of the CEO who took over that year. The paper ends with recommendations for Sonic to consider. Sonic2.wps

Transfer Pricing Between Pepsi & Pepsi-Owned Restaurants : A 5 page paper discussing options available for mutually-beneficial use of Pepsi products in three fast-food restaurant chains owned by Pepsi but operating and reporting as entities separate from each other. All four enterprises come under PepsiCo reporting, however, and the business results of all four affect PepsiCo’s bottom line. The paper examines the benefits of the internal transfer pricing compared to using outside suppliers and stresses the need for equal treatment of all related companies. Bibliography lists 1 source. Pepsrest.wps

Human Resources at PepsiCo: This 15 page report discusses PepsiCo and its human resource practices and policies. The paper gives an overview of the company’s current standing in terms of goals, objectives, strategies and policies, especially as applied to human resources. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Hrpepsi.wps

Information Technology at PepsiCo : This 15 page report discusses PepsiCo and its information systems. The paper gives an overview of the companies current situation in terms of goals, objectives, strategies and policies, especially as applied to information technology. The writer also discusses a weakness of the organization and suggests possible solutions. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Pepsitec.wps

PepsiCo Inc. / Internal Organizational Structure, Management Procedures & General Business Behaviors : The Fortune 500 company PepsiCo, Inc., the second largest softdrink manufacturer in the United States, has demonstrated fluctuations in their operational base and their management and organizational processes in recent years. This 8 page paper provides a view of these components, with a focus on issues that include their competitive focus, their forceful push into the fastfood market, their continuous improvement policies, and their desire to function as a leader-driven organization. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Pepsibus.wps

The History of Frito-Lay : This 5 page paper reviews the history of the Frito-Lay Company. From the early activities of Mr. Doolin and Mr. Lay to the merger in 1965 with the Pepsi-Cola Company and through the restructuring that brings us to the present. It examines such aspects as marketing, expansion and the use of computers. It concludes with a look to the future and the potential of cross-cultural marketing. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Fritolay2.wps

7-11 -- Time Management Around Merchandising Issues : A 7 page paper with a background on Southland Corporation, and a "local" 7-11 store and its merchandising functions. The paper proposes time management solutions to its apparent merchandising flaws. Bibliography lists 3 sources. 711bus.wps

Problem Solving at the McDonnell Douglas Corporation : 8 pages in length. An excellent analysis of strategic management at the McDonnell-Douglas Corporation. Even though the company leads its industry with a # 1 position, the writer is able to cite several problems including its failure to be proactive. Recommendations for improvement are provided as are future projections. Two illustrative charts are included. Bibliography lists 8+ sources. Mcdonnel.wps

TQM at Corning & Xerox : A 10 page paper discussing Total Quality Management at Xerox and Corning. Though TQM is normally only mentioned in passing now if it indeed is mentioned at all, both Xerox and Corning have incorporated its practices and philosophies into their own corporate cultures to the point that it is not a separate entity that needs to be discussed. Instead, it is simply something that is. Because TQM is such an integral part of the full operation of each company, it has nearly taken a life of its own, with care of employees, care of customers, efficient production and quality workmanship being so intertwined that they cease to be separate entities. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Cornxer.wps

Customer Value Management At Marks & Spencer : This 15 page paper investigates customer value management and customer value analysis and applies the concepts to the practices Marks and Spencer seem to implement and/or advocate. Examples of other businesses are also be offered for the purpose of demonstrating some of the concepts discussed. The essay concludes with recommendations for Marks and Spencer to further their competitive advantage through specific customer value management action steps. One graphic illustration is provided. Bibliography lists 9 sources. CVM.wps

Northland Cranberries, Inc. : A 12 page financial assessment of Northland Cranberries, in land holdings the world’s largest commercial producer of cranberries. Until 1993, Northland was part of the Ocean Spray cooperative that holds most of the domestic cranberry product market. Northland began producing 100 percent juice products under their own brand in 1995, and then took that brand national in late 1997. Analysts have looked on the company favorably since their IPO in 1987 for their sound financial management and a clearly-defined business plan that have kept Northland on track with their move to the national market. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Northlnd.wps

The Medical Supply Industry : A 4 page overview of the demographic and other factors concerning the medial supply industry. Various statistics are cited concerning sales forecasts, imports/exports, and more. The writer concludes that the industry is a benevolent one-- who purpose is geared towards helping others-- and whose money primarily goes to just that cause. Industry.wps

The NIKE Corporation : This insightful 13 page case study examines Nike's history, marketing strategy, methods of production & distribution, human resources, and plans to expand overseas. Useful statistics and illustrative charts are included. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Nike.wps

Nike Corporation / Strategic Analysis : 10 pages in length. In 1997, Nike held the No. 1 position in sales of athletic shoes and apparel. They lost that position to Reebok, then regained it and became stronger than ever. How they accomplished this feat is discussed in this research paper. Their strategic development, including establishing a network form of organization is explained. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Nikecorp.wps

Late Financial Results at Nike : A 10 page paper discussing general accounting methods used at Nike and the very different pictures that can be painted according to liberal or conservative reporting views. The differences in reported results of operations of two very similar companies, each with similar market share, reputation and notoriety, can be widely divergent. Even though both Nike and Reebok adhere to the rules set forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission and organizations for maintenance of accounting standards, the pictures presented by each are far enough apart that they could affect investment decisions. Nike shareholders following only the company’s annual report are likely to be both disappointed and baffled when their Nike stock loses even more value than it has since 1997. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Nikefin.wps

Nike Corporation & The Controversy Over Sweat Shops : 5 pages in length --
A detailed examination of the controversy concerning Nike and the employment of low-wage foreign workers & children subject to long hours and poor working conditions overseas. Nike's own side of the argument is evaluated and the laws being formulated to prevent these abuses as well as the important responsibility that we all have in helping to protect the rights of workers everywhere represent the ingredients of the writer’s strong anti-Nike conclusion. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Includes outline... Nikeswea.wps

Nike and Reebok – A Comparison : This 7 page report discusses and compares Nike and Reebok in terms of issues such as market share, product quality, social responsibility, and concerns about shifting manufacturing from Indonesia to China. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Nikbok.wps

Critical Factors Facing the Athletic Footwear Industry: This 14 page report discusses issues of concern in the athletic footwear industry with a particular focus on the challenges and changing aspects of management that have made an impact on the industry. The past 20 to 30 years have seen numerous significant changes in the athletic footwear business. As lifestyles have become more informal and more active, athletic shoes have become far more acceptable in numerous social situations that, at one time, would have required far more "proper" footwear. Bibliography lists 13 sources. BWshoe.rtf

Bankruptcy At Federated Department Stores / What Campeau Could Have Done : A 5 page paper speculating how Federated Department Stores could have avoided filing Chapter 11 in 1989. Of course it’s always easier to see what could have been done than it is to have a completely clear view of the best long-term course of action when making a decision, but seeing the way is never clear through the fog of massive ego and arrogance. Robert Campeau wanted Federated Department Stores, and he wasn’t going to let a little thing like knowing nothing of the retail business stop him. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Fedepst.wps

NuCor Corp / Plan For Growth & The Acquisition of Increased Market Share :
6 pages in length. Written to executives at the NuCor corporation, this model presentation presents an analysis of internal & external environmental factors concerning the company's current status and growth. The company's strategy is assessed and a proposal for future growth opportunities is presented based upon available data. Includes chart. No Bibliography. Nucomcas.wps

Club Med / Business Case Study : A 6 page research paper on the company famous for its many resorts in exotic locations that have a reputation for "sun, surf, and sex." The writer examines the history of Club Med as well as at its current position in today’s marketplace. The recent management upheaval that brought in the man who is credited with saving Euro-Disney as the new CEO is also examined. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Clubmed.wps

The Disney Empire : This 10 page paper provides an overview of the Disney Corporation inclusive of its current and future plans of expansion. The evolution of the company, with a biographical portrait of Walt himself, is provided to demonstrate how one man’s dream turned into a billion dollar business. Bibliography lists 9 sources Disbus.wps

Comparison of Cost Increases of Disney World and Ocean Cruising :
This 6 page report discusses the history of price increases of two leisure products/services – admission to Disney World and ocean cruises – over the past two decades. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Discruis.wps

Case Study / Price Promotion at Hartmann Luggage : A 7 page case study of whether Hartmann Luggage Company should indeed offer annual price promotions to its retailers, or whether the company should maintain its policy of image maintenance and high quality that have been the company’s hallmarks for more than 100 years since its founding in 1877. The more narrow issue discussed is whether the price promotions of 1978 and 1979 were indeed profitable. Included are alternatives that Hartmann could reasonably employ to increase the company’s market share while avoiding the price promotions they dread. No Bibliography. Hartmann.wps

BBC Brown Boveri Ltd / Economic, Social & Technological Trends from 1975-1986 : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the significant economic, political, social and technological trends that impacted BBC Brown Boveri (Switzerland) between 1975 and 1986, with a significant concentration on the power generation and industrial motors sectors, and reflects upon the application of Porter’s diamond model in order to relate these elements in terms of competitive advantage. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Brownbo.wps

Financial Planning & The Dial Corporation : This 7 page paper analyzes financial moves made by the Dial Corporation in an overview on corporate budgeting in general. New ways of creating budgets is also addressed and Texas Instruments’ unique style of streamlining the process is provided. Recommendations concerning the Dial’s use of the budget in the future is included as well as a chart which highlights cash flow figures for the company’s 1996 second quarter. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Dial.wps

Problem / Solution Case Study / Conrail : 10 pages in length. A case study of Conrail -- including a brief overview of the company's history, strengths & weaknesses, and current growth problems. Several viable solutions are proposed based on sound contemporary management principles and justified recommendations are made. No Bibliography. Manacas3.wps

Problem / Solution Case Study / Women's Club, Ltd. : A 10 page examination of this company's environment, economic factors, strengths & weaknesses, and most importantly, -- growth problems. The writer uses management principles to propose solutions to issues that plague the Women's Club and then makes strong recommendations based upon theories in three academic sources which are all cited in a bibliography. Manacase.wps

Problem-Solving Case Study / Sale Recruitment : 9 pages in length. A sample problem-solving case in human resource management in which the writer attempts to make a determination as to which of several candidates should be hired to fill a specific position in sales. The internal and external environments are analyzed and all possible solutions are assessed. Conclusive determinations are made about the best candidate and reasonable predictions for the future are made. Bibliography lists 4 supporting sources. **The original case was presented to the writer on a handout which is no longer available** Manacas.wps

Village Inn’s Food Service : A 10 page paper based on a case study of the restaurant, coffee shop, and bar function of a San Diego Village Inn motel and restaurant. The establishment has found itself with neither assistant manager or restaurant manager, and the entire food service function has disintegrated into chaos. A head cook who also served as the restaurant manager descended on long-time wait staff with dictatorial and condescending measures. The staff response was that of rebellion, and the "new" head cook was discharged within his 90-day probationary period. The company is perennially understaffed and pays enough in overtime to more than justify the addition of some temporary relief workers to ease the stresses faced by overworked permanent employees. No bibliography. Villinn.wps

Blockbuster, Republic Industries And Wayne Huizenga : A 5 page paper that traces Wayne Huizenga's success from his waste management company through his Blockbuster days to his now Republic Industries, a very diversified company. This billionaire is once again bound to make yet another fortune as he continues his expansion into several different areas including car sales and rentals. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Blockb.doc

Small Airports and Small Commuter Airlines : A 25 page research paper that gives an overview of the small airport and commuter airline industry. The author considers the safety, service, financial success and barriers to success as this industry relates to the more common large carrier airline industry. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Airlines.wps

Southwest Airlines -- Ingredients Of Success : A 12 page case study of Southwest Airlines -- one of the top companies in its industry. The writer analyzes SW's market niche, pricing strategy, human resource maintenance, financial structure, emphasis on low cost, and more. Equipment, technology, and plans for the future are included as well. Several charts provided in Appendix. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Swairlin.wps

Southwest Airlines’ Marketing Strategy : A 10 page case research paper with Southwest Airlines as its focus. Southwest is one of America’s largest airlines in terms of passenger boardings, and yet it serves airports in a relatively small number of 24 states. Overall, the company’s marketing strategy is to provide the best-possible no-frills service with the newest equipment available, then tell the flying public about the top-notch safety record…In a report filed with the SEC mid-way through 1996, Southwest included a list of "what ifs" of things that might happen, things that prevented them from forecasting performance for the very next quarter. They just keep flying—often, right past the competition. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Southwst.wps

Southwest Airlines / Selection Of Pilots : A 15 page paper discussing the selection of pilots at Southwest Airlines. Finding a job is never an easy task for a commercial pilot. Not only does Southwest not make the process any easier, they also have the added requirements of a sense of humor and the proper attitude in order to be considered for selection for their company. Southwest has the highest percentage of female pilots of any airline in the country, but still have only a few in comparison to the total number of pilots they employ. The corporate culture of have fun and work hard applies to all areas of the company, including the pilot faction, and those prospective pilots unwilling to serve as substitute baggage handler on occasion most likely will not even make the first cut. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Soutwest.wps

Southwest Airlines : An 11 page research paper investigating Southwest Airlines Company, including a history of the company, philosophy of management, financial reports, employee-management relations, and forecasting the company's future. Particular attention is paid to the factors that make Southwest so successful. One table is presented. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Soutair.wps

Southwest Airlines : This 5 page report discusses the extremely successful and low-price Southwest Airlines. A brief overview of the company and its history is presented, as well as information about its profitability, stock performance, and returns on investment for shareholders. Bibliography lists 5 sources. SWA.wps

Valujet Airlines / An Analytical Case Study : This 8 page paper examines the history, market niche, and organizational structure of ValuJet Airlines-- a company best known for its low cost airfare and frequent problems / crashes ! Issues concerning service, management style, and fiscal outlook are analyzed to provide an in-depth overview of the company's strengths and weaknesses. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Valujet.wps

Southwest vs. ValuJet / Successful Airline vs. Unsuccessful Airline : In this 10 page report, the writer compares Southwest with Value Jet Airlines. It is reasoned that the reputation-wrecked ValuJet airlines has only trotted along a bumpy road to industry success. Its future is much less certain than the ever-growing Southwest Airlines. Marketability, cost issues, human relations, and more-- are examined with respect to each of these two companies to support such a thesis. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Valusout.wps

Management At American, Delta & United Airlines : A 9 page paper discussing the management similarities of the three airlines. American, Delta and United Airlines are all commercial passenger air carriers. Beyond that, they have only a few similarities. All are old commercial carriers that were facing bankruptcy together until the US Postal Service approved air travel for the US Mail in 1925. There, they reached a point of divergence that continues today. It would seem that, because of the emphasis on employee ownership, United would be the "best" to work for, at least as long as the pilots remain happy with their contract. The management style is appealing because it takes the employees into consideration perhaps more than the others do Bibliography lists 10 sources. 2air.wps

Delta Air Lines : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of Delta Air Lines, Inc. Topics include a brief history of the company, accomplishments, innovations, financial report of Delta and top three competitors in table-format, strengths of the company. A hypothetical strategic plan is offered. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Deltair.wps

Delta Air Lines Finances And Investment Information : A 5 page paper discussing Delta’s performance during the quarter ended September, 1998, the first quarter of the company’s fiscal year. The fortunes of all airlines has improved with lower fuel prices in the past two years, but Delta has taken advantage of the savings more than some of the other ones have. Delta continues to accumulate record quarters, building their cash reserves while also buying back some of their stock, and they recently have had a stock split that makes investing in the company easier for the small investor. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Delatafin.wps

British Airways’ Merger With USAir : A 6 page paper discussing the benefits and detriments of British Airways’ merger with the US-based airline in 1992.. At a time when the entire industry was losing unprecedented sums of money, BA was able to remain profitable, though only barely so. USAir was losing less than its US-based counterparts, and the two of them together had a chance to pull themselves out of their financial slump. Other US-based carriers and even the national airlines of several European countries opposed the idea, however, believing that increased competition would deepen their already-serious deficits. Bibliography lists 3 sources. USAir.wps

The Unprecedented Growth of AEI Corporation : 25 pages in length. An in-depth evaluation of Air Express International (AEI)-- the world's leading logistics company and freight forwarder. AEI's services, finances, and marketing stratagem are analyzed as are its growth and stockholder issues. Paper provides an excellent case study. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Aeicase.wps

The Unprecedented Growth of AEI Corporation # 2 : 30 pages in length. Another in-depth analysis of Air Express International; This one dealing more with the company's new technologies, mergers, acquisitions, and international expansion. The paper concentrates much less on financial statistics when compared with AEI Case # 1 though. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Aeicase2.wps

Wal-Mart : A 6 page paper that considers the issues that have arisen from the attempts of Wal-Mart to bring their retail outlets to small localized communities across the nation. This paper suggests that communities must reflect on both the pros and cons of this kind of development before determining opposition or support. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Walmart2.wps walmart

Wal-Mart / Case Study In Discount Retailing : A 6 page case study on the company that has blown away virtually all discount retail competitors : Wal-Mart. The writer discusses Wal-Mart's diversity, pricing strategy, customer service, and cost-cutting emphasis. Distribution techniques and cutthroat competition are detailed in an attempt to understand how Wal-mart has managed to successfully stay so far ahead of their competition. No bibliography. Walmart.wps Walmart

Why Wal-Mart Outdid K-Mart : 3 pages in length. It is not difficult to ascertain the reasons why Wal-Mart has overtaken K-Mart in the discount chain rivalry: inflexibility and lack of open-mindedness, as well as a decidedly lazy approach to customer service are the primary causes. In an industry that is fueled upon the slightest discrepancy, it is quite obvious that K-Mart's chairman, president and chief executive Mr. Antonini does not have a clue as to the most effective way to run his business. Mr. Glass, however, who is Mr. Walton's successor, understands perfectly the necessary elements that have catapulted Wal-Mart to the incredible heights it has achieved. The writer discusses the various reasons why Wal-Mart outdid K-Mart. No sources cited. WalKmrt.wps

Retail Competition & Kmart Stores : A 15 page paper discussing Kmart’s difficulty in competing with both Wal-Mart and Target, consistently losing market share to each. To their credit, Kmart has determined to improve their image and they have done good solid research into changing American demographics as global conditions affect them. As of yet, however, they have not fully taken advantage of that research that yielded some retail-changing and far-reaching implications. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Kmart.wps

Bollengers [Book Store] / Death of an Independent : A 5 page essay on the demise of the independent bookstore in the wake of the mega bookstores pushing them out. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Bollen.wps

Business Results at Kellogg Company : A 5 page paper discussing the business results of Kellogg’s fiscal year 1996. Kellogg is a nearly $ 7 billion company and is worldwide in its activities. It has manufacturing facilities in 20 countries and sells product in nearly 160 countries. Of those, the fastest-growing markets are Latin America and Asia. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Kellogg.doc

Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation : This 32 page paper provides an overview of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, inclusive of its history, encountered problems and a look at its future. The section of Brooklyn, New York known as Bedford-Stuyvesant is explored. Several legal issues which have confronted the organization are explored in detail, including the possible liability of a 1998 case involving the death of two young girls on a Pennsylvania highway. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Bstuyrest.wps

Management And Structure At Andersen Consulting : An 11 page paper examining the management of the management consultancy firm. Anderson Consulting is a growing behemoth that acts more like a growing entrepreneurial firm. The company is astute in all forms of business management that involves information technology, business process management, change management and strategy, and not only remains aggressive in its tactics but also is growing ever more so. A private company built on the partner structure, internal accountability is high but strategy is set for the long term rather than to assuage any stockholder concerns or interests. The company maintains an extensive business research function that puts to test emerging management theory, with the result that Andersen consultants can offer clients the best of all management techniques and theories, customizing processes to meet the needs of their customers. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Andersen.wps

Chase Manhattan / Company Profile & Strategic Analysis : A 10 page paper that provides a comprehensive overview of Chase Manhattan Corporation, the nations largest bank, and reflects on their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and considers recommendations for change and their outlook for the future. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Chaseman.wps

Citicorp : A 10 page paper discussing Citicorp’s future and profitability when compared to the state of the economy. The examination includes past stock performance, drawing analogy between that and the growth of GDP between 1994 and late 1997. Even with the phenomenal growth of the stock market in general and in Citicorp stock in particular, investment analysts still rate the company’s stock as a "strong buy," anticipating even further growth in the value of their own stock. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Citicorp.doc

Telecommunication Companies / British Telecom, Rostelecom, AT&T :
This 13 page paper compares and contrasts specific aspects of three telecommunications companies: British Telecom in the UK; Rostelecom in Russia; AT&T in the U.S. Following a brief introduction to each company, the writer discusses their disclosures, how they report on the Internet, corporate governance and directors' remuneration, and reconciliation to IAS and US GAAP, as appropriate. Three tables are provided. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Btrtatt.wps

AT&T Corporation : A 5 page paper that discusses AT&T's revenues and profit, their management processes, new involvement with the Internet, new marketing strategies, and plans for the future. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Attcorp.wps

AT&T Corporation vs. Sprint Corporation : This 5 page paper compares and contrasts these two major telecommunications corporations. Innovations of each company are cited as well as their aggressive marketing strategies. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Attsprnt.wps

Sprint Corporation : A 5 page paper that discusses the history of Sprint, its acquisitions and joint ventures, Internet presence, annual revenue, and future plans. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Sprintco.wps

Hotel Management Case Study / The Fairfield Inn : The writer of this 8 page case study examines a particular hotel, a local Fairfield Inn, part of a chain of some 172 economy hotels operated by Marriott International, Inc. In addition to examining organizational structure, the paper presents key problems and assesses the pros and cons of several possible solutions; ultimately recommending the most promising one. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Fairfiel.wps

Case Study SWOT / M.C.I. : 10 pages in length. A thorough internal & external, micro & macro S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the MCI corporation. The company's strategy is assessed with great attention to detail and each point made is well-elaborated. No Bibliography. Mciswot.wps Please send us e-mail for more information !

MCI WorldCom Merger / Analysis : A 6 page analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats relating to this merger. The writer presents the half-year growth figures, the main problems for the company as it moves into the next century, and makes recommendations based on the overall analysis. Specifically highlighted is the MCI WorldCom and IANA white paper petition for full privatization of the telecommunications industry. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Cnmciwld.wps

MCI WorldCom Merger / Analysis : An 8page analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats relating to this merger. The writer presents the half-year growth figures, the main problems for the company as it moves into the next century, and makes recommendations based on the overall analysis. Specifically highlighted is the MCI WorldCom and IANA white paper petition for full privatization of the telecommunications industry. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Cnmciwld.wps

De Beers / The Diamond Monopoly : This 5 page paper explores the idea of a monopoly within the diamond industry by looking at De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited and it's affiliates. It takes a close look at the characteristics of the cartel as signified by the "single channeling agent" of the CSO (Central Selling Organization) branch of De Beers. It then notes marketing strategies and outcomes and concludes with a delineation of problems that could interfere with De Beer's status of virtual monopoly. DeBeers.wps

De Beers / The Diamond Monopoly : This 5 page paper explores the idea of a monopoly within the diamond industry by looking at De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited and it's affiliates. It takes a close look at the characteristics of the cartel as signified by the "single channeling agent" of the CSO (Central Selling Organization) branch of De Beers. It then notes marketing strategies and outcomes and concludes with a delineation of problems that could interfere with De Beer's status of virtual monopoly. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Diamono.wps

The History Of Frito-Lay : This 8 page paper reviews the history of the Frito-Lay Company. From the early activities of Mr. Doolin and Mr. Lay to the merger in 1965 with the Pepsi-Cola Company and through the restructuring that brings us to the present. It examines such aspects as marketing, expansion and the use of computers. It concludes with a look to the future and the potential of cross-cultural marketing. Fritolay.wps

Ann Taylor & Public Relations : This 7 page paper presents a general overview of Ann Taylor Stores Corporation, including income for 1997 and reports some public relationships problems they experienced in 1996, including a lawsuit by stockholders. How executives of the company responded are discussed briefly. Bibliography lists 5 sources. AnnTaylor.wps

Neiman Marcus Stores : An 8 page paper discussing one of America’s favorite retailers. No other retailer’s holiday catalog makes the morning new shows as soon as issued each year, and few even attempt to maintain the level of customer satisfaction to which Neiman’s is committed. Certainly there have been problems over the years, but Neiman Marcus has successfully remained small and merger-free. Neiman’s has some of the most loyal customers of any retail establishment. The company is committed to not taking advantage of that loyalty or betraying it, and customers continue to respond favorably while Neiman’s fortunes continue to improve. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Marcusn.wps

American Management Systems : A 5 page paper discussing problems the company has with some of their consulting projects. Major European contracts have been cancelled at a time before the project actually began, but after AMS had hired the necessary numbers of consultants to complete the job for which they had contracted. In preferring to hire consultants fresh out of school for European projects, AMS failed to note the cultural differences of the perception equating age with experience. Bibliography lists 5 sources. AMS.wps

DataHelpers / Prospectus To Improve Company : A 25 page prospectus to help improve productivity and relations at the company DataHelpers, a small business designed to provide databases, software and customer service support to on-line sales businesses. FREE outline included. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Prospectus.wps

Cooper Industries / Nicholson File Company : A 10 page case study examining the conditions and events that led to the end of the Nicholson File Company as a business entity all to its own. In 1972, there were at least three companies interested in acquiring Nicholson, two of which were what is now the CooperTools division of Cooper Industries and the H.K. Porter Company. Founded in 1919, Cooper was the youngster of the three and now owns both of the others. This paper addresses Cooper’s astuteness in pursuing Nicholson, how much Cooper could afford to pay per share and the concerns of the then-existing Nicholson stockholders. No Bibliography. Cooper.wps

Unilever US : A 5 page paper presenting an overview of this giant company. Unilever is a truly international behemoth that is the world’s largest producer of packaged consumer goods in the food and soap industries; "Unilever is also the world's #1 maker of margarine, tea, ice cream, personal wash products, prestige fragrances, and deodorants. Its more than 1,000 brand-name products include such familiar names as Lipton, Popsicle, Vaseline, Q-Tips, Helene Curtis, Lever 2000, Pepsodent, Wisk, and Calvin Klein." Bibliography lists 8 sources. Unilever.doc

Dow Chemical Company : An 8 page paper discussing the business outlook for Dow Chemical. Dow is concluding the beginning phase of its recreation, purchasing its own outstanding shares of stock, selling businesses that it cannot reconcile with the definition of "core business" and acquiring others that better fit the company’s definition of "core." Dow is poised to take full advantage of the explosive growth in the big emerging markets of the world. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Dowchem.wps

Leadership & Investment Potential at DuPont Corporation : A 20 page paper discussing soundness of leadership both for current need and in the future, and in the context of whether DuPont represents sound investment now. Investment analysts had rated DuPont as underperforming because of their inflated stock value, but that value has corrected along with the rest of the market, while the company has posted record quarterly revenues of more than $1 billion. Leadership is examined in terms of management style, Theory Y, McKinsey’s 7-S Framework and expectancy theory as well as principles identified by Waterman and Peters’ In Search of Excellence. The paper also includes reference to observations by James Champy, and concludes that DuPont has positioned itself well for growth into the 21st century. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Dupont.wps

Consulting At Ben & Jerry’s : An 18 page consultant’s report on the problems faced by ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s. Originally an "upstart" with an unorthodox and highly liberal view of corporate responsibility, Ben & Jerry’s has grown to claim 39% of the US market in "super-premium" ice cream—the best of the best of ice cream. Vermont based, the company has suffered in the US because of Americans’ growing health consciousness as people all over the country attempt to trim fat from their diets. In order to increase revenues, Ben & Jerry’s has made a solid bid at being an international company, but their established corporate culture does not match the established societal culture of the countries in which they want to establish a market. The consultant arrives at a plan that enables Ben & Jerry’s to make their move into the global market while preserving their US corporate culture. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Benjerry.wps

Ice Cream / Cultural Symbol and Example of Good Business : A 6 page research paper in which the writer examines the phenomena of America's love for ice cream as well as some of the inner-working of companies such as Ben & Jerry's and the efforts that these mega-enterprises have made to ensure quality human resources and low turnover. Bibliography lists approximately 4 sources. Icecream.wps

KikiCorp’s Leased Fleet Of Trucks : A 7 page business case for leasing rather than purchasing 100 tractor-trailer trucks. KikiCorp is a mid-size manufacturer with strong promise for continued rapid growth. The company’s leadership has secured commitments for $25 million in investment funds for establishing their trucking fleet and investing in additional manufacturing capacity and other investments. Leasing 10 trucks would be profitable, but without placing capital at risk in speculative investment, KikiCorp cannot justify the exorbitant costs of leasing 100 trucks. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Truckin.wps

Wisdom Import Sales Company, Inc. : A 7 page paper discussing a growing import/export company with sole distribution rights to the entire US market of Dos Equis and Labatt beers. Wisdom Import Sales Company, Inc. is a young US-based company whose primary business is importing Dos Equis beer from Mexico, distributing that beer in the United States and exporting to Canada. Similarly, Wisdom Import Sales began working under the same sort of arrangement with Canada’s Labatt beer in 1995. Wisdom Import Sales also imports Labatt beer from Canada, distributes it in the United States, and exports it to Mexico. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Wisdomim.wps

Zeigler Coal Holding Company : A 7 page paper discussing a large import/export company using Zeigler Coal Holding as the point of discussion. The writer examines the company’s performance over the past several years, the state of the coal industry and the company’s overall corporate climate regarding management style, commitment to their employees and how they might be able to improve their performance. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Zeigler.wps

21st Century / Century Of Air Cargo : A 5 page paper that looks at the industry's claim, and support for the claim that air cargo is the industry of the 21st century. The paper also looks at the current problems facing the industry and what international leaders, public and private, are doing to resolve those problems. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Aircargo.wps

"Advantages and Disadvantages for Acme's development contracts": A 5 page discussion/ case study discussing the advantages and disadvantages of different types of development contracts for both a customer, ACME Trucking Co., and to a software developer. Discussed are issues such as cost-plus contracting and fixed price contracting. No bibliography. Acmecost.wps

Assessment of the Bakery Business : An 8 page general overview of the Bakery Business with Illustrative examples. Writer supports the business as a very lucrative one. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Bakery.wps

Economic Value Added (EVA) and Western Atlas International : A 30 page research paper the provides an overview of EVA principles and relates them to the status of Western Atlas International, a Los Angeles based company. The writer supports the view that Western Atlas could benefit from EVA principles in their business and management divisions. Bibliography lists 18 sources. EVA.wps

Theodore Caplow's "Managing an Organization" : A 3 page book review of Caplow's "Managing an Organization" -- a book designed to give leaders a better understanding of modern techniques for effective management. Included in the discussion are theories of communication, reward & punishment, the incompatibly of seniority & merit, and much more. No Bibliography. Mngngorg.wps

Racial Discrimination and Avis Rent-A-Car : A 9 page essay investigating current news stories about Avis and their reluctance to rent cars to black customers. Current discrimination allegations against Orthodox Jews are also included. The paper begins with a review of the 1896 Supreme Court decision in Plessy v. Ferguson, goes to the 1954 Court decision of Brown v. Brown, and leads to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There is an in-depth look at the discriminations charges against Avis, along with some of Avis' stated plans in remedying the current problem. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Avis.wps

British Petroleum and Treasury Risk: This 7 page report discusses British Petroleum Company, PLC, in terms of the Treasury risks to which it is and has been exposed. As a result of restructuring in 1994, BP became a company of smaller, more autonomous units in place of the previous centralized regional teams. The "view from the top" has always been that these units could be more creative and efficient through the sharing of knowledge and best practices. Such factors are equally important throughout the evaluation of potential Treasury risk. Bibliography lists 18 sources. BWbp.rtf

Skirball Center: Case Study : 5 pages in length. The Skirball Center is facing considerable tax implications for not having filed the appropriate Form 990 required for all tax-exempt organizations. It has come to the controller's attention that if an amended 990T is not filed immediately, the Center is in danger of losing its nonprofit status altogether. The writer proposes suggestions for fixing the problem. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Skirball.wps

Hudepohl Brewing Company : A 20 page paper discussing evaluating facts as presented in the Harvard Business Case Study of the same name. The privately-held, family-run, 100-year-old company had gone into gradual and unnoticed decline, and business results were so poor that the company posted some of the lowest profitability figures in the industry. Customer loyalty in the company’s Cincinnati home is unusually high and apparently unshakable; the paper recommends that the company expand beyond its Cincinnati market and establish itself as a higher-priced offering of a microbrewery in areas outside of Ohio while maintaining its low-priced Cincinnati base. Production is highly inefficient, and the company’s policy of paying all workers the same rate prevents it from benefitting from long-term employees’ experience and knowledge. The paper also recommends that management charge the employees with producing proposals to enhance efficiency and their level of involvement in both their jobs and in the company. Bibliography lists 1 source. Hudepohl.wps

FourWinds Marina / Case Study : 5 pages in length. Case study of the FourWinds Marina. This paper will outline the following points: background of the facility; major opportunities and threats in the external environment; major strengths and weaknesses in available resources; financial condition; and recommended changes. No additional sources cited. Fourwind.wps

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