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The History Of Human Resources : This 5 page essay discusses the evolution of human resources management and development from the 1940s to the present time. The seven basic dimensions of organizational culture are also identified. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Histhum.wps

How Much is Human Resource Management Really Changing? : A 5 page paper discussing whether HR is really changing or only appears to be. Not too many years ago, Human Resources (HR) was the poor relation of the corporate world—it was believed that the existence of individual HR departments was necessary, if only for the record keeping function they performed. As business is increasingly competitive, however, HR is taking on a much more active role in the organization’s strategy planning, often while outsourcing much of the administrative work for which they previously were responsible. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hrchang.wps

Human Resources in the Future : This 6 page paper glimpses the future world of work and how human resources will be utilized. The discussion addresses the implications of growing technology and what can be done to ready the current employee population. Bibliography lists 6 sources Hrfuture.wps

An Overview of the Human Resources Profession : This 5 page paper provides an overview of the duties that an HR professional must accept. Conflict resolution in the form of mediation is discussed as are methods of hiring and promoting personnel . Bibliography lists 4 sources. Hrprof.wps

Management Of The Interview And Hiring Function : A 6 page paper discussing the increasing necessity for absolute honesty in the hiring process as a safeguard against later truth-in-hiring lawsuits. There are lists of guidelines and specific questions allowable for interviewers to ask available from several management and human resources professional organizations, and it is unconscionable in today’s business climate that any organization of size operates outside those guidelines in its efforts to attract the best people possible. But it is also more common for candidates to also interview the company in order for them to be assured they are making the best choices for themselves and for their families, and those interviewers now must take as much care in their responses as interviewees have had to maintain for generations. Bibliography lists 5 sources. HireMgr.wps

401 K Plans : A 5 page essay discussing the pros and cons of 401k plans. Bibliography lists approximately 6 sources. 401kplan.wps

The 401K / Its Importance In Retirement Planning : A 10 page discussion of 401K plans and their importance in retirement planning. Identifies financial goals such as growth of principal, the reduction of tax liability, and the importance of protecting the principal investment and discusses a strategy for achieving these goals through the utilization of 401 Ks. Bibliography lists 7 sources. 401k2.wps

Employee Stock Ownership Plans : This 15 page research paper discusses the ESOP on several levels: what is an ESOP, what are the advantages for the company and for the employee, what have the results been in terms of motivating employees, and what are the down-sides. ESOPs have been on the rise for the last two decades. Specific cases are presented in this paper with statements from those involved in them and the report that millionaires have been made through them. Bibliography lists 12 sources. ESOP.wps

(The) Americans With Disabilities Act : A 9 page paper on the 1994 Americans With Disabilities Act, why it was founded, and the implications that it has for today's managers. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Disabact.wps

Americans With Disabilities Act : This 6 page paper explores the Americans With Disabilities Act and provides an overview of pros and cons. The paper concludes that legislation is needed, and even more must to be done due to rampant discrimination against people with disabilities. Free one page outline included. Bibliography lists 7 sources. ADA.rtf

E.E.O.C. and The Americans With Disabilities Act : A 3 page paper on the EEOC and the ADA in which the writer specifically describes the Commission and its relationship as a "parent umbrella" to the ADA. Bibliography list 3 sources. Eeoc.wps

Business Implications Of The Americans With Disabilities Act : This 17 page research paper investigates the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and its effect on small businesses. The paper addresses the Act itself, its intent, the cost of compliance, litigation, and case histories of small businesses who made accommodations to comply with the law. Bibliography lists 14 references. Ada1990.wps

Discrimination Towards The Disabled : A 10 page paper on the issue of discrimination as it applies to the disabled or handicapped individual. A description of the Americans with Disabilities Act is included as a foundation for the issue at hand. Two different types of disabilities are detailed: Mental illness, and dwarfism. Also included are sections relating to different incidents that involve the Americans with Disabilities Act. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Handi.wps

Family And Medical Leave Act (FMLA) : 10 pages in length. The writer discusses the Family And Medical Leave Act (FMLA) by addressing its primary purpose and characteristics; administrative agencies involved with the law; lawsuits that have developed because of it; and suggestions for future compliance. Bibliography lists 12 sources. TLC_FMLA.wps

The Family and Medical Leave Act : A 3 page paper on this piece of legislation. The writer describes specific regulations of the FMLA and how they impact issues concerning human resources and the workplace. Bibliography list 5 sources. Fmla.wps

The Family & Medical Leave Act / Why It Hasn’t Worked : This 5 page argumentative essay will demonstrate how the 1993-enacted Family and Medical Leave Act has failed to live up to its goals and objectives. Bibliography lists five sources. Famleave.wps

The Family & Medical Leave Act / An Overview : A 5 page paper discussing the U. S. Family and Medical Leave Act and giving a broad overview of its provisions and regulations. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Fammla.wps

Issues Concerning Maternity Leaves : A 9 page paper discussing executive maternity leave. It has been common to find that women previously on track to break through the "glass ceiling" have been transferred instead to the "mommy track," forced to choose between family and career. In the case described here, there is an upcoming promotion from managerial to executive that is in jeopardy. The woman stands to lose all that she has worked to attain throughout her working life, and the company potentially faces a discrimination suit as well as a failed product launch. However, there are alternative arrangements that can be made in which both sides benefit and remain on track to achieving their goals if they will only look for them. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Pregdisc.wps

Health Care Promotion In The Workplace : A 14 page paper on health care promotion programs in the workplace. The writer examines the various benefits of a successful implementation of such a program in today's workplace and well as several relevant considerations. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Health.wps

"Cafeteria" Benefits Menu / Health Plans : A 12 page research paper on some of the choices of benefits employers have made available to their employees over the last several years. The changes have greatly reduced the employers’ costs of benefits, and employees enjoy the ability to choose plans that will best suit their needs at any point in their lives, whether they are young and single, married with small children or nearing retirement age. The paper discusses traditional major medical insurance, the rise of the HMOs and the reasons behind it, the new Medical Savings Accounts, and gives an example from a large automotive afterservice business. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Cafplan.wps

Cafeteria Plans vs. Traditional Health Insurance Plans : An 8 page analysis of traditional medical health plans and cafeteria/flexible health plans. The writer provides employer and employee costs, and makes a comparison of advantages and disadvantages for employers and employees under both types of plans. The writer agrees with experts who maintain that the plans are most effective when used in combination. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Helplan.wps

Thiokol Corporation & Employee Health Benefits : This 5 page report briefly discusses the employee health benefits of the Thiokol Corporation. Certain programs have been extremely successful while others have proven themselves as somewhat marginal. Related benefits are also briefly discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Thiokol.wps

Caring for the Children of Employees : 4 pages discussing trends towards greater corporate interests in providing for the care of their employees' children. (child care, policies, laws, cyber-commuting etc;) Includes 2 FREE demographic pie charts and bibliography listing 4 sources. Corpchil.wps

Gender Sensitivity Training In The Workplace : A 10 page paper discussing the importance of gender sensitivity training in the workplace and how it can increase a company’s success and lower operating costs. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Gendsens.doc

Training / Part of the Design Process : A 10 page research paper that looks at the importance of including training professionals in the design process of internal systems applications. The writer discusses the subject in terms of how costly not training employees effectively is to organizations and the methods that can be used by trainers in mitigating internal product outcomes. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Trainmdl.wps

Selecting & Evaluating Human Resource Training Programs : A 10 page paper discussing the growing trend of training’s accountability and responsibility to show results, particularly as those results relate to Level 4 evaluation. In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, there is no aspect of the business that is immune from scrutiny or the charge to either prove its worth to the organization or be eliminated. Performance-based training assessment is only one more route to aiding organizations to operate as effectively as possible. The benefits of training, from building skills to building a supportive corporate culture, are well documented. While performance assessment has not been a highlighted aspect of training in the past, its importance and frequency are likely only to increase. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Hrtrain.wps

Personnel Evaluation : A 22 page research paper that explores the process of personnel evaluation. Topics discussed include: the reasons for performance appraisal; performance appraisal approaches including the multisource 360-degree appraisal approach and the case study approach. Both the private and public sector are discussed. One case study regarding a large public sector organization is provided as well a the new laws concerning performance evaluation for federal government agencies. The last page is an outline of the paper. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Perseval.wps

Pre-Employment Testing : A 20 page research paper investigating the use of pre-employment testing as part of the screening process. A history of such testing and the types of tests used are discussed. The focus of the paper is on 'integrity' or 'honesty' testing. Employee theft accounts for losses in the billions each year thus employers must try to curb this trend. Pre-employment integrity is one tool to use, however, it should not be the basis for the entire decision. An extensive bibliography is included. Integrity.wps

Downsizing & The Contemporary Corporation : A thorough, 20 page evaluative assessment of corporate downsizing, its potentially negative impact upon productivity, and its positive cost-benefit trends. Ultimately, the writer concludes that managers should be devising more universally-efficient methodologies for solving problems and not relying on downsizing to maximize dollar productivity. Paper is filled with statistics and case examples. Bibliography lists more than 15 sources. Downzsizi.wps

Corporate Downsizing : A 7 page paper on the growing problem of downzing corporations in America, and the effect it has on disslocated workers. The writer provides a clear picture of exactly how and why a company downsizes,and also gives some suggestions for disslocated workers. Bibliography included. Corpdown.wps

Employee Effects of Downsizing & Mergers : An 8 page paper. Downsizing as a management tool seems to have waned at last, though there are routine reports of job cuts by many companies, several of which may only be seeking the traditional stock price boost that usually follows a downsizing announcement. Thankfully, that pattern seems to be changing, as evidenced by a drop in Boeing stock with their most recent announcement of job cuts. Mergers still continue, but at a reduced rate than in most years of the 1990s. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Downmerg.wps

Downsizing / More Than Unjust It’s Immoral : A 5 page paper analyzing the contemporary trend of corporate downsizing from the point of view of the downsized employees. Issues discussed are loss of income, shattered self-esteem, the difficulty of finding comparable work at a comparable salary, and the problems with "contract" employment. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Unjustd.wps

The Ethics of Corporate Downsizing : This 8 page report discusses corporate downsizing and its ethical implications based on issues related primarily to classical interpretation of ethical behaviors. The writer makes a strong argument against downsizing and outlines the justification for that argument. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Ethcorp.wps

Stress Caused by Corporate Downsizing : This 8 page report discusses corporate downsizing and the stress it causes in workers. Individual workers often face a disconcerting and undeniable sense of "loss of self" when the organization into which they have invested time, energy, and talent finds it no longer needs them. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Strescor.wps

Downsizing’s Effects on the Real Estate Market : 9 pages in length. Certainly the real estate industry, both residential and commercial segments, were greatly affected by the downsizing waves on either side of the year of 1990, as were many others. With the sustained growth of the national economy, however, many of those depreciated properties have now regained and even surpassed their former values. The private owners and real estate developers suffered, but we all really did, too. We’re growing now, and we even have the added benefit of lessons learned from the effects of downsizing. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Downsize.doc

Downsizing’s Effects on its Affected Households : An 8 page paper. Even though two-income families can make the downsizing transition much easier than those without a significant second income, there are still substantial issues they will have to overcome. Some end up working in distant cities and conducting long-distance marriages; many more finally take jobs at an income far below their former one. Homes have been lost, retirement funds have been decimated to meet living expenses, and some have even taken to living on credit card cash advances for their immediate needs when they saw no alternative. Downsizing and layoffs all affect specific households, but not all those effects are "bad" ones. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Tight.wps

Effects of Downsizing in the Private Sector : A 29 page research paper on downsizing in American corporations and the problems associated with the layoffs of personnel. The writer details what downsizing is and its history and causes, the emotional and mental effects of job loss, outplacement services and the forms and issues in counseling fired workers, and the cooperation of the employee in the job seeking process. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Downpriv.wps

Downsizing / A Comprehensive Overview : This 25 page research paper offers a comprehensive investigation of downsizing and its effects on all concerned. Topics include a general overview, the magnitude of downsizing, the effects on those laid off and on those who survive the layoff, and guidelines for implementing a successful downsizing plan. There are both positive and negative effects of laying off employees which have been experienced by different companies. Without an appropriate plan, many organizations feel only the downside of downsizing. Two sets of guidelines for successful downsizing are included. One table and one illustration are presented. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Downsizc.wps

Downsizing & The Business Environment : A 15 page paper discussing the way downsizing was. Much has come of the corporate downsizing experience, on both sides. Business is increasingly competitive, and most businesses have exhausted every avenue of "quick fix" for reducing costs and preserving profits. One "new" approach is that businesses have realized that it costs far more to replace employees than to keep them, and the most forward-looking are those taking very good care of their employees, and building and preserving morale. Such was not the case at the height of downsizing, however. This paper presents two examples each of companies that handled their downsizing well and those that did not. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Dwnsize.wps

Article Review / "Damaged, Downsized Souls -- How to Revitalize the Workplace" : A 6 page review of an article published in the May, 1996, issue of HR Magazine. The article discusses some inept HR moves without actually labeling them as inept, and relays some positive stories of how some companies have dealt well with the need to downsize. The author (R.J. Grossman) also provides a listing of possible approaches to downsizing. No additional sources cited Abstract.wps

Finding The Right People For The Job : A 7 page paper addressing the increasing problem for employers of finding experienced, qualified people to fill both new and existing ositions. As the US economy continues its long prosperous upswing, it is increasingly difficult for employers to remain fully staffed, particularly at the blue collar and retail level. The paper gives the example of how the Chubb Group instituted policy changes to encourage employees to remain with the company. Competitive pressures are only building and businesses have to do all they can to contain costs and increase productivity in order to remain competitive. Constantly replacing or searching for qualified employees is a costly proposition. Bibliography lists 7 sources. RightOne.wps

Expectancy & Reinforcement Theories In The Work Place : A 5 page essay that explores how these two theories are used and how effective they are. Informal reward programs are being found to be more effective than the more traditionale ones. Examples are given. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Reinforc.wps

Results Based HR : A 5 page research paper on the qualities and how to watch for them in candidates. Three qualities are addressed: entrepreneurship, creativity and teamwork. The writer presents the qualities and interviewing techniques that the HR professional can use. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hrpeople.wps

The Effects of Training on Work Performance : An 8 page jumping-off place for a study on the effects of training related to job performance, based on interviews with five managers and ten employees each from two companies, both electronically-focused: one designs and produces ambulances and mobile MRI units; the other produces printed circuit boards for a variety of applications. This compilation consists of introduction, methods and discussion sections, and includes an appendix listing nine questions that comprise the survey of the two companies’ employees. Bibliography lists nine references. Workperf.wps

Continuing Education and Workplace Advancement : A 10 page paper supporting the thesis that increased education leads to increased advancement benefiting both employers and employees. This paper uses extensive library research to support this thesis, providing a number of examples of the way education impacts personal and professional growth. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Contedu.wps

Considerations for Healthcare Professionals’ Continuing Education :
A 5 page paper discussing lesson plan development for a continuing education class for healthcare professionals. The course will be led by physicians and most participants will be nurses and physician assistants, though some MDs also may participate. This section of the ongoing plan development assesses possible methods to use in presenting educational material to active professionals in the healthcare field. The topic is caring for the menopausal patient, particularly in patient education. The paper discusses several possible formats for the session and concludes that a telecast lecture/question format likely would be the most convenient for the participants while also be most cost efficient for the seminar providers. The standard group setting also will be used in order to gain the most benefit of group dynamics. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Consplan.wps

Continuing Educational Program : A 5 page paper discussing the objectives of a seminar for practicing healthcare professionals regarding patient education in the area of menopause. The aging population is the fastest-growing segment of the general population; demographic studies indicate that the over-65 segment of the population will be the largest by the turn of the century and for several years beyond. This stage of the female patient’s life commonly has been one in which patients seek increased levels of information, and this seminar is designed to enable the healthcare provider to more fully answer those questions with information based on current research and practice. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Conedpr.wps

Encouraging Internal Employee Motivation : A 5 page paper discussing ways in which managers and businesses can provide the climate and circumstances through which employees can motivate themselves to do the best job they can for their company. Money certainly is an issue, but when pay meets minimum acceptable levels motivation depends on the employee’s conviction that his company views him as a valuable contributor to the overall health of the business. Federal Express is a master of such motivation and is used as an example throughout the paper. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Empmotiv.wps

Motivation In The Workplace : A 5 page essay discussing different theories of motivation including: Needs Satisfaction Hierarchy, Theory X and Y, and Expectancy Theory. The theories are applied to the workplace, in general, and a hypothetical beauty supply company, in particular. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Motivwk.wps

Motivation vs. Control In The Business World : 5 pages in length. The business world requires a considerable amount of direction within the supervisor/subordinate situation, however, it is clear that motivational techniques bring about significantly better productivity than does controlling behavior. Consistent with tutelage of any kind, encouragement has proven the most effective method of evoking positive results over the inherently negative influence of coercion. The writer discusses why motivation is far superior over control in the business world. Bibliography lists 4 sources. MotVsCon.wps

Human Resources at Federal Express: This 4 page paper with annotated bibliography examines the role of human resource management at Federal Express in terms of the three strategies for the strategic business partner concept as delineated by Michelle Martinez and elaborated by Dave Ulrich. It finds that FedEx does conform to these 3 strategies and recommends a shift of HR personnel to the role of consultant and communication expert in addition to strategic positions. It then briefly examines the role of HR employees at the Boston Bank. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Hrfedex.wps

How Feasible Is Success As A Human Resource Manager? : This 6 page paper briefly reviews the realities, expectations, and challenges faced by any professional in the field of human resource management. Position requirements, employment outlook for the future, and opportunity for advancement are also briefly reviewed. Bibliography lists five sources. HR.rtf

Issues Concerning The Hiring Of Temporary Workers ("Temps") : A 6 page paper describing issues concerning temporary workers in today's business world. A double-edge sword is presented by the fact that companies emphasize quality and yet they hire temps to save costs-- temps that are not as likely to work to their fullest potential or with the company's own interests in mind. Some of the pros and cons of temp work are cited : the writer feels that they are cost-effective, highly-available, and little or training is required by the company itself. But on the other hand, temps are very often exploited, underpaid, overworked, and generally treated quite poorly. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Temps.wps

Temporary Workers and Mid-sized Corporations : A 40 page paper / model thesis that outlines the topic of the use and misuse of temporary workers is mid-sized corporations, and supports the thesis that temporary worker exploitation is not cost effective. Bibliography lists 23 sources. Temporary.wps

Defining the Reasons Behind Organizational Turnover : A 25 page research paper seeking the reasons for and causes of organizational turnover. The problem of organizational turnover, or employee retention, is an expensive one for American businesses. Though there has been much discussion over the years as to just what the real problem is, what it might be, and what business practitioners and observers think it is, there has been little empirical research into its origins. Of the research that has been performed, too much of it concludes with ideas along the lines of "employees least satisfied with their jobs are the ones who are most likely to leave them." The best information we have at the current time is a combination of reliable empirical research, insightful observation and common sense. Bibliography lists 20+ sources. Turnover.wps

Employee Turnover / Voluntary vs Involuntary : A 12 page research paper that looks at different aspects of employee turnover. The focus is the costs associated with each voluntary and involuntary turnover, i.e., whether an employee quits or is fired. Both tangible and intangible costs are associated with each event, however, summarily firing an employee can result in extensive monetary costs, some of which are not readily apparent. The different costs are discussed as well as steps an employer should take if they decide to terminate someone's' employment. Bibliography included. Turnover.wps

Organizational Turnover and Employee Retention : A 13 page paper discussing turnover in terms of causes and costs. Costs of retention may appear to be high, but the costs of turnover are greater—the primary difference is that the costs of retention are so much more easily quantifiable. High turnover rates carry other effects other than just costs of replacement, and it is those costs that are so difficult to define. Senior management may never make a connection between falling sales and increasing turnover as customers feel they are left to fend for themselves when confronted with new people who may well have not been sufficiently trained to do their new jobs; and it may not be possible to reliably judge how excessive turnover affects those employees remaining. Indeed, the costs of retention are lower. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Emretain.wps

Human Resources Management in the Flexible Firm : A 9 page research paper defining and exploring the "flexible firm," as well as the challenges for HR management within that firm. The paper focuses on the elements of total quality management (TQM). Bibliography lists 16 sources. Cntqmanl.wps

U.S. Training Practices : A 5-page discussion of U.S. training practices in business, education and sports, specifically in relationship to the concepts of creating a "team" through the ideal of "personal accountability." The author provides support for the idea that individual training programs, such as those practiced by Universities and the SF 49ers, lead to Total Quality Management for the company, creativity, and a positive work environment. Bibliography lists 6 references. Cntrain.wps

Employee Assistance Programs : An 8 page research paper giving an overview of this type of employee benefit program—what they cover, who they affect, how they are used and how HR professionals are attempting to increase employee awareness of the programs’ full benefits. EAPs serve to assist the employee in their quest to either solve current personal problems or simply get over temporary "humps" in their lives. Employers recognize that it is to their advantage to have their employees the most productive they can be, even if achieving the highest level of productivity involves contributing cash and encouraging the seeking of outside help. EAPs address the needs requiring the assistance of mental health professionals. Bibliography lists 12 sources. EAP.wps

Employee Assistance Programs / Overview Of Study : 5 pages in length. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are used to confront substance abuse and other employee problems in the workplace. It has not been established until now, however, which system works more efficiently: external or internal. The writer critically summarizes a study that attempts to determine the benefits and drawbacks of both systems. No additional sources cited. EAP2.wps

Employee Evaluations / Negative Elements In Effective Human Resource Management : A 37 page paper that provides an overview of the literature relating to the use of employee evaluations, and supports the theory that they are a weak link in effective human resource management. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Empleval.wps

Performance Review Controversies : A 10 page paper discussing some of the ways in which performance evaluations are changing. Most businesses report using the old standard methods of performance review, but the numbers of those taking different approaches are growing, as organizations come to understand that many of their standard performance appraisal practices are of no use either for the employee or for the company barring any kind of employment lawsuit. Those businesses that are required for legal protection reasons to go through the "pain" of the review may as well gain some value from the process and the time required to produce the evaluation. As businesses adapt to the changing competitive climate in which they operate, we are likely to see many more innovations and a gradual reduction in the number of companies reporting standard practice. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Perform.doc

Human Resource Management / Performance Appraisals : This 8 page paper discusses trends in performance appraisal. Particular attention is given to performance appraisals when teams are used in the workplace. This opperational mode requires a different approach than the more traditional ones that are in use. A case study is offered to illustrate how one copany incorporates appraisal methods for both teams and individuals. Bibliograpy lists 5 sources. Hrm.wps

Appraising The Performance Appraisal : A 5 page paper discussing the existence of appraisals in the workplace. The reasons for administering the appraisal are described briefly. There is a survey presented as an example of questions that could be administered to decipher what the employees think about having been given an appraisal. The survey is discussed and points are made as to what the result of such a survey would reveal. No additional sources cited. Apprais.wps

Computerized Monitoring of Employees : A 5 page paper discussing the unfairness of computerized monitoring software by employers who are seeking to monitor Internet usage and emails of employees. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Compmon.wps

Employee Privacy In The Workplace : A 5 page paper discussing the issue of employee privacy as it applies to electronic communication. Employers do have a desire to ensure that the time they are paying for to be spent in their service is indeed being spent that way. With the pervasiveness of electronic communication, that monitoring has grown in some areas to the point that it has been called an invasion of the employee’s privacy. Those claiming such an invasion of privacy, however, are forgetting that the employee is to be spending his time in the employer’s service. Though some employers may take their monitoring efforts too far, it must remain their right to be able to manage their businesses efficiently. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Privatem.doc

E-mail Privacy & Business Ethics / Perceptions of Privacy and The Development of Privacy Standards In the Workplace : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to the use of e-mail in the workplace and the complexities of perceptions related to privacy and ethics. This paper brings together current perceptions and proposes possible guidelines for implementing privacy standards. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Emaileth.wps

Human Resources / Positive Moves : A 15 page research paper on how companies are working to build and maintain positive relationships with their employees and the greater role of Human Resources in maintaining those resources. Some of the most profitable companies are also known as some of the best places to work (i.e., Hewlett-Packard), while other very profitable companies are only endured by their employees in a downsizing, competitive business climate. Much of the difference can be traced to the overall climate and culture of the organization. Bibliography lists 7 sources. HumanR.wps

Issues Concerning Job Dissatisfaction : A 10 page research paper exploring the symptoms and reasons for job dissatisfaction. Several aspects are discussed: behaviors associated with dissatisfaction, motivation, ways to increase employee satisfaction and how to assess the degree of satisfaction/disatisfaction on the job. Bibliography is included. Jobsat.wps

Computerized Monitoring of Employees : A 5 page paper discussing the unfairness of computerized monitoring software by employers who are seeking to monitor Internet usage and emails of employees. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Compmoni.wps

New Technologies And The Human Resource Professional / A Good Match : A 5 page paper dealing with the importance of the Internet and computerized database access to the field of human resources, specifically in job recruitment and career counseling. The paper looks at Craig Hickman’s eight criteria for a successful, empowering technology and demonstrates how the use of Internet technologies in the human resource field fulfills all criteria. Bibliography lists seven sources. Human.wps

Studies & Perceptions of Recruiting and Job Placement : A 9 page paper discussing new approaches of businesses for identifying current and future needs, and then filling current positions with those future needs in mind. We have already been through downsizing and reengineering and for many businesses, fine-tuning their Human Resource function appears to be the last frontier of paring down waste and operating the company at its peak efficiency. Many of today’s most successful businesses are those that view their people as their greatest collective asset, rather than a necessary cost center and drain on their bottom line. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Jobrec.wps

Management’s Influence On Human Resources / Entrepreneurship and Creativity : A 7 page research paper on the effects that a business’ Human Resource policies can have on the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship within the company. Two examples given are Southwest Airlines and Lotus Development Corporation. While both officially and practically put their employees first, Southwest also includes the concept of providing enhanced customer service by ensuring they have happy employees. Lotus, at least in times past, just wanted happy employees. The fortunes of the two companies reflect what superficially seems to be a minor divergence of attitude. That single point, though, has made a world of difference. Bibliography lists 5 sources. HR-Role.wps

Southwest Airlines : An 11 page research paper investigating Southwest Airlines Company, including a history of the company, philosophy of management, financial reports, employee-management relations, and forecasting the company's future. Particular attention is paid to the factors that make Southwest so successful. One table is presented. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Soutair.wps

Democracy in the Workplace / Examples Of Success : A 16 page research paper examining the qualities of three of the "best" places to work: Measurement, Inc., Federal Express and GM’s Saturn division. Each of the three demands the best of their employees; each has some of the most loyal employees in their respective industries. The common bottom line among the three is that they view their employees as thinking, feeling individuals with needs and aspirations of their own, and each recognizes that happy, fulfilled employees equals happy, satisfied customers. In keeping with Theodore Levitt’s admonition that the sole purpose of any business is to create and then keep a customer, each of these companies recognizes that any business achieves that goal only through their employees. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Workdemo.doc

Ben & Jerry's Home-Made Ice Cream / Human Resources : This 10 page paper discusses human resources at Ben & Jerry's corporation. A SWOT is offered describing the many strengths of the company and discussing the weaknesses. The paper concludes with a discussion of their current strategies for human resources. Bibliography lists 11 sources. BenJerHR.wps

Multi-Cultural Issues In the Workplace : A 7 page paper that describes the issues within workplace environments impacted by multi-cultural interactions. The writer provides two examples of workplace situations impacted by a multi-cultural element. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Workplac.wps

Preventing Drug-Related Workplace Injuries : A 10 page paper discussing the influence of drugs on the incidence of workplace accidents. Most reports in the popular press indicate that both drug and alcohol use are declining, yet conflicting reports exist. Some surveys conclude that substance abuse has declined in some age groups while increasing in others; the most disturbing finding of all as it applies to corporate America is that both drug and alcohol use are increasing in the workplace. Some employers are beginning to test employees for drugs immediately following workplace accidents, however, and are having good results in identifying and removing problem employees until they are either drug free or terminated, and finding an added benefit of reductions in worker’s compensation insurance premiums. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Druginj.wps

Drug Use / Abuse In The Workplace : 12 pages in length. There exists little tolerance for drug use and abuse in the contemporary workplace. Not only does substance abuse disrupt the flow of day-to-day production because of excessive absenteeism, incessant tardiness and poor job performance, but it also costs businesses billions of dollars each year in lost revenue. Drugs have no place in the work environment, yet there is a significant percentage of workers who cannot separate their personal lives from their professional lives, creating a potentially volatile situation by mixing the two together. The writer discusses drug use as it relates to the workplace. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Drugwork.wps

Corporate Management of Drug and Alcohol Abuse : An 8 page paper evaluating various approaches to detecting and eradicating substance abuse in the workplace. Workplace testing has increased dramatically in the past decade, and positive results for both employee and job candidate testing have declined significantly. In light of executive drug abuse and widespread availability, however, it is believed by some researchers that the observed declines more represent increased sophistication in escaping detection than reflecting a true decrease in prevalence of drug use. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Corpdrug.wps

Drug Testing in the Workplace : A 6 page discussion of laws and other considerations concerning mandatory workplace testing. Writer argues that employers should be allowed to mandate the tests but also that they must be responsible for ensuring that they use the most accurate equipment available. Bibliography lists 8+ sources. Drugtest.wps

Drug Testing in the Workplace # 2 : An 8 page, socio-legal analysis of issues concerning search and seizure as they relate to mandatory drug testing in the workplace. Various cases are cited. Bibliography lists at least 10 sources. Durgtes2.wps

Drug Testing in the Workplace # 3 : An 8 page research paper that examines the role of testing for illegal drugs in the workplace. After presenting the types of testing and the methods for testing, it looks at issues of drug testing in general, random testing specifically and concludes with suggestions of how an employer might increase the acceptability of random testing among it's employees. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Drugtesw.wps

Drug Testing In the Workplace / Is it Worth the Cost? : A 6 page overview of the effectiveness of mandatory randomized drug testing in the workplace. Concludes that while cost is a relative thing, and a factor which can limit some companies, drug testing does appear to be effective in reducing drug use within an organization. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Drugcost.wps

Mandatory Drug Testing in the Workplace : An 8 page report on the controversial issue of mandatory drug testing in the workplace. The writer is largey against such a mandate as there exist too many flaws and inconsistencies with current methods. Key court decisions such as 1991's judicial endorsement of drug testing arfe cited as being unfair "infringements" of our rights. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Manddrug.wps

Mandatory Drug Testing in the Workplace # 2 / Legal Issues : A 6 page research paper on the laws governing drug testing -- using three case examples to illustrate points made. The writer details constitutional, federal and state laws, problems with drug testing, and what practical things management can do. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Drugtes5.wps

Drug Testing & The Use of Hair : A 4 page paper detailing the advantages and disadvantages of using hair samples to conduct drug tests in the workplace. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Drughair.wps

Social Policy For Mandatory Drug Testing : A policy for drug testing in the work place is proposed in this 8 page paper. Methods of testing are discussed in detail including biochemical methods as well as observational and self reporting approaches. The use of the polygraph and background investigations are also outlined. The Constitutionality of such a governmental effort is also addressed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Drugt.wps

Outsourcing : This 5 page paper takes the concept of outsourcing information systems and analyzes a variety of factors in a simplified fashion. Pros and cons of the practice are noted. Several large firms which take advantage of the practice are named. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Outsour.wps

Human Resources .. Outsourcing / Impacts & Outcomes : A 15 page paper that provides an overview of the current literature on human resources outsourcing and reflects upon both the impacts for employees and the outcomes for employers. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Humanos.wps

Offshore Outsourcing : This 14 page paper discusses various aspects of offshore outsourcing including the issues it raises, problems, benefits and risks. Offshore outsourcing has been used by companies in different industries since the 1980s but the practice has increased significantly in recent years. The employees that has been hurt the most by this practice in recent years are software programmers. A number of issues surrounding outsourcing are discussed. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Offshore.wps

Outsourcing’s Expansion : A 10 page paper discussing the growth of outsourcing as a business tool in both public and private sector application. Outsourcing is a concept that is likely here to stay. It can give the organization, whether public or private, a strategic tool for human resource allocation that can surpass the maximum level of productivity possible through the more standard methods of task accomplishment, which should be important to all of us. Everyone prospers more when the national economy is sound, and the federal government’s thrift through cognizance of business theory and application also serves to save us all from increased taxes. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Dodouts.wps

Safety Incentive Programs : An in-depth 20 page research paper that considers the issue of safety incentive programs and supports the belief that they are ineffective unless incorporated with other safety planning strategies in the workplace. Bibliography lists 21 sources. Safetyi.wps

Motivation / From Concepts To Applications : This 7 page paper gives a concise overview of the basic concepts and applications of a number of motivational theories, including management by objectives, employee recognition programs, employee involvement programs, variable pay programs, skill-based pay plans, and flexible benefits programs. This study demonstrates the application of each plan and provides a brief comparison of the benefits derived. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Motimana.wps

Kinko’s, Inc. : A 14 page paper discussing Kinko’s management and possibilities for increasing the level of true communication occurring between locations. Kinko’s is expanding into diverse international markets, and the private company has 900 locations just in the US. The paper has a discussion of Management By Objective and its usefulness for short-term projects such as opening new stores, along with an organizational chart and two communications diagrams. The chosen method for enhancing communications between locations is that of video conferencing, using equipment that every Kinko’s uses already for that service. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Kinkos.wps

Enhancing Communication Between Management & Employees : A 6 page proposal on measures a life insurance company could undertake with very little cost in promoting bottom-up communication, rather than limiting themselves to the more typical top-down pattern. The proposal presents the company’s existing problem as a minor, but growing one, and presents possible low-cost steps in eliminating it. Nearly any business consultant worth his fee consults first with the front-line employees in order to determine the company’s problems: the paper recommends that this insurance company do the same. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Manacomm.wps

Ergonomics and the Workplace : 3 pages discussing the growing importance of ergonomics- the field of science and engineering which analyzes the way human capabilities and limitations affect the workplace. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ergonomi.wps

Proposal for an Ergonomic Study : A 10 page proposal for funding in research in Ergonomics. Ergonomics has been shown to be highly effective in increasing employee productivity and reducing the costs associated with workman’s comp. claims, medical expenses paid by the company and time lost due to work-related injuries. Additionally, repetitive movement injuries, including those associated with long hours at a keyboard or with the function of a computer mouse, has been said by OSHA to have increased sevenfold during the period between 1983 and 1993. OSHA abandoned ergonomic requirements in 1995, but probably only temporarily. Bibliography lists six sources. Ergo.wps

Ergonomics : A 5 page overview of the benefits of an ergonomically correct workplace. Stresses that preplanning, prioritization, and training are the key to a successful ergonomic program. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ergon.wps

Ergonomics and the Spine : A 5 page overview of the incidence of back injury as a result of repetitive or awkward motion and poor ergonomic design. Discusses the frequency of back injuries and stresses the importance of redesigning the workplace to better accommodate specific tasks. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ergospine.wps

Workplace Literacy : An 8 page research paper on the importance of workplace literacy. Skills for success include writing, speaking, listening, interpersonal, cross-cultural, basic computer, and organizational. The writer examines the extent of workplace illiteracy and employer training programs designed to resolve this problem. A number of relevant studies are discussed and appropriate conclusions are made. Bibliography lists approximately 15 sources. Workplit.wps

Enhancing Worker Literacy : A 16 page paper discussing research-based investigation of various methods in use to determine which might be considered best for training the production worker in basic skills and the benefits to the organization of such training. The hypothesis that formal training should be as dissimilar as possible to the school setting in which none of these workers have been successful in order to provide the most value to both the workers and the organization providing the training. The literature review, method and discussion points to the conclusion that the hypothesis is supported best when adult methods are used and reinforced with on-the-job training. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Worklit.wps

Human Resources as a Competitive Advantage : Human resource planning is the method used to cultivate a workforce that will succeed in a competitive market. In this 12 page research paper, traditional models, new developments, and various case studies are used to evidence the importance of H.R. planning. The writer posits that niche markets create niche human resource planning and outlines a general approach to success applying ideas discussed. Excellent for those studying subjects related to management science. Bibliography lists 12 comprehensive sources. Humanre.wps

Job Termination and the Rights of Employees in the U.S. : A 7 page paper reviewing the legal climate surrounding terminations. The paper also objectively examines both the employee and employer viewpoints toward this emotionally charged topic. Eight references are listed in bibliography and consist predominantly of articles from professional business journals. Also good for those studying Business Law. Firing.wps

At-Will Employment In California : A 14 page essay on the legal doctrine which states that employers can dismiss employees for any reason at any time, and, conversely, that employees can quit for any reason and at any time. This paper examines exceptions which have been made and at the current rash of ‘‘wrongful discharge’’ lawsuits which are slowly changing this doctrine as it applies in the U.S. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Atwilemp.rtf

Contract Termination, Streamlining, & The Law : A 5 page exploration of the contradicting federal laws implemented in order to streamline government, and how this applies to contract termination from the viewpoint of labor relations. Divergent laws considered in the discussion include The Procurement Act, The Welfare Reform Act of 1996, and Executive Order 12954 (and related case law). Bibliography lists 6 sources. Conterm.wps

Just-in-Time Inventory as a Burden to Human Resources : 15 pages worth of research on how the Just-in-Time (J.I.T.) inventory system has become a burden to human resources -- and even a threat to workers ! A method borrowed from the Japanese, J.I.T. dictates that materials & merchandise are ordered only as needed and not kept in surplus or stock. J.I.T. is mostly an automated process and it has therefore been known to lessen the need for workers. The writer of this paper feels that J.I.T. damages employee morale and therefore, ultimately hurts productivity. FREE outline, charts, and handouts included. No Bibliography. Justinti.wps

Today’s Hourly Employees : A 20 page research paper attempting to discover a relationship between numbers of supervisors and hourly employees. The paper discovers that more important than number ratios is the overall culture of specific companies. Workers complained for years of the layer upon layer of supervisors who seemed to have no function outside of chart production, but the downsizing of the late 80s and early 90s eliminated most of them. In the wake of downsizing waves, direct supervisors were responsible for so many hourly employees that they had no hope of real personal contact. Now, however, most businesses have discovered the middle, and optimal, range of number ratios, but overall corporate culture still plays a bigger role in productivity. Bibliography lists nearly two dozen sources. Hourly.wps

Worker-Caused Workplace Injuries : A 9 page paper discussing the effects of drugs, alcohol, and to a lesser degree, violence in the workplace as they relate to the incidence of workplace injuries and even death. Employers first began pre-employment drug screening tests because of the lost productivity attributable to the effects of drugs and alcohol on the abilities of those employees using them, but today, it has become more of a quest for safety than for productivity. Violence in the workplace is always a high-profile occurrence, but is less responsible for workplace injuries and fatalities than are the effects of drug- and alcohol-abuse. Simple irresponsibility can be deadly; the effects of drug and alcohol use can be doubly so. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Workinj.wps

Violence In The Workplace : A 10 page research paper on work-related violence and some of its possible causes. The writer discusses the prevalence of this problem, how conflicts arise, and what can be done to lessen the impact of tensions created by poor communication, lack of empathy in the workplace, etc.; Social, psychological, and stress-related theories are applied to the discussion. Bibliography lists approximately 20 sources. Workviol.wps

Environmental Change / Noise Pollution In the Workplace : A 5 page paper pertaining to the problem of noise pollution in the work environment. The point is made that this is certainly a health issue that requires change. Details of the problem are provided as well as possible solutions. Consideration is given to the effects any implementation would have on employees. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Envrwork.wps

The Effects of Music in the Workplace / Research Experiment : A 14 page research experiment supporting the theory that there are a number of positive benefits derived from playing music in work environments. These benefits, which are physiological, psychological and cognitive, promote increased employee satisfaction, increased understanding of information provided, decreased stress and increased productivity. A study of workers in a hardware distribution center is the central focus of this research document. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Musicwor.wps

Music In The Workplace : This 5 page paper explores the effect of music in the workplace. Does it increase motivation and productivity? The writer offers the results of studies that have addressed this question. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Musicwk.wps.

Is Telecommuting Unfair To Women ? : This 6 page paper describes the phenomenon of tele or "cyber - commuting" and its popularity in modern society. It is argued that tele-commuting has actually intensified the consequences of a male-dominated workplace and that women are afforded the same lesser economic status and lower positions in the corporation they have always had as a result of the advent of computer technology in terms of telecommuting. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Womnwkp2.wps

Is Telecommuting Unfair To Women # 2 ? : In this well-argued 6 page paper, the point is made that tele-commuting does little more for women than keep them at home-- where they were a century ago. Women who work from their home office/computer are expected not only to handle corporate business from 9 - 5, they are also usually expected to take care of household affairs and even to raise children during the same time. This stands in contrast with men who cyber-commute but who are not expected to do anything other than work during the course of the business day. Various other relevant ethical issues are discussed and it is ultimately concluded that women have very little to gain in today's workplace. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Womnwkpl.wps

Virtual Teams : A 5 page study of virtual teams discussing the advantages and disadvantages. Highlights TLR, Inc., a software manual company that makes extensive use of virtual and gives my opinion of their effectiveness. Also gives my suggestions for ensuring the success of a company's virtual team(s). Bibliography lists 3 sources. Virtualt.doc

Human Resource Training & Computers : Approximately 12 pages in length. "Concept paper" (similar to a proposal/abstract) examining the usefulness of CD-Interactive training within manufacturing industries. Bibliography lists 10+ references. Cdi.wps

Resistance & Proactivity : A 30 page paper that provides an in-depth analysis of workplace resistance and the importance of a proactive approach. Bibliography lists 22 sources. Resistance1.doc

GM/New United Motors -- Case Study in Human Resource Management :
A 5 page analysis of how General Motors (GM) corrected serious human resource problems at its Fremont Plant-- which had to be closed down due to extremely low productivity. A number of factors are examined as causes of employee discontentment including the adverse psychological effects of standardized uniforms, reserved parking for executives, and more. After becoming New United Motors, the company placed a newfound emphasis on the importance of human resources and created reward systems, greater participatory involvement, first-come-first-serve parking, and much more. With its new commitment to trust and union-labor relations, the company soon began to enjoy the successful efforts of committed, self-motivated employees. No Bibliography. Personne.wps

Pay Equity / Public vs. Private Sectors : A 6 page research paper on the book Rights at Work: Pay Equity Reform and Politics of Legal Mobilization by Michael McCann. The writer demonstrates that McCann’s main thesis, which is that legal action makes a viable tool for instituting social change, is a sound one, and that McCann’s recommendations in pursuing change in the private sector to equal that found in the public sector should be considered by the leaders of the Pay Equity Movement. No additional sources cited. Payeqty.wps

Pay Equity Movement / Role of Social Change : A 6 page essay that discusses how Michael McCann’s book, Rights at Work: Pay Equity Reform and Politics of Legal Mobilization, reveals what Pay Equity movements tell us about the role of social change in the United States. The writer demonstrates how McCann’s book gives an overview of social change particularly in regard to the women’s movement and pay equity issues. No additional sources cited. Eqtypay.wps

Microsoft Human Resources : A 20 page paper that investigates the human resources function at Microsoft Corporation. Aspects discussed include: recruiting, selection, salary and benefits, involvement, IS, IT, labor relations and general management philosophy. The writer also notes steps HR could take to demonstrate their value so as to become a strategic business partner within the corporation. Bibliography lists 17 sources. MShr.wps

Nordstrom / Employee Problems : A 5 page analysis of the problems Nordstrom encountered with its employees beginning in 1989. This highly successful specialty retail store was perceived as a model for other similar stores, yet they were charged with unfair employment practices and, in fact, found guilty of unfair practices. Their quota system combined with their method of recording sales people's time between "selling" and "nonselling" tasks was such that employees were afraid of claiming all their hours worked because it became more punitive than rewarding for them. This writer discusses why their practices were abusive and what they should do instead. No bibliography. Nordstrom.wps

"Are your Employee's Kids Affecting Your Bottom Line ?" : 12 pages in length. Filled with statistical data and case examples, this paper discusses the role of the changing American family as it relates to the workplace and human resource/management. The effects of family responsibility on worker productivity are examined. The writer details current trends, family benefits, and various programs to help the family-orientated worker. Bibliography lists approximately 12 sources. Emplykid.wps

AIDS In The Workplace : A 10 page paper that explore the issues surrounding employe concerns (fears and misconceptions) and how this has made it incumbant upon employers to train employees in discrimination laws and AIDS awareness generally. The paper provides training examples and techniques, economic facts to employers, and other resources available to employers. Bibliography lists 9 sources. WorkAIDS.doc

AIDS Discrimination in the Workplace : A 9 page look at AIDS discrimination in the workplace and specific issues faced by administrators. It is argued that managers must make extremely difficult decisions as the law does not allow them to discriminate but their healthy employees and customers often want them to do so anyway. The ADA, ERISA Law, and other regulations & provisions are mentioned throughout the report as are psycho-social and empathetic considerations that the good manager must make. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Aidsdisc.wps

Racial Discrimination In The Workplace : A 5 page paper discussing problems associated with racial discrimination in the workplace. The writer examines why and how people are being discriminated against as well. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Discri.wps

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace / Do We Still Need Affirmative Action ? : A 9 page research paper examining the continued need for Affirmative Action policies instituted in the 1960’s. Some authors state that American minorities still need Affirmative Action’s protection; some state that we have moved beyond the quota system and that Affirmative Action has outlived its usefulness; and at least one maintains that the quota system was illegal from the outset and was never supposed to have been an issue. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Workplac.wps

Richard Rodriguez on Affirmative Action : A 4 research paper that looks specifically at Rodriguez's autobiography, Hunger of Memory, in order to analyze his opinions on affirmative action. Rodriguez has a unique ability to see minority issues from a slightly different perspective. This perspective is enlightening even if one does not agree with his conclusions. For instance, Rodriguez is opposed to affirmative action even though he admits that such social action programs benefited him throughout his academic career. The writer demonstrates that it is Rodriguez's views on class inequality rather then racial inequality that is at the basis of his philosophy. Quotations from the source. Bibiliography lists book itself as only source. Richrod.wps

Affirmative Action Has Always Existed For Whites In America : 3 pages in length. The American white race has always been afforded the benefits of affirmative action, which has not set well with those of other ethnic backgrounds. Without having been formally established, this unwritten Caucasian preference has not only established a significant separation between and among the races, but it has also created deep-seated resentment from the African-American point of view. The writer discusses how Ellis Cose's book entitled "The Rage Of A Privileged Class" directly addresses these issues in such a way as to point out the considerable discrepancies with regard to Caucasian preferential treatment. No additional sources cited. Eliscose.wps

The Minority Trap in American Employment : A 3 page analysis of the dilemma facing minorities today in the corporate world, as explained by Stephen Cruz in an interview with Studs Terkel. The essay asserts that what drives American business is "not education, opportunity, or hard work, but power and fear" (Cruz, cited in Terkel, 464). Bibliography lists 1 source. Minotrap.wps

Reverse Discrimination & The Workplace : A 12 page paper discussing the issue of reverse discrimination in the workplace. The writer defines reverse discrimination, outlines how it affects managers, and describes the California's Proposition 209 that purports to address reverse discrimination. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Discreve.wps

Reverse Discrimination & Conflict Theory : A 10 page research study that considers the issue of reverse discrimination from a conflict theory perspective and evaluates the current literature on the subject. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Revdis2.doc

Reverse Effects Of Labor Discrimination : A 10 page research paper employing statistical analysis of, and trends in, black/white employment figures based on 1970 and 1980 census data. The thesis is that while labor discrimination on the surface seems to aid the majority group, it can in fact be detrimental to the entire work force. Bibliography includes six cited references. Racedisc.wps

Reverse Discrimination / A Black Perspective : An 8 page overview of the effects of Affirmative Action and the resulting phenomena of reverse discrimination. Concludes that although reverse discrimination does sometimes occur, it alone is not reason to abolish Affirmative Action policies. Bibliography lists ten sources. Revdisc.wps

Sexual Discrimination In The Workplace / Women & The Legal Process :

A 9 page paper that provides an overview of the federal and state statutes governing workplace hiring in regards to sexual discrimination, and then considers the court cases and their implications for change over the last century. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Sexdlaw.wps

Sexual Discrimination In The Workplace / Women & Homosexuals : A 5 page paper discussing discrimination in the workplace among both women and gays. Also discusses the legal ramifications of discriminatory practices. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Sexdisc.wps

Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employment : In 5 pages, the author discusses affirmative action and equal opportunity employment. Examples of both policies are discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Affequal.wps

Mandatory Retirement At Age 60 For Airline Pilots / Safety Or Discrimination ? : This 12 page research paper examines the issue of mandatory retirement for all American airline pilots at age 60. The writer includes background information and a detailed statement of the problem. Pilots60.rtf

Management of Older & Disabled Employees : This 5 page paper discusses problems companies, and their managers, encounter when hiring or retaining older or disabled employees. Industry trends are noted as are tips for effective management. Bibliography lists 4 sources Oldisabl.wps

Hiring Illegal Aliens / Ethical Issues : A 10 page paper that examines the problem of illegal alien workers in the U.S. -- focusing on the illegal migration of Mexicans over the Southwest Border, the U.S. efforts to resolve the problem are reviewed. Pros and cons in interpreting the issues include the impact on workers, society, and the economy. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Hiringal.wps

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace : 5 page overview of workplace sexual harassment in which the writer examines its definition, occurrence, proofs required in court, etc.; Several useful examples are provided to illustrate points made. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Sexharr3.wps

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace # 2 / Legal Considerations : A 15 page research paper on sexual harassment in the workplace. The writer examines Supreme Court attitudes towards such suits, the legal definition and background of sexual harassment, specific cases, employer responsibility, legal rights of the accused, relevant issues concerning due process, and more. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Sexharr2.wps

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace # 3/ How To Stop It : An 8 page paper on sexual harassment in the workplace in which the writer explores its legal definition, actions that can be taken to prevent/stop it, etc.; Several companies with anti-harassment programs are presented. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sexharrj.wps

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace # 4 : A 5 page paper on harassment in the workplace, which argues that the laws have been carried to the extreme—even to the point of interfering with First Amendment rights. EEOC policy is provided, and stress is placed on erroneous introduction of the words "hostile environment." Workplace examples include universities, public library, and business offices. The writer argues that in light of First Amendment infringement, the laws must be changed or abolished. Bibliography cites 6 sources. Harass.wps

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace # 5 : In 5 pages the writer discusses sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment has been a prevalent occurrence in workplaces across the country. Although it is illegal, it continues to happen in this politically correct era. Sexual harassment has many definitions and therefore some people find it difficult to define. Many case studies have been done on the subject of sexual harassment in the workplace. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Sexharr9.wps

Sexual Harassment Law Review : A 5 page essay which argues that, although there are weaknesses in the law and its application, laws protecting employees from sexual harassment in government and private industry are necessary. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sexhlaw.wps

Sexual Harassment & Disney : A 5 page paper on the sexual harassment suits filed against Disney, who violated state law by not only not providing employees with a sexual harassment policy, but did not train employees in sexual harassment policy. The paper includes a look at a state government sexual harassment policy, and posits that Disney was foolish in its response under testimony in regards the case and provided no viable outlet for its employees. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sexharas.wps

Sexual Harassment Of Males : A 7 page paper on the problems with sexual harassment in today’s society. The writer provides a definition of what sexual harassment is, talks about different genders in sexual harassment, the law and sexual harassment, and gives some ideas on what can be done to change the way people look at and deal with this problem. Harrm.wps

Sexism In The Workplace : An 8 page paper on the problems with sexism in today’s society. It gives a definition of different types of sexism, talks about different gender roles in sexism, the law and sexism and sexual harassment, and gives some ideas on what can be done to change the way people look at and deal with this problem. Worksex.wps

Trends in Sexual Harassment Law : A 15 page paper that provides a comprehensive critical analysis of the rends in sexual harassment law, with a focus on emerging trends, including same-sex sexual harassment. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Sexharla.wps

Transsexuality / Considerations In The Workplace : A 10 page overview of transsexuality and the issues which often arise in terms of societal perceptions. Includes an emphasis on the employer’s obligation to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable working environment for both the transsexual and the non-transsexual. Gives an overview of the legalities concerning the societal rights of transsexuals. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Transx.wps

Culture Variations In The Workplace : A 6 pages paper that provides a substantial overview of two articles that reflect issues relative to cultural differentiation in the emerging global workplace, and then considers how these cultural variations can affect an organization or work environment. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cultvar.wps

Corporate Culture : This 12 page paper defines what corporate culture is and how it can change. The paper argues that corporate culture can change through personal and corporate experience. Also include are references to age discrimination, racism and sexual harassment. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Corpcult. rtf

"Sweatshops" In The United States : A 7 page paper pointing not only to the existence of, but the resurgence in the sweatshops we normally associate only with the end of the 19th century, in which children were employed for long shifts and adult employees were expected to work fourteen and eighteen hours each day, often for less than $20 for their entire day’s efforts. US Labor Secretary Robert Reisch has vowed to us self-reporting and consumer awareness and activism for combating the sweatshop mentality. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Sweatsho.wps

Effects of Stress on Organizational Productivity : A 7 page research paper discussing the adverse effects that stress is known to have upon the individual and ultimately upon the organization. Organizational behavior theory, personality conflict, and high turnover rates are among the many keywords brought into the argument. Methods for reducing stress and improving workplace productivity are suggested. Bibliography lists 5 sources. FREE outline included ! Orgstres.wps

Organizational Behavior : This 15 page paper discuses specific aspects of organizational behavior. Organizational culture is discussed at length describing culture and giving examples of how behaviors become part of the expectations of employees. Social networks, analysis of social networks, teams and commitment are also discussed. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Obaspect.wps

Organizational Culture : This 6 page research paper investigates organizational culture beginning with a statement from Singer that understanding human culture requires more than one kind of theoretical model. Organizational culture is defined and explained in terms of different theorists. How the culture addresses issues is also discussed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Orgcult.wps

OSHA : This 5 page paper looks at OSHA, its purpose and services it offers to the small business managers to help them comply with the multitude of regulations. General information is provided with specific examples of how one company working with hazardous materials is working with OSHA to maintain a safe environment. Bibliography lists 5 sources. OSHA3.wps

OSHA's Application in the Physical Education Workplace : A 6 page paper on the Occupational Health & Safety Association (OSHA) and how some of its mandates can be applied to precautionary measures in physical education settings. Issues concerning job rotation for the phys. ed teacher, increased safety equipment for players, posture control, and more are discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Osha.wps

OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs : 10 pages on OSHA's (Occupational Health & Safety Association) "voluntary protection plans"-- designed to maintain a safer workplace environment and to limit the number of inspection visits that OSHA reps have to make. Report contains an insightful look at OSHA's history, overhaul problem, political reform, and the rationale behind creating voluntary protection programs. Specific laws, acts, rules & regulations, etc; are examined in great detail. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Oshavol.wps

Noise-Related Hearing Loss & The Effects Of OSHA Regulation : 9 pages in length. Pain or bleeding attract an individual’s attention right away to let him know there is something going wrong with some part of his body. In the case of hearing loss though, the first indication the individual may have is that his family is increasingly complaining about the volume of the television and impatient with his requests for repeats of statements. There are 33 million people with hearing loss severe enough to affect their daily activities, including their jobs. Work-related noise exposure is responsible for fully one-third of the population of the hearing impaired in the country, and OSHA intends that work-related hearing loss will be reduced or eliminated. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Losehear.wps

Human Resource Management in Baltimore : A 5 page research paper which looks at the various programs in Baltimore that are creating a positive, progressive atmosphere in that city. The writer demonstrates why the administration of Mayor Kurt Schmoke has been recognized as setting an example for major urban reform. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Baltres.wps

Aerial Platforms & Aerial Ladder Apparatus : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of aerial platforms and aerial ladder apparatus and considers the OSHA regulations and safety issues regarding their use. This paper also looks at the variety of uses for this type of equipment. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Aerial.doc

The School to Work Transition : This 10 page overview looks at school and work programs designed to ease the transition from student to employee. Obstacles, such as getting used to corporate culture and developing a sense of responsibility, are discussed. Also included are the special problems both gifted and disabled students face as they leave the school environment. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Schlwork.wps

Tuition Reimbursement / Literature Review : This 10 page paper reports on 10 journal articles emphasizing tuition reimbursement programs. Statistics are included regarding the percentage of companies providing this benefit and the dollar amount some companies provide. This benefit has been found to multiple benefits for the employer as well as the employee. No additional sources cited. Tuition.wps

When Your Employees Are in the National Guard Reserves... : A 13 page research paper on how the unique position held by National Guardsmen in the Federal personnel system,-- maintaining a dual status as civilians and soldiers while serving in a mixed state/federal organization-- cannot stop them from receiving any benefits, salary, or other compensation in the workplace. A primary focus of this paper is the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act (U.S.E.R.R.A.)-- an extensive revision of an old Veterans Re-employment Rights Act of 1940, which contains many new rights and responsibilities for reservists and their employers. Among the many interesting rules : employees cannot be forced to substitute vacation time with time served on-duty in the Reserves. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Natgaurd.wps

Adults Return to School / Sociology & The Non-Traditional Student : The re-entry of adults as non traditional students into higher education has become linked to the changes in job descriptions, job availability, job demands, and the world-wide corporate-industrial culture. In this very detailed 16 page research paper, the writer explores how adult college education has become symbolic of job opportunity/qualification & improvement yet at the same time, the meaning of a college degree has become less and less significant over the years. Macro & Micro studies as well as numerous statistics, studies, and case examples are provided. Bibliography lists more than 12 sources. Nontrads.wps

The Parcel Industry : A 6 page overview of the parcel delivery industry. Much of the country’s economy depends on the parcel industry, and more now than ever before. Sound management and competition have worked to bring overall rates down in the past few years, particularly for overnight services. Where overnight services were used only on an "emergency" basis only a few years ago, today they are used for the most routine of transactions and exchanges. The UPS strike has served to change the industry in that few business customers rely only on a sole shipper. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Parcelin.doc

Benchmarking / Base Salary To Base Plus : A 10 page research paper that looks at the question of how to change the compensation plan for sales people from salary to base plus commission. The benchmarking approach is taken to investigate what other companies are doing and then to make a recommendation on which plan to adopt. Included in the discussion are the implications involved in making this kind of change. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Benchmar.wps

Management, Labor, Unions, & The 1997 UPS Strike : A 10 page paper examining the relationship between unions and management, using the now-current UPS (United Parcel Service) strike as a paper-long example. The UAW and GM’s Saturn Division had enjoyed a symbiotic relationship for years, with each side working for the long-term benefit of the company while protecting workers’ rights, as well as their responsibilities. UAW members realize that there are thousands of workers overseas more than willing to eliminate auto maker positions here, and that it is in their best interest to work for increased productivity and efficiency. The Teamsters retain the old-school attitudes of the "evil corporation," glossing over all the benefits that UPS provides its employees. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Ups.wps

Management’s View of the UPS Pilots’ Contract Demands : A 6 page paper. The Independent Pilots Association (IPA) representing UPS’ 2039 pilots allowed a by-mail survey of their members last August (1997) following the end of the Teamsters’ strike against the company in the same month. Though UPS offered pay raises for their pilots of between 36 and 94%, the pilots nonetheless rejected UPS’ contract proposal. The average pilot pay at UPS currently stands at $151,000. Pilots are restricted by law from working a full schedule—they are all essentially part-time employees, and their current hourly rate (without a contract renegotiation) stands at more than $200. Bibliography lists 6 sources. UPSPilot.wps

Effects Of The UPS-Teamsters Strike : A 25 page paper discussing the 1997 strike against UPS, the first walkout in the company’s history. While large companies, especially those dealing business-to-business, rarely use delivery services for order shipment, UPS had been the delivery service of choice for many of the small businesses in the country. The US Postal Service and other delivery and courier services did what they could to make up for the more than 12 million pieces normally handled by UPS daily, but most were forced to place restrictions on accepting new customers long before the strike ended. While they prospered, many of America’s small businesses were damaged right along with UPS. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Ups-25.wps

The United Parcel Service Strike of 1997 : A 5 page paper discussing the UPS strike. The writer examines the goals and of both the company management and the union and whether or not they were reached and how. Bibliography lists 5 sources. 97ups.wps

United Parcel Service / State Of Affairs : A 6 page paper discussing the state of business at the world’s most admired package delivery service five quarters beyond the end of the first-ever strike against the company. While Federal Express and the Postal Service market directly to individual customers promoting their standard package delivery services, UPS is targeting the fast-growing business-to-business segment of Internet marketing in offering secure document electronic delivery. The paper includes a SWOT analysis, identification of stakeholders in the private company and an overview of marketing activities. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Upsswot.wps

Are They Still Necessary? — Labor Unions in the 90s : A 20 page paper which weighs the relevance of labor unions today. There is growing sentiment that while unions performed a very real service for the workers of America at the time of their creation and greatest activity, that they perhaps have outlived their usefulness, that they are unnecessary for today's labor force. The relationship between the union representative and management team at any given work site has traditionally been adversarial, but some companies have been able to evolve past traditional relationships. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. UPS.doc

Unions in the World Of Labor / Are They Necessary? : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the history of labor unions and then considers their roles in the current system. This writer demonstrates that they are no longer necessary constructs of business for a number of reasons. Bibliography included. LabUnions.wps

Advantages of Unions : A 7 page paper that explores the increase in union membership in 1997 because of advantages (general and specific) provided by unions to its members. The needs of today's employees in a reorganizing and downsizing corporate environment are attributed to a new growth in union membership. For this reason, unions have realized a reverse of the decline in union membership experienced over the past 15 years. Today, unions are helping workers in industries as varied as aircraft workers to physicians. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Unionad.wps

Trends & Principles In Labor Relations : 25 pages in length. Increasing numbers of companies today are working to create and maintain positive relationships with their employees. Many do have altruistic motives at least to some degree, but the returns of productivity are of greatest importance. Competitive pressures are greater today than at any other time, and businesses leading their industries in productivity and profitability increasingly are those with the most "human" forms of management and labor relations. Those most successful will be the ones that can recognize that nearly every employee is indeed a valuable part of the organization and wants to be valued as such. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Labornew.wps

Labor-Management Relations / Collective Bargaining : This 12 page research paper might be subtitled: has collective bargaining outlived its usefulness? The paper investigates the history of labor law limited to the NLRA and the Taft-Hartley Act and their impact on labor-management relations. The rapidly declining membership in unions and the changes in society have led also to a change in employee-employer relations. Workers are not longer willing to simply take direct orders from employers or from union officials and they clearly want more involvement in the decisions affecting their jobs. A new type of social contract is offered. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Collbarg.wps

Expatriate Employees / Training for Longevity : A 10 page paper discussing the role of the expatriate in the multinational business setting. Expatriate training not only includes job duties, but the most effective expatriate training entails far more than the details of the job at hand. There are also far greater issues that need to be addressed in the training of the expatriate for service in a foreign country. Employers understand that the most productive and the most well-adjusted employees are those who also have a meaningful home life and do not pour all their energies into the needs of the company. In return, the company also does not need to pour all of its resources into a poorly-trained and uninformed individual whose family literally can cost the organization millions of dollars in a failed mission because they were unprepared to assimilate into the local society. Bibliography lists 8 sources. IntlBize.wps

Expatriate Staffing & Dual Careers : 6 pages in length. Employers of both small and large corporations looking to expand their companies overseas are often caught in a staffing trap that keeps them from realizing their goals. In order to secure effective global talent sourcing, their best option is to promote and transfer qualified employees who have already worked their way up the ranks. However, in today's economy, many workers have spouses who also work and cannot simply up and leave their hard earned positions. As a result, the one most qualified to open and effectively run the overseas operation is usually the last person available for the job, leaving the task to one less capable yet free to relocate. The writer addresses the downfalls of expatriate staffing and how dual career families represent one of the main points of contention. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Expstaff.wps

International Human Resource Management : A 11 page paper looking at the implications of managing international human resources. Looks at issues such as cultural differences, wages and compensation, strains on expatriated managers, and legal requirements. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Resman.doc

Job Recruitment in the International Market : A 5 page paper discussing international job recruitment and the process of seeking work overseas or finding the right person for the job, regardless of what country they may currently live in. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Jobrec.wps

Human Resource Management in Egyptian CPA Firm : A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the related economic issues in Egypt, the issues prevallent to human resources management, and then applies them to CPA firms in Egypt. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Cpaegypt.wps

Public Personnel Management Recruiting : A 5 page paper discussing the federal government’s new approach in recruiting business-qualified executive candidates. In a time of one government scandal after another coming to light with increasing frequency combined with the general public disdain of the effectiveness of government in light of how much it costs every one of us, it is encouraging to find these changes in government process. And it is particularly gratifying to know that the government is making a concerted effort to conducting itself as a business, rather than a monstrous burner of tax dollars. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Gov-rcrt.doc

Psychological Testing Of Job Candidates : A 5 page paper that discusses two specific aspects of psychological testing: managed care organizations and job application processes. The debate concerning the trend toward shorter tests in MCOs is discussed from each side. The benefits of testing job applicants is also discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Psyctest.wps

Human Resource Management Case Study / A Profile of Pixar : A 15 page research paper which looks at how Pixar, Inc., the innovative animation studio which produced Toy Story, handles human resource management regarding its employees. The writer provides an overall profile of the company including its hiring and employment practices along with a look at its financial situation. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Pixar.wps

The Spiral Theory Of Silence & Smoking Policies In The Workplace : A 6 page overview of the Theory of the Spiral of Silence, a theory which holds that individual’s modify the verbal expression of their opinions according to what they perceive as being majority opinion. Gives an example of how the Theory of the Spiral of Silence has an impact over time and how workplace policies can change as a result. Uses an example of the smoking policy in State of Florida facilities. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Spiralt.wps

On-Site Exercise Room vs. Off-Site Gym Membership / A Comparison : This 8 age paper explores the values of offering a fitness center on-site. The writer asserts that the question is short-sighted. An exercise room is not what is needed to improve employees' health; instead, a complete wellness program is called for. This paper reports on some programs that have been remarkably successful saving the company significant amounts of money in health care and medical costs. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Corpfit.wps

Book Review / "Reinventing the Workplace" by David Levine : A 6 page paper that provides notes & discussion of David Levine's book "Reinventing the Workplace: How Business and Employees Can Both Win". Bibliography lists no additional sources. Reventw.wps

"The End of Work" by Jeremy Rifkin : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of Rifkin's book. This paper supports the contentions of Rifkin regarding the decreases in employment levels that are a result of increasing technological dependency. Bibliography lists no additional sources. Endwork.wps

Workplace Ethics / What Can Be Done? : A 10 page paper on the breakdown of ethical standards in the workplace today. It gives statistics on the prevalence of unethical or illegal practices at work, analyzes why these seem to be more prevalent today, and offers solutions. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Wkethics.wps

Human Resources at Federal Express : This 4 page paper with annotated bibliography examines the role of human resource management at Federal Express in terms of the three strategies for the strategic business partner concept as delineated by Michelle Martinez and elaborated by Dave Ulrich. It finds that FedEx does conform to these 3 strategies and recommends a shift of HR personnel to the role of consultant and communication expert in addition to strategic positions. It then briefly examines the role of HR employees at the Boston Bank. HRM FedEx.wps

RE/MAX & Promotion Possibilities For The Winter Slump : A 7 page paper that presents the RE/MAX corporate training programs and services, and its positive attitude towards its agents and the public. The writer argues that a local agent could survive the winter slump by looking at the promotional activities of fellow RE/MAX agents around the country. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Remax.wps

Training at Saturn : A 6 page paper discussing training at Saturn Corporation. Many companies say that they recognize the value of training their employees but often have difficulty in either setting or achieving their training goals. New hires at Saturn receive between 300 and 700 hours of training depending on their job duties, and Saturn Corporation ensures that every employee of the company, including the president, receives a minimum of 92 hours of training each year. Total compensation is based on completing the minimum number of hours, but employees also see the programs as of benefit to them personally, as well as to the overall success of their company. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Saturntr.wps

Current and Future Trends in Compensation Management : An 8 page research paper discussing current techniques in the field of compensation management as well as trends that are becoming increasingly popular in the business worlds. One such technique detailed is the practice of compensation-based recruitment of new employees and retention of present employees. Varying approaches and procedures companies use to compensate their employees are presented, including: group and individual incentives, performance-based pay scales and signing bonuses. APA style bibliography lists 5 comprehensive sources.Compman.wps

John W. Gardner / Life & Contribution To Human Resource Development :
A 5 page overview of the life and contributions of John W. Gardner, former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare; a former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer; prolific writer who has concentrated on human resource development and organizational development. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Jgardner.wps

Converting Personnel Services to Human Resources at the University of Guam : A 30 page paper outlining a research project aimed at converting "Personnel" to "Human Resources" in an educational setting. The writer includes an introduction, extensive literature review, and a proposed methodology for proving the conversion of the existing Personnel department to a fully-armed Human Resources unit complete with training programs and an active role in the strategic planning of the future course of the university. Included are two appendices, one containing a questionnaire for use by large universities in industrialized countries around the world; the other for use by the university community to convey their perceptions of their HR department. The paper recommends that survey results be subjected to chi-square and t-tests for discussion and applicability to proving three of the five stated hypotheses. Bibliography lists 22 sources. Guampers.wps

Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) Immigrant Women in the Australian Workforce : A 10 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of the problem and research surrounding the issue of NESB. Critics have suggested that large populations of non-English speaking background (NESB) unemployed overburden the welfare and social security systems, and in their attempts to enter the workforce, also strain the country's remedial adult education programs. But in light of maintained immigration levels over the past decade, the path towards changing the negative perceptions of NESB immigrants within the workforce is imbedded not only in a system designed to enhance language skill development, but also to dispel the myths related to their lack of skills and their long-term impacts on the job market. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Nesb.wps

Gender Differences In Planning For & Dealing With Retirement : While this 6 page paper explores retirement issues, the focus is on gender differences. Primarily a literature review, this look at the issue of retirement is extensive and explores such factors as retirement anxiety, proper planning and gender differences in the working world in general. Bibliography lists 6 sources Mentbeh.wps

Employment Subsidies : This 5 page paper explores the subject of employment subsidies. Although many programs have failed in the past, programs to help people find employment continue to be created in the United States and other countries as well. The paper goes on to demonstrate a sample problem with the use of isoquant analysis. A chart is included. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Empsub.wps

Case Study / Kadota : 8 pages in length. Bill Kadota, a new supervisor of the Production Control section, is eager to make a good impression on the job. He is a fair and friendly boss who is concerned not only with the company’s bottom line but also with the welfare of his employees. However, Kadota is forced to deal with the insubordination and poor job performance of Joe Calonico, a long-time employee who resents Kadota’s authority. The writer offers a case study of the company’s situation. No additional sources cited. Kadota.wps

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