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International Business / Barriers to Trade : A 20 page research paper that explores global trade which is increasing at astounding rates. Issues discussed include barriers to trade such as protectionism policies, trade sanctions and tariffs. A short section on advertising on the Internet is also included. Measures taken by several nations are reported and two countries are used as an example of how barriers inhibit trade in one and how new developments enhance international business in the other. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Bartrad.wps

International Trade : A 30 page paper discussing various aspects to be considered in engaging in international trade and world markets. A number of key laws, agreements, & policies are discussed in considerable detail. Bibliography lists 24 sources. Inttrade.rtf

Cost Effective Multinational Marketing: A 7 page paper. With increasing numbers of companies taking on a more international focus, many businesses are attempting to streamline their marketing activities in order to be able to take advantage of the cost savings potential of designing only one major marketing approach for the purpose of serving in several national markets. With the differences between cultures of the countries, though, it is possible (and easy) to offend the people of one while being successful with the people of another using the same basic marketing scheme. The paper suggests analyzing the character traits and culture of each country’s people, then building a marketing approach based on those traits that are common to all, such as expected levels of formality. Bibliography lists 7 sources. IntlMktg.wps

The World Capital Market Is Not Integrated & Reward-to-Risk Ratios Do Not Coincide : 10 pages in length. A series of essays discussing the fact that the "globalized" world capital market is not truly integrated and, thus, reward-to-risk ratios do not coincide across security markets. Bibliography included. Four.doc

The World of International Corporate Finance : A 30 page paper discussing numerous aspects of the world of corporate finance and corporate organizational/operational systems from a primarily financial perspective. Bibliography lists 18 sources. changes.doc

Marketing A Product in Japan : A 15 page paper in memo form exploring the ideas of product introduction in terms of fictitious product, banking, currency, expansion, international mobility, economics, price and wages, transportation, legal issues, obstacles, and cultural policies. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Japmark.wps

Multinational Corporations’ Foreign Capital Investment : A 9 page paper discussing whether the multinational corporation should own its own facilities or outsource their production to an existing and similar concern. In deciding which route would be more beneficial given the set of circumstances in which the corporation will be operating, it is necessary to evaluate the overall stability of both the government and the economy in light of the intended product in order to make an intelligent decision. Several factors should contribute to the decision-making process, not the least of which is the host country’s level of enthusiasm at the presence of the multinational. Bibliography lists 9 sources. GloblFDI.wps

International Marketing Negotiations : A 5 page paper discussing international marketing negotiations and tactics between high and low contact countries. Also discusses cultural differences that affect marketing strategies as well as how Europe’s shift to a common currency will help with marketing and trade internationally. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Intlneg.wps

Risk Management in Joint Ventures : An 11 page paper discussing some of the conditions from which organizations involved in international joint ventures must protect themselves. Business has a more global focus now than at any time in the past. While that global presence contributes to the success of all segments of a specific organization, it also enhances the need for astute risk management. Aside from the normal fluctuations of the business cycle, international joint ventures also can be affected in their success through currency fluctuations, economic health of the host country and local political stability. Business entry into a new national market in the form of an international joint venture is in itself a measure of risk management, in that neither party bears the full weight of the risks associated with the new venture. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Jointven.wps

Health and Pharmaceutical Business & Marketing In The New Millennium :
6 pages in length. As the new millennium approaches, business and marketing strategies within the health and pharmaceutical industries will continue to present inspired methods in order to reach for the highest profit margin. Not unlike other industries that rely upon a positive bottom line to remain competitive, the health and pharmaceutical industries are faced with ever-mounting competition in this day of high medical costs and escalating insurance premiums. Staying within the industry edge is as much of a concern for the health and pharmaceutical companies as it is for any other conglomerate. The writer discusses potential business and marketing strategies for the health and pharmaceutical industries in the new millennium. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Pharheal.wps

Business, Government & Society : 15 pages in length. The writer discusses the following topics: business social performance in a three-fold society; the strategic management of public issues; competitiveness in a global marketplace; multinational business/government relations; ethical decision-making; and government regulation of business. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bgs.wps

Why Do Multinational Enterprises Exist? : A 3 page paper discussing the role of the multinational from the perspectives of Raymond Vernon and John Dunning. Vernon’s model carried with it more social implications, such as the potential ability of the multinational to superimpose its wishes on the laws of the host country, but Dunning is more focused on other aspects of foreign investment, giving rise to the title of "eclectic paradigm" for his collective observations. Though Vernon’s model is not sufficient in today’s global economy to stand alone, it was more than adequate in the mid-1960s. Dunning’s continues to be refined and may require even further refinement as the nature of the multinational continues to evolve with the growth of the global economy. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Multinls.wps

International Business Ethics : A 6 page research paper that examines the topic of ethics as it is applied to today's global marketplace and the large multinational corporations are involved in globalization. The writer demonstrates how these corporations are now being held accountable for the impact of their company practices on local economies and local environments, regardless as to whether or not the company is following the letter of the law. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Businteth.wps

Comparing "Qualitative Anaylsis" with "Business Cycle Analysis": This 3 page report compares qualitative analysis with business cycle analysis and also discusses the differences between micro and macro forecasting. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Compcyc.wps

Risk Dynamics In Construction Projects : This 8 page paper discusses different aspects of construction site risks. Statistics are provided regarding proportion of job-related injuries and deaths which are slowly decreasing. The steps needed to write a safety plan are also offered. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Consdyn.wps

Canada as a Business Relocation Site / Consultant Report : A 12 page paper discussing since the advent of NAFTA, Canada has come into the position of offering US businesses sound and competitive reasons for relocating there. Canada has advantages unique to their country that can be seen to provide a solid business case for nearly any US company contemplating relocation to consider Canada as their next point of expansion. The labor force is well educated and hard-working and is suitable for nearly any application except low-end manufacturing. Canada’s standard of living is such that labor costs probably are prohibitive only for that activity. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Canreloc.wps

International Management : This 12 page paper answers the question of why one should study international management. Within that context a variety of factors are observed as they pertain to culture, religion and the law. Product applicability and marketing considerations are also reviewed. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Mgtinter.wps

Managing International Projects : This 8 page reports a variety of the aspects of managing an international project. Advantages and disadvantages, problems, and potential successful outcomes are briefly examined. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Manproj.wps

Transnational Corporations / Effect On Host Nation : This 6 page paper discusses the growth of transnational corporations in the last twenty years and some of the problems they have caused. The focus on the paper, however, is on the benefits and contributions transnational corporations make to the host nation. Bibliography lists 6 sources. PGtnc.wps

Training & Development in International Business: An 8 page paper discussing training options and problems in several countries, and some of the considerations that need to be made in assessing that training. It should be judged in a value-based system that takes into account cultural differences. Not to say that there ever should be different levels of performance accepted because of cultural differences, but assessment needs to allow for differing cultural views—Southeast Asian countries may think us strange yet understand what we see as standard practice on the basis of long-standing relationships, while the countries of the emerging market of Africa simply see us as strange. Goals will necessarily require more time in those areas as both sides reach understanding about the basic beliefs and assumptions of the other. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Train.wps

Doing Business In East Asia / Executive Report : A 9 page paper written for a hypothetical company that is considering expanding its business into Southeast Asia or East Asia. Background information regarding the market in these regions is offered then a decision made with rationale. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Eastasia.wps

Assessing Performance in International Business: A 7 page paper discussing performance assessment from a high tech perspective. Clear and honest performance assessment is critical for any business. Much domestic business can be evaluated solely on the merits of the bottom line of the balance sheet, but international business requires the addition of other factors as well. This paper uses Japan’s awakening year of 1992 to illustrate the point that performance cannot only be assessed in terms of past profits but also must identify and prepare for industry trends on a global scale. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Intlperf.wps

Business Practices In India : This 10 page overview looks at the market in India particularly as it pertains to Americans who do business there. Topics include : customs, traditions, language, religion and superstitions and why it is important to understand the culture of a country in which one conducts business. Specific examples include Kentucky Fried Chicken's difficulties as well as McDonald's smoother entry. Bibliography lists12 sources. Busindia.wps

Child Labor in India : The problem of child labor is discussed in this 8 page overview. While India is the country highlighted, the world situation is discussed as well as how the Western world plays a role. Statistics are cited. Recent efforts made by the Indian government to resolve the problem are noted. Bibliography cites 7 sources. Indialab.wps

Patriarchal Bargaining In India & The US : 10 pages in length. While patriarchal bargaining seems very strange to us, not only is it the tradition in India, it is a tradition that is practiced routinely and with fervor. Any business aspiring to invest in India must understand that though patriarchal bargaining is not our way, it is theirs. US companies investing in India must remember that they essentially are guests in the country, and as such, owe it to their hosts to make concessions to India’s old traditions without necessarily embracing them. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Bargain.wps

Hotel Management In Indochina : The subject is explored in a 6 page overview. Specifics of hotel management are listed as well as its application to running a hotel in Indochina. Issues addressed include personnel, management training, security and advertising. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Indochin.wps

Doing Business in Indonesia : A comprehensive 4 page overview in which the writer discusses situations unique to doing business in Indonesia. Examined are various social and cultural "do's" and "don't" for the American entity looking to establish itself overseas. Examples include understanding the importance of Indonesian, family & ethnic ties, politeness, mannerism, etc; Excellent for those studying basic international business courses. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Indonbus.wps

American International Business in Europe : A 35 page research paper closely examining the prospects for US-based businesses in Europe. All around the world, nations are forming geographic alliances to help build their share of the world market, but Western Europe is taking one extra "giant step" in their plans for a barrier-free Europe with a common currency in use by the year 2002. The US Mission to the European Communities acts as liaison for US-based businesses in both current and future operations. The U.S. Agency for International Development (US-AID) is working to assist the emerging economies of post-communist Central and Eastern Europe in joining the world market. Three world-leading, US-based businesses, Microsoft, IBM and Hewlett-Packard, are discussed in relation to their existing European efforts. Bibliography lists 29 sources. Big-Busi.wps

Business Attractiveness Of The Former Eastern Bloc Countries : 7 pages in length. Poland and Hungary seem to have bogged down some in their economic reforms that are even now ongoing, but Czechoslovakia approached the same reform measures in a different order after the initial shock of ending government programs related to price and production. The Czechs have been the most successful in their economic change programs, primarily through their mass privatization efforts. All of them are highly attractive to businesses because of the dedication of their people to commit to and stick with a goal when giving up would be so much easier, and for the governments’ solicitous attitudes toward foreign business investment. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Blocou.wps

Doing Business In Post-Communist Romania / Legal Considerations :
A 6 page paper on legal considerations that companies must make when looking to establsh themselves overseas in Romania. The wirter discusses changes that have occurred in Romania since the outlawing of the Communist party, the role of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Customs Regulations, Industrial Centrals, Foreign Trade Organizations, the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and more. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Romaniab.wps

Effects Of Technology Export Control On The Supercomputer Industry :
A 15 page paper discussing the effects of 50-year-old regulations on the supercomputer industry. Established in 1949, technology export controls were meant to prevent potentially devastating technology from reaching the Soviet bloc countries from outside. The Soviet bloc countries no longer exist in their previous form, and most of the developed nations of the world have supercomputers in place, and the primary effect of export controls is that of stifling competition in the industry and maintaining prices at artificially high levels. The industry within the US also suffers from anti-dumping laws heavily weighted in US favor; the combined effect of both is that we are prevented from realizing the benefits offered by supercomputer application because of the resulting limited competition allowed. The paper advocates eliminating the anti-dumping laws and reforming export control to restrict only nuclear weapon components rather than a single tool that could be used in their construction. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Superpu.wps

Doing Business In Post-Communist Romania / Complete Discussion :
11 pages in length. An in-depth examination of Romania as a promising land for international business ventures with particular emphasis upon regulations and laws for the establishment of such a business and subsequent trade. Details are provided concerning tariffs, special temporary imports, health & safety markings, boycotts & foreign controls, finance, copyrights, contracts & disputes, and more. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Romanial.wps

Managerial Practices in South Africa / After Apartheid : A 10 page research paper exploring changes in managerial practices since the collapse of the Apartheid system. Significant changes are being made in the structure of business practices in the last few years. Aggressive promotion of privatization and Black empowerment are two of the changes that are having major impacts on how businesses are run in the country. More specifically, some companies are beginning to implement management techniques associated with successful businesses in other countries. These changes and their effects are discussed in this paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Samgt.wps

Business in Other Countries (Asia/General) : 12 pages worth of essays discussing business overseas in various countries. Collectively utilizes 8 references listed in bibliography. Please e-mail us for more detailed information. Asiaexam.wps

Bribery In International Business : A 10 page paper discussing incidence of bribery in the international business environment. What’s the difference in all-out bribery and "grease payments," "commissions," "agent fees?" The short answer, and the one correct in the eyes of every international ethics board, is that there is none. Bribery is bribery, and until only recently, the US was the only nation that made bribery in international affairs illegal. Nearly every developed nation has stringent laws against bribery within their borders, but only a few had addressed the international issue before the mid-1990s. Official condemnation by the OECD in 1997 and increasing awareness that bribery even in small amounts robs developing nations of real economic advances are working to reduce bribery’s benefits as an effective, though unethical, business tool. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Bribery.wps

China's New Auto Industry : Five pages discussing the emerging auto industry in China. Discussed are its prospects for growth and the socio-political fuel that lit its fire during the mid-1990's. Specific companies are mentioned as are the viability of manufacture and sell for key automotive brands in China. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chinacar.wps

The UN’s Effect on International Business : 15 pages in length. Upon hearing the term "United Nations," the immediate image of most is that of the General Assembly and the Security Council. Many of us have little concept of the extent of UN activities that take varied routes to one goal: that of bettering the human condition around the world. One efficient and productive route toward that end is in the UN’s facilitation role of encouraging free trade among the countries of the world. The Economic and Social Council is comprised of several subgroups working in specific areas from government level to economic analysis and forecast for the greatest ease possible in encouraging the growth of international business. Bibliography lists ten sources. Unbiz.wps

International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior : A 20 page paper which is essentially based on the book "International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior" by Nancy J. Adler. Aspects of international management are addressed as well as the area concerning human resource management in developing countries. A small section on women in international manaemgent is included in addition to a section dealing with international management’s role in cross cultural management in regards to any organization. Bibliography lists 8 additional sources. Nanadler.wps

Cross-Cultural Communications : 11 pages in length. As the world grows increasingly smaller and communications have become significantly simplified, dealing with people has actually become less easy. This report looks at various issues in cross-cultural communications using a number of countries as examples (Indonesia, Ghana, Peru, etc;). Many scholarly studies are documented. Excellent for those studying international business and/or communications. Bibliography lists approximately 15 sources. Crosscul.wps

Cross-Cultural Communications # 2 : A 12 page business-orientated discussion of non-verbal communications and what companies need to know when dealing with people overseas. Specifically examined are the cases of China, Indonesia, and Ghana. Bibliography lists approximately 15 sources. Communcu.wps

Creating R.I.S.K. / Racial Interaction Safeguards Knowledge : This 10 page report discusses the creation of an international organization with the primary mission of promoting racial harmony. The writer creates an organization with the acronym of RISK and explores ideas relating to its structure and mission. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Risk.wps

Doing Business in China : 5 page analytical discussion of relevancies to doing business in China since trade normalization. Specific focus is on Boeing (one of the U.S.'s two largest aircraft manufacturers). Bibliography lists 7 sources. Chinabus.wps

China’s Economic Possibilities : 5 pages in length. Already the largest manufacturer of labor-intensive products in the world, China appears to be poised for nothing more than impressive growth, and is expected to out-perform the anticipated $1.1 trillion GDP of ASEAN by 2010. The good fortune in China is skewed, however, with most of the foreign companies being located in the southern provinces. The region has reached its limits in the numbers of people it can support; the paper takes the position that China should require that future installations be placed around the country. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Chinaecp.wps

US / China Economic Relations : A 10 page paper research paper discussing the present status of US/China economic relations and considering past and present indicators that could impact the future of Sino-American trade. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Uschina.wps

U.S. Financial Foreign Policy and China : A 20 page research paper examining much of the phenomenal growth of China’s economy. There are three basic sections: overall Trade Policy, Foreign Investment Policy and Foreign Exchange Rate Policy. The trade policy section lightly discusses the WTO, of which China is not a member, but deals extensively with the ever-intense issue of renewing China’s Most Favored Nation status. The United States has growing numbers of business concerns within China’s borders, as some of our largest companies seek to take advantage of some of the lowest production costs in the world. Similarly, Taiwan has made the same sort of investment in China’s economy. As U.S. trade deficits show us reaching more of a balance with Taiwan, it is only a paper balance—many of the Taiwan products we import are actually produced now in China, and are called Chinese. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Chinapol.wps

Doing Business in South Africa : 3 pages of research discussing obstacles faced by foreign (U.S.) businesses wishing to operate in South Africa since apartheid. Focus is on Goodyear. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Apartbus.wps

Economics, Business and International Trade in Norway : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the progression of Norway from an agricultural center to a newly re-emerging force in international trade. This paper demonstrates that Norway's success is related to both international policies and national policies that have both contributed to economic successes there. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Norway.wps

The Cambodian Business Climate : 9 pages examining the current business climate and how the Cambodian government is working to bring the country into the global market. Of course there are political obstacles, and heavy trafficking in both heroin and prostitution remains, but there are also positive measures being taken by the Cambodian government to bring problem areas under control. The country has applied for membership in ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN member countries are collectively experiencing the world’s fastest economic growth rate, and Cambodia is eager to fully participate. As the government works to promote political and economic stability, businesses are encouraged to cautiously take part in the growing Cambodian economy. Bibliography lists 21 sources. Cambodia.wps

Costa Rica and Their Business Climate : An 8 page research paper describing Costa Rica’s warm welcoming of responsible, environmentally sound foreign investment. The attitude grew with the 1983 implementation of a plan to direct growth toward nontraditional exports and adjusting the legislative environment to be open to foreign investment with the purpose of improving the overall economy of Costa Rica and the standard of living enjoyed by their people. Foreign (U.S.) aid was mostly withdrawn in 1991, and the concern was with Costa Rica’s ability to sustain the growth trend. Annual reports since then have shown that they have indeed been able to sustain their growth with little outside involvement. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Costaric.wps

Nepal and the Business Climate : A 9 page research paper tracing the dramatic changes Nepal has faced since the monarchy regained control in 1951 after 100 years of forced internal repression and isolationism from the rest of the world. Most of the people live in abject poverty, but forces from both the public and private sectors are working to ease the lives of the people and to help Nepal join in the global economy. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Nepal.wps

The Netherlands & International Trade : A 5 page paper discussing The Netherlands and giving a brief description of the country’s international trade practices, import/exports, and other trade-related issues. The question of whether the Netherlands change its trade policies ?--– is also discussed. Bibliography lists four sources. Nether.doc

The Economy of the Netherlands : Over the course of the last decade, increasing interest in the economy of the Netherlands has stemmed from their participation in the European Union, their pursuit of appropriate fiscal status for their compliance with the constructs of the European Monetary Union, and increasing interest in international trade because of favorable economic conditions. At same time, long-term economic issues, including consistently high long-term unemployment have resulted in some conflicting views on the economic status of the Netherlands. This 23 page paper provides a substantive view of the status of the economy in the Netherlands, including an evaluation of Gross National Product, consumerism, complicity with other EU countries, unemployment, and the status of the health care system. This study provides a representative view of the Netherlands that can be used as a comparative base in evaluating other countries as well. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Nethec.wps

The Fight For Independence In The Netherlands : A 15 page research paper that relates the story of how William of Orange began the war for that eventually resulted in independence for the Netherlands from Spain. Philip II of Spain was determined to crush Protestantism in the Netherlands. His harsh oppression eventually caused the revolts that led to the rebellion. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Neth1572.wps

Spain’s Burgeoning Economy : A 5 page paper discussing the amazing turnaround in Spain’s economy in the last three years. Formerly believed to be the last to qualify for entrance into the monetary union, including former Eastern bloc countries, when the Euro is launched in 1999, Spain now appears not only to qualify for first-wave membership, but to also be one of the front runners, able to enter the monetary union on solid ground rather than just barely making it past minimum requirements set forth at Maastricht. Other European nations’ economies have improved in recent years, but Spain’s is the only one that has been driven by internal demand rather than by exports, indicating a stronger financial position than some of the others enjoy. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Spainbur.wps

The Effects of New Technologies on the Global Economy : A 10 page exploration of the effects of technology on the global economy. Emphasis is on communications technology and how it has the potential to either equalize the playing field in terms of national players or to allow the more technologically advanced nations to dominate world markets. Bibliography lists seven sources. Globnew.wps

Advantages of Doing Business Globally : A 5 page paper on the advantages of doing business globally. The writers describes the various technical and non-technical reasons why this is a 'plus' for businesses. No Bibliography. Globalbz.wps

The Global Market & The Year 2000 : A 5 page paper that points out a few of the problems presented to the governments and businesses in the global marketplace by the Year 2000 problem, and how those who are not compliant with the problem may cause long-standing problems to the global economy. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Year2000.wps

Globalization and Business : An 8 page paper that uses the hypothetical BIGCO company to demonstrate the concerns and impacts of globalization on developing countries. The writer considers common concerns and addresses them from a corporate stand point. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Globiz.wps

Effective Management of a Global Organization: A 6 page paper on techniques for managing a global organization. The writer suggests several different points to be considered in successfully managing an overseas business operation. No Bibliography. Globlmgt.wps

Global Management Processes / Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling : A 50 page research paper that provides an overview of the major managerial aspects of corporate globalization, with a focus on planning, organizing, leading and controlling, and considers the application of these elements within the role of the global manager. Bibliography lists 35 sources. Gmgmt.wps

Ethical Issues in International Marketing : In this 7 page research paper, the writer presents an analysis of ethical issues to be considered when marketing products overseas. Bribery, government interference, and customs clearance are among the many issues discussed. Also examined are ways to deal with the problem(s). Bibliography lists 8 sources. Mktethcs.wps

Job Recruitment in the International Market : A 5 page paper discussing international job recruitment and the process of seeking work overseas or finding the right person for the job, regardless of what country they may currently live in. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Jobrec.wps

Global Marketing / Birds-eye View Of Emerging World : A 15 page paper going over international advertising. It speaks of the demographics of several different successful countries and also hits on advertising in Third World Countries. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Intadv.wps

Cuba & The Normalization of Relations : A 7 page research paper in which the writer explains that we should normalize relations with Cuba because to do otherwise is unfair to American businesses who are eager to head over there. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cubarela.wps

The United States & Vietnam -- Normalized Relations At Long Last ! : In this 16 page research paper, the writer examines the formal normalization of trade between the U.S. and Vietnam-- announced during the mid 1990's. The years leading upto this monumental event are described, statistical figures are analyzed, and the writer presents some of the issues that lie ahead-- concerned with whether or not lingering resentment will lead to greater social strife between the people of these two countries. Issues and other challenges to successful normalization are assessed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Vietnamr.wps

Coca-Cola vs. PepsiCo In The International Market : A 5 page analysis of whether or not these two soft drink companies will emerge in the international market creating a duopoly as they have done in the United States. Topics discussed include marketing strategies, percentage of market shares in the U.S. and in the global market and a conclusion as to whether the two combined will hold the lion's share of the soft drink industry market internationally. Bibliography included. Cokep.wps

Honda Motor Company and Its International Business : This 6 page paper gives brief overview on the Honda Company and its marketing and development in the U.S.A. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Honda.wps

IBM’s Role In Destroying Global Economic Barriers : A 15 page research paper primarily focusing on the success of IBM, Inc., in working within the "global village." The paper gives of view of a long-past IBM and an overview of global economics, comparing points with Karl Marx’s Das Kapital. It discusses the blurring of physical national boundaries, technology’s role in the advent of the "global village," and the limitations of host-country governments to regulate much of the information and capital that move across–and over–their borders. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. IBM.wps

Nike as a Multinational Company : An 10 page research paper that includes Nike’s earnings as reported to the SEC. Nike was founded in the mid-1960’s by a former college track star to import high-quality athletic shoes. Total revenues in 1996 were more than $6.5 billion, and the company is expected to top $8 billion for 1997. As the U.S. market for athletic footwear and apparel matures, Nike is looking outward for its future growth, particularly to the world soccer market. Other cultures of the world are much more reserved in the types of advertising they will tolerate without offense, however, and Nike needs to closely study those cultures they see as most important to their success in the global marketplace to avoid risking alienating millions of people to the point that Nike’s global ventures become unsuccessful. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Nike2.doc

Importing & Exporting / Nike Incorporated : A 9 page paper that discusses the import/export problems resolved by Nike, Inc. in the international market. The paper discusses this in context of the value to Nike of establishing affiliates and distributorships, as well as intercompany locations and how this has served to increase profits for all involved. During the course of discussion, procedures for importing/exporting, how the value of Nike products has been increased, and pertinent points of joint venture contracts are described. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Nikeinc.wps

Late Financial Results at Nike : A 10 page paper discussing general accounting methods used at Nike and the very different pictures that can be painted according to liberal or conservative reporting views. The differences in reported results of operations of two very similar companies, each with similar market share, reputation and notoriety, can be widely divergent. Even though both Nike and Reebok adhere to the rules set forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission and organizations for maintenance of accounting standards, the pictures presented by each are far enough apart that they could affect investment decisions. Nike shareholders following only the company’s annual report are likely to be both disappointed and baffled when their Nike stock loses even more value than it has since 1997. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Nikefin.wps

Nike Corporation & The Controversy Over Sweat Shops : 5 pages in length --
A detailed examination of the controversy concerning Nike and the employment of low-wage foreign workers & children subject to long hours and poor working conditions overseas. Nike's own side of the argument is evaluated and the laws being formulated to prevent these abuses as well as the important responsibility that we all have in helping to protect the rights of workers everywhere represent the ingredients of the writer’s strong anti-Nike conclusion. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Includes outline... Nikeswea.wps

Nike and Reebok – A Comparison : This 7 page report discusses and compares Nike and Reebok in terms of issues such as market share, product quality, social responsibility, and concerns about shifting manufacturing from Indonesia to China. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Nikbok.wps

International Expansion of GM : A 10 page research paper which examines the global expansion of this the world’s largest car manufacturer. This international expansion worked well for GM in the early 1990s, but has faltered in recent years with problems also developing at home with workers in the U.S. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Interngm.wps

International Automobile Advertising : A 10 page research paper investigating the advertising practices in China, Japan, and Sweden, with specific emphasis on advertising automobiles. Research studies looking at cultural values as depicted in commercials were reviewed. One common theme among the countries is youth. There are other commonalties as well as differences. Bibliography is included. Advercar.wps

International Auto Makers’ Strategies & Tactics : A 10 page paper discussing the reasons for the continued success of the Japanese auto makers in their competition with America’s. The overall strategies and tactics are distressingly simple. The Japanese have never become complacent in their success in the American market and have retained their commitment to continually improve, as dictated by the precepts of Total Quality Management (TQM). Even when it appears that no such improvement is possible, they have known that improvement is always possible. Detroit, on the other hand, has raised to an art form the ability to find a laurel, such as the Ford Taurus, and then rest on it. Mary Kay Ash says nothing wilts faster, and Detroit has proven her statement true. Bibliography lists 12 sources. JapnAut.wps

International Pricing Strategies : A 25 page paper discussing international pricing strategies. Discusses the effects of the euro dollar, exchange rates, emerging markets, barter, and the global marketplace in determining how to establish international pricing for foreign sales. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Pricstra.wps

Volvo Sweden vs. Volvo in Japan : An 18 page paper that looks at the auto industry and Volvo in particular. The purpose of this paper is to discuss and analyse the information available about the development of the company in these two specific countries and the impact that each has had on the stability of the corporation as a whole. Also included in this paper is consideration of managment styles, the use of innovative production techniques and some programs coordinate by Volvo to encourage owner loyalty. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Volvo.wps

Japan’s Business Laws / Sony Corp. : An 8 page research paper on the relationship between Sony Corp. and Japan Business Law. Using the Japanese ideology of Kaizen and Keiretsu, the writer offers a discussion on the reciprocal success between the company and the government. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sonyngov.doc

Americans and Japanese Working Together : A 6 page paper discussing the difficulties of a potential joint venture between a Japanese and an American company. As with much of life, the true "secret" most likely lies in reaching a comfortable middle ground where companies of both countries take the best the other has to offer. In any case, being familiar enough with each others’ ways of doing business that intelligent decisions can be made about what is best practice means that the customs and goals of each must be known to the other. The Japanese and Americans can work well together, as long as definitions of idiomatic terms are included with the negotiation documents. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cultureaj.doc

Japan & The Philippines / Comparison of Business Climates : This 6 page paper compares the political and legal climates between Japan and the Philippines. A brief historical overview of each is included in the context of the discussion. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Japhil.wps

Chile / Her History and Economic Growth : A 9 page paper that discusses the history, economic basis and current economic trends in Chile. This paper utilizes a number of current resources to consider the economic stability of this country, especially in comparison with a number of other Latin American countries, and determines that Chile's economic stability is its strong point. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Chileeco.wps

Chile’s Readiness for World Trade: A 7 page research paper on Chile’s society, economy and recent governmental history, in which they moved from parliamentary government, to socialism, to military control, to democracy, and all within a period of less than 20 years. Other countries would have dissolved into civil war with such extreme swings in policies, but Chile’s response has been to show an annual economic growth of 7% in each of the last 10 years, following market adjustments after the military government reversed many of socialist Allende’s programs Though Chile is in line to join the NAFTA accords, Washington politics is preventing the active participation. 8 cited references. Chile.wps

Venezuela’s Oil Industry : This 8 page research paper explores the rise of the oil industry in Venezuela and its significant impact on the country. Many other industries have flourished because of it, e.g., construction. Despite some problems managing the money in the beginning stages of their oil industry, Venezuela has seen a significant improvement in its infrastructure and public services. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Venez.wps

Market Attractiveness Study -- Korea : An 8 page paper on the Korean market for computer software imports. The writer describes the aspects necessary for high market potential, and identifies the target group to whom the product would be sold. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Korean.doc

Market Attractiveness Study -- Norway : An 8 page paper on the Norwegian market for sports drink imports. The writer describes the aspects necessary for high market potential, and identifies the target group to whom the product would be sold. Bibliography lists 4 comprehensive sources. Attstud.wps

Norway / The Interrelationships of Her Climate & Culture : A 5 page description of Norway’s climate and its influence on her cultures. Points out that culture is an ever-changing phenomena and concludes that as a people move away from their traditions and into modern technology they are less susceptible to climatic factors. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Norwaycl.wps

Marketing A New Software Product In Great Britain : A 5 page marketing plan for the development and marketing of software by a British company. While competition is increasing in all world markets, that in Great Britain is higher than most—many would-be global businesses use Britain as a "launching pad" for globalization, crowding the local economy with available choices in all market segments. Software companies of non-American origin have had difficulty in gaining market share, but British business is more adept at relationship marketing with British citizens. Use of the Internet is encouraged, as is narrowly targeted print advertising. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Britmark.wps

Telecommunication Companies / British Telecom, Rostelecom, AT&T :
This 13 page paper compares and contrasts specific aspects of three telecommunications companies: British Telecom in the UK; Rostelecom in Russia; AT&T in the U.S. Following a brief introduction to each company, the writer discusses their disclosures, how they report on the Internet, corporate governance and directors' remuneration, and reconciliation to IAS and US GAAP, as appropriate. Three tables are provided. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Btrtatt.wps

Telecommunications / Japan vs. Nepal : This 10 page report discusses and compares the telecommunications industries of Japan and Nepal. Numerous factors, including the geography, culture, demographics, and economy of each country are reviewed and compared. The role such factors play in the development of the nation’s telecommunications systems is also discussed. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Japnep.rtf

Marketing Video Games in Singapore : A 10 page paper examining the advisability of attempting to market proprietary home video games in Singapore. As a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Singapore leads the world’s fastest-growing economic region. Though 78% of the Singapore people are of Chinese descent, they actively keep their identity separate from the Chinese though they nurture an economic alliance. English is the official language, and the people make extensive use of the Internet—school children can even get state-sponsored online math tutoring. There is no language barrier, the people are technologically sophisticated, they have more disposable income than other people of the region, and they demand high quality. In all substantial respects, marketing this product in Singapore would bear little difference from marketing this product in the US. Bibliography lists many relevant sources. Singapor.wps

Marketing Sunscreen In The Caribbean Common Market : A 10 page analysis of the market climate in Jamaica and the Bahamas for the introduction of a high-end sunscreen product. The tourist trade in the entire area is growing, and both countries are attracting visitors from areas that were formerly uncommon for the islands of the Caribbean, such as of the Western European nations of Great Britain and Germany. Aside from increased sales and increased exposure, the benefit of taking the product international via entry into the Caribbean market is the same growing numbers of Western European tourists and the likelihood of those tourists wanting our products available through other outlets closer to them. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sunscre.wps

Feasibility Study / A Computer Company Goes To Spain - Marketing Economics : In 10 pages, the writer discusses the concepts a multinational computer company would need to consider before going into the country of Spain. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Marpsain.wps

Investigating The Feasibility Of Expansion into Australia : A 15 page paper evaluating Australia as a likely site of expansion for an ice plant operation. Various points specific to Australia are examined, including the physical attributes of the country, the state of the economy, the projected future of the tourism industry, the education level of the people and the technological state of Australia. The paper concludes that feasibility studies would be well-placed in evaluating the tourist areas of either Brisbane or Melbourne as intended sites of the ice plant expansion. Bibliography lists eight sources. Aussie.wps

Widget International Marketing of the Widget Box : In 12 pages the author discusses all of the marketing strategies connected with marketing the Widget Box, a product of Widget International. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Widget.wps

Effects of Free Trade in Developing Countries Analyzed : This 12 page research paper examines the impact of free trade in the developing countries of the world. Specifically considered are the effects of free trade in terms of economics, environment and workers’ rights in such countries as China, India, Latin America, and Sri Lanka. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Freetra2.wps

Free Trade and Diminishing Tariff Control : An 11 page paper that considers the importance of free trade initiatives and diminishing tariffs on the current status of international trade. The writer demonstrates the effectiveness of unification under free trade and reduced tariff barriers in Western Europe, and also considers the impacts of GATT, the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, MERCOSUR and the developing European Monetary Union on the international trade decision of the United States policy makers. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Freetrad.wps

The MERCOSUR Trade Block : A 5 page paper describing the significance of the MERCORSUR free trade area on its participating countries, which include Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Recent additions of Chile and Bolivia have increased the impact of this agreement. Though similar in theme to other blocks such as NAFTA and the European Union, MERCOSUR is an especially powerful agreement because of the interdependence created between the South American countries. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mercosur.wps

Economics Of NAFTA : A 10 page paper discussing NAFTA as it relathes to economic principles using, for the most part, intherviews conducthed with three Mexican citizens and three Americans. An illustration of the facts and figures as they relathe to NAFTA are firs discussed. This is followed by a section that discusses the individuals who were intherviewed. This compares the opinions of the six people, which gives a fairly wide view of the opinions that exist. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Naftaeco.wps

The North American Free Trade Agreement : NAFTA is outlined including the history of its implementation as well as its main provisions. This 5 page synopsis also discusses its effect on specific industries and touches upon a few environmental issues as well. Relevant statistics are included that compare the economies of Canada, the United States and Mexico. Bibliography cites 4 sources. Nafta.wps

NAFTA / An Informative Overview : Both sides of the NAFTA issue are discussed in this 11 page overview. Economic ramifications, particularly pertaining to American jobs, is the major focus. Other issues such as the environment, immigration and Mexico's social problems are also addressed. The paper takes an analytical approach, noting both positive and negative effects of the treaty. Bibliography cites 20 sources. Nafta5.wps

NAFTA & American Industry / Positive Aspects: A 15 page research paper on how NAFTA benefits American industry. The writer cites many positive aspects of increased trade with Mexico including that of higher-paying domestic jobs. The specific case of the automobile industry is offered as an example to support the writer's thesis. Statistics are provided to support/back-up assertions. Includes charts & graphs. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Naftagoo.wps

NAFTA and the Plight of the American Laborer: An 8 page research paper on the negative effects of NAFTA on the blue collar worker. The writer explains that loss of jobs to Mexico has a bad economic, mental, and emotional effect on American workers and society. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Naftano3.wps

NAFTA’s Effect on Wages & The Labor Market : A paper of 8 pages discussing the effects that NAFTA may have had on US wages and the labor market. During the presidential debates in the campaign in which Ross Perot was a candidate, he warned of the "great sucking sound" that American jobs would make as they exited the country in favor of Mexico were NAFTA to be enacted. Four years after the passage of NAFTA, opinions and results are both mixed as NAFTA is first blamed and then praised for a variety of business results. Amazingly, many analysts cannot seem to reach a firm conclusion on just what effect NAFTA has had on the American labor market and wage rates, though there is no disagreement on the results of the components that have been studied. Bibliography lists 8 sources. NAFTAwag.wps

NAFTA and its Benefit to the Environment : 24 pages in length. A comprehensive overview of NAFTA's inherent ability to assist developing economies and in particular, to yield environmental benefits. The writer discusses how higher standards of living and improved government enforcement resulting from NAFTA make way for a more environmentally-conscious Mexico. NAFTA's Supplemental Agreement, SEDESOL Regulations, and even the role of the E.P.A. are discussed as well. Border environmental control and various import/export issues are taken into consideration. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Naftaenv.wps

NAFTA’s Impact on the Entertainment Industry : A 7 page paper examining the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on the entertainment industry. Bibliography lists five sources. Nafent.wps

NAFTA And The Transportation & Logistics Industry : A 9 page paper on this topic. The writer explores how NAFTA has impacted the railway and trucking industries, and affected trade with Mexico. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Naftatra.wps

NAFTA / Article Review & Critique : This 8 page paper, including annotated bibliography, demonstrates how an article can appear to be straightforward yet be very misleading to the reader when other information is reviewed. The primary issue discussed is whether or not NAFTA has caused a loss of jobs in the U.S. Contrary opinions are presented. Bibliography lists 8 sources. NAFTAart.wps

Globalization, Multilateralization & The North American Free Trade Agreement : An 8 page overview of the concepts of globalization and multilateralization and their relation to the North American Free Trade Agreement. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Multilat.wps

Coke & Ford’s Focus In Mexico : A 15 page paper discussing the two multinational companies’ success in Mexico and further south. Both Ford Motor Company and Coca-Cola have strong and growing presence all over the world. Their presence in Mexico, however, has produced business results that both manufacturers could wish to duplicate in every market in which they operate. Ford has performed so well in the Mexican market that the senior management responsible for much of the growth and success has been moved to Ford’s European headquarters for the purpose of reproducing the Mexican experience in Europe Bibliography lists 12 sources. CokeFord.doc

Sanluis / A Beneficiary of NAFTA : A 12 page research paper that highlights a Mexican manufacturers, Sanluis Corp., which has reaped tremendous benefits from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The writer demonstrates that the dire predictions of NAFTA's opponents have not come true and that, overall, the agreement has aided all of the participating countries. Also included is a concise overview of NAFTA. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Sanluis.wps

Training American Managers To Work In Mexico : A 16 page training manual in which the writer presents an overview of procedures and techniques for training managers of a fictitious company to work in Mexico. Some of the key concepts covered include : solution-based thinking, cultural awareness, social issues, empathy, and more. Appendix included. Bibliography lists 7 supporting sources. Trainman.wps

Direct Marketing Campaigns / The Likelihood Of Their Success In Mexico: A 5 page overview of the various factors which are important to the success and or failure of proposed direct marketing campaigns in Mexico. Gives examples the most emphasized of which is in theatrical production and marketing. Bibliography list 4 sources. Mexmark.wps

Bringing Toys 'R' Us to Brazil : 16 page presentation on how to open up Toys 'R' Us in Brazil. Great for those studying international business related topics & issues. Lengthy appendices and comprehensive bibliography listed 9 sources. Brazil.wps

The Strategic Planning Of Coca-Cola In Brazil : This 5 page report discusses Coca-Cola and its dominance of the cola market in Brazil. Strategic planning issues as they relate to Coke’s efforts in Brazil are also discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cokestra.wps

Can KFC Work in Japan? : A 10 page international business study addressing this very question. The writer looks at the problem and successes of Japan's KFC operation and suggests where changes need to be made in the promotional strategy. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Kfc.wps

Marketing Budweiser in South Korea : A 15 page marketing plan for American beer distribution in South Korea. Indications are that South Korea is indeed a prime location of consideration for expanded Budweiser operations and marketing. There is an extensive and lucrative black market in existence for American-made beer, and Budweiser is the most favored brand of US domestic beer. Even in light of the current economic crisis in South Korea, it appears that this is an opportune time in which to enter the market there. Only physical delivery offers much challenge: South Korean unemployment has now exceeded 10 percent, leaving many well-qualified individuals available for "running the store." Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mktg-pl.wps

International Human Resource Management : A 11 page paper looking at the implications of managing international human resources. Looks at issues such as cultural differences, wages and compensation, strains on expatriated managers, and legal requirements. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Resman.doc

Human Resource Management in Egyptian CPA Firm : A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the related economic issues in Egypt, the issues prevallent to human resources management, and then applies them to CPA firms in Egypt. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Cpaegypt.wps

Coopers & Lybrand in Hungary : A 5 page paper discussing analyzing the facts presented in the Harvard Business School Case 9-692-112, focusing on the problems faced by the auditing and financial services consulting corporation in entering Hungary in 1990. Hungary had their own auditing standards, none of which complied with either international standards or accepted convention. There were no Coopers & Lybrand staff proficient in Hungarian methods; there were no Hungarian accountancies familiar enough with international standards to be able to work within them. Bibliography lists 1 source. CoopLyb.doc

Corning Glass Works / Feasibility Study -- Expansion To Indonesia ? :
A 6 page case study discussing the advisability of Corning Glass expanding into Indonesia, a developing country populated by generally well-educated and hard-working people, but in 1979 a very poor nation even when compared to other developing countries. The project was to be a joint venture between Corning, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Indonesian government. The initial product was to be dinnerware, and Corning had to evaluate the advisability of expanding to Indonesia based on all factors. The paper concludes that Corning should indeed expand into Indonesia. Bibliography included. Corning.wps

Marketing Cellular Phones in Poland : A 12 page paper analyzing the feasibility of marketing cell phones in Poland. The writer explores the various cultural and economic factors that point to the success of this venture. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Polefone.wps

Selling California Zinfandel Wine to the Japanese : 15 pages presenting demographic information and a plan to market California Zinfandel wine overseas in Japan. Bibliography lists 27 references. Keywords : International business, marketing . Caliwine.wps

Selling Hershey's Chocolate to the Germans / Should it be Done ? : In this 16 page paper, the writer analyzes the possibility of selling Hershey's Milk Chocolate to the Germans. An historic overview of the Hershey company is provided as are social, economic, & political demographics for Germany. Common difficulties and "barriers to entry" in Germany are examined as well as the important social and economic considerations that American companies must be cognizant of when attempting to market products there. Price, product, and promotion in Germany are elaborated upon as is the relevant issue of supply & demand. Bibliography lists more than 12 sources. Mktggerm.wps

Direct Marketing Campaigns / Their Likelihood Of Success In Germany : A 10 page overview of marketing considerations in Germany. Includes information about changing political and economic situations as well as provides a list of suggestions of types of products and marketing mediums which would be successful verses those that would be unsuccessful. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Germmark.wps

Business Investment Opportunities In Germany & The U.S. : A 9 page paper assessing the strengths of both Germany and the US as they could apply to affecting a new business venture in either country. Both are economically strong and look favorably on business in general. The primary determining factor in which country would be the better investment in today’s business climate is that of the impending release of the Euro and Germany’s formal commitment to not only joining the EMU in the first wave, but also to leading it. Some observers have said that the combination of the Year2000 computer problem and the conversion to the Euro will be a nightmare that many businesses will not survive. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Germ-US.wps

Marketing Rogaine in Italy : A 5 page paper discussing the advisability of marketing Rogaine in Italy. In recent years, Italy has become a focal point of increasing levels of international trade. Some of the "family business" fashion houses have become multinational corporations, and some of America’s largest retailers have opened numerous locations in Italy. The Italian culture and view of how life should be has long been stereotyped, even if somewhat unjustly. In these days of political correctness, stereotyping is always dangerous, but indications are that Italy presents a ready market for Rogaine. Bibliography lists 6 sources. ItalyRog.doc

Business Climate and Opening a Hotel in Turin (Torino) Italy : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the major business elements that will impact a plan to open a hotel in Turin, Italy. This paper consider things like the business climate, local competition, existing laws and regulations, the societal perception regarding development, and the given market availability for additional hotel services in the area. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Turin.Doc

Blue Chip Franchise Corporation / Entering The International Marketplace :
A 12 page paper that discusses some of the considerations necessary for BCFC to move into Dubai, including: requirements, training, market survey and sales forecast, the problems and resources surrounding entrance, location and position of the product in the market. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Bluechip.wps

Shipping / US & International : An 8 page research essay on the hypothetical case of a Greek business concern entering into a shipping joint venture in the United States. The writer explores some of the legal ramifications for a US business concern, including human resource, OSHA, EPA (parens patriae), and cultural concerns. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Greecbus.wps

Everything Gets Shipped by Truck : A 6 page paper describing shipping a truckload of goods from the production plant to the customer. The company calling for shipping is the manufacturer of digital telephone switches; its carrier is a national carrier that leases trucks for specific uses, leases fleets, and provides drivers on contract basis to businesses with continuing need for shipping. The first part of the paper describes the process; the last is a description of a trip from North Carolina to San Francisco in mid-winter. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Truckin.wps

Ocean Ports and International Commerce : A 9 page paper that provides an overview of the trends and issues related to ocean ports and international commerce, especially in light of emerging changes in this area of transportation. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Oceanpor.wps

Importing Into The United States / The Customs Process : This 8 page paper focuses on the process of getting goods into the United States, in other words, the customs process. There are specific steps and documents needed to import goods whether for personal, commercial or resale purposes. The general steps are outlined with an explanation. Additionally, the writer provides information for studies to indicate the complexities and the controversy involved in the import business. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Customs3.wps

Tax Advantages Of International Expansion : Both tax and other monetary advantages of international expansion are evaluated in this 25 page paper. A fictitious New York corporation considers exporting goods to Ireland. Several scenarios are considered to minimize taxation while looking at consequences of repatriation, as well as the ramifications of setting up a manufacturing facility in the foreign country itself. Labor laws and tax rates in both Ireland and the U.S. are discussed. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Taxire.wps

Game Theory Principles in Politics with Examples from OPEC & DeBeers :
In 10 pages the author discusses game theory principles in politics with examples from OPEC and DeBeers Diamond Company. Bibliography lists 7 sources. GameTher.wps

Retailing In Italy : An 8 page paper in which the writer discusses retailing in Italy. Covered are Italy "then," now, and in one possible future. Of particular concern are the reasons for certain market failures and successes. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Italy2.wps


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