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A Business Perspective On Management Of Information Systems :
17 pages in length. Management information systems are more important to business than at any other time ever witnessed. In past times, managers had only to review raw data and make some conclusions in order to justify their positions. With the advances in both hardware and software, however, managers are increasingly expected to glean real information from their information technology endeavors, rather than produce simple raw data. And in light of the approaching unforgiving and unslippable deadline of December 31, 1999, managers are also expected to be at least passably literate in operations of their companies’ systems. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Maninfsy.wps

Management Planning Issues Dealing With Computers/ Information Systems Management : In 5 pages the author discusses an article pertaining to management issues dealing with computers/information systems management. The article is summarized and a commentary is made on how this article potentially applies to an organization. Manplan.wps

Emerging Trends in Business Information Systems : This 5 page report discusses the emerging trends being seen as 1998 winds to a close. Four high profile and cutting edge topics are briefly discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Trends.wps

Expert Systems and IS Management : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of expert systems and considers their application in the current realm of information systems technologies. This paper argues in support of the application of expert systems. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Expertsy.wps

Decision Support Systems : A 5 page paper discussing how an expert system would function in the area of marketing, the pros and cons of using an expert system, and how its implementation can save money. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Dss.wps

Key Factors in Information Technology Planning : This 5 page report examines current information technology and its application in business. The report highlights a case study of a consulting form that specializes in strategic planning and how and when information technology plays a meaningful role in that company’s processes. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Keyfact.wps

Information Systems / The Need For Well-Trained Employees : A 9 page overview of the status of high-tech automation and information systems in the business and industrial world. Debates whether the implementation of such technology is positive or negative in terms of production and emphasizes that properly trained employees are the deciding factor in the question. This fact makes Information Systems a promising career path. Bibliography lists 11 sources. InfoJob.wps

CASE (Computer-Aided System Engineering) Tools : A 10 page paper that documents the significance of CASE tools and their application within business structures. The author relates both the pros and cons of utilizing these tools and concludes that their use is important to business quality and production. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Case.wps

Computer Technology and its Application in Civil Engineering : Over the past two decades, many professions have change significantly with the influx of technological developments. This 15 page paper reflects the nature of change as it has impacted the systems and operations in civil engineering. In addition, this paper also considers the different types of computer technologies being applied within this field, and evaluates successes and possible problems. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Civileng.wps

The Problem of Routing Loops in a Connectionless Network : A 2 page paper that provides a concise overview of the problem of routing loops, and reflects upon the specific example of the problem for connectionless networks, including transmissions within local area networks (LANs). Bibliography lists 2 sources. Routingl.wps

Transport Layer Functions in IP & X.25 / Evaluating the Structure of the TCP/IP Stack : A 2 page paper that provides a concise overview of the stack formation of the TCP/IP communications protocol and considers the transport layer functions in both IP and X.25 segments. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Ipprot.wps

Constructing a LAN (Computer Networking) : An advanced-level 9 page research paper on techniques, procedures, and standards for the successful establishment of a Layered Approach Network (L.A.N.) in business settings. The ISO's definition of seven layers of network structure are explained as are recommended tools, cable, and so on. Issues concerning the construction of the LAN are then described layer by layer. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Network.wps

Corporate Teleconferencing Via LAN : A 6 page paper discussing how a layered application network can be used for corporate teleconferencing and how, from an IS perspective, such a network could be implemented. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Telecon.wps

Local Area Networks (LANs) & OSI Model Layer Construction : Local Area Networks, or LANs, are computer networks or basic data communications networks which are usually created out of a distinct class of networking equipment which is specifically tailored for communication over short distances. LANs are based on the OSI model layer construction that was initially created in 1983 and became a central component of the infrastructures of computer information systems. This 5 page paper considers the development of LANs and the layered construction based in the OSI model, and then outlines the basic construction of a LAN, the equipment utilized and the purpose for each layer segment. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Lansosi.wps

ISO 9000 : A 5 page overview of the quality management system which serves as the international standard for businesses and industries around the world. Bibliography lists four sources. ISO9000.wps

Signaling System 7 : An 18 page paper discussing the technical attributes of Signaling System 7 and its facilitation of modern telephone network requirements. Includes information on its architecture, how it controls switching and routing of calls, and a discussion of network signaling prior to SS7. Bibliography lists twelve sources. Ss7.wps

Open Network Computing & Remote Procedure Calls : A 9 page paper that provides an overview of the current literature regarding these elements of interprocess communications and programming interfaces and considers them in terms of middleware. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Oncrpc.wps

Managing Computer Networks / The Issue of Security : A 30 page research study that reflects upon the issue of security in the management of computer networks. This paper outlines the major issues related to this subject, and then considers the application of this information within a corporate setting. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Mananet.wps

Computer Security : This 10 page research paper presents an overview of computer security and how easy it is to breach the security. Statistics depicting the incidence, type, and fiscal losses during the 1998 year are reported. Techniques to secure computers against hackers are discussed. Finally, recommendations are made to improve computer security. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Compsecu.wps

Ethical And Legal Concerns Relating To Technology In The "Traditional" Work Environment : This 8 page report discusses the ethical and legal issues related to technology and applies them in the context of an existing company. Examples are presented illustrating the ways that unethical behavior can evolve when management is unaware of what is happening or unwilling too demand change. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Workenvi.wps

Understanding Computer Criminals & IS Security / Towards Appropriate Security Measures and Effective Corporate IS Management : A 75 page paper that provides a complex overview of the nature of computer crime and computer criminals and considers the impact of this knowledge for training in IS security. Bibliography lists 55 sources. Issecu.wps

Algorithm Basics : A 10 page research paper exploring the basics of algorithms and data structures in relationship to queues, data types, trees, hashing, heaps, graphing and design. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Algbas.wps

Information Management At Sony : A 4 page overview of The Sony System -- a large-scale information management system used by the Sony Corporation to handle customer profile information, company-wide inventory accounting, inventory control & product information, and more. Discussed are relevant procedures, processes, and some of the specific hardware used. Costs of operating the system are examined briefly. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Sonysyst.wps

Information Management at Russell Corporation : An 8 page paper discussing the athletic apparel manufacturer’s information technology systems. Russell has managed to integrate internal information management, computer-aided manufacturing and automated order and inventory control systems into a useful and workable IT management system that serves the needs of people, rather than getting the process reversed as so many others do. The company uses IT to its fullest recognized advantage yet is never complacent about it. Russell is continually seeking to improve its IT systems for the purpose of enhancing customer satisfaction and its own internal purposes, making its IT strategy an integral component of the company’s focus on continued and expanding competitive advantage. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Russcorp.wps

Has the Growth of IT Negatively Affected Total Numbers of Middle Managers? : A 10 page paper discussing the post-reengineering demand for middle managers. A common view of the period of great waves of downsizing and reengineering in corporate America in the late 1980s and early 1990s was that not only were the multiple layers of middle managers present in many organizations wasteful and counterproductive, but that as their primary role was to collect, monitor and convey information both up and down within the organization that they could be replaced with little interruption of continuity with organizations’ management information systems (MIS). That view held for several years, but it has now become apparent that there is a human factor needed in the role formerly filled by middle management that cannot be supplied by computer application alone, with the result that middle management positions are currently the most widely available in management and also the most difficult to fill. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Midmgr.wps

Adoption Of Information Technologies In Small Businesses : This 10 page research paper investigates the use of IT in small businesses. Topics include how small businesses are using information technologies, the percentage using IT, the issues and obstacles, the advantages, research and development grant opportunities and the outlook for the future. Bibliography lists 8 sources. ITsmall.wps

Computers At Work / Effects On Society : This 5 page paper addresses the introduction of the computer into the business world and explores its positive and negative effects on society. Included are examples of industries, such as accounting, engineering and architecture that have been profoundly influenced. Other points addressed include downsizing, loss of privacy and the older population in the work force. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Compwork.wps

Privacy Law In The Workplace / Employee Rights And The Use Of Technology : The insurgence of computers in the workplace and the development of high technology monitoring devices and surveillance systems have changed the work environment in corporate America. In attempts to evaluate worker performance, reduce loss due to employee theft and the transfer of confidential or important company information and determine how corporate information systems equipment is being utilized, companies have begun to implement complex surveillance systems and pursued access to information stored on computer systems and information sent via e-mail. This 20 page paper considers the legal ramifications of these modifications, which often determine breeches in employee rights to privacy and also evaluates possible protocols for allowing for access to important information without violating employee rights. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Privtech.wps

Employee Abuse Of Information Technology / Technological and Structural Protections : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of the problem of employee abuse of company information technology, and suggests both technological and structural pursuits to address the problem. Bibliography lists 5 sources. compabus.wps.

Records Management in the Information Age : a 5 page research paper that examines how technological innovation is impacting the field of records management. The writer argues that while many in the profession view this trend with a somewhat ambivalent attitude, the tide of change that is sweeping over records management affords those in the profession with an excellent opportunity to increase the status and standing of records management through the use of their expertise. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Recman.wps

Deciding Whether Or Not To Invest In High-Priced Information Systems :
A detailed, 12 page analysis of Stratex, a company faced with the dilemma of deciding whether or not large investments in certain information technologies will be both beneficial and feasible. The competitive environment, assets and liabilities associated with various options, and current strategy are evaluated. It is concluded that the company's financial segment must learn to re-assign, to re-evaluate, and to re-think the way that it assesses costs and values. After all, the ability of the described information systems project to centralize, to facilitate, to add competitiveness, and to ease the communication process is one that is indeed worthy of a high price tag. Original case information unavailable. No Bibliography. Stratex.wps

Strategic Alignment & IT’s Changing Role : A 20 page research paper. Information Technology (IT) has been called the number one industry in the country when it is considered as an entity all its own. In recent years, IT has become as important in strategic planning for the astute as it has been in tracking historical data in the past, and is an integral part of the evolution of the Strategic Alignment Model (SAM). SAM’s business is to provide a tool by which businesses can best allocate available resources for the tasks that are imperative in their operation while simultaneously achieving a strategic fit that best serves their interests in business planning. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Stratal.wps

Integration of Data Communications Technology : This 18 page report discusses the issue of integration in data communication applications and processes. The development of integrated systems for data communications and the ongoing technological advancement related to such integration efforts have been key factors in the progression of the computer industry and the ease and efficiency by which businesses and individuals have become comfortable in the "information age." This report examines the development, implementation, and future of integration in data communications. Bibliography lists 17 sources. BWcomtech.rtf

Data Mining and OLAP : This 5 page paper examines the process of data mining and online analytical processing – OLAP. The two are compared and critiqued and viewed in the framework of information systems technology. There relationship to one another is also explained. Bibliography lists six sources. Olap.doc

Database Management / Data Warehousing : A 20 page paper discussing data warehousing which is the latest trend in database management. It is a process of organization that is designed to simplify the system while still maintaining a flexibility that can be easily adapted to anyone’s needs. A section defining warehousing is included as well as a section that compares this method of database management to other methods. An example of warehousing is given in order to illustrate how the system works followed by a section discussing problems and particulars. A small section relating to software is also included. Bibliography includes 15 sources. Datamw.wps

Data Warehousing : A 5 page research paper that focuses on Data Warehousing. It begins with an introduction and brief history of communications/technology then defines the current usage of data warehousing. In lists 3 factors that can be used to evaluate a warehousing system and gives areas of focus for utilization of the system. Nine benefits of data warehousing are delineated and followed by a brief look at the advantages over current systems. The paper ends by looking to the future and the possibility of a Virtual Warehouse System. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Datahous.wps

Data Warehousing Choices : A 10 page research paper on business uses of data warehousing for information storage. The writer details what it is, why businesses choose it, what is involved in implementation, operation, maintenance, and security. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Dataware.wps

Database Development : An 8 page paper that creates an executive summary and database schema using ER techniques. This writer provides a chart of a possible database structure for a small automotive rental agency and demonstrates its effectiveness for the company. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Dbasedev.wps

Database Managment & Outsourcing : A 5 page paper that considers the prevalence of outsourcing in some aspects of database management and considers the cost effectiveness of these measures. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Dbaseout.wps

Information Technology Outsourcing : A 15 page paper discussing information technology outsourcing, what it is, the trend toward it, and how it can help companies save money. Includes a hypothetical study of a fictitious auto manufacturer and why the company should choose to outsource. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Itout.wps

Database Marketing : A 10 page research paper examining how databases are having a revolutionary effect on how products and services are advertised. The writer explores their positive uses as well as problems that are being encountered. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Dbsmktng.rtf

Distributed Databases : A 12 page research paper on the advantages, history and operation of distributed databases. Also discussed are object transfer design, EDI, client servers and mainframes, along with specific and general business uses. The writer also mentions the current reversal of opinion concerning centralized databases. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Cndistsy.wps

Distributed Databases : A 9 page research paper on the history and application of distributed computer databases. The writer details how they started, what they include, what considerations should be involved in selecting or designing one. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Distdaba.wps

Database Security : A 10 page paper discussing the importance of database security, examples of database attacks from hackers, and examples of tools available to prevent database break-ins from outside sources. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Datasecu.wps

Oracle --- Choosing the Right Relational Database Manager : 9 pages in length. A complete overview of the Oracle RDBMS (database management). Discussed are different variations of database management systems, database languages (SQL, etc;), and specifications to look for when choosing the "right" one. Recent developments, system tools, and the future of Oracle are discussed as well. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Oracle.wps

Data Processing and the Modern Corporate Entity : A 14 page examination of the role that data processing has come to play in business-related sales and corporate performance. Information architecture, data warehouses, and their usefulness in the modern business environment are among the many subjects evaluated. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Dataproc.wps

Material Requirements Planning : This 5 page report discusses the development and advancement of software programs that integrate invoicing, materials, production, and all aspects of manufacturing to result in improved efficiency and cost effectiveness. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mrp.wps

Evaluation of an Information System : 5 pages in length. Comprehensive discussion and evaluation of the Pawtucket Heart Health Program microcomputer software package, "FPbase." The writer specifically discusses the software package's use with regard to productivity. Excellent reference for those studying Management of Information Systems. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Fpbase.wps

Management Information Systems and Marketing Research : A 4 page paper on the differences, applications, and start up procedures associated with Market research as it specifically related to MIS. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Infsys.wps

Management Information System Proposal : A 15 page proposal paper on the creation of a management information system for a small business. The writer details the nature and needs of the business, and provides two alternative solutions for computerization, along with recommendations and pricing. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mis.wps

Neural Networks / History, Design, & Use in Decision - Making Models : A 16 page research paper on neural networks. The writer defines these computer models of human brain/though patterns, provides an historical overview of their role in artificial intelligence development, and explains in great detail just how neural net systems work. Most importantly, attention is turned to how neural networks are used as decision support systems. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Neuralnt.wps

Neural Networks : A neural network is a circuit designed to replicate the way neurons act and interact in the brain. Neural networks, or cognizers, are computer systems that have the ability to recognize objects and understand speech. A more technical explanation: an artificial neural network is a computer program or hardware device designed to imitate the brain's reliance on a vast array of interconnected cells known as neurons that act like tiny but complex electronic switches. This 25 page paper examines the history, application and decision capabilities of the neural network process. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Neuranet.wps

Pretty Good Privacy : 7 pages in length. The writer discusses the Pretty Good Privacy, an innovative encryption program for computers, which allows email messages to be sent without fear of invasion of privacy. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Prettyp.wps

EDI / Costs & Efficiency : A 5 page research paper on electronic data interchange (EDI), its discovery and evolution over three decades. The writer discusses EDI in terms of electronic trade documentation uses and processes, with focus on manufacturing and shipping. Implementation and ongoing costs are also discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Edicost.wps

Office Automation : A 6 page research paper which examines the changing role of office automation in today’s competitive business environment. The writer demonstrates that keeping up with current technology is a daunting, but necessary, task for all businesses, no matter their size. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Officaut.wps

Office Automation # 2 : A 9 page paper discussing uses of computers and automation in business offices. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Compaut.wps

Information Systems : A 6 page research paper which examines the impact that information systems (IS) are having on the business world. In the business world today, knowledge is all important. IS organize knowledge, structure it, and present it in a way that can be easily utilized. Thus, this is proving to be an invaluable took in today competitive business environment. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Infosyst.wps

Information Technology : A 20 page research paper that investigates information technology, including changes this industry has made in society and in business. Specific examples are given. Finally, one corporation is examined in terms of how it uses information and information technology; an analysis is made regarding the failure of the company to use information when introducing a new product and recommendations are made to improve their use of information. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Infotecn.wps

The Role of Information Technology in the Decision-Making Process :
15 pages in length. A thoroughly-comprehensive analysis of the role that I.T. plays in helping contemporary managers to execute complex decisions. Numerous tools, studies, policies, etc; are examined. Excellent reference for graduate and undergraduate students studying information technology related issues. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Infotech.wps

Economic Transformation In The United States : A 15 page paper that considers the importance of the transformation of the U.S. economy from a manufacturing basis to one determined by the current information/technology focus. This paper demonstrates the effects on corporate structures, including the impacts of the transition on capital formation. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Capform.wps

Information Technology & The Internet : An 18 page paper that discusses the impact of increased utilization of the internet on the information systems departments of many companies. Of major consideration is the impact that the internet has on the architecture, skills, processes and governance of information technologies in conjunction with internet use. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Itnet.wps

Information Technology in the Modern Organization : A 14 page examination of the role that information technology (I.T.) plays in organizational communications. Specifically examined is the U.S. Army, e-mail, and the importance of secrecy, confidentiality, etc; This branch of military is examined as a corporate entity and the overall effectiveness if I.T. is assessed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Itcommu.wps

Information Governance : A 5 page paper discussing information governance and comparing policy creation with the actual reality of life in the information age. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Infgover.doc

The Concepts of Programming Language & Business Applications :
A 13 page paper that provides a substantive overview of the concepts and evolution of programming languages and considers their application in business settings. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Proglang.wps

Computability, Language, & The World of Business : This 14 page paper examines some of the key concepts of computers and their uses, machine languages, and applications for communication in the future. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Complang.rtf

Digitization & Preservation / The Future Of Documentation : A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the issue of information creation, storage and dissemination in an increasingly technological world. This paper considers whether documents that are created and stored through digitization will last into the future. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Digpres.wps

CompuNet & Its Information Technology : An extensive, 11 page case study evaluatively examining CompuNet and its reliance upon a large information technology infrastructure. Examines the internal & external environments and provides a comprehensive S.W.O.T. analysis as well as discussion risks vs. benefits and strategic recommendations for the future. Excellent for those studying management (of) information systems. No Bibliography. Compunet.wps

I.B.M.'s RISC Technology / Wave of the Future ? : 20 pages in length. A comprehensive and technical research document in which the writer examines the history and background of IBM's RISC technology and attempts to determine whether or not continuing with its development will prove to be a wise move for the company in terms of the Power PC and other breakthroughs. Plenty of statistical data and in-depth analyses are provided. An appendix features several charts. Bibliography lists at least 20 sources. Ibmrisc.wps

I.B.M.'s RISC Technology / A Model Dissertation Proposal : A model 8 page dissertation proposal to discuss the possibility of preparing research into whether or not IBM's RISC technology is likely to remain a worthwhile strategy in the future. Goals, barriers & issues, and a fairly lengthy bibliography are included. This paper is linked to a complete version (Ibmrisc.wps; 20 pages)-- Please send us e-mail for more details. Infodiss.wps

Information Technology at PepsiCo : This 15 page report discusses PepsiCo and its information systems. The paper gives an overview of the companies current situation in terms of goals, objectives, strategies and policies, especially as applied to information technology. The writer also discusses a weakness of the organization and suggests possible solutions. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Pepsitec.wps

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM): A 5 page paper that provides an overview of ATM and ATM networks and considers their implications, advantages and disadvantages. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Asyn.wps

Engineering & Computation For 'Switches' / Information Technology :
A detailed look at switches, a technical term for multicast agents which are responsible for regulating access to information services and for effecting the distribution of data. Various switches can be found in the technology of ATM (Automatic Teller Machines) and this 3 page research paper briefly discusses relevant issues in engineering these marvels. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Switches.wps

Two Companies’ Use of the Internet : A 5 page paper discussing two companies that heavily participate in Internet commerce, Gateway 2000 and DLJ Direct. Overall, the promise of great success through Internet marketing has not been realized in most areas of sales, but personal computer sales and online brokerage services have been exceptions. Both are wonderfully suited to Internet commerce: Gateway’s customers obviously are computer literate; DLJ Direct’s customers have come to rely on the ease and rapidity of stock trading using an Internet service. Though the Internet has not reached its full potential as a sales tool, it is heading resolutely in that direction, and to the point that those companies not offering extensive online options to their existing customers may lose those customers to businesses that do. Bibliography lists 6 sources. TwoCos.wps

One Month Of Activity At Gateway 2000 : A 10 page paper evaluating Gateway 2000's varied strategies and strategy implementation based on reports of the company’s activity in a single month. That single month was October, 1998, in which Gateway reported results for the quarter ended in September. Shipments increased 43% for record numbers of PCs shipped while the company’s organizational business also saw dramatic increases. Several new products have been introduced, four of which have been nominated for industry awards. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Gateway2.wps

Information Technology Case Study : A 9 page paper that provides a comprehensive sample case study of a business and evaluations and recommendations based on their operations. The business, Video-Vision provides video cassettes to 50 hotels in 12 countries. Their problem is one regarding inefficient data management .. a new information system is proposed. Charts included. No Bibliography. Videocas.wps

Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. / Information Systems : A 5 page paper offering an overview of Ben & Jerry's Homemade ice cream company. Special emphasis is given to the company's information systems. A SWOT analysis is provided. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Benjerry.wps

The Technological & Scientific Implications of Digital Economy / "Promise and Peril in the Age of Networked Intelligence," by Don Tapscott : A 5 page overview of the scientific and technological implications of the new "digital economy" as revealed in the 1996 book by Don Tapscott. Concentrates on the advantages of computer networking. No additional sources cited. Digital2.wps

National Security Emergencies : A 5 page paper discussing potential threats to national security through computer-related espionage, the ease with which computer hackers can invade both corporate and governmental computer systems, and how willing American business would be to aid the government during times of national security emergencies by helping to develop technologies to counteract such security breaches. Discusses the economical sense on the part of business to participate in such aid. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Natlsecu.wps

Business & Video - Conferencing : A 9 page paper discussing the use of business applications of video-conferencing. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Videocon.wps

Computer-Generated Changes in Home Business : A 5 page paper discussing how home-based businesses have changed in response to the introduction of computers. In years past, anyone in business who wanted their business and their abilities to be taken seriously by both current and prospective clients went to any lengths necessary to hide the fact that their business was home-based. Today, being home-based is a point of pride and so thoroughly has changed business focus that the third most popular home-based business start-up in 1997 was that of computer services. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Homebiz.wps

Computers And The World : An 8 page paper examining the conditions today that involve the computer and the world. Many cultures around the world have been deeply effected by the technological growth that involves the computer. With the development of the today’s computer and technology, the world, for the most part, is becoming such that it works faster and more efficient in relationship to communications and business. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Worldcom.wps

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