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Marketing Case Studies

The Amerada-Hess Corporation & Effect of Marketing Toy Trucks :
8 pages in length. The writer analyzes how selling name brand toy trucks at gas stations during the holiday season ultimately effects consumer perception and buying behavior for the Amerada - Hess Corporation. Numerous keywords relevant to the study of marketing and consumer behavior are utilized throughout this analytical essay. Writer employs insight to assess the effectiveness of using childrens' attitudes to market to parents. Bibliography lists 5+ sources. Hesscons.wps

Business & Marketing Article Reviews : Twelve 2-3 page long reviews of articles relevant to business and marketing with citations for each. Please e-mail us if you need to purchase individual article reviews. Articles.wps

Influences On Coca-Cola’s Stock Prices : A 7 page case study of Coke’s stock values and the changes that could be expected in it following the death of Roberto Goizueta, industry trends and the effects of ever-present competition from Pepsi. Stock value barely wavered following Goizueta’s death; two weeks later, it was up even higher than before. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cokepric.wps

An Analysis Of PepsiCo : A 7 page paper analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the company in the coming months (as of March, 1997). The company isn’t just the Number 2 soft drink manufacturer, they also own Frito-Lay and a group of restaurants including Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell. Frito-Lay enjoys the largest market share of the snack industry both in the U.S. and the world; the group of restaruants collectively is the world’s largest. Bibliography includes 5 cited references. Pepsi.wps

Coke Vs. Pepsi : A 9 page analytical discussion of the historic marketing strategies between Coke and Pepsi. Using applicable business principles, the writer attempts to decide who actually has won the "war." Reasons why Coke leads the industry but has also failed to successfully de-market Pepsi are explored. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cokepepsi.wps *A Marketing Paper

Pepsi -- Past, Present, & Future : An 8 page paper in which the writer presents a detailed history of the Pepsi-Cola/PepsiCo Company and the various obstacles it overcame throughout the course of the 20th century. Information concerning product diversity, product ingredients, pricing strategy, the competitive environment, and more, -- are provided. It is concluded that Pepsi has every chance of someday acquiring a larger share of the market than its chief rival-- The Coca-Cola Company. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Pepsi.wps

PepsiCo Inc. -- Market Position Analysis : A 5 page business management case study of PepsiCo, Inc. as one of the leaders in the soft drink industry. The writer provides an overview of PepsiCo's current development plans as well as a historical perspective on past economic decisions. The writer also considers the affects of competition on the industry, and prospects for PepsiCo's future. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Pepsi2.wps

PepsiCo / Emphasis On Marketing Tropicana Juice : A 15 page paper investigating PepsiCo, in general, and Tropicana, in particular. How the companies are marketed is the operational element considered most closely. PepsiCo acquired Tropicana in 1998 and no substantial changes have been made to date in the marketing strategies for the company. A brief overview, including market share, is provided for each PepsiCo and Tropicana. A SWOT analysis is presented in graphic form. Recommendations are made for the greatest challenge that faces Tropicana. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Tropepsi.wps

The Birth & Marketing Of Coke Classic : A 20 page paper written from a marketing perspective of why Coca-Cola chose in 1985 to scrap its 100-year-old secret formula and change to New Coke, along with the consumer reaction to the switch. By the 1960s, Coke was still market leader, but Pepsi had started growing into a real competitor. Coca-Cola was largely allowed to run itself until Roberto Goizueta was appointed chairman in 1980. In addition to seeing that Coke become profitable again, Goizueta was also willing to take innovative chances that none of his predecessors would have considered. One of those chances was with New Coke, more in response to Pepsi pressures than consumer wishes, as the company was to find. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Cokecla.wps

Coke And Pepsi In The 1990s : A 5 page look at the marketing relationship between Pepsi and Coca-Cola. The late Roberto Goizueta is quoted of having said of Coca-Cola that the company "used to be an American company with a large international business. Now we are a large international company with a sizable American business." Both Coke and Pepsi credit the other with keeping them sharp in marketing and profitability, keeping their bottlers as necessary team members and preserving the loyalty of their customers. Pepicoke.wps

Marketing Domino’s Pizza : An 8 page paper discussing qualities that sets Domino’s marketing efforts apart from those of the other two of the "big three," which includes Pizza Hut and Little Caesar’s. Domino’s looks for—and finds—creative means through which to boost their business while other established competitors and newcomers bicker among themselves. The company appears to be determined to offer the best service and best product possible, but appears to be equally as determined to present themselves as just a measure above their competition. The Domino’s difference, however, is that they let their customers arrive at that conclusion for themselves. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Dominos.wps

Colgate / A Company Whose Products Are Beginning to Fall Behind :
A 5 page paper on the Colgate-Palmolive company --analyzing some of the problems it has had in effectively marketing new toothpaste brands. The writer is concerned that although the company still exists as a major industry leader, Colgate has managed to consistently fall behind its competitors with regard to new toothpaste-types, product diversity, etc; It is argued that Colgate-Palmolive is spending too much of its time and money on other, less-productive ventures. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Colgate.wps

Columbia / HCA Corporation -- The Marketing of Healthcare : An 8 page paper focusing upon the marketing of managed health care, with emphasis on the nation’s largest provider of such services, Columbia/HCA. The company covers all the bases: they own hospitals, psychiatric treatment centers, pharmacy benefits services and have a rapidly growing home health care service. While other such managed health care companies operate with a regional focus, Columbia/HCA’s geographic focus is that of the entire country. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Colhca.wps

DDB Needham Worldwide Communications Group : An 11 page evaluation of marketing prowess and talent in the United States' largest advertising agency in the United States. This marketing case study contains a thorough analysis and all points are well-supported with citations and bibliography listing 11 relevant sources. Ddbneedh.wps

Eastman Kodak / As It Continues To Develop : In this 7 page case study of Kodak, the writer evaluates corporate restructuring and the re-marketability of Photo CD-- a product that has already failed somewhat in the consumer market but went on to be repositioned and targeted towards business consumers anyway. Kodak's marketing strategy and potential for success are analyzed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Kodak.wps

The Modern Camera Industry : This 5 page report discusses the camera industry in terms of its market, number of firms in the industry, products and competition. The well-known American film and camera maker, Eastman Kodak, is also briefly discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Camera.wps

Entrepreneurial Case Study : A short, 4 page case analysis of an individual's attempt to create a business that delivers food to area homes & businesses from several participating restaurants. Discussed are area demographics, socio-economics, pricing strategy, etc; The original handout upon which this case is based is not available. No Bibliography. Manacas4.wps

Liz Claiborne, Inc. : This 10 page essay examines Liz Claiborne, Inc. Headings include: History of the company, including the devastation it experienced in 1993 and how they recovered; SWOT analyses of the company and industry; Values and Advantages; Competitive Advantages; Recommendations; and Action steps. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Lizclai.wps

Liz Claiborne Inc. vs. Donna Karan International : A 15 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of the apparel industry, then focuses upon these two companies, demonstrating strengths and weaknesses as well as current fiscal information. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Lizdonna.wps fashion industry

Mary Kay Cosmetics and Avon Products : A marketing paper of just under 11 pages, in which the writer compares Mary Kay Cosmetics and Avon, the Number 1 (Avon) and Number 2 (Mary Kay) direct sales cosmetics companies in the world. Included are the target market of each company, their strengths and some of their weaknesses. They both face great opportunity both home and abroad, and both seem to be determined to take advantage of that opportunity. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Avon2.wps

Revlon’s Marketing Strategy : This key cosmetics firm is the focus of a 12 page paper on marketing strategy. Campaigns such as Charlie and Fire and Ice are highlighted as is the firm’s recent push of its ColorStay line. A brief historical overview as well as a section on litigation with Jennifer Convertible is provided. Bad publicity as it concerns testing on animals is mentioned. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Revstrat.wps

R.H. Macy's / Case Study : 15 pages in length. An extensive marketing case study of the R.H. Macy's company. Included in the discussion are : Macy's history, changing strategies, several SWOT analyses, industry assessment, implementation of current marketing plan, etc; The writer is extremely subjective and also provides conclusive recommendations for Macy's future based upon the evidence presented. Bibliography lists 6 sources. An excellent resource for business and marketing majors ! Macycase.wps

R.H. Macy’s & The Problem Of Quality Control : A 7 page research paper examining the reasons behind the failure of customer service at "America’s most beloved department store" and suggestions for repairing the damage done to customer service during the financial faux pas of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The writer recommends that Macy’s focuses on the wants and needs of the customer while simultaneously taking very good care of the front-line employees that have the most direct customer contact. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Macys.wps

Bloomingdale’s and Production : A 6 page paper looking at some of the ways Bloomingdale’s can effectively increase the chain’s production. The department store segment of the retail industry has been in decline for more than 20 years, and any chain hoping not only to survive but also flourish must operate the company with a slant that no one else has. Consumers’ complaints have centered around lack of service, and Bloomingdale’s is beginning to address that problem. They also have a lucrative private-label sales segment that no other chain can claim and that they are planning to expand. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Bloomies.wps

Marketing and Business Philosophy of Merck & Co., Inc. : 14 pages in length. Very few companies today can make the claim of being literally centuries old, but one that can is Merck & Company. Merck, along with the other of the world’s large pharmaceutical manufacturers, recently have taken their promotion directly to potential patients as well as to the hospitals and physicians who are able to prescribe their use. Merck and others have begun quoting quantity prices to the largest of the country’s HMOs, something that only a few years ago was never considered. The purpose here is to discover Merck’s promotion and pricing policies, and the underlying reasons for those policies. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Merck.wps

Land's End -- Decline in Catalog Sales / Reasons & Recommendations : A 5 page look at Lands' End's marketing of catalogs throughout the United States. It is cited that sales continued to improve both for the company and for the catalog industry itself from about 1980 to 1989-- when decline suddenly began. Some of the reasons for this include significantly increased competition, rumors of postage increases & inter-state sales taxes, and Land's End's own internal failure to offer a diversified product line and to manage inventory effectively. Recommendations for improvement are made. The original case materials are no longer available. No Bibliography. Landsend.wps

Lands’ End / Catalog Marketing : This 5 page essay explores the success of Lands' End catalog focusing on the companies principle of success, the type of consumer the catalog is designed for and the strategies it uses to appeal to its targeted audience. The paper also compares Land's End to some of its competitors. Landsen2.wps

Lands’ End / Strategies & Techniques : The strategies and techniques used by Lands' End to teach consumers about the company and its products are explored in this 7 page essay. How the company involves the consumer in the company are discussed. Recent print ads are examined with suggestions for an updated ad for one of their products. No bibliography. Lande.wps

Marketing At Gap & J. Crew : A 10 page paper comparing these two bastions of conservative and casual clothing. Wishing to take advantage of the trendiness of hiphop, Gap completely abandoned its conservative—and better funded—customers in favor of product lines that could in no way be described as conservative. The result was that Gap lost customers in droves, and the new ones it attracted soon tired of the new image. J. Crew was built on mail order sales of clothes that could only be described as preppie, but its less than glamorous image has resulted in the company reaching $800 million in annual sales while still being privately held. About to make the same jump that Gap is now recovering from, J. Crew seems to have found an alternative approach. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Jcrew.wps

Ralph Lauren / Marketing A Line Of Children’s Shoes : In 8 pages, the writer discusses whether Ralph Lauren should create a children's line of shoes. Report is essentially a feasibility study. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Ralphl.wps

Reebok’s Marketing Options : An 8 page marketing analysis. Reebok, the second largest athletic shoemaker in the US, makes a wide variety of athletic shoes for every athletic application, and also carries sports-related apparel and accessories lines. From a consumer’s point of view, the company is missing a wealth of marketing opportunity by focusing only on promotion of their own high-dollar promotions, rather than offering any solid information about what it is that makes buying their athletic shoes a wise choice on the part of the consumer. Trends are away from emotion-only sales, but Reebok appears to be unwilling to alter their standard approach. Bibliography lists seven sources. Reebok.wps

Specs Music Corp. as Compared to Coconuts Music : An 11 page research paper-- comparing selected aspects of financial documents each of these companies has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission summarizing the data available for the last full fiscal years for each prior to April, 1997. The retail music industry as a whole is in a slump of over two years’ duration and is expected to decline even further before leveling off. Retail music stores all over the country are closing as they only ineffectively deal with the increased competition from mass marketers and they new, uncharted ground of competition resulting from retail sales over the Internet. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Specs.wps

Starbucks’ Market Share and New Competition : A 6 paper analyzing what keeps Starbucks in the market lead in an extremely competitive market area. The company has grown at a rate of more than 50% every year since 1987, and shows no sign of slowing. They opened a store a day in 1996 and intend to be at the 2,000 mark by the year 2000. Called predatory by some, Starbucks has maintained their growth rate in much the same way as WalMart on its way to becoming a giant. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Starbuck.wps

Famous Amos / Case Study : This 4 page paper explores the fate of Famous Amos' chocolate chip cookies. The paper provides an overview of the company, an analysis of the problems and recommendations as to what Amos could have done to assure long-term success. Bibliography lists 1 source. Amos.wps

Marketing Audit / The Phillip Morris Company : A complete 12 page marketing audit of the Phillip Morris Company in which the writer examines the company's overwhelming advantage in the tobacco industry, marketing environment, legal considerations, pricing strategy, organization, and more. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Philmorr.wps

Land Rover North America, Inc. / Marketing Case Study : A 12 page paper that provides a complex case analysis of Land Rover North America and gives recommendations about their manufacturing and marketing processes. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Landrove.wps

Marketing Audit / Volkswagen : In this 15 page analysis, the writer details the company's (Volkswagen) task environment, sales figures, goals to increase market share, strategic production, customer-satisfaction efforts, R & D, and more. Conclusive recommendations are presented based upon the available research. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Mktaudit.wps

Marketing The Chevrolet Cavalier & Malibu : A 9 page marketing analysis. GM is not the only company to discover the economic joys of giving their customers what they want, but it is certainly the largest. After years of being totally separated from their target market, providing what they guessed the customer wanted despite being able to clearly see what was selling and what was not (they were mostly GM cars), GM appears to have finally learned the rewards of targeting a specific market and then meeting its needs. The company’s intent of rediscovering market niches they had long ago abandoned or lost sight of seems to be working not only in their favor, but in their customers’ too. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chevy.wps

Marketing the Saab : 10 pages in length. Saab is an intriguing car and never fails to turn heads when seen on the road. Though it has been redesigned for 1997, the car was much like the basic Volkswagen beetle for years--it was distinctive in its styling and never changed. The reason it turned heads was because it was distinctive, but also because the sight of one was so unusual. That sight has become even more unusual over the past ten years, but Saab is introducing a new sedan in the spring of 1998 the company hopes will propel them to sales of 150,000 cars worldwide by the year 2000. The US is Saab’s largest market, including their home country of Sweden; the ultimate success of the new sedan depends largely on how it is accepted here. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Marksaab.wps

Saturn’s Marketing Strategy : A 15 page examination of Saturn’s marketing policies. Saturn’s 1990 debut was met with skepticism and ridicule by both auto makers and industry analysts. Saturn’s approach includes one-price, no-haggle purchasing and a three-day "cool down" during which the dealership will accept return of any purchased Saturn with no more than $300 worth of damage. Outselling every comparable car in its class except the Ford Escort by 1994, GM is hanging hopes on its Saturn division for "fixing" its dismal performance in the Japanese market. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Saturn.wps

Harley-Davidson / A Look Back At Marketing Strategies In 1977 : This 10 page paper reviews the Harley Davidson motorcycle company. A brief history of the company is offered, followed by the slump it experienced in the mid-1970s when Japanese manufacturers flooded the American market with their products. Recommendations for actions Harley-Davidson could have taken in the late 1970s are offered. Two tables are provided. No sources cited. HDav.wps

Marketing Strategies of Toys ‘R’ Us : A 12 page research paper examining the recent fortunes of Toys R Us, the largest retailer of toys for kids of all ages, but mostly for the shorter ones. Considered "unstoppable" throughout the 1980’s, mass merchandisers, particularly Wal-Mart, stopped them very effectively in the early 1990’s by using low-priced toys to attract more customers to their stores. Toys R Us has taken a hard look at their no-frills warehouse appearance and has decided to change it in hopes of making their stores fun places to be: if customers spend more time there, they’ll spend more money, too. Nine references cited. Toysrus.wps

Intel / Getting the Chips to the Marketplace : This 15 page paper discusses Intel Corporation, maker of Pentium microprocessors and a leader throughout the world in personal computing. A specific management problem is presented and analyzed (why Intel is not getting sub1000 chips to the market fast enough) and what solutions may be available to the company. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Intlchip.wps

Intel & Microsoft -- The Pricing Strategies of Industry Leaders : A 16 page research paper on Intel's pricing strategy with regard to Pentium chips and Microsoft's pricing strategy regarding Windows and other products. Manufacturing costs, marketing factors, and the competitive environment are all taken into account as the writer discusses Intel's historic pricing patterns and makes predictions for the future while doing the same for Microsoft as well. A number of specific pricing examples and statistical data is provided. Bibliography lists 15+ sources. Pentpric.wps

Microsoft / Overview : A 5 page overview of the historical and present-day Microsoft Corporation. The writer covers history, background, type of business, state of the business, projections and opinions about Microsoft. Bibliography cites 11 sources. Abstract included. Manit.wps[

Microsoft / The First Decade : A 5 page paper on the success of the Microsoft Corporation. Concentrates on the first ten years spanning between 1976 and 1986. Products and management styles are included. Bibliography includes six sources. Microsft.wps

Microsoft / Successful Strategies For Today and Tomorrow : In 1987, a PC Week editorial remarked that Microsoft would have to "pull off a marketing miracle" to get people to use their new version of Windows. Years later, the joke's on PC Week and this 8 page report examines just how Microsoft's strategy has prevailed and how it hopes to continue to do so in the future. Projects, plans, and new Microsoft products & services are presented. A FREE chronology of the company's development is included .Bibliography lists 8 sources. Microsof.wps

Is Microsoft A Monopoly? : This 6 page report discusses the classic definition of monopoly and how Microsoft does or does not fit that description based on basic principles of microeconomics. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Msmono.wps

Telecommunications Deregulation / Microsoft’s $1 Billion Investment In Comcast : A 10 page paper on some of the effects of the 1996 Telecommunications Deregulation and Reform Act. When the first phase of industry deregulation went into effect in 1992, some of the largest phone companies rushed to become cable companies also, but only a few succeeded in making their ventures profitable. Microsoft’s investment in Comcast in 1997 marked the first large-scale attempt to capitalize on deregulation by a related, rather than direct segment of the telecommunications industry. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Comcast.wps

Iridium LLC’s Launch : A 10 page paper discussing the global telecommunications company’s success within one week of the date it began service, making it possible to gain global telephone and paging service through one telephone number. In the planning and building stages from 1987 to 1998, Iridium LLC is the first of six planned global cellular service providers to go operational after getting its network of 66 low-orbiting satellites in place. Iridium begins service with $2.5 billion in debt but great promise for success. The paper provides explanation of general satellite differences, the competition Iridium will face in the future as other companies launch their own services and the relative cost of service. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Iridium.wps

Iridium LLC’s Launch : A 10 page paper discussing the global telecommunications company’s success within one week of the date it began service, making it possible to gain global telephone and paging service through one telephone number. In the planning and building stages from 1987 to 1998, Iridium LLC is the first of six planned global cellular service providers to go operational after getting its network of 66 low-orbiting satellites in place. Iridium begins service with $2.5 billion in debt but great promise for success. The paper provides explanation of general satellite differences, the competition Iridium will face in the future as other companies launch their own services and the relative cost of service. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Iridium.wps

Delta, American & United / Marketing Strategies In A Competitive Era : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the major elements of each of these three airlines and compares their approaches and success. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Delamun.wps

Delta Air Lines Finances And Investment Information : A 5 page paper discussing Delta’s performance during the quarter ended September, 1998, the first quarter of the company’s fiscal year. The fortunes of all airlines has improved with lower fuel prices in the past two years, but Delta has taken advantage of the savings more than some of the other ones have. Delta continues to accumulate record quarters, building their cash reserves while also buying back some of their stock, and they recently have had a stock split that makes investing in the company easier for the small investor. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Delatafin.wps

More People, More Tickets, More Money?—More Marketing! :
A 6 page paper discussing current issues in airline marketing. Because marketing is an especially integral part of the airline business, marketing professionals must have numerous areas of expertise. Bibliography lists five sources. Airline.wps

The Airline Industry / Marketing Strategies, Advertising, Competition & Alliances : Increasing competition in the airline industry in the United States has resulted in an emerging focus on advertising options, marketing strategies, advertising, pricing, competition, alliances and the transformation of company missions. This 62 page paper provides a substantive overview of the issues related to the current airline industry and considers the possible long-term implications of deregulation and emerging global alliances. Bibliography lists 27 sources. Airmark.wps

Strategic Marketing Plan For An Air Freight Business : This 11 page report discusses the development of a strategic marketing plan for an airfreight company. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Markfri.wps

Yahoo! Inc. / A Case Study in Marketing : A 7 page paper that outlines the development and marketing strategies of Yahoo! Inc., the company developed around the Internet search engine. Though this company is only 2 years old, the projections that can be determined by current figures demonstrate the wise management and development practices of the company and the complexity of new products currently being marketed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Yahoo.wps

Marketing at Compaq : A 12 page paper discussing Compaq’s marketing strategy. An adage of sales managers everywhere is "nothing happens until someone sells something." In reaching multi-billion-dollar size, Compaq has indeed sold "something," and a lot of it. The company has now turned their sales attention directly on the first-time computer buyer who would like to have a computer but has been unwilling or unable to pay the necessary price. Compaq’s introduction of the $999 computer in 1997 boosted sales by 43 percent for the quarter, but other companies say that the low-end computer cannot incorporate the latest technology or be profitable Bibliography lists 13 sources. Compaqmk.wps

PowerLeap / Company & Product Overview : 5 pages in length. PowerLeap provides help for those seeking to upgrade their computer systems online. Located at, the company offers a vast array of upgrade options, services and informational fact sheets. In an effort to make one’s computer upgrade a relatively hassle-free experience, the site also supports several discussion groups where people find valuable interaction with other consumers with regard to potential problems about upgrading their systems. The writer offers an overview of the company and its products. No additional sources cited. Powrleap.wps

Multicultural Marketing / Article Review : A 2 page article review dealing with the importance of multicultural consciousness in creating advertising messages and themes in today's more "diversified" world. Full bibliographic citation for the source is included. Markarti.wps

Odor Eater Socks / A Business Case Study : A 6 page paper dealing with the markets acceptability of odor eater sock products. A background of Chipman-Union is given along with an overview of their examination of the markets susceptibility to the marketing of Odor Eater socks. Includes conclusions regarding the proposed marketing of this product and a graph showing the publics receptiveness to buying Odor Eater products as compared to regular products. No Bibliography. Odore.wps

Video Concepts / SWOT Analysis & Case Study : A 6 page "SWOT" (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of a small video store that was doing quite well until Blockbuster Video moved to town. Two years after the arrival of Blockbuster, Video Concepts was still profitable, though only marginally so. It has been said that if the giant retailers are steamships plowing through the ocean, then the small local retailers have to be the cigarette boats zipping around and through them, changing direction at any given time. Video Concepts cannot hope to compete with Blockbuster’s financial resources or national name; they must become actively involved in the community, stress their local ownership in a small North Carolina town where such things are important, and operate more on creativity than cash. Vid-Conc.wps

Purolator Courier, Ltd. : A 15 page paper that includes an overview of the history of Purolator Courier, income for the last two years, improvements made, market share, and strategic alliances. Additionally, a benchmarking study was conducted and recommendations for the company made. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Purolato.wps

United Parcel Service : A 6 page paper discussing the state of business at the world’s most admired package delivery service five quarters beyond the end of the first-ever strike against the company. While Federal Express and the Postal Service market directly to individual customers promoting their standard package delivery services, UPS is targeting the fast-growing business-to-business segment of Internet marketing in offering secure document electronic delivery. The paper includes a SWOT analysis, identification of stakeholders in the private company and an overview of marketing activities. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Upswot2.wps

Internet Marketing Efforts Of Federal Express And The US Postal Service : A 7 page paper primarily comparing the websites of Federal Express and USPS. Internet marketing is growing in size, but many companies and organizations find they are unsure of what direction their Internet efforts should take. The US Postal Service presents a far different image through their website than through their aggressive broadcast advertising, with the website being little more than a means of urging purchase of post office-related items for gift giving. Federal Express’ site is far more useful, and is intriguing in its registry center for government departments shipping documents or packages under the blanket contract held with FedEx. Bibliography lists 9 sources. FedExPost.wps

Marketing Analysis / Retail Clothing Chain : Brief analysis of the company 'Edison Brothers'- Owners of several popular retail clothing chains. Excellent reference for those studying business, retail marketing, or fashion merchandising. Approximately 3 pages worth of text, and several additional charts and figures. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Edisbros.wps

Management / Retail Marketing At A Small Business (Retail) : Complete management & marketing analysis of operations at a small-town retail carpet store. The write pinpoints various problems from a contemporary management suggestions and make recommendations for improvement. Report is 15 pages in length and has 4 illustrative charts as well as a bibliography listing 6 sources to support the writer's ideas. Abcarpet.wps

Viacom’s Challenges : A 6 page paper discussing information from a 1996 case study of Viacom. Viacom has become one of the country’s largest provider of electronic entertainment since its creation in the mid-1980s in response to government anti-trust and deregulation pressures. Though by no means larger than most of its competitors, Viacom’s solid base in all aspects of the entertainment industry ensures that it, or at least peices of it, will be able to sustain its formidable reputation as a market-share theif as the company gives each aspect the full attention of senior management. Bibliography lists 1 source. Viacom.wps

Viacom’s Position In Its Industry : A 10 page paper discussing information from a 1996 case study of Viacom and analyzing Viacom’s position within the framework of Porter’s Five Forces. Viacom has become one of the country’s largest provider of electronic entertainment since its creation in the mid-1980s in response to government anti-trust and deregulation pressures. The paper contains analysis of the internal and external situation also, as well as a SWOT analysis and the final recommendation that CEO Redstone manage the company, rather than absolutely control it, and that if he has not already identified at least one likely candidate to take his place and begun to train him, that he do so right away. No one is totally invincible, even those who seem to be. No additional sources cited. Viacom8.wps

Markets For Hydroponic Produce : This 8 page essay discusses hydroponic lettuce. First, a brief background is provided which includes the reasons hydroponics are not well-thought of in the United States. A marketing plan is offered which identifies the benefits of hydroponically grown lettuce, potential markets, the benefits to those customers, and finally, strategies are offered for enticing them to purchase the product. Hydropon.wps

Bell Atlantic’s Marketing Focus : A 6 page paper discussing marketing possibilities for Bell Atlantic. The company controls nearly all of the local calls made between Maine and Virginia, and covers the area of the country that 25 percent of the nation’s Fortune 500 companies call home. Its local areas also include the country’s largest city and the nation’s capital. Bell Atlantic only recently has entered the long distance market in New York State, and cellular service is its fastest-growing segment of business. Its focus of service and its very size positions it well for global presence in some of the countries of the world’s big emerging markets. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Bell-Atl.wps

Selling Logic To KikiCars, Inc. : A 4 page sales presentation plan for $1,000 worth of radio promotion to a mid-size car dealership. The radio station sales rep attempts to approach the dealership’s manager with a plea for logic: leave existing advertising in place, but run a specific spot on our station promoting a special that is advertised through no other outlet. In that way, you can judge for yourself the effectiveness of advertising with us and see that we truly do produce the results we claim. Sell-it.wps

Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation : This 8 page paper analyzes the title company in terms of its current performance and strategic posture. A SWOT analysis is included as are recommendations for improving the company's performance. The essay is based on a Harvard Business School case study. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Stmboat.wps

Marketing Hilton Hotels : A 6 page paper discussing the marketing climate for the global chain. The chain set out to change their image a decade ago, and they did each component perfectly in keeping the best and discarding the worn and shabby. But at Hilton, image is not only a shell of a picture but a reflection of the true nature of the enterprise and serves as an indicator of what the company is and what the traveler can expect. Surprises are not always welcome in traveling, and Hilton ensures that all the surprises are good ones. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Hiltonds.wps

Hotel Comparison – Marriott Senior Living, Hyatt’s Classic Residence, And The Residence Inn : This 10 page report discusses three hotel chains and the differences between them. Each has capitalized on a new form of hotel facility and management and each serves a unique sector of the market. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hotelmar.wps

Case Study / Makhteshim Chemical Works : This 5 page paper explores the problem of an Israeli company wanting to capture a market share in the flame retardant industry in the United States. Their efforts to date have been unsuccessful. This essay offers recommendations and supporting rationale. Chemwork.wps

Heineken’s Buckler NA Beer : A 10 page paper discussing marketing possibilities faced by Heineken in aiding the success of their nonalcoholic beer, Buckler. Heineken’s overall goal is to be a European company headquartered in Amsterdam, rather than being a Dutch company that does business in Europe. Buckler has been available in France and Spain as well as the Netherlands since its launch, but Heineken has failed either to take advantage of the much larger markets of Germany and Great Britain, and also has failed to identify Buckler with Heineken. The company is well-respected, and it has taken the stance of throwing out Buckler as a stand-alone brand without benefit of identification with Heineken. The paper recommends that Heineken expand Buckler into Europe’s two largest markets and give greater promotional freedom to the operating companies that produce and distribute the formulation. Bibliography lists 1 source. Heineke2.wps

Marketing Tutorial / Petroleum Convenience Store : A 15 page paper discussing eight specific aspects of marketing including, but not limited to, developing a market plan, using market research, segmentation, pricing products and services. The focus is on petroleum/convenience stores which represent a different type of service. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Petrocon.wps

Article Review / Sales Achievement : 1 page review of a Sales & Marketing Management article entitled "Ensuring Excellent Selling," in which the author discusses the habits and techniques of Sales Force award winners. No Bibliography. Salesart.wps *TOTAL PRICE FOR THIS PAPER ONLY 9.95 !

Book Review / How To Increase Sales : 1 page review of a book appropriately-named "How to Increase Sales" by Matthew J. Fishman. The writer briefly describes the importance of customer empathy, effective sales motivation technique, and self-confidence. No other sources used. Salebook.wps

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