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Advertising Industry Study : A 10 page study of the advertising industry with a specific focus on companies within media advertising and the current transformation of major industry players in recent months. Bibliography lists 10 sourcs. Adinst.wps

Images In Advertising / How They Manipulate The Consumer : A 5 page research paper that discusses how advertising campaigns use specific images to manipulate the consumer into believing he or she must have the product. The images appeal to basic and universal desires which is the reason they are so successful. Specific images and companies are used as examples. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Advrimag.wps

Advertising as an Marketing Entry Barrier : A 10 page research paper that looks at advertising a vehicle that can be utilized by an established firm to prevent entry into a market by new entrant competitors. In both the consumer and the industrial markets, those companies that have been pioneers in their particular fields traditionally continue to outsell later entrants. This is so common that the term "pioneering advantage." The writer argues that advertising plays an intrinsic role in establishing this factor. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Admarbar.wps

Advertising as an Marketing Entry Barrier : A 9 page research paper that looks at advertising a vehicle that can be utilized by an established firm to prevent entry into a market by new entrant competitors. In both the consumer and the industrial markets, those companies that have been pioneers in their particular fields traditionally continue to outsell later entrants. This is so common that the term "pioneering advantage." The writer argues that advertising plays an intrinsic role in establishing this factor. Bibliography lists 10 sources. EntryBar.wps

Microeconomics / Advertising and Spending : A 10 page research paper on the necessity for advertising and how advertising affects consumer behavior. The writer presents this information in graphs showing earnings to spending ratios, ROI on advertising, and a discussion on consumer decision-making. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Cnecnadv.wps

Ad Analysis / Advertising Winn-Dixie’s Marketplace Supermarket :
A 6 page paper analyzing a full-page advertisement appearing in the October, 1998, issue of Southern Living. The paper discusses the marketer’s use of image, including color, issues of class and gender and how their services can allow a 40-ish mom to study for her final while using Marketplace non-grocery services to keep her family from missing out on the other things she might otherwise be doing, including making dinner and a birthday cake. Every mother doing something besides mothering is concerned that she does the one without leaving the other undone. This advertisement reflects this stance in its images, and shows respect for those feelings and responsibilities, and does it all through an image that conveys upper-middle class comfort. No bibliography. Winndix.wps

Advertising And Promotion : A 4 page paper discussing the importance of advertising and promotion. Keeping the product in front of the consumer is a prime focus of business, but it is not enough to simply put the name out in the marketplace—it is also necessary to put it in the place where it will not only produce the highest rate of return, but also contribute to building for the future. It’s a lesson from which Levi Strauss is now recovering. They missed a primary segment of their market, and the result has been that not only have they lost market share they had worked so hard to build, but they also have closed plants and laid off a third of their production workers in response to a single advertising misstep that was not rectified before damaging the company’s position. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Ad-tising.wps

Advertising at Levi Strauss : A 10 page paper discussing how Levi’s lost the teen buyer and to what extent the company will go to win them back. Levi Strauss is reported to be a $7 billion company, and has grown in its 140-year history to be one of the anchors of true American culture. Built on being the rough work pants of the West, Levi found that it had neglected its younger buyers and as a result was rapidly losing market share in the US though it was still performing well overseas. The company reassessed its approach to the younger buyer late in 1997 and then directed much of its total advertising budget to regaining lost ground with teens. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Levis.wps

Sex in Advertising : This 20 page report discusses the use of sex in advertising and marketing campaigns. Advertisers readily admit that sex is an important part of their efforts to sell products, especially certain products. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Adsex3.wps

Advertising Dictates Our Perception of Masculinity and Femininity :
A 6 page paper on how advertising tells us what is masculine and what is feminine, and the costs to society and individuals of that representation in relationship to Jean Kilbourne's "Still Killing Us Softly" and Naomi Wolf's "The Beauty Myth." Bibliography lists 7 sources. Killsoft.wps

Canova’s "Pauline" In Alitalia Advertisements : A 4 page paper discussing a single print ad for AlItalia, featuring Antonio Canova’s "Pauline Borghese as Venus Victrix" quite comfortably reclined in the seat of an airplane luxury first class airplane. The paper discusses the blend of old and new, and the illusion of quality and luxury stemming from the images of the ad. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Alitalia.wps

Sex In Advertising : A 6 page paper arguing against the use of sexual images in advertising. Briefly explored are the extreme example of Calvin Klein’s kiddie-porn jeans campaign in 1995 and the outrage--and increased sales--it generated. The paper also looks at the ways in which this advertising approach exploits women, and why marketers continue to use it. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Adsex.wps

Sexual Motivation, Innuendo, and Promise in Advertising : A 5 page paper discussing the subconscious, symbolic, and blatant use of sexuality in the advertising of products ranging from beer to baldness to attract male consumers. The message is clear from advertisers, ‘if you drink the right beer, you’ll get the beautiful woman.’ If you use the right product anti-baldness product, you’ll get the beautiful women. Even if you’re bald, if you drink the right beer . . . you’ll still get the beautiful woman. Bibliography lists four-sources. Adsex2.doc

How "Rolling Stone" Magazine Sells Sex In Their Advertisements :
In 5 pages, the author discusses how sex is used in advertising in "Rolling Stone" magazine as well as in other advertisements. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Sexrs.wps

Female-Exploitative Advertising : A 10 page research paper defining just what constitutes exploitative advertising. Each spring, the print advertisements of the previous year are pooled for judging. It’s awards time again. Winning an award for an ad is a true cap feather, but winning ads are not necessarily the most effective. If an effective ad as one designed with the built-in ability to reach the audience for which it is intended, then one that grabs the attention of a panel of experts is not necessarily the one that will work best for its intended purpose. Calvin Klein indeed captured attention, but that attention was accompanied by accusations of exploitation and kiddie porn. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Femads.wps

The Exploitation Of Women In Advertisments : 7 pages in length. The writer discusses the many ways that women are exploited in advertising. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Expowo.wps

The Role Of The Supermodel In Perfume Advertising : A 6 page paper investigating the creation of the supermodel from the point of view of the perfume industry. The phenomenon of the supermodel is a growing one—in the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s models were largely anonymous, but they began to be spending more time in the public eye after Cheryl Tiegs. Now, they are celebrities in their own right, albeit ones who sell product. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Supermod.wps

Advertising to Children : A 5 page paper discussing the ethics of advertising directly to children. One of the largest and growing consumer markets is that of children under 15 years old. This group increasingly has their own money with which they can make their own decisions, and they are making those decisions with a vengeance. For whatever reason, parents are giving over spending decisions to their children. With older children, it is good training for them to be making many of their own purchasing decisions. But with the young ones, marketing today is becoming increasingly deceptive in its quest for increased creativity. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Adv-Kids.doc

Gender Studies In Saturday Morning Marketing : An 8 page paper looking at the content of both children’s TV shows and the commercials within them from a gender view. Shows discussed are Looney Tunes (Porky Pig), Captain Planet and Muppet Babies. Commercials discussed are those for Oreo Cookies, a motorcycle that comes with a wrench for making bike parts move, triplet babies, and ever-present Barbie. The paper concludes that though there are some instances of gender-specific focus, children’s programming seems to be much less gender-biased than in years past. Bibliography lists two sources. Cartoons.wps

Ambient Advertising : A 5 page essay that describes ambient advertising and gives examples of what it is. Although this form of advertising is receiving a concerted effort in England and other European countries, it is certainly present in the United States and has been for many years. Success stories are also provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ambient.wps

Propaganda in Advertising : An 8 page paper discussing the growth of propaganda in advertising. Most of the complaints of propaganda in advertising address only those campaigns that are blatant in their statements attempting to sway the thinking of consumers. Consumer resistance to such thought-altering attempts is far less than most consumers would care to admit, and the advertisers know it. Edward Bernays and John Dewey were aware of the problem, though for far different reasons. Seventy years in the making, advertising propaganda has come into its own and is no longer limited to traditional advertising methods but also masquerades as new stories and civic-minded corporate responsibility. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Advprop.doc

Propaganda & Advertising # 2 : A 5 page paper discussing the advertising world and its use of propaganda techniques and principles of persuasion as applied to marketing techniques. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Propadv.wps

Advertising During Times Of War : A 6 page paper on how companies need to market and advertise their products and services during wartime. Examined in the paper is how advertisers often have to switch their ads around to include more war themes and express certain patriotic themes. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Warads.wps

Television Commercials / 1950s vs. 1990s : This 7 page research paper investigates the content and format of the commercials aired on television during the 1950s and the commercials in the 1990s. The kinds of products advertised as well as the content and the form of the commercials is different in some ways and much the same in other ways. Specific examples are provided. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Tvad5090.wps

Advertising Campaigns of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s / The Focus on the American Middle Class : This 5 page paper looks at different print advertising campaigns over the course of the last four decades and considers the similarities and differences that exist in terms of target audience, message content, product and pricing information, message complexity, visual imagery and the overall impact of the advertisement related to the nature of the existing market focus. This paper attempts to demonstrate through the evaluation of four specific advertisements (one for each decade) that there was an increasing focus on the targeting of the American middle class as a primary consumer base. Bibliography lists 4 sources. MHad60s.wps

Marketing And Television : This 10 page paper focuses on advertising promotion as it pertains to television. Several aspects are examined including the use of music and lyrics in different cultures. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Marktv.wps

Advertising Ethics -- An Oxymoron? : An 8 page paper asking just where advertising professionals should draw the line in their methods to protect their future, and how much responsibility the manufacturers of legal "vices" have in ensuring that their messages are directed to the proper target, and not put forth in an effort to recruit just one more generation of addicts to their products. One observer says that increased pressures on tobacco advertising prohibition forces the tobacco companies to find new ways to convey their message, and that they could well feel forced to participate in subliminal advertising as one after another of their existing advertising paths are blocked. The paper also addresses sexually exploitative advertising. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Advethic.doc

Value Added / Positive Aspects Of Advertising : 5 pages in length. The writer argues in favor of advertising’s merit asserting that advertising offers much to the American people, including assisting them with the electoral process and other political information, and improving the economy by introducing them to products of which they would otherwise have no knowledge. In addition, advertising brings diversity to media, moving it beyond the realm of reporting. In fact, advertising is its own art form, which grows in sophistication as society becomes more sophisticated. The economic advantages of advertising are stressed. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Adver.wps

Journal Article Review / The Power Of Sex In Advertising : 3 pages in length. In reviewing this article, the writer makes the point that "sex-ads" are not quite as effective as some marketers think-- they provide very little information about the actual product and ultimately distract the audience from buying. Sexads.wps

The Nielsen Ratings & Advertising Cost : A 2 page overview of the Nielsen Ratings, "people meters," and their relevance to determining the cost that sponsors must pay to advertise during more popular TV segments. No Bibliography. Nielsenr.wps

Advertising In Movies / On-Screen Product Placement : A 9 page paper on the benefits and the results of advertising by placing products within movies, TV shows and even CD-Rom-based computer games. Movie studios have long preferred using recognized national brands over generic approximations simply for the realism such product use provides. After Hershey’s Reese’s Pieces skyrocketed in sales following their appearance in the movie E.T., both advertisers and media producers have come to see product placement as a valuable tool: the advertising is inexpensive as national advertising goes, and the added revenues reduce the cost of production of the finished product. Some companies say that product placement is valuable only for brand reinforcement, but research indicates that advertisers can well expect increased sales. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Prodplac.wps

Subtle Advertisements in Film : 2 page opinionated essay and observations of subtle advertising in movies. Argument is based upon Reeses Pieces in "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial" and Calvin Klein in "Back to the Future." No bibliography. Adinmov.wps

Advertising Costs too Much : 2 pages worth of reasons (10 reasons in all) why "advertising costs too much." Excellent for debates. Two bibliographic references. Adcostto.wps

Advertising Costs Too Much # 2 : 5 convincing pages that argue with references why advertising "costs too much" in our contemporary business world. 5 sources listed in bibliography. Excellent ideas for debates. Advtcos2.wps

Advertising Does Not Cost Too Much : 3 pages outlining 10 reasons why advertising does not "cost too much." Excellent ideas for debates. Advtcost.wps

Advertising Is Not Free Press : A series of well-thought argumentative reasons (discussed briefly in 2 pages) why the writer believes that advertising should not fall under 'Freedom of the Press." No Bibliography. Freeadv2.wps

Advertising & Public Opinion : A 6 page essay discussing the relationship between advertising and public opinion. The writer uses Calvin's Klein's alleged "teen sex" ads as a primary case-in-point. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Adpublic.wps

Advertising Should Not Be Censored : 3 pages containing 10 reasons why today's advertising should be considered "freedom of the press" and therefore not be censored. Excellent for debate. No bibliography. Adfrprs.wps

Advertising Software : A 4 page paper discussing, based upon research, how large software companies develop advertising budgets that enable them to monopolistically "outdo" smaller companies who can not afford to compete. The writer feels that advertising should be made available and affordable to all. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Compuadv.wps

Alcohol Advertisements & The Law : A 12 page paper in which the author argues that bans and restrictions placed upon alcohol advertisements violate first amendment rights. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Alcohoad.wps

Budweiser Uses The 4 'p's In Advertising : A 5 page paper exploring how Budweiser makes use of the 4 'p's in their marketing campaigns. Specific examples are offered from actual advertising promotions. Bibliography included. Budweisr.wps

Tobacco Advertising / Should the Federal Government Step In ? : This 3 page paper examines the controversy between the restriction of our freedom of speech, the importance of the tobacco industry to our national economy, and the dangers of smoking,-- especially among the young. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Smoking.wps

Analysis of an Advertisement : 5 page analytical discussion (responses to approximately 11 short answer questions) of a full-page color advertisement for Chloe-Narcisse Perfume. The writer discusses message, audience, reference groups, sociocultural determinants etc; Excellent for those studying subjects such as advertising or marketing. No bibliography. Chloead.wps

Advertisement Analysis / Three Hotels : A 9 page essay that comparatively analyzes print advertisements for three different hotels. The analysis looks at the structure and content of the advertisement and identifies the target audience for each advertisement with evidence to support the writer's conclusions. Socio-cultural and subliminal messages are explored for each ad. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ad3hotel.wps

Analysis of a Lingerie Ad : 6 pages worth of short essay answers to questions about the theme, message, and content of a lingerie ad that appeared in a popular magazine. Examined are the advertiser's use of target marketing, cultural myths, conditioning theory, and more. No Bibliography. Lingerad.wps

Analysis of An Advertisement / Porsche : 7 pages worth of essay answers analyzing a magazine advertisement for cars by Porsche. The writer looks at the ad's message, target audience, reference groups, sociocultural appeal, imagery, encoding, and more. The original ad copy itself is no longer available. No Bibliography. Porsche.wps

Analysis of a Software Advertisement : A complete, 9 page analysis of a print magazine advertisements designed to sell Microsoft Office -- a popular PC/Windows software package. The writer examines that ad's target market, cultural message(s), use of reference groups, psychological screens, and more.
The original advertisement is not included. No Bibliography. Microoff.wps

De-Marketing / Analysis Of An Advertisement : In this 7 page paper, the writer evaluates a print ad for Excedrin -- aimed at de-marketing their rival brand : Tylenol. Discussed are the various techniques used by Excedrin including logo, comparison, cultural appeals, empathy, cognitive theory, and more. The ad is evaluated and determined to be very effective. Original ad copy not available (it is described in detail though !) No Bibliography. Tylenad.wps

Getting Women Hooked - Advertising Goals Of The Tobacco Industry : A 5 page research paper which examines cigarette advertising successfully targeted first women, and then teenagers as a potential market for addiction to tobacco products. The writer examines the history of tobacco advertising, relevant economic factors, and the controversial "Joe Camel" advertising campaign. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hooktob.wps

Legal Opposition To Joe Camel Cigarette Advertisements : A 6 page paper that demonstrates the applicability of legal processes against the RJ Reynolds "Joe Camel" Advertising campaign. This paper supports the belief that limits can be set on this type of advertising without infringing upon First Amendment rights. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Camel.wps

Can Broadcast Media Reject Ads ? : A 6 page essay detailing arguments concerning whether or not broadcast media (Tv, radio, etc;) should be allowed to reject advertisements based upon their content. (Comm/Media, Law, and Advertising). Bibliography lists 12 sources. Broamark.wps

Broadcast Media Advertising / The Choice To Ban Ads? : 12 pages in length. Advertising is a company's primary means by which to sell its product; without television or radio advertising, businesses would have significantly less ability to successfully market their wares. However, there are guidelines even for such a seemingly innocuous concept as plugging one's product, for the advertising industry has become a well-versed and slick operation all its own. Through the years, a distinctive trend has been established with regard to the various methods advertisers employ in order to outshine the competition. Some of these practices are looked upon as being instrumental within such a cutthroat environment; others, however, are viewed as inappropriate and unacceptable. The writer discusses the fact that while the broadcast media are the focal points for such a vast array of advertising techniques, they does not reserve the right to censor public consumption. Bibliography lists 7 sources. BroadBan.wps

Commercials & Television Programming / An Observational Analysis :
In this 5 page essay, the writer reports their observations of television commercials as they occurred during a certain one hour television program. Recorded were the times that commercials occurred, their length, and content. These variables are analyzed with respect to advertising market and other relevant data. An illustrative chart is included .No Bibliography. Tvcomml.wps

Comparative Advertising : 3 pages in length. Comparative Advertising has for some time been the term used to define marketing strategies in which a company's competitors are featured in ads and compared with the company's own product quality. Write discusses use and issues of/concerning this technique. Suggested bibliography lists 11 pertinent sources for further study. Comparad.wps

Footwear Fashions & Advertising : Approximately 4 pages in length. Paper analyzes contemporary (mid-1990's) trends in footwear based upon advertisements promoting designer brands. Excellent for those studying advertising as well as fashion and various other areas of marketing. No Bibliography. Fashnshs.wps

History of Print Advertising : 4 pages of information on early print advertising, the evolution of the newspaper, yellow journalism, etc; No bibliography. Adprint.wps

The Role & Effectiveness of Print Advertising : A 6 page paper on the role and effectiveness of print media in influencing public opinion. Specific magazine ads are analyzed and the usefulness of this media is compared with that of television, radio, etc; Bibliography lists 4 sources. Printadv.wps

International Automobile Advertising : A 10 page research paper investigating the advertising practices in China, Japan, and Sweden, with specific emphasis on advertising automobiles. Research studies looking at cultural values as depicted in commercials were reviewed. One common theme among the countries is youth. There are other commonalties as well as differences. Bibliography is included. Advercar.wps

Pharmaceutical Advertising in Europe & The United States : This 30 page report discusses the similarities and differences of pharmaceutical advertising in the U. S. and Europe. Other advertising issues of importance to the drug industry – cost of advertising, regulatory constraints, advertising ROI, consumer perception – are also examined. The current health care system and its interaction with pharmaceutical companies, as well as the future of the pharmaceutical industry are reviewed. Bibliography lists 33 sources. Pharmacy.wps

State Farm Insurance & Promotion vs. Advertising : A 7 page paper on the corporate background of State Farm, and how a local insurance agent is organized. The writer argues that the agent could cut its advertising budget by utilizing press releases around the varied community activities in which it participates. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Statfarm.wps

Public Service Advertising & "Fear Appeals" / Do They Work, Or Not? : A 5 page paper on the use of advertisements designed to instill fear into the heart of the viewer or reader. The paper assesses the effectiveness of such advertisements, using evidence from a number of scholarly journals, concluding that there are more effective way of imparting important information. Bibliography lists four sources. Fearapp.wps

Money Management Software Advertising Project : A 5 page paper developing an advertising program for a mid-range financial software package geared to online banking and the needs of the home-based business. Most packages furnished by banks and available for sale are completely adequate for the casual user, but beyond those, there is no mid-rang product available, either in capability or in price. The paper discusses the category, user profile, environmental analysis including the market share of existing products, demographics of the intended market and a short marketing strategy. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Mkt-soft.doc

Drunk Driving Campaigns / How They Persuade People Not To Drink : This 5 page paper provides an overview of current drunk driving campaigns and considers the use of persuasion and communication to impact individual choice. This paper also considers the techniques utilized and why they are important in reducing a propensity for drunk driving. No additional sources cited. Drunkdri.wps

Business Ethics

A Look At Business Ethics : A 6 page research essay looking at three examples each of businesses with solid, high ethical standards and those with less-than-high such standards. "Scoundrels" listed are Starbucks Coffee (predatory practices), Hefty trash bags (deceptive environmental advertising at the litigation level) and Columbia/HCA Healthcare (rebates and financial incentives to physicians for using Columbia facilities). The good guys listed are Weyerhauser (solid environmental practices), Mary Kay Cosmetics and Southwest Airlines. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Ethi.wps

Business Ethics : 7 pages in length. The "scoundrels" of today’s business operate from the point that all is fair, depending on who thinks of it and acts on it first. Those with a high level of ethical standards have the added advantage of dedicated and loyal employees who do their best for their company and for its customers. Success can come by way of meanness and shortcut, but it means more when it is achieved through ethical behavior as exhibited by Weyerhauser, Mary Kay and Southwest Airlines. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Ethics.wps

Ethics and Business : A 4 page paper that considers the statement: "ethics has no place in business" and relates this statement to a discussion of companies and multinational operations. Buseth.wps

Business Ethics & Sales Risk : 2 page essay on Business Ethics and 'why companies should assume the majority of the risk and responsibility in any sale.' Well-argued; No Bibliography. Busnethc.wps

Common Morality’s Applicability to Business : 6 pages in length. The concepts of right and wrong seem so simple on the surface. Webster’s defines morality as adherence to a standard of "right human conduct." Superficially, that definition would be easy for the "simple" to understand. When the focus is narrowed, however, it seems that the concept of morality grays in its boundaries. Morality is not only the black and white that the "simple" so seemingly effortlessly can see, with that clear line of demarcation between it and immorality. Focus is increasingly narrowed in our harried lives of today, but all of us are charged with keeping vigilance on the level of standard we will tolerate. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Morbusi.wps

Corporate Social Responsibility : 9 pages in length. Few could argue with Adam Smith’s statement that "It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest." Those businesses that refuse to look after their own self interests will not be businesses long enough to have any impact. At the same time, however, there can certainly be regard for a larger purpose. For some businesses, commitment to a larger purpose would be simply learning the difference between right and wrong, while others take a more responsible view of the role they play in the lives of their employees, their customers, and ultimately how they affect the world. Avis, Federal Express and Sam Walton’s philosophies are used as examples. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Corpresp.wps

Social Responsibility : 5 pages in length. Humanity has turned into a selfish, egotistical and myopic entity. No longer are people more concerned with others than they are with themselves. This move away from benevolence has caused considerable harm to man's reputation, as well as to the manner in which people interact. However, there does not appear to be any signs of significant change to this gross lack of social responsibility; therefore, it is safe to assume that mankind will continue down the road of self-centeredness. The writer interprets a paragraph as it relates to social responsibility. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Socrespn.wps

Ethical Issues in International Marketing : In this 7 page research paper, the writer presents an analysis of ethical issues to be considered when marketing products overseas. Bribery, government interference, and customs clearance are among the many issues discussed. Also examined are ways to deal with the problem(s). Bibliography lists 8 sources. Mktethcs.wps

Bribery In International Business : A 10 page paper discussing incidence of bribery in the international business environment. What’s the difference in all-out bribery and "grease payments," "commissions," "agent fees?" The short answer, and the one correct in the eyes of every international ethics board, is that there is none. Bribery is bribery, and until only recently, the US was the only nation that made bribery in international affairs illegal. Nearly every developed nation has stringent laws against bribery within their borders, but only a few had addressed the international issue before the mid-1990s. Official condemnation by the OECD in 1997 and increasing awareness that bribery even in small amounts robs developing nations of real economic advances are working to reduce bribery’s benefits as an effective, though unethical, business tool. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Bribery.wps

Ethics According to Shaw and Barry : A 12 page paper that discusses ethics according to William H. Shaw and Vincent Barry in terms of moral distinctions, moral arguments, and the relevant facts of the case of Kaveh Moussavi of IBM who refused to bribe Mexican officials. As a result, IBM lost the deal. Weight is given to the philosophies of Kant, Ross and Ruggario as well. Bibliography includes 4 sources. Ibmcase.wps

Kickback Ethics : 5 pages in length. Sometimes, the boundaries between "ethical" and "legal" are totally clear. Other times, however, the distinction is not so easy to make. With the full roles of the US Justice Department, it is unlikely that America will soon dilute the legal stand against kickbacks. Recent measures by French courts have basically removed all of the teeth from any regulatory prohibitions of kickbacks already in place, causing observers to conclude that "the courts have done the dirty work of the politicians." Bibliography lists seven sources. Kidkback.wps

Case In Business Ethics / The Sears Scandal : A 7 page research paper reviewing the Sears auto repair scandal of 1992. Presented are: the fraud perpetrated by Sears' auto repair advisors and mechanics, settlement made by Sears, ethical questions to be considered, a more ethical response. Bibliography is included. Sears.wps

Business Ethics / Nestle's Baby Formula Case : An 8 page research paper investigating the ethics of Nestle's practice of giving free samples of infant formula to new mothers in third world countries. The act is considered in light of utilitarianism as espoused by John Stuart Mill and Immanual Kant. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Nestle.wps

Workplace Ethics / What Can Be Done? : A 10 page paper on the breakdown of ethical standards in the workplace today. It gives statistics on the prevalence of unethical or illegal practices at work, analyzes why these seem to be more prevalent today, and offers solutions. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Wkethics.wps

Tobacco / Issues Surrounding Trade : A 5 page essay exploring the issues surrounding the exporting of tobacco and tobacco products. Is this a policy the United States Government should continue to support in view of its opposition to the use of tobacco within the nation? As one of the top cash products within the country and with hundreds of thousands of people dependent on the industry, the question as to the U.S. government's role in supporting its export is a complex one. The writer discusses the issues in terms of economics and ethics. No bibliography. Tobacoe.wps

Ameritech in Chicago and its Level of Business Ethics : This 5 page report looks at Ameritech of Chicago, Illinois and discusses the performance of the company in terms of its standards of business ethics. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ameritec.wps

Dow Corning’s Breast Implants : A 5 page report on the debate surrounding the use of silicone gel breast implants. Ralph Nader involved himself in the controversy in 1988. Since then, various groups have come forward with comments: consumer groups in favor of the implants, consumer groups in opposition to the implants, attorneys, insurance companies, plastic surgeons, and even Congress. That there have been problems with the implants is a point that no one contests. The issue at the core of the debate is whether silicone migrating to other areas of the body truly is, as was originally thought, biologically inert, or whether it contributes to some hidden reaction. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Implants.wps

Glaxo-Wellcome & The AZT Model [Ethics & Social Responsibility] :
A 5 page paper on the business strategies Glaxo-Wellcome learned from the continued development of AZT and how that lesson was applied to both fiscal and ethical company concerns. The writer argues that the company should be used as a model for other pharmaceutical companies seeking to resolve conflicting fiscal and social responsibility issues. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Glaxo.wps

Improving Organization's Ethical Climate Following Scandal : This 8 page paper discusses the alternative as well as recommended actions for a company to take following a scandal that involves fraud. Corporate ethical conduct is discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ethclim.wpt

"The Power Of Ethical Management"/ Critical Review : A 5 page paper discussing the management/motivation book "The Power of Ethical Management" co-authored by Ken Blanchard ("The One Minute Manager" and "Gung Ho!") and Norman Vincent Peale ("The Power of Positive Thinking"). No additional sources cited. Ethmgmt.wps

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