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Business Plans & Technical Writing

Building a New Home : This well-organized 25 page report details the various procedures and processes necessary in the design and construction of a new "dream home." A sample abstract and letter of transmittal are included. All macro and micro factors are evaluated and analyzed from selecting an architect to choosing a plot upon which to build. The industry and economy are discussed as well. Paper is an excellent reference for those studying business, professional, and technical writing or certain sub-topics in architecture. Bibliography lists approximately 15 sources. Homebild.wps

The Importance Of Business Plans : A 45 page paper that discusses the importance of business plans within the structures of existing companies as well as a part of the process of developing a company. This considers the impact of business plans on two companies, with consideration of the popular literature on the topic. These two businesses, one a large Hospital and the other a small food-service business, both utilized their business plans in different ways. The Hospital utilized a business plan as part of their process of planning determined by their need to consider restructuring. The small business created a business plan as part of their planning for the company and presented this plan to financial lenders in order to secure their small business loan. Buplan.wps

Technical Writing / Washington Mutual’s Proposed Call Center : 15 pages in length. Essentially, this paper is a "style parade" written from a business perspective - employing techniques in technical writing. The basis is the design and implementation of a call center integrating a digital telephone switch and a mainframe computer. There is an Executive Summary for the management types without the technical knowledge necessary for following the detailed information presented; a touch of business case building in the first part of the paper; and a plan of action in designing, implementing and testing the call center. Appendix A supplies a cost project plan spreadsheet for the operations personnel including accounting; Appendix B is a 4-page article written in scientific journal format for the purpose of reporting the call center’s birth in a future issue of Telephony, the leading industry journal. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Callctr.wps

Writing A Successful Business Plan : A 10 page paper on the process of writing a business plan. A necessary tool for approaching either investors or lenders, a well-written business plan is also useful for helping keep a business on track and moving toward its stated goals. The business plan as a management tool helps the manager lead the business and avoid falling into the trap of finding that the company is leading the way, with everyone including management simply trying to keep up. The paper lists the specific sections needed in a well-written plan and the items that should be included in each. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Writepla.wps

Business Plan / Men's Clothing Store In Manhattan (NY City) : A 10 page paper providing a sample business plan for the opening of a new men's clothing store. The plan includes information about the company, principals, marketing strategies, management plan, and financial plan including break-even sales points and month-by-month balance sheets for the first two years. Tables included. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Busmanc.wps

Start-up Realty Business Plan : A 12 page business plan, the sections of which include: Executive Summary, company description, services plan, marketing plan, management plan and financial plan. Financials include breakeven analysis, 6-month cash flow and a balance sheet. The realty company has an arrangement with Bal Harbor complex to maintain offices on site, offer sales of Bal Harbor units and act as property manager for short-term vacation rentals. The company will be located on north Miami Beach Island within the Bal Harbor complex, a high-end condominium complex attractive to vacationing families of means, recent retirees and western European tourists (primarily from Germany). BizPlan2.wps

Funeral Home Business Plan : A 10 page business plan for a funeral home. This plan is necessarily different than many in its demographics analysis and emphasis on "repeat business." Instead, it focuses on viewing the survivors, rather than the deceased, as the customer, and on providing the highest quality service available. Funeral services is rife with corruption, and the focus of this New Jersey funeral home is that of integrity in all that they do. An appendix contains a 6-month cash flow analysis. Bibliography lists 7 sources. BizFunrl.doc

Business Plan For A Start-Up Video Store : A 10 page business plan detailing a proposed video store business and its small town Ohio location. Included in the plan are: mission statement, objectives, market plan, financial statement, start up costs, projected cash flow statement, balance sheets and breakeven analysis for the business. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Busplan.wps

Planning a Petroleum - Convenience Store Business & Managing it :
A 6 page paper discussing the various issues surrounding the hypothetical case of an individual who plans to, in 8 years, become the vice president of a petroleum/convenience store. The issues to be examined and explored involve the many aspects of marketing. Personal marketing, active advertising, sales promotions, public relations, international marketing, organizing and evaluating marketing effort, and ethical involvement. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Petconv.wps

Business Plan for a Start-Up Soul Food Restaurant : A 10 page business plan detailing the proposed business and its downtown Chicago location, the available market, market analysis, keys to success, the company summary, the company’s location and facilities and business description. The financials include a balance sheet, a 9-month cash flow forecast and a break even sales analysis. Soulfood.wps

Business Plan for a Production Company : Well-organized model of a business plan. Written specifically for a fictitious production company, file contains all of the necessary sections for such a project; i.e., Executive Summary, Products & Services Plan, Management Plan, Marketing Plan, Legal Plan, etc; 18 pages in length. Excellent reference for those studying business and marketing, entrepreneurship- or for anyone seeking to create or expand an already existing business. Model business discusses is a music production company. No Bibliography. Busplan.wps

Business Plan For A Start-Up Health Spa : A 10 page business plan detailing the proposed business, the available market, market analysis, keys to success, the company summary, the company’s location and facilities and business description. The financials include a balance sheet, a 9-month cash flow forecast and a breakeven sales analysis. Bizplan.wps

Business Plan For Grocery Story : A 10 page paper proposing a "mom and pop" grocery/produce store. The writer discusses the various details of the business advantages and start up issues. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Psprodp.wps

Formal Plan / Business Writing : A 4 page formal plan based upon a true study designed by a NASA-related agency to determine what type of fish would be best suited for experiments in spaceflight. No Bibliography. Excellent model for those studying business-writing courses. Formalpl.wps

Business Plan -- Clean Air Recycling / Establishing A New Company : This 20 page paper discusses the founding of a new company involved in recycling toner cartridges, tapes and ribbons then reselling those recycled items. An overview of the industry and some of the companies, mostly small businesses, is provided. The writer then describes the company to be established, including a description of the company, risks, management plan, marketing plan, and projected financial data such as cash flow and annual balance statements. Four Tables are included. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Recycltn.wps

Feasibility Study / Boston Business : A 12 page "how-to" on preparing a feasibility for a restaurant in Boston. The author looks at special conditions in Boston, including growth plans and projects, but also considers demographics, business relationships, funding, advertising and business regulations. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Cnboston.wps

The Importance Of Vision And Mission Statements In Corporations : 5 pages in length. Corporations are no different than any other entity of life where there must exist a distinct direction and method of operation. Instilling such components into the corporation's framework in the form of vision and mission statements is essential in the company's overall concept. Without a firm foundation upon which to stand, the corporation cannot expect its employees to maintain their own direction if the company is floundering to ascertain its own. By providing a secure and focused vision toward the corporation's ultimate scope of achievement, as well as a mission statement that defines the more detailed aspects of its vision, a corporation is better equipped to attain its goals. The writer discusses vision and mission statements as they pertain to corporations. Bibliography lists 6 sources. MissionSt.wps

Transferring the Family Restaurant to the Next Generation : This 5 page report discusses important issues to be considered when one generation "hands down" the family restaurant to the next. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Restgen.wps

A "How To" Manual for Business-Related Computer Software : A 7 page technical manual -- prepared by the writer -- on how to use a specific piece of software that organizes calendar appointments and more. Paper is broken down into concise sections and in addition to serving as useful tool for anyone interested in learning about such software, it also exists as an excellent sample of professional & technical writing. No Bibliography. Lotusorg.wps

Palmtop Computers to Enhance Workplace Productivity : In this well-developed 9 page example of professional proposal writing, the author presents a plan to a fictitious executive board designed to replace the company's current technology with palmtop computers in the field-- to better communicate inter-departmental needs. Broken down into sections, the report contains : a problem statement, discussion of solutions, decision analysis, and do forth. This paper is also worthwhile as a model for anyone studying computer-related applications as it contains a thorough, technical analysis of one particular model believed to be the company's best choice.. Recommendations and future predictions are provided. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Palmtops.wps

The Importance of Layout & Design in Written Communication :
This 6 page research paper examines the role of page layout and design in conveying a message via the print media. Specifically considered are the elements of traditional magazine layout and how such successful publications as Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal and LIFE Magazine strive to convey their messages, and the importance of computer software in the continuing evolution of design. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Layout.wps

Opening A Pizzeria : The restaurant industry is the focus of this 5 page paper on how to compete in the pizza business. A basic pizza recipe is included plus hints to make creative choices in this competitive enterprise. Bibliography lists 5 sources.Pizza.rtf

Technical Writing / Washington Mutual’s Proposed Call Center : 15 pages in length. Essentially, this paper is a "style parade" written from a business perspective - employing techniques in technical writing. The basis is the design and implementation of a call center integrating a digital telephone switch and a mainframe computer. There is an Executive Summary for the management types without the technical knowledge necessary for following the detailed information presented; a touch of business case building in the first part of the paper; and a plan of action in designing, implementing and testing the call center. Appendix A supplies a cost project plan spreadsheet for the operations personnel including accounting; Appendix B is a 4-page article written in scientific journal format for the purpose of reporting the call center’s birth in a future issue of Telephony, the leading industry journal. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Callctr.wps

A Sociological View Of Hooter’s™ : A 5 page paper written as a letter to the editor of a newspaper, which has received and printed several disparaging letters with the opening of the city’s first Hooter’s restaurant as their topics. One woman called the new Hooter’s a "breastaurant;" a man wrote in response that the women should tend the kids and not worry about it. This paper gives some sociological insight regarding the popularity of the restaurant and explains some of the country’s fascination with it. Bibliography lists six sources. Hooters.wps

Professional / Business Letter Writing Samples : 2 pages total. This file contains two well-written letters addressing business concerns. One is to the telephone company complaining to them that service was turned off unfairly for "excessive use" without even notifying the customer (he/she had made excessive calls to a foreign country while their parent was fatally ill). The second letter thanks a university for providing such an excellent class (in British & American Writers) and commending the professor who taught it. Lettcomp.wps

Professional Writing Samples # 1 : Four 1 page letters and One 1 page memorandum written as models to demonstratively show how to create persuasive business letters. Some are inter-office, others are prepared as responses to customers. Please call for more details information. No bibliography. Buswrit.wps *5 pages total

Professional Writing Samples # 2 : 5 pages worth of professional writing samples in the format of persuasive letters & memos. Topics included are : a request to a retail store to exchange a product without a receipt, a cover letter for employment, and memos on ways to improve attendance, punctuality, and to shorten the lengths of coffee breaks in a busy office environment. Mycompl.wps

India - Pakistan Memo : 2 pages in length. The writer is a staff member for U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright, who is traveling with her as a senior policy analyst and strategist. Secretary Albright is on her way to meet with leaders of India and Pakistan to develop a meditation taskforce representing both countries with the intent of working out a solution to the tensions that have led to nuclear weapons testing. Secretary Albright has turned to the writer for advice on how to structure this taskforce. The writer drafts a memo addressing the situation. No bibliography. Albright.wps

Association Memo : 2 pages in length. The writer has been enlisted by residents of a condo complex to oversee all future association meetings, as they have reached an unacceptable level of anger and harassment, with nothing ever getting accomplished. Before the writer can address the problem, however, she prepares a memorandum for all residents outlining the way all future meetings will be organized. No additional sources cited. Associat.wps

Presidential Memo : 2 pages in length. The President of the United States has asked the writer to prepare a memo urging Congress to reverse its decision to cut out group therapy from Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Their decision was announced just hours prior to a major policy address on the future of Medicaid and Medicare, and the President needs a comprehensive explanation as to why it is imperative that group therapy remain a covered benefit. No additional sources cited. PrezMemo.wps

Proposal for an Ergonomic Study : A 10 page proposal for funding in research in Ergonomics. Ergonomics has been shown to be highly effective in increasing employee productivity and reducing the costs associated with workman’s comp. claims, medical expenses paid by the company and time lost due to work-related injuries. Additionally, repetitive movement injuries, including those associated with long hours at a keyboard or with the function of a computer mouse, has been said by OSHA to have increased sevenfold during the period between 1983 and 1993. OSHA abandoned ergonomic requirements in 1995, but probably only temporarily. Bibliography lists six sources. Ergo.wps

Proposal To Raise Revenue : A 7 page proposal to significantly increase revenues at a fictitious company. The plan is presented in response to an over-booking, under-staffing, & high overhead problem within this particular organization. The writer specifically proposes to solicit advertisers who offer different products to the same target market as the company -- and sell them "piggyback" packages to display their ads on the featured company's products for a nominal fee. Points are well-argued. No Bibliography. Resuprop.wps

Appeal To A Potential Investor : In this well-written, persuasive letter, the writer attempts to convince a wealthy businessman to put money into currency investing through a specific investor. The writer discusses a "practice" fund setup in the recipient’s name which had already evidenced in ability to yield impressive profits. Russlett.wps

Business Memo / Improving Guest Relations : In this 7 page business memo[randum], the writer suggests to a hospital's executive director ways to make their guest relations program more effective so as to maximize profitability and hold the community's trust. The presentation is carefully broken down into a statement of the problem, listing of the 1objectives, discussion of the decision criteria, analysis, and recommendations. Makes an EXCELLENT model ! Handout from which case information was obtained is no longer available. No Bibliography. Memograd.wps

Writing a Memo : Excellent for the student stuck trying to write one ! This 1 page memo explains precisely what should go into a good memo[randum] and how to go about doing it. No Bibliography. Memowrit.wps

Response Regarding Performance Appraisal : A 3 page letter written in reponse to e-mail from a boss requesting criteria for an employee performance appraisal. The boss asked the employee to provide a list of criteria for that employees review, and the employee responds by creating a list that encompasses broad basis, like leadership skills, with specifically defined criteria, including attendance. Perfappr.wps

Getting Past Writer's Block : A 10 page essay on writer's block. Written largely as a narrative, this paper gives examples of things that can cause a writer to "get stuck," and what they can do to get their "creative juices" flowing once again. A number of insightful techniques are explained. Bibliography lists 6 supporting sources. Writblok.wps

Money Management Software Advertising Project : A 5 page paper developing an advertising program for a mid-range financial software package geared to online banking and the needs of the home-based business. Most packages furnished by banks and available for sale are completely adequate for the casual user, but beyond those, there is no mid-rang product available, either in capability or in price. The paper discusses the category, user profile, environmental analysis including the market share of existing products, demographics of the intended market and a short marketing strategy. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Mkt-soft.doc

"The Sleep Shell": An eight page paper on a fictitious product. The writer has developed an investment proposal for an imaginary investor. Four charts are included, as well as a "marketing survey" and "financial reports." Investpr.wps

Electrocardiograph / Professional Proposal For Purchase : 8 pages in length. TLC Inc. has developed the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art electrocardiograph to date. The ECG, which tracks the electrical stimulation of the heart muscle, is an essential piece of equipment necessary for every contemporary medical facility. The writer attempts to sell the equipment to a hospital administrator who has requested the proposal by pointing out the dire need for such technologically advanced machinery. ECG.wps

Video Script For A Slide Show : Sold as 5 pages. This document contains a standard video script for a business presentation / slide show -- advertising a fictitious car with a special V-14 engine. Graphics, sound effects, etc.-- are all taken into account and written into the script. Vdscript.wps

Registering A Complaint Against A Police Officer : A 2 page letter in which the writer is complaining to the municipal government of a large northeastern city about the poor and unnecessary treatment they received from a police officer during an otherwise "routine" stop. Details of the incident are presented with considerable emotion. Maggicop.wps

Request For A Light Sentence : In this well-argued letter, the writer appeals to the judge of a municipal court in the Northeastern United States to impose a minimum penalty upon their sibling-- who had been found guilty of a crime. Pointed out are the importance of the individual's background, family, etc; Courtlet.wps

The Scissor : This 4 page example is representative of what could be an excerpt from a technical manual. The subject of this example is the scissor. The simple implement is described in great detail. Bibliography lists 2 sources. SAsizzer.wps

Polycarbonate Lens Material : A 5 page paper discussing the history, manufacturing and current status of today’s most popular and fastest-growing of all eyeglass lens materials. Originally used only in safety glasses, polycarbonate formerly was incapable of use as a broad spectrum dress lens material before advances in coatings and manufacturing. Its safety factor and improved coatings and tinting processes have worked to make it highly popular for use in today’s eyeglasses. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Polycarb.wps

Marketing Strategy for a New Product : This 9 page presents a brief marketing strategy for a new product called the "KwikKlip" (a fictious office supply item) and includes a description of the steps to be taken on order to best determine its price, production, promotion, and placement. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Kwikklip.wps

Miscellaneous Business-Related Issues

The Chevrolet Corvette : 6 pages in length. A comprehensive history of the Chevy Corvette (mostly the Sting Ray) and its cultural importance as an American classic collectible. Includes one bar chart demonstrating the number of Corvettes manufactured each decade since their inception. Some good material for those studying consumer behavior. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Corvette.wps

Education in Business Communications
: 6 page discussion of education in business communication; its importance and various pertinent issues. (curriculum, issues management etc;). All topics explored from modern corporate perspectives. Buscomm.wps

The Importance of Communication Skills in Business
: An 8 page overview of the importance of effective communication skills in the business environment. Stresses that communication is important for the success of a business and that this communication is both internal, within the business itself, and between the business and those on the outside. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Buscomm2.wps

The Historical Growth of Small Business in America
: An 11 page research paper on the development of small business in America, various forms of business associations, and its current status. The writer details historical developments, business organizational forms, franchising, entrepreneurship, and related matters. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Busismal.wps

Current Issues Affecting Corporation Boards Of Directors
: 5 pages in length. If there is one constant in the current issues affecting corporation boards of directors, it is that their duties are ever-changing. There was a time when the role of corporation boards of directors was primarily to oversee the company's overall business tactics and make sure that it was performing as expected for the stockholders. Today, however, represents an entirely new breed of directors who have become the ones responsible for assessing management performance, deciding upon issues as important as pensions, as well as addressing many other weighty issues. What is even more enlightening is that directors can now be just as accountable as the rest of the corporation when it comes to back taxes or environmental cleanup costs. The writer discusses current issues affecting corporate boards of directors. Bibliography lists 5 sources. TLCBrdDr.wps

Personal Finance / Estate Planning
: Paper studies the importance of estate/will planning in personal finance. The writer discusses a number of personal issues including reasons for estate planning, procedures, and so forth. Legal issues, taxes, and other possible pitfalls are examined so that the reader will walk away with a more competent knowledge/understanding of estate planning as it relates to finance/law. Estatepl.wps

Century Cable Wants a Bank Loan
: An 8 page bank loan application analysis. On the surface, Century Cable appears to be a growing company with a cash flow problem. On closer inspection, however, it is apparent that they have made no attempt to strengthen their own financial position and have even allowed accounts receivable to increase by more than 30% in a single year. The company is producing material that remains unsold while orders for different types of cable go unfilled for lack of working capital, yet the business invested $110,000 in treasury bonds rather than in itself. The loan officer reviews the 5 Cs of credit and declines their request for additional credit pending the engagement of a financial manager to pull collections in line and ensure that the company’s own bills are paid. No additional sources cited. Centcab.wps

Bill Gates / Model of an Entrepreneur
: A detailed, 6 page discussion of Microsoft C.E.O. Bill Gates' success and the years he spent climbing the ladder to get there. The writer argues as to why Gates represents a model of American entrepreneurship. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Gates.wps

Bill Gates’ Rise To Fortune
: A 4 page biography of Microsoft C.E.O. & billionaire, Bill Gates. Beginning with Gates’ childhood, the writer outlines the development of his competitive ambition and entrepreneurial spirit. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Bgates.wps

"Good Business Equals Good Citizenship
" : A 5 page essay concerning the issue of citizenship and big business. The writer interviews the owner of a modeling agency, who explains the notion of "corporate citizenship" and its implications. Essentially, this essay attempt to grasp what citizenship means and how corporate success can alter, change, or effect that meaning in a positive way. No Bibliography. Citizen.wps

Reflections Upon a Sales Internship
: Approximately 7 pages in length. Paper discusses author's experience as a direct sales intern (canvasser) for Goya foods. No Bibliography. Excellent reference for those studying business and marketing courses. Goyjob.wps

Obtaining Employment in a Competitive Society
: A 12 page essay on getting a job in our competitive contemporary business world. Specifically examined are effective techniques for soliciting for a job, philosophies to adhere to while hunting for a job, resume and cover letter-writing, the usefulness of employment agencies, and entreprenuerialism. No Bibliography. Jobgetti.wps

Organizational Vs. Media Communications Theory
: A comprehensive 9 page discussion in communications theory, analyzing the relevance of the above to business settings. Bibliography lists approximately 20 sources. Commthe2.wps

The Legal Environment of Business
: This 15 page paper discusses the legal environment in which modern business must operate within the constraints of legal and regulatory requirements that effect businesses of all sizes. Issues relating to common law and the judiciary as they apply to business regulation are also briefly discussed. Bibliography lists 11 sources.  Legalenv.wps

The Field Bus In Industry
: A 5 page paper describing the uses of field bus controls in developing networks of barely-related system components. Field bus allows relatively inexpensive networking of such items as building environmental control systems or extended automation of manufacturing processes while allowing use of components that otherwise would be incompatible and only narrowly useful. Bibliography lists 5 sources. FieldBus.wps

Skirball Center / Case Study
: 5 pages in length. The Skirball Center is facing considerable tax implications for not having filed the appropriate Form 990 required for all tax-exempt organizations. It has come to the controller's attention that if an amended 990T is not filed immediately, the Center is in danger of losing its nonprofit status altogether. The writer proposes suggestions for fixing the problem. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Skirball.wps

Purchase or Lease / Making the Decision for a Health & Fitness Club
This 6 page report (which includes a one-page overview of the paper) discusses the decision and the process of examining advantages and disadvantages of leasing versus purchasing a building for a health and fitness club. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Buylease.wps

Transferring the Family Restaurant to the Next Generation
: This 5 page report discusses important issues to be considered when one generation "hands down" the family restaurant to the next. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Restgen.wps

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