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Economic Impact of Industrial Pollution in Korea : 10 pages in length. The UN says that "trade has the potential to contribute to the highest possible level of global sustainable development, but only if social and environmental aspects are considered along with economic benefits. Attention has thus increasingly turned to the significant impacts of trade on the environment." Korea has the distinction of combining environmental awareness with common sense and an economic slant; Korea’s approach would seem to represent the best of all worlds. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Koreaenv.wps

Market Attractiveness Study -- Korea : An 8 page paper on the Korean market for computer software imports. The writer describes the aspects necessary for high market potential, and identifies the target group to whom the product would be sold. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Korean.doc

The Korean War : 14 pages in length. A complete overview of the Korean War-- described as a "new" experience for the United States. Discussed are the War's political objectives, military strategies, and more. An excellently-detailed report ! Bibliography lists 7 sources. Koreawar.wps

Crossing the 38th Parallel, Significance To Korean War : An 8 page essay on the Korean conflict and how crossing the 38th parallel altered the political and military objectives of the war.Bibliography lists 10 sources. 38thp.wps

Chinese Involvement In The Korean War : A 5 page analytical look at why China participated in the Korean War. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Chinkor.wps

The Korean War & Truman’s Seizure Of US Steel Mills : A 25 page research paper. The 1952 Supreme Court case of Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v Sawyer 343 U.S. 579 circumscribed the powers of the presidency for one of the few times in the history of the United States. Citing both the fragility of the national economy and the needs of the fighting troops of the Korean War, President Harry Truman seized most of the country’s steel mills in an effort to avert a steelworkers’ strike that could have put troops in active warfare in even more danger stemming from a lack of necessary machinery and materiel. Strikes were commonplace in 1952 when the Supreme Court determined that Truman had overstepped the bounds provided for the presidency by the framers of the Constitution. Other factors were at play, however, and it appears that not all of them were taken into account by the Court. Bibliography lists 9 sources. KoreaMil.doc

Stalin / USSR Agenda & The Korean War : A 12 page essay on the Stalinist Agenda, the history behind it, and its application to the Korean War, and particularly the 38th Parallel. The writer also addresses the United States’ and United Nations’ agendas along the same thesis. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Ruskorea.wps

Stalin's Rule / Leninist Or Otherwise? : 6 pages in length. There have been many changes from the time Stalin took over for Lenin's leadership; however, it is clear by witnessing the style of leadership Stalin exhibited that he was greatly influenced by Lenin. In fact, it can be argued that Stalin did not take over after Lenin's death; rather, he ascended to it by way of taking example from the late leader's strategy. Many have contended that Lenin groomed Stalin for the position by establishing a system of learning that enabled Stalin to carry forth a great deal of the typical daily government business, as well as tend to a number of domestic and foreign policy issues. However, others assert that as Lenin neared the end, he developed doubts concerning Stalin's ability to take over such a monumental task. The writer discusses whether or not Stalin's rule was influenced by Leninism. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Leninist.wps

The Rise Of The South Korean Economy : An 8 page research paper which examines South Korea’s phenomenal rise toward economic prosperity. The writer also looks at the current economic crisis in Korea and explores possible reasons behind it. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Risekore.wps.

The Asian Economic Crisis As It Affects South Korea : 10 pages in length. The Asian economic crisis of 1997 hit hard the people of South Korea. Fingers point to bad financial investments by politically skewed businessmen as the culprit of what literally crippled several Asian countries, nearly driving them into bankruptcy. The writer touches upon the initial causes, effects and ultimate future outcome for the people of South Korea. Asiane3.wps

Korean Industry During the Currency Crisis : The Asian currency crisis is the focus of this 4 page paper that looks at how businesses are affected in Korea. The beef and agricultural industries as well as Korean banks are two types of businesses that are discussed. Future predictions concerning the economic conditions of the country are included. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Korcrsis.wps

North & South Korea / The Danger of Post Cold War Nuclear Arsenals : A 14 page discussion of the post Cold War nuclear threat imposed by Korea and the socio-political events that have made North Korea so especially dangerous. The writer provides an excellent look at international politics and the problems the U.S. has faced with regard to nuclear proliferation. Great attention is paid to detail. Bibliography lists 11 scholarly sources. Korenuke.wps

Nuclear Tensions Between the U.S. and North Korea : A 20 page paper that presents the nuclear tensions between the United States and North Korea, past and present, and how these tensions have created ongoing economic sanctions against North Korea in the present, despite provisions of the Framework Agreement. This paper postulates a stalemate between the two countries and provides the reasons behind those stalemates. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Nkorea.wps

North Korean Famine : A 35 page paper that explores various issues around the famine, including the U.S.-Korean conflict and how the past influenced the present situation, the statistics and descriptors of the famine itself, the effects of the famine and related nuclear political environment for the East Asian community, the views of various political analysts, and why China doesn't step in. Bibliography lists 22 sources. Korfam.wps

Foreign Aid & Hunger : The subject of foreign aid is addressed in this 5 page paper which focuses on hunger around the world. Special attention is paid to the current problem in North Korea, as they face mass starvation due to recent flooding episodes. The paper supports U.S. foreign aid. Public opinion is noted as is the United States budget and its ability to help. Also cited are alternatives to handing out provisions. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Foreign.wps

Tae Kwon Do, Discipline & Uses : A 2 page, creative essay on the various applications of Tae Kwon Do in modern society. The writer reviews several uses of this Korean martial art and discusses some personal experience with its study. Bibliography lists 1 source. Taekwan.wps

White Badge: A Novel Of Korea : A 5 page paper discussing 4 separate excerpts from the book "White Badge: A Novel of Korea" by Ahn Junghyo. Each section details the realities involved in issues concerning war from the perspective of the men who fight and must somehow endure the hardships. From each segment the reader can easily see the truths of war and it matters not that the soldiers may be Korean, American, or Vietnamese, for they are portrayed as nothing more than human beings. No additional sources cited. Wbadge.wps

Japan’s Relationship With Korea : A 3 page paper discussing the oppressive rule Japan held over Korea during the Japanese occupation 1910–1945. Japan ruled Korea with little regard for the nominal constitution and with the intent of eradicating everything Korean, including the language, from the soul of the Korean people they ruled. Though powerless to overcome the Japanese, the Korean people developed a strong sense of nationalism in response to the occupation. Bibliography lists 6 sources. JapKorea.wps

Modernity: Korea : 5 pages in length. Korea has experienced significant changes during the past several hundred years with regard to modernity. The successes associated with their progress and production as a country as they relate to the global economy, as well as the problems inherently related to the typical growing pains of a nation fraught with strife, have posed considerable obstacles for Korea. As a direct result of the current economic crisis, the Asian country has come to rely heavily upon other financially stable nations to bail them out of economic disaster. Has Korea always been destined for failure, or was there a time when it stood steadfast upon its own two feet? The writer discusses modernity as it relates to Korea. Bibliography lists 4 sources. KoreaMod.wps

The Phillipines

Different Perspectives On The History Of The Philippines : A 5 page research paper that offers two opposing perspective to the acquisition of the Philippines by the US. The writer argues that the official version of this acquisition emphasizes the altruistic characteristics of US colonial rule, but fails to mention the hidden agenda of the US Senate to gain imperial status by acquiring US colonies. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Viewph.wps

The Power of the Datu : A 2 page research paper on the chieftains of the traditional Philippine villages before Spanish conquest. The writer details how the villages functioned and what gave the chiefs their power. Bibliography cites 1 source. Filipin4.wps

Rizal as a Propagandist : A 5 page research paper on Rizal's place in the Propaganda Movement in the Philippines. The writer details what the Propaganda Movement stood for and how the incidents in the novel Noli Me Tangere reflect Rizal's true feelings. An Bibliography lists 2 sources. Filipin3.wps

The Symbolism of Maria Clara in "Noli Me Tangere" : A 4 page research paper on the character's place in the novel, both as a story and as a political symbol. The writer details her actions in the plot, and discusses why she is important. The primary source is cited. Filipin5.wps

The Importance of Cofradia de San Jose : A 3 page essay paper on the religious movement of the Philippines during the eighteenth century. The writer details the history of the group and its significance to native rebellions against Spain. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Filipin2.wps

Filipino History as a Colonial Resistance : A 5 page research paper on the Philippines and resistance to Spanish rule. The writer details the religious, social and economic aspects of Spanish colonialism, and how it helped to create a nationalist spirit in the people which caused a continual state of revolt. Bibliography lists 1 source. Filipin1.wps

The Reality Of American Imperialism : A 5 page paper that reviews presented evidence justifying American Imperialism and demonstrates the way in which photographic evidence was manipulated to support imperialism in the Philipines. Amerimp.wps

The Spanish - American War / U.S. Relations With the Philippines : This 8 page paper analyzes causes of the Spanish-American War as it affected the U.S. acquisition of the Philippines. The U.S. interest in the region, and in Spanish politics, is discussed. Public and political forces that shaped the country in 1898 are dissected. The interest in this subject as the Philippines celebrated 100 years of independence is considered. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Philus.wps spanish-american war

Bataan Death March / The Dichotomy of War : An 11 page paper detailing the events leading up to the Bataan Death March, the march, and the horrors endured by U.S. and Filipino soldiers. Discusses the dichotomy of war and relates how, in actuality, the Japanese invasion had some positive long-term impacts. Bibliography lists eight sources. Bataan.wps

Child Labor & Prostitution In The Philippines : Poverty is blamed for child labor and prostitution in this 10 page paper that focuses on the Philippines. The culture is examined in an attempt to explain the disturbing phenomenon of child abuse which exists in the country. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Childlab.doc child prostitution


The Independence Of India: A Critical Analysis : A 15 page research paper discussing the process of India’s gaining of independence from the British. This paper details and analyzes the history of India, the colonization of India by the British, the process of gaining independence from the British and the transformation since becoming independent. Special emphasis is given to the process of India’s independence, including analysis of the political, social and economic adjustments during and since India’s independence. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Indiai.wps

India / A Country Study : A 5 page paper on the geography, population, and economics of India,-- including its current anti-American trend. Bibliography lists 8 sources. India.wps

Tourism In India : A 6 page essay that explores tourism in India. The writer begins with the reasons India attracts so many visitors and continues through the efforts being made by the Indian government to increase foreign visitors to the country. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Indiatur.wps

The Indian Caste System : More than 10 pages worth of notes on the Indian Caste System and its early history. No bibliography. Castes.wps

Business Practices In India
This 10 page overview looks at the market in India particularly as it pertains to Americans who do business there. Topics include : customs, traditions, language, religion and superstitions and why it is important to understand the culture of a country in which one conducts business. Specific examples include Kentucky Fried Chicken's difficulties as well as McDonald's smoother entry. Bibliography lists12 sources. Busindia.wps

Child Labor in India : The problem of child labor is discussed in this 8 page overview. While India is the country highlighted, the world situation is discussed as well as how the Western world plays a role. Statistics are cited. Recent efforts made by the Indian government to resolve the problem are noted. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Indialab.wps

Patriarchal Bargaining In India & The US : 10 pages in length. While patriarchal bargaining seems very strange to us, not only is it the tradition in India, it is a tradition that is practiced routinely and with fervor. Any business aspiring to invest in India must understand that though patriarchal bargaining is not our way, it is theirs. US companies investing in India must remember that they essentially are guests in the country, and as such, owe it to their hosts to make concessions to India’s old traditions without necessarily embracing them. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Bargain.wps

Ongoing U.S. Investment In India : A 6 page paper that proposes that based on the human resources available, the amount of resource support India needs to improve its infrastructure, and what the U.S. could learn from India's fast-moving economic growth and improvement, the United States should continue to invest resources in India. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Indiaecn.wps

Sikh Organization and Policy : A 7 page paper on the Sikh Organization that discusses how and why it was formed, how the country has responded to it, and what its influence is in the world today. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Sikh.wps

Tantric Tribes and Tantrism : A 7 page research paper in which the writer provides an overview of the tantric tribes of India and the impacts of tantrism on Buddhism and Hinduism. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Tantrist.wps

Dhammapada : 6 page paper on this Buddhist philosophy. The writer explores the history of Buddhism and 'dhamma" and gives a summary of its basic principles. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Dhamma.wps

Ramayana’s Grounding In The Dhammapada : A 5 page paper relating three events of the Ramayana to corresponding verses from the Dhammapada. The events are Rama’s reaction to the news of his banishment; his brother Bharata’s pledge to return the throne to Rama at the end of his term of banishment; and Sita’s abduction. Bibliography lists 1 source. Ramayana.wps

Women in Islam vs. Women in Hinduism : A 7 page paper comparing the lifestyles of these two groups of women. The writer explores the cultural and religious differeces and modern society's perceptions of their traditional roles. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hinduisl.wps

Mohandas Gandhi : This 8 page paper examines the life and legacy of nonviolent political activist Mohandas K. Gandhi, known as the father of India, and includes some recent allegations that the spiritual leader wasn't as saintly has he has been historically portrayed. Bibliography included. MGahn.wps

Mohandas Gandhi as a Role Model : A 5 page style essay on why Mohandas K. Gandhi should serve as a role model for the improvement of our own society today. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Gandhi.wps

Indira Gandhi : This 8 page paper looks at the controversial leadership of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who ruled India from 1966-1977 and from 1980 until her assassination in 1984. Bibliography included. Indirag.wps

Mahatma Gandhi / Spiritual & Political Leader : A 5 page research paper discussing Mahatma Gandhi's accomplishments as a spiritual and political leader. Beginning in South Africa and continuing in India, Gandhi led his followers on a path of non-cooperation and nonresistance. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Mahatma.wps

Payne’s "Life and Death of Mahatma Gandhi" : This 7 page paper looks at Payne’s book in terms of the larger picture that was Gandhi’s life. No additional sources cited. Lifedg.wps

Gandhi's Ideology : 12 pages critically analyzing the ideology of Gandhi (advanced-level research). Bibliography lists 6 references with all page #’s cited. Gandhi2.wps

Lenin and Gandhi / Leadership, Power & the Pursuit of Peace? : 5 pages. Any comparison between Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin might seem obvious in the dichotomy: while Gandhi was considered one of the greatest proponents of non-violence, Lenin was recognized as a significant figure in enacting violence and totalitarianism. But there are a number of similarities that come to light when considering the influence and the structures that supported the leadership of these two men, and an important look at their own perspectives supports this premise. Lengand.wps

Gandhi / Film Review : A 2 page review & overview of the 1982/83 movie "Gandhi." No Bibliography. Keywords : film, India, history..Gandhfil.wps

Cultural Imperialism in India : A 5 page paper on this perceived 'threat' in India. America's Western influence has become imbedded in Indian culture, a situation that not everyone in India sees as a positive element. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Culimp.wps

Population Growth In India : A 3 page essay investigating population growth in India, possible ways to decrease the growth rate and what has been done to date. Options that might be used successfully are offered. Bibliography includes 3 references. Indiapop.wps

Indian Women and the False Promise of Education : 10 pages in length. As India becomes a significant player in the newly-emerging global marketplace, the country's women still remain socially inferior to their male counterparts. This analytical research dpaper specifically examines Indian women, the availability of education, the false promise of employment, and some possible socio-cultural solutions. Indiedu.wps

Jainism / Discussion of an Indian Religion : 6 pages in length. A through discussion of Jainism -- an Indian religion. The writer examines Jainism's history, beliefs, and the social status of its adherents in India. Also looked at are the disparities that exist among the various sects of Jainism. Some comparison is made between Jainsim and Buddhism. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Jainism.wps

Brazil & India / Comparison : A 5 page essay on the diverse populations—their formation and their legacy on today’s democratic world. The piece discusses the similarities between the two countries, with brief mention of early history and concentrating on periods of radical change. The paper posits that the main difference between the past and present for both countries is the application of economic solutions and how this is facilitated by participation in the U.N. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Brazindi.wps

Egypt & India / A Comparison Of Cultures : A 6 page outline of the cultural similarities between Egypt and India. Emphasis is placed on familial structure. Bibliography lists four references. Egyindia.wps

India / The New Nuclear Power : A 15 page research paper which argues that the recent nuclear tests conducted in both India and Pakistan are seen by these countries as political bargaining chips in a dangerous game of nuclear bluff reminiscent of the cold war between the United States and the former Soviet Union. The writer demonstrates that the current nuclear buildup, which was initiated by India, has more to do with the rise of Hindu nationalism in that country then to any real threats to Indian security. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Indiapow.wps

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Other Asian Countries / Mixed Papers

"Asia" / Why Diversity of Cultures Makes This An Inadequate Geographical Term : A 13 page examination of Asia and the diversity of cultures which exists there. Explores culture in general and details how it is culture that makes a people. Concludes that the term "Asia" although inadequate from a geographic standpoint is one which will undoubtedly be in used well into the future. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Asiageog.wps

Pre - 1500 Asia / Cultural Change : A 6 page paper discussing the definition of culture and the factors which interacted to result in cultural change in relation to pre 1500 Asia and its interface with the European world. No bibliography. Pre1500.wps

Post World War II Asia / Order vs. Chaos : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to the chaos that occured through out Asia in the post-World War II era and considers the elemental factors that led to this chaos. The writer also considers the quesiton of whether the chaos was preventable or necessary. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Postasia.wps

Japan’s Economic Relations Wth China : 15 pages in length. Within the past 50 years, Japan’s economic relations with China have moved from that of warily watching the next move of the giant Communist nation to having China being the greatest recipient of Japan’s available foreign direct investment funds and becoming one of Japan’s most important customers for their export goods. With Japan’s success in manufacturing that has put to shame most of the rest of the industrialized world, they found themselves with an excess of wealth to put to use. Originally focused at buying much of America, Japan has since settled on China as the most worthy recipient of their earned wealth. In response, China has prospered. Bibliography lists 8 sources. JERC.wps

Asian Order & Upheaval : An 8 page paper that explores the upheaval experienced by ASEAN countries since World War II. Utilizing the historical/ideological sense of order as a base, the paper explores this issue from the standpoint of Japan since WWII, Vietnam after the Vietnam Conflict, Korean famine/nuclear nonproliferation, and how China sits in relationship to these countries--past and present. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Asianuph.wps

Asia Immediately After World War II : An 8 page essay on why so many Asian countries, reknown for their orderly societies, experienced so much political upheaval after WWII. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Asiapol.wps

Asian National Essay : A 7 page creative & fictitious essay (based on historical facts) of the viewpoint of an Asian national around the turn of the century. The essay is written from the viewpoint of a Vietnamese farmer, who believes in Confucianism, and is hearing the words of Marx talk about collective farming techniques. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Asianess.wps

Ho Chi Minh : A 6 page historical, political, and personal view of the leader of North Vietnam. The writer presents the ideas of various historians and media representatives in the research essay. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hocminh.doc

Asia’s Currency Crisis : A 6 page paper discussing the currency crisis of several ASEAN nations in terms of Keynesian economic theory. Keynesian economics holds that the central government both can and should intervene in national economic trends to prevent economic crises. Though Malaysia’s prime minister has levied accusations of an international consipiracy to undermine the economies of the ASEAN nations, Singapore remained relatively untouched. Singapore also has a long-standing reputation of being much more cautious in controlling economic growth, rather than being at the mercy of it. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Asiacash.wps

Economic Analysis Of Asian Growth Triangles : This 15 page paper examines the Growth Triangle which consists of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, in light of the New Institutional Economics that has recently become popular. The analysis includes projections for the future of the region and considers the currency crisis as well as Asia’s political position in the world. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Astrigro.wps

The Asian Currency Crisis : Perceptions and reactions around the world to the Asian currency crisis is contained in this 12 page paper written during March of 1998. The history of the crisis is traced to its very beginnings. The devaluation of the baht as the incident that sparked the crisis is included and the consequences of the decision is highlighted as well. United States and European involvement is detailed and predictions for the future are also included. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Asiamon.wps

The Asian Economic Crisis As It Affects Thailand : 10 pages in length. The Asian economic crisis of 1997 hit hard the people of Thailand. Fingers point to bad financial investments by politically skewed businessmen as the culprit of what literally crippled several Asian countries, nearly driving them into bankruptcy. The writer touches upon the initial causes, effects and ultimate future outcome for the people of Thailand. Bibliography lists 16 sources. ThaiBaht.rtf

Modernity: Thailand : 5 pages in length. Thailand has endured a long and tumultuous period of development from the time of the early modern age up until present day. The writer discusses how history has paved the road of modernity for Thailand from the early modern age up to the present. Bibliography lists 5 sources. ThaiMod.wps

The Financial Crisis In Indonesia : A 9 page paper discussing the causes and effects of the financial crisis in Indonesia. The means by which the financial crisis in Indonesia and neighboring Asian nations can have an impact on the rest of the world are also briefly discussed, Bibliography lists 10 sources. Indofin.wps

Chinese in Indonesia / Scapegoats : A 15 page paper on the recent economic problems that are plaguing Indonesia and causing many of the citizens to attack the Chinese people of that country. While only a small percentage of Indonesia is comprised of Chinese individuals, it is those Chinese who make up the largest percentage of shop-owners and as a result of this the Chinese have been attacked for causing the rapid economic decline of Indonesia. A brief section on the history of the Chinese in Indonesia is included followed by a section describing some of the riots of 1998. The remainder of the paper is essentially devoted to the politics behind the unrest illustrating that the issue of the economic decline that is plaguing Indonesia is not the fault of the handful of Chinese who live and work there. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Indochi2.wps

Effects of the Asian Currency Crisis : This 8 page paper looks at the effects of the Asian currency crisis on the United States and possible action which could be taken to help the situation. The problem with the presence of nuclear weapons in the region is touched upon. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Curcris.wps

The Asian Currency Crisis and Impact On The U.S. : A 10 page paper that provides a comprehensive overview of the background and current economic conditions in Asian and reflects on the impacts for trade, import/export problems as a result of the currency crisis. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Asiacu.wps

Impact Of Asian Markets On Sweden’s Economy : Sweden’s economic problems are discussed in light of the Asian financial crisis in this 5 page paper. Details concerning specific businesses, primarily in the banking and manufacturing industries, are included. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Swedenec.wps

Mexico’s 1995 Financial Crisis vs. Late 1990’s Financial Problems in Asia :
An 8 page paper discussing the motivations and subsequent behavior of major financial institutions in the 1994-95 financial crisis in Mexico and their response to the recent and current economic problems in Thailand, Indonesia, and Korea. Also discussed are the indicators that led to each situation and how/why the financial world should have been forewarned. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Mexasia.wps

Education In Japan, Korea & China : 9 pages in length. The Asian educational system -- with particular emphasis on Japan, Korea and China -- encompasses many variables with respect to preschool and elementary teachings. While these three countries share much of the same teaching essences with regard to methods and criterion, there still exists a measure of difference among the various applications. The writer compares and contrasts the different components of the three systems of learning. Educat2.wps

India, China and Sub-Saharan Africa / A Brief Comparison : A 4 page research paper that looks at the culture of these three regions in the world. Two specific arenas are emphasized: the role of women and religion. Although distinct differences are present, there is a remarkable similarity between and among the three regions in both arenas. The writer suggests that part of the reason for similarities in the role of women is the religious beliefs that are predominant in each geographical region. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Subsah.wps

The Urbanization of Asia : An 8 page paper on the growing urbanization in Asia. The writer discusses the problems associated with the increased urban population, and its effects on the rural areas. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Asiaurbn.wps

The Asian Economy : A 5 page paper discussing a brief history of, and the current status of, the Asian economy, the factors that have led to its current problems and what steps are being taken to correct them. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Asiane2.wps

The Economic Development of Pacific Rim Countries : An 8 page research paper describing the economic situation of the Pacific Rim countries. The writer attempts to explore the effects of war, environment, and politics on the industrial development of these countries. Also covered is the influence of China on industrialization and the role that Western nations play in the ultimate success or failure of these countries. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Pacificr.wps

ASEAN & APEC / A Comparison : A 5 page research paper which looks at these two organizations which are influencing the economic development of southeast Asia. The writer points out how increased cooperation between these two organizations will create further opportunities in the areas of business and technology through improved communication that promotes the development of financial and physical resources. Bibliography lists 9 sources. APEASEAN.wps

Economic Development Of Southeast Asia : 7 pages in length. The Southeast Asian economic crisis has created quite a ripple effect upon the rest of the world's economic status. Having been caused by a number of occurrences, the crisis has created a great deal of financial hardship for the primary Asian countries involved: Japan, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia. Determining their pattern of individual economic development has led to a better understanding of how such a catastrophic situation could escalate to its current status. The writer discusses economic development as it pertains to Japan, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia. Bibliography lists 11 sources. AsianEc.wps

Dien Bien Phu : A 5 page paper discussing the battle of Dien Bien Phu which involved the French and the Vietminh. The battle surged amidst monsoon weather and the French were beaten nearly to the ground by the attacks of the Viet Minh. within a few months the battle was over and the French had lost any hold in Vietnam. The European struggle in Vietnam ended with this battle. Dienbien.wps

Food Fusion / Comparison Of Common Cuisine Across Two Cultures : Vietnamese and Turkish cuisine is discussed in the context of food fusion, a term used to describe the trend of combining foods from more than one culture. Bibliography lists 11 sources in this 15 page paper. Vietturk.wps

The Role Of Religion In Vietnam Vs. The United States : This 15 page paper compares the primary religions of the two countries while examining their influence in the two widely different societies. Bibliography lists eight sources. Namus.wps

Vietnam Conflict / Role of Peasant Women : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of the role that peasant women played in the Vietnam Conflict. This paper considers their roles, contributions, the mobilization of women, and even the conflicts between emerging social roles and traditional lifestyle. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Peasviet.wps

Role of the Family in Vietnamese Life : An 8 page paper examining the importance of family in Vietnamese life. Specifically explored are the roles of mother, father, children, religion and the concept of the extended family. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Vietfam.wps

Nepal and the Business Climate : A 9 page research paper tracing the dramatic changes Nepal has faced since the monarchy regained control in 1951 after 100 years of forced internal repression and isolationism from the rest of the world. Most of the people live in abject poverty, but forces from both the public and private sectors are working to ease the lives of the people and to help Nepal join in the global economy. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Nepal.wps

Tibetan Refugees : A 6 page research paper that examines how Tibetan refugees have succeed in the difficult task of maintaining their ethnic identity and purpose while in exile. The importance of the Dalai Lama and other contributing factors are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Tibetan.wps

Pakistan / Social Classes : A 7 page paper dealing with the life of the people in Pakistan. Specifically those in the upper class and those who have money. The paper takes a lot of time describing the current social and economic strifes in Pakistan. Pakistan.wps

Pakistan's Economy : In 8 pages, the writer discusses how the economy of Pakistan got to the point that it is today, and some of the measures being taken to reverse the low economic level. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Pakec.wps

Reducing Pakistan’s National Debt : A 7 page paper discussing steps Pakistan needs to take in order to reduce its crushing national debt. For more than 25 years, various governments have attempted to grow Pakistan’s economy for the benefit of the Pakistani people. The economy grew at a rapid and sustained rate averaging 4.9 percent annually for more than 30 years, but an increasing focus on defense spending and unrealistic taxation policies combined with traditionally low domestic savings rates worked to stall the economy and place undue burden on the Pakistani people. The paper argues that Pakistan needs to decrease import and defense spending, equalize and broaden the tax base, and privatize government industry right away. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Pakistand.doc

Fundamentalist Pakistan Based on Politics, not Islam : A 15 page research paper that examines the regime of Pakistan's prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, who recently instituted a fundamentalist Islamic regime in that country. The writer demonstrates that Sharif's real intentions are not religious, but political in their origin and that his policy are in direct opposition to the teachings of Islam. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Isfund.wps

The Indian & Pakistani Atomic Bomb Tests : 5 pages in length. Tensions between India and Pakistan have reached an all-time high. With the detonation of several nuclear bomb tests on both sides, it has now come to the point where the world will tolerate no more such dangerous activity. The writer addresses the conflict between the two nations, as well as discusses what the rest of the world thinks of such a power play. Bibliography lists 5 sources. BombTest.wps

Indian-Pakistani Nuclear Testing : A 5 page paper discussing the current issue of nuclear testing as it relates to India and Pakistan. It has been many years since any nuclear testing has been conducted in any part of the world and the recent tensions between India and Pakistan have apparently brought out the "big guns." On May 11, 1998 -- India tested three nuclear devices 328 feet underground in a remote desert and the tests go on from there. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Ind-paki.wps

India - Pakistan Memo : 2 pages in length. The writer is a staff member for U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright, who is traveling with her as a senior policy analyst and strategist. Secretary Albright is on her way to meet with leaders of India and Pakistan to develop a meditation taskforce representing both countries with the intent of working out a solution to the tensions that have led to nuclear weapons testing. Secretary Albright has turned to the writer for advice on how to structure this taskforce. The writer drafts a memo addressing the situation. No bibliography. Albright.wps

Doing Business in Indonesia : A comprehensive 4 page overview in which the writer discusses situations unique to doing business in Indonesia. Examined are various social and cultural "do's" and "don't" for the American entity looking to establish itself overseas. Examples include understanding the importance of Indonesian, family & ethnic ties, politeness, mannerism, etc; Excellent for those studying basic international business courses. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Indonbus.wps

Hotel Management In Indochina : The subject is explored in a 6 page overview. Specifics of hotel management are listed as well as its application to running a hotel in Indochina. Issues addressed include personnel, management training, security and advertising. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Indochin.wps

French Colonization Of Indochina : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of French colonization in Indochina and considers the elements that led to the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Indofra.wps

The Life and Customs of the People of Java : An 8 page paper discussing the island of Java, its people, its customs, and its societal mindset. The people of Java are Javanese first and Indonesian second. Bibliography lists six sources. Javapeop.doc

Japan and Thailand -- Their Economic Relationship : A 20 page paper discussing the role Japan played and continues to play in the economic development of Thailand. Issues covered include the heavy flow of capital investment by Japan into Thailand, why Japan viewed Thailand as a low-cost manufacturing center, Thailand’s experimentation with its balance of payments, and Thailand’s large scale economic growth in the mid-‘80s. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Japthai.doc

Comparing the Economies of Indonesia and Thailand : A 10 page research paper comparing the similar tracks of the economies of Indonesia and Thailand over the last thirty years. Thailand’s economic future again holds promise for the country and for their people. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Indothai.wps

The Economy Of Thailand : An 8 page research paper dealing with the economic strifes of Thailand. The writer details Thailand’s economic position, and gives some insight into what has happened, what is happening, and what is planned to happen in Thailand. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Thailand.wps

The Thai Baht & The Asian Monetary Crisis : This 15 page paper examines the change in the value of the baht and the events which led up to the July 2, 1997 action which effectively started the Asian currency crisis.Various issues are addressed including the state of businesses within Thailand, effect on trading partners as well as the general economic effect felt around the world. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Thaibaht.wps

Thailand’s Constitution vs. The United States Constitution / A Comparison : This 10 page paper considers a comparison between the constitutions of the United States and Thailand and then relates some fundamental characteristics of the most recent revisions to the Constitution of Thailand that might be beneficial in this country. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Thaius.wps

The Cambodian Business Climate : 9 pages examining the current business climate and how the Cambodian government is working to bring the country into the global market. Of course there are political obstacles, and heavy trafficking in both heroin and prostitution remains, but there are also positive measures being taken by the Cambodian government to bring problem areas under control. The country has applied for membership in ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN member countries are collectively experiencing the world’s fastest economic growth rate, and Cambodia is eager to fully participate. As the government works to promote political and economic stability, businesses are encouraged to cautiously take part in the growing Cambodian economy. Bibliography lists 21 sources. Cambodia.wps

Malaysian Case Study / Vision 2020 : A 7 page case study of the growth of the Malaysian economy over the years between 1985 and 1993. As a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASAN), Malaysia is following the lead of some of ASAN’s pioneers in true economic growth and an improvement in the standard of living of its people through the careful design and implementation of a series of five-year plans. Malaysia’s goal is to become fully developed by the year 2020. The country has had some setbacks along the way, but Malaysia is well on its way to attaining its stated goal. Bibliography lists ten sources. Malaysia.wps

International Trade Models & Asian Trade / Increasing World Focus :
A comprehensive 60 page research paper in which the writer provides an overview of trade in Asia, considers the application of specific trade models, and demonstrates how governmental structures and increasing technologies can impact trade patterns. Bibliography lists 26 sources. Asiatr.wps

The Inherent Instability Of Southeast Asia : The region is explored in this 20 page paper that suggests the area is much weaker than it appears on the surface. This is proposed despite the apparent success of ASEAN and continued positive outlook by some. Several areas are discussed including the history of the region in addition to social problems, such as the sex and drug trades. Politics is another area explored. All is discussed within the context of the economy which currently faces a monetary crisis. Bibliography lists 50 sources. Seasia.rtf

Malaysian Multi-Media Super Corridor : This 9 page paper discusses different aspects of the Malaysian Multi-Media Super Corridor including what it is and some of the international companies that have made a commitment to be a part of this major project. The Malaysian Prime Minister's vision for Malaysia 2020 is also discussed as this is another component of the MSC. Bibliography lists 6 sources. MSC.wps

Civil Rights Violations in Burma : A 6 page paper describing the social and political ramifications of the civil rights violations currently taking place under the current dictatorship in Burma. The author considers the effects of these violations in regards to ethnicity, religion, and the economic status of companies currently doing business in Burma. Because of the current political climate and the effects that brutal troops have on the social climate, many foreign companies have decided to pull out of Burma. But this transition, along with proposed US sanctions, could have very negative effects on the citizens of Burma. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Burma.wps

Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk), Kemalism, and Modern Turkey : A 25 page paper describing Mustafa Kemal's (later named ‘Ataturk’) principles of Kemalism and the political reshaping of the Turkish Republic under his rule. This paper provides an overview of each of the principles of Kemalism: republicanism, nationalism, populism, etatism, secularism and reformism, and demonstrates the way in which Kemal promoted these in the development of the Turkish Republic. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Ataturk.wps

Dictatorships / Cause & Effects : A 4 page paper on Turkey and the dictatorship of that country. The writer describes the factors common to dictatorships, and the long and short term effects. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Dictturk.wps

Habia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey : A 10 page research paper on the history, construction and ideology surrounding this mathematically designed Christian church that is now a museum in Istanbul. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Cnsophia.wps

Tourism in Turkey : This 20 page paper examines the pros and cons of tourism in Turkey. The Turkish government has been actively pursuing the tourist trade since the 1980's. Economic flux, the need to develop an infrastructure which will include modern roads, hospitals and schools to support the growing population and to help ease its path towards membership of the European Community (EC), are all reasons for developing and encouraging tourism. Whether in search of sand, sea, sun, ancient culture, cruises and water sports, museums, temples, bazaars and, or, souvenir shops the visitor to Turkey will find anything the traveler desires. All this has been balanced by the political unrest and instances of terrorism. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Turktour.wps

Fighting For Equality In Asia : A 6 page paper on the struggle for women to gain equality in Asia. The paper focuses on the social status, and or the lack there of, for women in both China and India. The paper is a cross cultural comparison of the two countries in an attempt to show how their differing societies deal with women and women related issues. No additional sources cited. Womcul.wps

Asian Women & Non-Asian Males / Attraction of Culture : A 10 page paper that outlines the appeal of Asian women to non-Asian males, considering issues of history, culture and the changing role of women. This paper argues that cultural factors, including the sense of subservience of women perceived in the Asian culture, and not physical characteristics, that underscores systematic and sociologically linked attraction and the prevalence of mail-order bride operations. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Asiawomn.wps

Zen Buddhism : This 4 page paper looks at the cultural impact of Zen Buddhism on the Eastern and Western communities. The writer looks at the transitions in Buddhist perspectives within Asian countries, including Japan, and the effects of the introduction of Zen Buddhism into Western philosophies in the 1950s. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Buddhism1.wps

Hurried Children: Asian Vs. Canadian : 6 pages in length. There is considerable difference in the hurriedness of education between Canadian and Asian children. It has long been a tradition that Asian children academically apply themselves to the best of their ability -- and even then some -- in order to effectively have the opportunity to pursue one's life dreams. Canadian children are part of a much more relaxed system of education in that while encouragement is, indeed, an influencing aspect, it is nothing like the rigidity of Asian expectations. The writer discusses hurried children as it relates to Asia and Canada. Bibliography lists 12 sources. HurryKid.wps

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