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Papers On Issues Concerning Journalism

History & The Media : A 7 page paper giving a brief history of journalism which discusses the media’s role in shaping history (a recounting it). Also discusses the differences between naturalism and realism in journalistic reporting. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Media.wps

History of Writing : A 10 page paper which gives an historical overview of the history of writing, beginning with the hieroglyphics and progressing to present day. Discusses such achievements as Gutenberg's printing press and the creation of punctuation. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Writing.wps

Print Media Analyzed : A 3 page paper which defines print media, explains its importance and effect on society, and its struggle to compete in an age of ‘instant’ information. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Printmed.wps

Elizabeth Mallet & The Daily Courant : An 8 page proposal for a research study that considers the role of Elizabeth Mallet in the founding of the Daily Courant, England’s first daily newspaper, and evaluates the gender-based biases that have resulted in her subjugation in history to later publisher Samuel Buckley and the use of the pseudonym Edward Mallet in reviews of the history of her era. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Courant.wps

Williams and Sowell / American Journalism : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the influence of journalists like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell on American journalism. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Sewellw.wps

Protest As A Way To Change : An 8 page paper examining the civil rights movement of the 50's, 60's, and 70's and how protest has brought about change in our nation. Also examines the Women's Movement as a second pier protest and looks at the meaning and overall impact turbulent and peaceful protest has had on our society. Bibliography lists 1 source. Protestc.wps

Dick Schaap, Journalist : A 4 page essay examining whether sports writer and broadcast sports and news journalist Dick Schaap qualifies more as a journalist or as a literary writer. The paper includes excerpts from one of his 32 books and from an ABC news broadcast for examination. Schaap has won journalistic awards over the last 30 years for a variety of topics, including an Emmy for the "20/20" study he both wrote and reported on the drug addiction nightmare of comedian Sid Cesar. The paper concludes that Schaap is indeed a journalist. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Schaap.wps

Ernie Pyle, World War II Journalist : A 10 page paper that considers the elements of the work of Ernie Pyle that made him one of the most copied journalists of the century. This paper provides an overview of the work of Pyle within the scope of World War II. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Erniepyl.wps

Participatory Journalism : The debate on the ethics of this style of journalism is explored in this 7 page paper. John Reed and George Plimpton are cited as possessing such a style. Opinions from others such as Tom Brokaw and Mary Matalin are expressed. Examples of journalistic techniques are provided. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Jurnlsm.wps

Yellow Journalism : 10 pages in length. Just prior to 1900, there was an explosion of such literary significance that it still taints news reporting over one hundred years later. Yellow journalism, the sensationalistic tactics that opened up an entirely new venue of newspaper reporting, utilized some of the most unscrupulous tactics in order to sell a story. The primary participants in this era of underhanded journalism were William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, both highly talented and shrewd publishers. The writer discusses the effects of yellow journalism at the turn of the century, as well as addresses its aftermath on contemporary media. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Yeljourn.wps

"History Of Women In Journalism" by Beasely and Gibbons : A 5 page paper discussing the book "Taking Their Place" which details the history of women in journalism. Various notable female journalists are briefly discussed, as are the challenges they faced. Bibliography lists three sources. Journalw.doc

Toronto’s Newspaper Industry : A 10 page paper on the industry that discusses the number of changes the city’s newspaper industry experienced during the 1990s. The writer reviews some of the newspapers under the new banner of the CNA and he OCNA--a lobbying organization formed to protect the autonomy of the Canadian industry. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Toronto.wps

Time Magazine 1 : A 2 page discussion of a current issue of Time Magazine. The issues addressed include the targeted audience, it s age, economic status, education level, gender, and marital status. In addition an evaluation of ten various advertisements is addressed, illustrating the audience targeted and the general feel of the advertisement. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Timemag1.wps

Time Magazine 2 : A 2 page paper addressing one particular advertisement within a current issue of Time Magazine. The ad examined is one for an IBM notebook computer. The issues discussed involve the colors used in the ad, the picture itself, the people within the ad, and the setting of the ad. Other issues address images or ideas that the ad evokes in this writer, as well as the mood it indicates, and any other pertinent information relating to the evaluation of the ad. bibliography lists 2 sources. Timemag2.wps

Time Magazine 3 : A 3 page paper that thoroughly examines one advertisement from a current issue of Time Magazine. The advertisement is from IBM and is for Borders books. The ad is examined in regards to the targeted audience. Issues include the ad and the magazines use of it, the scenes, the colors, the written message, and other aspects which fully define its intent. Also discussed is how the message gets an individual to think or feel a certain way. Bibliography lists 1 source. Timemag3.wps

The Newspaper Industry’s Contribution to the Economy : This 5 page report discusses the newspaper industry in general and its economic contributions. Throughout the modern age, newspapers’ main function has always been to report the news events of the day and provide information about current events. Newspapers also provide commentary on the news, advocate various public policies, furnish special information and advice to readers, and generally include "entertainment" features. In fact, a daily newspaper is a mainstay of American life. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Newpaimp.wps

Media Bias & Editorials : The subject of media bias is explored by looking at political editorials from various newspapers. The myth of the liberal press is the focus of this 9 page essay. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Mediabia.wps

19th Century Media Reaction to Lincoln's Gettysburg Address : 13 pages discussing journalistic accounts of Lincoln's infamous Gettysburg address just after it was delivered. No Bibliography available. Gettysbg.wps

Martin Luther King Jr. / News Magazine Views of a Black Leader :
An 8 page paper that provides a comprehensive overview of the period surrounding the "Freedom March" of August 1963 and the portrayal of Martin Luther King, Jr. in the news media. This paper evaluates actual primary sources from 1963, including Time, Newsweek and US News and World Report as they presented conflicting views of MLK as a leader. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Kingmen.wps

Vietnam War / Mainstream Press Coverage Of The Tet Offensive :
A 7 page research paper which examines how the New York Times covered the Tet Offensive of the Vietnam War using only primary sources. The writer looks at the original articles published between Jan. 31 and Feb. 7, 1968, and concludes that, despite the tendency of the conservative right to blame the American withdrawal from Vietnam on the media, the coverage was accurate, factual, and unbiased. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Presstet.wps

Howard Kurtz’s "Media Circus" : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the major points in Kurtz book which critically analyzes public journalism and the newspaper industry. No additional sources cited. Mediacir.wps

How Our Media Portrays the Middle East : A 4 page paper which examines one article in Newsweek Magazine that deals with the Middle East. This article is discussed in terms of how it portrays Americans as "us," and Middle East citizens as "them." The many subtle and underlying attitudes are illustrated as well as the not so obvious illustrations that portray each country differently. America is known for always depicting other countries as somehow not as powerful, advanced, intelligent, or as spiritual as we are. this article is thoroughly examined in regards to these types of issues. Bibliography lists 1 source. RAthem.wps

Journalism / Model News Articles : 6 pages in total length. This file contains two fictitious newspaper articles written for study by those pursuing degrees and/or careers in journalism. These writings follow all rules of this genre ; One is on students protesting tuition hikes at a specific college and the other is on a controversial speaker's guest appearance at that same college. Journas2.wps

Journalism / Model News Articles # 2 : 9 pages in length. This file contains three fictitious newspaper articles written for study by those pursuing degrees and/or careers in journalism. These writings follow all rules of this genre-- and are about different subjects concerning school & local politics. Please send us e-mail for more details. Journasm.wps

Model Press Releases : A total of 3 pages containing the text of 7 fictitious press releases to be used as models for those studying journalism. Topics include community programs, accomplishments of local individuals, and public education. No Bibliography. Pressrel.wps

Journalistic Objectivity: Technology And Politics : An 8 page overview of objectivity in journalism. Presents a correlation between the level of technological advancement and the degree of lack of objectivity. Bibliography lists 8 sources. MediaObj.wps

The Press & The President : A 5 page paper discussing the involvement of the press in the lives of the presidents of the 1930’s in comparison to their involvement in the life of the current president, President Clinton. The press has always been very actively interested in the lives of the presidents of the United States, but while it seems as though they may be more vicious today than they were in the 1930’s, in some ways they are just as cold and cruel in their attacks. The difference may be that we are much more aware of many aspects today than the citizens of the United States years ago. In that respect it may only the subject matter has changed, with the perseverance of the press still the same. Bibliography lists many sources. Presclin.wps

National Geographic Magazine : 8 pages in length. National Geographic Magazine is a publication about man and his world, a planet that houses nearly six billion inhabitants. Promoting understanding of all life and land, National Geographic strives to impart knowledge, excitement, vision and the pursuit of exploration within each and every issue. Also integral to the overall individuality and uniqueness of its publication is the fact that each issue includes at least one map so that readers gain a significantly better idea about geographic nature of the article they are reading. The writer discusses various issues with regard to National Geographic Magazine. Bibliography lists 6 sources. NatGeoMg.wps

Ratings Systems For Comic Books : A 5 page persuasive essay discussing why a clearer ratings system is needed for comic books, replacing the existing Comics Code Authority (CCA) which provides only a vague distinction and an ambiguous set of standards. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Comrate.wps

Ratings Systems For Comic Books : A 5 page persuasive essay discussing why a clearer ratings system is needed for comic books, replacing the existing Comics Code Authority (CCA) which provides only a vague distinction and an ambiguous set of standards. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Combook.wps

Linguistics, Speech, & Hearing

Why We Speak Different Languages : 6 pages in length. Spoken language is the most fundamental form of communication between human beings, yet its origin is quite elusive. From grunts and snorts back in the Neanderthal age to the most sophisticated of speech patterns of present day, the evolution of language has incorporated myriad changes and still continues to be a work in progress. The writer chronicles the origin of language as best we know it, as well as distinguishes the difference among the many varieties. Bibliography included. Lanspeak.wps

Old English vs. Contemporary English / The Same Language? : A 5 page paper that addresses the similarities and differences between Old English and contemporary English and debates whether they can be considered elements of the same fundamental language. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Oldeng.wps

Social & Cultural Factors In Spoken English : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the impact of social and cultural elements on the progression of language development and focuses specifically on the impacts for Aboriginal, Australian and Asian English. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Scengli.wps

Deixis & Deictic Expression : A 5 page paper on the use of deictic expressions and their semantic role in both English and other languages. The paper includes a number of uses of deixis at work. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Deixis.wps

Language Theory / Frege vs. Kripke : A 6 page discussion of language theory as presented by Frege and also by Kipke. Each of these theorists held disparate views concerning the structure of language in relation to its ability to connect to the outside world. Many interesting points concerning linguistics are examined. No Bibliography. Langphi.wps

"Rethinking Language Arts" by Nina Zaragoza : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of Zaragoza's book. This paper supports the premises created by Zaragoza in applying her educational philosophy to classroom constructs. Bibliography lists no additional sources. NinaZ.doc

Lexical Cohesion : An 11 page paper that presents the concept of lexical cohesion as designed by Halliday and Hasan, and demonstrates that there are a number of reason this concept is problematic. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Lexicalc.wps

Language Development in Children with Cochlear Implants : An 8 page paper that provides a comprehensive overview of the different elements of language development in children with cochlear implants. This paper focuses primarily on the early developmental processes and demonstrates the progression of speech production. The research in this paper is primarily based on journal articles and as a result, gives a substantive overview of the subject. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Cochlear.wps

Linguistics And The Use Of Indirectness In Language : Indirect language is often used as a means of determining politeness, for self-protection, in language representative of particular cultures and as a means of conveying humor. This 15 page paper considers the linguistic components of Indirectness in a number of different scenarios and considers the range of its application across a variety of languages. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Lingdire.wps

Chomsky's Theories Concerning the Acquisition of Language : A 5 page research paper that examines how the language theories of Noam Chomsky differed from those that proceeded it . The writer demonstrates how a computer program that analyzes language has substantiated much of Chomsky's controversial theory. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Chomsky.wps

American English As A Globalization Tool : A 15 page research paper that describes how American English has affected globalization. In an argument that American English is accidental, and perhaps an interim communications tool, the writer reviews examples of how other languages contributed to the creation of American English, and explores how American English has increased worldwide to become the second-largest language in the world and the secondary language of most of the world population. Much of this growth has spurred alarm and criticism of the spread of American English. The writer explores two views on the issue in relationship, particularly in regard to the influence of the Internet and the communications industry, generally. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Amglobal.wps

Issue / Language Changes Context : A 12 page research paper addressing the debate on whether context shapes language or language shapes context. The writer argues that only language can shape context because even context-supportive theorists argue that context is static and only language is changing. To support the argument, the writer focuses on language that has moved a nation, specifically that used by Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, and William Clinton. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Cnlangcn.wps

Onomatopoeia / An Important Linguistic Element : 3 pages in length. A very basic look at Onomatopoeia-- words that imitate or suggest the sound made by something. Favorite examples include the words "cuckoo," "whoosh," "plop," and "sizzle." In this 4 page essay, the writer mentions the significance of Onomatopoeia to certain forms of music .. to the development of the Japanese language .. and more..Bibliography lists 6 sources. Onamatop.wps

Cyberspace & Its Negative Impact On Language : A 3 page essay expressing the opinion that cyberspace will destroy languages as they are written today, as evidenced by grammatical errors, revisions in typography, and an obsession with visual images over textual images. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Cybrlang.wps

Neil Postman’s "Technopoly"/ Technology Damaging Communication :
A 5 page paper examining Postman’s book. Author Neil Postman is certain that the age of technology will be the end of any ability of communicating with one another that we now currently retain. He laments the passing of the tool-using age without acknowledging that rather than abandoning the use of tools, we are further embracing them, though in modified form. Though he raises valid concerns, he never quite finishes a thought or arrives at a logical, well-considered conclusion. Bibliography lists 1 source. Technopy.doc

The Judgement of Thamus : This is a 5 page paper that reviews the essay "Judgement of Thamus" by Neil Postman in terms of Postman's presentation on the concept of the role of technology in education and information dispersal. No additional sources cited. Thamus.wps

Techniques for Increasing Literacy : A short 4 page review of literature discussing ways for teachers to increase early childhood literacy. Included in the discussion are such techniques as : read-alouds, teaching Braille and sign language to all students, and more. Adult literacy and relevant techniques are mentioned as well. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Literart.wps

Increasing Reading Comprehension Skills in Elementary School Students : A 5 page research paper exploring processes for increasing reading comprehension skills among elementary school students. One specific strategy is explored in depth: POSSE which can be used on top of the existing curriculum, including whole language. Bibliography includes 5 references. Readingc.wps

Improving Reading Comprehension Skills for 4th Grade Students :
A 15 research study paper that provides an overview of the current literature regarding reading comprehension, teaching techniques and outcomes, and proposes a study of 4th grade students to support the findings. Bibliography lists 15 sources. 4thgrade.wps

Reading Comprehension / Phonics vs. Sight-Based Reading Programs :
A 17 page research study that considers the differences between phonics and sight based reading programs and focuses on the benefits of phonics programming.  Bibliography lists 10 sources. Readcomp.wps

See Jane Run ? Can Phonics Be An Exclusive Method ? NO ! : A 5 page paper discussing the current methods of reading instruction being used in our country. The focus of the paper is on phonics and how it is, and always will be, an essential part of reading and the methods of learning associated with it. Different methods are examined in order to illustrate just how widely used phonics is in the classroom. While phonics is an important part of learning to read it can not be used exclusively as there are far too many aspects involved in this particular area of education. Phonics are essential but any teacher must keep an open mind and be willing to use other methods in combination in order to teach our citizens to read. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Dickjane.wps

Literature and Student Literacy : 8 pages in length. A comprehensive look at the importance of well-constructed literature curricula in improving student literacy. Examples of goals for teachers to pursue are provided as are techniques, and recommended readings. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Literedu.wps

Literacy in the Science Classroom: An 8 page research paper on the integration of language and literacy in the science classroom. The writer gives background into the educational approach, as well as providing a wide range of activities currently being used by teachers. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Literacy.wps

Techniques to Improve the Effectiveness of Language Arts Teachers :
A 5 page analytical discussion focusing on teachers of language arts and how to "refresh" their teaching methods after years of being "set in their ways." The writer argues that teachers often become "used" to being ineffective with regard to a set percentage of their students and that they ultimately fail to influence any positive change. The implementation of learning centers, freedom to experiment, sentence collecting, and reading workshops are among the many techniques presented for transforming language arts teachers into highly effective instructors. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Langarts.wps

Becoming Literate / Dr. Marie M. Clay and Her Contributions to Literacy Education: A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the life and writings of Clay as they relate to literacy education since the 1960s. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Marclay.wps

The Effects of Reading Aloud to Children : An 8 page paper discussing the effect of reading aloud to children. The writer is particularly concerned with studies reflecting the positive aspects of the practice. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Readloud.wps

Learning ESL -- English as a Second Language : 5 pages worth of text, notes, and charts pertaining to the "natural approach" to learning English as a second language (describes methodology and details effectiveness). No Bibliography. Esl.wps

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) & Bilingual Reading Techniques : This 5 page essay briefly addresses issues and concerns, as well as practical solutions for both students and teachers working in the realm of ESL. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Teaesl.wps

Literature-Based English as a Second Language / Improvements in Instruction : A 10 page paper that provides and overview of the subject of English as a Second Language and considers a literature-based approach to instruction compared to standard ESL techniques. Bibliography lists 8 sources. ESL.wps

ESL & Haitian Students In A Multicultural Classroom : A 10 page paper that discusses teaching English as a second language to Haitian students in a multicultural classroom. Explores the pros and cons of teaching English as a second language, cultural awareness, practicing cultural sensitivity in order to help the students learn, and various techniques for teaching ESL. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Eslfor.wps

Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Canada : A 15 page paper discussing some of the problems of teaching English writing to foreign-born students. Much of the EFL teaching of the past in both Canada and the US has been that of adapting everything but the native language to the conventions of the West, without regard for the vast cultural differences either in methods of learning or in idiomatic usage of the language. Students of the past have started at a far greater disadvantage than of just language, but the focus of Canada’s EFL studies as they apply to learning English writing give the international student a much greater chance of success. The globalization of both economy and communications through the Internet aids in that focus on the individual, and the result is that all involved benefit from the changes at work even today. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Efl.wps

TESOL, Linguistic Development & The Use of Technology : A 100 [one hundred] page paper that provides a complex overview of the different aspects of second language instruction, with a focus on TESOL and linguistic development. This paper focuses on the use of technology as a technique. Bibliography lists 99 sources. Tesolfin.wps

A Case For Bilingual Education : A 6 page essay that supports bilingual education programs in the public school system. Much as been written recently against the concept; little has been written in favor of the programs. The discussion includes examples of the results of successful programs. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Bilinged.wps

Richard Rodriguez on Bilingual Education : A 4 research paper that examines writer and scholar Richard Rodriguez's autobiography Hunger of Memory to determine the author's opinions regarding bilingual education. Even though he grew up bilingual as the son of Mexican immigrants, Rodriguez is against bilingual education. The writer outlines his thoughts, which are based primarily on his conception of the use of public and private language in society. He argues that English fluency is a necessary component in becoming a functioning part of the larger public society. Quotations from the source. Bibliography lists book itself as only source. Rodrich.wps

Bilingualism & Bilingual Education in the U.S. : An 8 page research paper on bilingual education, its historic controversy, methods, and outlook. Includes FREE outline; Bibliography lists 7 sources. Bilingua.wps

The Importance Of Bilingual Education : A 6 page outline of the importance of bilingual education and how the availability of such bilingual programs affects a student’s ability to perform adequately in the academic world. Annotated bibliography lists 5 sources. Bilin.wps

Bilingual Education / An Overview : A 3 page paper presenting an overview of bilingual education in the United States. Through a brief history on the development of bilingual education, current conditions and future proposals, the practice of bilingual education currently used in America is presented.Bibliography lists 7 sources. BilEd2.wps

Bilingual Education Overview / Emphasis on Mass Media : A 3 page research paper presenting an overview of bilingual education as it is presented in the mass media and perceived by popular culture currently in the United States. Through the use of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV broadcasts and Internet websites, bilingual education is presented as seen through the eyes of the common American citizen today. Bibliography lists 5 sources. BilEdMed.wps

(The) "English Only" Controversy : A 10 page comprehensive discussion of the "English Only" controversy. Papers argues against English as our "official" language and offers historical, socio-cultural, political, and linguistic rationale for this. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Englisho.wps

Should English Be Our Official Language? : A 5 page paper that examines the question of whether English should be designated as the U.S.'s official language. However, the one area that will suffer most is in education and it is necessity to retain bilingualism in schools to meet the needs not only of the students attending, but the needs of the nation to educate its citizens. Opposing views are presented, but the paper argues that multilingual education is necessary and that English should not become official language. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Secondl.wps

Computer Technology and Bilingual Education : An 8 page paper that addresses the challenges related to implementing computer technologies in bilingual education programs, and provides recommendations for educators. This paper promotes the notion that computer technology can assist in bridging language barriers and enhancing educational programming. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Compbili.wps

The Stroop Effect Phenomenon As A Measure Of Cognitive Functioning Of Bilingual Subjects : This 5 page research paper investigates the Stroop Effect Phenomenon, what it is, its effects and some of the many research studies conducted examining the effect under different conditions. Attention is paid to bilingual speakers and the Stroop effect. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Stroop.wps

Career Opportunities in Foreign Languages : A 2 page essay outlining some of the many advantages to bilingualism in the modern workplace. The role of education is stressed. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Foreigne.wps

French & Spanish / A Comparison & Contrast : Excellent 2 page essay comparing the French and Spanish languages. Excellent model for those in basic writing classes and good reference for anyone interested in the study of either language. No Bibliography. Frenspa2.wps

French & Spanish / A Comparison & Contrast # 2 : A more detailed, 4 page version of Frenspa2.wps containing such additions as a brief historical background for each of the two languages. No Bibliography. Frenspa.wps

Black English : 6 pages in length. A linguistics overview of Black English (BEV-Black English Vernacular). Gives history, examples, patterns, etc; Cites 5 sources in Bibliography and includes on Appendix/Chart. Blackeng.wps

The History & Development Of Ebonics : A 10 page paper in which the author discusses that one of the hottest controversies in the educational world today is the issue of Ebonics, also known as black English. Critics contend it is merely English slang that has become too far out of control, while proponents say it is truly a language unto itself that was brought over long ago from Africa. Much to the chagrin of many, some school districts have now implemented Ebonics as a language course. The writer discusses the basis of Ebonics and the controversial issues that surround it. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Ebonics.wps

Evolution of Intelligence & Visual / Auditory Development : A 15 page research paper on language development in humans, auditory speech integration, visual audition, etc; A number of research studies and pertinent issues are analyzed in great detail. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Visulaud.wps

Gorillas Learning Sign Language / Is it Feasible? : A 6 page paper on the possibility that gorillas can learn sign language for communicating. Koko the gorilla is the main subject behind the theory that gorillas can learn to sign. While other primates have been studied the main subject of concern is the gorilla. It is maintained that gorillas do learn and comprehend sign language. A bibliography including 10 references follows. Gsigning.wps

Pedagogic Grammar : A 12 page paper that considers two different perspectives on pedagogic grammar, and determines the importance of each for the development of language skills. Bibliography with 7 sources cited. Pedagogi.wps

Issues in Language Acquisition : This 7 page paper explores the concepts surrounding the acquisition of language including the debate surrounding learning English as a second language. Additionally, perspectives of notable theorists such as Austin and Hymes are included. A discussion on how language impacts social action and communication as well as the necessity to have a dominant language is the focus of the paper. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Isslang.wps

Language / Innate Or Acquired ? : An 8 page evaluation of human language skills. Addresses the question of whether language is innate or acquired. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Language.wps

Language Acquisition in Young Children : 5 page research essay discussing language acquisition in young children. Three specific models of intervention for early childhood are explained, two of which can be accomplished in the child's home. Bibliography lists 8 references. Lang.wps

The Importance of Dialogue in the Language Acquisition Process :
A comprehensive study of the language acquisition process during early childhood years. Using exhaustive research, literature review, analysis, and more,-- the writer presents a thoughtful 19 page research paper arguing the thesis that dialogue is of extreme importance to us in the language acquisition process. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Langacqu.wps

Language Acquisition & Bilingualism : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the literature on language acquisition and blingualism and supports the belief that children can attain two languages as quickly as they can attain one. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Langacq2.wps

Second Language Acquisition Processes & Error Correction : A 12 page paper that considers the linguistic process of second language acquisition and considers the way that error and error correction are utilized within the instructional process. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Errorc.wps

The Importance Of Reading : A 5 page overview of the importance of reading comprehension and the factors which affect it on both mainstream and multicultural levels. Written as though the audience were parents and teachers attending Back-To-School night. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Impread.wps

Classroom Education / Whole Language -- Journal Article Review :
A 4 page article synopsing and critiquing a lengthy article from an educational journal. Specifically, the writer reviews an article about Whole Language written seven years ago and compared it fto what has happened in the field. No additional sources cited. Wholel.wps

A Review of an Assessment of Whole Language Curriculum : A 5 page review of a 1996 study published in the Journal of Educational Research assessing the successes and failures of whole language programs in several targeted school districts. A critique of the study and its conclusion is provided. The published study is attached to the critique. No other sources are cited. Wholear2.wps

Oral Reading & The Elementary Classroom : This 5 page essay looks at the necessity for school-age children to experience reading "out loud." Reading out loud improves language fluency, word recognition, and comprehension. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Oralre.wps

Oral Reading & The Elementary School Classroom : A 5 page essay on the demise of grammar instruction in the schools. Why has learning good grammar gone "out of fashion" and what problems has it caused? Bibliography lists 5 sources. Edioral.wps

The Effects of Reading Aloud to Children : An 8 page paper discussing the effect of reading aloud to children. The writer is particularly concerned with studies reflecting the positive aspects of the practice. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Readloud.wps

Whole Language vs Phonics in Learning to Read : A 9 page research paper comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the whole language and phonics approaches to teaching children how to read. Whole language is the approach whereby children experience the joy of entering the "grown up" world of writing words that convey a meaning or tell a story; phonics is the old-school rules list complete with spelling rules, punctuation rules and spelling lists. It is also the method which produces the highest levels of achievement. Each method has its proponents, but nearly all will consider only pure programs without the benefit of a combined approach. One such combination approach is that of the Montessori method of early childhood education. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Phonics.wps

See Jane Run ? Can Phonics Be An Exclusive Method ? NO ! : A 5 page paper discussing the current methods of reading instruction being used in our country. The focus of the paper is on phonics and how it is, and always will be, an essential part of reading and the methods of learning associated with it. Different methods are examined in order to illustrate just how widely used phonics is in the classroom. While phonics is an important part of learning to read it can not be used exclusively as there are far too many aspects involved in this particular area of education. Phonics are essential but any teacher must keep an open mind and be willing to use other methods in combination in order to teach our citizens to read. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Dickjane.wps

Children Who Stutter / Assessing & Controlling The Problem : A 15 page, comprehensive research paper on the psychological and physical implications for children who stutter. Speech patterns, behavior patterns, avoidance of speaking situations, etc.;-- are all discussed. The writer also analyzes their own observations from a one-on-one interview session with a young girl who stutters. Presenting an extensive literature review, the argument is made that stuttering is not something that can be "cured" per se.. Rather, it is a learned behavior that can be controlled through such promising techniques as Dr. Schwartz's "Airflow." Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Stutchil.wps

The Prevalence Of Stuttering : A 20 page paper on stuttering research over the years and the ever-changing views that pathologists have held on the subject. The causes, effects, and most importantly, the prevalence of stuttering are examined in considerable detail. The studies of many widely-acclaimed researchers are discussed. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Stutteri.wps

Speech Aphasia & Language Impairment : Speech aphasia is a loss of a language ability due to focal brain damage. In this 9 page research paper, the writer examines various forms of speech aphasia, symptoms, and effects. Patterns of language impairment in children with speech aphasia are explained in detail and specific examples of dysfluency are provided. Treatment services in schools and elsewhere are described as well. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Spchapha.wps

Speech Aphasia & The Use Of Traditional & Naturalistic Diagnostic Testing :
A 20 page paper that considers the issue of diagnostic testing for speech aphasia and reflects upon the most effective options that can be utilized by speech pathologists. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Saphasia.rtf

The Characteristics of Children with Language Impairment & the Impact on Performance in Mathematics: Specific language impairment (SLI) in children have been recognized as a problematic elements in devising educational tools across disciplines, but in recent years, a number of studies have correlated SLI with problems in mathematics performance, suggesting specific issues for mathematics educators. This 5 page paper reflects the nature of this argument, underscores the correlation between the characteristics of children within language impairments and the impact of these characteristics on performance in specific mathematics tasks. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Langmath.wps

Grade 1 / Word Recognition Lesson Plan : 5 pages in length. Study includes a research background relating to phonics/direct skills instruction vs. whole language. Offers a lesson plan using the long and short "o" sounds as an example of integrating the two approaches to reading instruction. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Wordrec.wps

Philology & The Imaginary Worlds Of J.R.R. Tolkein : In this 5 page essay, the writer essentially discusses the life and works of Tolkein,-- focusing specifically upon the imaginary worlds he managed to create in "The Hobbit" and "Lord Of The Rings" and his love for language (philology). Throughout the essay, examples of words and names created by Tolkein are provided as are their meanings & usefulness in his stories. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Tolkien.wps

George Orwell & His Views On The Decadence Of The English Language :
A 15 page overview of George Orwell's concerns regarding the degradation of the English language as evidenced by three of his works: Animal Farm, 1984, and the essay Politics & The English Language. Bibliography lists two additional resources. Decadenc.wps

Uniquely Human: Content, Impact and Reception : A 7 page book analysis of Philip Lieberman's "Uniquely Human" and a discussion of its literary reception. The text asserts among other things that human language evolved relatively recently, approximately within the last 100,000 years, and that in doing so it added speech and syntax to older communication systems. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Uniquely.wps

Silence Is Golden .. Sometimes : A 5 page comparison of deaf and hearing communities where difficulties between the two cultures are explored.. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Silence.wps

Mandarin Chinese: The Root of Linguistic Differences between Mainland China and Taiwan: Over the course of the last three decades, the pursuit of an understanding of Chinese linguistics, including the study of Mandarin, has been the focus of many linguists. Some theorists have posited that geographic, political, and social elements have all influenced the morphology of Mandarin Chinese as spoken in two different regions, mainland China and Taiwan, and have also been reflected on the influence of the bilingualism in Taiwan as a factor in determining the dialect of this region. This 7 page paper reflects the linguistic and socio-political components of this argument. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mandarin.wps

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