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Computer Technology : A 4 page look at the evolution of the computer from the abacus of 500 b.c. to the desktop computer of today. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Comptec2.wps

Computers And The World : An 8 page paper examining the conditions today that involve the computer and the world. Many cultures around the world have been deeply effected by the technological growth that involves the computer. With the development of the today’s computer and technology, the world, for the most part, is becoming such that it works faster and more efficient in relationship to communications and business. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Worldcom.wps

Algorithm Basics : A 10 page research paper exploring the basics of algorithms and data structures in relationship to queues, data types, trees, hashing, heaps, graphing and design. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Algbas.wps

Danny Hillis - Inventor Of Super Computers : Supercomputers, as they are called can be loosely defined as the most powerful number crunchers available at any given time. For years, super computers were applied almost exclusively to national-security tasks, such as breaking codes or designing ever deadlier nuclear bombs in record-breaking time. This 5 page research paper documents their history, use today, and also studies the genius behind their original creation. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Supecomp.wps

Seymour Cray’s Contributions To The Computer Industry : An 8 page paper on the contributions of Seymour Cray to the computer industry. The writer describes Cray's life and his specific contributions to computer that led up to him being known as the "father" of the supercomputer. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Seymou.wps

Evolution Of Digital Communication : A 5 page paper that consider the progression of developments in digital communications for the invention of Morse code to the current processes of data communication transmissions. This paper explores the invention of morse code and facsimile transmission systems as the starting points for the more complex teletype and digital voice systems. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Morsecod.wps

Artificial Intelligence : A 5 page paper discussing artificial intelligence; Covered are its historical background, definition, controversy and an analytical examination of whether or not it is and/or can be what its proponents claim.. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Artifint.wps

Artificial Intelligence/ Alan Turing And The Turing Test : A 10 page paper that describes Alan Turing's development of artificial intelligence concepts and his test, also known as the "imitation game" that was utilized for a number of years to attempt to determine the presence of artificial intelligence. The author demonstrates a number of reason that the test is flawed. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Turing.wps

Artificial Intelligence / History & Development : A 10 page paper discussing the history and development of artificial intelligence to the current time and an analysis of IBM's Deep Blue chess-playing computer. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Artint.doc

Can a Computer Tell a Lie ? : A 10 page paper that postulates that under modern technology, a computer cannot tell a lie. The writer uses intelligent references and humor to explain why today's computer cannot lie because it cannot yet "think"--using an analogy to Descartes' "I think, therefore I am." To prove the technological thesis, the paper discusses thoughts about the human brain, digital "thinking," digital v. neural nets, and how SW programs are helping humans think in their creative endeavors. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Ai.wps

Robotics Today : A 15 page research paper on the uses of robotics in U.S. industry as well as a look at new developments such as artificial intelligence research. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Robotics.wps

The Science Of Robotics : 4 pages in length. The science and technology of robotics involves the construction of mechanical devices that operate either automatically or via remote control. In this research paper, the writer examines robotics functions, industry, and more. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Robot.wps

Assembly Language : A 12 page research paper that explains assembly language and its relationship to the CPU. Several examples are given to demonstrate how asssembly language is used. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Assemlang.wps

Robot or Human - the Best "Man" for the Welding Job : This 11 page report discusses the advent of robotic applications in the field of manufacturing with an emphasis on welding possibilities. Costs, social impact, and economic impact are discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Robothum.wps

Machine Language : A 12 page paper discussing machine language and the evolution of programming languages from the first generation languages to the fifth generation. Discusses how object-oriented languages are currently widely used due to the advent of windows-based programming and graphical user interfaces. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Machlang.wps

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) / Practitioner : A 6 page overview of the HCI practitioner, discussing HCI and usability testing. The writer presents a brief history behind HCI development in relationship to computer development, how humans relate to computers, HCI design parameters, and usability test phases. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hciprac.wps

Compiler Design & Business Lexical Analysis : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the compiler design and includes such things as syntax analysis, ambiguities in programming languages and generation codes. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Compiler.wps

Virtual Reality : A 4 page overview of virtual reality (VR) in which the writer describes common systems, types, and procedures for experiencing VR. A number of practical & useful applications for this technology (training, telerobotics, etc;) are described as are some of the costs involved. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Virtualr.wps

Computer Viruses & Security : A 4 page research paper on computer viruses in which the writer describes their execution, destructive capability, progression, and seriousness. Tips and techniques for protecting systems from viruses are presented with a note of caution that new viruses are constantly being created and that no safeguard is ever foolproof. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Viruses.wps

The Similarities and Differences in Computer Viruses & Biological Viruses :
A 6 page overview contrasting and comparing biological viruses and computer viruses. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Virus.wps

Computer Security : This 10 page research paper presents an overview of computer security and how easy it is to breach the security. Statistics depicting the incidence, type, and fiscal losses during the 1998 year are reported. Techniques to secure computers against hackers are discussed. Finally, recommendations are made to improve computer security. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Compsecu.wps

Hackers & Microsoft NT : A 7 page technical overview of how hackers contributed to the success of MS NT 4.0 and MS Proxy 2.0. The writer provides opinions of some of the "white hat" hackers who helped Microsoft solve its problems, discusses competitive firewall products, and offers various opinions on the advantages to MS Proxy 2.0 for NT systems. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hacknt.wps

Sociological Ramifications of Cyberculture : This 10 page paper discusses the Internet and how technology has changed society and vice versa. Many aspects are addressed including postmodernism, Interent addiction, globalism, the hacker mentality and cyberculture. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Sociacyb.wps

Computers & The Computer Science Major : A creatively-written 6 page discussion detailing the importance of core computer classes in the computer science major's curriculum. The writer stresses a back-to-basics approach and points out the importance of starting out with a strong foundation in one's field. No Bibliography. Compsci.wps computers, education

Accounting Field / Computer Technology : The utilization of computers in different areas of accounting are discussed in this 6 page paper. Companies that utilize technology to make quick money in the tax preparation business are noted as well as career paths in large businesses. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Taxtech.wps

Computers & Criminal Justice : A 5 page essay discussing the important role that computers play in criminal justice education and careers. Examples of how the F.B.I. cracks down on organized crime through the use of computers are provided. Bibliography lists 3 outside sources. Complaw.wps

Computers & Entertainment : This 6 page paper takes a look at the effects the introduction of the personal computer has had on the entertainment industry. Also discussed is how computers are used as a form of entertainment. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Compent.wps

Computers At Work / Effects On Society : This 5 page paper addresses the introduction of the computer into the business world and explores its positive and negative effects on society. Included are examples of industries, such as accounting, engineering and architecture that have been profoundly influenced. Other points addressed include downsizing, loss of privacy and the older population in the work force. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Compwork.wps

Technology of the Future : Parents have always wondered what was in store for their children and their children's children. It has been said, "the Future is Now". Inasmuch as the world has now entered the age of the computer, this is true. This is the age of the computer and digital technology. Computer technology, the Internet and World Wide Web will continue to dominate marketing until the market as it is known now ceases to exist. This 5 page paper takes a peek at the technology of the future in terms of marketing. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Futech.wps

Computability, Language, & The World of Business : This 14 page paper examines some of the key concepts of computers and their uses, machine languages, and applications for communication in the future. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Complang.rtf

Neural Networks / History, Design, & Use In Decision - Making Models : A 16 page research paper on neural networks. The writer defines these computer models of human ubrain/though patterns, provides an historical overview of their role in artificial intelligence development, and explains in great detail just how neural net systems work. Most importantly, attention is turned to how neural networks are used as decision support systems. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Neuralnt.wps

Database Development : An 8 page paper that creates an executive summary and database schema using ER techniques. This writer provides a chart of a possible database structure for a small automotive rental agency and demonstrates its effectiveness for the company. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Dbasedev.wps

Integration of Data Communications Technology : This 18 page report discusses the issue of integration in data communication applications and processes. The development of integrated systems for data communications and the ongoing technological advancement related to such integration efforts have been key factors in the progression of the computer industry and the ease and efficiency by which businesses and individuals have become comfortable in the "information age." This report examines the development, implementation, and future of integration in data communications. Bibliography lists 17 sources. BWcomtech.rtf

Database Managment & Outsourcing : A 5 page paper that considers the prevalence of outsourcing in some aspects of database management and considers the cost effectiveness of these measures. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Dbaseout.wps

Information Technology Outsourcing : A 15 page paper discussing information technology outsourcing, what it is, the trend toward it, and how it can help companies save money. Includes a hypothetical study of a fictitious auto manufacturer and why the company should choose to outsource. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Itout.wps

Database Marketing : A 10 page research paper examining how databases are having a revolutionary effect on how products and services are advertised. The writer explores their positive uses as well as problems that are being encountered. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Dbsmktng.rtf

Distributed Databases : A 9 page research paper on the history and application of distrubted computer databases. The writer details how they started, what they include, what considerations should be involved in selecting or designing one. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Distdaba.wps

Creating a Travel Agency Database : This 10 page paper explores a sample problem of creating a database for future web publication. Software is chosen for a hypothetical travel agency that wants to make use of an electronic database which will be made available for customers. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Travdata.wps

Oracle and Choosing the Right Relational Database Manager : 9 pages in length. A complete overview of the Oracle RDBMS (database management). Discussed are different variations of database management systems, database languages (SQL, etc;), and specifications to look for when choosing the "right" one. Recent developments, system tools, and the future of Oracle are discussed as well. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Oracle.wps

Data Mining and OLAP : This 5 page paper examines the process of data mining and online analytical processing – OLAP. The two are compared and critiqued and viewed in the framework of information systems technology. There relationship to one another is also explained. Bibliography lists six sources. Olap.doc

Data Warehousing : A 5 page research paper that focuses on Data Warehousing.
It begins with an introduction and brief history of communications/technology then defines the current usage of data warehousing. In lists 3 factors that can be used to evaluate a warehousing system and gives areas of focus for utilization of the system. Nine benefits of data warehousing are delineated and followed by a brief look at the advantages over current systems. The paper ends by looking to the future and the possibility of a Virtual Warehouse System. Bibliography lists 8 sources. DataHouse.wps

Data Warehousing Choices : A 10 page research paper on business uses of data warehousing for information storage. The writer details what it is, why businesses choose it, what is involved in implementation, operation, maintenance, and security. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Dataware.wps

Database Management / Data Warehousing : A 20 page paper discussing data warehousing which is the latest trend in database management. It is a process of organization that is designed to simplify the system while still maintaining a flexibility that can be easily adapted to anyone’s needs. A section defining warehousing is included as well as a section that compares this method of database management to other methods. An example of warehousing is given in order to illustrate how the system works followed by a section discussing problems and particulars. A small section relating to software is also included. Bibliography includes 15 sources. Datamw.wps

The Societal Impact of Computer Music : In 5 pages the author discusses the societal impact of computer music. "What do MIDIs, software synthesizers, and compact discs have in common? They are all mediums for computer music. Computer music in one form or another has taken the world by storm and all of society is affected by computer music. Today's technology has developed to the extent that computer music is the norm. Anyone that owns or has access to a computer has heard computer music. Compact discs are also computerized instruments for music, although people might not think of them as such." Bibliography lists 4 sources. Socicmus.wps

The Role of Color in Graphic Design : A 4 page report that discusses the interrelationship of color theory and graphic design from a psychological impact perspective. A brief overview of the role of the computer in the delivery of graphic designs is also covered. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Colotheo.wps

Computers & Medical Technology : 7 pages in length. Discussed are the history of computers in medicine, the concept of "tele-medicine," and most importantly the concept of computer-aided surgery, which enables doctors and interns to practice complex surgical procedures on "virtual patients" instead of upon live human subjects. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Compsurg.wps

Computers In Medicine : A 15 page research paper dealing with some of the current and anticipated uses of computers in the medical field. Aside from the obvious, the paper goes in depth into some of the various imaging techniques, particularly MRI. It includes a brief history of the computer in general and the computer in medicine, as well as a detailed discussion of the mechanism of imaging. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Comp-med.wps

CD-ROM / Overview of Its Past and Future : A 12 page overview of CD-ROM technology, its past and its future. Includes information on how CD-ROM media is manufactured and discusses future improvements. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Cdrom.wps

CD-ROM & Optical Storage Technology : An 8 page outline of optical storage technology and how it works. Includes a discussion of several types of optical storage technology including CD ROMS, WORMS, and erasable disk. Also discusses encoding. Bibliography lists five sources. Optstor.wps

Compact Discs vs. Digital Video (or Versatile) Disks : This 4 page research paper compares and contrasts the latest in computer-enhanced digital technology, CDs and DVDs. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cdvsdvd.wps

Fast Ethernet : Ethernet is defined in this 9 page paper which looks at the history of Ethernet, as well as its future. Technical data on Ethernet and Fast Ethernet is included as well as its effects on the business world. The use of fiber optic technology with this popular LAN is also discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Ethnet.wps

Fiber Optics : A 4 page paper dealing with fiber optics. Included is a description of fiber optic cables and their use in medicine, telecommunication and other fields. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Fireopti.wps

Fiber Optics / Use in Communications : A 6 page overview of development in fiber optics technology and their applications in communications. A 1 page Roman Numeral outline is also attached. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Fibopt.wps

Laser Beams & Laser Technology : An 11 page research paper on lasers and laser technology. The writer defines ‘laser beam’.. gives examples of lasers in medicine where some remarkable procedures are occuring including : lasers and cosmetic surgery; lasers and ophthamology; lasers and the military; laser technology in the office; lasers for fun: holography, entertainment, and more. Lasers have diverse uses and have revolutionized differenct areas of life. Extensive bibliography is included. Lasers.wps

A History of Computers : A non-technical, 10 page overview of the history of computers from the ancient times of the abacus to punched cards (19th century), to the ENIAC and up until the PCs of the mid-1990's. The writer does not go into any detailed analysis of the Internet or telecommunications though (briefly mentions only e-mail and its possibilities). Bibliography lists three sources. Histcomp.wps

The U.S. Army In The 21st Century : An 8 page essay on the future of the U.S. Army in the year 2000 and beyond. The essay uses Army sources to show how they will be using computer technology in the 21st century. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Usarmy.doc

The Problem of Routing Loops in a Connectionless Network : A 2 page paper that provides a concise overview of the problem of routing loops, and reflects upon the specific example of the problem for connectionless networks, including transmissions within local area networks (LANs). Bibliography lists 2 sources. Routingl.wps

Transport Layer Functions in IP & X.25 / Evaluating the Structure of the TCP/IP Stack : A 2 page paper that provides a concise overview of the stack formation of the TCP/IP communications protocol and considers the transport layer functions in both IP and X.25 segments. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Ipprot.wps

Constructing a LAN (Computer Networking) : An advanced-level 9 page research paper on techniques, procedures, and standards for the successful establishment of a Layered Approach Network (L.A.N.) in business settings. The ISO's definition of seven layers of network structure are explained as are recommended tools, cable, and so on. Issues concerning the construction of the LAN are then described layer by layer. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Network.wps

Corporate Teleconferencing Via LAN : A 6 page paper discussing how a layered application network can be used for corporate teleconferencing and how, from an IS perspective, such a network could be implemented. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Telecon.wps

Open Network Computing & Remote Procedure Calls : A 9 page paper that provides an overview of the current literature regarding these elements of interprocess communications and programming interfaces and considers them in terms of middleware. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Oncrpc.wps

Current Generation Protocols & Next Generation Protocols : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the essential features of current generation and next generation protocols in computer networking, and provides an evaluative comparison. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Compprot.wps

Managing Computer Networks / The Issue of Security : A 30 page research study that reflects upon the issue of security in the management of computer networks. This paper outlines the major issues related to this subject, and then considers the application of this information within a corporate setting. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Mananet.wps

Understanding Computer Criminals & IS Security / Towards Appropriate Security Measures and Effective Corporate IS Management : A 75 page paper that provides a complex overview of the nature of computer crime and computer criminals and considers the impact of this knowledge for training in IS security. Bibliography lists 55 sources. Issecu.wps

Office Automation : A 6 page research paper which examines the changing role of office automation in today’s competitive business environment. The writer demonstrates that keeping up with current technology is a daunting, but necessary, task for all businesses, no matter their size. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Officaut.wps

Office Automation # 2 : A 9 page paper discussing uses of computers and automation in business offices. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Compaut.wps

Information Systems : A 6 page research paper which examines the impact that information systems (IS) are having on the business world. In the business world today, knowledge is all important. IS organize knowledge, structure it, and present it in a way that can be easily utilized. Thus, this is proving to be an invaluable took in today competitive business environment. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Infosyst.wps

Information Technology : A 20 page research paper that investigates information technology, including changes this industry has made in society and in business. Specific examples are given. Finally, one corporation is examined in terms of how it uses information and information technology; an analysis is made regarding the failure of the company to use information when introducing a new product and recommendations are made to improve their use of information. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Infotecn.wps

The Role of Information Technology in the Decision-Making Process : 15 pages in length. A thoroughly-comprehensive analysis of the role that I.T. plays in helping contemporary managers to execute complex decisions. Numerous tools, studies, policies, etc; are examined. Excellent reference for graduate and undergraduate students studying information technology related issues. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Infotech.wps

Information Technology & The Internet : An 18 page paper that discusses the impact of increased utilization of the internet on the information systems departments of many companies. Of major consideration is the impact that the internet has on the architecture, skills, processes and governance of information technologies in conjunction with internet use. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Itnet.wps

Computer-Generated Changes in Home Business : A 5 page paper discussing how home-based businesses have changed in response to the introduction of computers. In years past, anyone in business who wanted their business and their abilities to be taken seriously by both current and prospective clients went to any lengths necessary to hide the fact that their business was home-based. Today, being home-based is a point of pride and so thoroughly has changed business focus that the third most popular home-based business start-up in 1997 was that of computer services. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Homebiz.wps

Engineering & Computation For 'Switches' / Information Technology :
A detailed look at switches, a technical term for multicast agents which are responsible for regulating access to information services and for effecting the distribution of data. Various switches can be found in the technology of ATM (Automatic Teller Machines) and this 3 page research paper briefly discusses relevant issues in engineering these marvels. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Switches.wps

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM): A 5 page paper that provides an overview of ATM and ATM networks and considers their implications, advantages and disadvantages. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Asyn.wps

History of Modems : A 5 page research paper in which the writer discusses the history of modems including how modems are used. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Histmod.wps

ZMODEM Technology : A 10 page examination of the file transfer protocol known as ZMODEM. Its history, application, and efficiency are discussed. A brief background is provided on it predecessors MODEM, XMODEM, and YMODEM. Bibliography includes six sources. Zmodem.wps

Database Security : A 10 page paper discussing the importance of database security, examples of database attacks from hackers, and examples of tools available to prevent database break-ins from outside sources. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Datasecu.wps

The Problem Of Software Piracy : A 6 page paper on the problems of software piracy around the world. Included are various statistics associated with the problem as well as details concerning court cases being deliberated. The writer also discusses some of the measures that are being taken to turn the problem around. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Piracy.wps

The Evolution of Computer Hacking : 12 pages in length. A thorough discussion of computer hacking, its history & evolution, as well as the endless struggle to "protect" files, data, and entire systems with new technology. The writer makes mention of relevant legal issues and various measures being taken to curtail the problem. A number of statistics and case studies are used as well as genuine interviews with anonymous hackers on-line. Bibliography lists approximately 12 sources. Hackers.wps

Kids & Hacking / Crime Or Exploration? : A 5 page exploration of the topic of kids and hacking, the non-malicious but unauthorized entry into private computer systems. Addresses the problem of hacking and suggests ways to deal with these cases from both a legal standpoint and a parental guidance standpoint. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hackers 2.wps

Computer Crime and the Law : A 5 page examination of the problem of computer crime and the various state and federal laws which are in place to combat it. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cclaw.wps

Computer Crimes & Tactics for Minimizing Them : A 6 page overview of "hacking" and "cracking", the unauthorized access to computer systems. Discusses the costs of such activity and identifies current tactics for minimizing such access. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Compcrim3.wps

Information Warfare / Impacts Of Computer Hacking : A 20 page paper that considers the implications of rising computer hacking on the security of information for small businesses and individuals PC users. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Infoware.doc

The Electronic Frontier / Crime : A 9 page paper discussing how the metaphors applied to the Internet can contribute to anarchy and the commission of crime. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Frontier.wps

Electronic Media Analyzed : A 3 page paper which defines electronic media, explains its importance and effect on society, and its repercussions. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Elecmed2.wps

Human Resource Training & Computers : Approximately 12 pages in length. "Concept paper" (similar to an abstract) for a model doctoral-level dissertation examining the usefulness of CD-Interactive training within manufacturing industries. Bibliography lists 10+ references. Cdi.wps

CDI Training In The World Of Manufacturing : A 23 page dissertation proposal concerning a research project involving administrators of major corporations. The research proposed would serve to determine if CDi training is in fact the best method of training. Bibliography lists 21 sources. Cdi2.wps

Technology & Its Role In Criminal Justice : A 6 page paper dealing with the role of technology in criminal justice. Discusses computerized databases and analytical software and systems which are designed to enhance law enforcement effectiveness. Bibliography lists eight sources. Techrole.wps

Digitization & Preservation / The Future Of Documentation : A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the issue of information creation, storage and dissemination in an increasingly technological world. This paper considers whether documents that are created and stored through digitization will last into the future. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Digpres.wps

Integrating Technology Into Business Education Curriculum : 5 pages in length. Integrating technology into business education curriculums is essential if today's students are to obtain contemporary marketing skills. By adopting such integration, students will be encouraged to apply necessary educational concepts and procedures when dealing with real life work situations. Such application enables students to better understand the advantage of utilizing these concepts and, therefore, gain a better grasp of what awaits them out in the real world. The writer addresses the proposed need for technological integration in business education, as well as discusses the level to which the integration is lacking in today's school system. Bibliography lists 5 sources. BizEd.wps

Computers In The Law Profession: In 5 pages, the author discusses the uses lawyers and judges make of computers in contemporary society. The useful, ground-breaking features of the electronic age are emphasized. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Comput2.wps

Computer Literacy & Low Income Or Disadvantaged Learners : An 11 page paper that provides a comprehensive outline of a proposal for funding for a program for computer literacy for low income or disadvantaged students. This proposal demonstrates the benefits of this kind of programs and provides a sample budget. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Complite.wps

Careers In Computer Engineering : A 6 page paper discussing careers and options for students who attain degrees in computer engineering. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Compeng.rtf

Computer Technology and its Application in Civil Engineering : Over the past two decades, many professions have change significantly with the influx of technological developments. This 15 page paper reflects the nature of change as it has impacted the systems and operations in civil engineering. In addition, this paper also considers the different types of computer technologies being applied within this field, and evaluates successes and possible problems. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Civileng.wps

Purchasing a Home Computer System : This 5 page overview explores considerations when purchasing a home computer system. Many things are considered including size, speed, hardware and software.Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pcbuy.wps

Buddhism & Computers : This 8 page paper creatively analyzes the growing role that computers play for adherents of Buddhism. It is posited that today’s technological age offers Buddhists more ways than ever to worship, study, & communicate with others who share their beliefs. Bibliography lists more than 10 sources. Buddcomp.wps

A Comparison In The Development Of East And West Technology : Science and technology make up a great portion of the way the world is able to function today. For every decision made to incorporate a technological innovation an ethical decision must also be made - whether the technology fits within the society's definition of ethical development, or has man crossed the line into "playing God"? A world culture is emerging that must be willing to negotiate the different cultural and religious differences in an ethical analysis of technodecision making that must include specialized experts as well as be expanded to include all citizens in a high-science, high-technology society. The rate of technological development is to a great extent, a reflection of societal beliefs and norms. The Eastern world has lagged behind in developing technology for a myriad of complex reasons. This 30 page paper proposes a three tiered approach to understanding the differences between the rate of technological development between Western and Eastern cultures, focusing on Eastern, development - India, and Hindu philosophy, in particular. Bibliography lists 20 sources. KTeawetech.wps

Article Reviews : Approximately 4 pages worth of 2 paragraph article reviews on articles about various key concepts in computers such as Internet navigation, software piracy, robotics, and so forth. Citations are included for each article reviewed. Compuart.wps

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