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Papers On Organized Crime

Al Capone & The Roaring Twenties : A 6 page discussion of Al Capone’s life and times specifically demonstrating how his character was indicative of the "roaring twenties. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Alcapone.wps

Al Capone's Control of Chicago as a Metaphor of Government : A 5 page research paper on Al Capone's syndicate and its similarities to a government. The writer details each function of government and how Capone's organization paralleled it as a microcosm. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Capone.wps

Organized Crime In Chicago : This 12 page paper discusses organized crime as it existed in Chicago from its inception through Prohibition. Social ramifications are addressed as are the various causes and effects of Mafia and other organized crime behavior illustrated by the case of Chicago. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Orgcrime.wps

Organized Crime In the History of Chicago : A 6 page research paper which looks specifically at the Prohibition era and how Chicago was ruled by gangsters, bootleggers, and corrupt politicians at that time. This era ended when mobster Al Capone was finally arrested for tax evasion by "Untouchable" leader Elliott Ness. Bibliography lists 4 sources. HistChic.wps

Organized Crime’s Top Dogs : This 10 page paper looks at the world of organized crime in America and the leaders of that world. Who are they and what are they doing? Bibliography lists 9 sources. Bosses.wps

Police Corruption and the Mafia : A 5 page paper that looks at the impact of Mafia involvement on urban police forces and the corruption inherent in their interdependent relationship. A number of examples are utilized to demonstrate the impact of corruption, including the shooting death of Officer Venditti in New York, a presumed mob hit. Polimafi.wps

United States v. Gotti : An 8 page research paper on the trial of Gene Gotti, New York crime boss. The writer details the trials and appeals for his conviction in 1989 for various narcotics related activities. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Gotti.wps

The Italian Mafia and Italian Politics : A 12 page paper analyzing how the Mafia has affected Italian politics. The writer describes the rise of the Mafia after WW II and details the activities of certain well-known persons within the crime organization. Bibliography cites 8 sources. Italmafi.wps

John Gotti : This 5 page paper provides biographical data on the infamous mob boss who was convicted of murder and racketeering and sent to prison for life in 1992. Facts regarding his personal and professional life are included as well as information on his children who continue to remain in the public view. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Gotti3.wps

Organized Crime & The Destruction of Social Order : A comprehensive, 16 page research paper detailing the "real" face of organized crime. The writer examines crime groups as intricate businesses -- operated in an often deadly, yet professional manner. The growth of organized crime is attributed to the need for a "Black Market"-- beginning around the time of Prohibition. A significant portion of this report deals specifically with how organized crime affects society & the individual. The writer concludes with a set of recommendations to curtail the problem-- based upon models that exist in other countries. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Orgacri3.wps

Organized Crime -- The Global Problem : A 15 page piece on organized crime in a world-wide take-over. Specific attention is placed on what the United States is doing, both internally and globally. Of equal emphasis is a discussion of the current problem in Russia, of racketeering and bribery in high places. These are related to the global conflict affecting the United States and Russia. The paper postulates that this is World War III, and that it's going to take a global solution to fix it, with the United States in a strong leadership position. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Org.wps

Organized Crime Groups in America : This 5 page paper compares the Russian mafia with Asian organized crime syndicates in the United States. Essential similarities and differences are noted. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Usorgcri.wps

Fighting Organized Crime Around The World : 6 pages in length. In this well-researched essay, the writer explores law enforcement's goals and current activities in fighting organized crime. Programs in the United States and Italy are compared with those that exist in Russia. Enhanced penalties and Mafia-dedicated criminal justice systems are among the many retaliatory practices discussed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Orgacrim.wps

Organized Crime & Theories of Deviance : The theory of differential association is used to explain deviance in the Gambino crime family. This 6 page paper explores theories of deviance and criminology as applied to organized crime in general. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Orgcrim2.wps

The Ethical View Of Government Kickbacks : A 10 page paper discussing latter-day practices. We tend to assume that any discussion of government kickbacks in association with the US became invalid with the dismantling of the political machines of the nation’s largest cities early in the century, but recent cases show that not to be the case. Kickbacks and bribery very much are represented by the laws of supply and demand. Existing laws make both the supply and demand sides illegal. Many social observers and theorists want to ascribe the reasons for bribery as a matter of course of business in many of the developing countries of the world to poverty overcoming temptation, but continued practiced more likely results from a combination of the thrill of power and old-fashioned greed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Kicke.wps

U.S. Intelligence / The F.B.I. vs. Organized Crime : A 5 page paper on measures that have been and that are being taken now by the F.B.I. to combat organized crime. Covered are the implementation of laws such as R.I.C.O., the C.C.E. statutes, harsher sentencing, computer technology, exploitation of Mafia family incompetence, etc; The writer concludes with a section on the Russian Mafia in the United States-- a new and vary serious problem with which the F.B.I. has yet to do be able to deal effectively. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Orgacri2.wps

The Witness Security Program : A 6 page research paper which examines the pros and cons of this federal program for relocating key witnesses after they have testified against Mafia and organized crime leaders. The writer discusses the procedures involved and examines the issue of whether or not the positive benefits from it outweigh the negatives. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Thewitn.wps witness protection program

Organized Crime and Labor Unions : The connection between organized crime and labor unions are examined in this 6 page paper. The Teamsters Union is highlighted as an example but other unions are discussed as well. International implications of organized crime, inclusive of present and future trends are included. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Maf.wps

The R.I.C.O. Law & Organized Crime : The use of RICO to prosecute organized crime figures is examined in this 6 page paper. The pros and cons of using the law are discussed as well as its phenomenal success in prosecuting mob leaders. The Vincent Gigante case is highlighted. Bibliography lists 7 sources. RICO.rtf

Commercial Burglaries & Robberies / The Result Of Organized Crime? : In this 15 page paper, the question of what is meant by "organized crime" is explored with particular reference to commercial burglaries and robberies. Several different types of criminal organization are discussed, from the organized efforts of individual criminals and affiliated acquaintances ("teams" or "partners in crime") to more professionally organized "gangs," "rings," and finally to international sydicated crime with contracted criminals who conduct robberies and burglaries. It is argued that a new approach is needed to this significant risk to businesses from burglaries and robberies of all these types. This would, like new approaches to physical health, include attention to the causes as well as the symptoms of the worldwide crime disease, and to the general health of society as a preventative measure. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Burg.& Robb.wps

The History Of The Italian Mafia : A 20 page paper discussing the history of the Italian Mafia from the ninth century to the present time. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Mafia.wps

Meyer Lansky: Portrait of an Organized Crime Wizard - A 6 page essay on the life of alleged Jewish mob financial wizard, Meyer Lansky. The writer details Lansky’s youth and the development of his organized crime syndicate and refutes an argument by biographer Robert Lacey that the Lansky was a small time operator compared to his contemporaries of Lucky Luciano, Frank Costello, and Bugsy Siegal. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Meyerlan.wps

The Russian Mafia / Corruption in Communist and Post-Communist Russia :
A 12 page paper that considers the corruption of the Russian Mafia in recent history and reflects on possible solutions and obstacles to change. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Rusmaf.wps

Yakuza / Japanese Organized Crime Syndicates : A 25 page in depth paper on the Yakuza. The writer details the history, organization, activities of the Yakuza in Japan and abroad and also talks about Yakuza's linkage to other organized crime groups. Provided, are in depth discussions of past and recent Yakuza bosses, Yakuza activity in the international drug trade, sexual slavery, financial sabotage, corporate manipulation, loansharking, etc. Report is based on information obtained from Yakuza: Past & Present. Primary source cited in Bibliography. Yakuza2.wps

Film Analysis / The Godfather : Francis Ford Coppola makes a human and value statement in this commercial film success. The film is analyzed from a sociological perspective in this 11 page paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Godfathe.wps

"The Godfather" Book & Films Analyzed : This 5 page research paper compares how the characters change between parts 1-3 of Mario Puzo’s novel, The Godfather, vs. the changes in the film versions, scripted by Francis Ford Coppola. Specifically examined are the changes of the Corleone characters depicted in the book as opposed to the film. No additional sources cited. Godfathr.wps

Women & The Mafia : This 8 page paper looks at the roles women play in the Mafia and how the role has evolved over time to one that is slightly more active. Despite the change in female participation, Mafia families remain patriarchal in nature and wives are still put on pedestals. A look at the phenomenon is taken with examples drawn from both the United States and Italy. Bibliography lists 9 sources Womob.wps

The Public & Criminal Justice Theory

Causation of Crime : In 8 pages , the author discusses many of the theories for the causation of crime, such as social learning, social strain, and disintegration of family. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Crimcaus.wps

Social Theories Explained : A variety of social theories are discussed in this 10 page paper. Specific theories include anomie, differential association, social strain, social stratification and alienation. The importance of the family, and different views on the subject, is also included. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Socthers.wps

Theories In Criminology : 5 pages in length. Both sociological and psychological theory are looked at in relationship to criminal behavior in this overview. The two theories, Labeling Theory and Social Learning Theory, are outlined and discussed as individual theories as well as in relationship to one another and their related disciplines. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Labeletc.wps

The Labeling Theory : In 5 pages the author discusses labeling theory. A definition is given, major theorists are listed, and some examples in research are provided. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Labelth.wps

Positive School Of Thought / Theorists In Modern Criminology :
A 12 page paper discussing the Italian School of positive thought and its contributions to principles of modern criminology. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Poscrim.doc

Social Theory & Security Management : An 18 page paper that explores the ramifications of social crime prevention through the application of social theories in the work of security managers. Paper deals with such issues as anomie, deviance, etc. and discusses these issues through the viewpoint of current research and application of the theories. Bibliography lists more than 15 sources. Crimthry.rtf

The Economics of Crime : This 6 page paper provides a discussion on the economic problems of crime. General crime theory and solutions are also provided. Statistics concerning prisons in the UK is also included along with 2 pie charts. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ukeconcr.wps

A Sociological Examination of Gang Subculture : 9 pages in length. A sociological examination of Sanyika Shakur's (1992) book entitled, "Monster: The Autobiography of An L.A. Gang Member." In the book, the author tells in graphic detail of his years as an inner-city gang member and the violent escapades in which he was involved. This research paper attempts to examine the author's behavior from a criminology standpoint using a number of sociological (& crime) theories to make relevant points. Modeling, conflict, and other premises are used. Six additional supporting sources are cited in bibliography. Lagangbk.wps

Luis Rodriguez’s "The Crazy Life" : A 5 page analysis of the book Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A. by Luis J. Rodriguez. The writer demonstrates how it is particularly Rodriguez’ perspective which makes this vivid account of life in a L.A. gang come to life. No additional sources cited. Crazylif.wps

"8 Ball Chicks" & Social Learning Theory : A 5 page paper that looks at the social learning theories applied to the gang life presented in Sikes' non-fiction year-long research of girl gangs. The paper discusses reinforcement, secondary reinforcement, imitation and, self-fulfillment in regards to the information presented. The paper agrees with Sikes' statement that the resolution to the problem does not come from parents/generations of gang members, but must come through societal intervention.
No solutions are provided by Sikes. Bibliography lists 1 source. 8ball.wps

Girls in Gangs : A 5 page research paper which examines the growing number of young girls now participating in gang activities. The writer demonstrates how commonalities in background among such girls points to social causal factors such as abusive home environments. Topics covered include initiation rituals and specific case studies. Bibliography includes 5 sources. Ggangs.wps

Street Gangs / A Sociological Examination : A 25 page paper that discusses the origins and status of gangs in the United States. This paper provides a working definition of gangs, discusses the sociological implications of gangs and relates perceptions from both internal and external positions. This paper presents the concept that though gangs do horrific things, they also meet some very specific sociological and psychological needs for their members. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Gangs.wps

Suburban Gangs-Are They different? : A 10 page research paper which postulates that suburban gangs are fundamentally different and distinct from urban gangs, and, therefore, didn’t result from inner-city gang culture "spreading" to the suburbs, but rather sprang from sociological conditions prevalent in American’s suburban landscape. The writer demonstrates how this new phenomenon involves affluent, middle-class teens and crosses national boundaries. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Urbangan.wps

Does Gangsta Rap Cause Street Crime? : A 7 page paper on the effect of this form of music on the criminal justice issue of street crime. The writer examines the lyrics of gangsta rap songs and relates popular opinion on this issue. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Crimjust.wps

Application of Social Theory / Richard Allen Davis & The Murder of Polly Klaas : A 7 page paper that investigates the sociological reasons behind the commission of crimes, focusing on the murder of 12 year old Klaas by Davis in 1993. The author incorporates the frustration-agression theory as well as the development of deviant behavior patterns from childhood, and other situational perspectives to shed some light on the sociological reasons behind the murder. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Socimurd.wps

The Crime Of Rape / Responsibility, Blame, & Reporting The Incident : A 12 page research paper in which the writer discusses the failure of most women to report rape due to the unfortunate reality that society fails to accept their definition of rape in many cases and is not always sympathetic towards their plea for justice. Comparisons are made between male and female views of rape and who should be blamed. For example, men are more likely to blame the woman if she is known to have acted in a provocative, "sexy" fashion whereas women may blame a rape victim because of their need to feel that they are in control of a violent situation and also because of their need to distance themselves from the victim. Disparate psychological issues concerning recovery & coping are also discussed. Bibliography lists more than 20 sources. Rapereac.wps

The Crime of Rape / Analyzed From a Radical - Conflict Perspective : 5 pages in length. Applying this well-documented crime theory, the writer attempts to analyze rape as a crime whose actors can be motivated by such things as an egocentric need for self-fulfillment and a lack of concern or respect for others. Various sides of the issue are discussed from a theoretical perspective and a number of insightful examples are provided. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Rapetheo.wps

Cultural Deviance Theories : This body of information is explored in a 12 page paper that focuses on Sutherland's Theory of Differential Association. Juvenile delinquency is shown as being proliferated by peer associations and four cases are discussed in detail. Solutions are explored. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Cultdevo.wps

Deviance / Social Theory : Theories of deviance are discussed in this 6 page overview that includes references to sociologists from Sutherland to Becker, explaining their ideas. Brown’s work on conformity is also included. Many examples are given to describe the often-difficult to distinguish type of behavior as evidenced by various decades and generations. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Devitheo.wps

Social Theories of Deviance : A 1998 article that depicts a crime is analyzed in this 6 page paper that discusses both anomie and social strain theories. Other concepts such as the decline of family values, are also included. Recommendations are made. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Devisoc.wps

Deviance as a Matter of Perception : This 5 page paper discusses the idea that deviance is a matter of perception and, as such, is determined by those in positions of power who serve as a "moral entrepreneur" for society. Theories of determinants of deviancy, as well as some causal factors, are briefly discussed. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Devian2.wps

Gary M. Katz’s Article on "Conformity, Status, and Rejection of the Deviant" :
A 3 page essay discussing the 1982 article by Gary M. Katz on the "high-status" versus the "low- status" deviant and the "acceptability" of both. No additional sources cited. Garykatz.wps

Serial Killers & Sociological Theories : This 5 page paper explores sociological theories that may explain the phenomenon of serial murder, focusing upon on the most appropriate, the concept of anomie. Bibliography cites 5 sources. Serkill.wps

Social Strain Theory : Robert K. Merton's concept of social strain (derived from anomie) is highlighted in this 7 page paper on the subject. The social strain theory of delinquency is based on the idea that delinquency results when individuals are unable to achieve their goals through legitimate channels. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Strain.wps

Intention : A 15 page paper discussing the possibility, and belief, that our intentions can affect society in one way or another. It is believed that by changing our own personal intentions, and by changing our thought patterns we can inadvertently alter society in general. While we do not have the power to alter or create synchronistic events we can alter how we perceive these events we can sensitize ourselves to the realities that surround us and thereby have a direct affect on the society around us. Sections of paper are: Evolution, Synchronicity, and Intention. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Intdesti.wps

"Carlito’s Way" and Miller’s Social Crime Theories : A 5 page paper that discusses Walter B. Miller's social theories on delinquent groups in relationship to Brian DePlama's film entitled "Carlito’s Way." The specific points of Miller's theory discussed include: trouble, toughness, smartness, excitement, fate, autonomy and belonging. No Bibliography. Carlito.wps

Postal Workers & Violence : The phenomenon is discussed in light of sociological theory in this 8 page paper. Aberrant behavior of postal workers is examined as well as possible causes. Theories such as anomie, alienation and differential association are included. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Postalv.wps

Sociology, Crime, & Cures : A 4 page paper that considers sociological crime theories as they relate to five specific approaches to curing crime. This paper demonstrates the effective elements of each of these approaches. Differential, social bonding, etc;-- are discussed. Bibliography includes 2 sources. Crimecur.wps

Sociology, Crime, & Cures # 2 : A 4 page paper that considers sociological crime theories as they relate to five specific approaches to curing crime. The writer demonstrates the effective elements of each of these approaches. Southerland’s theory of crime causation is among the many ideas analyzed and measures for "curing" crime are assessed. Bibliography includes 2 sources. Crimecu2.wps

Date Rape : A 7 page analysis of date rape {behavior} with relevance to attribution theory. Excellent for those studying criminology. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Daterape.wps

Date Rape # 2 : The phenomenon of date rape and its sociological causes are explored in this 8 page paper. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Daterap2.wps

Date Rape # 3 / Differing Perspectives : This 5 page argumentative essay looks at the increasing phenomenon of college date rape from two perspectives -- the victim and the college. Bibliography included. Daterape.wps*

Campus / Rape and Assault : A 5 page research overview on the issues and effectiveness of response by campus administrators. The writer provides that campuses are still not responding appropriately to the issues. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Adminrap.doc

Gun Control, Deterrence, & Theory : 6 page evaluative analysis of Gun Control arguments from various criminology perspectives such as control and opportunity theories. Bibliography lists approximately 29 sources. Guncontr.wps

Deviant Behavior : 7 pages worth of textbook-based essays on criminology & deviant behavior. Theories and ideas touched upon include labeling, learning, class, socialization, economic & political criminality, etc; No Bibliography. Deviabeha.wps

Deviant Behavior & The Power of Labeling : A 4 research paper that examines the use of labeling and how it relates to what is considered to be deviant behavior. For instance, the writer points out that if a woman grows herbs, blends them into creams and potions, and sells them on the open market today, she is considered an astute businesswoman in the booming business of natural homeopathic remedies. If a woman did exactly the same thing three hundred years ago, she'd have been burned or hung as a witch. The writer demonstrates how the same concept can be applied to conceptions of mental illness, drugs, and sexual deviance. Bibliography lists 1 source. Devlabel.wps

Theories of Deviance & Criminology : This 10 page paper includes a fictitious case study of an individual who was arrested for possession of marijuana with the intent to sell. After a brief description of the case, and a discussion on fourth amendment rights, the paper delves into sociological theories which focus on criminology, after an overview on deviance. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Crimdevi.wps

Does Pornography Cause Violence ? : A 9 page research paper attempting to answer questions about the relationship that may exist between pornography and violence. The writer evaluates articles arguing both ways and ultimately concludes that certain forms of pornography do indeed have a tendency to cause violent sexual behavior. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Pornviol.wps

How Pornography Is Beneficial To Women : 15 pages in length. While the anti-pornography movement has taken over the debate, the anti-censorship feminists have a valid argument that pornography is beneficial to women in many ways; however, this argument has not been given due respect and attention. The writer discusses the various aspects of pornography that are beneficial to women, as well as addresses the counterpoints of those who oppose the concept. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Pornthes.wps

Female Victims Of Crimes & Unjust Treatment : A 12 page paper detailing the injustices women often have to face as the victims of violent crimes from not only the criminal but also the law enforcement personnel who are responsible for investigating crime, the criminal justice system which is responsible for litigating such crimes, and the media which often gives an unfair view of the woman’s role in the crime. Bibliography lists eight sources. Victim.wps

Family Relations / Domestic Changes In Modern Times : A 9 page paper that considers the impacts that have transitioned the status of families over the past 200 years. This paper demonstrates that the social, cultural, political and economic impacts of changing families have led to increased crime and increased domestic violence. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Dome.wps

Fear of Crime in the Nineties : A 9 page discussion of 'Fear of Crime in the Nineties." Primary focus is upon the intimidating effects that street gangs have in large inner-cities like Los Angeles. Excellent reference for those studying criminal justice, policing, and various aspects of sociology. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Fearcrim.wps

High Crime Rate In South Florida / Little Effect on Tourism : In 10 pages the author discusses how the high crime rate in South Florida has very little effect on tourism. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Florcrim.wps

Individualism v. Collectivism / Americans Value The Individual : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the debate between individualism and collectivism, supporting the position that American society values individualism. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Indicoll.wps

Culture Conflict / The Ennis Cosby Murder : The Ennis Cosby murder case is discussed in this 9 page analysis where culture conflict is a predominant factor. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Ennis.wps

Edmund Kemper III : In 8 pages the author discusses serial killer Edmund Kemper, the Co-Ed Killer. Explanation from a causation perspective is delved into as what could have been done to stop this behavior. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Edkemper.wps

Gun Control (part 1, two philosophies) : A 5 page paper on the topic of gun control. The writer identifies the two perspectives of this issue -- from a crime control standpoint as well as due process -- and indicates the type of policy each would recommend. Bibliography cites 6 sources. Gunc1.wps

Gun Control (part 2, policy response): A 5 page paper recommending a policy response to gun control. The writer explains the policy in reference to its effectiveness, and practical, political and economic feasibility. Bibliography cites 4 sources. Gunc2.wps

Jack The Ripper / Society's Fault ? : 10 pages in length. Relying upon social scientific theory, this paper makes the argument that the area of Whitechapel itself was largely responsible for creating the psychopath that was Jack the Ripper. A number of statistics and professional reports are cited. Bibliography lists approximately 9 sources. Jackthe2.wps

Jack the Ripper / An Unsolvable Crime Mystery : In this 9 page essay, the writer analyzes various crime scenes and sociological factors surrounding the infamous mystery of Jack the Ripper. It is argued that reasonable evidence exists to believe that all of the murders were indeed committed by the same person, but emphasis is placed upon the fact that crimes still baffle police of today as much as they did in Jack the Ripper's day. Facts surrounding several different suspects are explored. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Jackthe.wps

Treatment of AIDS in American Society : This 7 page paper looks at the disease from a social perspective. The main focus is on exactly what the government and advocates are doing on behalf of AIDS and HIV infected victims. Subjects addressed are education, research, new drugs, treatment and funding. Statistics are included throughout. Bibliography included. Aidsinam.wps

Asian National Essay : A 7 page creative essay (based on historical facts) of the viewpoint of an Asian national around the turn of the century. The essay is written from the viewpoint of a Vietnamese farmer, who believes in Confucianism, and is hearing the words of Marx talk about collective farming techniques. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Asianess.wps

The Use Of Communication Skills To Fight Delinquency : The importance of effective communication in combating delinquency is discussed in this 25 page paper. The problem of delinquency is explained along with the reasons for its existence. Various cultures around the world are looked at for insight on how to solve this pervasive problem in American society. The continuum concept is included as well. Detailed solutions are noted, inclusive of verbal and nonverbal techniques of communication which may be utilized by parents for various age groups. Bibliography lists 22 sources. Figthdel.wps

Elmore Leonard’s "Riding The Rap" : A 5 page paper that considers the social commentary related within Leonard's work on the criminal mind. This paper reflects on racism, racial differences, crime and social stratification as they are discussed within the context of Leonard's novel. Bibliography lists no additional sources. Riderap.wps

Journal Article Review / Male-Female Attitudes Towards Crime : 4 page discussion and review of a 1992 journal article (appeared in Psychological Reports) by Kormos, White, & Brooks that assessed the disparity of attitudes between males and females about crime to determine sex differences in rated seriousness of crime. Delinart.wps

Megan's Law & The Privacy of Convicted Sex Offenders : 14 in-depth, comprehensive pages analyzing Megan's Law-- a model (and quite controversial) NJ statute which mandated that neighbors be notified when a child sex offender moves into their community. Writer examines the relevance of Megan's Law to similar Federal law and assesses both sides of the argument in this matter. The practicality and constitutionality of Megan's Law are evaluated based upon existing case law and landmark Supreme Court decision. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Megan.wps

Sexual Offenders : An 8 page paper involving a literature review of research conducted in the field of sexual offense. Issues addressed include socioeconomic notions, masturbation, drug therapy, testosterone levels, and previous experience with molestation as a child. All information illustrates that there is no single cause or reason behind the deviant behavior. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Sexoff.wps

Sex Offender Registries : A 5 page paper on sex offender registries and Megan’s Law, how they affect the ex-cons and the legal and social problems associated with them, most notably civil rights vs. protection of children, and also the fact that the registers themselves are not perfect. The writer argues that although these problems exist, advocates say that even if one child's life is helped/saved, the Megan Law will have been worth it. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Sexreg.wps

Sex Offenders / Treatment Programs : A 9 page research paper that provides an overview of literature on treatment programs for sex offenders, and presents a potential integrative program based on the literature. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Sexofndr.wps

Perception of Change and Fear of Crime / Implications for Television News Viewers : 11 pages in length. The impact of television viewing on viewers' attitudes and behaviors is an ongoing public debate and one that has much room for further inquiry. Using primary research, study posits that fear of crime is exacerbated by the perception of change in one's immediate environment. Several free charts are provided in an appendix and a bibliography lists 6+ sources. Crimetv.wps *Graduate level advanced research.

Crime Theories : 4 essays; each one page in length on various theories and approaches to criminal justice and the fundamental psycho-social reasons for the persistence of crime today. Textbook used. No bibliography.

Effects Of Immigration : A correlation between immigration and the increase in delinquency, crime and poverty is made in this 8 page paper. Statistics are noted to support the argument as well as studies that show that crime is brought into the United States by foreign groups. Regional variations are also included. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Immigration.rtf

Prostitution / A Cross-Cultural History & Analysis : A 5 page paper on this history of "the world's oldest profession"-- prostitution. The writer discusses the shape and form that prostitution has taken throughout history with respect to individual cultures and societies such as the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Church in the Middle Ages, and more recent eras as well. The role of law, societal opposition, and venereal disease is stressed with regard to prostitution in more recent times. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Prosthis.wps

Perspectives On Prostitution As A Criminal Act In The U.S. : This 6 page paper examines some of the reasons why prostitution is a crime in most parts of the United States. Issues concerning such inherent dangers as disease, drugs, other criminal activity, tax fraud, etc; are focused upon. Interestingly, the writer argues that the government is actually more concerned with preventing safety-conscious "high class hookers" from earning millions of tax-free dollars than they are from saving the "victimized" inner-city street corner "working girl" with nowhere else to turn. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Proststa.wps

Prostitution in the Middle Ages : A 10 page paper discussing prostitution and its evolution during the Middle Ages. Reasons women entered prostitution, what their choices were, and society’s viewpoints and condemnation are also reviewed. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Midprost.wps

"The Hoax, The Hustler, The Psychopath" : This 5 page essay provides a brief look at the psychological makeup of those that live to control others. Specifically, the writer explores the psychological makeup of psychopaths. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hustler.wps

Philosophy / Evil As A Necessity : A 17 page piece that discusses the merits of three philosophical statements: evil exists but is unnecessary, evil is an illusion and does not exist, and evil is necessary in order to bring about the best possible world. The paper raises these philosophies in regards three issues: terrorism, smoking, and the drug mafia, and postulates that evil is necessary to bring about the best possible world. No sources cited. Evilphil.wps


Forensic Sciences and Their Application in Bomb Investigations : An 8 page paper discussing the application of forensics to bomb investigations. Details the care which must be taken in the collection of evidence and discusses some of the laboratory methods used to analyze this evidence. Bibliography lists seven sources. Bombinve.wps

The Defense Witness & Forensic Testimony : 21 pages providing a detailed analysis of the validity and role of forensic testimony as a legal defense undermining science. Excellent for those studying law, criminal justice and also for sciences that examine such subjects as DNA. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Defenswt.wps

Field Collection of Forensic Evidence : An 8 page paper presenting the importance of systematic collection of crime scene evidence in the field. Discussion includes information of collection of fingerprints, foot and tire prints, evidence of sexual assault, and trace evidence such as hair and fiber. The paper stresses the importance of field documentation of evidence. Bibliography list five sources. Evidence.wps

Forensic Evidence / Inappropriate Field Collection Techniques Can Botch Trials : A 3 page argumentative essay illustrating the importance of appropriated field collection techniques for forensic evidence. The O. J. Simpson trial is used as one example of poor collection techniques. Bibliography lists three sources. Foren.wps

Forensic Accounting : A 5 page paper discussing forensic accounting, what it is, why there is a need for forensic accountants, what they are trained to do, how they go about it, as well as salary ranges. Also cites two different cases of criminals brought to justice by forensic accountants. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Foracc.wps

Forensic Dentistry : The field of forensic dentistry is explored in this 5 page paper. Specific procedures followed in conducting criminal investigations as well as analyzing data in mass disasters is discussed. The use of computers and DNA is included. Information on qualifications and credentials as it pertains to testimony is also discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Dentist.wps

The Use of the Polygraph : A 7 page paper in which the writer discusses the polygraph and its uses. Controversy over the subject is expounded upon. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Polygrap.wps

Anastasia / The Riddle of Anna Anderson : A 9 page paper on the woman who claimed she was the Grand Duchess Anastasia, and thus the only survivor of the Russian Imperial Family to survive the Russian Revolution. The writer compares different stories about Anastasia and attempts to reconcile fact from fiction in an effort to determine whether or not Anna Anderson was truly the Grand Duchess. Forensic / D.N.A.-related evidence is presented and the writer ultimately describes how science unraveled the mystery years later and discovered that Anderson was not who she claimed to be. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Anna.wps

Drug Testing & The Use of Hair : A 4 page paper detailing the advantages and disadvantages of using hair samples to conduct drug tests in the workplace. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Drughair.wps

The J.F.K. Assassination / Fact vs. Film Fantasy : 8 pages in length. An excellent resource for those studying forensics or criminal investigations. This paper analyzes the reliability of facts presented in Oliver Stone's movie JFK with respect to actual Warren Commission and House Select Committee reports. It is argued that the most logical assassin was indeed Lee Harvey Oswald and that Stone's movie is good for little more than imaginative historical fantasy. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Jfk.wps

John F. Kennedy Assassination / Forensics : An 8 page paper discussing facts of the assassination in relation to related findings of the Warren Commission that determined in 1964 that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and fired one shot, the "magic bullet," that killed President Kennedy and severely wounded Governor John Connally. Many of the documents used by the Warren Commission were finally made public by the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, and few of them support the conclusions of the Warren Commission based on forensic analysis. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Jfkfor.wps

Lee Harvey Oswald As A Sole Assassin : A 13 page paper that presents both sides of the case and dismisses the conspiracy theory for the following reasons: none of the conspiracy arguments match, they are disjointed and if true everyone in the CIA would have known about the "secret" plot to assassinate JFK; in contrast, the sole assassin theory is supported by evidence gathered by such diverse agents as CIA agents, lawyers, private investigators and Norman Mailer. In this theory, all the evidence matches, with each adding a little more insight into Oswald. Bibliography lists more than 10 sources. Lhoswald.wps

Lee Harvey Oswald -- A Victim As Seen In Don DeLillo’s/ "Libra" : 5 pages in length. Was Lee Harvey Oswald, assassin of President John F. Kennedy, a cold-blooded, calculating killer because he chose to be or because his mother raised him in a disturbed, manic environment? Clearly, Oswald was not one of the most stable person merely because he had the capacity to take the life of another human being. But is he truly guilty for his actions, or is his mother -- a disturbed person in her own right -- the one to blame for his ultimate indiscretions? The writer attempts to show that Oswald was, in fact, a victim of his abnormal upbringing, as well as a victim of a cold and heartless society. No additional sources cited. Libra.wps

Phrenology : In 10 pages the author discusses the subject of phrenology and how it is applied to criminal justice. Phrenology is the study of the skull's contours, which is indicative of mental faculties, intelligence and moral functions of a person. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Phreno.wps

Jack Ruby / Conspirator Or An Unstable Individual Simply Seeking Attention ? :
A 15 page paper examining the life of Jack Ruby, the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald. Discusses the improbibility of his role as a conspirator and points to his mental and personal instability as the likely reasons he killed Oswald. Bibliography lists ten sources. Jackruby.wps

A. Conan Doyle -- Sherlock Holmes / Logic In "Adventure Of The Speckled Band": A 3 page paper describing Sherlock Holmes' use of the scientific method in solving the mystery presented by his author in "The Adventure Of The Speckled Band." Each step of the investigation is discussed and Holmes' methodology for proving his initial hypothesis is analyzed. No Bibliography. Speckled.wps

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