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Juvenile Delinquency / An Overview : A 3 page discussion of juvenile delinquency, what it is, and what some of the popular sociological theories surrounding it are. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Juvdelqy.wps

Juvenile Delinquency & The Home Social Environment : In 12 pages the author writes 2 chapters on the topic of juvenile delinquency and the home/social environment. The introductory of the paper states: "The issue of juvenile delinquency and the home/social environment is one of major concern to families, schools, law enforcement agencies and society as a whole. There has been an influx of juvenile delinquents in today's society, ranging from those who are involved in truancy, to gang activity, to those who are convicted murderers. Juvenile delinquency is prevalent across the nation. There is not one certain paradigm of pedagogy for this occurrence. Juvenile delinquency is cross-cultural and cross-racial. It does not know any restrictions on socio-economic class or religion. When measured by official statistics, the problem of juvenile delinquency is staggering. In an attempt to address the issue of juvenile delinquency in the home/social environment, the focus of juvenile delinquency has been directed at the home of the individual and the social environment in which he exists. This is done in order to better understand the causes behind the delinquent behavior of the individual." Bibliography lists 8 sources. Homedel.wps

Juvenile Delinquency As the Fault of A Changing Family Structure : In this well-documented 7 page sociological research paper, the writer argues that the family itself has changed drastically since the 1950's and that this is one of the primary causes of Juvenile Delinquency today. Everything from the lack of father figures to the ability to spend less time as home is examined. The appearance of new drugs, unprecedented racial tension, and a new era of unimaginable violence in the media are also attributed as causal factors. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Juvdelq2.wps

Juvenile Crime / Is there a Solution? : A 5 page speech that presents the problem of juvenile crime as an outcome of the breakdown of the family structure and their resultant lack of direction and moral character of the youth. It looks at the scenario of family disintegration and the effects on the moral character of today's youth. What can we do about it? The speech takes a quick look at what measures of been tried in the past, states a proposal that has been suggested by President Clinton and outlines a new and radical proposal of re-investing in the space program. The bibliography lists 5 sources. Juvspeec.wps

Fighting Crime With Education : In 5 pages the author discusses fighting crime with education. Juveniles released from their punishments after committing a crime should be required to attend educational programs that are designed to keep them from committing future crimes. Many of the programs available for those juveniles are effective. Juvenile crime can truly be fought with proper education. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Fighted.wps

Assessing Juvenile Delinquency : A 4 page paper on the best way to use government funds to prevent and treat juvenile delinquency. The writer suggests two programs that deserve funding, as an alternative to incarceration. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Juvdel.wps

Mentally Retarded, Juvenile Delinquents : A 5 page research essay exploring incidence of crimes among retarded adolescents. The reasons for retarded adolescents becoming involved in criminal behavior and the likelihood of their getting caught are among the many things discussed. Misunderstandings can occur easily between the police official and the retarded adolescent for numerous reasons, one of which is that officials have little, if any, training in interviewing mentally retarded people and another is that the retarded adolescent odten does not reveal his or her condition to the police officer. Bibliography included. Mentre.wps

(The) "Explorers" as a Juvy. Crime Deterrent : Approximately 30 pages in length. Paper discusses "Explorer" programs across the U.S. and the role that they play in deterring juvenile delinquency (as well as other relevant issues). In Explorer programs, kids get to ride with police officers and assist in ambulance emergencies. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Explorer.wps

Juvenile Crime / Is there a Solution? : A 5 page speech that presents the problem of juvenile crime as an outcome of the breakdown of the family structure and their resultant lack of direction and moral character of the youth. It looks at the scenario of family disintegration and the effects on the moral character of today's youth. What can we do about it? The speech takes a quick look at what measures of been tried in the past, states a proposal that has been suggested by President Clinton and outlines a new and radical proposal of re-investing in the space program. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Juvecre.wps

Inner-City Crime and African-Americans : 7 page discussing the causal factors of high crime rates among Black adolescents in the inner-city. Also examines possibilities for change and control. Based upon three pertinent journal articles- each of which are listed in bibliography. Blakadol.wps

The Role Prisons & Juvenile Halls Play in Society For Youths : In 4 pages, the writer discusses the role of prisons and juvenile halls play in society for youths. The extent of juvenile justice has changed in theories, goals, and knowledge pertaining to crime and its prevention among juvenile offenders. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Prisjuvy.wps

Impact of Juvenile Detention Centers : In 10 pages the author discusses the impact of juvenile detention centers. Although the extent of juvenile justice has changed in many ways, one thing remains constant. That is what to do with juvenile offenders. Juvenile detention centers play an important role in the lives of young criminals. That role can be either a positive one or a negative one. There are both pros and cons to the impact of juvenile detention centers on youths. Although some young people get a mere slap on the wrist for their delinquent/criminal behavior, others can get the death penalty at an early age in some states. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Juvycent.wps

Juveniles & The Death Penalty : This 9 page report discusses the issues associated with juveniles and the death penalty in America. Economic, social, political issues are briefly presented. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Juvdth.wps

Death Penalty for Juveniles : This 7 page essay strongly favors the death penalty for juveniles. Specific examples are provided. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Juvydeat.wps

Juvenile Crime & Light Sentencing : Approximately 6 pages in length. Discusses juvenile convicts and the unfairly "light" sentences that they receive for their crimes. Essay focuses much on the personal opinions and views of the author who makes numerous sound points. Underlying theme is that "Society should be no different than the home" and consequently, juveniles should be punished more severely for their crimes. Bibliography contains 2 references. See also Juvycrim.wps. Crimemom.wps

Juvenile Crime and The Sealed Record : A short, 3 page argument about how the juvenile justice system is failing and youthful offenders are not being deterred from committing more crimes. The writer argues that a 15 year-old delinquent should share many of the same penalties for committing an offense that a 22 year-old delinquent would for committing the same offense. Most important to the discussion is the idea that a juvenile's record should not be "hidden" after they've reached adulthood. Individual members of society should be able to make judgments based on someone's entire record and then determine whether or not crimes of their childhood are worthy of special attention. No Bibliography. Juvycorr.wps

"Getting Tough" on Juveniles / Does it Work ? : In this insightful 8 page research paper, the writer examines statistics concerning rising criminal behavior among juveniles and reviews the effectiveness of some of crime prevention programs used to reduce these figures. All arguments are supported by statistical data and an impressive amount of research is cited. An excellent reference for anyone doing a paper on Juvenile Delinquency and what is being done to stop the problem. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Juvycrim.wps

Probation For (Juvenile) Status Offenders : "Status offenders" are juveniles convicted of crimes that would not be considered such if they were adults. For example, running away from home, truancy, etc.; are all considered to be criminal activities only by juvenile courts. This 6 page research paper analyzes the controversy surrounding the penalties given to status offenders and the likelihood that probation will become the most viable answer to the problem. The opinions of reputed caseworkers are cited to evidence the idea that while harsher sentences for status offenders must be ruled out, the lack of some penalty is unacceptable and therefore, probation-style programs are the most likely answer to the problem. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Statusof.wps

Ethical Dilemmas In Juvenile Detention Facilities : A 15 page paper that considers 10 different ethical dilemmas that can occur within the environment of a juvenile detention facility and considers the possible outcomes for these dilemmas. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Eth2.doc

Proposal / Is Juvenile Delinquency Controllable ? : A 7 page research proposal in which the writer cites the growing problem of juvenile delinquency, its social & psychological implications, etc; It is proposed that years of research can help us to better understand the behavioral and cognitive aspects of this societal problem..The writer describes what sort of "team" would have to be assembled and in light terms, how such a research project might be evaluated. No Bibliography. Psycprop.wps

Crack - Cocaine and Crime / A Youth Problem : A 25 page thesis that considers the impact of early onset use of crack cocaine and deviant criminal behavior in youth populations. Thesis is supported by a study which is designed to demonstrate the correlation between youth crack use and youth crime, with a specific concentration on early use data. Bibliography with 12 sources. Crackcrm.wps

Teenage Prostitution : In 10 pages the author discusses teenage prostitution. Teenage prostitution is more prevalent than anyone could possibly imagine. There are many reasons why young people become prostitutes. For some they have no other choice: it is a survival method. For others it is an easy way to make a lot of money and their morality is such that they see nothing wrong with that. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Teenpt.wps

Child Labor And Prostitution : This 6 page paper addresses the problem of child labor and prostitution as a consequence of globalization. Examples are given, primarily from India and the Philippines but the problem is addressed as a general moral and economic dilemma. Bibliography lists 12 sources Intlbirt.wps

Child Labor Throughout the World : This 11 page report discusses the exploitation of children around the world, especially in Third World nations, as a source of cheap and compliant labor. Governments, businesses, and individual consumers have an obligation to do what they can to bring a halt to the exploitation of children throughout the world. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Clworld.wps

Child Labor Throughout The World : This 5 page report discusses the exploitation of children around the world, especially in India, Pakistan, and South America, as a source of cheap and compliant labor. Governments, businesses, and individual consumers have an obligation to do what they can to bring a halt to the exploitation of children throughout the world. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Outcry.wps

The Problem of Juvenile Gangs : A thoroughly-researched 20 page paper on juvenile delinquency & gangs. Broken down into sections with subheadings, the writer examines : the severity of gangs in the inner-city, girls in gangs, Federal government efforts to curtail gang violence, the philosophy of the church, the causal factors of such violence, and what can be done to stop it (citing specific case examples). Bibliography lists 11 sources. Juvygang.wps

Gang Violence : A 10 page study on gang violence and juvenile delinquency addressing types of gangs and gang behaviors, causes, prevention and legal measures that deal with gangs. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Gangvio.wps

Girls in Gangs : A 5 page research paper which examines the growing number of young girls now participating in gang activities. The writer demonstrates how commonalities in background among such girls points to social causal factors such as abusive home environments. Topics covered include initiation rituals and specific case studies. Bibliography includes 5 sources. Ggangs.wps

Variations Between Male and Female Gangs : Gender differences are noted between "boy gangs" and "girl gangs" in this 11 page analysis which explores gang culture in America. Motivation and degree of violence are two factors where differences were apparent. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Gangvar.wps girls in gangs

Street Gangs / A Sociological Examination : A 25 page paper that discusses the origins and status of gangs in the United States. This paper provides a working definition of gangs, discusses the sociological implications of gangs and relates perceptions from both internal and external positions. This paper presents the concept that though gangs do horrific things, they also meet some very specific sociological and psychological needs for their members. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Gangs.wps

The Problem of Gangs : In 10 pages the author discusses the problem of gangs. The problem of gangs is prevalent in today's society. There are many reasons why so many youths join gangs. Less than desirable home and family circumstances compound the youths' problems. They become more vulnerable to the fascination of gangs. Law enforcement agencies have to deal with the problems of gangs, and they must act to curtail that problem. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Probgang.wps

Gangs In California : This 6 page paper focuses on the methods being used to control youth gang activity in California. The state of California, with 5,000 different gangs and 250,000 gang members has the largest problem in the country. Prosecutors and police officials have taken a number of steps in the last ten years to control the problem. Some methods are working. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Cagangs.wps

Gangs / Chicago & L.A. : An 8 page research overview of the social and economic factors affecting the establishment of gangs in Chicago and Los Angeles, the "political" differences between the formation of the gangs, expansion of gang territories, and the differences between law enforcement efforts. The writer supports the argument that the most effective form of enforcement has been collusion between law enforcement agencies and gang communities through several examples. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Gangprog.wps

Suburban Gangs-Are They Different? : A 10 page research paper which postulates that suburban gangs are fundamentally different and distinct from urban gangs, and, therefore, didn’t result from inner-city gang culture "spreading" to the suburbs, but rather sprang from sociological conditions prevalent in American’s suburban landscape. The writer demonstrates how this new phenomenon involves affluent, middle-class teens and crosses national boundaries. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Urbangan.wps

Wooden’s Renegade Kids, Suburban Outlaws / Youth Culture & Delinquency :
A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the major points in Wooden's work. No additional sources cited. The suburbs of the United States have been experiencing a steady increase in criminal activities, especially crimes committed by youth offenders, and Wayne Wooden's Renegade Kids, Suburban Outlaws demonstrates this problem and proposes possible routes towards resolution Wwooden.wps

Kids Killing Kids : 5 pages in length. The late 1990’s rash of children opening fire upon their classmates and teachers on school grounds has triggered a closer look at the makeup of the juvenile psyche. Experts say the inclination to kill comes from a combination of inadequate upbringing, overexposure to violence and the all-too-easy access to guns, as well as an inherent propensity for abnormal behavior. The writer gives an overview of the various reasons children act with violence, as well as ways to deter such behavior. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Kidskill.wps

Juvenile Probation and Correcting the Adolescent Offender : 7 pages in length. A discussion of juvenile justice and the role that probation plays in it. Based upon library research, the writer examines several existing programs and analyzes which techniques are effective in achieving the goals of juvenile corrections as well as which ones are not effective in achieving those goals. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Juvyprob.wps

Juvenile Delinquency & Punishment : A 9 page comprehensive discussion of juvenile delinquency and the strengths and weaknesses of various diversions and punishments ranging from traditional probation to boot camps. Bibliography lists approximately 18 sources. Delin.wps

Juvenile Criminal Justice System / Boot Camps & Shock Incarceration Programs : 8 pages in length. Re-training juvenile criminals to become positive, contributing members of society has always proven to be a challenge for officials in charge of rehabilitation. Myriad programs have been implemented throughout history to achieve this goal but according to those in the field, none have proven as effective as the boot camp and shock incarceration programs currently in use by a number of juvenile criminal justice systems. The writer discusses how boot camps and shock incarceration programs attempt to put the missing elements of a stable and productive person back into maladjusted youths. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Shokboot.wps

Juvenile Homicide : A 10 page research paper on the causes and solutions to rising juvenile homicide rates. The writer details the statistics, explanations, trends, and solutions related to the problem. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Juvihomi.wps

Juvenile Delinquency In New Jersey : A 9 page paper on the growing problem of juvenile delinquency in our society. It gives some insight into the history of our prison system, and talkes about some of the concerns and possible solutions to this manacing problem facing our nation. The focus of the paper is on New Jersey's youth crime problem, but it also discusses some state laws, and federal programs in other parts of the country as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Njjuvy.wps

Mario Cuomo’s Position On Juvenile Delinquency : This 5 page paper provides an overview of Governor Cuomo’s accomplishments while in office. The writer focuses on his work in terms of juvenile corrections. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Cuomo.wps

Kids and Hacking: Crime or Exploration? : A 5 page exploration of the topic of kids and hacking, the non-malicious but unauthorized entry into private computer systems. Addresses the problem of hacking and suggests ways to deal with these cases from both a legal standpoint and a parental guidance standpoint. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hackers2.wps

Social Cognition in Problemed Behaviors : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of social cognition and then relates the impact of this on problemed behaviors, including childhood aggression and gang interactions. Bibliography lists several sources.. Socialcog.wps

Parental Attachment & Delinquency : 5 pages reviewing the a journal article that examines the effects of parental attachment and direct controls on delinquency. No bibliography. Dqncprnt.wps

Journal Article Review / Influence of Peers : A through 7 page discussion and review of a 1994 article from the journal Criminology entitled : "The Influence of Delinquent Peers: What they think or what they do ?" Delinrev.wps

Peer Pressure & Delinquency : 5 page review of the following journal article : Warr, M. & Stafford, M. The Influence of Delinquent Peers: What they think or what they do ? Criminolog. Volume 29, No. 4; Nov. 4, 1994; Pp. 851-866. Dqnctech.wps

Law Enforcement & Intelligence

Airport Security : A 5 page general, but comprehensive essay on airport security, F.A.A. measures, etc; Bibliography lists 5 sources. Please e-mail us with any questions. Airports.wps

Airport Security
: The security of airports is explored in this 7 page paper. Airlines, such as US Air and ValueJet, which have endured public relations problems due to safety issues are discussed. The "flight 800" plane crash which prompted Presidential action is noted. Bibliography cites 6 sources. Airsecurity.doc

Analysis of TWA’s Flight 800 Crash
: This 10 page paper delves into the 1996 TWA Flight 800 crash with a focus on technical aspects. A variety of theories are explored including the official explanation as being mechanical failure to more extraordinary suppositions such as those that involve missiles or bombs. The physical evidence is examined through the eyes of retired military personnel and newsman Pierre Salinger. The paper concludes that the bomb theory is most plausible. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Twa800.wps

Airport Security / Problems
: A 9 page research paper that investigates the state of airport security especially in the Untied States. Despite increased acts of terrorism in the world that are directed at airports and airlines and the terrorist attacks that have occurred in the United States, this country still does not take seriously the potential threat to airlines. Increased security measures are in force but the flagrant violations are frightening. Machines do exist that can detect today's sophisticated explosive devices but they are extremely costly and only a few airports are using them. The writer discusses the problems found at airports and machines that can increase security. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Airport.wps

Relationship Between Law Enforcement and Code Enforcement
: 5 pages in length. Author discusses the relationship between law enforcement and code enforcement paying particular attention to the statutes in Florida. Bibliography included. Codelaw.wps

Introduction To Security
: 40 pages in length. In recent years, an increasing focus on crime has resulted in an increasing focus in both business and home security. The focus of Congress on the $30 billion crime bill in 1994 and 1995 led to a shift in the perception of American security. As a result, the security and security management industries have struggled to continue to meet the existing needs of their customer base while addressing new segments of the population requiring security assistance. The writer of this paper includes topics like the home security industry, business security, security management and even focuses on changing technologies and security. Bibliography lists more than two dozen sources. Introsec.wps

Private Security & The Law
: 12 pages in length. The writer discusses the world of private security. Specifically analyzed is the growing popularity of private security forces, the availability of jobs, and the "line" that exists between security work and actual law enforcement. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Privesec.wps

The Pros & Cons of Private Security
: In 5 pages the author discusses the pros and cons of private security while making the recommendation of when it is necessary to hire private contractual security officers. It is posited that private security, even with all of its problems, is the way of the future. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Privsec2.wps

The Economics Of Law Enforcement
: A 9 page research paper that examines the way in which economics impacts law enforcement. The writer explores some ways where economic factors can be improved through more efficient police management techniques demonstrating that economics is an inherent factor in law enforcement no matter what viewpoint is taken. The two are intrinsically tied. For instance, there is the actual cost running the nation's police departments. These costs include such considerations as the budgets for salaries, equipment, maintenance, etc. The other side of that coin is the cost to society in regards to the crimes themselves. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Econlawf.wps

Can Police Ethics be Taught
? : A 35 page overview of the issue of police ethics and how these ethics relate to the philosophies of Immanuel Kant and John Stewart Mill. Includes a discussion on the ancient Greek philosophers, particularly Plato and Pythagoras as well as current information of the importance of establishing appropriate ethical codes in police departments across the nation. Bibliography lists 42 sources.

Management of Police Ethics
: A 5 page research paper that examines the applicability of the 12 elements to establish a best-practices ethics program that was developed by Frank Navran to the management of police ethics. It briefly looks at the stresses inherent in the job of law enforcement that show comparability with Navron's concept of "pressure to perform". Bibliography lists 5 sources. Polman.wps

Citizens vs. Law Enforcement
: A well-written 9 page research paper demonstrating that minority communities are generally dissatisfied with their local police... The writer attempts to analyze factors (social class, economics, etc;) that cause people to view the police in different ways. It is discovered that police and citizens are more likely to find themselves as adversaries in high crime neighborhoods. Bibliography lists 12 scholarly sources. Minocri3.wps

Miranda In Law Enforcement
: A 9 page paper overview on Miranda rights and how they get in the way of law enforcement. The paper includes a paragraph on new government support systems, 1 example case of Miranda impeding law enforcement, and 4 cases (1979-1996) supporting law enforcement. Conclusion has a rather conservative quote stating that the Fed should revoke Miranda altogether. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Miranda.wps

The Exclusionary Rule
: This 5 page paper examines The Exclusionary Rule in which evidence seized illegally [4th amendment] cannot be used as evidence at trial. The writer is particularly concerned with cases in which the exclusionary rule has been applied successfully as well as relevant constitutional/legal arguments pertinent to the rule. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Excrule.wps

N.Y.P.D. and the Mapp-Miranda Paradigm
: A 6 page paper that provides and overview of how the Mapp and Miranda cases affected law enforcement by NYPD, and references a NY case that helped to reduce the affect of the exclusionary rule (Mapp). The paper provides a detailed history of Mapp and Miranda and the affects those cases had on determing the acts of law enforcement over the last thirty years, including the forming of policies which included physical and mental coercion. These rules are seen in deference to NYPD as restrictions in law enforcement, and responsible for the need for coercive tactics. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Nypdmapp.wps

Police Officer Candidates / New York City Police Department Requirements
: The NYPD is the primary focus of this 8 page paper that examines whether or not officers should be required to have college educations. Several departments around the country are included as unique examples of forces requiring four year degrees. One study referenced suggests that degreed officers are more prone to cynicism. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Plceoff.wps

Domestic Violence in Police Families
: In 20 pages the author discusses domestic violence in police families. The paper is divided into the following sections: 1. Statement of the problem, 2. Literature review, 3. Proposed methodology, 4. Analysis, and 5. Conclusion. " The law enforcement officer must maintain his/her cool on the job. It is easy for an officer to take out his/her frustration on his/her spouse, companion, or child. For some police officers the result of their job stress surfaces as aggression. In far too many cases, that aggression become domestic violence." Bibliography lists 12 sources. Domviol.wps

Eustress & The Police Officer
: This 3 page paper addresses the subject of good stress on police officers. Clarification of eustress and distress according to Selye’s model is noted. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Eustress.wps

Police Suicide
: This 3 page overview takes a look at police suicide. Several studies reveal similarities and differences between suicides in police and civilian populations. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Suicpol.wps

Police Bicycle Patrols
: A 5 page overview of bicycle patrols since their inception in 1990 in New York and Los Angeles. The writer discusses training, advantages to the community and to the police departments and officers. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Police / Citizen Relations
: In 5 pages the author discusses the relationship between police and citizens. The police officer is an integral part of the very fabric of the community, or at least he/she should be. When police and citizens have a good relationship, this is the case. Police and the citizens they serve should be able to have a good working relationship with more involvement of the citizenry. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Citpol.wps

Community Policing
: Approximately 8 pages in length. Report discusses community policing- Provides information about its positive aspects as well as its criticism. Specific cases from the 1990's included in discussion (Details programs in Philadelphia, New York, Boston etc;). Bibliography lists 5 sources. Commpoli.wps

Police &Community / Working Together to Stop the Problem of Gangs
In 4 pages the author discusses how the police and the community work together to stop the problem of gangs. Community policing is the solution to the specific problem of gangs in the neighborhood. Law enforcement agencies are inundated with the protection of their specific patrol areas. It is impossible for police officers to be at all places at all times. That is why there must be a collaboration between the police and the community. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Stopgang.wps

Community Policing
: In 5 pages the author discusses the issue of community policing, which is also referred to as COP. "Community policing is a viable option as long as all divisions and individuals are well informed and integrated into the philosophy of the COP process, and a department-wide strategy for the implementation of COP is developed. Community policing yields long-term solutions to many problems." Bibliography lists 4 sources. Cpissues.wps

Community Policing
: A 5 page paper discussing community policing which is a form of policing that puts the police directly in the community and within easy reach of most of the community. It involves a different set up than was previously used, but it has proven to be most effective in reducing crime, and in combination with the community’s support even more reduction in crime. Strengths, weakness, process, and implementation are just some of the issues discussed in regards to this program using the criminal act of vandalism as an example. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Community Policing In Australia
: A 7 page essay on the community involvement in police departments in Australia and how recent scandals and police attitudes may be affecting these programs. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Poliaus.wps

Police & Community / Crime Prevention In The Inner-City
: A 6 page proposal to incorporate the efforts of citizens and police to fight crime in a Northeastern drug-infested city. Anti-parole programs, stricter truancy policies, cooperation with homelessness assistance agencies, etc; ae among the many ideas explained. The emphasis in this paper is that making arrests is not nearly as important as preventing crime from ever happening. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Policrec.wps

Community Policing in the Minority Urban Neighborhood
: A 27 page paper that provides an informative overview of the subject of community policing and considers the problems, possibilities, and provides program recommendations. Bibliography lists approximately 2 dozen sources. Commpol.wps

Police Role In The Community / Minority Relationships
: A 5 page paper on minority views of the police as an oppressive force, criminalizing those they are supposed to protect. The writer describes how even the most successful community policing programs sometimes fail to work in African-American neighborhoods where citizens are literally afraid of the police ! Some of the departmental and political reasons for law enforcement's failure to maintain positive relations with minority groups are discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Policrol.wps

Community Policing / Modern History & Progress
: This 7 page paper covers the history of community policing efforts and the COPS grant program set up under the 1994 Crime Act. Including an extensive report on the implementation and progress of the COPS program, the paper also points out the extensive programs of towns and cities which arose without the benefit of Federal grants. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Compn.wps

Community Policing / An Argument For Implementation
: This 6 page paper provides an argument for the implementation of community policing. The broken window theory is included as a reason for utilizing preventative measures to fight crime. Included in the discussion is the concept of the beat cop and how the premise has changed over time. Suggestions for incorporating crime prevention into communities is the focus of the paper. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Compolic.wps

Creating Neighborhood Watch Programs
: A 7 page research paper.-- Did you know there is a burglary committed in this country at the rate of every 10 seconds? Given this alarming rate of crime in our very own neighborhoods and the fact there are not enough police officers to patrol every street in every city it only makes sense that neighbors get together and work with the law enforcement officers to curb crime. This paper explains how to set up such a program. Bibliography included. Watch.wps

Burglars On the Job / A Review of the Book by Wright & Decker
: A 7 page review of the hypothesis, methodology, and recommendations of "Burglars on the Job: Street Life and Residential Break-Ins" Richard T. Wright and Scott H. Decker. Includes recommendations for additional research. Bibliography lists three sources. Breakin.wps

The Effectiveness of Neighborhood Watch Programs and Community Politicians
: A 25 page paper that provides an overview of the effectiveness of neighborhood watch programs and their implications for community politicians. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Neighbor.wps

Public Administration / Law Enforcement
: An 8 page research paper on the changes in public administration theory and its application to law enforcement. Particular attention is paid to the ideal and effectiveness of community policing. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Padmnlaw.wps

Education & The Changing Role Of Police Officers
: The concept is discussed with a focus on education in this 8 page paper. A history of the career choice is included with a comparison of the officer of today to those going back many years ago. Several variables pertinent to the job including honesty and cynicism are explained by relaying information gleaned from studies and tests conducted in those areas. The role of college is a major focus of the paper. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Poleedu.wps

Police Use of Force Analyzed
: This 10 page research paper examines the issue of police use of force, from both a legal and public perspective. Specifically explored are pros and cons of the use of force by law enforcement, with particular attention paid to New Jersey case law. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Copforce.wps

Police Attitudes On Race
: Prejudice, discrimination and blatant acts of racism are not uncommon in confrontations between police officers and minority individuals. In some instances the minority may be Asian or Native American, or of another racial minority. The overwhelming instances of police abuse of authority as the result of racial prejudice in the United States, is against blacks and Hispanics. This 5 page paper examines some of the issues inherent in instances of abuse due to racial prejudices. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Polrace.wps

Police Psychology And Violence Against Minorities
: Using the historic case of the Rodney King beatings as an example, this 3 page essay attempts to shed some light on police racism and the intrinsic reasons for their hostile actions. In turn, the writer also explains the resulting reasons for minority distrust of police in general. No Bibliography. Rodneyki.wps

Rodney King Incident / Daryl Gates and the Christopher Commission
A 10 page comparative analysis on Chief Gates' reaction to the situation and the Commission's report to the Commission's political biases. The writer argues that Gates, acting out of personal biases, was unable to act appropriately to the situation, and the Commission, acting out of political biases, was similarly bound. The paper further discusses the fact that, although the report was unable to effect changes for LAPD, both it and the Rodney King case were successful in effecting change in other cities. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Dgates.wps

The Rodney King Incident
: In 10 pages the author discusses the Rodney King Incident. The facts of the case are described. Discussions are made of the police actions and what could have been done to make the situation better through new policies in police departments and courts. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Rodking.wps

Effects of Police Stress
: A 9 page research paper on the negative effects that stress has on police work. The roles of police cynicism, poor community relations, and job dissatisfaction are among the many factors discussed. The writer points to some of the adverse health effects and possible dangers (including suicide) that can result from excess stress in this unique working environment. Programs to curtail stress are discussed. Bibliography lists 20+ sources. Policesr.wps

Stress In Policing
: 7 pages in whch the writer discusses stress in police, how it impacts police officers, and coping mechanisms. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Polstres.wps

Effects of Stress on Police Dispatchers
: 9 pages describing the unique stresses faced by police dispatchers and how they lead to job burnout and high turnover rates. The importance of workplace empathy, communications, and team support are emphasized. Recommendations on how police managers can create an environment with less stress. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Policedi.wps

Domestic Violence Among Members Of The Police Force
: A 10 page research paper that studies how the relationship between police officers is a deterrent to the prevention of domestic violence among police officers, the current and potential legal ramifications to police agencies, program recommendations, and specific programs now being implemented by police departments. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Copabusr.wps

Police and The Impact(s) Of High Speed Chases
: A 4 page paper that describes the physiological and psychological impacts of high speed chases on the reactions of police officers. The writer contends that the physiological processes definitively impact the outcomes of these situations and should be considered when understanding the reactions of police. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Chases.wps

High Speed Pursuits / Legal Issues
: A 14 page close review of several civil liability and immunity cases concerning police officers involved in high speed pursuits. Main cases considered include County of Sacramento v. Lewis, Travis v. City of Mesquite, City of Lancaster v. Chambers, Wadewitz v. Montgomery, and Seekamp v. Michaud. The writer posits that findings in these cases do not grant immunity, but do make police officers liable for court costs and damages in civil actions. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Cnvehpur.wps

High Speed Police Chases Must Be Allowed
: This 5 page essay looks at the importance of allowing law enforcement to pursue criminals under virtually any circumstances, even if the situation could "potentially" endanger public safety. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Chasmust.wps

Law Officers & Interrogation
: A 6 page paper describing interrogation in general. The Miranda ruling of 1966 is described. Cases of abuse in the interrogation room are illustrated as well as an investigation into interrogation rooms. Also discussed are the facts that interrogation is a difficult task to undertake and that law officers need to be extremely ethical. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Interog.wps

Police Interrogations
: In a 6 page paper the author examines whether the police are too hard on suspects during interrogations .. While the answer depends upon several variables, the ultimate objective in any such line of questioning is to ascertain a confession. Whether coerced or legitimate, police interrogations have their place in modern society. The writer reviews tactics from both the past and present, as well as discusses various methods of questioning. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Polint.wps

A History of Police & Policing
: In this informative 10 page research paper, the writer presents a detailed history of police beginning as far back as the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians-- but quickly moving forward to such periods as The Middle Ages, 18th & 19th century Britain & France, and the United States from the 1700's through the late 1800's. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Polichis.wps

The Boston Police Strike of 1919
: In 8 pages the author discusses the Boston Police Strike of 1919, and gives an insightful, informative, well-organized overview of the strike. "The policemen of Boston went on strike for 3 reasons. The reasons included hours, working conditions, and pay." Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bostpol.wps

Issues in Police Effectiveness
: An 11 page research paper on police effectiveness in terms of two examples, domestic violence and community policing . The writer details the changes in each area, with statistics and responses. Pros and cons to each approach are discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Effecpol.wps

The Media & Its Ability To Effect The Public Perception Of Police Departments
: In 8 pages, the writer discusses the media and its ability to effect the public perception of police departments. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Mediae.wps

The Importance of Honesty As A Trait In Police Officers
: This 8 page essay explores the importance of integrity and honesty in police officers. Related issues-- such as differences in types of lies, and the general impact lying has in society, are discussed. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Honesty.wps

Police Fitness
: A 5 page overview of the importance of physical fitness to police officers. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Policfit.wps

Law Enforcement Leadership
: 5 pages in length. In the changing face of law enforcement, officers are more dependent than ever on the cooperation of the public for which they work. No longer able to be "all business," they, too, must employ the principles of good management and good public relations in order to foster partnership relations with the public. The management personnel charged with leading those with the most direct public contact are required to exhibit at least the same level of skill in dealing with those for whom they are responsible. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Changes in Police Hiring Analyzed
: This 8 page research paper examines the changes which have occurred within the last 20 years in the hiring of law enforcement officials. Specifically discussed are the Clinton Administration's federal grant program entitled, Police Supplement Hiring Program, designated to provide grants to law enforcement agencies with the most significant needs; the problems with ensuring that the grants get to the designated regions; the problem with appropriated funds being used for reasons other than police hiring; officers that are hired aren't necessarily placed where the need is the greatest; and the alleged discriminatory practices of the police-hiring testing process. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cophire.wps

Affirmative Action & The Detroit Police Department
: A 12 page research paper outlining the results of an affirmative action program implemented in the Detroit police department in the mid-1970s. Stresses that the current successes of affirmative action policies, which are no longer in effect, could be lost without continued vigilance to maintain the current racial composition of the force. One method of doing this is the continued provision of training for both promotional candidates and first-time applicants to the force. Bibliography lists fifteen sources. Detroitp.rtf

Daytona Beach P.D. / Problems With Recruitment, Selection & Retention of Qualified Female and Minority Police Officers
: A 16 page research project that looks at the issues surrounding the recruitment, selection and retention of police officers and considers why the Daytona Beach Police Department appears to be unable to maintain a diverse gender and racial mix of police officers in their current police force. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Daytona.wps

Gender Bias and Law Enforcement
: A 14 page research design created to outline the issues related to gender bias in law enforcement, especially as it relates to the relationship between supervisors and workers in the workplace setting. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Gendlaw.wps

Women in Law Enforcement / Equality Verses Inequality
: A 5 page overview of women in law enforcement. Points out that some women have succeeded in law enforcement careers but almost inevitably they acknowledge the existence of sexual discrimination. Concludes that many times women feel that they have to simply deal with discrimination in order to keep their jobs. Suggests that much more than women’s moral is at stake in the issue of sexual discrimination. Recommends methods for improvement. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Womlaw.wps

Illegal Searches & Seizures
: 6 pages. With major U.S. cities not far from the Mexican border, the State of California finds itself in a unique geographic position for illegal smuggling. Consequently, police officers are often tempted to search vehicles traveling local highways without probable cause. Various legal cases are cited and it is argued that the Courts must serve a "greater good" and work to stop illegal searches. Several ideas to stop the problem are presented including harsher penalties for police officers who conduct searches illegally and the requirement that vehicle operators sign consent forms prior to the commencement of any search. Bibliography lists 7 sources Policesc.wps

Search & Seizure
: A 9 page paper that discusses the debate between protecting society and avoiding police harassment as it relates to the search and seizure issue. The writer argues that the only answer resides in interdependence of the separate "agencies" (community and police) with each other. The paper explores the issue based on a history of the use of search and seizure, the making of the exclusionary law and the 1995 loosening of that law, and how police and individuals can solve the issue through community involvement. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Searsiez.wps

Example / Search & Seizure Scenario Analyzed
: A 4 page paper analyzing a drug search scenario to determine whether evidence gathered should be legally suppressed. The writer details the facts and the law attached to each issue. No bibliography. Search2.wps

Legal Precedent For The Suppression Of Evidence
: A 12 page analysis of a case against two cocaine dealers in which the writer presents a defense via suppression of evidence rules as a rersult of illegal search and seizure processes that occurred. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Druglaw.wps

Police Brutality
: Twelve sources are reviewed in this 11 page paper. In compiling literature on the topic, several variables seem relevant in a discussion on police corruption and brutality. These are loyalty, cynicism, contributory factors of "police culture" as well as the handling of complaints by officials. Recommendations are made in several of the articles. Polbrut.wps

Police Corruption and the Mafia
: A 5 page paper that looks at the impact of Mafia involvement on urban police forces and the corruption inherent in their interdependent relationship. A number of examples are utilized to demonstrate the impact of corruption, including the shooting death of Officer Venditti in New York, a presumed mob hit. Polimafi.wps police corruption, police brutality

Police Corruption / Problems & Solutions
: A 10 page paper on the problem of police corruption. Social, educational, and political reforms are discussed as are the rights of all citizens to be treated fairly by law enforcement agents and how to go about ensuring that officers obey the same laws that they are paid to enforce. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Policorr.wps police corruption, police brutality

Police Use of Excessive Force
: An excellent 10 page paper on Police Use of Excessive Force. The writer analyzes how different police departments act towards this problem and how lightly officers are punished -- even when known to have repeatedly used excessive force. The legal definition of Excess Force is provided and analyzed. An illustrative pie chart included demonstrating the outcome of citizen complaints in Los Angeles, California is provided (research is cited). Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Police Use Of Deadly Force
: A 5 page paper that discusses how contitutional laws, case law, training and internal programs all determine how and when deadly force should be used. It also discusses other influences on deadly force, such as psychological implications, investigations, public opinion, and general ostracism of those who resort to deadly force, including ostracism by fellow police officers and non-support of superior officers. Bibliography lists approximately 9 sources. Deadlyf.wps police corruption, police brutality

Police Management
: This 15 page research paper examines the new model being instituted across the U.S. for police management (COPPS) vs. the paramilitary model of management that is traditional. The writer gives an overview of this topic that includes other management styles as well as the main points of both those who favor a proactive police style and those of traditionalists who still favor a reactive style of management in regards to policing. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Polmgmt.wps

Police Investigation of O. J. Simpson
: In 5 pages the author discusses how the investigation of O. J. Simpson was improperly conducted and how the evidence was improperly obtained. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Policeoj.wps

News Media Depictions of Police Abuse of Power
: In this 2 page essay, the writer compares three articles describing illegal stops in Delaware and discusses specifically how each article reports on the issue. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Polccorr.wps

Hurricane Season 1995 / The Role of Florida Law Enforcement
: A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the 1995 hurricane season in Florida and considers the implications of natural disaster of this type for law enforcement officials. The writer demonstrates the need for increasing police interactions during the hurricane season because of the significant levels of human need. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Huricane.wps

Photography & Law Enforcement
: A 5 page paper that considers the use of photography to enhance law enforcement capabilities. This paper demonstrates the use of photography in crime resolution, for evidence in criminal cases, and to support the actions of law enforcement agents. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Policeph.wps

Becoming An Auxiliary Police Officer
: A 12 page essay that describing the process of becoming an auxiliary police officer for the New York City Police Department. Auxill.wps

Police Academy / Reflections
: 10 pages in length. The writer's reaction to their experience training in the police academy. Described are the academy's intended purpose, curriculum, and more. Also included is a brief overview of police academy history. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Poliacad.wps

Review Of Internship / County Sheriff's Office
: A 10 page review of one student's experience as an intern at a northeastern (U.S.A.) county Sheriff's office. Provided in the discussion are reflections upon various courtroom procedures, handling of prisoners, etc; The writer concludes that in their time with the Sheriff's office, they dealt with the justice part of the criminal justice system-- and now have a significant understanding of important issues concerning work to be done after a suspect is arrested. No Bibliography. Sheroffi.wps

The United States Marshals Service
: 15 pages on the U.S. Marshals history, primary functions, and major problems faced by this branch of Federal law enforcement today. Discussed details the fact that the Marshal's service houses the country's largest detention population and has consequently experienced problems with bedspace and other provisions. Some programs being introduced to help remedy this problem are explained as well. A number of useful statistics concerning budgeting and finance are included and the writer argues all points analytically. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Marshals.wps

U.S. Customs Service
: A 6 page overview of U.S. Customs covering just a few of its services, including defense of U.S. trade laws and borders against spies, drug traffickers, illegal aliens, unsafe vehicles, and terrorists. The writer posits that the agency’s services are far-reaching and necessary. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Uscust.doc

Crimes of U.S. Intelligence Agencies
: A lengthy, but detailed 12 page analysis of Halperin, Berman, Borosage, & Marwick's (1976) book entitled "The Lawless State : Crimes of the U.S. Intelligence Agencies" in which the authors provide a comprehensive discussion of efforts to spy and disrupt by the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the IRS. Four supporting sources are used in cited in bibliography. Lawlesta.wps

Intelligence Agencies in the Twentieth Century
: A 5 page paper analyzing the reasons that intelligence agencies were a minor and relatively insignificant institution of United States government prior to World War I. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Intelli.wps

The CIA / American Intellignce During The Cold War And Beyond
: 5 pages in length. C.I.A. involvement during the Cold War extended far beyond the exploits of heroes in Clancy or Ludlum novels. The apparatus of the intelligence community has extended into each of our lives far beyond "halting the threat of communism." Bibliography lists 5 sources. Thecia.wps

The Role of US & Soviet Perception in the Cold War
: An 8 page research paper that examines the different perceptions of the US and the former Soviet Union and how these influenced the foreign policy decisions that created the Cold War. The writer discusses the various theories that have been formulated by various historians as well as looking at specific instances. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Percold.wps

Strategic Defense Initiative & The Cold War
: 12 pages in length. The extent to which the Strategic Defense Initiative had a role in the negotiations between President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Union Premier Mikhail Gorbachev is great and far-reaching. Attempting to regain world peace by averting the power struggles between the United States and Russia, it was imperative that Reagan establish a significant means by which to ease the political tension. Indeed, the Strategic Defense Initiative – or Star Wars, as it was also known – took great strides as a high-tech astro-shield against nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles that originated from the Soviet Union. It was directly because of Reagan’s considerable show of power that Gorbachev reconsidered his nation’s political stance toward the United States. The writer discusses how the Strategic Defense Initiative was instrumental in Cold War negotiations between Reagan and Gorbachev. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Stratdef.wps

Psychological Warfare
: An 8 page research paper that investigates the meaning of psychological warfare and offers numerous examples of how this tactic is used in different settings. Steps towards implementing psychological warfare are reported from a CIA document. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Psywar.wps

The Phoenix Project
: A 7 page research paper on the Phoenix program, in which the writer provides a definitive overview of precisely what the Phoenix program was and why it was implemented. The prumary objective of this historic intelliegence operation was the neutralization of the Vietcong Infrastructure (VCI) through the collection of data which could lead to their identification and subsequent neutralization. The paper describes some of the key players in America’s involvement with the Phoenix program, and the moral, and ethical dilemas that they faced. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

"Why I Want to Be A Cop" / Function & Importance of Police : A 7 page discussion of careers in policing, the purpose & importance of police today (in the U.S.), and the writer's own likes and dislikes of police-related job functions & issues. Also contains a brief history of American policing. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Policing.wps

Federal Law Enforcement
: A 3 page paper that presents the argument for one person's choice to study Federal law enforcement on a graduate level. This paper also provides a career option that would utilize advanced degrees. Fedlaw.wps

Should Prostitution Be Legalized Or Criminalized
? : In 10 pages the author discusses whether prostitution should be legalized or criminalized while giving the pros and cons, with the ultimate argument that prostitution should be criminalized. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Legalsti.wps

Teenage Prostitution
: In 10 pages the author discusses teenage prostitution. Teenage prostitution is more prevalent than anyone could possibly imagine. There are many reasons why young people become prostitutes. For some they have no other choice: it is a survival method. For others it is an easy way to make a lot of money and their morality is such that they see nothing wrong with that. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Teenpt.wps

Child Labor And Prostitution
: This 6 page paper addresses the problem of child labor and prostitution as a consequence of globalization. Examples are given, primarily from India and the Philippines but the problem is addressed as a general moral and economic dilemma. Bibliography lists 12 sources.  Intlbirt.wps

Child Labor Throughout the World
: This 11 page report discusses the exploitation of children around the world, especially in Third World nations, as a source of cheap and compliant labor. Governments, businesses, and individual consumers have an obligation to do what they can to bring a halt to the exploitation of children throughout the world. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Clworld.wps

Child Labor Throughout The World
: This 5 page report discusses the exploitation of children around the world, especially in India, Pakistan, and South America, as a source of cheap and compliant labor. Governments, businesses, and individual consumers have an obligation to do what they can to bring a halt to the exploitation of children throughout the world. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Outcry.wps

Biker Gangs (As a Unique Problem to Law Enforcement Officals
) : 22 page research paper on "Biker Gangs" with analysis of their history and criminal behavior. Useful for those studying subjects relevant to criminal justice and sociology. Covered are the behavior patterns of such groups as the "1 % bikers," "Hell's Angels," and the challenging dilemmas that they present to law enforcement. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bikergan.wps

Importance Of K-9 Units
: In 9 pages the author discusses the use of K-9s in policing, and looks at the history, purpose, how they are used and the pros and cons of their use. Bibliography lists 7 sources. K9units.doc

K-9 Units
: 5 pages in length. "To Protect and To Serve" is the motto of every police department, and it is especially fitting when the department employs the help of K-9 units. Utilizing dogs to help ferret out criminals is a concept that has flourished through proper training techniques, positive reinforcement and a strong relationship between the dog and his handler. The writer discusses the role of a police dog, as well as the necessary requirements to keep the K-9 unit at its most efficient. The bibliography lists 5 sources. K9unit.wps

K-9 Detection Units / Danger to Dogs
: In this11 page paper the author discusses how utilizing dogs to help ferret out drugs, explosives and other contraband has been a successful addition to many police and investigative forces. However, these dogs do not perform their duties without facing the same dangers as their human counterparts. The writer explains numerous physical and mental hardships that often afflict the four-legged officers. Bibliography lists 10 sources. K9drug.wps

History Of 911 Emergency Response Systems
: A 6 page paper describing the history and progression of 911 emergency response systems and their application today. The author attempts to show the factors that impact the effectiveness of using 911 emergency response systems and addresses a number of complaints about its effectiveness. FREE Outline included. Bibliography lists 6 sources. 911.wps

Shoplifting & Loss Prevention In Retail
: Loss due to theft is one of the greatest challenges faced by retail stores in our contemporary society. Despite an increased emphasis on preventive measures such as video surveillance and computerized alarm tags; many retail outlets still have not yet been able to effectively control shoplifting. This 12 page research paper analyzes security techniques used to combat shoplifting and theft in retail & other environments. Specific training & watch programs and high-risk products are used to illustrate points made. A section on loss prevention & employee theft is also included. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Shoplift.wps

Cellular Phone Fraud
: A 12 page paper discussing cellular phone fraud. Examines the victims and perpetrators, the laws affecting relevant cases, and the costs. Bibliography includes 12 sources. Fraud.wps

Telecommunications Fraud
: This 5 page paper argues that telecommunications fraud will never be eradicated, only perhaps slowed down. Specific types of scams and schemes including cellular phone cloning are examined. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Telfr.wps

Registering A Complaint Against A Police Officer
: A 2 page letter in which the writer is complaining to the municipal government of a large northeastern city about the poor and unnecessary treatment they received from a police officer during an otherwise "routine" stop. Details of the incident are presented with considerable emotion. Maggicop.wps

Global Positioning Systems
: An 8 page paper which explains what global positioning systems are, how they work, and their uses from archeological to emergency rescue and life-saving. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Globalp.wps

Game Theory / Applied To Espionage
: A 10 page paper discussing the application of "game theory" to the national defense function of espionage. Espionage, the spy game, and counter intelligence has evolved from the world of James Bond and "The Saint" to the world of Ted Turner, Bill Gates, and Steve Case. Bibliography lists nine sources. Gamet.wps

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