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Careers As Accountants : A 6 page essay that explores several aspects of accounting and auditing as careers. Included is information pertaining to: education and training needed; types of accounting fields; job responsibilities; job outlook; and average salaries. Bibliography lists 4 source. Cpacar.wps

V. Daniel Hunt’s "Cost Accounting" : A 5 page paper that discusses the topic of Hunt's book. This paper provides an overview of basic cost accounting structures and considers the importance of cost accounting as it relates to corporate decision-making processes. Costacct.wps

"Relevence Regained" / From Top-Down Control to Botttom-Up Empowerment: A 5 page review of H. Thomas Johnson's book that explains the historical significance of managerial business practices and the impact that accounting managment has had only company development. This book is divided into three distinct sections; the first deals with the history and problems inherent in accounting managment, the second poses options, and the third section explores the future of business education as it relates to business managment systems. Accounti.wps

How To Prepare An Individual Federal Tax Return : A 10 page paper that gives a systematic approach to preparing an individual income tax return. This paper divides the task into 4 specific and necessary areas: 1. preparing for the task, 2. the organization of information 3. studying the tax booklets 4. the actual task. The paper presents a line by line disciption of how to complete a 1040 tax return. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Taxprep.wps

Corporate Reorganization & Tax Laws : A 7 page paper focusing on some of the considerations necessary for a productive corporate reorganization as seen from an accountant’s viewpoint. Some of the terms addressed are: valuation (extensively), assumption of liabilities, net operating loss carryovers, capital loss carryovers and tax planning consideration. The writer presents Hallmark’s tax-savings strategies on corporate real estate and Federated Department Store’s (Bloomingdale’s) acquisition of Macy’s in 1994 as relevant examples. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Taxlaws.wps

Ethics In Auditing : A 7 page paper discussing ethical issues surrounding the operation of auditors when they are truly independent of their clients and some of the problems that can arise when they are not. Every organization wants to present the most advantageous picture of itself possible, and there are legitimate ways to accomplish that. The outside auditor can help, but it appears that not only does he need to concern himself with his own code of ethics, he also needs to be vigilant for the ethics of others with whom he might be associated. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Audieth.wps

Compromise in Accountant Ethics : A 5 page paper arguing against the premises presented in a paper decrying what the author sees as "social ambivalence" in auditing firm billing practices connected with auditing activities. The author charges that respected accounting firms uses their audit function to operate as a "loss leader" to attract clients, with the intention of later raising their rates but in the meantime padding their hourly billing as a matter of course. While the article makes no mention of the serious view of ethical practice taken by professional accounting associations, the paper does. The author’s evidence is shown to be weak and without grounds. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Accteth.wps

Issues in Auditing Fraud & Independence : This 5 page paper addresses the issues of fraud and independence in the auditing realm. New standards for fraud are included and solutions fro the dilemma of independence are provided. Bibliography lists 5 sources Audind.wps

Are Auditors Truly Independent Of Their Clients? : A 9 page paper discussing the degree to which auditors can maintain the independence necessary to ensure the integrity of audited financials. Though most auditors will argue that they are truly independent of their clients, practice indicates that they are only as independent as they determine to be and still retain their clients. As integration of effort becomes more common in industry, so is it in accounting. In many instances, firms risk losing clients’ lucrative consulting and tax business over their less-profitable auditing practice. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Auditind.wps

Detection of Fraud Through Internal Audit : This 13 page paper discusses the practice of internal auditing and the ability of such a program to detect fraud within an organization. The writer discusses how the internal auditor should participate in the deterrence, detection, investigation and reporting of fraud. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Audfraud.wps

Independence & Fraud Standards for Public Auditors : The AICPA provides standards for independence and fraud for public auditors (CPAs). This 7 page paper evaluates the current standards as they relate to public auditing and defines the changes that have occurred in the last two years. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Fraudsta.wps

Tax Reform & How It May Affect Auditing Practice : A 7 page paper discussing the effects of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 on auditing activities. Following congressional hearings on the abuses of the Internal Revenue Service directed toward taxpayers over the past recent years and under the influence of the lowest federal budget deficit in thirty years, a measure of tax reform was signed into law in August, 1997, effective during the 1997 tax year. Along with further complicating tax filing and tax planning, the 1997 reform has also further complicated associated auditing duties on both the paying and receiving sides. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Taxaudit.wps

The Benefits of Audits : This 8 page paper provides support for the premise that audited financial statements are a necessity for the capital market to be efficient. Several areas are discussed and recommendations are made concerning financial auditing in both a corporate and government environment.Bibliography lists 5 sources Audben.wps

International Accounting Standards : The issue is discussed in a 9 page paper that includes two charts. Three particular sub-issues highlighted include : IAS rules as theu concerns retirement benefits, cash flow reporting and investments. The role of the International Accounting Standards Committee in deriving standards is discussed as well as implications for businesses. Some reasons as to why there has not been resolution in this controversial area is explored. Bibliography lists 9 sources.Acctfrgn.wps

Environmental Accounting : A 12 page paper in which the writer examines the increasingly necessity for effective environmental accounting in light of changing policies in support of environmental accountability. As the national trend moves towards "green accounting," many companies, especially high impact firms in the oil industry, have had to concentrate greater efforts towards their processes of envirnomental accounting. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Envacc.wps

Forensic Accounting : A 5 page paper discussing forensic accounting, what it is, why there is a need for forensic accountants, what they are trained to do, how they go about it, as well as salary ranges. Also cites two different cases of criminals brought to justice by forensic accountants. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Foracc.wps

FASB & New Regulations : A 9 page paper. The FASB is charged with formulating standards for accounting reporting, dictating the form and structure of the annual reports every public company must file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), superficially it would seem that there would be very little need for any change in form or even that form would be dictated at all except for the purposes of uniformity. The fact is, however, that accounting standards do change in response to changing business practices and environments. The decade of the 1990s has witnessed more of that change in business practice more than at any other time, and the FASB has been busy trying to keep up. Bibliography 8 sources. Fasb.wps

The Securities & Exchange Commission : This 22 page research paper is a comprehensive review of the SEC. Aspects covered include: legal framework of the SEC; laws the SEC administers, including the Security Act of 1933, the Security and Exchange Act of 1934, the Investment Company Act of 1940 and several other Acts and amendments through 1995; the reporting processes; and the impact on businesses including legal liabilities and disclosure requirements. Bibliography lists 12 sources. SEC.wps

Income Recognition Procedures : A 5 page paper discussing the new issues in the income recognition procedures. The writer explains the current trends in income recognition procedures. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Incomere.wps

SFAS 95 / Controversy : This 5 page accounting paper targets this specific requirement of reporting cash flow as designated by the FASB. The importance of cash flow is discussed and illustrated in laymen’s terms. The subject is also discussed in the context of businesses and their dislike for the FASB in general and the rule itself. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Sfas95.wps

Financial Accounting Theory : A 6 page paper discussing financial accounting theory. A brief discussion of standards, as well as interrelations between government and private institutions are also covered. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Finacc.wps

Financial Accounting : A 5 page overview of financial accounting. Discusses balance sheets, taxing, auditing, etc; Bibliography lists 5 sources. Actngfin.wps

The Principles of Accounting : A 5 page paper discussing the accounting profession. The writer explains accounting principles and procedures. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Acctn.wps

Accounting & The Non Profit Organization / Circular 133A : This 11 page overview explains the compliance rules for nonprofit organizations in accordance with requirements as specified in 133A. A short section of common mistakes made in following the accounting guidelines is also included. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Circ133a.wps

Mandatory Redeemable Preferred Stocks & Accounting Issues : The controversy over treating the entity as debt or equity is examined in this 11 page paper. Both sides are discussed and the paper concludes that MRPS should be considered a liability for reporting purposes. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Prestock.wps

Legal Issues Surrounding Corporate, Partnership, Estate, & Gift Taxation :
A 12 page paper discussing the current laws and/or regulations that directly concern the area of taxation in relationship to corporations, partnerships, estates, and gifts. These are complicated and multifaceted dimensions of taxation. The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 is discussed in regards to corporate taxation, and all other forms of taxation under examination as this is the most recent legal action involving these areas. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Legaltx.wps

The Gift Tax : In 1997, the Taxpayer Relief Act was passed, the purpose of which was to alleviate taxes for the upper middle class and to simplify some of the more complicated tax laws then in force. The 'gift tax' was one such area. In simple terms, the gift tax is payable by the donor on gift property during the donor's lifetime. It is based on the premise that a large gift of money and, or, property would have been included as part of the donor's estate and as such, would have been subject to taxes. This 7 page paper examines the provisions of the gift tax statutes and the impact of the Taxpayer Relief Act on the utilization of gift taxes on estate planning. Bibliography lists 5 sources. GiftTax.wps

Misrepresentation In Accounting : This 8 page paper considers ethics in the field of accounting. The AICPA Code of Professional Conduct is cited as the standard that accountants use. Issues such as insider trading, misrepresentation of records and tax fraud are included. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Misrep.wps

The Language of Accountants Keeps Them In Business : A 7 page paper discussing how the unique language and jargon of the accounting profession assures that only accountants know accounting. This paper looks at how that keeps accountants in business. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Langacc.wps

Human Behavior in Managerial Accounting : A 17 page paper on the effects that human behavior has upon a managerial accounting system. The writer includes some basic accounting principles, and discusses how they are, and could be, effected by human behavior. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Humanb.wps

Managerial Accounting : A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to changing technologies, increasing competition and the role of management accounting in a competitive manufacturing sector. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Manac.wps

Nonprofit vs. For Profit Financial Planning : This 8 page overview explains the essential differences in financial planning techniques between profit and nonprofit firms. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Nonpacct.wps

The Independent Contractor & the I.R.S. : The subject of independent contractor versus employee status as it concerns the I.R.S. is the subject of this 8 page paper. The 20 point test is discussed along with industries that have experienced law suits resulting in reclassification. Consequences of reclassification are included. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Irscont.wps

Tax Fraud : This 6 page paper considers tax fraud cases. Specific ways in which people attempt to cheat on their income taxes is noted. The Internal Revenue Service’s controversial program that uses paid informants is detailed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Taxfraud.wps

The Roth Individual Retirement Account Compared With Traditional IRAs :
An 8 page paper discussing IRAs and comparing the new Roth IRA with the "original" IRA. Tax and conversion issues are outlined and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of account are also covered. Bibliography lists 12 sources. RothIRA.wps

Human Resource Management in Egyptian CPA Firm : A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the related economic issues in Egypt, the issues prevalent to human resources management, and then applies them to CPA firms in Egypt. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Cpaegypt.wps

Mortgage Receivership & Foreclosure : A 10 page paper discussing the duties of the mortgage receiver appointed in some cases of mortgage foreclosure. Even though the view of "mine" is valid only for the mortgage holder, it is one that is difficult to separate from the realities imposed by foreclosure activities. As far as the mortgagee can see, that receiver whose purpose is to protect the property is the only "bad guy" in sight, and so he often receives the brunt of the mortgagee’s frustrations. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Mortrec.wps

Coopers & Lybrand in Hungary : A 5 page paper discussing analyzing the facts presented in the Harvard Business School Case 9-692-112, focusing on the problems faced by the auditing and financial services consulting corporation in entering Hungary in 1990. Hungary had their own auditing standards, none of which complied with either international standards or accepted convention. There were no Coopers & Lybrand staff proficient in Hungarian methods; there were no Hungarian accountancies familiar enough with international standards to be able to work within them. Bibliography lists 1 source. CoopLyb.doc

The Accountant’s Role In Project Management : A 6 page paper on the role of accountants and an accounting department in project management. The paper describes the job that a project manager does, and why accountants are so important for the manager to have. Misp.wps

Japanese and American Accounting Principles / Increasing Continuity : A 5 page paper that considers the progression of accounting principles in both the United States and Japan and outlines the call for greater complicity between these two countries. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Japamac.wps

Principles Of Money Management : This 10 page paper provides an overview of managing income, particularly for the young investor. Included are subjects such as the importance of creating a financial plan, the nuts and bolts of budgeting and the importance of planning for retirement. The new Roth IRA is considered as an option. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Basics.wps

Investment Strategies : This 8 page paper looks at investing in the stock market using a variety of vehicles with a focus on stocks, bonds and options. General market trends are analyzed and specific stocks are noted. Technology stocks are discussed in depth with a focus on Apple Computer Inc. Two charts are included along with the paper. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Invest98.wps

Computer Industry / Comparative Analysis : This 5 page paper briefly compares five computer companies in terms of P/E and estimated growth over a five year forecast. The companies evaluated are : IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, Dell, & Compaq. Recommendations for Buy and Sell are offered based on the data presented. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Compare5.wps

Personal Finance / Estate Planning : This 22 page paper studies the importance of estate/will planning in personal finance. The writer discusses a number of personal issues including reasons for estate planning, procedures, and so forth. Legal issues, taxes, and other possible pitfalls are examined so that the reader will walk away with a more competent knowledge/understanding of estate planning as it relates to finance/law.Bibliography lists 10 sources. E statepl.wps

Personal Finance/ Whole Life vs. Decreasing Term Insurance Policies : 12 pages in length. A good discussion of Life Insurance, particularly Whole Life Insurance,-- and some of the problems associated with its sale. The writer discusses how many Insurance Agents have been known to "con" or mislead their customers into buying Whole Life policies. An excellent presentation is made as to the problems of having such a policy with regard to its cost-related headaches and associated financial difficulties. An argument is made in favor of Decreasing Term policies as an alternative and the writer recommends comparing the return on the investment portion of any Whole Life policy to a Decreasing Term policy. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Lifeinsu.wps

Risk Management & Life Insurance : This 25 page report discusses risk management and life insurance. The types of life insurance products available and their benefits are also described. The benefits and detriments of different insurance products are outlined, as well as the appropriate insurance decision-making processes to follow and questions to ask. Bibliography lists 22 sources. Lifeins.wps

The Role Of Regulation In Reinsurance : 12 pages in length. As with any other business, the reinsurance industry must follow standard regulations that keep it within the boundaries of system rules. The writer discusses regulations within the reinsurance industry, as well as how the industry is being affected by Section 304 of the federal bankruptcy code. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Reinsurn.wps

Property / Casualty Reinsurance : One of the realities that is emerging from today's business of insurance is that there are not many major insurance markets left where direct insurers are able to make a profit by underwriting, free of reinsurers. The general trend has been that most of the world's markets are showing losses for underwriting. In some cases, even the net business after reinsurance is at a loss. In such cases, they are usually able to offset the loss with investment income but the total profit has been declining steadily in most regions of the world. This 8 page paper examines the trends in the relationship between the direct insurer and the reinsurer and the changes that have been instituted in the wake of hurricane Andrew in 1992. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Reinsud.wps

Commercial Leasing : This 6 page paper explores the industry of commercial leasing inclusive of how companies make decisions on whether to lease or purchase. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Commleas.wps

The Theory Of Constraints Applied To The Non-Profit Organization : A 5 page paper applying the conclusions of Eli Goldratt, the father of the theory originally based in manufacturing systems. Eli Goldratt’s work in scheduling systems for manufacturing operations brought him to a study of manufacturing bottlenecks, where an otherwise smoothly-flowing system can break down and destroy projected scheduling plans. To this idea he gave the name of Theory Of Constraints (TOC). Goldratt published The Goal, a novel in which manufacturing bottlenecks played a prime role, in the mid 1980s. From that, he developed the idea of TOC and the idea of throughput, a concept that increasingly is used in accounting for the not-for-profit organization. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Constrai.wps

Accounting Field / Computer Technology : The utilization of computers in different areas of accounting are discussed in this 6 page paper. Companies that utilize technology to make quick money in the tax preparation business are noted as well as career paths in large businesses. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Taxtech.wps

The Babson Value Fund : A 9 page paper analyzing the performance of Babson Value Fund, a low-risk, top-performing mutual fund over the period of 8/1/92 through 8/1/97, and then comparing that analysis to the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the same period. Babson Value is a stock fund of the growth and income category. As such, its growth in Net Asset Value (NAV), the value of one of its shares, has closely followed that of the Dow for the same period. The paper briefly glances at the Dow’s flirt with the "impossible" mark of 3000 in 1990 and 1991 and includes historical leading economic indicator indices. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Babson.wps

Choosing A Mutual Fund : A 10 page paper discussing considerations for choosing a mutual fund. By their very nature, most mutual funds supply a reliable method of market investment: the fund is comprised of several stocks of diverse economic sectors and therefore is not as sensitive to market and industry fluctuations as are individual stocks. Of mutual funds, growth, income and the combination growth/income are the most common. The combination of growth and income is one of the most common and one of the most desirable—active income is reinvested to purchase more shares of the fund; growth increases the fund shares’ value over time, and the balance of investment holdings within the fund provides the greatest possible return with the least amount of risk. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Stock3.doc

Choosing The Right Mutual Fund : This 5 page paper discusses a variety of issues the investor needs to consider when selecting a mutual fund. Factors include the investor's goals, the fund's performance, what the company's beta means and knowing who is managing the fund. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mutfund.wps

Mutual Fund Portfolio Management : This 15 page paper creates a mock mutual fund in order to glimpse just what a fund manager does. Several stocks are chosen and each is explored in depth in order to provide sound reasoning for the choices made. Beta coefficients are used in assessing risk. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Mutport.wps

Fidelity Select Home Finance Mutual Fund : An 8 page search for an aggressive-growth mutual fund for the purpose of serving the long-term needs of a late-20’s investor with a mid-30’s salary. Funds heavily weighted along the lines of the leading economic indicators of the US, while beneficial for those investors seeking only income or limited growth and income, most likely will decline in their ability to provide their former high rates of return in aggressive growth. Healthcare and financial applications are expected only to grow, however. One of those funds is the balanced, aggressive-growth fund of Fidelity Select Home Finance. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Fund.wps

How To Lose In The Stock Market : A 6 page essay on the folly of attempts on the part of the small investor in trying to reinvent the wheel in investing in the stock market by trying to "beat the odds" and ignore every sound investment practice. Though market investing is a proven method of building true wealth, it takes common sense and a commitment of time. Market-generated wealth is not a quick-turnaround reality. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Stockm.wps

No-Load vs. Load Funds / A Change Toward More Load Funds : This 5 page paper reviews an article on this topic from The Wall Street Journal. The writer explains the possible reasons for why no-load funds are disappearing and the trends in the current investment market. Noload.wps

Stock Performance of Chrysler Corporation : A 5 page paper briefly discussing the Chrysler Corporation and the performance of its stock, long-term viability, and the current markets’ valuation of the company. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Stockpe.wps

Citicorp : A 10 page paper discussing Citicorp’s future and profitability when compared to the state of the economy. The examination includes past stock performance, drawing analogy between that and the growth of GDP between 1994 and late 1997. Even with the phenomenal growth of the stock market in general and in Citicorp stock in particular, investment analysts still rate the company’s stock as a "strong buy," anticipating even further growth in the value of their own stock. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Citicorp.doc

Baby Boomers & Their Retirement Years : This 17 page report discusses the "baby boom" generation (Americans born between 1946 and 1964) in terms of their retirement plans, options, and likely economic realities. This report examines general issues related to retirement and baby boomers but focuses on the issues confronting women of the baby boom generation as they move toward their retirement years. A hypothetical survey and its methodology and findings are also discussed in relationship to the topic. Bibliography lists 13 sources. BWretire.wps

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