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"Advantages & Disadvantages for Acme's Development Contracts" : A 5 page discussion/ case study discussing the advantages and disadvantages of different types of development contracts for both a customer, ACME Trucking Co., and to a software developer. Discussed are issues such as cost-plus contracting and fixed price contracting. No bibliography. Acmecost.wps

Charts Illustrating Economic Statistical Trends : 5 pages worth of trend charts displaying 1998 U.S. economic data. One chart displays the national deficit in a bar graph over the course of five years; others display trade statistics, in general and also for the Philippines and U.S. specifically. Several economic indicators are displayed each with a brief synopsis. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Charts.wps

Macroeconomics, Value Of Combined Theories : A 7 page comparison of classical and monetarist macroeconomics. The writer argues that while economists remain in divided camps, in application, the two theories are combined, along with the growth theory of rational expectations, a monetarist offshoot. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Macroeco.wps

Economics / Supply & Demand : A 7 page paper that utilizes basic principles of economics, including supply and demand, the law of diminishing returns, and profit maximization to demonstrate an example of a company's manufacturing and sales plans. This paper includes three diagrams that show supply and demand curves for a sample company. No bibliography. Suuplyde.wps

Supply And Demand / U.S. Investment In Latin American Theater : An 8 page overview of investment opportunities in Latin American theater. Outlines a recent venture by Disney which has proven rewarding for both the U.S. and the Latin American countries which participated. Addresses the factors of supply and demand and concludes that while they may not be entirely positive at present they could be expected to be so in the near future. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Econart3.wps

Trade Deficits: Macroeconomic Problems : A 10 page research paper on the effects of trade deficits on economies. The writer focuses on deficits as GNP indicators and how the world has responded to trade deficits with countries in crisis such as Japan, Brazil and others. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Cntradef.wps

Econometric Models & Economic Forecasting : A 5 page paper that considers the impact of econometric models on the process of economic forecasting, providing a number of specific examples to illustrate points made. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Econmod.wps

Macroeconomic Benefits Of Tax Refunds From Deficit Surplus : A 3 page essay on the potential long-term benefits of giving a tax refund to U.S. citizens from the deficit surplus instead of increasing big government. The writer argues that the long-term benefit would be just that as the economy itself is already stable, although a positive supply and demand bump is possible as well. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Deficit.wps

Market Correction Through Governmental Regulation : 8 pages in length. We learn from economics texts that for every economic imbalance that occurs, there is a corrective reaction that occurs to reestablish equilibrium. Those corrective actions are not immediate though, and sometimes they seemingly take forever. Arguing in favor of government control is not to say that businesses need to be regulated in their ability to operate or to make their own decisions, and in fact they need to be encouraged to develop new products and services to be able to remain competitive. Government regulation is required in financial sectors to control those market flaws that cannot be otherwise corrected. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Govtreg.wps

Bankruptcy & Legal Issues : 12 pages in length. Writer provides a comprehensive overview of Bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Code, the Federal Bankruptcy Revision, the differences between Chapter 11 and Chapter 13, etc;. Writer uses the case of Orange County, California, a government body that filed for Bankruptcy in the mid-1990's. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Bankrupt.wps

The Everyday Effects of the International Marketplace : A 5 page research paper on how the global economy affects Americans every day. The writer details job loss, changes in industries, political implications, and what consumer goods are available. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Intnlmkt.wps

Production Economics : A 12 page discussion of factors which relate to profit maximation. Includes economic formulas and a discussion of isoquant curves and their relationship to economic modeling. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Prodedo.wps

Major Theories of Economic Growth : 11 pages defining and analytically discussing the 4 major theories of economic growth and the theories behind them. Specifically discussed are the neoclassical view, Keynesianism, the monetarist view, and the longwave schumpeter ideology. Free outline included. No Bibliography. Econgrow.wps

John Maynard Keynes / Biography & Theory : A 6 page historical view of John Maynard Keynes and Keynesian theory, the finer points of which are listed by economists—both Keynesian and post-Keynesian. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Keynbio.wps

Economic Schools, Keynesian and Classical Influences : A 9 page research paper that explores the Keynesian school and the influential schools of thought that preceded John Maynard Keynes’ macroeconomic theory. The writer articulates theories by Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, Alfred Marshall, Thorstein Veblen, John Maynard Keynes, John Kenneth Galbraith and David Alan Aschauer. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cnecnhst.wps

Keynes / Change From Classical : A 2 page essay on how John Maynard Keynes introduced government into the economic market established by the classicists and turned it upside down with his employment and anti-poverty measures. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Keynes.wps

Institutionalist Economics And John Keynes : A 17 page research paper positing that although John Maynard Keynes referred to himself as an Institutionalist, he did not hold Institutionalist ideas concerning cultural transformation. A comparative analysis of Keynes theories vs. Institutionalist theory is then made. Main theorists include Drucker, Myerdal, and Veblen. Paper relies heavily on argument of Richard Brinkman. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Keyinst.wps

Keynes’ Equilibrium Condition And The Trade Deficit : This 4 page report discusses John Maynard Keynes equilibrium condition as it applies to a nation’s trade deficit. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Keyntr.wps

Keynes On Employment, Money, & Interest : A 5 page paper that explores Keynes' contributions to economic theory, historically and how they have applied to American and global economics. The paper posits that some of his theories have been misused ethically in designing corporate and world economies, but that his original goals for his theories were ethical. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Keynes.wps

Economics / Contract Labor From A Keynesian Point Of View : A 32 page review of contract labor theory and its relationship to Keynesian / neoclassicist and monetarist theories in light of the human element most affected by it: downsized persons, women, minorities and children. The writer looks at these issues in terms of: the historical shifts in contract labor theory, the organizational setting, government intervention, and social forces in support of intervention. Both sides of each view are presented. Focus on Stigler, Dixit, Stiglitz, Spence, Modigliani, Thilmany, Block, and others. Bibliography lists 36 sources. Contlabr.wps

Economic Analysis of Labor Market Discrimination : This 2 page report discusses the significant approaches to the economic analysis of labor market discrimination as formulated by 1992 Nobel Prize winner Gary Becker. Applying economic analysis to socio-political behaviors, such as labor market discrimination, provides valuable insight into the larger issues of human interactions. Bibliography lists 2 sources. BWlabor.rtf

Farming / In a Keynesian World : A 3 page essay which states that the budget surplus should be applied to the various farm economic protection bills for the simple reason that farming cannot in any way respond to a Keynesian-based economy, and countries who do not feed their citizens become Third World countries. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Keynesin.wps

Economic Theory / Keynesian & Hayekian Comparison : A 30 page paper that compares the two philosophies and how they are both applied to global economics today in regards to investment and savings. The paper presents each of the two philosophies in regards to subjectivism and rationalism/nonrationalism (chaotic order), and looks at how these affect the current environment. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Keynhyek.wps

Keynesian Economics vs. "Feel-Good" Economics : A 6 page paper that argues for a return to conservative Keynesian economics for the purpose of a more secure expansion of the global market into the 21st Century. The writer makes numerous empirical and subjective arguments toward this point, while iterating the fact that today’s global trading is out-of-control. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Keyn2000.wps

The Phillips Curve : This is a 15 page paper that examines the definition and economic and political history associated with Phillips Curve. It outlines the relationship between unemployment and inflation as described by Phillips. It briefly looks at such concepts as Keynesian economics, natural rates of unemployment and NAIRU in relation to the concept of Phillips Curve. It looks at a history of political intervention in terms of the feasibility of interpretation by a Phillips Curve paradigm. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Philcurv.wps

Participatory Economics : A 30 page paper on the definition, historical perspective, development and application of particpatory economics in Japan and Islam. The paper posits that this signifies a change from the absolutist politics of Keynesian economics, while incorporating those and other economic theories through history. The reason postulated is that diverse cultures require diverse economic policies, although the guiding policy in this world is capitalism. Capitalism is discussed in relationship to several facets of participatory economics, particularly by theorist. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Radecon.wps

Quesnay & Marx : A 16 page paper that compares the pre-capitalist and socialist views of these two theorists. The paper particularly reviews their work in light of labor, property and surplus and looks at the finer similarities and contrasts between these points. The paper briefly looks at how the antecedents of these theories have been passed down to the current age. It also posits that although economists are reviewing various historical theories in an attempt to identify the answers raised by global democratization and poverty issues, the answers to these problems do not reside in historical theories or their synthesis. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Qmarx.wps

Economics / Value & Distribution : A 9 page research paper on the influence of Adam Smith, Jean-Baptiste Say, David Ricardo, Karl Marx and Alfred Marshall on labor value and distribution of income. The writer discusses Marshall’s synthesis of earlier theories and ethical points, and closes with a modern "ideal society" scenario based on his synthesis, which foreshadows a perfect global economy. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Valdist.wps

Bases for Persistent Income Discrepancies : A 7 page paper discussing possible reasons for the wide discrepancy of income levels in the US. Though there are many factors, much of the issue involves risk. As in the stock market, the higher the risk of a venture, the higher the return. Factory workers and teachers, notoriously low-paid, typically have assumed very little risk in their professions, while a pro sport star could suffer a career-ending injury at any time. There is no question that income levels in the US are absurdly skewed, but it also is fitting that those with the most to lose also see the greatest rewards. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Salaries.wps

Trickle Down Theory : This 5 page paper changes the premises of an article chosen from the Economist and argues the antithesis. Argument focuses on macroeconomic theory primarily involving taxation of corporations and the validity of trickle down economics. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Trickle.wps

Marginal Analysis : This 3 page report discusses the fundamentals of marginal analysis – what it is, can it be applied in practice, concept versus application, and its basic foundation. Bibliography lists 1 source. Marginal.wps

Demand Analysis : This 3 page report discusses demand analysis and how it can be studied by elasticities. Also discussed is how it can be studied on an aggregate level by input/output analysis. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Demana.wps

(The) Economics of Management : 8 pages containing a series of short essays which pertain to economics and its role in contemporary corporate management. Various advanced-level terms are thoroughly defined. Econtest.wps

Economic Geography / Textbook Synopsis : 8 pages worth of notes reviewing key concepts presented in a standard Economic Geography textbook. Topics are explored from global perspectives. Econgeog.wps

Experimental Economics : A 5 page research paper exploring the history and use of experimental economics in today's world. While the history of experiments is long in the field of economics, it is only in the last decade that the evidence collected has received any credibility, thus its uses are becoming wide-spread stretching into all arenas. One of those arenas is corporate takeover. It is clear this can be a valuable process to use in these decisions. Expecon.wps

The Effects Of Technology Shocks On The Business Cycle : An 8 page research paper based on the article "On the Contribution of Technology Shocks to Business Cycles" published in 1997. With the continued growth of the economy after 7 years of steady expansion, some economists were claiming that the classic business cycle is obsolete. Economists said that once before, too—in 1969, just before the worldwide recession of the early 1970s. The theory is that technological advances have forestalled the expected downturn of the business cycle. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Buscycle.wps

Effects of the Persian Gulf War on the U.S. Economy : A 5 page paper documenting the residual affects of the Persian Gulf War on the U.S. economy in which the writer explores three specific economic affects: the cost required to repair damage done to Iraqi and Kuwaiti civilians to restore livelihood in the region; the financial obligation the U.S. has to its troops suffering from Gulf War syndrome; and the misrepresented information provided to the government that allowed for the allotment of over $80 billion in increased defense spending directed towards "smart" bomb technologies. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Gulfware.wps keyword : desert storm

Economic Transformation In The United States : A 15 page paper that considers the importance of the transformation of the U.S. economy from a manufacturing basis to one determined by the current information/technology focus. This paper demonstrates the effects on corporate structures, including the impacts of the transition on capital formation. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Capform.wps

The Gross Domestic Product As A Measure Of Economic Wealth : A 3 page paper on the differences between GDP and GNP. The writer also talks about why the GDP is not an accurate measure of economic wealth, and what would be some things that we could do differently Gdp.doc

Government Spending As A Percentage Of GDP : An 8 page paper discussing the 1998 disappearance of the federal budget deficit and the possibility of linking government spending to growth of GDP. Linking government spending to GDP would result in total chaos within the government and in all of the programs on which it manages to spend so much. While it is true that government spending increases have trailed increases in tax revenues based on constant or lower tax rates, there is never a guarantee those revenue increases will continue. So far, economists have not been able to agree even on the reasons for the long period of economic growth, much less how to ensure its continuation. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Govspend.wps

The State of the Economy / 2Q 1997 : A 5 page paper examining the state of the US economy just before the beginning the government’s 1998 fiscal year. For seven years, the economy had been in a growth phase but also with the lowest rate of unemployment since 1973 and an inflation rate of only 2.2%. Things had been so good for so long that some mainstream economists claimed the standard model of the business cycle was obsolete, a statement made by an MIT economist in 1969 just before the advent of the worldwide recession of the early 1970s. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Econ97.wps

A Study of Inflation & Interest Rates : This 17 page analysis focuses on trends of the nineties in relation to the economic variables, with an emphasis on Australia, Britain and the U.S. Paper includes 4 graphs and 2 charts. Economic history of each country is also presented and a relationship is shown between the three. Similarities are emphasized. Bibliography lists 22 sources Inflate.wps

Life & Contributions of Economist Thomas Robert Malthus : A 7 page paper on the eighteenth-century British economist. Following an argument over what he felt to be the unrealistically rosy progressivism of Godwin and Condorcet, Malthus wrote an essay on the Principle of Population which essentially founded the study of demographics and has continued to exert influence down to the present day. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Malthus.wps

How Unemployment Affects the Economy : A 10 page paper which presents the economic condition of the world based on unemployment. The paper presents the poor unemployment conditions of England, France, and Spain, with Spain's unemployment as high as 22 percent and states the effects this has on those countries ability to compete in the global marketplace and internal ills. By comparison, the paper presents the productivity of the United States, its low unemployment figures, despite downsizing and cost reductions, and how this affects its economic status on the world front. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Unemecon.wps

The Bull Market Of The 1990s : A 5 page paper illustrating that the stock market of recent years has indeed been a bull one. It seems the entire country has been in awe of the performance of the stock market in recent years, and there is talk among economists that the old and classic model of the business cycle might well be obsolete, that "bust" does not always follow "boom." Whether that speculation will prove to be valid or not, the US economy has experienced several straight years of slow and steady growth, with advances in economic indicators each year. The trend toward globalization reduces business’ risk in any given geographical location, and businesses are operating in a more fiscally sound manner than in any other recent time. The factors that have contributed to the long-standing bull market are still in place. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Bull-Mkt.doc

Is The Bull Market Going To Last? : A 5 page paper discussing whether the bear is ever going to return. There are some hard and fast rules within the universe. Until the early 1990s, one had been that the stock market would rise until stock values had reached a point at which they were overvalued in some degree, then they would "correct." We have no reason to believe that rule will not activate in any given year or even tomorrow. But the interval of the cycle has certainly been stretched beyond the limits of anyone’s imagination only a few years ago. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Bullmkt.wps

The Stock-Market Boom Of The 90’s : An 8 page paper discussing the trends of the 1990’s and how these trends have affected the stock exchange and how they have helped to create the apparent boom to the market. The 1990’s have brought with it many changes to the United States, as well as the world. Technology has made astronomical advances and the world has become even smaller as this technology connects many people in many ways. The stock-market reflects these changes. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Stokboom.wps

Economic Conditions in 1990 & 1996: A 9 page paper comparing the economy of 1990 with that of 1996. The recession of 1990-1991 was a particularly distressing one, and consumer confidence did not readily return at the end of the recession. In fact, consumer confidence did not cease falling until nearly a year after the end of the recession. By 1996, consumer confidence appeared to be stable, but they still had not returned to their prior spending habits. Closer examination reveals that while unemployment and inflation were low, real disposable income had failed to keep up with costs. Consumers were spending less than before 1990 simply because there was less to spend. Bibliography lists 6 sources. E9096.wps

Short Run Forecast of the US Economy : A 3 page paper providing a brief overview of the past 4-5 months of the US economic picture and provides a macroeconomic analysis. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Macrors.wps

Keynesian Policy / Economics In The Twenty First Century : An 8 page argumentative research paper that argues of all the available options, only evolved Keynesian policy will meet the demands of the next century. The writer provides Keynesian and monetarist viewpoints, and points out the flaws of the monetarist view from a global outlook in regards to European and United Nations policies. Bibliography lists 12 sources. 2000ken.wps

The Newspaper Industry’s Contribution to the Economy : This 5 page report discusses the newspaper industry in general and its economic contributions. Throughout the modern age, newspapers’ main function has always been to report the news events of the day and provide information about current events. Newspapers also provide commentary on the news, advocate various public policies, furnish special information and advice to readers, and generally include "entertainment" features. In fact, a daily newspaper is a mainstay of American life. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Newpaimp.wps

Unemployment Rates In The Prosperous Economy : A 5 page paper looking at what is really happening with the unemployment rates in this country. While Europe hovers in double digits, unemployment is at its lowest here in 24 years. The result has been a pronounced labor shortage in the lower-paying industries and an increase in hourly rates. As employers of mostly-skilled workers begin to cut back, employers of the relatively unskilled find themselves with a new and more qualified labor pool, leaving the bottom end of the spectrum out of jobs once again. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Unemplyd.wps

Interest Rates’ Real Track : A 5 page paper examining just where interest rates might go. Since 1991, the US economy has been in a slow, steady expansion mode that seems to have no inclination to stop any time soon. Forecasted growth consistently is 2.5 to 3.5 percent; observed growth is consistently higher, but still only slightly above 4 percent. That rate is not one that needs to be curbed in order to control inflation, and in fact, inflation incredibly seems to be controlling itself. The only valid reason for increasing interest rates is to prevent the economy from growing so quickly that inflation begins to escalate, so it is unlikely that there will be any increase in either short- or long-term rates, but it is possible that they will decline even further. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Interate.wps

Minimum Wage : The first legislation to include minimum wage was the Fair Labor Standards Act - enacted in 1938. Many within the economics profession view the stabilizing of the minimum wage as a sound principle of economic analysis and policy, believing that wage increases are detrimental to the economy. Others argue that the social factors and benefits of alleviating poverty take precedence over economic considerations. This 20 page paper examines the factors contributing to the opposing views concerning the instigation of a mandated minimum wage. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Flsawage.wps

Government & Minimum Wage : A 5 page paper on the reasons for and effects of government intervention on behalf of raising the minimum wage. Subjects discussed include the contribution to minimum wage decisions and the effects of those decisions on individuals, the economy, and politics—all of these are presented from the standpoint of governing. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Gminwage.wps

An Increased Minimum Wage Promotes Growth : An 8 page, argumentative paper in which the writer presents sound economic reasons for the minimum wage to be raised. Statistical and historic analysis are provided and counter-arguments are refuted. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Miniwage.wps

Minimum Wage Increase & Inflation : A comprehensive 10 page paper analyzing differing macroeconomic viewpoints about minimum wage increase. The writer explains various angles of the issue of minimum wage, and includes charts to show statistical comparisons. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Minimpa.wps

Abolishment Of The Minimum Wage : This 8 page paper takes a stand against the concept of the minimum wage but presents both sides of the economic argument. Trickle down economics is explained as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Manecomw.wps

Economic Impact of Mortgages : This 6 page paper discusses various types of mortgages currently on the market as well as the economic ramifications of these instruments. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mortgage.wps

Inflation & Basic Economic Theory : Basic economic theories behind inflation are explored in this 9 page paper that focuses upon recessions, trends, predictability, etc.; Different perspectives are covered and the ideas of numerous economists are compared. Natural rate theory examined in-depth. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Inflation.wps

Economic Theory -- Robert Heilbroner’s "The Worldly Philosophers" : A 5 page analysis of this in-depth introduction to the field of economic thought. The writer demonstrates how Heilbroner makes this field come alive through his examinations of the lives and theories of famous economists such as Marx, Malthus, and Keynes. No additional sources cited. Wphil.wps

Riverboat Gambling & The Economy : A 6 page paper on the issue of riverboat casinos. The writer examines the various pros and cons associated with this controversial topic. It is ultimately determined that the economic positives of allowing riverboat gambling far outweigh the few societal negatives. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Riverboa.wps

Economics of Casino Gambling : An 8 page overview of the economic considerations of legalized gaming casinos for state and local governments, including increases in tax revenues, increases in crime and other social problems related to gambling. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Casnoecn.wps

California's Proposition 5 : 5 pages in length. Gambling on the Indian Reservation has come under some concern of late with last election's Proposition 5 in California, which sought to attain state approval for casino operation. In effect, it has pit tribes against commercial casino interests. A yes vote on Proposition 5 was structured so that the Indians could continue operating their gambling establishments as usual, utilizing video gambling and slot machines which have been said to be illegal in their current status. The writer discusses California's Proposition 5. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Prop5.wps

Hirschman and Schumpeter: Capitalist Dynamics : This 9 page research paper presents the essential features of modern capitalist economics dynamics according to the works of Albert Hirschman and Joseph Schumpeter. The main economic ideas and theories of Hirschman and Schumpeter are evaluated from the modern 20th Century perspective. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hirschma.wps

The Invisible Hand : A 5 page paper discussing the book "The Invisible Hand: Economic Equilibrium in the History of Science" by Bruno Ingrao and Giorgio Israel. The book deals with Leon Walras and Vilfredo Pareto and many other theorists who have addressed issues of economics and mathematics. The two authors bring with them their own unique talents which lie in the fields of mathematics and economics. These talents truly detail the particulars involved very effectively. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Invihand.wps

Economic Value Of Human Life : This 17 page report discusses the measurable value of life from a purely economic, rather than sociological perspective. The determinants of value, as well as the means by which comparisons between cultures and individuals are made are examined. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Lifevlau.wps

Jeffrey Madrick’s "The End of Affluence / The Causes and Consequences of America's Economic Dilemma" : This 5 page report discusses the 1995 book written by economic reporter and financial editor Jeffrey Madrick. Bibliography lists one source Jmadrick.wps

Campbell Soup Company & Basic Economic Principles : This 10 page paper, which focuses on the Campbell Soup Company, looks at a variety of basic economic principles. The concepts illustrated are minimum wage, inflation, recession and unemployment. Each are reviewed in relation to the financial condition and business strategies employed by Campbell itself. Free Appendix of the company’s financials included. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Campsoup.wps

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