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Capitalism & Internationalism / Changing Economics : An 8 page paper that compares the major points in three texts that outline the changing face of economics and the transformation of capitalism inherent in the progression of the world market as we move towards the 21st century. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Capinter.wps

Disadvantages Of Globalization : The thesis that globalization is not good for underdeveloped countries is supported in this 15 page analysis. Central America is the focus of the paper, which includes a brief history of each of its seven countries. U.S. involvement in the region is emphasized. The paper concludes that the presence of multinationals in Central America is not the best thing for its people. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Globadis.wps

Understanding Global Economics : An 11 page research paper which examines the book Pop Internationalism by Paul Krugman and compares Krugman's ideas with others on the topic of globalization. Krugman offers a totally different perspective then the one that is routinely offered in the Sunday supplement of the local newspaper. According to Krugman, the current notion that nations are competing as if they were, themselves, corporations in a global market place is not only wrong, its dangerous because it leads to misconceptions. An annotated bibliography lists 6 sources. Globecon.wps

The U.S. & The World Economy : A 5 page essay discussing different aspects of the world economy, in general, and the U.S. economy, in particular. The asset-price inflation bubble is discussed with examples of the two primary dangers associated with it. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Usworld.wps

Transnational Corporations / Effect On Host Nation : This 6 page paper discusses the growth of transnational corporations in the last twenty years and some of the problems they have caused. The focus on the paper, however, is on the benefits and contributions transnational corporations make to the host nation. Bibliography lists 6 sources. PGtnc.wps

Economic Theories of Trade : This 3 page essay discusses economic theories of trade in terms of comparative advantages and other fundamental determinants of trade. Bibliography lists one source. BWleontief.rtf

US Export : A 5 page summary of concerns of US exporters including antitrust and common law, information licensing, company structure in foreign markets, etc. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Usexport.wps

Trade Deficits: Macroeconomic Problems : A 10 page research paper on the effects of trade deficits on economies. The writer focuses on deficits as GNP indicators and how the world has responded to trade deficits with countries in crisis such as Japan, Brazil and others. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Cntradef.wps

Economics, Business & International Trade in Norway : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the progression of Norway from an agricultural center to a newly re-emerging force in international trade. This paper demonstrates that Norway's success is related to both international policies and national policies that have both contributed to economic successes there. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Norway.wps

Economic Policies Of The Grecian P.A.S.O.K : An 8 page essay examining the economic policies of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (Panhellinion Socialistiko Kinima-PASOK), the style of Greek government first put into place in the 1970’s but brought to full invasiveness under the leadership of Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou beginning in 1982. Originally intended to pull Greece up to the economic levels of the rest of the European Community nations, PASOK’s pervasiveness grew unchecked and became thoroughly corrupt. With the death of Papandreou in July, 1996, the new government of Costas Simitis hopes to reverse many of the economic policies and practices that have prevented Greek economic growth. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Pasok.wps

Kazakhstan / An Economic History : An 8 page paper on this republic of the former Soviet Union. Its ecomonic history and the subsequent problems that have developed are examined. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Kazak.wps

Polish Stabilization : A 17 page research paper examining the stabilization policies of Poland since the fall of communism in 1989. The measures that Poles imposed on themselves were so severe that they were collectively termed "shock therapy." Inflation rates of nearly 600% combined with an unemployment rate that peaked at nearly 15%, combined with the abrupt end of all the social support programs available under communist rule made life in Poland extremely difficult, yet the people remained steadfast in their determination to "Return to Europe." Though they haven’t yet accomplished their full return, they’re well on their way—observers expect them to gain full membership into the European Community by the year 2000. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Poland.wps

Italian History & Economy : An 10 page research paper investigating the history and economy of Italy. Reviews the political climate as well as economic reforms made in the last several years. Offers data on trade, GDP, and efforts made towards the goal of becoming a founding-member of the EMU. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Italy.wps

France / U.S. Investment Market : A 10 page overview of the French economy ala 1997-1998 and relationship to U.S. investment. The writer explores the sociocultural, political and economic trends in France, and ties this incidentally to the potential for investment in chain hotels in France. The writer concludes that because of the background provided, that chain investment in France is not viable at this time. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Francecn.doc

The Economic Development of Pacific Rim Countries : An 8 page research paper describing the economic situation of the Pacific Rim countries. The writer attempts to explore the effects of war, environment, and politics on the industrial development of these countries. Also covered is the influence of China on industrialization and the role that Western nations play in the ultimate success or failure of these countries. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Pacificr.wps

U.S. Pacific Rim States’ Influence On The Country’s Food Supply : 10 pages in length. The United States Pacific Rim region provides an incredible amount of food for the rest of the country, as well as the rest of the world. Its inherent diversity of products serves as its primary appeal, while it climate, environment and culture play essential roles in cultivating that diversity. All the way up and down the U.S. Pacific Rim, one will find an incredible display of food that, while it may be available from other parts of the world, offers a far greater appeal over other suppliers. From seafood to produce to wine, the writer discusses how the U.S. Pacific Rim region is one of the most world’s best purveyors of fine food. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Rimstate.wps

The American System vs The Chinese System : A 5 page paper comparing and contrasting the two different systems in American and Chinese society. China and the United States are two of the largest countries in the world with an enormous population to contend with. There are a few similarities and a vast number of differences between the two countries. Areas under examination include civil rights, education, population control, government aid and funding, and religion. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Uschin.wps

Chinese and Russian Economies & Politics : This 6 page research paper examines the changes in China and Russia since the ideological and political collapse of Communism. Specifically considered are the present and the future of the two countries, with the assertion that China is headed for ‘superpower’ status while Russia is in decline. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Chinruss.wps

The Impact of China’s Economic Reforms on State - Society Relations :
A 5 page paper which examines the state-society changes which have occurred in China as a result of the major reformation of economic policy begun by Deng Xiaoping and which have continued after his death. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Statesoc.wps

Economic Impact of Industrial Pollution in Korea : 10 pages in length. The UN says that "trade has the potential to contribute to the highest possible level of global sustainable development, but only if social and environmental aspects are considered along with economic benefits. Attention has thus increasingly turned to the significant impacts of trade on the environment." Korea has the distinction of combining environmental awareness with common sense and an economic slant; Korea’s approach would seem to represent the best of all worlds. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Koreaenv.wps

Singapore’s Business Climate for Foreign Businesses : A 20 page paper written as a report to the UN of conditions affecting the conduct of business by a foreign company in Singapore. Singapore has exercised more prudence than several other of the ASEAN nations in the management of their finances and lending practices, so they are not as adversely affected by the currency crisis as most of the other member states. Singapore is indeed a country in which to conduct profitable business pursuits: the government is sympathetic to the needs of the business community and also places no restrictions on percentages of foreign ownership. The paper contains several tables. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Singan.wps

Singapore’s Public Administration : A 15 page research paper on the governmental structure of Singapore and the government’s influence in the economic advances of the country. Singapore is no longer a developing nation, having officially crossed over the line into "developed" status in 1996. Their economic level is the highest of all of the region of Southeast Asia, and their per capita income has already surpassed that of both Great Britain and Germany. They are expected to surpass US per capita income in 1997. Singapore’s government has some qualities that the western world sees as oddities, but the west is now giving new attention to the balance the country has achieved in maintaining the benefits of a strong government while avoiding its detriments. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Singadm.wps

Economic Development Of Southeast Asia : 7 pages in length. The Southeast Asian economic crisis has created quite a ripple effect upon the rest of the world's economic status. Having been caused by a number of occurrences, the crisis has created a great deal of financial hardship for the primary Asian countries involved: Japan, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia. Determining their pattern of individual economic development has led to a better understanding of how such a catastrophic situation could escalate to its current status. The writer discusses economic development as it pertains to Japan, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia. Bibliography lists 11 sources. AsianEc.wps

Pakistan's Economy : In 8 pages, the writer discusses how the economy of Pakistan got to the point that it is today, and some of the measures being taken to reverse the low economic level. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Pakec.wps

Reducing Pakistan’s National Debt : A 7 page paper discussing steps Pakistan needs to take in order to reduce its crushing national debt. For more than 25 years, various governments have attempted to grow Pakistan’s economy for the benefit of the Pakistani people. The economy grew at a rapid and sustained rate averaging 4.9 percent annually for more than 30 years, but an increasing focus on defense spending and unrealistic taxation policies combined with traditionally low domestic savings rates worked to stall the economy and place undue burden on the Pakistani people. The paper argues that Pakistan needs to decrease import and defense spending, equalize and broaden the tax base, and privatize government industry right away. Bibfliography lists 8 sources. Pakistand.doc

Fundamentalist Pakistan Based on Politics, not Islam : A 15 page research paper that examines the regime of Pakistan's prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, who recently instituted a fundamentalist Islamic regime in that country. The writer demonstrates that Sharif's real intentions are not religious, but political in their origin and that his policy are in direct opposition to the teachings of Islam. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Isfund.wps

Economic Diversity in the Persian Gulf Countries : A 13 page overview of the importance of economic diversification in the Persian Gulf States. Stresses that a move away from an oil-based economy is critical if these countries are to survive. Provides suggestions for alternative economic activities including recycling of natural resources (particularly oil), foreign investments, tourism and technology based innovations. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Econdive.wps

The Economy Of Thailand : An 8 page research paper dealing with the economic strifes of Thailand. The writer details Thailand’s economic position, and gives some insight into what has happened, what is happening, and what is planned to happen in Thailand. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Thailand.wps

The Thai Baht & The Asian Monetary Crisis : This 15 page paper examines the change in the value of the baht and the events which led up to the July 2, 1997 action which effectively started the Asian currency crisis.Various issues are addressed including the state of businesses within Thailand, effect on trading partners as well as the general economic effect felt around the world. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Thaibaht.wps

Asian Financial Crisis And Effect On Regional International Relations : This 9 page report discusses the impact the financial crisis in Asia is having on its neighboring nations and how that has affected international relations. Also discussed is the IMF’s role in policy changes and the impact of those changes. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Asiancr.wps

Financial Market Efficiencies In Light Of Asian Crisis : This 4 page report discusses whether or not financial markets can still be regarded as efficient, especially in light of this year’s financial crisis in Asia. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Effiasian.wps

Effects of the Asian Currency Crisis : This 8 page paper looks at the effects of the Asian currency crisis on the United States and possible action which could be taken to help the situation. The problem with the presence of nuclear weapons in the region is touched upon. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Curcris.wps

Economic Analysis Of Asian Growth Triangles : This 15 page paper examines the Growth Triangle which consists of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, in light of the New Institutional Economics that has recently become popular. The analysis includes projections for the future of the region and considers the currency crisis as well as Asia’s political position in the world. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Astrigro.wps

U.S. Economic Policy And The Asian Economic Crisis : This 5 page paper provides an overview of President Clinton’s speeches during September of 1998 concerning economic issues. Some background information and follow up is included. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Clinasia.wps

U.S.’ Role in the Asian Economic Crisis : This 8 page paper assumes that the United States should intervene and help to bail out Asia monetarily. Both sides of the issue are explored. Economic and foreign policy considerations are equally a part of the argument. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Asiaaid.wps

Asian Financial Crisis & Effect on Regional International Relations : This 9 page report discusses the impact the financial crisis in Asia is having on its neighboring nations and how that has affected international relations. Also discussed is the IMF’s role in policy changes and the impact of those changes. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Rir.wps

The Asian Currency Crisis : Perceptions and reactions around the world to the Asian currency crisis is contained in this 12 page paper written during March of 1998. The history of the crisis is traced to its very beginnings. The devaluation of the baht as the incident that sparked the crisis is included and the consequences of the decision is highlighted as well. United States and European involvement is detailed and predictions for the future are also included. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Asiamon.wps

The Asian Currency Crisis and Impact On The U.S. : A 10 page paper that provides a comprehensive overview of the background and current economic conditions in Asian and reflects on the impacts for trade, import/export problems as a result of the currency crisis. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Asiacu.wps

The Asian Economic Crisis As It Affects South Korea :10 pages in length. The Asian economic crisis of 1997 hit hard the people of South Korea. Fingers point to bad financial investments by politically skewed businessmen as the culprit of what literally crippled several Asian countries, nearly driving them into bankruptcy. The writer touches upon the initial causes, effects and ultimate future outcome for the people of South Korea. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Asiane3.wps

The Financial Crisis In Indonesia : A 9 page paper discussing the causes and effects of the financial crisis in Indonesia. The means by which the financial crisis in Indonesia and neighboring Asian nations can have an impact on the rest of the world are also briefly discussed, Bibliography lists 10 sources. Indofin.wps

Asian Economic Crisis Effects on Taiwan & Indonesia This 8 page paper addresses issues surrounding the Asian financial crisis. The economies and political situations of Taiwan and Indonesia are compared. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Taiwindo.wps

Korean Industry During the Currency Crisis : The Asian currency crisis is the focus of this 4 page paper that looks at how businesses are affected in Korea. The beef and agricultural industries as well as Korean banks are two types of businesses that are discussed. Future predictions concerning the economic conditions of the country are included. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Korcrsis.wps

Comparing the Economies of Indonesia & Thailand : A 10 page research paper comparing the similar tracks of the economies of Indonesia and Thailand over the last thirty years. Thailand’s economic future again holds promise for the country and for their people. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Indothai.wps

Japan & Thailand -- Their Economic Relationship : A 20 page paper discussing the role Japan played and continues to play in the economic development of Thailand. Issues covered include the heavy flow of capital investment by Japan into Thailand, why Japan viewed Thailand as a low-cost manufacturing center, Thailand’s experimentation with its balance of payments, and Thailand’s large scale economic growth in the mid-‘80s. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Japthai.doc

Malaysian Case Study/ Vision 2020 : A 7 page case study of the growth of the Malaysian economy over the years between 1985 and 1993. As a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASAN), Malaysia is following the lead of some of ASAN’s pioneers in true economic growth and an improvement in the standard of living of its people through the careful design and implementation of a series of five-year plans. Malaysia’s goal is to become fully developed by the year 2020. The country has had some setbacks along the way, but Malaysia is well on its way to attaining its stated goal. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Malaysia.wps

Malaysian Multi-Media Super Corridor : This 9 page paper discusses different aspects of the Malaysian Multi-Media Super Corridor including what it is and some of the international companies that have made a commitment to be a part of this major project. The Malaysian Prime Minister's vision for Malaysia 2020 is also discussed as this is another component of the MSC. Bibliography lists 6 sources. MSC.wps

Malaysia & The Arms Industry : This 46 page thesis addresses the issues surrounding arms in Malaysia. The arms industry in the country, as well as around the world, is examined. Also included in the discussion is the Asian economic crisis as well as other problems which exist in the region. The military in Malaysia is examined particularly in the midst of nuclear tests being conducted in the area along with the possibility of another cold war. The Vision 2020 campaign which has been popularized by The Malaysian Business Council discussed in detail. Bibliography lists 37 sources. Malarms.wps

The Rise Of The South Korean Economy : An 8 page research paper which examines South Korea’s phenomenal rise toward economic prosperity. The writer also looks at the current economic crisis in Korea and explores possible reasons behind it. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Risekore.wps.

International Trade Models & Asian Trade / Increasing World Focus :
A comprehensive 60 page research paper in which the writer provides an overview of trade in Asia, considers the application of specific trade models, and demonstrates how governmental structures and increasing technologies can impact trade patterns. Bibliography lists 26 sources. Asiatr.wps

Asia’s Currency Crisis : A 6 page paper discussing the currency crisis of several ASEAN nations in terms of Keynesian economic theory. Keynesian economics holds that the central government both can and should intervene in national economic trends to prevent economic crises. Though Malaysia’s prime minister has levied accusations of an international consipiracy to undermine the economies of the ASEAN nations, Singapore remained relatively untouched. Singapore also has a long-standing reputation of being much more cautious in controlling economic growth, rather than being at the mercy of it. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Asiacash.wps

The Asian Economic Crisis As It Affects Thailand : 10 pages in length. The Asian economic crisis of 1997 hit hard the people of Thailand. Fingers point to bad financial investments by politically skewed businessmen as the culprit of what literally crippled several Asian countries, nearly driving them into bankruptcy. The writer touches upon the initial causes, effects and ultimate future outcome for the people of Thailand. Bibliography lists 16 sources. ThaiBaht.rtf

Impact Of Asian Markets On Sweden’s Economy : Sweden’s economic problems are discussed in light of the Asian financial crisis in this 5 page paper. Details concerning specific businesses, primarily in the banking and manufacturing industries, are included. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Swedenec.wps

International Pricing Strategies : A 25 page paper discussing international pricing strategies. Discusses the effects of the euro dollar, exchange rates, emerging markets, barter, and the global marketplace in determining how to establish international pricing for foreign sales. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Pricstra.wps

Pricing Strategies : When considering pricing strategies the components of cost, competitor considerations, strategic goals, and member usage patterns for all products, not just a single product, must be taken into account. This 3 page paper addresses pricing strategies. There are several strategies for pricing products and services, including functional cost analysis; Cost accounting; a structured approach to price setting; diversity pricing; intuitive pricing changes; incorporating competitors' pricing into internal pricing decisions; detailed transactional analysis incorporates activity at the consumer level by product type; and consumer usage analysis. Bibliography lists 11 sources. KTpricing.wps

The Australian "Long Boom": The "Long Boom" was a period in Australian history, beginning immediately at the end of World War II and continuing through 1973, of unprecedented growth in the economy. The decrease in manpower and the emphasis on the war effort helped shaped the economic policies of post-war Australia. This 8 page paper examines the influences of both domestic and foreign policy on the economy during this period. Bibliography lists 6 sources. KTausboom.wps

Australia - Indonesia Relations Analyzed : This 5 page research paper evaluates Australia’s primary objectives and how it seeks to achieve them through their relations with Indonesia. Specifically discussed are Australia’s political stands and how their relationship with Indonesia accomplishes these objectives. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Austindo.rtf

Jordan: Economy and Trade : A 10 page review of Jordan’s economic history. Concentrates on foreign trade and the factors which affect it. Emphasizes that long-term changes to Jordan’s economic situation are dependent on other countries such as the United States as well as on Jordan. Bibliography lists 8 sources. PPjordan.wps

 The Privatization of Brazil / Economic Success : A 12 page paper that provides and overview of the process of Brazilian privatization now underway and considers the impacts of this governmental process. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Brazpri.wps

The Economy of Brazil: The economy in Brazil and much of Latin America is very near collapse, despite past political and economic gains in the region. The poor performances will result in more poverty and delayed economic growth. The primary responsibility for the economic condition lies with the political structure, however, the private sector has possessed the means to hedge against or even benefit from inflation through dollar accounts and overnight accounts. There is no support for change from either the general populace or from the business sector that would provide incentive for the political structure. Inflation has played a major role in the interaction between the economy and the political support for positive economic policies. The 'Real Plan' was initiated in 1944 as an attempt to curtail substantial price increases. Political decisions, then and now, have negatively impacted well-intentioned economic plans seeking to improve the economic future of Brazil. This 10 page paper explores the economic background; issues and problems of the current economy and recommendations for positive change in the economic policies. Bibliography lists 13 sources. KTbrazil.wps

Brazil’s Two-tiered Economy : A 7 page paper describing the origin and status of Brazil's two-tiered economic state. The presence of a wealthy minority with historical political clout has perpetuated an impoverished underclass. Social upheaval to bring about governmental and social changes are occuring at both public and governmental levels, but much remains to be accomplished. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Brazileco.wps

Banking & The Economy In Guatemala : A 12 page examination of the role of Guatemala’s banking system in the evolution of the country’s economy. The civil war of 36 years’ duration finally came to an end in 1996 and the government seems to have stabilized to the point of being able to accomplish some good for the country. There is still a wide disparity between rich and poor, with little middle class. The banking system has learned some hard lessons in the last 20 years that may serve the country well now. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Guatbank.wps

Economic Growth in Latin America : An 8 page research paper discussing the impact of foreign debt on Latin America's economic growth and development. The writer discusses Mexico, Brazil, & Argentina, --and -- also focuses on the economies and the social implications arising from the foreign debt in these countries. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Latinam2.wps

Effects of the South American Economy : This 11 page paper focuses on the economic ramifications of South America’s woes, with an emphasis on the problems which have surfaced in Brazil. A look at how their economy affects American consumerism is stressed.Bibliography lists 8 sources. SA3SAEco.wps

Evaluating Argentina As A Commercial Market : A 10 page paper discussing the evaluation of Buenos Aires as an acceptable and profitable site for air pollution control devices. Argentina has no real historical data available and is unsure even of the source of its primary air pollution problems, but automobile use is suspected. No commercial device can reduce that type of air pollution, but the paper suggests that the company can still act as consultant to Argentina for the purposes of determining their present and future needs as well as providing data collection and analysis services. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Airarg.wps

Free Market Capitalism In Latin America : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the issues relating to economic development in Latin America. This paper suggest that the assumption that the key to progress in Latin American is the lifting of barriers to free market capitalism has considerable problems when applied to Brazil and Peru. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Latam.wps

Migration, Informal Economic Sector & Neo-Liberalism In Latin America :
An essay of 4 pages defining and discussing the three economic terms in relation to Latin American countries and their economies. Bibliography lists 3 sources.. Essay2.wps

The Foreign Exchange Rate Model : A 2 page paper describing the exchange rate model. The exchange rate model is that which equates the currency of one nation to that of another. Movement in that ratio is the determinant of whether the currency of any given country is weakening or strengthening, which most basically depends on the relative perceived strength of the economies of the two countries in comparison to each other while also considering the state of the global economy. When the dollar is said to be strengthening against the yen, then more yen are required to equate to one dollar, raising US import prices in Japan and decreasing Japanese import prices in the US. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Ratemode.wps

Derivatives In International Finance : A 2 page paper how multinational corporations can hedge their future needs against changes in foreign exchange rates. In order to take advantage of exchange rates when the economy is expected to strengthen, multinationals need to take advantage of hedging—not speculative—derivative instruments. Companies such as Proctor & Gamble have lost billions in unsound derivatives investments, but the astute use of the derivative instrument can be a point of increased fiscal efficiency for the multinational corporation. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Derifina.wps

The Black Market & Its Role In Argentina : A 12 page examination of the black market in Argentina, its relationship to the stability of the economy and currency, and the phenomena of supply and demand. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Blakcm.wps

The Foreign Exchange Black Market In Argentina : A 10 page paper relating some of the extent of the currency black market. Black market activities in Argentina have been habitual since the 1600s, and in today’s economy the black marketers have found that their most logistically sound and most profitable enterprise is that of foreign exchange. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Argent.wps

The Cambodian Business Climate : 9 pages examining the current business climate and how the Cambodian government is working to bring the country into the global market. Of course there are political obstacles, and heavy trafficking in both heroin and prostitution remains, but there are also positive measures being taken by the Cambodian government to bring problem areas under control. The country has applied for membership in ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN member countries are collectively experiencing the world’s fastest economic growth rate, and Cambodia is eager to fully participate. As the government works to promote political and economic stability, businesses are encouraged to cautiously take part in the growing Cambodian economy. Bibliography lists 21 sources. Cambodia.wps

Chile / Her History & Economic Growth : A 9 page paper that discusses the history, economic basis and current economic trends in Chile. This paper utilizes a number of current resources to consider the economic stability of this country, especially in comparison with a number of other Latin American countries, and determines that Chile's economic stability is its strong point. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Chileeco.wps

Chile / Her Economic Past, Directions for the Future : An 11 page look at the economic history, present and future of Chile. Written from the perspective of a Chairperson of the Council of Economic Advisors in Chile. Stresses the importance of incorporating new technologies, particularly the use of the Internet, into Chile economic activities. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Chilec.wps

Chile’s Readiness for World Trade : A 7 page research paper on Chile’s society, economy and recent governmental history, in which they moved from parliamentary government, to socialism, to military control, to democracy, and all within a period of less than 20 years. Other countries would have dissolved into civil war with such extreme swings in policies, but Chile’s response has been to show an annual economic growth of 7% in each of the last 10 years, following market adjustments after the military government reversed many of socialist Allende’s programs Though Chile is in line to join the NAFTA accords, Washington politics is preventing the active participation. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Chile.wps

Export Promotion -- Comparing the Success Rate in Chile & Costa Rica :
A 4 page essay comparing the successes and failures of import substitution industrialization and export promotion manufacturing programs instituted in Chile and Costa Rica in the 1980’s, with Costa Rica as the pilot program. Their successes have taken different paths, not all of which have been expected, but they have both experienced successes, nonetheless. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Costaes.wps

The Impact of Drug Trafficking on Colombian Economy : A 12 page research paper on how the drug trade itself and how Colombia's reputation as a drug trafficking center have impacted the country’s Colombian economy. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Traffcol.wps

Cuba’s Economy : A 5 page paper discussing the Cuban economy and Castro’s claim that the country is moving toward a market economy. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cubaec.wps

Cuba’s Economy # 2 : The economy of the socialist country is analyzed in this 8 page paper. At issue is whether or not the rosy picture as presented by Vice President Carlos Lage and President Fidel Castro is accurate. Economic indicators are explored in addition to a look at how the people live. Class differences are noted. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Cuba4.rtf

Castro : A 6 page paper discussing Fidel Castro, his life, and his influence on United States’ foreign policy. Castro was, and is, a very unique individual, unlike anyone perhaps, ever maintaining great power. He frightened the American government because of his uniqueness and because he overthrew a government that supported the economy of the Untied States. His choices, in relationship to communism, are discussed as well as the attempts on his life, as were made by the CIA. Much of what we, as a country, do not know illustrates just how involved America was with Castro in regards to foreign policy. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Fidelife.wps

Fidel Castro : In 8 pages the author discusses Cuban leader Fidel Castro. The life of Fidel Castro has had many ups and downs. He has been taunted as a revolutionary and he has overthrown a dictator. Some see him as a dictator, but he has done all that he can to save his country from the hostilities placed on it by blockades from the United States. Through all of the turmoil, Castro has remained a staunch leader of his people. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Fidcast.wps

The Economic System Of Martinique : A 6 page paper discussing the economic system of Martinique and answering a variety of questions related to the country’s economy. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Martinq.wps

Canadian Bank Mergers : 11 pages in length. There exists a great deal of contrasting opinions with regard to the issue of Canadian bank mergers; however, for the most part, it appears as though Canadian officials and private citizens alike are not favoring the marriages between and among the big banks. Cited for a number of reasons including lost jobs and higher costs for various transactions, the proposed merging of five of Canada's most influential financial institutions has caused a great deal of concern. In an age when bigger does not always equate to better, Canadians are worried that such unification will be a terribly costly mistake. The writer discusses the pros and cons of the Canadian bank mergers. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Canabank.wps

Is China Becoming the Next World Economic Super Power? : A 10 page paper looking primarily at late 1990’s economic developments in China, with an eye toward answering the above question. China is in the process of moving from a market-driven socialist economy to one that, while freer, cannot be termed a totally free economy. Already, the economic boom in progress since 1987 has greatly increased the living standard of millions of China’s citizens. The Jiang government is taking active steps to ensure that China continues to enjoy double-digit economic growth while holding inflation at low levels, and they are committed to relieving themselves of all but 1,000 of the 305,000 state-owned enterprises. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Chinabpow.wps

China's Economy : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of China's economy in light of the relationship with the United States and considers the impacts of economic reforms initiated in the 1970s. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chinaeco.wps`

The Economics Of Hong Kong vs. China : A 25 page paper that strives to demonstrate the differences in the economies between these two cultures. The writer discusses much about the recent reversion of Hong Kong back to Chinese rule, and what effects that will have on its economy and government. Hongchi.wps

Economics In Hong Kong & China : An 8 page research essay discussing aspects of Hong Kong economics in comparison to those of China. While Hong Kong clearly embraces much of Keynesian theory, China continues to operate within a Marxist philosophy. This despite eager study of Western economics theory for the past sixty years. How New Hong Kong will fare in the world market as part of the People's Republic of China is also discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hongchi.wps

Economics / China & Hong Kong : A 10 page research paper exploring the pros and cons of the rapprochement of Hong Kong to China. The writer explores historical Chinese and Hong Kong economics, shifting politics and policies, and different sides of the argument in terms of the dual economies of 1998. Bibliography lists14 sources. Chinahkg.wps

China’s Economic Possibilities : 5 pages in length. Already the largest manufacturer of labor-intensive products in the world, China appears to be poised for nothing more than impressive growth, and is expected to out-perform the anticipated $1.1 trillion GDP of ASEAN by 2010. The good fortune in China is skewed, however, with most of the foreign companies being located in the southern provinces. The region has reached its limits in the numbers of people it can support; the paper takes the position that China should require that future installations be placed around the country. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Chinaecp.wps

US / China Economic Relations : A 10 page paper research paper discussing the present status of US/China economic relations and considering past and present indicators that could impact the future of Sino-American trade. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Uschina.wps

U.S. Financial Foreign Policy & China : A 20 page research paper examining much of the phenomenal growth of China’s economy. There are three basic sections: overall Trade Policy, Foreign Investment Policy and Foreign Exchange Rate Policy. The trade policy section lightly discusses the WTO, of which China is not a member, but deals extensively with the ever-intense issue of renewing China’s Most Favored Nation status. The United States has growing numbers of business concerns within China’s borders, as some of our largest companies seek to take advantage of some of the lowest production costs in the world. Similarly, Taiwan has made the same sort of investment in China’s economy. As U.S. trade deficits show us reaching more of a balance with Taiwan, it is only a paper balance—many of the Taiwan products we import are actually produced now in China, and are called Chinese. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Chinapol.wps

Should the US Continue to Grant Most Favored Nation Trade Status to China? : An 8 page paper presenting the universalist’s argument that yes, the US should continue to trade with China under the most favorable conditions possible. The paper presents the conservative, and some say uncaring, view as described by economics scholars from the Brookings and Cato Institutes. Those who claim that human rights issues should be paramount are right, but the methods the most liberal would choose are economically misguided. As the paper argues and concludes, human rights issues are best served by keeping the freest form of trade possible with China, thereby not only keeping the country and their human rights issues in the world’s spotlight, but providing an economic basis with which to implement change, as well. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Favchina.wps

Public Policy In The US, Europe And Japan : This 8 page paper considers two specific public policy issues, the extent of governmental control in health care funding, and the decentralization of education, and then relates the differences in the US, Europe and Japan relative to related public policy. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Pubpoli4.wps

Japan’s Economic Relations Wth China : 15 pages in length. Within the past 50 years, Japan’s economic relations with China have moved from that of warily watching the next move of the giant Communist nation to having China being the greatest recipient of Japan’s available foreign direct investment funds and becoming one of Japan’s most important customers for their export goods. With Japan’s success in manufacturing that has put to shame most of the rest of the industrialized world, they found themselves with an excess of wealth to put to use. Originally focused at buying much of America, Japan has since settled on China as the most worthy recipient of their earned wealth. In response, China has prospered. Bibliography lists 8 sources. JERC.wps

Japanese Economic Crisis : Japan's economic system is an amalgam of business, political and cultural preferences and policies. The Japanese model of economic development differs significantly from it's counterparts in the West. Up until a few years ago it was deemed as a success and many countries were on the road to emulate it's unique blend of politics and business, particularly its reliance on deliberate government intervention to guide the economy. This 6 page paper examines the Japanese model of political and economic symbiosis and argues that the cultural bias toward belief in government correctness has added to the current crisis. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jpcrisi2.wps

Japan’s Banking Crisis / Fuji Bank : 8 pages in length. The Japanese banking system is too much like that of the US in the early 1930s, and years of questionable financing decisions have finally caught up with many of them. That catching up was well under way before the Asian currency crisis, but that same crisis brought things to the point that they could no longer be ignored. Fuji Bank is one of Japan’s larger banks, but they have not made poor business decisions in the volume of some of their competitors. Fuji Bank has good prospects for as painless a recovery as possible. Bibliography lists 8 sources. JapBank.wps

Japan's Faltering Economy & The Nikkei Index : 4 pages in length. An insightful look at Japan's blundering economy during the mid-1990's. Specifically focusing upon the Nikkei Index, the writer examines the causal factors of its poor performance. Among the many reasons cited are oddly-priced Japanese IPOs, poorly-utilized foreign capital, misdirected government privatization of industry and more. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nikkei.wps

Japan's Stock Market Crash / "After the Bubble Burst" : A 9 page research paper which focuses on why the stock market crash occurred and how that crash directed effected the lingering recession which followed the Japanese Stock Market Crash. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Crasjapa.wps

Interest Rate Policy Of The Bank of Japan : 12 pages in length. Until the 1980’s, the Bank of Japan had an active role in implementing government-directed fiscal policy, but as the economy stabilized and seemed to be completely self-sustaining, regulatory influences were increasingly withdrawn. Today, the Bank of Japan is charged mainly with establishing and maintaining interest rates. In that respect, it is comparable to our Federal Reserve. Years of questionable business finance practices have been catching up to Japan faster than Japan can catch up to the consequences. The Bank of Japan’s role has been to keep interest rates artificially low in an attempt to aid commercial banks on the verge of failure, but those interest rates being at such low levels is having other and far-reaching implications for the Japanese economy. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bankjap.wps

Japan / Financial Trends Analysis : A 5 page trends analysis exploring Japan’s BOP, exports/imports, debt and FDI. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Japanbop.doc

Japanese Foreign Direct Investment : 9 pages in length. Among all the currency problems that many regions of the world have witnessed since 1992, "Southeast Asia's situation is more acute. The region does have one major strength: some of the world's highest growth, savings, and investment rates. But like the Latins, Asians had binged on easy-money policies. Now, the Asians--like the Europeans, Mexicans, and even the Japanese--are paying the price. They are also being forced to become more realistic about steps they need to take to keep their economies healthy in the longer term." FDI is a route to even out some of bumps, with the added attraction of contributing to growth in better times. Bibliography lists 12 sources. JapanFDI.DOC

A Cross-National Comparative Study Of NPD : A 5 page essay reporting the results of this cross-national study of new product development processes in Japan and the United States. The investigators developed nine hypotheses regarding similarities between the processes used in both countries. Similarities and differences are reported. Bibliography lists 1 source. Npdstud.wps

Foreign Investment in Japan : In this 5 page essay, the writer evaluates both external and internal (Primarily F.D.I.) investments in Japan and their feasibility. Japan is regarded as a high-income country with a large domestic market. Based upon library research, some advice & recommendations are given as to how U.S. & other foreign countries should assess and plan their investments in Japan. Japanfdi.wps

Foreign Direct Investment in China: A 5 page paper discussing the special problems of foreign direct investment (FDI) in China not found in any other country. China is still fairly attractive for FDI, but not to the extent they have been overly hospitable to multinational corporations. The company only needs to be aware of the problems specific to China. While the actual market may be lower than anticipated due to per capita income levels, China still can be a profitable business site. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chinafdi.wps

Tourism in Latin America / Is It Economically Productive ? : A 13 page report discussing the significance of tourism in two major Latin American countries--Mexico and Costa Rica. The writer discusses the impact tourism has on economic development as well as the social implications of the tourist industry. In the end, the writer provides the opinion that tourism is not a viable option to promote development in these counties and that other options for development should therefore be pursued with greater force. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Latintou.wps

The Mexican Peso Crisis & Clinton's Bailout Plan : A 4 page look at the Mexican Peso crisis of the 1990's and some of the factors concerning President Bill Clinton's decision to bail Mexico out. A good overview of economic reasons for the devaluation of the Peso is provided and Clinton's plan is criticized based upon available economic research. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Peso.wps

The Mexican Peso Crisis / Did the U.S. Exhibit a Newfound Isolationism ?
In this 5 page essay, the writer examines what U.S. actions (or lack thereof) in responses to the Peso crisis might suggest about our post-Cold War foreign policy. The role of Congress, the President, and various other political factors are assessed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Peso2.wps

The Mexican Peso Crisis / Evaluation of Problem & Possible Solutions :
This comprehensive 7 page overview provides a complete economic discussion of the Peso crisis in Mexico (1990's) and some of its implications. The writer discusses Mexico's markets of change, faltering economy, and lack of stability. A number of alternatives are presented and evaluated-- with recommendations being made for the best one. The paper concludes with an overview of methods to control the Peso's value. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pesocase.wps

Nigeria & China / An Economic Comparison : A 7 page research paper comparing the economies of China and Nigeria . The writer details the structure of the two economies, their major industries, and how they are managed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Chinnige.wps

Human Geographical Considerations in Regards to Canadian Economics :
A 5 page research paper in which the writer looks at the economies of people in the separate Canadian territories in relationship to settlement of the area, natural resources, political fight for survival in Canadian parliament--all based on the disparity in human geographics that has been established for centuries. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Candageo.wps

New France (Canada) / Economic Importance : A 5 page research paper investigating the origins of New France and its economic importance to both Canada France. During the years between 1650 and 1750, the population of the territory, now known as Quebec, experienced significant growth. Under King Louis XIV and his first appointed Intendent, Quebec and its surrounding areas established successful agricultural farms as well as numerous industries increasing the area's importance to France. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Newfrance.wps

Official Development Assistance & Its Role in the Changing World :
16 pages in length. An historical overview of Official Development Assistance (O.D.A.) and its importance to worldwide economic aid. The role of the IMF, World Bank, and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (O.E.C.D.) are discussed in great detail. The case example of "The Colombo Plan" -- designed to assist developing countries in Asia and The Pacific is offered as an example of the usefulness of ODA. Problems faced by this form of assistance are discussed as well... Bibliography lists approximately 12 sources. Oda.wps

Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries (O.P.E.C.) : A 4 page essay examining the organization and history of OPEC and its former and future effects on the world oil market. In response the the stranglehold the OPEC countries had on an industrialized world dependent on the oil that they exported, conservation and world-wide recession (due in part to the oil crisis beginning in 1973-1974), OPEC has lost much of its world influence as oil-importing countries look both for other sources of oil and for alternatives to oil. Analysts believe that the current trend of increased oil consumption will continue through the year 2000, and that OPEC may be able to regain some of its lost world influence. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Opec.wps

Economic Globalization Worldwide Impacts for Unions, Wages & Employment:
A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the impact of globalization on unions, wages and employments, especially in light of world-wide trade policies. Bibliography lists 7 sources Globalec.wps

The Effects Of New Technologies On The Global Economy : A 10 page exploration of the effects of technology on the global economy. Emphasis is on communications technology and how it has the potential to either equalize the playing field in terms of national players or to allow the more technologically advanced nations to dominate world markets. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Globnew.wps

The UK Accounting Standards Board and its Statement of Principles : This 11 page paper provides an overview of the issues surrounding the development of the Statement of Principles for the Accounting Standards Board (ASB) and the attempts at forming a conceptual framework for accounting in the UK. This paper also considers the withdrawal of the Statement of Principles due to considerable criticisms in the business community and further considers whether there is a need for a standardized accounting theory. Bibliography lists 7 sources. MHacco.wps

Change to Commonwealth, Effects on Britain : An 8 page research paper exploring the effect of changing to commonwealth has had on British autonomy and world power. Explored briefly is the extent of the empire, how the change came about, and a longer discussion of the effects of the change from empire upon Britain and other countries, particularly India. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Cnempire.wps

Major Advantages & Disadvantages of Fixed Exchange Rates : In 2 page the author discusses the major advantages and disadvantages of fixed exchange rates. " Some posit that fixed exchange rates are advantageous. Others argue that they are not. Overall, there are more positive consequences than negative ones to having a fixed exchange rate. When the rates are not fixed, there is too much flexibility and not enough effectiveness." Bibliography lists 1 source. Fixrate.wps

Issues Concerning A Common European Currency / France & The Euro :
An 8 page paper discussing the introduction of the common European currency, the "euro," and its implications for the nation of France. Issues examined include the reasons for France’s support of the euro and a common currency, as well as the political ramifications the entire issue has brought about between European nations. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Franceur.wps

The European Monetary Union : A 35 page research paper that discusses the European Monetary Union from its inception through the European Union, and focuses on the impacts and changes in political power that will occur as a result of this major change. This paper also focuses upon the use of sanctions and economic pressure as means of determining political action rather than the use of force, and demonstrates that the power created by the EMU will change the way in which politics are enforced. Bibliography lists 21 sources. EMU.wps

European Monetary Union / Issues Concerning A Common Currency : A 10 page paper on the issue of implementing a common currency in Europe. The writer addresses the pros and cons and gives suggested solutions. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Currncy.wps

European Money Union -- Maastricht Delay: An 8 page research paper investigating the significance and the repercussions of the Maastricht treaty conference in bringing Europe to a uniform currency. The paper lists the EMS as the forerunner of the European Monetary Union in its role of setting fixed exchange rates among the currencies of Europe, explaining why Germany was chosen as the point of reference for the exchange rates, why Germany has been a leader in organizing the EMU, and why Germany may be excluded from the initial round of member states when the Euro is launched, planned for January 1, 1999. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Emu.wps

European Monetary Union .. EMU Stability : A 5 page economic research paper that argues that the EMU may experience some instability at its introduction, but in the long run, it is a necessary component of globally expanding economies. The writer explores the issue in terms of both advanced and fragile/emerging economies, and in terms of currency convertibility. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Emuecon.wps

International Trade Law & the European Union : Some theorists and legal specialists have argued that the 15 member countries of the European Union have such a diverse range of international trade laws that complications will inherently occur as a result of attempts to promote greater trade openness leading up to the installation of the European Monetary Union under the euro in the next decade. This 27 page paper provides an overview of the major components of international trade law that pose a threat to the easy initiation of the European Monetary Union, and then relates the current trade laws for many of the member countries to issues in external trade processes. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Eurotrad.wps

The European Investment Bank : This 5 page paper provides an overview of the creation of the European Investment Bank as well as the role it plays within the purview of international banking. The bank’s relationship with the European Union (EU) is also discussed in detail. This historical reference is supplemented by recent actions taken by the enormous institution. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Eib.wps

Foreign Direct Investment In The European Union : An 8 page paper discussing foreign direct investment in the European Union and what policy changes could or should be made. Bibliography lists 8 sources. EUinvest.doc

A Common Currency -- The Euro : A 5 page paper discussing the introduction of the euro (EMU) and the extent to which it will reduce the "home bias" of portfolio managers in the U.S. Also reviewed are several issues relating to the euro and how it will affect the UK’s pound sterling. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Theeuro.wps

Italy’s Governmental Focus On Joining The European Monetary Union : A 10 page paper on public policy in Italy concerning bringing the country’s economy in line with the standards set in 1992 in Maastricht for membership acceptance in the European Monetary Union (EMU). The EMU will establish a common currency for all member states and eliminate the political barriers of border and exchange rates. Italy has widely disparate regions: the wealth of the country is centered in the industrialized north, while the agricultural south is poor. Italy is working to achieve EMU and use the benefits of membership to ease the economic disparities between their two main regions. Bibliography lists 9 sources. ItalyEU.wps

Investing In Italy : An 8 page research paper investigating the wisdom of investing in Italy. Known for its history of tumultuous government, Italy has enjoyed a relative period of calm since early 1996 when Prime Minister Romano Prodi's center-left Olive Tree Alliance took power with a primary goal of being among the first of the European countries to join the European Monetary Union in 1998. In order to achieve their goal, Italy will have to meet strict requirements regarding economic growth and overall deficit, and the central government realizes that foreign investment along with their own hard work can help Italy achieve their goals. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Italytinv.wps

Russian Economic Crisis : This 28 page paper discusses the currency devaluation and economic crisis in Russia. Possible reasons for the current dire economy are discussed as are its effects on banks, securities, and restructuring and payments of debts to both domestic and foreign sources. The budget and labor problems are also discussed. The crisis did not really begin in the summer of 1998, in fact, it began years ago. Some of the history is also provided. Brief examples of the effects of the Russian currency devaluation and payment schedule on banks outside of Russia are provided. One illustration is included. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Rusecocri.wps

The Czech Republic & Privatization : A 20 page discussion on their successful privatization program, but how the program has contributed to some long-range economic problems requiring divestiture of the government of its interests in the voucher-holding investment funds. The writer discusses the country’s relationship with the IMF and the EU, and how Czech has responded quickly and appropriately to the Asian financial crisis. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Czechprv.doc

A New, Unified Global Economy ? : A 5 page paper refuting the central ideas behind a "World Unified Currency" plan (W.U.C.). The writer describes the economic problems that would result from countries being able to choose their own exchange rate, troubles experienced by private industry, the destruction of capitalism, and more. It is concluded that as difficult as it may be, the world must accept the fact that some nations will succeed where others will not. The ceilings imposed by a W.U.C. plan are counter-productive and do not effectively promote the competitive efforts upon which the world economy is built. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Worldeco.wps

France / Economic Purposes : A 5 page essay exploring the economy of France as it prepares to enter the European Monetary Union. France has historically been known as a welfare state due to its many and varied entitlement programs. With the EMU looming in the near future, France must make some dramatic changes in its fiscal policies. This writer discusses the attitudes displayed by the French people and its government in 1996 and compares those to the budget for 1998. France will be ready for the EMU. Bibliography lists 5 sources. France.wps

Ongoing U.S. Investment In India : A 6 page paper that proposes that based on the human resources available, the amount of resource support India needs to improve its infrastructure, and what the U.S. could learn from India's fast-moving economic growth and improvement, the United States should continue to invest resources in India. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Indiaecn.wps

The Impact of Trade Embargoes : An 8 page paper. Often used by the United States in response to either human rights or military issues intervention, economic sanctions have been thought to be effective and productive. Woodrow Wilson believed that economic sanctions were an "economic, peaceful, silent, deadly enemy." That position is being rethought by many, however, particularly in the area of trade embargoes. Examined here are the embargoes against the former Soviet Union for the invasion of Afghanistan, Cuba and Iraq, with the lesson that such embargoes are only effective when the leaders are concerned with the welfare of their people. Cuba may be coming around; Iraq is still chanting "death to America." Bibliography lists 6 sources. Embargo.wps

Helms-Burton Law, Argument for Repeal : A 10 page paper that argues strongly for the repeal of the Helms-Burton Law based on its potentially devastating effect on U.S. and global economies, plus the fact that sanctions have proven, historically, to be ineffective as outlined by the Act. Issues considered also include state sovereignty, NAFTA, and the EU. Bibliography lists 10 sources. TheHelms.doc

NAFTA : 30 pages in length. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was established as a means by which Canada, Mexico and the United States could effectively bolster their economies, their work forces and their political status. In more finite terms, it was formed to promote a climate of fair marketing, improve investment opportunities, protect industrial and intellectual property rights, as well as establish procedures for the resolution of disputes. Going in, there were a number of concerns voiced by those who did not believe the Agreement would hold to its promises even before it was implemented; others had full confidence in its ability to benefit all countries involved. Several years have passed since the treaty was executed. How has it stood the test of time? Is there a future for it and other similar agreements that are waiting in the wings? Industry analysts are divided as to whether or not NAFTA has truly lived up to what President Clinton proposed it would be, with some saying the job market did, indeed, profit from its existence, and others contending that there are more people out of work or earning lower wages than ever before. The writer discusses several key points of NAFTA. Bibliography lists 22 sources. NAFTA9.wps

Economics Of NAFTA : A 10 page paper discussing NAFTA as it relathes to economic principles using, for the most part, intherviews conducthed with three Mexican citizens and three Americans. An illustration of the facts and figures as they relathe to NAFTA are firs discussed. This is followed by a section that discusses the individuals who were intherviewed. This compares the opinions of the six people, which gives a fairly wide view of the opinions that exist. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Naftaeco.wps

International Policy Objectives : A 5 page essay answering the question of types and numbers of policy instruments necessary to attain the most advantageous position for the US economy, both domestically and internationally. Using Singapore as an example of a blend of a strong central government yet an economy based on totally free entrepreneurism, the paper concludes that (1) the government needs to allow businesses to operate as profitably as possible, with a tax structure that encourages investment, and (2) international trade barriers should be reduced to the lowest level possible. No bibliography. Policy.wps

Tax Advantages Of International Expansion : Both tax and other monetary advantages of international expansion are evaluated in this 25 page paper. A fictitious New York corporation considers exporting goods to Ireland. Several scenarios are considered to minimize taxation while looking at consequences of repatriation, as well as the ramifications of setting up a manufacturing facility in the foreign country itself. Labor laws and tax rates in both Ireland and the U.S. are discussed. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Taxire.wps

Paul Krugman’s "Pop Internationalism" : A 4 page paper that addresses three essential questions concerning globalizaiton, wage stagnation,& Third World Growth and Prosperity in chapters 1, 3 & 4 of Krugman’s book. No additional sources cited. Krugman.wps

The United States As A World Leader In The Next Millennium : 5 pages in length. As the United States makes its entrance into the new millenium, it has a strong economy but does it possess the fortitude that will continue to establish it as an effective world leader? There exist myriad concerns with regard to this very issue of whether or not America still has what it takes to remain in the political driver's seat. Just how much do the American people want to continue forward with such a burden, given the fact that some of the individual views of politics and policy have changed so considerably? In order to ascertain the potentiality of the United States continuing as global leaders into the new millennium, one must first assess the character of the American people as individual world system components, determining if their interests truly do lie within the mainstream or exist on the outer fringe. The writer discusses various American prospects in relation to the twenty-first century. Bibliography lists 4 sources. TLCAmLed.wps

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