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An Argument to Abolish the I.R.S. : 7 pages in length. In this well-written argumentative essay entitled "Freedom is Worth More Than Money," the writer persuades us to believe that the 16th Amendment which empowers the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) it too overbroad. It is argued that the IRS has too much control..too much power..and no adequate system of checks & balances. Using a good amount of supporting evidence and case facts, the argument is ultimately made that the I.R.S. should be abolished as it has no place in a free & Democratic America. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Irshate.wps

Revenues vs. State & Local Tax Reform-- An Overview : A 10 page essay on some of the effects of unthinking tax levies of state and local governments in their desperate attempts to increase their revenues. With an extreme lack of forward-thinking, many state and local governments attempt to have businesses bear the brunt of their budget deficiencies for the short-term without thinking through the long-range implications. Connecticut is used as an example: the state doesn’t have exhorbitant tax rates for its businesses, but many families are finding that their best option is that of leaving the state, and Bridgeport, Connecticut’s most formerly-industrialized city, now claims the lowest-priced existing industrial real estate in the country. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Taxrefo.wps

Influencing The Budget : A 23 page research paper that analyzes the congressional budget process, paying particular attention to ways political parties and their congressmen influence budget outcomes. The writer highlights the concepts of majority rules as well as common tactics such as persuasion, bargaining, and threats, and also discusses the way a new presidential tool, the line-item veto, may considerably reduce the amount of influence parties have in budget outcomes. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Budgetin.wps

Fiscal Policy / Tax Cuts & Budget Deficits : A 5 page paper reconciling the relationships between supply-side economics, tax cuts and the apparent route to the true reduction of national debt. Studies have shown that the most successful of the European countries working to bring their economies in line for membership in the EMU have been the ones that have combined governmental spending cuts with a resistance to raising taxes. Those that have cut taxes have performed well, but the most effective area of spending cuts has been that of public welfare and government wages. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Fiscal.doc

Budget Deficit / Overview : A 3 page overview of the budget deficit and its effects on the economy—past and future. The writer posits that the future relies on support of the Balanced Budget Amendment. Bibliography cites 2 sources. Budgdef.doc

Factors Affecting the National Deficit : A 6 page examination of the current (1998) status of the National Deficit and those factors which affect it. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Factdef.wps

1996 Presidential Race / A Question of Economy ? : 10 pages in which the writer examines the 1996 U.S. Presidential race as having largely been a question of economy. Clinton's role and ideology in U.S. economic policy are looked at as are Bob Dole's counter attacks. All are evaluated with respect to the election's outcomes. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Election.wps

The Effect of Reagan Tax Cuts on Consumer Spending : A 7 page essay on the effects of consumer behavior in response to Ronald Reagan’s economic policies. Immediately after taking office in 1981, he began instituting a series of economic policies that came to be known as "Reaganomics." For the eight years immediately preceding the Reagan era, there was no growth in real household income. For the eight years following the time of his administration, there has been a decline in that income of over $1,400 a year. During the Reagan years, however, real income rose a full 10% over the period, giving the American worker more discretionary income than they had known since the 1960’s. Five footnoted references; no bibliography. Reagan.wps

Reaganomics : A 10 page paper that considers the positive impact of Reaganomics on the American economic climate of the 1980s. This paper determines that not only did Reagan face a difficult and already determine economic path set by years of mismanagement, but the systems that were implemented under his Administration were the most significant economic changes created in decades. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Reag.wps

(The) Balanced Budget Amendment : 8 pages of argument against the Balanced Budget Amendment. Makes very clear, concise points supported by statistics and historical facts. Bibliography lists 9 sources. (see more under category U.S. government & politics). Balanbu2.wps

Balancing the Budget # 4 -- A Balancing Act : A 7 page research paper on the issues surrounding the failed balanced-budget amendment. The paper discusses the history of the national debt, and debates whether balancing the budget is even necessary at all. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Budget.wps

Balanced Budget Amendment & The Banking Industry : The premise that the writer is creating a report for a CEO of a rural bank is the perspective from which this 8 page paper is written. Issues discussed include the validity of the recent balanced budget amendment, economic projections for 1998 through 2002 and specific recommendations for the banking industry. Opposing views concerning the effect of the budget are noted. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Bankind.wps

The Budget Deficit / Better or Worse? : A 6 page paper that tracks the successes and failures of the budget deficit between 1992-1996, according to the economists and political figures. The paper proposes that evidence shows that although the federal deficit has been reduced significantly, individual states are floundering and may add to the deficit in the future. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Usfiscal.wps

Economics / Regulation & Anti-Trust : A 7 page paper regarding the issues of government regulation and anti-trust. The writer explores various regulation issues, including those involving big business, telecommunications, and the media. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Antittrus.wps

The Feminization of Poverty : 40 pages discussing from a feminist's viewpoint how changing social structures have brought about "the Feminization of poverty." Numerous case studies are backed-up by relevant statistical data to prove thesis. Bibliography lists 20+ sources. Fempover.wps

Capital Gains Tax Cut / A Counter-Argument : A 5 page research paper in which the writer argues against this proposal. The writer debates the capital gains tax cut, and discusses the reasons why it would fail to benefit the economy despite the opinions of lawmakers who believe otherwise. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Capgains.wps

(The) Flat Tax Controversy : 9 pages in length. Paper defines the flat tax and presents an overview of its history and the various relevant proposals that have been created regarding its potential viability. The writer compares opposing viewpoints on the issue and then offers a well-thought conclusive opinion. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Flattax.wps

Flat Tax / Argument For : A 6 page persuasive paper arguing in favor of the flat tax. It shows the benefits to both individual and corporate taxpayers monetarily as opposed to the arguments against such a tax structure. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Flatt.wps

Steve Forbes’ View of the Flat Tax : A 5 page paper discussing the fairness of the various tax proposals suggested by Steve Forbes during his presidential campaign in 1996. He favored replacing the current income tax system with a flat tax under which all Americans would pay the same rate of tax on income and would have eliminated the possibility of deductions. The liberal view, particularly of those without a working knowledge of economics, was that such a scheme would favor the rich and that, as such, it was unfair. That charge proves to be unfounded, however. It is the issue of fairness of the proposed changes that is the focus of the paper. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Forbetax.wps

Controversial Liquor Taxes : A 9 page paper examining the impacts of luxury taxes on alcohol. The writer concludes that these taxes are unjust and ineffective in their intended purpose of regulating alcohol consumption in certain communities. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Liquortx.wps

The National Debt / ‘Pros’ & ‘Cons’ : A 10 page paper that reviews current literature to survey the attitudes of various groups toward the National Debt. Survey statistics are included to show the growth and impact of the budget deficit over time, and specific implications for economic and social programs are reviewed. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Debt.wps

Factors Affecting the National Deficit : A 6 page examination of the current (1998) status of the National Deficit and those factors which affect it. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Factdef.wps

Disaster Bonds : A 5 page paper that discusses the pros and cons of utilizing disaster bonds for insurers to provide a financial base in case of catastrophic disasters. In light of recent legislation in California requiring insurers to provide earthquake coverage, many companies are beginning to offer these bonds as a way to raise funds. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Disabond.wps

Problems With the Concept of a Gold Standard : A 7 page discussion of the "Gold Standard" with conclusion that we should not return to it. Please call for more detailed information. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Goldsta2.wps

Should We Return to the Gold Standard ? : 8 pages on the gold standard with such features as "the case for a 'bull' market." Bibliography lists 6 sources. Goldstan.wps

Economics of Health Payment Systems : An 8 page research paper on the impact of HMOs on the medical economy in America. The writer details the nature of HMOs, how they pay doctors, the issues related to their effect on treatment, and the overall changes they have caused in the medical economy. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Econmed.wps

The Costs of Commuting : A 7 page paper detailing the true economic costs of our nation’s dependence on the automobile. Outlines alternatives to commuting such as telecommuting, bicycling, and mass transit. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Commute.wps

Paying Off the U.S. Federal Deficit : 10 pages in length. Utilizing theories of modern economists such as Galbraith and Eisner, this paper offers analytical insight into how the United States might pay be able to pay off its Federal Deficit. Various Congressional proposals are examined. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Feddefiec.wps

Dole's 15% Tax Cut Plan : An 8 page research paper on Dole's proposed 15% tax cut plan. The writer describes the plan, criticisms of the plan, how it resembles flat taxation and supply-side economics, and the possible effects of the plan on the economy. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Doletax.wps

Unemployment & Social Disorder : A 4 page essay on working & labor issues, wages, unemployment, length of the average work week, etc; The writer argues that significant increases in unemployment or underemployment will inherently lead to greater social chaos. Bibliography unavailable. Socdisor.wps

U.S. Foreign Aid in a Changing World : 19 pages in length. Primarily discussed is the changing role of foreign aid in promoting U.S. national interests. It is understood that post-Communist emerging markets and new political ideologies are presenting cause to change our traditional views regarding foreign assistance. A plan is described for the re-allocation of funds based upon relevant statistics, trends, and events cited in the research. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Foreigas.wps

Illegal Immigration & The Economy : A 5 page paper discussing the impact of illegal immigration on the U. S. economy. The number of illegal immigrants in the U.S., the costs associated with them, and other multi-layered impacts. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Immeco.wps

Economy & Illegal Immigration : A 4 page paper discussing the impact of illegal immigration on the U. S. economy. The number of illegal immigrants in the U.S., the costs associated with them, and other multi-layered impacts. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Illimm.wps

Whole Life vs. Decreasing Term Insurance Policies : 12 pages in length. A good discussion of Life Insurance, particularly Whole Life Insurance,-- and some of the problems associated with its sale. The writer discusses how many Insurance Agents have been known to "con" or mislead their customers into buying Whole Life policies. An excellent presentation is made as to the problems of having such a policy with regard to its cost-related headaches and associated financial difficulties. An argument is made in favor of Decreasing Term policies as an alternative and the writer recommends comparing the return on the investment portion of any Whole Life policy to a Decreasing Term policy. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Lifeinsu.wps

The Monetary Value Of Human Life : 12 pages in length. In today's modern society, four markets currently exist in which human components are exchanged for economic compensation : human blood, human organs, surrogate motherhood, and human reproductive cells. All of these, in essence, essentially place a monetary value upon our human lives. In this well-researched paper, the writer examines a number of ethical issues concerning "marketplaces" for human parts. Various examples and relevant case studies are presented. Bibliography lists 25+ sources. Valulife.wps

Electric Utility Deregulation : A 15 page paper discussing the macroeconomic effects of deregulation of the domestic electric utility industry. Discusses the impact to large-scale users, as well as individual consumers, how deregulation will affect the utility companies themselves in terms of profitability, and the impact of deregulation in commodities trading. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Elecutil.wps

Deregulation Of The Electric Utility Industry : 7 pages in length. The time for electric utility deregulation has arrived. Welcomed after decades of tight monopoly, businesses and residential consumers alike are looking forward to the opportunity of choosing their own utility provider and enjoying decreased rates. There are drawbacks to the plan, however, as there usually are with most two-sided situations. The writer addresses the proposed deregulation and discusses how it will impact the public. Extensive bibliography included. Dregu.wps

Bionomics / An Overview : A 7 page overview of the concept of bionomics and the relationships of economics and biology. Explains that economics and business in general are often organized much like a living ecosystem, a concept first discussed by Michael othschild. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Bionom.wps

The Economics of Incarceration : 10 pages in length. The author discusses the high cost of prison and argues that there are alternatives to prison. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Ecoinc.wps

The Fishing Economy : A 7 page paper discussing the commercial fishing industry and its economic impact on coastal towns. Highlights the economic contributions of the industry to the communities with an examination of how overfishing in these regions can cripple the industry which ripples into destruction of the communities’ economic stability. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Fishing.wps

The Space Shuttle Challenger & Basic Economic Issues : A 3 page essay reviewing the Challenger space shuttle accident and the amount of money spent of the space program. Considering the number of homeless and hungry in our country, the writer offers a proposal for a better use of the money spent on space shuttles. Bibliography provided. Chall.wps

Staten Island - The Economics of Sanitation : The financial feasibility of closing the Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island, New York is discussed in this 5 page paper. A task force which studied the realities of closing this infamous garbage dump, in 1996, is referenced. Alternatives, such as recycling, are also discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Frshkils.wps

U.C. Professors / Economic Effect Of Salary Structure : A 5 page essay that looks at the effect the salary structure of the University of California has on professors. The process of securing a positon is difficult, at best, and nearly impossible for some discipline Ph.D.s, then the process for promotion and salary increases is rigorous. Compounding these facts is the salary cap with limits a professor's economic status. Ucsal.wps

Restaurant Smoking Policies / Scientific, Economic, & Social Aspects : A 5 page examination of the scientific, economic, and social aspects which affect the implementation of smoking policies in restaurants. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Restsmok.wps

Miami’s Economic Condition : This 5 page paper provides an overview of this Florida city’s financial dilemma in the nineties. After coming out of a scandal of government corruption, the city faced possible bankruptcy in 1996. This paper delves into Miami’s present and future condition. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Sa304.wps

The Economics Of Recreation & Tourism Planning : 15 pages in length. An economically successful community is comprised of many components, not the least of which is a healthy recreation and tourism program. However, there is much in the way of preparation and process before any tourism plan can be implemented. The writer discusses the various criteria essential to the economic prosperity of a thriving tourism trade, as well as addresses potential problems that can occur. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Tourism.wps

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