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Social Change & Education : Social change in the educational realm is discussed and compared to the rest of society in this 10 page paper. Issues of race and gender are discussed in terms of how far society has come and how education has treated such issues. The American education system’s resistance to pop culture is also included along with reference to its embrace of social programs. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Changed.wps

Social Changes & Their Impact on Public Education / "The Cult of Efficiency" : A 10 page paper that reflects the historical and sociological impacts on the development of early public education as outlined in Raymond Callahan's book Education and the Cult of Efficiency. No additional sources cited. Educult.wps

Social Change and Rising Education Costs : A 5 page paper which discusses social change as evidence for rising costs in public (secondary and elementary) education. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Edusocos.wps

Computer Counseling In The 21st Century : A 9 page research paper that investigates the use of computers and other technology in counseling and therapy. Advanced technology, such as virtual reality, has had remarkable success in treating different kinds of disorders and phobias. Continuing research will lead to more practical uses for technology. Bibliography lists 7 resources. Compcoun.wps

Possible Lives / Mike Rose’s Perspectives on the Possibilities of the Young Mind : This 5 page underscores the importance of Mike Rose’s perspectives on children and the future of public education. It is Rose’s assertion that children, especially children of color in impoverished communities, have had their possibilities stunted by the conditions of their upbringing and their exposure to underfunded public schools. But Rose’s arguments are hopeful, and he views the opportunity for change and the possibility for success as major elements in his almost philosophical view of the current status of education. No additional sources cited. Posslive.wps

Discrepancies In Education / A Sociological Perspective : This 11 page paper considers the discrepancies that exist in public education based on allocation of funding and larger social issues that extend from this process, including the fact that these discrepancies inherently result in higher standards of education for the wealthy and lower standards for the poor. In addition, this paper also demonstrate the link between this focus in the educational process and the continuation of significant social issues, including poverty and welfare dependency related to lower educational expectations. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Disceduc.wps

John S. Mayher's "Uncommon Sense: Theoretical Practice In Language Education": 5 pages in length. John S. Mayher's Uncommon Sense: Theoretical Practice In Language Education dares to delve where few other educational professionals have the courage. Indeed, the author presents an interesting look at issues which others tend to view quite differently; it is in the first few chapters that he lays the groundwork for the connection between language and education. Mayher is of the opinion that there is much for instructors to learn with regard to this intrinsic relationship, which is why he strives to pass along the lessons he, himself, has learned after several decades as a language teacher. The writer discusses how the author's efforts may be deviate from the norm, but they have proven to have considerable merit of their own. No additional sources used. Uncommon.wps

Savage Inequalities / Children in America’s Schools : This 5 page paper considers the arguments presented by child advocate and social theorists Jonathan Kozol, who asserts that there are disparities in public education based on socio-economic status and race. This paper underscores the importance of Kozol’s argument against unequal funding in public education and support his assertions regarding the resolution of this problem. No additional sources cited. Jkozol.wps

The Effects of Student Race on the Quality of Education : An 8 page overview of the literature concerning the quality of education when multi- racial students are concerned. Links race with culture and emphasizes that reading comprehension is often determined by background knowledge structure which is determined by an individual’s culture. Concludes that a student’s race is very relevant to potential academic success and emphasizes that this success is directly related not only to the method of presentation but also to student attitude. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Studrace.wps

A Slice Of Life From Kozol's Amazing Grace : A 5 page analysis of author Jonathan Kozol's book Amazing Grace. It is about children and how this nation is treating them. It is a disturbing book because it highlights the injustices that are still prevalent in our system and the ways this impacts the members of society who have the fewest resources to fight against themóchildren. The writer focuses exclusively on the sixth chapter as a representative section of this work. No additional sources cited. Kozolam.wps

Teaching 8th Grade / Methods And Strategies : This 11 page paper discusses instructional methodologies and strategies that are effective with 8th grade students. The writer first offers an introduction, then offers a description of different approaches that have been shown to be successful with this grade level. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Teach8th.wps

Educational Environment of 7th, 8th & 9th Grade Students / Impacts of Puberty : A 5 page paper that considers the impacts of the changes that occur during puberty and the implications for educators. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Impacpub.wps

Alternative High School :9 page analytical discussion of "The Burger King" academy; an alternative high school within Newark, New Jersey's "Cities in Schools" program. Author draws upon personal experiences as an observer/intern and employs pertinent sociological terminology within the discussion. Altskool.wps

Improving Student Achievement / What Principals Can Do to Improve Performance : This 9 page paper considers the issue of low test scores and low achievement in schools in general, but in California schools in particular, and evaluates what a principal in Bakersfield City School District, for example, might do about this issue. This paper considers the nature of school reform, factors that have impacted school performance, and integrates a notion of assessment that is designed to improve the overall outcomes of the teacher/student relationship through the leadership of an effective principal. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Studach.wps

The Relationship of Discipline & Academic Performance in High School :
A 15 page paper examining whether higher standards result in better academic performance. Today’s discipline concerns have progressed to that of physical safety, both for teachers and students. Discipline problems are blamed on TV, society and learning disabilities, among other reasons. But consistently, it is the school with the greatest expectations of students and the most clearly stated disciplinary actions for specific infractions that has the least need for resorting to their stated consequence, all while producing students of academic achievement that is well above national mean. Parochial schools have more freedom to rid themselves of "troublemakers," but surprisingly, the average suspension rate from parochial school is far less than the expulsion rate of public high schools. The difference appears to lie in higher expectations for students. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Daphs.wps

At-Risk Learners : Three sections comprise this 10 page paper which examines the at-risk population. Explored in the first two parts are the characteristics of at risk learners as well as potential manifestations. Key contributory factors are noted in the third section. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Atrisk.wps

At-Risk / Gifted Drop-Outs : A 6 page paper that supports the contention that at-risk, gifted students are more likely to drop out of school than their non-gifted peers. This paper supports this belief by representing the many extenuating educational and personal issues that are experienced by gifted students, and also suggests that the same educational structures that have been developed to support students may also trigger significant behavioral problems for many gifted children. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Giftdrop.wps

Reconstructing Dropout & the Culture of Education : The transformation of the American education system over the past 3 decades has resulted in the emergence of differing views on how to address the inherent problems in providing standard education for a varied population. Restructuring has focused on the problems in education that have stemmed from what many have perceived as ineffectual teaching and educational design or curricula problems. But a number of recent theorists have posited that there is a greater link between internal factors, including cultural components, and problems that result in poor student outcomes, and that these need to be addressed in improving education. This 6 page paper provides an analytical overview of the major points presented by G.J. Sefa Dei and J. Bruner in their works Reconstructing Dropout (Sefa Dei) and The Culture of Education (Bruner), and relates these premises to educational restructuring. No additional sources cited. Dropcult.wps

Dropping out of School & Its Causal Factors : ("Dropping Out : A Look at How to Determine and Predict Factors that Lead to Deviance and Complete Failure in Education.") A 7 page study including literature review and bibliography listing 8 sources. Excellent for those studying education, sociology, and various aspects of psychology. Dropouts.wps

School Dropout Prevention Programs : A well-written 24 page paper detailing the philosophies and methods of school dropout prevention programs. The writer reveiws several successful programs, and then analyzes the most important approach -- fostering self-esteem. Bibliography cites 26 scholarly sources. Dropout.wps

Do Interviewing Techniques Reduce Violence In Public Schools ? : An 11 page research paper examining the failure of interviewing techniques and alternative methods in stopping drug abuse & violence among populations attending inner-city public schools. Research and existing literature on the subject are examined are recommendations for "getting at the heart of violence" in a specific urban school system. Bibliography lists 15+ sources. Schovio2.wps

The Problem Of Violence In Schools : This 10 page research paper examines the problem of violence among American youths with particular relevance to its impact in schools. The writer explores various causal factors of violent behavior and several different types of programs being implemented to prevent it. Included in the discussion are programs that attempt to intervene during early years and prevent the onset of violence as well as those that come later on in the child's development and seek to obstruct the entry of weapons into schools. It is concluded that the psychological implications of ignorance coupled with violence's portrayal in the media and in everyday life (domestic violence etc;) makes solving the problem socio-politically difficult. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Schoviol.wps

Violence in Our Schools / What Can Be Done ? : A 12 page examination of violence in our schools and the anti-violence programs which are being implemented to deter it. Special emphasis is placed on one such program in Northwest Florida. Bibliography lists seven sources. Vilsk.wps

A Sociological Perspective Of School Violence : An 8 page exploration of the sociological reasons behind school violence. Proposes that children engage in deviant behavior when social controls are either ineffective or absent and that two of these social controls are parental punishment methodologies and the media. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Socviol.wps

Survival In Our Schools : A 7 page paper dealing with the issues at hand involving youth of today in inner-city schools. Problems include gangs and drugs. Studies are examined and methods described. Family is a large factor in success. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Survival.wps

Contraceptives & High School Students : A 5 page paper discussing the distribution of contraceptives in high schools with a special emphasis on the issue in the state of Illinois. The writer argues that contraception should be available through school-based programs. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Planning.wps

Evaluation Of School-Based Intervention Programs / HIV - AIDS : A 6 page research paper on school-based intervention programs for teaching young people about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. The writer reviews different aspects of various programs (formal education, distribution of condoms, peer testimonials, etc;) and concludes that when properly-implemented, most approaches are quite effective at changing/preventing high-risk behavior. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Schoolcl.wps

Computers and Young People with HIV : This 5 page report discusses the uses, applications, and problems associated with HIV-infected youth and computer technology. While a number of valuable interactive and multimedia education programs have been developed for children, teens, and young adults, there are few programs designed for monitoring and assessment. As recognition has grown that such differences not only exist but are of vital importance in providing optimum care of HIV-infected young people, both the public health and medical technology communities have begun to expand their efforts in developing youth specific-programs and tools. Considering the fact that the virus is increasingly becoming a disease of the young, such efforts must be considered to be of the utmost importance. Bibliography lists 3 sources. AIDS-pc.wps

HIV & Youth : In 10 pages the author discusses HIV and youth. In the 1990s AIDS/HIV is a very real and very frightening disease. It does not discriminate; affecting all people from all walks of life, all races, nationalities, sexes, and ages. The prevalence of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) has been shown to have a considerable effect on the youth population, according to the preponderance of the evidence. This plague knows no limitations. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hivyouth.wps

Should Teachers Be Allowed to Date Students? : A 9 page paper discussing the confusion of the teen years and the influence that a trusted teacher can have. That teacher can be the teen’s lifeline, the adult who can sometimes accomplish the impossible task of understanding the fears and uncertainties that so often must be covered with bravado and brashness. When the relationship between teacher and student becomes any closer than that, however, all parties involved risk long-lasting harm, but the teen is the one with the highest price to pay. Long-standing taboos in this area do indeed have a reason for being, and deserve not only to be left in place, but also defended. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Teacdate.wps

In Loco Parentis, Tort Liability & Field Trips : An 8 page paper that reflects the application of in loco parentis in school settings, reflects on the nature of tort liability and considers the liability of teachers during field trips. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Locopar.wps

When Personal Bias In Counseling Is A Good Thing : A 5 page paper discussing it is impossible to avoid personal bias or personal values in a counseling setting and why that is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as the counselor does not project his or her biases onto their client. Bibliography lists five sources. Pbias.doc

Researching A Controversial Topic Using Library Sources : A 5 page essay in which the writer provides thoughtful tips on library use. The writer essentially "walks" the novice researcher through everything he or she would need to know in order to quickly find information on both sides of an issue. No additional sources cited. Library2.rtf

Native American Acculturation and How it Affects Educational Achievement : An 8 page exploration of cultural obstacles which face many Native Americans on their moving from the reservations into the dominant white culture and how these obstacles influence educational performance. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Nalearn.wps

Educational Diversity : A 4 page paper evaluating the impact of diversity on the educational process. This paper includes a discussion of curriculum options that support diversity in students rather than classrooms comprised of homologous groupings. The writer stresses the need for educational institutions to alter the status of current standardized testing and the importance of learning to accept difference through exposure to those of different ethnic, religious and physical groups. No Bibliography. Edudive.wps

Multiculturalism and Pluralism / Similarities and Contrasts : A 3 page comparison of the concepts of multicuturalism and pluralism as presented by Donna Gollnick and Philip Chinn in "Multicultural Education in a Pluralistic Society" (1998). Presents multiculturalism as the better approach to education. No additional sources cited. Mcltplur.wps

Economics and Ethnicity / Their Importance In Education : A 3 page overview of the concepts of ethnicity and economic background and their importance to academic success. Relies heavily on "Multicultural Education in a Pluralistic Society" (1998) Donna Gollnick and Philip Chinn. Concludes that it is neither ethnicity nor economic background which is a primary determinant of academic success but presentation and attitude. No additional sources citred. Cultecon.wps

Education & The Elderly : A 10 page proposal that considers the elements of learning (general knowledge, reading comprehension and learning style) and the problems related to effective health education for the elderly. It is the hypothesis of this proposal that the study presented can reflect a correlation between these learning factors that can be utilized as a tool in effective educational programming. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Elddiss.wps

Education / Minority Community : A 25 page research paper that looks at the literature on lack of access to education for minority groups vs. majority groups, specifically African American and Native American, the cultural underpinnings of the issue, and preventative and rehabilitative reform programs. The paper posits that the educational community must make sweeping changes in its approach to reform—the ideas and programs for which have been available for decades. The reason for the new immediacy is competition from the business community because of its desire to diversify its structure. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Minoredu.wps

School & Community Partnerships : This 20 page paper explores the merging of school and community to effect better public relations and a stronger curriculum. Included in the analysis are the unique role of the Principal and the roles of students as well. The role of government and communities, inclusive of religious and secular organizations, is a part of the discussion. The future of education in terms of community involvement is also addressed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Schcomm.wps

Parent Support And Educational Success / A Research Proposal : An 8 page paper that offers a research proposal regarding the title, specifically, does parental involvement enhance the child's school success. The paper provides an introduction with hypothesis, proposed methodology, literature review and conclusions. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Parsupp.wps

Attachment Theory, Divorce And The School Counselor : A 6 page research paper that explores the topics of attachment theory and the effects of dis-attachment. Divorce is offered as a significant event in a child's life that results in disattachment from one parent. The writer posits that the school counselor must have a firm understanding of attachment theory and its effects in order to help children. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Attacht.wps

Attachment Theory, Divorce & School Counseling # 2 : A 60 page paper that provides an overview of the current literature, and attempts to demonstrate the link between attachment theory and divorce. This paper then uses the current literature to discuss the implications for counseling. Bibliography lists 42 sources. Atchtheo.wps

Motivation And The Student : A 5 page paper that determines the factors necessary to support motivation in college or university students. This paper determines the necessary process of motivation towards academic achievement, while also presenting the obvious deterrents to success. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Motistud.wps

Motivational Techniques for Elementary School Students : A 12 page paper discussing theory and technique underlying both students’ intrinsic motivation and the extrinsic factors of motivation supplied by the teacher and peers. Finally, research has shown what seasoned teachers have known for years—only the students remaining active and involved will retain sufficient levels of intrinsic motivation for enhancing their learning activities. It is essential that teachers maintain an atmosphere of creative expectancy rather than encouraging only learning by rote in the elementary years, particularly for the gifted student. While most students’ interest in school subjects wanes with age, allowing a gifted student to languish in boredom ahead of his classmates almost assures losing that student far too early in his age progression. Bibliography lists 23 sources. Motistud.wps

Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development & The Reggio Emilia :
Lev Vygotsky proposed the zone of proximal development as a means of understanding the progression of cognitive development in children and the necessity for interactive communication and curriculum to move children through necessary developmental stages. This 8 page paper examines the basic premises of Lev Vygotsky's theory regarding the zone of proximal development, and then applies this to the development of curriculum at the Reggio Emilia schools in Italy. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Vygotsky.wps

Grades, Improvement, & The Inner-City Student : 16 pages in length. An examination of in-school counseling options for at-risk students in inner-city schools. Focusing upon a specific urban area, the writer proposes various ideas for academic improvement. Approximately 12 sources are listed in bibliography. Gradesin.wps

Gender Bias in Education : A 12 page research paper outlining gender bias in schools. The writer describes how factors such as teacher and classroom interaction, gender biased textbooks, and sex segregation result in maintaining gender bias in the education system. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Gendered.wps

The Gender Gap in Schools / Does it Exist? A 25 page research paper which discusses the gender inequality among male and female students. The paper includes in-depth literature reviews and survey results. A 25-question informal survey is also included with the results thereof. An overview of student and teacher responses.
A table of contents is included -- subheadings are given for each section for ease in understanding and evaluating information gathered. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Genderga.wps

Gender Issues in Multicultural Literature Education : A 12 page paper examining the issue of whether issues of gender should be a part of a multicultural literature course. Looking at three twentieth-century novels -- Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya; My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok; and Strange Fruit by Lillian Smith -- the paper argues that the challenges facing the female characters are fundamentally different than those of the men in the same novel, and thus gender is a valid multicultural issue. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Litiss.wps

Peer Mediation : 12 pages in length. Discord among students is a normal, daily event at all stages and types of educational institutions, but it is the manner in which such antagonism is addressed that varies from school to school. A fairly new and acclaimed method of dealing with student strife employs the very students themselves. Peer mediation -- a method by which students counsel one another in order to overcome problems and conflicts -- is gaining momentum within school districts across the country. The writer discusses the various aspects of peer mediation, as well as includes an interview with students who currently take part in such a program. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Peermedi.wps

Sleeter & Delpit / Education And Social Change : A 6 page paper that considers the issues of racial and cultural differences within educational settings and considers the role of educators in the process of social change. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Sdelpit.wps

Lives on the Boundary / The Struggles & Achievements of America’s Underprepared : A 10 page exploratory essay based on Mike Rose’s book Lives on the Boundary that not only reflects upon the information provided by Rose, but also considers the controversies as they apply to the American education system. Rose essentially suggests that the decline in educational efficacy, especially among racially diverse populations, is a result of the social phenomenon of acceptability in being average and the imbeddedness of grading and valuations in the educational process. No additional sources cited. Liveboun.wps

Freshmen In The 1930s vs. The 1990s : A 3 page essay on the differences between the types of experiences today’s freshmen have versus his counterpart sixty years ago. One source cited. College.wps

Education in Ancient Greece : A 5 page research paper which examines the educational systems of ancient Athens and Sparta. While the writer deals briefly with the militaristic and brutal educational system of Sparta, the concentration of the paper deals with the development of the educational system in Athens. Topics covered include details regarding elementary education, and how the philosophical and rhetorical schools of Plato and Isocrates developed. Bibliography includes 5 sources. Edugree.wps

The Interplay Between Education And Occupation : This 5 page report discusses the fact that education remains crucial to occupational achievement. The write primarily deals with the fact that a shift to a knowledge economy can only occur with an increase in the supply of educated people. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Edocc.wps

Education & Computers

Technical Preparation & The Partnership Between Education and Technology : A 15 page paper that provides a substaintive overview of the literature on the progression of technical preparation in educational settings and considers the impact of the partnership between education and technology in preparing students to enter a more technical world. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Techprep.wps

Benefits Of Computer-Taught Math Over Standard Textbook Practices :
A 10 page study that provides support for the hypothesis that computer taught math provides significant beneficial outcomes for learners in terms of test scores. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Mtcomp.wps

Computer Assisted Learning or Lecture Method / Creating Effective Instruction for Nursing Students : A 40 page paper that provides an overview of the essential elements of both lecture methods and computer assisted learning and then supports the contention that computer assisted learning provides a more applicable educational process for instructing nursing students. Bibliography lists 75 sources. Complect.wps

Interactive Computer Reading Programs Improve Literacy : 5 pages in length. Children are experiencing an overwhelming increase in literacy rates due in great part to the implementation of a fairly new technology: interactive computer programs. Particularly evident of this success is the drastic improvement in reading skills of kindergarten and elementary school children. The advent of computer-based learning programs allows for a number of teaching enhancements not otherwise available in the conventional format. The writer discusses research findings as they relate to interactive reading programs for children. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Intread.wps

Technology as an Aid to Literacy : A 10 page research paper that examines how technology is being implemented in America's classrooms as an aid to literacy. The writer covers how this impacts primary grades as well as secondary education and teacher training. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Tecnolit.wps

Computers and Modern Technology in The Classroom / Reading Instruction :
A 10 page paper demonstrating the positive benefits of using computers to instruct elementary school students in reading. By discussing the use of some classroom techniques and specific learning programs, the writer demonstrated some of the positive aspects of learning to read using computers. Also discussed are the requirements of teachers and parents in promoting student reading outcomes. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Readcomp.wps

Computer Technology and Bilingual Education : An 8 page paper that addresses the challenges related to implementing computer technologies in bilingual education programs, and provides recommendations for educators. This paper promotes the notion that computer technology can assist in bridging language barriers and enhancing educational programming. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Compbili.wps

The Introduction Of Technologies To The Teaching Of Foreign Languages :
This 10 page paper considers the use of emerging use of technology in the instruction of foreign languages, which became a focus in recent years as instruction in English to speakers of other languages incorporated the use of an increasing level of technology. This paper considers the impacts of the use of technology in the United States and other countries for foreign language instruction and also relates the focus for the future to the successes that have been derived in current programs. Bibliography lists 21 sources. Fortech2.wps

Computers & Elementary Education / Increasing Test Scores? : An 8 page paper that considers the use of computers in elementary classrooms and reflects on the benefits in terms of their ability to assist in increasing test scores. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Compee.wps

Technologies To Help The LD Teacher : This 5 page paper discusses some of the many ways in which tchnologies can help the LD teacher. Issues considered are paper management, coordinating with the regular education teachers and overcoming feelings of isolation. Bibliography lists 4 sources. LDtech.wps

Gender Differences In Internet Usage & Computer Phobia : Fear of computers is deemed as the main reason women avoid the internet in this 6 page paper on gender differences. Statistics reveal that more men are using the internet as society encourages males to pursue the sciences, while discouraging females. Solutions to the problem are explored. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Compgend.wps

Education and the Internet : A thoroughly-researched 20 page paper on education and The Internet. The writer examines on-line degree programs, on-line academic assistance, Internet research, the Home Education Resource Network (HOMER), and more. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Intntedu.wps

Education, Computers, & The Future : A 10 page report on 'education in the future.' Sub-topics include the role of the Internet, distance learning, knowledge-based systems, interactive multimedia, and several case studies. Excellent for those studying education or technology. Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Educfutu.wps

Academic Innovation & The World Wide Web : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the current application of technology, especially the World Wide Web, in schools, colleges and universities. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Schoolww.wps

Classroom Computers : A 12 page paper answering the question of whether computers are beneficial to elementary school classes. The writer details the reasons why this technology is necessary for the future of our nation's children. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Classcom.wps

Computers For Elementary Education Analyzed : A 5 page paper examining the use of computers in elementary school classrooms. Specifically considered are instructional benefits of computers in improving test scores. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Compele.wps

Computers & The Comp. Sci Major : A creatively-written 6 page discussion detailing the importance of core computer classes in the computer science major's curriculum. The writer stresses a back-to-basics approach and points out the importance of starting out with a strong foundation in one's field. No Bibliography. Compsci.wps

Distance Learning : This 10 page research paper examines the pros and cons of distance learning. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Distance.wps

Distance Learning History : A short 4 page research paper documenting the history of distance learning, some relevant programs, and its outlook for the future. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Distlear.wps

Distance Learning and The Internet : 15 pages in length. In this thorough examination of the 'distance learning' phenomenon, the writer begins with a review of the literature that reveals a wide-spread interest in using the Internet for education-from-home purposes. Older methods appear to be eclipsed by the exciting possibilities offered by the abundant information available on the Internet. Also discussed : How programs are proliferating at all levels of education, but are not yet available in all schools because of a lack of funding, equipment, structured programs and trained teachers. The technology is defined, explained, and government agencies involved in helping the "movement" are discussed in detail. Bibliography lists 15+ sources-- many from the World Wide Web ! Learnint.wps

Distance Learning And On-line University Classes: Start-up, Licensing And Establishment Issues In Germany : This 5 page paper considers the increasing prevalence of on-line distance learning created by American Universities and the issues related to offering on-line courses to students in foreign countries. This paper considers the problems related to establishing these business, franchising and the possible government involvement in these projects related specifically to issues in Germany. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Germdist.wps

Virtual Universities / Classes & Colleges ? : A 20 page overview covering background and socio-economic issues surrouding students, faculty, institutions, virtual university corporations and a smattering of the viewpoint from international educators. Includes humor, in quotes, and the viewpoint from a professor that probably shocked the educational establishment. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Virtualu.wps

The Use Of The Web & Internet In Higher Education : A 15 page paper that provides an overview of the emergence of the use of the Internet and Web-based educational formats and services as a means of enhancing higher education. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Webed.doc

Databases In The Classroom : A 5 page overview of the implementation of electronic databases into the educational environment. Bibliography lists ten sources. Dataclas.wps

Learning Theories & The Domain Of Computers : A 6 page paper discussing learning and associated theories, concepts, and domains. Two learning theories are examined; constructivism and mastery learning. Their concepts are then applied to appropriate model of instruction within the broad-based domain of computer training and education. Bibliography lists ten sources. Domain.doc

Computer Literacy & Low Income Or Disadvantaged Learners : An 11 page paper that provides a comprehensive outline of a proposal for funding for a program for computer literacy for low income or disadvantaged students. This proposal demonstrates the benefits of this kind of programs and provides a sample budget. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Complite.wps

Extreme Behavior Disorder / Computers & Education : A 5 page model for testing the effects of computers on EBD students. The writer proposes methodology and expected results. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Cnadollrn.wps

Integrating Technology Into Business Education Curriculum : 5 pages in length. Integrating technology into business education curriculums is essential if today's students are to obtain contemporary marketing skills. By adopting such integration, students will be encouraged to apply necessary educational concepts and procedures when dealing with real life work situations. Such application enables students to better understand the advantage of utilizing these concepts and, therefore, gain a better grasp of what awaits them out in the real world. The writer addresses the proposed need for technological integration in business education, as well as discusses the level to which the integration is lacking in today's school system. Bibliography lists 5 sources. BizEd.wps

Education / As Competitive Tool : A 2 page essay on the importance of education in the humanities and the technological fields in the new global marketplace. Personal benefits are also presented. No additional sources cited. Edcomp.wps

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