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The Bureaucracy Of Education : A 5 page paper discussing education in the U.S. since the 17th century and how it's become more and more bureacratic. No Bibliography. Edubea.pws

Public School Funding & The Urban Landscape : A 10 page paper that provides and overview of the issues related to public school funding and the impacts in urban educational settings. The writer also touches on the different types of educational programs being offered in urban settings. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Schlfund.wps

Social Change and Rising Education Costs : A 5 page paper which discusses social change as evidence for rising costs in public (secondary and elementary) education. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Edusocos.wps

Societal Problems And Their Effect On The Cost Of Public Education : A 6 page paper discussing how problems in society affect the educational costs of public education. This analysis focuses on elementary and secondary public education in the United States. The effect that societal problems have on public schools is shown in how they impact the students as well as how they result in higher educational costs. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pubcos2.wps

Formal vs. Informal Education : A 3 page paper examining the issue of whether students benefit more from a self-directed (or job-based) learning system versus a formal college program. The paper suggests that students should first learn informally on the job and supplement the gaps with formal education. No sources cited. Formalv.wps

Public School Issue -- School Uniforms : A 7 page research paper that provides an overview of the issues related to implementing public school uniform systems. The writer supports the thesis that there are considerable positive repercussions from this type of system. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Schoolu.wps dress code

Uniforms for Schools? : A 4 page research paper that looks at the pro's and cons of initiating mandatory school uniform policies. It concludes with a brief discussion of the alternatives available. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Schouni.wps

School Uniforms / A Proposal : This 7 page paper investigates the benefits of requiring students to wear uniforms in public schools, a policy more and more schools are adopting. The justification for such a policy is offered along with data from schools who have instituted school uniforms. The paper concludes with suggestions for a longer paper. Bibliography lists 12 sources. SchUn.wps

Uniforms For School? : A 4 page research paper that looks at the pro's and cons of initiating mandatory school uniform policies. It concludes with a brief discussion of the alternatives available. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Uniform.wps dress code

School Dress Code / Is It Effective in Chicago? : A 6 page examination of school dress codes. Outlines both the pros and cons of such codes and relates them to the existing situation in Chicago schools. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Chicode.wps

Public Education In The State of Georgia : An 11 page paper outlining public education in the state of Georgia. Provides details on the number of school systems in Georgia, how they receive their funding and their success and failures in terms of academic achievement as guaged by student performance on the Georgia High School Graduation Tests (GHSGT) enacted by the Georgia Assembly in 1991. Identifies inconsistent and inadequate funding as one of the major determinants of academic failure. Bibliography lists nine sources including information from the National Center for Educational Statistics, the Georgia Department of Education, and the Atlanta Journal, among others. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Gaschool.wps

The Relationship of Discipline & Academic Performance in High School :
A 15 page paper examining whether higher standards result in better academic performance. Today’s discipline concerns have progressed to that of physical safety, both for teachers and students. Discipline problems are blamed on TV, society and learning disabilities, among other reasons. But consistently, it is the school with the greatest expectations of students and the most clearly stated disciplinary actions for specific infractions that has the least need for resorting to their stated consequence, all while producing students of academic achievement that is well above national mean. Parochial schools have more freedom to rid themselves of "troublemakers," but surprisingly, the average suspension rate from parochial school is far less than the expulsion rate of public high schools. The difference appears to lie in higher expectations for students. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Daphs.wps

A Short Demographic Analysis Pertaining To Education In Georgia : A 6 page paper discussing some of the uses of demographic studies, but focusing more on a demographic analysis of regions of Georgia based on data collected in the 1990 census, comparing the striated regions of the state with each other according to state averages. Assuming that all other conditions remain the same, it is reasonable to forecast trends indicated by demographic studies. Georgia education data is compared to that of the US as a whole, but the paper points out the problems inherent in comparing some categories, such as "high school by grade" vs "did not complete high school." Bibliography lists 7 sources. Demograf.doc

Possible Lives / Mike Rose’s Perspectives on the Possibilities of the Young Mind : This 5 page underscores the importance of Mike Rose’s perspectives on children and the future of public education. It is Rose’s assertion that children, especially children of color in impoverished communities, have had their possibilities stunted by the conditions of their upbringing and their exposure to underfunded public schools. But Rose’s arguments are hopeful, and he views the opportunity for change and the possibility for success as major elements in his almost philosophical view of the current status of education. No additional sources cited. Posslive.wps

Graduation Requirements Ignore The Importance of Electives : A 7 page research paper which looks at the way many schools districts have tightened the requirements for high school graduation while simultaneously cutting back on electives that have been considered "luxuries." The writer argues for the importance of electives in a well-rounded curriculum and offers possible solutions to this national problem. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Gradelec.wps

Block Scheduling : An 11 page paper that supports the concept of block scheduling. This paper demonstrates that current literature, including the writings of educational theorists like Richard Rettig, Joseph Carroll, and Canady, support the transition of school systems from traditional scheduling to block scheduling, in recognition of the changing needs of students and educators. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Blocksch.wps

Block Scheduling and Music Instruction : A 14 page paper that considers the impact of block scheduling on music instruction. This paper demonstrates that there are specific issues for music teachers and ways in which these issues can be addressed within the process of block scheduling design. Bibliography with18 sources. Blockmus.wps

Mentoring and Summer Research Programs : A 20 page paper that argues the significance of mentoring and summer research programs for the educational development of minority students. It is a basic premise of the paper that these programs not only encourage and maintain minority students in educational institutions, but also can contibute to the ability of miniority students to achieve Ph.D.s Mentoring.wps

Bilingualism & Bilingual Education in the U.S. : An 8 page research paper on bilingual education, its historic controversy, methods, and outlook. Includes FREE outline; Bibliography lists 7 sources. Bilingua.wps

A Case For Bilingual Education : A 6 page essay that supports bilingual education programs in the public school system. Much as been written recently against the concept; little has been written in favor of the programs. The discussion includes examples of the results of successful programs. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Bilinged.wps

The Importance Of Bilingual Education : A 6 page outline of the importance of bilingual education and how the availability of such bilingual programs affects a student’s ability to perform adequately in the academic world. Annotated bibliography lists 5 sources. Bilin.wps

Richard Rodriguez on Bilingual Education : A 4 research paper that examines writer and scholar Richard Rodriguez's autobiography Hunger of Memory to determine the author's opinions regarding bilingual education. Even though he grew up bilingual as the son of Mexican immigrants, Rodriguez is against bilingual education. The writer outlines his thoughts, which are based primarily on his conception of the use of public and private language in society. He argues that English fluency is a necessary component in becoming a functioning part of the larger public society. Quotations from the source. Bibliography lists book itself as only source. Rodrich.wps

Bilingual Education / An Overview : A 3 page paper presenting an overview of bilingual education in the United States. Through a brief history on the development of bilingual education, current conditions and future proposals, the practice of bilingual education currently used in America is presented.Bibliography lists 7 sources. BilEd2.wps

Bilingual Education Overview / Emphasis on Mass Media : A 3 page research paper presenting an overview of bilingual education as it is presented in the mass media and perceived by popular culture currently in the United States. Through the use of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV broadcasts and Internet websites, bilingual education is presented as seen through the eyes of the common American citizen today. Bibliography lists 5 sources. BilEdMed.wps

Discrepancies In Education / A Sociological Perspective : This 11 page paper considers the discrepancies that exist in public education based on allocation of funding and larger social issues that extend from this process, including the fact that these discrepancies inherently result in higher standards of education for the wealthy and lower standards for the poor. In addition, this paper also demonstrate the link between this focus in the educational process and the continuation of significant social issues, including poverty and welfare dependency related to lower educational expectations. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Disceduc.wps

Savage Inequalities / Children in America’s Schools : This 5 page paper considers the arguments presented by child advocate and social theorists Jonathan Kozol, who asserts that there are disparities in public education based on socio-economic status and race. This paper underscores the importance of Kozol’s argument against unequal funding in public education and support his assertions regarding the resolution of this problem. No additional sources cited. Jkozol.wps

A Slice Of Life From Kozol's Amazing Grace : A 5 page analysis of author Jonathan Kozol's book Amazing Grace. It is about children and how this nation is treating them. It is a disturbing book because it highlights the injustices that are still prevalent in our system and the ways this impacts the members of society who have the fewest resources to fight against themóchildren. The writer focuses exclusively on the sixth chapter as a representative section of this work. No additional sources cited. Kozolam.wps

Black Studies in America : A 10 page research paper on the content and implications of Black studies programs and departments in American colleges & universities. It is posited that schools in the south fail to recognize the importance of the discipline whereas schools elsewhere often lack a defined goal. Beginning with examples from the West Coast, the writer details their development, strengths and weaknesses while offering suggestions for improvement. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Blacstud.wps

Minority Internships : A 10 page paper that demonstrates the importance of minority internships in directing career choices for minority students. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Intern.wps

Race Exclusive Scholarships : This 20 page paper examines the issue by looking at a variety of cases including the 1978 Bakke decision that spurred the debate on reverse discrimination. Legal cases are cited and the issue is discussed both in a legal and moral sense. The paper takes the position that affirmative action and race based scholarships are necessary. Raceexc.wps

Educational Imperatives For African American Boys In Elementary Education : A 25 page research paper that examines the way in which changes in arrest rates and crime statistics for African American youth has affected perceptions about boys from this ethnic group which are then generalized in the classroom to low status positions, low expectations for academic success, and lack of access to opportunities to achieve educationally. The paper shows how these issues have been addressed both in the educational research literature and in interventions in the classroom, and makes the point that there are, in fact, effective solutions which are not being discussed or addressed as part of the national public debate on education. Bibliography lists 52 sources. Educaf.wps

The Need For Male Black Teachers In Elementary Schools : A 5 page essay discussing the need for Black male teachers at the elementary school level. Teaching does not seem to be a career choice of the African-American population; currently only 8% of the entire teaching force is African-American. But Black children need Black teachers, especially male teachers as role models. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Blakteac.wps

Recruitment of Minority Teachers : An 8 page research paper which examines the problems of a declining population of minority teachers as the proportion of minority student in the school system continues to increase. The writer discusses the common factors between the programs which have succeeded in recruiting new teachers from minorities. Bibliography contains 9 sources. Minteach.wps

Inequality in Education : A 6 page argumentative essay arguing that only the government (State and Federal) can repair the current educational system. Even though parents who can afford it are sending their children to private schools to make up for the government’s error, many parents cannot do so. Therefore, the federal guidelines handed down by President Clinton may be the only solution for most of the children in public school today. In any case, based on the evidence, the public school system must be reformed for future generations. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Eduequal.wps

"Equal Opportunity For All & Preferences For None" : A 5 page paper arguing in favor of the University of California’s move to abandon affirmative action efforts in regards to college admission. This paper illustrates the ways in which affirmative action has failed to meet its true goals. Bibliography lists six sources. Eqop.wps

Affirmative Action and Women in Public Education : This 8 page paper looks at the subject inclusive of a review of relevant literature and makes recommendations. The position of the paper favors affirmative action in this context in order to improve stereotypes of women as well as to help women to achieve in such professions. Bibliography lists 8 sources Sa276.wps

The Superintendency & Related Hiring Practices : A 22 page thesis that demonstrates the importance of hiring practices in the development of school districts through the superintendency. This thesis is supported by a survey that demonstrates the correlation between increased requirements for superintendent candidates and greater overall efficacy. Bibliography with 13 sources. Superin.wps

Effects Of Twenty-Five Year Retirement On Public Education : 8 pages in length. The effect of twenty-five year retirement upon public education is wide and varied, both from a monetary point of view as well as from an academic one. Educators and administrators who have endured a quarter century within the educational system reside at both ends of the scale, in that there are those who, after serving twenty five years, are still capable of carrying out quality instruction; others, however, should have been removed from the system even before their first decade. The writer discusses what influence public education experiences regarding retirement at the twenty five year mark. Bibliography lists 6 sources. 25retire.wps

Educational Reform and Single-Sex Schools : A 9 page paper that addresses the topic of single-sex schools as they relate to educational reform. This paper argues that single-sex schools and gender segregated programs are not an effective way of approaching the reform process for many school districts. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Samesex.wps

Education Reform : 5 pages in length. The writer discusses the subject of Education Reform, and how the new, recent changes in education over the last few years have impacted teaching methods. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Eref.wps

School Vouchers : A 9 page argument in support of school voucher system. Evidence of excellence and voluntary voucher funding does not support arguments against based on lack of education to certain segments of society. Writer focuses on Florida and southern arguments in support of voucher program where programs are already in place. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Schvou.wps

Controversy Over School Vouchers : A 5 page informational overview on this controversy. Proposed legislation is noted along with the effects these programs have on children, teachers and the society in general. The issue of constitutionality is addressed as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Vouchers.wps

Education Vouchers : In 7 pages, the writer discusses the issue of education vouchers as a topic concerning education and current public policy. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Edvouch.wps

Student Rights : A 6 page paper on the conflicts between student rights and administrative policies in public education. This paper considers issues from student privacy, freedom of expression and sexual harassment and the legal outcomes of a number of cases. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Sturight.wps

Faculty & Staff / Attitudinal Variations In Education : This 25 page paper reviews a variety of articles all relevant to any thesis concerning attitudes of academia. Addressed are issues of salary, workload and academic standards. The review also considers shared governance, tenure, promotion as well as the impact of technology and distance learning. Academic advising services as well as faculty perceptions concerning student behavior and safety are noted. Also included is information from the Carnegie Foundation, an organization that conducts surveys periodically to support ongoing research on various issues in education. Bibliography lists 50 sources. Carngilit.wps

Cultural Diversity in the School Library : A 5 page paper on the necessity of diversifying school library books to meet the needs of a modern, multicultural student population. Biblliography lists 4 sources. Library.wps

Magnet Schools : A 10 page research paper describing magnet schools and discussing the issues surrounding them. Topics of discussion including whether magnet schools truly benefit the children who attend them and whether they contribute to segregation and discrimination. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Cnmagsch.wps

Charter Schools : A 6 page research paper which explains how charter schools are essentially a hybrid creation which combines some of the most highly prized features of private schools with what is still formerly classified as a public institution . The writer looks at a company running several charter schools, The Edison Project, and also covers the main arguments opposing charter schools. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Chartsch.wps

The Edison Project : A 5 page research paper that examines how the Edison Project works, and then addresses as to whether or not Edison has or has not achieved its goals at a representative school, the Boston Renaissance Charter School. The writer concludes that the earlier problems that Edison encountered appear to have been successfully resolved. Bibliography lists 6 sources. 90edison.wps

American Education Legislation in the 1990s : A 27 page research paper that examines the main trends in legislation pertaining to education in the 1990s. The writer argues that two main trends have predominated. The first trend is exemplified by the "Goal 2000" legislation which mandates that states set national standards to improve the quality of elementary and secondary education. The second trend is the ongoing thrust of federal legislation to increase access to higher education for minorities. This paper offers a synopsis of educational legislative highlights from the 103rd, 104th, and 105th Congress as well as current trends in state legislation before speculating on whether or not the major goals of federal legislation are obtainable. Bibliography contains 26 sources. 90edu.wps

The Decline Of Public Schools / An In-Depth Analysis : A 10 page research paper on the declining popularity of public schools and some of the sociopolitical theories offered to explain the slowness with which inner-city administrators have responded to this problem. The writer find that school administrators are not irrational. Like most people, they calculate the benefits and costs of different courses of action in light of the reward structure that prevails around them. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Schools.wps

Privatization of Education / Should the United States Privatize Our Schools? :
A 17 page examination of the issue of privatization, how it would affect our public school system, and how it would affect the quality of education which is currentlybeing provided to our students. Bibliography lists twenty sources. Privpub.wps

"To Privatize Or Not To Privatize" / American Education Today : A 14 page research paper on the controversial issues surrounding privatizing education. The writer compares a failed 1990's-era effort between the city of Baltimore and the E.A.I. Company to what might possibly occur if privatizaion were to take place in their own smaller, northeastern city. The outcome of Baltimore's own example is assessed with relevance to economics and consequential student performance. Factors to look for in considering a privatization contract are listed and Baltimore's failed attempt is blamed upon poor budget analysis. Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources. Privatiz.wps

Privatizing Inner-City Schools / "No Place To Go But Up !" : A 7 page research paper on privatizing urban schools. The writer argues that the positive aspects of privatization far outweigh the negative and offers the promising case of Hartford, Connecticut as an example. Reasons to change over are analyzed in great detail as are some of the casual factors behind decline in inner-city school systems. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Urbanedu.wps

Advantages/Disadvantages of Private School vs. Public School : This 7 page paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages associated with private and public schools. There are pros and cons related to each. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Privpub.wps

Private or Public Schools ? : A 30 page essay on the crisis facing U.S. education as society tries to decide whether or not to continue the public school system as it exists or use vouchers to enable low-income families to have the same options as others and send their children to private schools. It also addresses the issue of charter schools and discusses other innovations which are changing the way America educates its children. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Publpriv.wps

 Schools / Urban vs. Suburban : A 3 page argument in which the writer posits that the reason many people are not satisfied with urban schools is evidently resulting from the reasons that people are not satisfied with urban areas in general. As Americans have shifted so abruptly to the suburbs, the nation's cities have been left to fall apart and so has everything in them- including their schools. And when education is poor, the remaining affluent pack up and leave the city as well; creating a cycle of cause and effect. Now that there is so little left in inner-cities, urban schools are not able to offer the attractive services that suburban schools are. Statistics and case examples are analyzed to support points made. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Urbanvsu.wps

Reconstitution In San Francisco Education : A 7 page paper that provides an overview of the process of Reconstitution in the San Francisco Unified School District and suggests the reasons behind the decision of District Superintendent Rojas to reduce its use. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Reconst.wps

Should Kids With AIDS Be Allowed To Attend Public Schools? : 6 pages in length. In 1985, people in parts of the country were approaching hysteria at the thought of children with AIDS attending the same public schools with their own children. Today, we know better than to think that the disease can spread through casual contact. Many school systems have put into place AIDS awareness and prevention programs to which the AIDS-infected student can be a valuable asset, and the affected children themselves need the security and acceptance of routine and friendship. The paper concludes that kids with AIDS certainly should be allowed in the public schools, that their presence can benefit all. Bibliography lists 17 sources. AIDS-kid.RTF

Benefits Of Drug Testing All School Personnel : 8 pages in length. The past several years have shown a sharp increase in the use of drug testing programs within school districts countrywide. Particularly pertinent to the mandatory testing is that it has established a way of detecting and dealing with the staggering number of employees who have a drug problem. The writer discusses the benefits of identifying those in the academic field who use and abuse drugs while on the job by supporting drug testing for all academic personnel. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Drugtet6.wps

Title I / Funding Educational Assistance : A 10 page overview of the Title I program which funds educational assistance of the nation’s neediest children. Provides the history of the program as well as its current status. Includes recommendations for its improvement. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Title-I.wps

Argument for Career Life Planning Schools : A 5 page paper giving evidence that distinctive institutes/schools should be established for the purpose of career education / life planning. Examples include studies from various fields/age groups. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Careerc.wps

The Dream of American Education / Has It Come True ? : A thoughtful, 4 page essay discussing the definitive purpose of American education and assessing whether or not it has achieved its historic goals. The writer criticizes our current educational system as being "unorganized" and desperately in need of some Federalization. In brief, U.S. education is compared to other, more successful systems in which a tighter, more unified system gives ultimate power to the Federal government. Educamer.wps

Integration After Brown v. Board Of Ed : The Brown vs. Board of Education (1954) decision is highlighted in this 8 page paper that looks at school segregation. Several cases, such as Missouri vs. Jenkins (1990), which have served to demonstrate a reversal of the original order, are included. The paper concludes that despite the problems with Brown, which are also noted, integration is sorely needed in a society that is still racially divided. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Afterbrown.doc

A Legal History of Integration in U.S. Public Schools : A 5 page research paper that gives a brief synopsis of the legal cases that have affected public policy in regards to school integration. The writer covers landmark cases such as Brown vs. the Board of Education, but the cases that led up to this pivotal legal decision are also reviewed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Leglint.wps

Racial Discrimination And The Public School System : A 9 page research paper that investigates the effects of the desegregation laws and actions. The issue is far more complex than just desegregation in the schools in terms of racial numbers. There is an important issue of achievement. Did these actions improve the achievement of any of the students? The data are mixed on this question. The hypothesis for the paper: does racial discrimination still exist in the schools? is accepted based on the literature review, however, other issues are equally as important in this question. This paper discusses these and concludes with suggestions for future studies. The bibliography lists 8 sources. Racial.wps

Curriculum / Should Sex Education & Substance Abuse Programs be Eliminated? : This 3 page essay discusses the need to include these kinds of programs in the curriculum and offers suggestions on how to integrate them in other curriculum assignments. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Sexsub.wps

Censorship & The Sex Educator : A 5 page research paper that explores the question: should sex educators view or show sexually explicit films; is this necessary for them to do their job better? The writer takes the position that there is a distinction between sexually explicit films and pornography and discusses the difference and offers an opinion. Censored.wps

The Debate On How To Conduct Sex Education : A 22 page research paper that examines the national debate on how to conduct sex education. Religious and conservative factors feel that it should be ‘‘abstinence only,’’ that is, no information about contraception and other taboo subjects should be given. Broad-based sex education programs that distribute condoms represent the other end of the spectrum. The writer examines the scientific studies which have been done in order to determine which of the various forms of sex ed. is successful. Sexedu.wps

Morals Education / Should Schools Teach Morals ? : A 5 page essay discussing the controversy surrounding the inclusion of morals/character/values education in the school curriculum. The separation of State and Church prohibits schools from teaching religion yet some educational theorists would have schools teach morals and values. The question arises: how can values and morals be taught without reference to their Christian and Jewish origins. Research has revealed that previous character education and values clarification programs have had no noticeable effect on students. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Pubed.wps

Education in A Democracy : A 4 page essay discussing the ideals of democracy in a society and the role of education in a democracy. Democracies demand more from its citizens than nondemocratic societies. Eddemo.wps

The Constitutional Rights of Teachers : A 10 page research paper which takes a detailed look at the ramification of the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution and how they impact teachers. Case law is given pertaining to each amendment. The writer also discusses how Constitutional law has impacted such topics as tenure. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Tchright.wps

Educators & Tort Liability : A 10 page research paper which explores how tort law applies to teachers and officials of the school system. The writer discusses the factors considered by the courts and then shows through discussion of case law how these factors are applied. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Edutort.wps

Views On Early Childhood In The U.K. / Education & Labor Reform : An 11 page research paper in which the writer provides an overview of the current perspectives on early childhood that can be derived from understanding labor and educational reforms in the U.K. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Chiluk.wps

Education In Russia : An 11 page research paper on education in Communist and Post-Communist Russia with particular emphasis upon the evolution of technical, engineering education. Specific institutes, course work, State Educational Standards, etc; are among the many items discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Russedu.wps

The GI Bill : 12 pages in length. Following the end of World War II, homecoming veterans were faced with no skills, no money and no job. Fortunately for them, the government stepped in with the GI Bill, which offered financial aid and scholarships for those wanting to acquire a higher education. Millions of veterans took advantage of the various programs under the bill, thus improving their lives, in particular, and the prosperity of the country in general. The writer chronicles the history of the GI Bill, its sub programs, as well as where the program is today. Bibliography included. GIBill.wps

Home Schooling : A 15 page research paper which examines the current research in regards to how home-schooled children compare with their counterparts in the public schools system. The writer demonstrates how research shows that the criticisms leveled against home schooling are unfounded and that research supports the value of this activity. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Homesk.wps

Home Schooling : This 15 page paper argues that home schooling is better in terms of both academics and socialization. Several points are addressed including problems in the public school systems, which parents should and should not teach their children at home and why the practice is beneficial when feasible. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Homepub.wps

Home Schooling & Its Modern Success : A 9 page discussion of home schooling and its unprecedented growth & popularity in recent years. The writer examines the role of government interest groups in determining relevant laws & policy. It is argued that the greatest success stories thus far have indeed come from those in favor of home schooling. Case examples are presented and both sides of the issue are touched upon. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Homeskool.wps

The Controversy Over Year-Round Education : A 7 page paper describing year-round schools in the U.S. The writer describes what year-round schools are, studies on their effectiveness, and recommends that they be adopted. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Yearroun.wps

Professional Development -- The Missing Component In Education : In this 8 page paper the writer discusses the importance of professional development in public schools. The components of planning and the ways in which professional development programs must change are explained. Bibliography lists 8 references. Edpers.wps

Indian Women and the False Promise of Education : 10 pages in length. As India becomes a significant player in the newly-emerging global marketplace, the country's women still remain socially inferior to their male counterparts. This analytical research paper specifically examines Indian women, the availability of education, the false promise of employment, and some possible socio-cultural solutions. Indiedu.wps

Native Indians & Canada : Approximately 15 pages in length. Paper discusses the "social genocide" caused by relevant issues in human services/education for members of Canada's "First Nation" (Native Indians). Excellent for those studying sociology, education, Canadian socio-politics, or Native Indians. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Firsnati.wps

Problems With American Indian Education : The problems faced by American Indians today in the education system of the United States is explored in this 7 page paper. A discussion of societal responses and suggestions follow. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Amerind.wps

School Boards / A Comprehensive Overview : A 5 page look at the importance and functions of school boards. Elections, school board politics, delegation of authority, and decisions pertaining to key issues are among the many functions analyzed. The problems of a particular state school board are briefly examined (i.e., having to hire a new superintendent, negotiating contracts with teachers unions, etc;). Bibliography lists 4 sources. Schoolbd.wps

School Prayer & The First Amendment & The Establishment Clause : A 6 page paper on the double edged sword of religious liberty in the First Amendment to the Constitution and the prohibition of establishment of religion as it relates to the controversy over mandated prayer or "moments of silence" in the classroom. Social, political, theological, & U.S. Supreme Court arguments are examined and the writer ultimately concludes that the State must not be allowed to coerce us into acknowledging any religion -- Banning school prayer will ultimately serve a greater good and contribute to the provision of true Democratic justice in America. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Schlpry2.wps

School Prayer & The First Amendment / Filing Of Amicus Curae Briefs : In this 12 page report, the writer attempts to determine what organizations & groups would file Amicus Curae ("friend-of-the-court") briefs in a hypothetical school prayer case concerning issues of the First Amendment & The Establishment Clause. The writer also discusses other legal proceedings including case presented that would most likely be used by attorneys on both sides of the argument. Opinions and possible repercussions are explained. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Schlpryr.wps *Please send us e-mail for more information !

The Negative Side of School Prayer : A 4 page philosophical paper examining the premise that organized school prayer causes discomfort for some, even if allowed (indeed, encouraged) to abstain if they personally object. The paper makes the claim that having school prayer has bad features, and follows with statements of explanation and defense of the claim. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Prayer2.wps

Prayer In The Public Schools Of America : This 5 page argumentative essay examines Americans’ right to pray in school or anywhere else. Argument evolves from information on speeches by Sen. Jesse Helm, Jay Alen Sekulow, and Sen. Mark Hatfield. No bibliography. Scprayer.wps

Tinker v. Des Moines School District : A 5 page research paper on the constitutional right of students to wear symbols of protest in school. The writer details the First Amendment issues, the findings of the Supreme Court, and the significance of the case. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Tinker.wps

Censorship In School Is Not Right : 6 pages in length. To be told what is permissible reading material and what is not is a direct violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution. Yet all across the country, school library shelves are being stripped of books that certain individuals and groups deem as unacceptable. Censorship is alive and well in the United States; its ripple effect on America's students is often as damaging as reading one of many so-called controversial books. The writer reveals why censorship in today's schools is both a violation of First Amendment rights, as well as a ploy for radicals and liberals alike to control the minds of our children. Schlcens.wps

Equal Opportunity Education : A 4 page paper outlining Equal opportunity and access to education. The writer describes ways proposed by President Clinton to ensure access including charter and magnet schools. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Eeoedu.wps

Equal Opportunity Education Case Study : A 7 page paper about a Pakistani male student who lives in the U.S. The writer discusses his life (via interview), and how this relates to the issue of education and cultural diversity in education and the classroom. Educinte.wps

Liberal Arts -- What Constitutes An Education : A 5 page essay on whether or not students should be required to take core courses in the liberal arts which do not directly apply to their majors. The writer argues in favor of a "liberal education" and that these courses provide the essence of what it means to be educated by broadening the student’s understanding of their own culture and the world in general. Libeduc.wps

The Value Of Liberal Arts Education : A 4 page paper that argues for the importance and value of a liberal arts education. The benefits of the curriculum are discussed. Specific recent examples are offered regarding job opportunities. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Valib.wps

Closing of the American Mind / Book Review : Approximately 4 pages in length.
An analytical review of Allan Bloom's "The Closing of the American Mind"--A book in which the author criticizes the American university's abandonment of traditional educational values (circa 1960-present). Report concludes that "The Closing of the American Mind" was actually a misinterpretation of what should really have been titled "The Opening of the American Mind." No Bibliography. Closamer.wps

Article Reviews / The Politics Of Education Finance : 3 pages reviewing 3 articles on issues concerning government spending & education. Specifically examined are methodologies used by school boards to calculate annual expenditures, policy debates over education financing, and whether or not state lottery revenue should continue to be donated to these purposes. Full bibliographic citation is provided for all 3 articles. Schlfina.wps

Board of Education Analysis : 9 pages analysis and discussion of East Windsor, New Jersey's Board of Education, community involvement etc; Items discussed could be applied to any town in suburban U.S.A. Several sources listed in bibliography. Boarded.wps

Educational Development / Thomas Mann & Progress in the US, UK and Kenya : A 20 page paper examining the basic considerations of Thomas Mann in relationship to the intellectual development of youth and the impacts of education, and then applying these to the progression of education during the early part of the 20th century. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Mannedu.wps

Education / As Competitive Tool : A 2 page essay on the importance of education in the humanities and the technological fields in the new global marketplace. Personal benefits are also presented. No additional sources cited. Edcomp.wps

Special Populations & Conditions

Educating Artistically Talented Students : A 15 page research paper which gives an overview of what is required in nurturing artistic talent. The writer covers such topics as the misconceptions which abound regarding the artistically talented, identifying the talented student, and general recommendations regarding teaching strategies. The writer also offers a general picture of the programs which are available in the U.S. for artistically talented students. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Studtal.wps

Career Education & The Disabled : Approximately 4 pages discussing 'Career Education For the Cognitively Disabled (Slow Learning) Adolescents.' Good for those studying education, child psychology, abnormal psychology etc; Bibliography lists 12 comprehensive sources. Careerdi.wps

Early Psychological Studies of Special Needs Children: The Mandate for Special Resources in the Public School Setting: This 6 page paper provides an overview of psychological studies and experiments during the 1950s and 1960s that were conducted on learners with special needs, which determined the mandate for resources, including elevators, pools, special equipment and services. This paper evaluates the literature that determined the focus on mainstreaming and suggested that benefits could be derived from providing effective services for special needs students in the public school setting. Bibliography lists 10 sources. MHphysth.wps

Understanding Learning Disabilities : This 6 page research paper investigates the characteristics of learning disabilities. Specific topics include the definitions of LD, degree of incidence, diagnostic procedures, and remediation. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Ld.wps

Diagnosing ["Labeling"] Learning Disabled Children : 9 pages in length.
A research paper on learning disabilities, their origin, and various types. The writer discusses problems encountered in diagnosing and labeling learning disabled children and concentrates on several common aphasias and dyslexias. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Learndis.wps

Ethnic Minorities & Identification of Learning Disabilities : Evaluating language disorders and learning disabilities is problematic for many educators, especially within the scope of changing student populations. As increasing ethnic diversity becomes a significant component of urban regions, the question of language performance, academic success, learning capabilities and language disorders have all some into play when evaluating the capacity of Hispanic individuals and differentiating between language disorder and language inability. This 3 page paper considers the scope of this problem, especially as it relates to application for special educators. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ethmin.wps

Determining Dyslexia’s True Cause : A 20 page paper discussing dyslexia in terms of its status as a learning disability and of current research, and from the perspective of guidance counseling. The broad term of "learning disability" generally is reserved for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Dyslexia. More severe restraints on learning also affect general intelligence, which neither ADD nor dyslexia does. In all respects aside from those of the specific afflictions, sufferers of these learning disabilities not only possess average intelligence, there also is a significant percentage of them whose intelligence level is considered to be far above normal. The official word on causes of these learning disabilities is that the cause is unknown, but several researchers believe there have been some important questions answered in the last several years of research, including a link to abnormalities in the brain’s processing of certain sounds. The paper proposes a questionnaire-based study centered on school guidance counselors. Bibliography lists 29 sources. Dyslexic.wps

Extreme Behavior Disorder / Computers & Education : A 5 page model for testing the effects of computers on EBD students. The writer proposes methodology and expected results. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Cnadollrn.wps

Letter Reversal & Dyslexia : A 20 page proposal designed to demonstrate the impacts of academic and behavioral interventions on the process of letter reversal in dyslexic children. Bibliography lists 39 sources. Dyslexia.wps

Letter Reversal In Children With Severe Learning Disabilities : A 10 page research proposal intended to demonstrate that the use of upper case letter techniques can reduce letter reversals in children with severe learning disabilities. This proposal also correlates the improvements in reading and writing using this technique to improve reading and writing confidence which can lead to subsequent reversal improvements. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Letter2.wps

Learning Disabilities Reversal : A 6 page paper on the characters, research, and implementation of developed programs for letter reversal disorder. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Learndab.wps

Single Subject Study Of Letter Reversal : A 10 page research proposal that supports the hypothesis that children with dyslexia who currently reverse common letters and letter combinations can be "trained" through specific techniques, to reduce the level of reversal that occurs. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Lettrev.wps

Comparing Teaching Methods for Students with Dyslexia : A 6 page research paper that focuses on current methods of teaching dyslexic children. The writer concludes that the "tried and true" methods based on dyslexic pioneer Samuel Orton and new therapies that incorporate recent research on how dyslexia impacts one hemisphere of the brain are the best methods available. Biography lists 6 sources. Tchdys.wps

Instructional Strategies For Students With Learning Disabilities : A 5 page essay that describes different classroom organizational patterns and instructional strategies that can be used with LD students, including those who have attention deficit disorder. The writer demonstrates how the processes will also meet the goals of developing specific personal characteristics. Bibliography lists 5 sources. LDis.wps

The Etiology of Learning Disabilities : A 5 page overview of the causes of learning disabilities. Discusses the role of the central nervous system (particularly the hippocampus) and other aspects of the body’s physiology. Bibliography lists 10 sources. PPlrnDis.wps

Teaching the Learning Disabled Students / The Relationship of Language Disorders to Learning Disability : An 8 page critical review of the current literature dealing with the issue of the relationship between language disorders and learning disabilities and relates this in a usable form for educators. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Teadis.wps

Teaching Mathematics to the Learning Disabled : An 8 page paper discussing methods of teaching mathematics that are applicable to the learning disabled. The four methods described are common methods of teaching and have been used in many different types of classrooms, and with different subjects as well. The four methods discussed are cooperative, constructivism, whole class, and mixed ability. When addressing the needs of the learning disabled there is an endless array of teaching methods to choose from and each class may well require teachers to establish their own unique and creative implementation of established methods. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Mathdis.wps

Diversity in Special Education : A 10 page paper that looks at the issues regarding ethnic and physical diversity in special education and also considers the impact of the call for inclusion as it impacts educational diversity as a whole. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Diversed.wps

Inclusion Programming & Addressing the Problem of Implementation for a Varied Population : The word "inclusion" has been widely used in recent years as more and more school districts recognize the call for "least restrictive environment" in programming for special education students and relates to the side-by-side programming of special education and regular education students in classroom settings. This 25 page paper provides an overview of the current literature and then presents a description of the methods for conducting a study of students, outcomes, and teacher perceptions of inclusion programming. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Inclprog.wps

Special Education / Inclusion vs. Full Inclusion Programming : Over the last two decades, debates have been waged regarding the premises of inclusion and full-inclusion programming for children with mild to severe disabilities. Inclusion programs in general have become a popular focus in Special Education programming beginning in the 1980s, when de-institutionalization placed many handicapped students into mainstream education and a focus on meeting the needs of a variety of Special Education students became a prevalent issue. This 5 page paper provides a brief overview of the debate and considers a possible study to prove the benefits of partial inclusion programming. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Specedu.wps

Inclusion in Special Education : This 3 page paper discusses the concept of "inclusion" in the world of special education. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Include.wps

Physical Impairments & Their Implications For Education : A 5 page paper that researches the issue of physical impairments, considers the existing ideology within Special Education, and reflects upon the nature of technology and devices necessary to address physical impairments in classroom settings. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Physedi.wps

Equality In Education / Physical Disabilities : A 15 page research paper that explores several aspects of the physically disabled child. Topics include an overview, stereotypes of the physically disabled, legal mandates, attitudes of peers, parents and parents of children without disabilities, what inclusion means, inclusion programs and strategies that work. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Physdisa.wps

Foreign Students : A 5 page essay in which the writer explores the ways that American education is different for students from other countries and how they must cope accordingly. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Forstu.wps

Education and the Severely Emotionally Disturbed Adolescents : 70 pages in length. Graduate level research / Model Thesis. The Researcher's Personal Perspectives On And Basis Of Her Personal Interest in Working With Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Adolescents. Includes case studies and diagnostic evaluation. Bibliography lists more than 50 cited sources. Emotdist.wps

Adolescents with Learning Disabilities : A 10 page essay on the plight of adolescents with Learning Disabilities. Workers in the field of learning disability have debated for 30 years about how to define just what it is that they do. While the debate goes on, though, the workers continually seek ways to help those students affected. Historically, the focus of learning disabilities work has been with students of elementary age. With the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, adults have received increasing attention, leaving adolescents, as ever, literally caught in the middle grounds. The focus is changing, though, as educators increasingly realize that they have a short time remaining with these students in which to make a lasting difference in their lives. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Adoldis.wps

Children With Epilepsy / Impact in School : A 6 page research paper discussing the different seizures associated with epilepsy and their effect on the victim and peers in the school setting. Cautions to teachers regarding the student's medication are included. One of the questions schools must face is whether or not to tell peers that a student has epilepsy. If the decision is made to tell them, one process that will be extremely helpful in developing sensitivity is a portfolio. How to use a structured portfolio is discussed. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Epilepsy.wps

Assisting In The Cognitive Development Of Special Needs Children: A 12 page paper that uses the principles of cognitive psychology to teach special needs children the difference between fruits and vegetables. The writer suggests that instructors familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of cognitive development of special needs children and with their various impairments, using this information to develop lessons plans and long-term goals for each child. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Cogpsych.wps

Traumatic Brain Injury And Juvenile Delinquency : A 7 page paper plus a 1 page outline investigates the correlation between traumatic brain injury and juvenile delinquency. TBI is nearly at epidemic proportions in this country and the child or adolescent who sustains such an injury must not only suffer the physical pain but then must deal with a significant behavioral change. The writer discusses the results of types of injuries and some treatments that can be used. Statistics regarding he incidence of TBI are also provided. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Braininj.wps

Cognitive Behavior Therapy & EBD Students : A 10 page research paper that investigates emotionally and behaviorally disturbed students and interventions shown to be effective. One such intervention is cognitive behavior therapy which is explained. An example is used for clarity with an illustration. Bibliography lists 12 sources. EBD.wps

Ideas & Teaching Techniques For Blind Special Education Students :
An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to instructing processes for blind students that also have other special education classification disorders. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Blinded.wps

Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired : This is a 10 page paper that considers the effect of information technology on the lives of the visually impaired. It lists many of the software and hardware alternatives available and cites a few of the most productive and reliable. It briefly looks at adaptations made specific to the academic and employment settings and concludes with an overview. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Vistech.wps

Forrest Gump / As "Watched" By A Blind Person : A 6 page paper that provides a eview of the movie "Forrest Gump" from a non-sighted perspective. The writer considers some of the positive and negative impacts of the film for individuals who are visually impaired. Forgump.wps

Parent Support And Educational Success / A Research Proposal : An 8 page paper that offers a research proposal regarding the title, specifically, does parental involvement enhance the child's school success. The paper provides an introduction with hypothesis, proposed methodology, literature review and conclusions. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Parsupp.wps

Deafness & Serious Hearing Impairments In Children : The problems of educating children with these problems is discussed in this 6 page paper. Main issues which surface concern decisions in mainstreaming and effects of exclusion on self-esteem. Recommendations are made for both parents and teachers. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hear.doc

Oliver Sacks’ "Seeing Voices: A Journey Into The World Of The Deaf" :
2 pages in length. The writer offers a brief overview of Oliver Sacks' book about how the deaf community has overcome inherent obstacles to finally be accepted as part of society. No additional sources cited. Seevoice.wps

A Social History Of The Deaf : This 5 page paper provides an overview of deaf culture. The history of how the deaf have been educated in the U.S. is explored. The controversy over inclusion is discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Deafhist.wps

Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students & Performance On Achievement Tests : A 9 page paper supporting the thesis that socioeconomically disadvantaged students have consistently lower performance levels on achievement tests. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Disstu.wps

The Relationship of Discipline & Academic Performance in High School :
A 15 page paper examining whether higher standards result in better academic performance. Today’s discipline concerns have progressed to that of physical safety, both for teachers and students. Discipline problems are blamed on TV, society and learning disabilities, among other reasons. But consistently, it is the school with the greatest expectations of students and the most clearly stated disciplinary actions for specific infractions that has the least need for resorting to their stated consequence, all while producing students of academic achievement that is well above national mean. Parochial schools have more freedom to rid themselves of "troublemakers," but surprisingly, the average suspension rate from parochial school is far less than the expulsion rate of public high schools. The difference appears to lie in higher expectations for students. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Daphs.wps

Juvenile Delinquency In Schools : An 8 page paper discussing juvenile delinquency in schools, those students most affected, and possible cures for the problem. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Juvq.wps

Teaching Special Needs Children : A 3 page paper providing the writer’s own personal philosophy of teaching special children. The paper describes particular strenghts and weaknesses that have an impact on the effectiveness of teaching special education, as well as personal observations of children's needs. Persphil.wps

Teaching Students From Low Socio-Economic Backgrounds : A 10 page research paper discussing specific aspects related to teaching low-income students. The paper covers such topics as myths about low-income families, attitudes, motivation, specific instructional strategies and increasing parent involvement. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Tchnglow.wps

Active Learning And At-Risk Elementary Students : A 10 page paper explaining and discussing how the terms active learning and at-risk students are described in the literature. The bulk of the essay discusses the kinds of active learning pedagogical techniques that have been found to be effective with at-risk elementary students. Numerous techniques are provided. Bibliography lists 32 sources. PGactlrng.rtf

Teaching Reading to At Risk Students : Teaching reading can be a difficult process for primary educators and Special Education educators alike. But the problem of teaching reading is compounded for at-risk populations, which include children with emotional and social disorders, individuals in impoverished communities and children who are speakers of other languages (SOLs). This 17 paper considers the problem of instructing at-risk students with a particular focus on reading instruction. This paper also considers the issues that stem from children with minimal English proficiency, specific language impairments, and emotional and psychological disorders as these impact the process of learning to read. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Atrisread.wps

Homework & Special Needs Students : 6 pages in length. It has long been recognized that special needs students require an additional set of policies with regard to their learning curriculum if they are incorporated into a regular education classroom. However, teachers have noted that there is hardly a student -- regular or special needs -- who does not require some sort of learning adaptation based upon one's individual learning styles, abilities and requirements. Among these policies is the concept of assigning different homework duties from the rest of the students in order for the special needs child to better understand the required homework and be able to fully execute the lesson. The writer addresses these needs based on empirical studies. Bibliography lists 3 sources. SpecEd.wps

Modification & Special Needs Students : 2 pages in length. It has long been recognized that special needs students require a more personalized approach with regard to their schooling than those who have no learning disabilities. Incorporating the learning disabled into regular education classrooms has been deemed beneficial from both an emotional and developmental standpoint, however, there still exists a substantial need for curriculum modification if a special needs student is to flourish in such an environment. The writer discusses results based on empirical studies. Bibliography lists 3 sources. SpecEd2.wps

Empirical Study #1 : 3 pages in length. The learning difference between special needs students and those without learning disabilities is quite substantial. Even with supplemental homework assignments, special needs students still perform considerably beneath the level of regular education students. This fact is clear to both parents and teachers who appreciate that students with learning disabilities have significantly more problems than those without limitations. The writer addresses these concerns based on an empirical study. Bibliography lists 1 source. SpecEd3.wps

Empirical Study #2 : 3 pages in length. Special needs students can function in a regular education classroom as long as they are given the appropriate opportunities to apply themselves to the best of their abilities. It has been established by this empirical study that modifications are critical to the overall performance of the learning disabled; without these adaptations of lesson plans, homework and student/teacher interaction, the special needs student cannot fully comprehend what is expected. The writer addresses these needs based on an empirical study. Bibliography lists 1 source. SpecEd4.wps

Multicultural Education : A 10 page research paper which examines some strategies which teachers are employing to instruct students in cultural diversity which serves to break down prejudices and stereotypes while given a wide context to a traditional curriculum. The writer briefly examines some of the points which cloud this controversial issue in education before taking a look at strategies offered by current literature. Bibliography list 18 sources. Multiedu.wps

"Tracking" Or "Ability-Grouping" Has Become Education’s New Segregation : This 5 page essay examines the problems associated with separating students into academic "tracks." Bibliography lists 5 sources. Tracking.wps

An Overview of Autism : a 20 page research paper that presents an overview of this devastating disorder. Autism is a perceptual disorder that affects the cognitive and language skills of a child, and it is usually characterized by ritualistic motor activity. Another devastating characteristic of these children is their social isolation. The child may not appear to want or need the comforting attention of a parent and will relate oddly to the environment--for example, developing a close attachment for an electronic appliance or a devastating fear of the vacuum cleaner. The causes of this disorder remain unknown despite a considerable amount of research; however, effective treatment plans and interventions have been developed. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Overaut.wps

Making Inclusion a Reality for Children With Autism : This 12 page paper discusses the issues of autism and inclusion (particularly at the preschool level). The writer explains mainstreaming autistic children, and the problems and illusions with the theories of mainstreaming. *Includes FREE Outline Too! Bibliography lists 3 sources. Autismch.wps

Inclusion of Autistic Children in Regular Classrooms : A 5 page research paper which argues for the inclusion of high achieving autistic children in mainstream classrooms. The writer demonstrates that the range of abilities for children with this disorder can vary widely with some even have superior cognitive skills in areas not associated with the basic impairment. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Incaut.wps

Students With Autism : This 14 page research paper investigates the developmental disorder, autism. Autism is a disorder that appears in infancy and continues throughout the victim's life. Topics include: the characteristics of the autistic child and student; etiology; diagnostic process; and treatment programs. Research studies are reported as is the federal law that mandates the right to an education. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Autstud.wps

Mainstreaming and Inclusion / Effects & Perspectives : This 3 page essay discusses the effects of mainstreaming and inclusion programs on students with and without disabilities, on teachers and parents. Studies have indicated these programs can work given certain qualities and attitudes on the part of the teachers. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Maininc.wps

Inclusion For Transition Age Children / Continuity vs. Necessary Training :
A 6 page paper that considers the debate surrounding inclusion programs for transition age students, and reflects on the fact that inclusion can limit participation in necessary training programs that can enhance life skills and job efficacy for the future of Special Education students. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Inctra.wps

Full Inclusion / Pros & Cons : A 3 page paper discussing the full inclusion model of education reform and outlining the advantages and disadvantages of the approach. Bibliography lists five sources. Fullincl.wps

Inclusion Programs For Students With Mild Learning Disabilities : An 8 page research paper investigating the effectiveness of inclusive education. Innovative approaches historically result in controversy and conflicting evidence in the field of special education. The requirement for the "least restrictive environment" must be analyzed in terms of the efficacy of any approach in terms of really meeting the needs of the students involved. This writer reports research which offers a third alternative to the pull-out or inclusion-only approaches to delivering these critical special education services to students with mild disabilities. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Inclus.wps

Functional Curriculum / Transition Education : A 4 page research paper that discusses the controversy surrounding the inclusion of a functional curriculum for individuals with disabilities. The reasons for the controversy are discussed as are the meaning of functional curriculum and research supporting its inclusion. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Funccurr.wps

Providing Education For Children With Disabilities : A 4 page paper describing the reaction of school administrators to the Individual with Disabilities in Education Act and their inability to effectively honor the act in public schools. The writer describes the lack of appropriate action to address accessibility issues as well as the inability of administrators to provide adequate educational opportunities to children with disabilities. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Disabedu.wps

Special Education / Harmful Labels for "Slower" Children ? : A 5 page analytical look at special education and the effects of labeling children as such. The special education system as it currently exists is largely criticized. Special education's positive attributes are cited as well but the writer argues that one of the worst existing problems occurs when children are mislabeled as "special" education and just "thrown" into some classification that is really unnecessary. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Labelhan.wps

Assessment in Special Education Analyzed : This 10 page research paper considers the assessment of mild-to-moderately learning disabled students in school special education programs. Specifically discussed are grading in resource room and in inclusive settings, grading difficulties (ability level vs. performance level), different assessment types, an evaluation of assessment types, methods of assisting special education students to receive higher test scores, and alternative assessments. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Speced.wps

Texas Assessment of Academic Skills : A 6 page paper discussing the successful usage of the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills. Topics include the assessment of proper strategies, which involves the commitment and involvement of the teachers, the understanding level of the students, as well as the notion of confidence in the strategy developed in relationship to the students success rate. Texas’s students have been improving dramatically over the past few years, as a direct result of the assessment test, as well as proper strategies which are implemented prior to the taking of the test. Essentially, the success rate of the assessment test is a direct result of proper preparation which is directly related to strategy. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Taas.wps

Assessments in Special Education: One of the most challenging aspects of addressing student needs in Special Education is the process of student assessment to determine eligibility for services by Special educators and extended support personnel, to determine the student-oriented educational process that will be incorporated into a child’s individual education plan (IEP), and to reflect gains, improvements and specific areas of concern for the child with a Special Education designation. This 3 page paper considers the scope of assessment and planning for children with disabilities, and determines the need for ethical use of assessment techniques. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Specass.wps

Telethons As A Societal Dilemma / Labeling The Handicapped : 6 pages in length. Although telethons have long been commended for their ability to raise money to help disabled persons, the writer of this paper argues that there also exists a number of reasons to criticize them as actually doing more harm than good. Labels such as "victim,"" cripple," and "wheelchair-bound" are demeaning. They invoke undue pity from telethon viewers and resentment from the disabled. Moreover, corruption and scandal are linked to these media masquerades and ultimately, a grave societal dilemma is presented by them. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Telethon.wps

Middlesex School Proposal / Activities For The Handicapped : A 7 page paper outlining a plan for extracurricular handicapped activities for students. The writer proposes a means by which to get this started, and explains the need for such activities. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Middlesx.wps

Speech Aphasia & Language Impairment : Speech aphasia is a loss of a language ability due to focal brain damage. In this 9 page research paper, the writer examines various forms of speech aphasia, symptoms, and effects. Patterns of language impairment in children with speech aphasia are explained in detail and specific examples of dysfluency are provided. Treatment services in schools and elsewhere are described as well. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Spchapha.wps

Teaching Music to the Disabled : A 12 page research paper on the unique obstacles that music teachers face when dealing with the neurologically-impaired. Using a number of comprehensive sources, insight is provided into making the process a more feasible and productive one for both the teacher and the student. Bibliography lists 9 references. Disabmus.wps

Technology In Diverse & Special Classroom Settings : A 3 page essay discussing how technology and diversity will affect the writer's teaching ability. Technology is discussed in terms of its benefits for specific reading and speech deficits. The need for sensitivity in the classroom becomes more imperative as our classrooms become more and more diverse. Teachtec.wps

Educational Attitudes Of Caribbean Blacks / Gender Differences & Cultural Norms: A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the attitudes of Caribbean (non-Hispanic) blacks and considers the implications for educational planning. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Educar.doc

Einstein / Learning Disabled Or Schizophrenic ? : This 7 page paper analyzes Einstein’s youthful development in terms of Piaget’s theories of developmental stages, Lenzenweger’s theories of schizophrenia, and modern theories on learning disabilities.

The paper concludes that psychologists may have some justification for believing Einstein to have had schizophrenic tendencies, and that it is these, not a learning disability, that caused his famous problems in school. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Einpia.wps

Litigation & Its Effect On Special Education : A 3 page paper which discusses three Supreme Court cases which were pertinent to the All Handicapped Children’s Act (P.L. 94-142) and the subsequent 1986 Regular Education Initiative implemented by Assistant Secretary of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Madeline Will. Bibliography lists six sources. Litspe.wps

Journal Article Review / Education For The Severely Disabled : This 3 page review of an article from The Journal of Remedial & Special Education discusses a 5-step procedure for the integration and assimilation of severely disabled students into the "ordinary" classroom. The role of parents, resources, etc; are included in the discussion. Full citation and FREE copy of the original article are included ! Sevdisab.wps

Family Assessment II : In 4 pages, the writer summarizes "Family-centered assistive technology assessment" by Howard P. Parette, Jr. in Intervention in School & Clinic [A Journal]. The article deals with family involvement and disabled children. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Famass2.wps

Foreign Students : A 5 page essay in which the writer explores the ways that American education is different for students from other countries and how they must cope accordingly. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Forstu.wps

The School to Work Transition : This 10 page overview looks at school and work programs designed to ease the transition from student to employee. Obstacles, such as getting used to corporate culture and developing a sense of responsibility, are discussed. Also included are the special problems both gifted and disabled students face as they leave the school environment. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Schlwork.wps

Issues In Higher Education

College Satisfaction – Differences Between Female & Male Students : This 5 page paper reviews a small sampling of the literature available on issues dealing with women/men’s perceptions of their college programs. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Collesat.wps

College Drinking vs. Academic Performance : This 7 page essay examines the cause and effect of drinking in college and the resulting poor academic performance. Bibliography lists nine sources, all sources have been published since 1992. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Drinks.wps

College Students and Alcohol Abuse : A 10 page paper discussing the psychology, motivation, and results of alcohol abuse in college students. Reasons such as anxiety, peer pressure, and family history of alcohol abuse figure most prominently in the factors motivating college-age drinking. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Drunks.doc

Alcohol & Academic Performance : This 6 page paper addresses the relationship between drinking and academic performance. The thesis that alcohol does indeed affect performance is backed by literature that shows GPA is lower for those who consume large amounts of the substance. Other variables are addressed in this sociological analysis of the problem. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Alcperf.wps

Student Discipline In Residence Halls / Emerging Issues in a Changing Nation : A 10 page paper that considers the issues related to student discipline in dormitory settings and considers problematic elements like drug and alcohol use, vandalism, date rape, racial differences and issues related to sexual orientation as they pertain to dormitory life and discipline. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Dormit.wps

Time Management for the Returning Student : A 6 page paper discussing time management for the adult student returning to the classroom after years in the work world. Time management and the smooth coordination of classes, homework, and "real life" responsibilities are the keys to success. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Timeman.wps

Black Studies in America : A 10 page research paper on the content and implications of Black studies programs and departments in American colleges & universities. It is posited that schools in the south fail to recognize the importance of the discipline whereas schools elsewhere often lack a defined goal. Beginning with examples from the West Coast, the writer details their development, strengths and weaknesses while offering suggestions for improvement. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Blacstud.wps

Latino Participation In California Colleges : A 10 page paper discussing the unique situation involving the Latinos and their position in the institution of higher education in California. A section relating to Latino unity in general is included. This is followed by a section on Proposition 209 which directly influences the amount of Latinos enrolled, and assisted, in colleges in California. In addition there is a section on one particular college, Loyola Marymount College, a Catholic college, followed by a section on leadership among the Latinos in the institution of education. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Chicano2.wps

Minority Internships : A 10 page paper that demonstrates the importance of minority internships in directing career choices for minority students. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Intern.wps

Race Exclusive Scholarships : This 20 page paper examines the issue by looking at a variety of cases including the 1978 Bakke decision that spurred the debate on reverse discrimination. Legal cases are cited and the issue is discussed both in a legal and moral sense. The paper takes the position that affirmative action and race based scholarships are necessary. Raceexc.wps

Marriage & African-American Female College Grads : A 7 research paper which examines the fact that the rates for African-American marriage have declined over the last several decades. The writer discusses obvious explanations-such as the declining pool of eligible black men who have college degrees-but also postulates that there are other reasons which tend to indicate a cultural diversity between black and white models of family structure. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Afrowome.wps

Higher Education Not Necessary For Big Money : 4 pages in length. To go or not to go: That is the question many budding professionals want to know as they graduate high school, before they plunk down the big bucks for that all-important higher education degree. As one would expect, there are two opposing schools of thought on the answer; however, no matter which fork in the road one may choose, it is faster to get to the top through on-the-job training because of one important factor: experience. The writer discusses various professions that do not require additional degrees in order to make big money. Bibliography lists 2 sources. HighEd.wps

Political Correctness in the College Classroom : A 9 page research paper on being P.C. on campus. The writer explores the 'myth' of PC and its effects on policies and studies in higher education. A number of theories are cited to explain the evolution of PC's popularity. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Polcrrct.wps

"Normal" Schools (State "Teacher’s Colleges") : A 10 page paper on the Normal Schools. The writer describes the history of the normal schools and why and where they were begun, their evolution into teachers colleges, and finally into today's four year colleges and universities. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Normalsk.wps

Tenure In Education / A Right Or A Useless Institution : A 25 page paper that considers the issue of tenure in professions in education, especially as it exists as an element of unionized contracts, and provides an overview of the history and application. This paper reflects on whether tenure should be a right of educators or if it has become a useless institution that has caused more problems in the educational system than benefits. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Tenure.rtf

Community Colleges / Educational Focus & Importance : This 12 page research paper explores the purpose and demographics of community colleges in America. Sections cover: students, faculty, instructional processes. The writer proposes that community colleges should focus more on effective instructional strategies than on adding faculty members with doctorate degrees. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Commcol.wps

Automated Attendance Systems : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the problems related to establishing attendance tracking technologies in a college setting, provides a list of possible equipment necessary and considers student reaction to this process. Attendance.rtf

Government Assistance For Higher Education in America : A 17 page paper discussing recommendations to President Clinton regarding financial assistance programs for college students. Issues explored include whether or not there should be improvements made to government’s educational assistance, what the social costs and ramifications of a better educated society/workforce are, and what long-term modifications should be made to the current system. Bibliography lists 15 sources. higher.wps.

U.C. Professors / Economic Effect Of Salary Structure : A 5 page essay that looks at the effect the salary structure of the University of California has on professors. The process of securing a positon is difficult, at best, and nearly impossible for some discipline Ph.D.s, then the process for promotion and salary increases is rigorous. Compounding these facts is the salary cap with limits a professor's economic status. Ucsal.wps

Campus Violence / "A Principal's Story" : 5 pages in length. Campus violence is not a new occurrence; one only has to recall the incident at Kent State University to realize that violent acts on school grounds have been an issue that has been dealt with for some time now. However, these days finds the frequency of such violence has escalated to a level of disproportionate percentage. The writer discusses one man's attempts to curb the violence in his book A Principal's Story, as well as analyzes the sociological implications of the disturbing trend. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Campus.wps

Campus Tobacco Use : A 3 page research paper on the actual and potential administrative responses to tobacco use on campus. The writer provides information about such programs and their possible limitations. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Campstob.doc

College / in loco parentis : A 3 page research paper which points out the foibles of the in loco parentis doctrine on the university campus. The writer argues that the problem is that college students are adults, not children, and should have access to the full weight of the law. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Inparntis.doc

Campus / Rape and Assault : A 5 page research overview on the issues and effectiveness of response by campus administrators. The writer provides that campuses are still not responding appropriately to the issues. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Adminrap.doc

Virtual Universities / Classes & Colleges ? : A 20 page overview covering background and socio-economic issues surrouding students, faculty, institutions, virtual university corporations and a smattering of the viewpoint from international educators. Includes humor, in quotes, and the viewpoint from a professor that probably shocked the educational establishment. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Virtualu.wps

Peer Mediation : 12 pages in length. Discord among students is a normal, daily event at all stages and types of educational institutions, but it is the manner in which such antagonism is addressed that varies from school to school. A fairly new and acclaimed method of dealing with student strife employs the very students themselves. Peer mediation -- a method by which students counsel one another in order to overcome problems and conflicts -- is gaining momentum within school districts across the country. The writer discusses the various aspects of peer mediation, as well as includes an interview with students who currently take part in such a program. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Peermedi.wps

The Big Ten Conference : A 34 page research paper on The Big Ten Conference, its history, state purpose, etc; The writer discusses administrative accessibility, enrollment, and various changes that have occurred over the years. Of particular concern are the conference’s rules, regulations, & by-laws. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bigten.wps

Differential In Graduation Rates Between Collegiate Division 1 Male & Female Basketball Players : A 9 page paper that outlines a research study of graduation rate differentials in basketball players based on gender. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Gradbask.wps

College Football Coaching & Racism : An 11 page look at issues concerning racism and the football coach. Various historic studies are cited concerning such items as "racial stacking" in professional football and its relevance to the collegic sports environment. Bibliography lists approximately 18 sources. Coachrac.wps

The Impact of Participation in Athletics on Academic Performance :
A 9 page paper discussing the correlation between academic success and participation in athletics. This correlation, although many times negative, is often dependent on the intensity of the athletic program and also on the types of academic programs to which the student is exposed. Emphasizes the fact that many times an academic program can be modified to provide more of a cooperative environment than a competitive environment which can be of benefit to athlete and non-athlete alike. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Athlacad.wps

The Relationship of Discipline & Academic Performance in High School :
A 15 page paper examining whether higher standards result in better academic performance. Today’s discipline concerns have progressed to that of physical safety, both for teachers and students. Discipline problems are blamed on TV, society and learning disabilities, among other reasons. But consistently, it is the school with the greatest expectations of students and the most clearly stated disciplinary actions for specific infractions that has the least need for resorting to their stated consequence, all while producing students of academic achievement that is well above national mean. Parochial schools have more freedom to rid themselves of "troublemakers," but surprisingly, the average suspension rate from parochial school is far less than the expulsion rate of public high schools. The difference appears to lie in higher expectations for students. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Daphs.wps

Athletic Participation & Academic Performance / A Study of Women Athletes :
A 9 page paper that provides an overview of a proposed study of women in athletics. The hypothesis of this study is that women athletes score higher on academic achievement tests than their non-athlete counterparts. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Athaca.wps

College Academics & College Athletics / Conflict : A 6 page paper discussing whether or not college athletics are in conflict with college academic programs. A brief statement presenting a summarized statement that "athletics are at best a necessary evil." The writer presents an argument supporting that position. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Colacat.wps

Preferential Treatment Of College Athletes : A 6 page paper in which the author discusses the preferential treatment of college athletes, how they are treated, and why they receive the treatment they do. Bibliography included. Prefcol.wps

The NCAA Mission : This 8 page paper discusses the mission of this often criticized organization that was set up to promote high standards for intercollegiate sports. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Ncaa.wps

The Problem Of College Gambling Among Student Athletes : An 11 page paper that explores issues related to college sports gambling and the impacts it has on school teams, athletes and the NCAA. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Collegeg.wps

Curtailing College Sports Gambling / Proposal : A 6 page model proposal on ways to curtail college student betting and game fixing on sporting events. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Curtgamb.wps

Part-time Student vs. Full-time Student : In 3 pages the author compares and contrasts the part-time and the full-time college student. Included in the discussion are similarities & differences regarding privileges, housing options, & length of time to complete degree requirements. No bibliography. Partfull.wps

Problems Facing College Students : In 3 pages the author discusses the problems facing the college student. The possibilities of weight gain, academic struggle, and inadequate housing are among the many examined. No bibliography. Collprob.wps

Democratic Life In The University : In 5 pages, the writer discusses democratic life in the university, and answers the question of whether the student and/or faculty have a voice in the admission policy. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Unilife.wps

Democratic Life in the University : In 5 pages the author discusses democratic life in the university, and answers the question of whether the student and/or faculty have a voice in the admission policy. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Unidem.wps

Harvard University As A Global Business : This 10 page research paper examines Harvard University and the way in which it markets and manages itself as a global business, attracting students from all over the world. Specifically discussed are Harvard's student life, housing staff, education costs, availability of loans, financial aid and scholarships, individual schools of study, and job prospects after college. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Harvardu.wps

Summary of "The New Portable MBA" : A 20 page paper summarizing the book, chapter by chapter. A few other sources also are present, but the primary focus is that only of the book. True to the book’s title, nearly every current application that could come before management today is discussed, along with discussions of possible issues for the future. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Portmba.wps

TQM & The Business Of Education : In this 18 page research paper, the writer discusses the possibility of implementing principles of TQM (Total Quality Management) in higher education. Case examples of schools that have already adapted TQM policies are included to illustrate key points that are made. Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources. Tqmedu.wps

Freshmen In The 1930s vs. The 1990s : A 3 page essay on the differences between the types of experiences today’s freshmen have versus his counterpart sixty years ago. One source cited. College.wps

The Rise of Universities In the Middle Ages : A 5 page research paper which looks at how this intrinsic part of Western civilization originated during a time in history which is thought of as the "Dark Ages." The writer points out how only a handful of the Western institutions can claim the continuous longevity of universities. Bibliography lists 5 sources. RisoUniv.wps

College Writing : A 3 page essay giving evidence of how a student meets intent (subject), offers a fresh viewpoint (structure and technique), and maintains the reader’s interest (active voice and techniques) when writing college papers. No bibliography. Goodwrit.wps

Education Has Many Faces : A 5 page paper discussing three different articles which deal with different situations regarding higher education. In "Performing Shakespeare: Writing and Literacy on the Job," Leo Parascondola discusses his own experiences with the system and raises the issue of the individual student’s unique "language" and the needs of that student. In "Looking Forward in Anger" Barbara White appears to address her own individual anger at the institution’s apparent method of eliminating costly employees and benefiting employees who hold seniority. The third article, by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., addresses the issues of politically correct speech on campuses. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Edufaces.wps

The Monsignor William Barry Memorial Library / Barry University :
The Monsignor William Barry Memorial Library at Barry University in Miami, Florida was named after one of the founders of the University and brother of Patrick Bishop and Mother Mary Gerald, the other two founding partners. This 4 page paper provides a brief overview of the history and the development of the library, including an outline of their holdings. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Barrylib.wps

Telecommunications: Enhancing Education At The College Level : 10 pages in length. There is no question that the past twenty years, with all of its technological advances, have seen a considerable change in education enhancement. Concepts that are being utilized on contemporary college campuses include distance learning, Internet access, video conferencing, mass media, knowledge-based systems and interactive multimedia. The writer discusses the fact that students of today have a far greater array of learning tools than their counterparts of twenty years ago. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Telecoll.wps

Telecommunication: Assisting Education : 10 pages in length. How has telecommunications technology advancement assisted with educational technology, funding and career advancement? It is nearly impossible to overlook the many benefits that are inherent to such programs as distance learning, video conferencing, interactive multimedia, knowledge-based systems and the Internet. Contemporary students have been given an opportunity unlike any who have studied before them: the chance to mold their educational needs to fit their individual lifestyles. The writer discusses the benefits of telecommunications technology as it relates to funding, career advancement and the business world. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Teledu.wps

Physical Education & Coaching

Developing a Physical Education Program : This 5 page paper discusses the development of a physical education program that establishes fitness development objectives, incorporates health education, and interests a specific group. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Physed.wps

Sports & Physical Education Today : This 5 page paper examines the phenomenon that sports and physical education has changed a great deal, particularly since the seventies. The psychological effects of competition are discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pesport.wps

How To Be A Good Baseball Coach : 7 pages on the psychology of coaching baseball. The paper, which describes what is involved in being a good coach today, is broken into five subsection. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Bcoach.wps

"Physical Education Is Essential": A 6 page paper discussing the necessity of physical education in the schools. Lack of funding is discussed. Also the benefits mentally, emotionally, and physically are detailed. The writer’s primary purpose is to show that proper Physical education is beneficial for the children. Bibliography lists 6 sources. PhysEd2.wps

Physical Education / Effects on Children's Health : A 14 page research paper exploring studies regarding children's level of fitness, health status, and whether or not physical education exercise improves their health. Educational studies have been conducted on the effects of exercise and physical education since the 1950s, yet, despite the results of the studies, PE programs are historically reduced or eliminated as costs rise and budgets shrink. Is this practice in the best interest of the children? Is there evidence of sufficient gains to warrant a cry from the public to retain, and in fact, to improve physical education programs? The writer of this paper offers research suggesting this is exactly what should happen. Specific research studies are described with statistics regarding the health problems already showing up in children of all ages. Pehealth.wps

Instructional Methods for Physical Education : A 5 page detailed discussion of new methods for teaching phys. ed. to children. Research studies concerning factors that influence a child's level of interest in gym class are explicated as are some of the reported reasons for their dislike of it. The role of the physical educator and some goals for success are outlined. Bibliography lists approximately 8 sources. Physed.wps

Managing The Physical Education Classroom : In this 5 page research paper, the writer discusses approaches to managing the physical education classroom. Differences between the PE classroom and others are discussed. Emphasis is on establishing a cooperative environment. Bibliography is provided. Pe.wps

A Team Approach To Physical Education Management : A 25 page research paper based on the hypothesis that utilizing multiple talents in a team design is more effective in determining positive management outcomes than supporting individualized management options within the scope of physical education planning in public schools. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Pemgmt.wps

Advances In Health Education : A 10 page research paper that discusses various aspects of the tremendous advances made in health education in the first part of this century. This is when John Dewey and others of the ‘‘progressive education movement’’ protested against the regimented ways of the past and brought significant change to health education and education as a whole. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Healthed.wps

John Dewey and the Education as a Social Function : This 5 page report discusses John Dewey’s (1859-1944) definition of education as a social function, what he felt the meaning of education to be, and his views on the environment. These ideas are compared to modern views of education as a social function and presents two current and popular views of education in the 1990s. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Deweysic.wps

High School Athletics And Their Relevancy To The Olympics : A 7 page paper which examines how important high school athletics, and athletic programs, are in training individuals for the Olympics. While most people would assume that high school athletics have little influence on an individuals desire, or ability, to perform in the Olympics, the fact is that an individual who is interested, and capable, of performing well in any athletic capacity will first demonstrate those abilities early in life. Often if the urge or ability is not fed during the early years, especially high school years, then the ability goes unchallenged and the opportunity to succeed in a competition such as the Olympics, is lost forever. High school athletics are essential to the success of Olympic participants. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Athloly.wps

The Long Jump : A 5 page paper outlining the necessary information for anyone who is interested in the long jump. The outline details the varied aspects of the long jump. These aspects include mental preparation as well s physical preparation. The outline also includes various information which deals directly with possible problems and more detailed information that is incredibly applicable to the sport and to anyone interested in participating in this particular sport. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Longjump.wps

Should Drug Testing Be Required of High School Athletes? : A 9 page paper arguing against the blanket testing of high school athletes for indications of drug use. The proliferation of drug use among athletes has caused many to decide that all of them should be tested, regardless of age. There are many reasons, however, that high school athletes should be exempted from such testing, not the least of which is the Fourth Amendment. Even though the Constitution protects the country’s citizens from undue search, there are other reasons to abandon drug testing of high school athletes, most of which revolve around lessons in physiology and the possibilities of economic gain from high school contests. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Drugtst.wps

Coaching / Defensive Skills : A 5 page research paper discussing the defensive skills and strategies that can be used in coaching. The writer offers examples of skills or strategies to help in coaching, such as planning the class well, having a sense of humor, and improving communication skills. Bibliography is provided. Coaching.wps

Issues In Coaching / Interscholastic Competition & The Student Athlete : A 6 page paper on competitive interscholastic sports in which the writer looks at specific programs, the importance of good academic standing, certification of coaches, and whether or not we're doing a "good job"-- of ensuring that school athletes also do well in their studies. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Skoolspo.wps

The Cons of Youth Sports : A 7 page paper the explores the negative aspects of youth sports, and includes consideration of the impacts of competativeness, parental expectations, and outside pressures on the children participating. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Youthspo.wps

Physical Education & Motor Skills / Young Children : A 7 page research paper exploring PE programs aid in the development of motor skills in young children. Attributes and sequences designed by theorists and practitioners are discussed demonstrating how PE programs address each area. The writer proposes that the physical education program is not only the best place, but the ideal place in which to develop motor skills. Bibliography included. Pemotor.wps

Effects Of Physical Programs On Early Childhood Development : A 7 page essay on physical education programs, what they consist of and their effects on children. Bibliography included. Physchil.wps

Boys vs. Girls / Differences In Coaching : 8 pages in length. The differences between boys and girls are prevalent in various aspects of life, but none are so apparent as in competitive sports. In order to utilize a player's talent to the best of his or her ability, coaches must take these inherent distinctions into consideration. The writer addresses such diversities among teenage girls and boys, as well as discusses scientific reasons for the differences. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Boygirl.wps

Athletic Participation & Academic Performance / A Study of Women Athletes :
A 9 page paper that provides an overview of a proposed study of women in athletics. The hypothesis of this study is that women athletes score higher on academic achievement tests than their non-athlete counterparts. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Athaca.wps

The Big Ten Conference : A 34 page research paper on The Big Ten Conference, its history, state purpose, etc; The writer discusses administrative accessibility, enrollment, and various changes that have occurred over the years. Of particular concern are the conference’s rules, regulations, & by-laws. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bigten.wps

Emergency Plan for Secondary / High Schools : A 6 page plan for the incorporation of physical examinations for athletes and plans for implementation into NJSIAA. Other issues include: transportation, certified trainer, and increased communications between parents, doctors and athletic staff. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Emerplan.wps

Physical Education & The Family : The sociology of the family is discussed in context of the physical education teacher's career. This 5 page paper explains the many reasons why coaches and physical education teachers need a clear understanding of different types of families. Gender issues are explored as well and practical application of the information is also discussed. Bibliography cites 3 sources. Physfam.wps

Kinesiology and Recreation : A 15 page paper that provides an overview of the core concepts of kinesiology and applies them to specific elements of recreational programming. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Kinesi.wps

The Importance of Good Judgment in Outdoor Leadership and Education :
A 5 page paper that considers the impacts of judgment on outdoor leadership, especially in terms of complex outdoor educational activities, including rock climbing. This paper reflects on the necessity for instruction that teachers the value of good judgment in insuring the safety for activity participants. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Outed.wps

Education In Other Countries

Education in Brazil : A 20 research paper discussing all aspects of education in Brazil and making comparisons to the U.S. Including are methods of evaluation, exam styles, deliverance & training, forms of governance and much more. Bibliography lists 14 scholarly sources. Braziled.wps

Mexico's Educational System : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of Mexico's educational systems and a review of background in the development of their primary and secondary school programs. This paper demonstrates that their are major issues hindering reform efforts, including the more than 100 indigenous communities with different languagues and different cultures. Bilbiography lists 7 souces. Mexedu.wps

The French Educational System : A 10 page research paper discussing the French system at the elementary, secondary, and higher education levels. It also summarizes recent changes and innovations which includes a more realistic approach to teaching French history. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Frenched.wps

Education In Russia : An 11 page research paper on education in Communist and Post-Communist Russia with particular emphasis upon the evolution of technical, engineering education. Specific institutes, course work, State Educational Standards, etc; are among the many items discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Russedu.wps

The Japanese Educational System : A 17 page research paper examining the Japanese educational system, focusing on the government-controlled elementary curriculum. Though the Japanese high school system is in reform to upgrade their levels of achievement scores in the humanities, the entire world is aware that the Japanese scores in science and mathematics are consistently the highest in the world. A prime reason for the success of Japanese schools in these areas are the sense of self and pride in any task instilled in the elementary years. The elementary program of Japan shares many parallels with the Montessori method, which has gained popularity in the United States in recent years. Bibliography lists 8 cited and 2 general references. Japskool.wps

The Chinese Educational System : A 5 page essay on the history and current condition of the Chinese Eductinal System and the problems that it is currently faceing. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chinesed.wps

Education In Japan, Korea & China : 9 pages in length. The Asian educational system -- with particular emphasis on Japan, Korea and China -- encompasses many variables with respect to preschool and elementary teachings. While these three countries share much of the same teaching essences with regard to methods and criterion, there still exists a measure of difference among the various applications. The writer compares and contrasts the different components of the three systems of learning. Educat2.wps

Views On Early Childhood In The U.K. / Education & Labor Reform :
An 11 page research paper in which the writer provides an overview of the current perspectives on early childhood that can be derived from understanding labor and educational reforms in the U.K. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Chiluk.wps

Educational Systems / German Compared to U.S. : A 9 page research paper that compares the educational system in the United States with it's counterpart in Germany. It looks at the structure , teacher education and funding of both systems. It concludes by delineating four aspects of the German system that would be a positive addition the U.S. system. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Germus.wps

Indian Women and the False Promise of Education : 10 pages in length. As India becomes a significant player in the newly-emerging global marketplace, the country's women still remain socially inferior to their male counterparts. This analytical research paper specifically examines Indian women, the availability of education, the false promise of employment, and some possible socio-cultural solutions. Indiedu.wps

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