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Health Care / For All : A 5 page essay in which the writer argues that all U.S. citizens are entitled to funded health care, precisely because of the discrepancy in wages and the expectation of retired persons that Medicare/Medicaid would be there for their retirement. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Promedic.doc

Health Care In The United States : This 5 page paper explores the health care delivery system, its problems, and possible solutions. Also included in the discussion are issues such as vaccine research and development, the use of information technology in the field as well as the overuse of pharmaceuticals. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hlthcare.wps

Diagnosis Related Groups : The rising cost of medical care in the United States has been a concern for quite some time. Beginning in the 1960s with the advent of Medicare, a system has been needed that would balance cost with services provided within acceptable parameters. This 5 page paper examines the prospective payment system (PPS) based on diagnosis related groups (DRGs), whereby the diagnosis is grouped according to services, estimated length of stay and type of technology required for treatment. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Drgrou.wps

Middle Class Americans & Health Insurance Coverage : A 15 page paper discussing the social and economic factors contributing to the increasing number of middle-class Americans who have no health-insurance coverage. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Healins.rtf

What is the Cost of Reducing Medical Care? : A 5 page paper discussing the inevitable decline in health care and the cost of that reduction. Opinions vary from consumer to HMO provider to physician to hospital. There is perhaps no one solution to the problem but rather it is compromise in many instances which appears to offer the best solution to the problems facing the medical industry. Varying opinions are offered in addition to a theorized solution. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Carecost.wps

The U.S. Health Care System / A Comprehensive Overview : A 10 page research paper focusing on the U.S. Health Care System. The effects of reforms on physicians, families, seniors, health care administrators are discussed. Managed Care Organizations and HMOs are explained with a discussion of the increase in their numbers. One particular HMO is described as an example for the reader. An extensive bibliography is included. Healus.wps

The Differences Between HMOs and PPOs / Positive & Negative : This 18 page report discusses health maintenance organizations (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) from the viewpoint of their difference, what the published literature has said about the two, and the development of an informational experiment evaluating a certain factor related to the two. Bibliography lists 12 sources. HMO1.wps

Pros and Cons of Managed Care : An 11 page overview of managed care citing the pros and cons of HMOs and PPOs. The writer focuses on past abuses and how these have been mitigated by the combined efforts of public, business, medical professionals and the government. Also discussed are changes in Medicare/Medicaid laws and its effects on the managed care system. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Cnmgcare.wps

US Health Care & The HMOs : An 8 page paper discussing the changes in the managed health care delivery systems of the US. The health care industry has seen sweeping changes in the past decade, and though the reputation gained by the overall concept of managed care and HMOs became negative quickly, there is evidence that is now changing. In order to combat accusations of uncaring care and artificially supported costs, the health care industry has begun policing and accrediting itself. Patients consistently report much more favorable views than the ones they held in the past, and no doubt will be even more comfortable knowing that their particular HMO is fully accredited by a national organization that subjects HMOs to intense scrutiny and accountability. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Hmoqual.wps

Managed Health Care: HMOs in New York : This 14 page paper, which includes 4 charts, discusses managed care in general and HMOs in New York in particular. Many aspects are addressed including financial, as well as staffing and legal considerations. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Hmony.wps

HMO / An Historical Examination : An 8 page paper on the introduction and reasons behind the development of HMOs. The paper discusses how the HMO has developed into the managed health care system of today, the costs and ethics surrounding profit-driven health care systems. In addition, the paper looks at controversies, public desire and the variances between desire to reality. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hmohist.wps

Problems With HMOs / Analysis : This 12 page research paper provides a detailed analysis of the "downside" of health maintenance organizations, or HMOs. Specifically addressed is an overview of the problem, along with individual case studies which demonstrate HMO ineffectiveness. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hmoprob.wps

HMOs vs. PPOs : A 6 page research paper which provides an overview of the managed health care industry. The writer wades through the alphabet-soup categories of managed health care to provide lucid explanations of the two major types before examining which is best for employers as well as how they impact the quality of medical care which patients receive. Bibliography lists 25 sources. HMOPPO.doc

Managed Care and the Nursing Profession : A 20 page research paper which studies how the managed care revolution has affected the nursing profession. The writer provides an industry and economic definition of managed care, its advantages and disadvantages, and relationship to nursing. The writer also provides solutions caused by the effects of managed care on the nursing professional. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Cnmgnurs.wps

Can Managed Health Care Be Managed ? : A 10 page paper on the challenges facing the managed health care system today. It specifically addresses the HMOs, what is wrong with them, and how they can be fixed so they really work for their members. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Health2.wps

Evolutions and Trends in Rising Health Care Cost - Emphasis on Managed Care : An 8 page paper dealing with the trends in the rising costs of health care and the various factors which determine these costs. Emphasis is on managed health care and how this type of approach sometimes compromises the quality of health care. Bibliography lists ten sources. Risecost.wps

Managed Care Workers / Issues & Dilemmas : A 6 page paper that addresses the problems facing managed care workers and the solutions they have proposed and accomplished. The paper also addresses the social democratization process that is affecting the industry, how it affects health care to patients and physician ethics, and the problems that still need to be addressed by managed care workers and the industry itself. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Mngdcare.wps

Managed Health Care & The Nursing Profession : The nursing profession is looked at in light of managed health care, specifically as it pertains to obstetrics. This 8 page paper specifically examines changes the field has undergone since the advent of managed health care. Options for nurses in the specialty are discussed, including the growing nurse midwifery occupation. Pros and cons of managed health care are included as well. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Manacare.wps

Specialized Laboratories / Looking To The Future With Managed Care : A 9 page paper outlining the role of specialized laboratories under new provisions of health care insurance such as that of Managed Care. Details the spiraling costs of health care insurance and of the high tech procedures which we now look to as being routine and necessary. Outlines the pitfalls and successes of Managed Care. Bibliography lists eight sources. Speclab.wps

The Need For National Health Care : A 5 page paper that argues the need for a National Health Care Program. This paper recognizes the increasing number of uninsured, underinsured and uninsurable individuals in the United States. Statistics demonstrate that contrary to popular belief, over half of these individuals are working class Americans, and over 25% are children. National health care reform is necessary to provide for the growing health needs of the nation. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Natlheal.wps

The Cost of Managed Care : This is a 5 page paper that examines the emergence of the managed care system within the United states as a natural outcome of the pay-for service system of the past and the rising cost of health care, due in large part to advancing technology. It looks at some of the more common criticisms of managed care and gives one doctor's perspective as a staff member and patient. It concludes with a recommendation that solutions to the criticisms be found and alternatives implemented. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Costman.wps

Redman’s "The Dance of Legislation" : A 5 page paper discussing Redman’s account of the passage of the National Health Services Act. Eric Redman was one of Senator Warren Magnuson’s crack staff of "bumblebees," assembled to aid the Senator’s loss of grasp on the 1962 senatorial campaign. From what was then the "old school" of politics, Magnuson’s career had been distinguished by a blend of caring and common sense, and a true dedication to his constituents and to his country. Redman describes the entire dance of the passage of this bill, and gives a clear and readable picture of the country’s legislative process along the way. Bibliography lists 1 source. Redman.wps

Clinton's Health Plan / Argument in Favor of... : A 5 page essay endorsing the thematic idea of Bill Clinton's health plan. The writer feels that plans such as the one proposed by Clinton during the mid-1990's can not be dejected simply because similar ideas have failed in other countries like Canada. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Healthin.wps

The Clinton Administration’s Health Security Act : A 14 page essay on the health reforms of the Clinton Administration and the controversy which has surrounded them. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Healths.wps

(The) Consumer Challenge to Health Care : An insightful 7 page discussion of how and why U.S. consumers started to become more conscious health care shoppers beginning with the grassroots movements of the 1960's and leading up to more recent times. The writer feels that the modern consumer is still not well-educated enough on the subject and is not getting the most for their money but is nevertheless, providing a genuine challenge for the health care marketer. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Healcons.wps

Clinical Pathways : A 4 page overview of clinical pathways, a mechanism for tracking and analyzing health care cost and effectiveness. Stresses the importance of implementing such a system to saving the health care system of this country. PPclinic.wps

Economics of Health Payment Systems : An 8 page research paper on the impact of HMOs on the medical economy in America. The writer details the nature of HMOs, how they pay doctors, the issues related to their effect on treatment, and the overall changes they have caused in the medical economy. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Econmed.wps

The Ethics of Managed Health Care : A 12 page research paper on the nature and variety of HMOs, and physician duties in regard to disclosure. The writer details the types of HMOs, their means of funding treatment, how they impact treatment decisions, and what must be done ethically in this new climate. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Lawethic.wps

Health Care Savings Plan of 1995 : An 11 page paper that explores H.R. 323 (1995), particularly the medical savings account portion of the bill and how that has been applied to subsequent legislation concerning tax-deferred health care proposals. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Health95.wps

Health Care Reform and Controversy : 15 page research paper discussing economic and political controversy over U.S. Health Care reform. Discussed are the implications of policy reform and the stark gap that exists between public desire and reality. Writer also includes a section on health care reform's potential impact on the economy. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Helthpol.wps

Health Care Reform – from the View of a Congressional Aide : This 6 page report discusses national health care reform and the reasons it was not approved by Congress in 1994. Opponents such as the insurance industry, many sectors of the medical community, even attorneys, complained that any health care reform plan involving universal coverage requirements would necessarily require numerous administrative regulations. A failure to recognize such problems, they claimed, would lead to an out-of-control health system becoming even more of an economic and bureaucratic burden than it already was for consumers and the health care and insurance communities. The entire issue serves as an example of special interest lobbying, partisan conflict, and legislative posturing. Bibliography lists 8 sources. BWhealth.wps

Health Care Reimbursement Fraud : A 10 page paper examining health care reimbursement fraud, its effects on insurance companies, government agencies, and the general public. Includes numerous examples of the types of health care fraud. Bibliography lists twelve sources. Reimbur.wps

Rationing Health Care / The Only Alternative : A 5 page overview of the economic and emotional issues of health care rationing. Includes material on the Oregon experiment and the argument that rationing is not only an economic necessity but also a humanistic necessity. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hlthrat.wps

Medicare / Medicaid Fraud : A 10 page paper outlining Medicare and Medicaid fraud and the steps that are being taken to combat it. Bibliography lists twelve sources. Medicair.wps

Medicare / Republicans vs. Democrats : A 5 page paper on the ongoing debate between Republicans and Democrats over Medicare. Several health care plans and initiatives are mentioned. Report is useful mostly as a study in politics-- many of the events discussed are from 1995-96. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Medicare.wps

Medicare, From Entitlement To Autonomy : A 10 page exploration of the Medicare issue and future costs from the viewpoint of national means testing—for planning purposes, program reform based on programs already used by individuals and businesses, and a discussion of how these same reforms could be applied to the (reduced numbers of ) future uninsured. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Mediau.wps

Evaluating Options For Medicare & Medicaid : A 10 page paper discussing options for saving Medicare. It has been known both in and outside the government for some time now that Medicare and Medicaid are facing times that will call for hard decisions in whether and how to continue them. Medicaid is not in as serious state as is Medicare, partly because it is state-administered, though with federal funds. It is Medicare that needs and has generated the most attention, because it appears that the hospital fund will be bankrupt by 2002. It has been estimated that half the total cost of medical care for an individual will be incurred past the age of 65, the age at which Medicare becomes an issue. Policy regarding Medicare can also be applied to Medicaid, but all must be approached through means testing, and in a light that is compatible with Kingston’s theories of bringing the problem to the government. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Carecaid.wps

Health Care Costs / An Overview : A 10 page research paper that looks at costs from the federal, private, state and consumer levels. Demographics are also presented. Programs observed include Medicare/Medicaid, Rhode Island’s Maxicap program, and a managed care program for the purpose of saving technology and research in a privatized market. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Medcosts.doc

Issues Affecting Healthcare For The Elderly : An 8 page discussion of the factors affecting health care for the elderly. Discusses the increasing life spans, the ever-improving medical technology, health rationing and managed care. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Hlthed.wps

Medication & Illness / Essential Contributors to Mental Impairment in Elderly? : A 10 page paper discussing the intellect and cognitive abilities in the elderly illustrating that the main contributors to mental impairment can be directly traced to illness and prescribed medications. Other possibilities are also discussed within the literature review, such as the relationship surgery has to mental impairment. A large portion of the literature review discusses a study performed by Starr et al., which indicates the normal decline of mental impairment in healthy senior citizens 70 years of age and older. This is provided to better illustrate what normal cognitive loss may entail, thereby leaving room to better explain what the additional mental impairment can be attributed to. Findings illustrate that medication and illness rarely have any significant effect on mental impairment. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Eldermed.wps

Nursing Budgeting : A 5 page paper discussing some of the realities that involve the nursing industry today in relationship to budgeting a nursing unit. Nurses are gaining more responsibility in many various areas of the health care industry and the budgeting of nursing care is just one of the new responsibilities being administered to nurses within their unique units. Each nurse has the capability to understand the needs of the unit in a very specialized way and as such they are becoming the individuals whose ideas are essential to the budgeting aspect of their particular brand of health care. A definition of the various terms used in budgeting is included, followed by a brief scenario which illustrates the budget breakdown of a particular nursing unit. Bibliography lists 3 sources. RAnurse.wps

Cost-Benefit Analysis & Health Care : As health care costs soar, health care providers and governmental agencies have struggled to determine the cost effectiveness of procedures, clinical processes and medical settings. This 11 page paper reflects the nature of cost benefits analysis and the implications for the health care industry. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Costben.wps

An Argument for Socialized Health Care in America : A 14 page paper that discusses who in American is without insurance--elderly, very young, minorities, self-employed, successes in other countries (stats), Clinton's original health reform plan, and current costs to U.S. workers and employers (stats) and the fact that companies are trying to reduce administrative costs by reducing their share in employee health costs through a number of methods. The writer argues that Americans should rethink their initial fear of a nationalized health care plan and work to instigate legislation that would support such a plan. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Sochelth.wps

The Need For Socialized Medicine In The United States : Long before President Bill Clinton ever appointed Hillary Clinton to head up his Health Care Reform effort, much discussion and debate had already occurred about the issue of adopting so-called socialized medicine or government-controlled health care. In this 6 page research paper, the writer presents arguments in favor of socialized medicine-- detailing all of the health care and economic problems that it would solve. The relevant case of Canada (her strengths and weaknesses) is used to support points made. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Socmedi.wps

Review of "The Partnership Model: Working with Individuals, Families, and Communities toward a New Vision of Health" : A 4 page paper reviewing this article by Courtney et al. (1996). As evident from the several in-text references as well as this article’s bibliography, Reni Courtney, the article’s primary author, is one who has been active in both working and reporting views from the vantage of the public health nurse. The authors argue for integration of roles so that individuals are given greater voice in their own health care. Rather than being only a paper of theory, the authors present a clear plan of achieving that partnership and give an example of using the elementary school health fair as making contact with much of the community. Bibliography lists 1 source. KSnurse.wps

Preventative Care : This is a 3 page paper that looks at preventative health care. There are three levels to preventative health care that includes lifestyle counseling and immunizations, screening for early detection and the minimizing of existing health care concerns. Prevention is seen as an adjunct to traditional care that reduces costs on the primary level but has little or no effect on costs on the secondary and tertiary levels. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Prevcare.wps

Government -Limit Spending On The Terminally Ill & Grant Our Right To Die :
In this 9 page paper, the writer argues that the government is spending too much money on prolonging the life of hopelessly-ill patients and that changing this will ultimately have a beneficial effect on our health care system. Moreover, many terminally-ill patients want to end their suffering and die but are not being allowed to do so. The case for removing such restrictions is well-presented. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Termin~1.wps

Patient's Rights To Choose Health Care Providor : A 7 page paper arguing that all Americans should have the right to choose their own health care provider. The writer describes why health care is a moral right, other factors contributing to health care reform, and reform plans to make choice possible. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Healthcr.wps

Family Centered Hospital Care : This 5 page paper explores the philosophy of a family centered approach in the hospital setting. Emphasis is placed on the role of the floor nurse in implementing the model. Examples are provided and there is a decided focus on pediatric nursing. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Famhosp.wps

Usage and Violations of Antitrust Laws by Health Care Organizations : A 14 page paper that discuses recent changes to antitrust laws in regards to networked health organizations, and also the relaxed antitrust laws on acquisitions and mergers in the industry. The paper introduces potential alternatives to changes in the antitrust laws which may be advantageous to continued competition in the industry, and suggests that alternatives to relaxing competition should be pursued. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Antit.wps

Hospital Mergers : This 10 page paper looks at hospital mergers, primarily from the perspective of a nursing administration unit. Problems of mergers and acquisitions are highlighted, particularly as it pertains to the health care industry. Bibliography lists 9 sources Merghosp.wps

Equality in Health Care is Essential : This 9 page paper examines the fact that all people, regardless of socio-economic status have an equal right to quality health care. Bibliography lists seven sources. Eqhea.wps

Urban Poverty & Health Care : 10 pages in length. A contemplative look at the plight of urban poor and their lack of quality health care. In this paper, the writer addresses various aspects that define the problem: inadequate government aid; the trap of low-paying, unskilled, dead end jobs; and how preventive, primary health care is the goal of the immediate future. Bibliography lists 16 comprehensive sources. Urbnpovt.wps

Drug Price Control : An 11 page paper that discusses the topic of drug price control as it relates to health care and health maintenance organizations. This paper takes a specific look at the way HMOs impact drug pricing. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Drugpric.wps

Vertical Integration in Health Care Systems : A 12 page proposal for a study on the impacts of vertical integration on administrations in health care systems. This proposal supports the thesis that effective administrative processes, including management philosophies and information systems are necessary for the cost effective use of vertical integration. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Verticali.wps

"Cafeteria" Benefits Menu / Health Plans : A 12 page research paper on some of the choices of benefits employers have made available to their employees over the last several years. The changes have greatly reduced the employers’ costs of benefits, and employees enjoy the ability to choose plans that will best suit their needs at any point in their lives, whether they are young and single, married with small children or nearing retirement age. The paper discusses traditional major medical insurance, the rise of the HMOs and the reasons behind it, the new Medical Savings Accounts, and gives an example from a large automotive afterservice business. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Cafplan.wps

Cafeteria Plans vs. Traditional Health Insurance Plans : An 8 page analysis of traditional medical health plans and cafeteria/flexible health plans. The writer provides employer and employee costs, and makes a comparison of advantages and disadvantages for employers and employees under both types of plans. The writer agrees with experts who maintain that the plans are most effective when used in combination. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Helplan.wps

Hospital Mergers / Pros and Cons : A 6 page overview of the history of structural change within U.S. hospitals. An emphasis is placed on the merging of smaller hospitals into large hospital systems and the pros and cons of those mergers. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hospmerg.wps

AIDS Policy and Health Care : A 7 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to determining policies regarding HIV and AIDS status, and looks at the impacts on policies relating to attaining health care coverage. bibliography lists 6 sources. Aidspoli.wps

Canadian Health Care / Womens’ Issues -- Today and Tomorrow : A 7 page research paper on the current status of the universal health care program in Canada, as well as predictions on how well it will have survived the first decades of the twenty-first century. Particular emphasis is laid on women’s health funding, which now is threatened to some degree by budget cuts. Bibliography lists six sources. Canadaw.wps

Women & Health Care : This 9 page paper addresses the issues surrounding women’s health with a focus on federal funding. Issues include abortion, welfare and medical research as being gender related in terms of decision making. Bibliography lists 11 sources. WmnHlth.wps

Cultural Aspects Of Women's Health Care : A 5 page review and critique of an article of this same title. The article offers some specific statistics regarding illnesses, mortality and morbidity in different cultures as it affects women. Bibliography lists 1 source. Womnhlth.wps

Innovations in Public Health Education : A 10 page research paper on new and innovative methods used to dispense health information. The writer explores the new methods being used by health care professionals to reach the public. Of particular relevance to this discussion are new educational programs being used to curtail the spread of AIDS and other serious public health threats. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Publiche.wps

The National Committe for Quality Assurance : A 5 page paper that describes the mission and application of the NCQA, a non-profit organization that evalutates HMOs in the United States. This paper described the NCQA's evaluative process, their accreditation procedures, funding sources and their future endeavors. Ncqa.wps

Health Care and the Internet : A 5 page paper that looks at the importance of Internet services on health care. The paper first looks at the way health care providers utilize the Internet and the special concerns of this process. Then the author describes the way the Internet can be utilized by individuals to promote self-care. Bibliography lists 5 sources. FREE outline included ! Mednet.wps

Pharmacy in the Year 2035 : An interesting 5 page look at an American where medicine can be dispensed to anyone- whether or not they have enough money to pay for it. Based on the assumption that Bill Clinton's 1996 health care initiative would have been passed, this paper examines what pharmacy would be like in the year 2035. Pharmacists themselves will have a much greater wealth of responsibilities including consultation services, more stringent educational requirements (Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, etc;). Issues concerning pricing and the pharmaceutical industry itself are examined as well. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pharmfut.wps

Pharmacy in the Year 2035 # 2 : In this 5 page essay, the writer feels that a future world in which Bill Clinton's health care initiative had been passed would be with an institutionalized, old-fashioned multi-tier system of health care. Prescriptions are more readily available in this fictitious version of the year 2035 and the role of the pharmacist has inherently evolved from being just a "providor" to that of a "public educator." Bibliography lists 5 sources. Pharmfu2.wps

Pharmacy in the Year 2035 # 3 : 6 pages in length. An insightful look at what pharmacy and pharmaceutical care would be like in the year 2035 if Bill Clinton's 1996 health care initiative had been passed. The writer points optimistically to many positive changes including greater accessibility to medicine, better cost control, and more.. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pharmfu3.wps

The Demise of the Community Hospital : A 15 page paper on the demise of community hospitals through mergers with larger systems. The paper discusses this topics and also other options incorporated by smaller institutions, including merging with other similar institutions and specializing in specific fields. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Commhosp.wps

Strategic Planning For Hospitals : This 37 page research paper offers a comprehensive literature review concerning strategic planning for hospitals. It then presents a strategic plan for a small community hospital, an analysis of the plan as related to the literature and concludes with recommendations for further research.
5 illustrations are presented, including Ansoff's steps and Porter's five forces. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Planhosp.wps

Columbia / HCA Corporation -- The Marketing of Healthcare : An 8 page paper focusing upon the marketing of managed health care, with emphasis on the nation’s largest provider of such services, Columbia/HCA. The company covers all the bases: they own hospitals, psychiatric treatment centers, pharmacy benefits services and have a rapidly growing home health care service. While other such managed health care companies operate with a regional focus, Columbia/HCA’s geographic focus is that of the entire country. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Colhca.wps

Canadian Verses U.S. Health Care : A 15 page comparison of Canadian and United States Health Care. Emphasizes the trend in Canada towards a two-tiered system which utilizes both public and private funding and compares the dilemma of managed care in the United States. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Canushlt.wps

Generic Drugs vs. Non-Generic Drugs / Not Getting What We Pay For : An 8 page paper that considers the issues surrounding the use of less expensive generic drugs, and determines the issues related to this pharmacological conflict. Bibliography included. Generics.wps

Socialized Medicine & AIDS : In this 5 page paper the author discusses whether the government and general public should be financially responsible for the health status of those with AIDS? That is the debate surrounding the concept of socialized medicine to help AIDS patients obtain the cost-prohibitive drugs they need to live. The writer looks at the debate from the conservative angle, arguing that people who make poor decisions that ultimately affect their health and welfare should be solely responsible for the consequences. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Aidsmed.wps

Assessing The Tax Exempt Status Of A California Nonprofit Hospital : A 10 page position paper discussing both the advisability and legality of challenging a California hospital’s exemption from state and local property tax based on questions surrounding their nonprofit activities. Very Rich Medical Center (VRMC) is exemplary in their use of operating funds. The center’s success lies in sound management rather than in any abuse of their nonprofit status, and the administration provides volunteer services to two other medical centers lacking VRMC’s state-of-the-art equipment and superior management of cost issues. The paper recommends preserving VRMC’s tax-exempt status as being the most cost effective for the local government as well as for VRMC. Bibliography lists 4 sources. TaxExemp.wps

Gender Bias Against Women In Health Care Delivery : This 5 page report discusses. The ways in which the modern medical system in the United States treats women unfairly. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Womhdel.wps

Native Americans And Health Care : A 5page discussion of the relevance of traditional Native American cultural dictates to the effectiveness of health care professionals. Discusses the importance of recognizing traditional cultural dictates and being both receptive to those dictates and willing to modify ones approaches in consideration of them. Bibliography lists 6 sources. NAnurse.wps

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