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Social Security / History & Problems : A 11 page overview of the Social Security Program. Provides a detailed view of the economic and social situation leading up the program and a history of the developments over the past sixty years. Bibliography lists 12 sources. PPsocsec.wps

Welfare / Past & Future : A 5 page research paper on the social forces affecting welfare policy in the U.S., its affects on women, children and minorities, and need for future advocacy by social workers at the state and federal levels. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Welfpf.wps

Social Security / Wealth & Retirement : A 20 page overview on U.S. wealth in terms of preparedness for retirement, and how this affects the social security debate. The writer reviews the current situation for the elderly, and compares this to expectations and reality for future generations. Also covered is the success of Chile’s social security program and a discussion of whether a similar privatization program will work for the U.S. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Cnretire.wps

Is The United States Social Security System In Financial Trouble? : 5 pages in length. There is no guarantee that American retirees will enter their twilight years with much financial support from the United States Social Security system. Indeed, the failing program has been stricken with a number of blows to its assets that have made it a significant concern for all citizens, no matter if retirement is around the corner or still several decades away. The writer discusses the inherent problems that plague the United States Social Security system. Bibliography lists 4 sources. USSocSec.wps

Social Security / Benefits or Bust? This is an 8 page paper that looks at the Social Security system; it's history, benefits and problems. Many believe that there will not be funds available to continue providing benefits beyond the first quarter of the next century. This paper looks at some of the reasons this has come about and delineates strategies as posed by three major bills. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Ssben.wps

Understanding The Process Of Social Welfare Programs : Social problems and solutions are discussed in this 10 page paper. Problems such as crime, teen pregnancy and Aids are noted. The ongoing controversy surrounding implementation of social welfare programs is also included. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Welfpap.wps

WIC - Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants & Children Analyzed : This 10 page research paper examines the federally-established program known as WIC (Women, Infants and Children). Specifically discussed is the agency's history, current available information on program eligibility and benefits, its goal and program objectives, standards and criteria, services, and some suggestions on how the WIC program could be more effective. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Wominfch.wps

A.F.D.C. & W.I.C. : 2 pages reflecting upon an interview with a social worker who discusses AFDC and WIC programs (welfare-related). Essay is complimented by a wealth of statistics. 4 sources listed in bibliography. Afdcwic.wps

Will WIC Survive the Nineties ? : A 6 page paper discussing the Women’s, Infants, and Children’s supplemental food program. Beginning with its history, it describes how the program works, who is eligible, and discusses the various problems the government has had paying for it. Bibliography lists seven sources. Wic.wps

Alfred Kadushin’s Child Welfare Services : The necessity for effective child welfare systems requires a knowledge of the categorization of child welfare problems, and the acknowledgment of the role of social workers in providing services. This 6 page paper provides a brief overview of the Chapters 1 and 2 of Kadushin’s book as an effective starting point for understanding child welfare services. No additional sources cited. chilfare.wps

The Federal Government and Welfare / Changing Views : 3 pages in length.
A brief look at how views on welfare have changed during the late twentieth century. The writer focuses on recent Presidential administrations and is particularly concerned with the revolutionary value of Bill Clinton's views on welfare. Important legislation such as the Family Support Act of 1988 and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1994 -- is included in the discussion. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Welfares.wps

Welfare & American Society : This 7 page paper discusses the significance & purpose of welfare in society. Specific issues concerning such relevant items as The Family Support Act are brought up to illustrate points argued about the possible costs of welfare reform. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Welfadm.wps

A Look at Welfare Reform : This is an 11 page paper that examines the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 on a national level and the New Jersey Welfare Reform Act of 1992. These acts of legislation limit the time an individual may receive assistance and impose regulations that require participation in job seeking activities. A proposal for a program to assist individuals on transportation issues is presented. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Refwelf.wps

Welfare Reform : This 10 page paper focuses on The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 in a discussion on welfare reform. The problem of having too many people looking for jobs in the future is addressed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Actwelf.wps

Welfare to Work Programs This 8 page paper examines welfare to work programs inclusive of a mock case study. The feasibility of implementing such a program based upon a cost benefit analysis is the primary focus of the paper. Paper looks at tangible benefits over a five year period of time. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Welwork.wps

1996 Personal Responsibility & Work Opportunity Act : 6 pages in length. New Jersey's black Democratic Senator Wayne Bryant was instrumental in implementing the family cap legislation that removed a woman's ability to receive welfare benefits for her illegitimate children. It has been called groundbreaking in the way in which it attacked what lawmakers labeled a significant source of poverty within the eastern state. According to Bryant, the primary focus of the reform was to reestablish family values. The writer discusses the welfare reform law as it relates to New Jersey. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Welfarnj.wps

Welfare Reform In New Jersey As It Relates To The Homeless : 8 pages in length. Whether or not welfare reform has been beneficial to the state of New Jersey is not a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no. There are a number of variables that must be taken into consideration before an accurate assessment of such impact can be made. One positive aspect of welfare reform, also called the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996, has been that it has set a precedent for encouraging otherwise nonproductive members of society to become more instrumental in their own well-being. The writer discusses New Jersey welfare reform as it relates to the homeless. Bibliography lists 7 sources. WelfrNJ2.wps

Homelessness : This 11 page paper looks at the homeless problem in America in the nineties. The McKinney Act is seen as being ineffective. Other solutions are discussed. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Homemc.wps

Problem of Homelessness / Review of Literature : A 10 page research paper that gives an overall look at the homeless situation summarizing the current research, theories, and knowledge regarding this social problem. The writer demonstrates that society is still not any where close to finding a solution to the problem of homelessness and that current welfare reform legislation will, in all likelihood, exacerbate this problem. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Homeles2.wps

Welfare Mothers : Economic issues involving welfare mothers are discussed in this 9 page paper. Myths of welfare mothers are exposed but arguments on both sides of this controversial issue are explored. Conclusions show that allowing parents to raise their own children is most practical; this view is supported by Economist John Galbraith as well as the author of The Decent Society, Avishai Margalit. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Welfmyth.wps

John Kenneth Galbraith’s "The Culture of Contentment" : This 10 page paper discusses Galbraith’s 1992 work describing the state of American affairs after the course of the what he sees as the self-serving economic comfort achieved by the fortunate and politically dominant community during the 1980s. The paper argues against Galbraith’s assertion that the success of the U.S. political system requires that the American "underclass" be denied a voice in government. No additional sources cited. Galbrait.wps

The Underclass in America : This 8 page paper explores the underclass, particularly in American society. The term is defined and concepts pertinent to capitalism are explored. John Kenneth Galbraith’s The Culture of Contentment is a basis for much of the discussion. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Underam.wps

Social Class and the Economy : This 4 page paper explores the relationship between social class and the economy. The subject is broached in a variety of ways including how the various classes affect the economy. No sources used. SocClas.wps

Welfare & The Single Mother : 5 pages in length. A thorough analysis of benefits provided to single mothers on welfare and the controversy surrounding relevant issues. The writer is particularly concerned with whether or not research suggests that welfare mothers are "lazy" and do not try hard enough to find work. It is argued that welfare is indeed a necessary economic evil for this class of citizen and specific theories and presented to support this point. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Welfarrv.wps

Welfare, Work & Single Mothers Suffering From Poverty : 5 page review of an article from the American Journal of Sociology examining the relationship between work and welfare in poor, female-headed families, --tracing the process single mothers follow to get off of welfare. Various social and economic issues are explored and it is ultimately concluded that background characteristics actually have very little direct influence in determining the route of exit from welfare. Full citation for the article is provided. Welfcrit.wps

Welfare, Single Mothers, & Social Workers : In this 14 page research paper, the writer addresses the failure of social workers to resolve the problem of single mothers on welfare. The paper defines exactly who the individual so-called welfare mother is, what are her singular and particularly unique issues, and how the welfare mother attitudinally perceives `work’ and what kinds of skills, background, education and other familial concerns the mother has that can either preclude going into mainstream society as a `worker’ of not. Report contains an extensive review of the literature, original methodology, study, tables, charts,etc; Bibliography lists 10+ sources Welfmom.wps

Single Mother's & The History Of Welfare -- Pitied But Not Entitled : A 15 page review of Linda Gordon's book in which the writer analyzes how reformers view poor single mothers and welfare. Three of its chapters are about the views of the white women's social welfare network, the black women's social welfare network (excluded from the white women's groups mostly by raw segregation), and the white male social insurance reformer network. Gordon argues that contemporary welfare programs for single mothers were shaped by the ideas and the decisions that went into state aid programs created between 1910 and 1920, programs that were variously called mothers' pensions, widows' pensions and mothers' aid. Various sociopolitical points and arguments presented by Gordon are analytically presented. No other sources cited. Wlefbook.wps

Welfare and Low-Wage Work : An 8 page paper based on Edin and Lein’s Making Ends Meet: How Single Mothers Survive Welfare and Low-Wage Work, discussing some of the survival strategies of single mothers unable to support themselves and their children fully through either welfare programs or low-wage work. Full time low-wage employment appears to yield higher income than full dependence on welfare, but the net result of employment for single mothers is that after daycare expenses and the added expenses of working, the family’s net income often is less than if the mother relied only on welfare to support herself and her children. Welfare recipients themselves often are forced to seek other, unreported, income in order to support their families Bibliography lists 1 source. Welflow.wps

Welfare Reform : A 5 page paper that studies the impact of welfare reform on single mother's collecting Aid for Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). This paper focuses on the inherent problems within the AFDC system that related directly to women's un-wed status, along with current misconceptions regarding participant status, education and ability to transition from the program into work. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Womewelf.wps

Welfare Reform & Politics: A 9 page research paper in which the writer describes proposals for welfare reform made by Clinton, Moynihan, and others. Of particular concern is whether or not such reform will help and also whether or not they are actually necessary. The writer evaluates whether or not single mothers on welfare are currently motivated to seek work and whether they deserve the continued support of welfare programs. Social issues and political viewpoints on welfare reform are examined in considerable detail. Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources. Welfpoli.wps

Family Support Act Of 1988 / Reform 1996 : An 8 page research paper that looks at the intricate details of the two "Acts." Because of space, the paper discusses in detail only those issues that have to do with work and retraining, or "family issues" such as child support and teen education, although there are a number of other issues related to the 1996 Act (these are referenced). Bibliography lists 9 sources. Famsuact.wps

Welfare Systems / The Transfer of Payments : A 6 page essay on Welfare States and services offered under our own system including Medicare, social security, unemployment, etc; Comparisons are made between the U.S. and other countries. No Bibliography. Polfinal.wps

Welfare -- Yesterday & Today : A 10 page research paper discussing the history of welfare programs in the United States and how their original purposes have changed drastically in modern times as so many new "costs" became involved. Welfare's criticisms are explained in great detail and a number of useful statistics are provided. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Welfare.wps

Welfare / Necessary for Our Children : A 4 page paper in which the writer examines myths created by welfare opponents and argues about the necessity of welfare programs in guaranteeing the health and well being of many of the nations children. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Welf.wps

Social Welfare / A Philosophical Perspective : A 7 page paper that considers the philosophical question of societal and individual moral determinations of the welfare system. This paper demonstrates that the current welfare system is based on the moral and ethical choices of society and of the individual, and considers Kant's perspectives on moral obligations in its development. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Socialw.wps

The Social Security Act Of 1935 / Impact On The Nursing Home Industry : This 12 page research paper defines the Social Security Act of 1935 and places particular emphasis upon its relationship to the modern-day nursing home industry. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Socnurse.rtf

Social Security : Three questions are addressed in this 5 page paper about the state of the social security system in the late 1990’s. Discussed are whether or not a person should feel entitled to benefits, whether or not the benefits will be there when a young person reaches retirement age as well as the debate surrounding privatization. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Socsec2.wps

Social Security In The United States -- Has It A Future? : A 16 page paper discussing whether the Social Security Program in the United States needs reform, some of the significant issues, and possible solutions. It is argued that the most reasonable course of action would be to continue to collect FICA taxes as we always have, and for the government to invest at least a percentage of those funds in the private sector. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Socsec.wps

Social Security In The United States / An Overview : This 10 page paper looks at the Social Security system in-depth, the current dilemma it faces as "baby boomers" age, as well as possible solutions. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Ss.wps

Social Security / In Need Of An "Overhaul" : This 6 page article review provides a comprehensive overview of Social Security in the United States. An argument is made that Social Security is in need of "an overhaul"-- as the current system definitely requires some reallocation of funds. The original purpose of Social Security is defined and specific issues unique to today's society are discussed. Bibliography lists the 1 article as a primary source. Socalsec.wps

The Social Security Controversy : A 6 page paper discussing the U.S. Social Security administration and presented as a "policy report" being presented for use by a "congressional policy maker." Background, political ideology, developments and challenges, as well as recommendations for the future of Social Security are discussed. Bibliography lists 10 sources. SSIC.doc

Solutions To Poverty : A 5 page paper discussing various solutions to poverty conditions that exist in this country today. Some of the solutions include the elimination of the welfare system, community involvement, which includes the participation of businesses and corporations, as well as family commitment and lower regulations in regards to adoption for unwed mothers who give birth. There are many possible options available to help eliminate poverty. Perhaps one of the most important issues, however, may be to educate people about the fallacies of poverty. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Povesolu.wps

UK Inner City And Its Relationship To Public Policy : 12 pages in length. Inner-city life is no picnic for those who have to endure its ravages. Typically the area of society where a significantly dense population resides, this centralized section of the city is home to considerably more ills than anywhere else. It is often the oldest, poorest and most overly populated, which establishes it as a haven for crime, violence and poverty. The inner cities of the UK are no different than the inner cities anywhere else around the world in that they reflect upon society's lesser privileged. In spite of the fact that many inner city residents are fine, upstanding citizens, they are caught in an endless cycle of economic depression that prevents them from escaping. And so this cycle continues to perpetuate itself to the point that the squalor, crime and broken down living conditions represent a larger segment of society than the surrounding communities dare to admit. The writer discusses how the UK's inner cities influence public policy. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Tlcukinn.wps

Baby Boomers & Their Retirement Years : This 17 page report discusses the "baby boom" generation (Americans born between 1946 and 1964) in terms of their retirement plans, options, and likely economic realities. This report examines general issues related to retirement and baby boomers but focuses on the issues confronting women of the baby boom generation as they move toward their retirement years. A hypothetical survey and its methodology and findings are also discussed in relationship to the topic. Bibliography lists 13 sources. BWretire.wps

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