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State & Local Politics / Book Review : A 5 page overview of the book titled "State and Local Politics" by Robert S. Lorch. The book is breifly discussed chapter by chapter with deatils here an there. The point is made that state governments are essential to ensure that the country runs smoothly for the needs of everyone cannot be met by the federal government alone. No additional sources cited. Statelo.wps

Funding Small Recreational Facilities : A 5 page paper discussing newer ways through which the small recreational facility can find funding. In budget-cutting times, those wishing to either create new recreational opportunities or enhancing those already in existence increasingly are faced with the need to take a more creative view of the issue of funding. Funding for small recreational facilities is by no means dead, but neither does it exist in the same forms it did only a few years ago. The private sector is increasingly called upon to finance and even construct some of the facilities from which they will benefit. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Smallrec.wps

The Vermont Papers : A 5 page analysis of the book by Frank Bryan and John McClaughry which proposes to radically change governance in the state of Vermont. The authors would change the fundamental unit of state government to "shires," that is, small geographical regions with about 10,000 citizens each. The writer shows how this concept could have radical implications not only for Vermont, but for the country, and postulates that Bryan and McClaughry have pointed the way towards the correct path for government in the 21st century. No additional sources cited. Vermontp.wps

Revenues vs. State and Local Tax Reform-- An Overview : A 10 page essay on some of the effects of unthinking tax levies of state and local governments in their desperate attempts to increase their revenues. With an extreme lack of forward-thinking, many state and local governments attempt to have businesses bear the brunt of their budget deficiencies for the short-term without thinking through the long-range implications. Connecticut is used as an example: the state doesn’t have exhorbitant tax rates for its businesses, but many families are finding that their best option is that of leaving the state, and Bridgeport, Connecticut’s most formerly-industrialized city, now claims the lowest-priced existing industrial real estate in the country. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Taxrefo.wps

An Argument for the Legalization of Gambling in Michigan : A well-written 5 page essay arguing for the legalization of casino gambling in the state of Michigan (argument can be applied almost anywhere). A number of sound socio-economic reasons are presented and supported by statistical data. Counter-arguments concerning the morality of gambling are addressed effectively. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Gambmich.wps

Economics of Casino Gambling : An 8 page overview of the economic considerations of legalized gaming casinos for state and local governments, including increases in tax revenues, increases in crime and other social problems related to gambling. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Casnoecn.wps

Legalization of Gambling in New York State : An 11 page paper arguing that New York State should indeed take the final step to fully-legalized casino gambling. The state has operated the lottery since 1967, boasting that they profit more than a billion dollars each year from it. Off-track betting has been legal since 1971, yet legislators resist legalizing casino gambling on "moral" grounds, citing the 1.2% of the country’s general population who are compulsive gamblers. The Indian tribe commonly known as the Mohawks (the Oneida Nation) have had a highly successful casino in operation since 1993, breathing new life into a severely depressed area. Most of upstate New York is farm country, with little attraction for tourists, but the experience of the Oneida Indians shows that people all over the state are interested in legal gaming: more than 7,000 appeared on the casino’s opening day. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Gamble.wps

Drug Testing In New York State : A 5 page paper analyzing the debate on the implementation of drug testing policies at the school, governmental, and private-sector levels. The writer concludes that the legal risks and ramifications of drug testing must be weighed against the practice’s potential benefits. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nydrug.wps

Unions in New York State : An overview of the formation of unions in the country and its relevance today is discussed in this 6 page paper. Particular emphasis is placed on unions which exist in New York State's public sector throughout the paper. Specific examples are included. The differences between public and private sector unions are also examined. Bibliography included. Unions.doc

California's Proposition 5 : 5 pages in length. Gambling on the Indian Reservation has come under some concern of late with last election's Proposition 5 in California, which sought to attain state approval for casino operation. In effect, it has pit tribes against commercial casino interests. A yes vote on Proposition 5 was structured so that the Indians could continue operating their gambling establishments as usual, utilizing video gambling and slot machines which have been said to be illegal in their current status. The writer discusses California's Proposition 5. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Prop5.wps

Mario Cuomo / An Example of Public Morality & Private Conscience : 8 pages in length. Largely a political/religious discussion, the writer examines NY Governor Cuomo's address to the Catholic Bishops at Notre Dame University (took place in September of 1994). The governor's focus had been upon the issues of abortion and how it relates to both church and state-- with specific regard to the fact that he, himself, is a Catholic. It was stated by Cuomo, that the problem of abortion was simple: It was a private-Catholic/public-pluralist position. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cuomo.wps

Senator Alfonso D'Amato : A 5 page essay exploring the NY Senator's record on issues such as crime and welfare reform. The Senator's constituency is described, the committees on which he sits are listed, and the power this one Senator exercises is discussed. As Chairman of the Senate Bank Committee, D'Amato is able to wield a significant amount of influence when seeking campaign contributions for himself and other Republican candidates. In his third term, Senator D'Amato has been a definite force in the halls of Congress. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Damato.wps

New York City's "Tenant Movement" : On April 1, 1904, NY's "tenant unions" & organizations went on strike-- refusing to pay rent until their demands were met. In this 12 page research paper, the writer details specific "battles" of the Tenant Movement-- relevant situations, and their outcomes. An overview of 20th century history and the continuing struggle for tenant's rights in New York is presented, as are the efforts of various organizations such as the New York State Tenant and Neighborhood Coalition (NYSTNC). The cases provided demonstrate that when workers' real wages are squeezed by inflation or depression, in addition to conflicts at the point of production, responses occur at household level in the form of struggles in the reproductive sphere (demands for rent reductions, etc.). Bibliography lists 10 sources. Tenantmv.wps

Solid Waste Management / Disposal vs Recycling New York : This 11 page paper looks at the use of landfills as a major problem in the Northeast. Recycling is discussed in detail as an effective method to handle solid waste. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Garbage.doc

Staten Island - The Economics of Sanitation : The financial feasibility of closing the Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island, New York is discussed in this 5 page paper. A task force which studied the realities of closing this infamous garbage dump, in 1996, is referenced. Alternatives, such as recycling, are also discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Frshkils.wps

Public Transportation In New York City : The evolution of public transportation in New York City is described in this 12 page paper. The writer covers various issues, problems, and other matters that have confronted the city’s public transportation department .. examining how some of those still persist today. Bibliography lists17 sources. Nyctrans.wps

New York City Transit / An Investigation Of Bus Service : This 25 page paper looks at the New York City Transit System, with a focus on its bus service. An original study is included which focuses on complaints regarding bus service. Two bus lines were selected and explored in detail, one from Manhattan and the other from Brooklyn. The conclusion reveals that the more upscale Manhattan communities do get better service than their Brooklyn neighbors. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Nyc.wps

State Support Against Abuse : A 4 page review of recent changes in state law regarding child, domestic, and elderly abuse. The paper provides statutes for New York and California laws in regards to all forms of domestic violence and elderly fraud, and discusses other state statutes enacted. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Abuse.wps

Boston’s Green Line Subway / Controversy Over Its Continued Use :
In this 10 page research paper, the writer explores one of Boston's oldest subway lines. Specifically examined are the social and economic issues concerning its maintenance. Central to this discussion is an analysis of whether or not the Green Line Subway should continue to be operated in today’s modern Boston. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Greenlin.wps

At-Will Employment In California : A 14 page essay on the legal doctrine which states that employers can dismiss employees for any reason at any time, and, conversely, that employees can quit for any reason and at any time. This paper examines exceptions which have been made and at the current rash of ‘‘wrongful discharge’’ lawsuits which are slowly changing this doctrine as it applies in the U.S. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Atwilemp.rtf

California & Migration : A 10 page historic discussion of migration to the state of California and the reasons people have chosen this particular region to live. Focus is on Spanish life and struggle in California's cities from the 16th through the 18th centuries. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Calimigr.wps

Immigration & The State of California : 11 pages in length. Paper deals with the issues of immigration as it relates to Californian socio-politics. Discussed are the elements of labor, education, etc; Proposition 187 is frequently mentioned..The writer acknowledges the problems associated with immigration but maintains that Proposition 187 is not the way to solve them. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Caliimmi.wps

Proposition 187 / Controversy & Hypocrisy : 8 pages in length. An insightful look at the sociopolitical controversy over California's Proposition 187 in which the writer highlights a number of exemplary cases and arguments to ultimately conclude that a nation built by immigrants, with a promise of an open door and opportunity for all only inherently contradicts itself when it closes educational doors to the children of illegal immigrants. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Prop187.wps

Illegal Immigrants in California : A 5 page paper discussing the problems that surround California and the issue of illegal immigrants from Mexico. There are many financial burdens placed upon California as a result of the many illegals coming across the border. Hypothetical situations are examined and the impact they may have between now and the year 2010. What is the worst result possible? What is the best? What if little is done and things remain neutral? These are the issues addressed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Calimm.wps

Legalizing the California Ferret : A 7 page paper arguing for the legalization of domestic ferrets in the state of California. Argument paper listing 3 sources in bibliography. Ferret.wps

Reconstitution In San Francisco Education : A 7 page paper that provides an overview of the process of Reconstitution in the San Francisco Unified School District and suggests the reasons behind the decision of District Superintendent Rojas to reduce its use. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Reconst.wps

Wild Boar Habitation & Mount Diablo California : A 7 page paper that presents the issues of wild boar habitation on the Diablo Range, especially Mount Diablo, in central California. This paper presents the issues relative to vegetation destruction caused by the wild boar and suggests a number of ways in which to address these issues to support environmental efficacy. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Wildboar.wps

The Juaneno's Indians vs. The California Government : In this 10 page paper, the writer documents the historic struggle of the Juaneno Indians-- a group battling for recognition and granting of tribal status from the California State Government. Going all the way from the 18th century through modern times, the paper concentrates mostly on why recognition is so important and how badly the State Government has wronged these people. An overview of the common legal "requirements" for tribal recognition is provided as well. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Nativeind.wps

Urban Re-Development In Sacremento : A 6 page research paper investigating the book written as a follow-up report to the urban re-development project in Sacramento. A contrast is made between specific elements in the original plan vs. the follow-up report vs. residents' letters to the editor. Bibliography is included. Urbansch.wps

Government in Gainesville / Greater Representation of Minorities : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the elements that have impacted a shift in minority activity in local and state government represented in Gainesville, and demonstrates this same change in much of the state of Florida. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Gainvill.wps

Driving Age Should Be Raised In Florida : 10 pages in length. The author argues that the legal driving age should be raised in Florida. It is posited that America is a country where car crashes kill more than 5,000 15 to 20 year olds than any other cause. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Drivage.wps

The History of the Florida Panther : A 14 page paper that provides an overview of the history of the Florida panther. This paper looks at the social and political issues relative to the decline in panther populations in Florida and outlines current means for reintroduction and habitat preservation options. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Panther.wps

Alligator Control In Florida : Florida’s citizens are more greatly threatened by alligators than citizens anywhere else. In this 5 page report, the writer discusses dangers to humans, to the alligators themselves, and the overall ecological benefit of keeping alligators alive and thriving in the state of Florida. Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources. Alligato.wps

Competitive Problems in Port Jacksonville, Florida : A 5 page paper on Port Jacksonville, Florida (an area with many specially designed facilities tailored specifically for the automobile trade) and the problems that it faced during the early and mid-1990's as a result of increased competition between cities and states. The writer analyzes Port Jacksonville's competitive environment and makes determinations about its not-so-bright future. It is realized that the socioeconomic make-up of the entire region depends on this one port city and consequently, recommendations are made for improvement. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Portjack.wps

High Crime Rate In South Florida / Little Effect on Tourism : In 10 pages the author discusses how the high crime rate in South Florida has very little effect on tourism. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Florcrim.wps

Trade Relations Between Brazil & South Florida : A 6 page paper discussing the relationship between southern Florida and Brazil for the purposes of trade. South Florida ports are the closest point of entry for ships originating in Brazil, but there are other forces at work. Florida intends to build its port business as much as possible, and Brazil is the most likely candidate in the Western Hemisphere. It has grown in this century more than any other country in the world, and it is officially listed as a Big Emerging Market, putting it on par with India and China in potential, if not in volume. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Brazilfl.doc

Should the Confederate Flag Be Taken Down From the State Capitol in South Carolina? : In 5 pages the author discusses whether the Confederate flag should be taken down from the state capitol in South Carolina. The author posits that the flag should not be taken down, because it is tradition, heritage, and a symbol of bravery in battle. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Conflag.wps

Environmental Problems In The Chesapeke Bay Area : Population growth and water pollution is studied and causes for the resulting problems are sought. Several environmental theories are explored regarding population in this 7 page analysis. Maryland population statistics are used and demographics are considered in comparison with national data. Current trends are noted. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Chespeak.wps

The Retail Gasoline Industry in The United States / Focus on Maryland :
A 10 page paper presenting an overview of the retail gasoline market. Laws and regulations are examined, as are taxation, profitability, brand names and costs of a typical gas station. A special emphasis is directed on the petroleum industry and the issues affecting it in Maryland. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Gasoln.wps

Mayor Marion Barry : A 5page essay on the political career of the controversial Washington, D.C. mayor including biographical information. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Maribary.wps

The Mississippi Sovereignty Commission : A 12 page research paper on the creation, functions activities and demise of the Commission during the Civil Rights era . The writer details the purposes of the Commission, its overt and covert activities to sustain the racial status quo, and the litigation surrounding its demise. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Commissi.wps

Fighting the Feds for Public Land in New Mexico : 4 pages in length. A heartfelt look at the controversy in New Mexico over defiance of Federal land sanctions. The people of this state made national news when they banded together to literally fight the government for their right to maintain public lands. A good overview of the movement, its seriousness, and its importance to people of this region is provided. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Newmexla.wps

Tennessee Valley Authority : A 6 page paper on the TVA that explores the political forces behind its establishment, its mission statement, and how the TVA cultivates customers through community involvement. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Tva.wps

Charity Care : 12 pages on charity care based largely upon the writer's own experience as an intern for the New Jersey State Legislature's 20th District. Various socio-political issues such as non-profit claims and taxes are examined both objectively and subjectively. A bibliography lists 4 sources. Charcar.wps

Community Survey / Suburban America : 6 pages in length. An excellent model for those studying local politics. The writer chooses a specific municipality that might as well be anywhere in the United States and discusses all pertinent demographic issues including : geography, population, socioeconomics, class division, real estate, budget & finance, government & bureaucracy, and current issues. A telephone number for that particular town's municipal office is listed on the last page. Maplewoo.wps

N.J. Gubernatorial Election of 1997 : Christine Todd Whitman is the focus of this 8 page paper that analyzes this very close election. Policies are discussed, including the divisive issue of abortion. The third party Libertarian candidate was deemed to be a factor in her victory. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Guber.wps

Municipal Demographics / Montclair, NJ : A 6 page paper on the town of Montclair, New Jersey (typical suburbia) in which the writer address the municipality's key demographics including : population, distribution of wealth, education, geography, political economy, current events, and more. Bibliography lists 3+ sources. Montcla2.wps

"Drug Free School Zone" Laws / A Socio-Legal Analysis : 7 pages in length. In New Jersey, as well as in a few other states, laws providing enhanced penalties for drug offenses occurring near schools have become quite popular. Through sociological analysis, the writer discusses how these laws came to pass out of custom, social need, etc; A conclusive evaluation determines that the law's impact has not been what was originally intended and that more than anything, "Drug Free School Zone" laws have only created a new avenue for aggressive plea-bargaining. Key terms and concepts are defined. No Bibliography. Socilaw.wps

Juvenile Delinquency In New Jersey : A 9 page paper on the growing problem of juvenile delinquency in our society. It gives some insight into the history of our prison system, and talkes about some of the concerns and possible solutions to this manacing problem facing our nation. The focus of the paper is on New Jersey's youth crime problem, but it also discusses some state laws, and federal programs in other parts of the country as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Njjuvy.wps

Megan's Law & The Privacy of Convicted Sex Offenders : 14 in-depth, comprehensive pages analyzing Megan's Law-- a model (and quite controversial) NJ statute which mandated that neighbors be notified when a child sex offender moves into their community. Writer examines the relevance of Megan's Law to similar Federal law and assesses both sides of the argument in this matter. The practicality and constitutionality of Megan's Law are evaluated based upon existing case law and landmark Supreme Court decision. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Megan.wps

New Jersey Brownfields & Site Remediation Act : An 8 page overview of the New Jersey Brownfields and Site Remediation Act, its history, intent, liability, incentives and limitations. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Njbrownf.wps

The Case Against Gun Control In New Jersey : The issue is examined in terms of New Jersey legislation in this 5 page paper. The argument made is that citizens should have the right to carry concealed weapons for self protection and that such law would have a deterrent effect. Several relevant cases are noted and statistics are cited as well. Bibliography includes 6 sources. Gunagen.wps

Controversy In Texas - Should The Concealed Handgun Law Be Repealed ? :
A 9 page essay on the controversial concealed handgun law in which the writer discusses stories from both sides of the issues. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Handgun.wps

Capital Punishment In Texas : A 8 page essay that traces the history of Texas capital punishment from the frontier-style lynchings which characterized its beginnings, through the use of the electric chair, to its current use of lethal injection. It also shows statistics on the inequalities that have existed in the system. Bibliography lists nine sources . Texcap.wps

Criminal Punishment In Texas : In 5 pages, the author discusses the issue of criminal punishment in Texas. Texas is found to maintain especially harsh punishments. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Crimtexa.wps

How Does the Office Of U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Serve the People of Texas? : This 15 page report review the function of a U.S. Senator’s office, its purpose, function, and structure. In specific, the report looks at Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and her role in service to both the people of Texas and the rest of the citizens of the U.S.A. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Texaso.wps

Fort Worth Business : A 6 page overview of business development in Fort Worth. Presents a largely positive view but introduces the question as to whether this development can be expected to pay for itself. Bibliography lists 5 sources. FortWort.wps

Death Penalty in Utah / A Matter of Choice : A 5 page paper discussing Utah's death penalty. The writer explores the controversies and looks at specific cases. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Psdeathp.wps

Louisiana Gun Laws : A 7 page essay on handgun laws in the state of Louisiana which examines the controversy which surrounds this issue. Both sides' arguments are presented as this paper tells of the most current skirmishes in a battle to see which will eventually take precedence--an individual's right to self protection or safety issues. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Louisian.wps

Collecting Parking Fines In The State Of New Jersey : A 5 page paper exploring the problem of collecting parking fines in the state of New Jersey. Information related to the problem is discussed as are solutions various cities have instituted. Recommendations are made as to possible alternative to correct the problem. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Par.wps

An Argument To Raise N.J.'s Speed Limit to 65 M.P.H. : New Jersey is one of few states in the U.S. that still enforces a maximum speed limit of 55 miles per hour. This 2 page essay first looks at some of the reasons why NJ lawmakers are reluctant to change and then provides an argument for them to reconsider based upon statistical data & information from other states where raised speed limits have actually reduced driver-related problems & fatalities ! Bibliography lists 3 sources. Speedlim.wps

New Jersey's Court System -- Examined at Every Level : New Jersey's court system is very much like that of most states in the U.S.A. and this 5 page paper examines precisely how it is broken down. Discussed are the State Superior Court's Law Division, municipal court proceedings, the sentencing power of judges at each level, the role of Grand Juries, and the discretionary power of prosecutors to propose plea-bargains. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Njcourts.wps

(The) Executive Branch of Government : Approximately 6 pages describing the role and function of the New Jersey government's executive branch. Excellent for those studying government & politics as well as related topics. Bibliography lists 4+ sources. Execbran.wps

The NJ Senate Race -- Straying From Party-Centered Politics : An 10 page essay on the 1994 Senate race in which the writer argues that the year was actually a turning point in which the emphasis on party politics began to change and candidates remained focused upon emphasizing their own individual ideals. Two New Jersey candidates are compared to each other thought this analysis (Hatayaian vs. Lautenberg). Bibliography lists 5 sources. Senaterc.wps

Senator Lautenberg Runs For Re-Election / NJ Politics : A 10 page research paper on NJ Senator Lautenberg and his campaign for re-election in 1994. The writer describes the candidate's background, issues, PACs, and relevance of Federal politics to State elections. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Senaterc3.wps

Campaign Finance Reform / PACs, A Two Party Debate : A 20 page research paper exploring the differing support and viewpoints of Democrats and Republicans for reform. The writer provides a brief legal history of PACs, spending of the political parties in 1990 campaigns, and Democrat support of reform affecting PACs versus the Republican block against reform in 1997-1998. Bibliography lists 27 sources. Cncamprf.wps

Campaign Finance Laws and Contributions for Lobbyists: An Overview of Statutes, Regulations and Analysis : The prevalence of corruption in campaign finance law is a significant problem in the United States. This 25 page paper considers the issue, and focuses on an outlining of the legal arguments in cases like Buckley v. Valeo. These cases are utilized to outline the basic components of campaign law arguments and to demonstrate the analysis of statutes as they apply to specific legal determinations. Camplaw.wps

PACs / Overview & Michigan Influence : A 9 page research paper that explores political action committees, with emphasis on influence in Michigan. The writer posits that all PACs aren’t bad and that in many ways, they represent the voice of the people, and without them, only monied interests would reign. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Pacmich.wps

The Camden Plan : A 7 page paper introducing the immediate and long-term problems facing Camden today (a poverty-stricken city in Southwestern New Jersey). The paper provides a detailed report and statistics on the city's plan to make changes not only to help their homeless and housing situations, but also recommended changes to government processes. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Camden.wps

Town Meeting / Analytical Reflections : In this 6 page essay, the writer re-caps events and issues covered at a local town meeting they attended. Issues in public administration, roles of municipal executives, and various procedural functions are all included in the discussion. Town budget information, tax issues, and more are covered. No bibliography. Townmeet.wps

Town Meeting / Community Issues : 6 pages in length. This report covers the topics of a municipal township meeting and some of the key issues raised concerning youths and the community, police work, and budgeting concerns. The writer points out how especially concerned members present were about tax-related issues. No bibliography. Townmet2.wps

Gas Pipeline : A 7 page research paper on how laws, political and legal actions, and resources all come together in the gas and pipeline industries. The writer provides information on Montana, North Dakota and briefly outlines the legal and political ramifications of the Exxon oil spill. A computerized pipeline surveillance and operating system is also reviewed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Gaspipe.wps

Amy Klobuchar and "Uncovering the Dome" / Inter-Governmental Politics :
A 6 page paper that reviews Klobuchar's book and describes the political elements that impacted the creation of the Metrodome in Minneapolis during the early 1980s. The writer demonstrates Klobuchar's concerns for public policy actions and public perceptions based upon the influences of wealthy business owners and politicians. It is argued that public policy is often shaped as a response to the needs of those who have the most money rather than those who speak in opposition. No additional sources cited. Klobu.wps

Nuclear Waste Dumping & Yucca Mountain / Controversy : A 12 page paper on the controversy surrounding the U.S. government's plan to turn Yucca Mountain (Nevada) into the first large-scale nuclear waste "dumping ground." The writer explains the logic that went into the government's choice of location, and then presents the resistance from Nevada state residents. Environmental / scientific issues concerning Nevada's geology, the safety of waste burial, etc.; are discussed. The writer presents strong arguments as to why Yucca Mountain is indeed the only logical site for such a project and refutes arguments to the contrary. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Yucca.wps

Miami -- Modern Urban Problems: A 5 page research paper on Miami and its problems. The writer details social, political, and economic factors in Miami's status. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Miami.wps

Miami’s Economic Condition : This 5 page paper provides an overview of this Florida city’s financial dilemma in the nineties. After coming out of a scandal of government corruption, the city faced possible bankruptcy in 1996. This paper delves into Miami’s present and future condition. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Sa304.wps

National Elections Affect State Elections: A 7 page paper on the effects that one year's national elections may have on the following year's state election. The writer describes possible consequences for incumbent NJ governor, Christine Whitman. Bibliography cites 5 sources. Elctions.doc

Capone's Control of Chicago as a Metaphor of Government : A 5 page research paper on Al Capone's syndicate and its similarities to a government. The writer details each function of government and how Capone's organization paralleled it as a microcosm. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Capone.wps

Departmental Programs & Careers in Political Science : 11 pages on the Political Science department & programs at a specific Northeastern state college. The writer describes the school's relevant course work, available resources, careers in political science, and more. Several sources listed in bibliography. Poliscca.wps

Distributive & Regulatory Policy In State Government : A 5 page paper giving examples of distributive, redistributive, and regulatory policy in state government. Specific issues examined include the possibility of privatizing health care, the tightening of a state budget, and government-mandated policy in higher education. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Rdis3.wps

Distributive & Regulatory Policy In State Government # 2 : 6 pages comparing distributive, redistributive, and regulatory policy at the state government level. Specific examples of each are given including gun permit issues, public transportation, and welfare. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Rdispcy2.wps

Coal Mining & Appalachia -- Creating a New World : An 8 page paper on past history of coal mining/strip-mining and damage done to the land. This piece discusses the entrance of people all over globe, and how that community is rallying to "live at home" and "fix the land." The people and governments and coal mining companies are working together through re-education for new technologies and fixing the land to keep their home. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Appalach.wps

"To Privatize Or Not To Privatize" / American Education Today : A 14 page research paper on the controversial issues surrounding privatizing education. The writer compares a failed 1990's-era effort between the city of Baltimore and the E.A.I. Company to what might possibly occur if privatizaion were to take place in their own smaller, northeastern city. The outcome of Baltimore's own example is assessed with relevance to economics and consequential student performance. Factors to look for in considering a privatization contract are listed and Baltimore's failed attempt is blamed upon poor budget analysis. Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources. Privatiz.wps

Rural Libraries / To Better Serve the Community... : An 18 page research project analyzing what rural libraries need to better serve their communities in the Information Age. In addition to in-library research, the writer also conducted a survey (a FREE copy is included !) to determine the desires of rural citizens and what they would be willing to do or pay in order to help make their 'wants' turn into realties. Discussed are various programs throughout the rural United States that have enjoyed success from fund-raising, privatization, increased community involvement, and the provision of free Internet access to library patrons. Bibliography references approximately 8 sources. Librarie.wps

The Challenges Facing Librarians / Libraries into the 21st Century: A 10 page platform paper that outlines the most significant challenges facing librarians in the next few years and also considers possible methods for addressing these problems through the American Library Association. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Utility Deregulation in Pennsylvania: Panacea or Pain ? : A 3 page paper evaluating and discussing the pros and cons of the deregulation of electric companies in the state of PA-- concluding that it should indeed benefit the Pennsylvania consumer. Bibliography cites several sources. PenElec.wps

Electric Utility Deregulation : A 15 page paper discussing the macroeconomic effects of deregulation of the domestic electric utility industry. Discusses the impact to large-scale users, as well as individual consumers, how deregulation will affect the utility companies themselves in terms of profitability, and the impact of deregulation in commodities trading. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Elecutil.wps

Deregulation Of The Electric Utility Industry : 7 pages in length. The time for electric utility deregulation has arrived. Welcomed after decades of tight monopoly, businesses and residential consumers alike are looking forward to the opportunity of choosing their own utility provider and enjoying decreased rates. There are drawbacks to the plan, however, as there usually are with most two-sided situations. The writer addresses the proposed deregulation and discusses how it will impact the public. Extensive bibliography included. Dregu.wps

Deregulation’s Effect On Small Market Radio : A 5 page paper on the effects of deregulation’s potential in a rural Pennsylvania market that includes 3 FM stations owned by the same group. Radio is one of the few things that is still a growth market after having been in existence for so many years. Rather than declining, its increase is assumed to be because of its ability to blend with other activities that are competitive with other media forms, such as television and the Internet. Radio is still the choice of commuters and is one of the few things that can be simultaneous with other, competing, activities. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Radio.wps

Effects Of Acid Rain On Mid-Atlantic Trout Fishing : A 7 page paper on trout fishing in the mid-Atlantic region. For years, the practice has played a vital role in the area's economy but man's own abuses have severely damaged the environment and killed off a significant amount of fish. The writer examines this problem, its occurrence, and how it occurs. The production of acid rain and how it disrupts the food web is of primary importance to this discussion. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Troutfis.wps

Book Reviews & Political Autobiographies : This 6 pages essay discusses book reviews on William Bugler's "While The Music Lasts, My Life in Politics." Bulger is a politician who fell into much controversy during the 1990's for his bold accusations and possible abuses. The writer of this essay attempts to weigh the good against the bad, analyzing the opinions of book reviewers and drawing relevant conclusion. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Polibook.wps

Book Review / Women in Politics : A 4 page review of former Vermont Governor Madeline M. Kunin's book entitled "Living a Political Life." The writer details experiences depicted by Kunin of working in a field that so few women have yet had the opportunity to-- Partivuaslr emotions, anxieties, and problems unique to female politicians are discussed. The primary source is cited in bibliography. Politlife.wps

Public Administrators And The Survival Of Community Hospitals : A 15 page paper in which the writer argues that public administrators can assist in the survivability of community hospitals in four ways: (1) helping the community hospitals contain their costs; (2) designing and participating in community awareness programs that seek to gain the confidence of the public in community hospitals and in community health services; (3) assist community hospitals seeking to affiliate and merge in ways that best serve the community; (4) maintain the focus on the community as a whole by working with larger institutions and smaller institutions to meet the focus of those businesses while serving the community. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Comhosp2.wps

Organized Crime In Chicago : This 12 page paper discusses organized crime as it existed in Chicago from its inception through Prohibition. Social ramifications are addressed as are the various causes and effects of Mafia and other organized crime behavior illustrated by the case of Chicago. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Orgcrime.wps

Organized Crime In the History of Chicago : A 6 page research paper which looks specifically at the Prohibition era and how Chicago was ruled by gangsters, bootleggers, and corrupt politicians at that time. This era ended when mobster Al Capone was finally arrested for tax evasion by "Untouchable" leader Elliott Ness. Bibliography lists 4 sources. HistChic.wps

Hawaii : A 6 page paper which discusses the state of Hawaii. A profile of Hawaii is given, along with political history, leadership, and key issues. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hawaii.wps

Utah Wilderness : This 3 page report provides a very brief overview of the controversy surrounding the Utah wilderness issue. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Utah.doc

Douglas Yates / "The Ungovernable City" : A 5 page book review that outlines Yates' premise about the local governmental inadequacies that have resulted in the diminished capacity urban centers, including New York and New Haven. No additional sources cited. Yates.wps

Pierre Clavel / "The Progressive City" : A 5 page book review of Pierre Clavels work on progressive civic government during the 1970s and 1980s. No additional sources cited. Clavel.wps

Public Education In The State of Georgia : An 11 page paper outlining public education in the state of Georgia. Provides details on the number of school systems in Georgia, how they receive their funding and their success and failures in terms of academic achievement as guaged by student performance on the Georgia High School Graduation Tests (GHSGT) enacted by the Georgia Assembly in 1991. Identifies inconsistent and inadequate funding as one of the major determinants of academic failure. Bibliography lists nine sources including information from the National Center for Educational Statistics, the Georgia Department of Education, and the Atlanta Journal, among others. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Gaschool.wps

A Short Demographic Analysis Pertaining To Education In Georgia : A 6 page paper discussing some of the uses of demographic studies, but focusing more on a demographic analysis of regions of Georgia based on data collected in the 1990 census, comparing the striated regions of the state with each other according to state averages. Assuming that all other conditions remain the same, it is reasonable to forecast trends indicated by demographic studies. Georgia education data is compared to that of the US as a whole, but the paper points out the problems inherent in comparing some categories, such as "high school by grade" vs "did not complete high school." Bibliography lists 7 sources. Demograf.doc

Racially Polarized Voting in Mayoral Elections : This 12 page paper explores the issue citing several races in the states of Georgia, Maryland, New York and Missouri. A thesis that such a polarity exists is discussed in light of the racial divisiveness in America in general. Causes and solutions are explored. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Electrace.wps

The Impact of Racism on City Government & Community Business : Increasingly, suburban communities that were once predominantly white are becoming more complex in their racial composition, and racial issues have become an element of city government and community business. This 16 page paper reflects on the scope of this problem, considers the impacts of racism, and relates this information in terms of government, businesses, the media and community decision making. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Govrace.wps

Alcoholic Beverage Control in Alaska : A 10 page overview of the laws affecting the possession and sale of alcoholic beverages in Alaska. Includes information regarding the history and current status of such laws and statistics regarding alcohol related injuries as well as information regarding "local option" the ability of individual communities to prohibit sale and possession of alcoholic beverages in their communities. Provides details regarding Burrow, one of the first Alaskan communities to implement their local option. Presents the contrast that although the Burrow prohibition appeared to translated into fewer alcohol-related incidences, the community elected to return to legalized sales after only one year of prohibition. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Abc.wps

Bluewater Sewage, Electrical, & Water Association (SEWA) : This 7 page paper examines the controversy surrounding a small community being pressured into "modernizing." Bibliography lists three sources. Sewage.wps

Community Psychology : An 8 page paper that investigates what Community Psychology is and how it is used. Community psychology as a discipline began in the mid-1960s, or at least that is when concerted efforts seem to have begun to document achievements and definitions used in the field. Theoretically, it is grounded in ecological psychology and is a specialization that is a combination of social psychology and applied developmental psychology with some undertones of theory from political science. Examples of community projects are provided. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Compsych.wps

City Organization And Evolution : A 5 page overview of the changes experienced by the American city over time. Discusses the structural and political organization and the interrelationship of city government with regional, state and federal government. Bibliography lists 3 sources. CityOrg.wps

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