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Warfare / Its Impetus to Changing Technology Between 1700 & 1870 :
A 5 page exploration of the question as to whether warfare in this period was the impetus for major changes in wartime technology. Concludes that while some changes were made these were the result of other stimuli than warfare. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Techange.wps

The Pursuit Of Power By William H. McNeill : A 6page analysis of William H. McNeill's book, The Pursuit of Power: Technology, Armed Force and Society Since A.D. 1000, McNeill contends that European military power after the year 1000 A.D. is an aberration. One of McNeill's basic premises put forth in this volume is that this aberration separates the development of military power after 1000 A.D. from the development of warfare and the structure of military organizations prior to this date. McNeill attributes this aberration to the fact that military development merged with marketplace behavior. Bibliography lists 1 source. Purspowe.wps

Application Of Affirmative Action In Business & Military Settings : A 4 page paper on Affirmative Action. The writer compares its application in the modern business settings with that of the U.S. military. It is argued that some companies who have achieved success with affirmative action programs can be used as models to replicate such in the U.S. Army. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Tailhook.wps

Military & Social Service Reform : A 15 page research paper that argues for Social Service Reform in light of defense spending and the Chilean social security reform plan which places the responsibility for retirement in the hands of individuals. The paper posits that a pluralistic approach to social security and redefinition of public awareness on defense spending would create a more efficient national government and retain an international presence in the post-Cold War era. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Medefens.wps

Military Preparedness / Do We Have the Capability to Gear Up? : A 7 page paper that attempts to answer this question, while considering the elements of military industrial support and the ability of the United States to respond to global conflict. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Milprep.wps

U.S. Military Logistics Management & Privatization : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of logistics management and considers the application for the management and outsourcing of military construction, maintenance and equipment. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Logdefe.wps

(The) Americorps Program :12 pages of text plus 15 sources listed in a bibliography, many end notes, and 2 appendices. Paper discusses and analyzes the controversial issues surrounding Clinton's dying Americorps program during the mid-1990's. Americor.wps

AmeriCorps / An Overview : A 5 page overview of the AmeriCorps program initiated by the Clinton administration. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Amcor.wps

United Way Foundation : A 5 page paper discussing the giving and receiving tactics of the United Way. The foundation makes vital services possible, but for all the good the foundation does, it has achieved the position within many of the agencies it helps support of being their primary source of income, or at least being so important to the continued level of service provided that losing United Way income would present real hardship. Regrettably, the United Way’s position of power through donated dollars has enabled their leadership to force the leaders of several groups to either accept the politically correct ideologies to which the United Way officially subscribes or forfeit any donation from United Way. Bibliography lists 5 sources. United1.wps

The Importance of Head Start : A 10 page research paper which examines the history of this popular federally-funded program which is designed to enrich the early years of at-risk children by offering a part-day preschool experience which is generally one-year in length. The writer looks at both arguments supporting and criticizing the program before coming to the conclusion that Head Start needs to be expanded. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Headstar.wps

The Consumer Product Safety Commission – Mission, Authority, & Challenges : An 8 page paper discussing the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the legislation that created it. Why was it founded? What does it do? The last page of the report provides suggestions to the Clinton Administration about CSPC. Bibliography lists five sources. Cpsc.doc

The American Way of Fighting : A 4 page paper that considers the progression of American warfare from the Revolutionary War to the Cold War. This paper provides the major points of transition that created the changes in the American way of fighting. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Amerfght.wps

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of this testing process and recognizes the claims of critics against its design. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Asvab.wps

Implications Of Anti-Personal Landmines Bans For The Operational Commander : A 15 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to banning anti-personnel landmines and the specific issues for an operational commander. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Landmine.wps

U.S. Army Policy (1979-1989) : A 5 page discussion of how policy developed out of the mistakes of the Viet Nam War into the success of the Persian Gulf War via policies instigated between 1979 and 1989. The development process is discussed, including specific policies and military strategies employed by the U.S. Army during these years. Bibliography cites 4 sources. War79-89.wps

The U.S. Army In The 21st Century : An 8 page essay on the future of the U.S. Army in the year 2000 and beyond. The essay uses Army sources to show how they will be using computer technology in the 21st century. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Usarmy.doc

Leadership Theory Applied To The U.S. Army : A 6 page research paper which examines the ways that the American Management Association’s guidelines on supervisory leadership can be applied to the Army. The writer also discusses the differences between transformational and transactional leadership and the various implications of research in this area. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Leadus.wps

How Railroads Changed Military Strategy : A 6 page research paper which examines how the use of railroads changed how the U.S. military conducted warfare strategy. The writer particularly relates to what has been called the "first all-out war" fought by Americans-the Civil War. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Railwar.wps

Green Berets : A 9 page overview of the Green Berets. A brief history, review of various special forces and makeup of the A-Team, and training are discussed. The writer includes a discussion of several Green Beret efforts around the globe. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Grberets2.wps

Use & History Of The U.S. Special Forces : A 10 page overview of the history of the Special Forces. Emphasizes how World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War shaped these forces. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Specforc.wps

The Dept. of Defense & The Environment : A 7 page overview of the Department of Defense and its programs geared towards environmental maintenance. Provides good historical insight as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Deptdefe.wps

National Security Emergencies : A 5 page paper discussing potential threats to national security through computer-related espionage, the ease with which computer hackers can invade both corporate and governmental computer systems, and how willing American business would be to aid the government during times of national security emergencies by helping to develop technologies to counteract such security breaches. Discusses the economical sense on the part of business to participate in such aid. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Natlsecu.wps

The National Committe for Quality Assurance : A 5 page paper that describes the mission and application of the NCQA, a non-profit organization that evalutates HMOs in the United States. This paper described the NCQA's evaluative process, their accreditation procedures, funding sources and their future endeavors. Ncqa.wps

The History & Origin of the National Security Council : A 12 page paper discussing the United States’ National Security Council. Writer examines the ramifications of the NSC, the debate and controversy over its creation, and the role President Harry Truman played in its creation. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Histnat.wps

U.S. Customs Service : A 6 page overview of U.S. Customs covering just a few of its services, including defense of U.S. trade laws and borders against spies, drug traffickers, illegal aliens, unsafe vehicles, and terrorists. The writer argues that the agency’s services are far-reaching and necessary. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Uscust.doc

(The) F117 Stealth Bomber : A 3 page paper on the F117 Stealth Bomber-- Provides some structural detail and a brief historical overview (from the Gulf War to the present). Good reference for those studying military warfare & weaponry. Bibliography lists 4 sources. F117stea.wps

Free Flight : A 5 page essay on the F.A.A.'s allowance for "Free Flight"-- which ends much of the strict route confinement jet pilots once faced. Focusing mostly on the 'pros,' the writer describes how free flight is not limited to takeoff to touchdown; It also covers the significant benefits possible during pre-flight planning activities and ground movement. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Freeflig.wps

Airline Mechanics & F.A.A. Regulation : A 21 page paper on the regulations imposed on airline mechanics. The writer details the problems and suggested solutions, as well as the impact of the FAA's proposed regulation Part 66 on the future of airline mechanics. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Far.wps

Military Pilots and the Airline Industry : The effect of reduction of military pilots on the airline industry is discussed in this 7 page paper. Suggestions are made to encourage qualified candidates to pursue careers through the private sector. Bibliography cites 5 sources. Pilinfd.wps

Submarines in World War II : A 6 page overview of submarine history and the use of submarines during World War II. Discusses the evolution of the submarine and illustrates its successes and failures in offensive and defensive movements during World War II. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Subww2.wps

Outcome / Gulf War Military Strategy : A 23 page research paper that provides an overview of the political, social and military makeup of Gulf War strategy. Concentrating on the military end of this equation and an analysis of the outcome of that war, the writer posits that because of the temporary success of that strategy in the view of the public, the military would be wise to consider public opinion in its future discussions of future military strategy. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Iraqwar.wps

Asian Prostitution & The U.S. Military : A 5 page look at Sturdevant & Stoltzfus’s "Let The Good Times Roll," a book examining Asian prostitutes as a class of victims of American soldiers during times of war. Various social reasons for Asian prostitution are assessed and the American military is scrutinized for endorsing their solicitation. No additional sources cited. Prostitn.wps

Women In The Military : A 10 page paper that argues that women should not be allowed in the military. The issues raised include psychological fitness, physical-emotional response, and present behavior in the military, and the reputational and financial costs of that behavior. The writer argues that based on the psychological, physical-emotional, and behavioral evidence, women should not be allowed in the military. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Wommil.wps

Gays in the Military & Controversy : A 7 page analysis of the pros and cons associated with the controversy surrounding laws which attempt to ban homosexuals from entry in the U.S. armed forces. The writer feels that these laws are, for the most part, ridiculous as they put the real purpose of the military (to protect our country), second behind superficial social ones. While both sides of the issues are examined, the argument leans in favor of an open policy, particularly when considering the fact that we may some day need to return to a draft or compulsory enlistment. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Gaysmili.wps

Comments On "The Case for a Military Gay Ban" by David H. Hackworth : A 6 page paper discussing the 1992 Washington Post article by David H. Hackworth on "The Case for a Military Gay Ban." Hackworth notes a variety of experience-based reasons for hhis opposition to gays in the military. Bibliography lists two sources. Gayshh.wps

The GI Bill : 12 pages in length. Following the end of World War II, homecoming veterans were faced with no skills, no money and no job. Fortunately for them, the government stepped in with the GI Bill, which offered financial aid and scholarships for those wanting to acquire a higher education. Millions of veterans took advantage of the various programs under the bill, thus improving their lives, in particular, and the prosperity of the country in general. The writer chronicles the history of the GI Bill, its sub programs, as well as where the program is today. Bibliography included. GIBill.wps

Military Buildup Under the Reagan Administration : A 22 page research paper dealing with the Cold War decisions which lead to the buildup of the military under President Ronald Reagan. This paper also deals with the differing opinions as to whether or not this buildup helped or hindered the ending of the Cold War. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Reagan2.wps

Military Base Closure Study : An 18 page research paper on the national, local and individual economic effects of base closures, the DOD’s future military requirements, and the need for base closures. The writer addresses these issues, then outlines a study which encompasses most of the issues. The writer addresses limitations of the study and makes recommendations for further study. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Cnbasclo.wps

Military Benefits / Have They Eroded ? : A 6 page essay exploring benefits available to military active duty and retired personnel. Numerous benefits are offered to those serving in the armed forces. Despite base closures and shrinking defense budgets, those benefits still exist. The writer discusses many but not all of the benefits and points out the military person receives a lower pay, thus the benefits are a necessary part of being a member of the armed forces. Bibliography lists 1 source. Milben.wps

The United Postal Service : A 5 page paper on the internal workings of the mail system in the U.S. Included is a brief overview and history of the Postal Service along with economic and financial data. Bibliography included. Uspo.wps

Postal Workers & Violence : The phenomenon is discussed in light of sociological theory in this 8 page paper. Aberrant behavior of postal workers is examined as well as possible causes. Theories such as anomie, alienation and differential association are included. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Postalv.wps

The "School Of Assassins" Should Be Closed : A 5 page essay that analyzes, using quotes from the source, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer's convincing argument as presented in his book, The School of Assassins, that the government-run "School of the Americas" should be closed due to its part in human rights violations in Latin America. Assassin.wps

OSHA : This 5 page paper looks at OSHA, its purpose and services it offers to the small business managers to help them comply with the multitude of regulations. General information is provided with specific examples of how one company working with hazardous materials is working with OSHA to maintain a safe environment. Bibliography lists 5 sources. OSHA3.wps

OSHA's Application in the Physical Education Workplace : A 6 page paper on the Occupational Health & Safety Association (OSHA) and how some of its mandates can be applied to precautionary measures in physical education settings. Issues concerning job rotation for the phys. ed teacher, increased safety equipment for players, posture control, and more are discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Osha.wps

OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs : 10 pages on OSHA's (Occupational Health & Safety Association) "voluntary protection plans"-- designed to maintain a safer workplace environment and to limit the number of inspection visits that OSHA reps have to make. Report contains an insightful look at OSHA's history, overhaul problem, political reform, and the rationale behind creating voluntary protection programs. Specific laws, acts, rules & regulations, etc; are examined in great detail. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Oshavol.wps

Aerial Platforms & Aerial Ladder Apparatus : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of aerial platforms and aerial ladder apparatus and considers the OSHA regulations and safety issues regarding their use. This paper also looks at the variety of uses for this type of equipment. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Aerial.doc

(The) US Armed Forces / A History Of Race and Gender Integration : 9 full pages on the history and changes in the military armed forces concerning its integrations. The writer describes racial and gender-related tensions, as well as positive aspects, strides taken, and varied opinions on the integration issue. An APA bibliography lists 9 sources. integmil.wps.

Lessons On Racial Relations From The US Army : A 5 page research paper that examines the theories covered in Moskos and Butler's All That We Can Be: Black leadership and Racial Integration The Army Way that show how the Army has become a highly integrated organization while still maintaining extremely high standards of performance. The writer illustrates how their principles can be applied to the experiences of the University of California in regards to affirmative action. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Armyrace.wps

(The) U.S. Customs Service : A thorough, 23 page discussion of the U.S. Customs Service; its history, functions, issues & problems, recent operations etc; Bibliography lists 15 sources. Customs.wps

(The) U.S. Customs Service # 2 :A brief 5 page version of Customs.wps. Custshor.wps

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services / Public Admin. Example :
A 6 page definitional overview of public administration and how the United States Department of Health and Human Services, a cabinet-level development concerned with people and humanistic concerns, constitutes a primary example of how the concept works. Information on the various sub-departments and their functions is provided. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Publiadm.wps

The Drug Enforcement Agency and the Legalization of Marijuana : A 10 page paper outlining the responsibilities of the Drug Enforcement Agency and their involvement in the controversy over the efforts to legalize marijuana. Bibliography lists fourteen sources. Dea.wps

Wasteful Spending In The Military / A Problem Spanning Decades : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the issue of wastefulness in governmental spending as it relates to the United States over the past two decades. The writer focus on budgetary and economic issues that have translated into wasteful spending in light of the end of the Cold War. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Military.wps

Respect in the Military : This 5 page paper looks at the importance of respect in the military and function of the chain of command. Seriousness of criticism regarding the Commander in Chief is noted. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Milresp.wps

When Your Employees Are in the National Guard Reserves... : A 13 page research paper on how the unique position held by National Guardsmen in the Federal personnel system,-- maintaining a dual status as civilians and soldiers while serving in a mixed state/federal organization-- cannot stop them from receiving any benefits, salary, or other compensation in the workplace. A primary focus of this paper is the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act (U.S.E.R.R.A.)-- an extensive revision of an old Veterans Re-employment Rights Act of 1940, which contains many new rights and responsibilities for reservists and their employers. Among the many interesting rules : employees cannot be forced to substitute vacation time with time served on-duty in the Reserves. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Natgaurd.wps

The Securities & Exchange Commission : This 22 page research paper is a comprehensive review of the SEC. Aspects covered include: legal framework of the SEC; laws the SEC administers, including the Security Act of 1933, the Security and Exchange Act of 1934, the Investment Company Act of 1940 and several other Acts and amendments through 1995; the reporting processes; and the impact on businesses including legal liabilities and disclosure requirements. Bibliography lists 12 sources. SEC.wps

In Defense Of American Liberties : 5 pages in length. Samuel Walker's In Defense of American Liberties: A History of the ACLU demonstrates the strengths, weaknesses and changes implemented by the American Civil Liberties Union over the past century. Its in-depth and detailed, if not sometimes strong and emotional, depiction gives the reader a sense of reality with regard to how it was -- and still is -- to fight for one's inherent freedoms. The writer discusses Walker's interpretation of how the ACLU climbed up from the ranks to become the most respected civil liberties organization. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Walker3.wps

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