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Ideology & US Foreign Policy : This is a 5 page paper that explores the ideologies that have guided US foreign policy. It begins with the impact of the mercantilism of England on the colonies and looks at the expansionist policies of a new nation. It examines the theory and the state of affairs that brought about Wilsonian Internationalism. Isolationism is a natural response to the ravages of war and was the policy of the government between the World Wars. The Allied Coalition and the League of Nations was the basis for a policy of Internationalism that preceded the Cold War. It concludes with a section on globalization and the prospects for the future. Bibliography lists 1 source. Forid.wps

Did the U. S. Treat Germany & Japan Differently During WWII ? : In 5 pages the writer attempts to answer the question of whether the United States treated Germany and Japan differently during World War II. Actual warfare, public attitudes, propaganda, etc. are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Germtrea.wps

US Foreign Policy / Branch Perspective : A 10 page research essay on the U.S. form of government, focusing on the relationship between Congress and the Presidency since the 1960s. The writer explores arms sales policies and the wars in Grenada, Vietnam, Bosnia and Iraq in terms of presidential and congressional power as afforded by the Constitution and other policies. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Usgovpol.doc

U.S. Trade Agreements : A 5 page study of NAFTA and other U.S. trade agreements, expanding regionalism, the positive and negative effects of NAFTA, and ameliorating possibilities. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Prcnafta.doc

The "New World Order" : A 10 page examination of the concept of "new world order" and other terminologies used to describe the United States approach to foreign policy during various administrations. The Clinton concept of "enlargement democracy" is also discussed at some length. Bibliography lists seven sources. Worldord.wps

The Spanish - American War / U.S. Relations With the Philippines : This 8 page paper analyzes causes of the Spanish-American War as it affected the U.S. acquisition of the Philippines. The U.S. interest in the region, and in Spanish politics, is discussed. Public and political forces that shaped the country in 1898 are dissected. The interest in this subject as the Philippines celebrated 100 years of independence is considered. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Philus.wps spanish-american war

The American Presence in World War I / How the US Helped Win the War :
A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the history surrounding the German surrender in World War I, and argues the thesis that the U.S. intervention of 1917 was the single factor that transformed the war. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Uswin.wps

The Reality Of American Imperialism : A 5 page paper that reviews presented evidence justifying American imperialism and demonstrates the way in which photographic evidence was manipulated to support imperialism in the Philipines. Amerimp.wps

American Imperialism In South America, Post 1945 : A 3 page paper that discusses the impacts and reasons behind US imperialism in South America after the end of World War II. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Amersa.wps

American Foreign Policy & The "Global Democracy" : A 3 page essay discussing why America’s stated, bipartisan statement that America should "bring democracy to the world" is an infringement on the rights of any group of people to determine, themselves, how they will be governed. Without the forcible acceptance of a foreign culture (ours), people are generally able to decide for themselves. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Globalde.wps

United States Policy in Vietnam / Why it Failed : This 6 page paper looks at the reasoning behind the politics associated with the Vietnam War, public opinion in the last days of U.S. involvement and the aftermath of the era. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Whyfai.wps

The American Policy Of Containment : An 8 page overview of the American policy of containment and foreign policy and how it relates to the policies of previous and subsequent administrations. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Containm.wps

Containment Policy : In 6 pages the author discusses the origins and major premises of containment policy. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Contpoli.wps

The U.S. & Containment Policy In South Vietnam / 1945 Through 1968 : A 10 page paper discussing policies of containment of communism relating to South Vietnam. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Vietnam4.doc 

Why Countries Become Involved In World Conflict : 6 pages in length. War has been raging on virtually since time began. There has been no point in history where there was not some kind of conflict brewing among power hungry leaders that would either result in the overwhelming loss of human life or the takeover of innocent people for their land’s wealth. Why is this so? Intolerance is a significant factor among the many reasons countries enter into world conflicts. Coupled with the fact that each nation believes it is worthy of more status and power than all others, it is not surprising that the phenomenon of world conflict continues even today. The writer discusses the phenomenon of national participation in global conflict. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Whywar.wps

Isolationism As American Foreign Policy : An 8 page paper on the issue of governmental non-intervention in regards to foreign affairs. Some history of America and its foundation of isolationism is noted. Isolationism is necessary. We, as a country should not interfere with the policies of another. The situations of Vietnam and Bosnia are highlighted as examples. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Isolat.wps

Bosnia & U.S. Foreign Policy : A 5 page overview of the implementation of U.S. foreign policy in Bosnia. The writer addresses both the policy and the successful steps toward its implementation in terms established by the Dayton Agreement. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Bosniaus.wps

Gulf War Policies : A 5 page research essay on U.S. and Iraqi policies during the Gulf War. The writer also explores the U.S. policy in terms of its new military "grand strategy," and concludes with a statement on how the Gulf War influenced successive foreign policy. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Gulfwar.wps

U.S. Reaction To Soviet Invasions Of Czechoslovakia And Afghanistan : This 8 page report discusses and compares the similarities and differences between the Soviet’s 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia and the 1979 invasion of Afghanistan. The reaction of the U.S. in both circumstances is discussed, as well as reasons why the U.S. reacted differently in each situation. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Usreact.wps

U.S. Army Policy (1979-1989) : A 5 page discussion of how policy developed out of the mistakes of the Viet Nam War into the success of the Persian Gulf War via policies instigated between 1979 and 1989. The development process is discussed, including specific policies and military strategies employed by the U.S. Army during these years. Bibliography cites 4 sources. War79-89.wps

U.S. Propaganda & The Cold War : This 5 page paper concerns the use of propaganda by the U.S., during the cold war, and its psychological effects. Political implications are also examined. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Coldwar5.wps

The Reagan - Bush Administrations / Policies Following the End of the Cold War : A 6 page exploration of the policies of the Ronald Reagan and George Bush Administrations during and the Cold War and following its end. Discusses the role of the United States in containing communism and in ending the Cold War. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Reaganbu.wps

The Role of the Military in Keeping International Peace : A 15 page paper exploring the role of the military in peacekeeping activities. Emphasizes policies relating to U.S. troops and includes information on NATO and the UN. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Milpeace.wps

Mass Media And Terrorism : A 15 page research paper that explores how terrorists are successful at exploiting the link between the news media, public opinion, and presidential decision making. The writer discusses the sociological and political dimensions of reported violence in hostage, terrorist attacks, and bombings situations. Bibliography lists 24 sources. Cnmdia.wps

U.S. Response to Terrorism : A 6 page research paper that examines how the U.S. foreign policy response to terrorism and specifically to the 1985 crisis when Shite terrorists hijacked TWA flight 847. The writer argues in favor of a hard-line military response as the best preventative measure against such attacks. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Twa847.wps

U.S.-Mexico Relations : A 5 page research paper on the historical conflicts and solutions between the U.S. and Mexico. The writer focuses on the Spanish American War, Mexican War, other incursions by the U.S., and upon the political and social issues behind that history. Historical review leads to an answer to the question of why the two nations never formed a union. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Usmexrel.wps

Post-Cold War Leadership : A 9 page paper looking at the problems facing and the options available to the US in developing a national security policy following the collapse of the old Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. There were lessons presented following World War I and World War II that must be remembered in formulating a new plan for the post-cold war era. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Postcold.wps

Conflict In The Post-Cold War Era / The Neorealists vs. Liberalist/ Idealists :
A 20 page research paper that provides an overview of the issue of Post-Cold War conflict and the seeming contradiction evidence by neorealist and liberalist/idealist views regarding international relations. Bibliography list 12 sources. Postcold.DOC

American Cultural Imperialism In The Post Cold War Era : A 5 page research paper that examines current thinking regarding the ways in which Western style consumerism has become the hallmark of globalization. Bibliography lists 3 sources. USculit.wps

The United States As A World Leader In The Next Millennium : 5 pages in length. As the United States makes its entrance into the new millenium, it has a strong economy but does it possess the fortitude that will continue to establish it as an effective world leader? There exist myriad concerns with regard to this very issue of whether or not America still has what it takes to remain in the political driver's seat. Just how much do the American people want to continue forward with such a burden, given the fact that some of the individual views of politics and policy have changed so considerably? In order to ascertain the potentiality of the United States continuing as global leaders into the new millennium, one must first assess the character of the American people as individual world system components, determining if their interests truly do lie within the mainstream or exist on the outer fringe. The writer discusses various American prospects in relation to the twenty-first century. Bibliography lists 4 sources. TLCAmLed.wps

The Efficacy of the World Health Organization : A 20 page research paper that examines several problematic issues that have interfered with the World Health Organization's (WHO) stated mandate to bring the highest possible level of heath to all the people of the world. The issues include the sale and quality control of pharmaceuticals on the international market, the advertising and sale of infant formula in developing countries and the effectiveness of the Global Program on AIDS. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Whoeff.wps

World Health as an Economic Indicator Since World War II : A 5 page research paper which looks at the theories of renowned economist Charles P. Kindleberger in his book World Economic Primacy: 1500 to 1990. Kindleberger postulates that nations go through life cycles that are roughly similar to those of a single individual. First there is youth, then maturity, and then eventually there is aging; however, the life cycle of a nation ends in quiescence rather then death. As evidence of this, the writer examines world health as an economic indicator and concludes that this does tend to verify Kindleberger's hypothesis that the U.S. is in decline. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Worldhlt.wps

Public Policy In The US, Europe And Japan : This 8 page paper considers two specific public policy issues, the extent of governmental control in health care funding, and the decentralization of education, and then relates the differences in the US, Europe and Japan relative to related public policy. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Pubpoli4.wps

Japanese/U.S. Relations : This 12 page paper examines the economic relationship between Japan and the U.S. in light of the Asian economic crisis. A historical view of the relationship is presented as well as a look to the future. Implications of the monetary crisis are discussed in detail. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Relwus.wps

NATO / The Role Of The United States : An 8 page overview of the history of NATO and the role of the United States. Stresses that the role of the U.S. in Europe and in NATO is critical to world peace. Bibliography lists 9 sources. NATOUSA.WPS

The Dayton Accord : A 10 page overview of the Dayton Accord, its history, implementation and current status. Stresses the importance of U.S. and NATO involvement. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Dayton.wps

Foreign Aid & Hunger : The subject of foreign aid is addressed in this 5 page paper which focuses on hunger around the world. Special attention is paid to the current problem in North Korea, as they face mass starvation due to recent flooding episodes. The paper supports U.S. foreign aid. Public opinion is noted as is the United States budget and its ability to help. Also cited are alternatives to handing out provisions. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Foreign.wps

Is Nationalism Pernicious ? : A 3 page paper that looks at the inherently pernicious nature of nationlism and the results that this has had in the now defunct Soviet Union as well as in the United States during the U.S. Civil War. In these two examples, warring factions based the development of the premise for war out of declarations of nationalism. Nationalism has led to divisions in the United States, and the breakdown of the entire political structure of the once USSR. Bibliography lists 2 sources. National.wps

Nationalism : This 5 page paper supports the concept of nationalism, particularly as it relates to the United States. Several examples are provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Usnation.wps

The Concept Of National Security In Today’s World : A 3 page research paper relating Arnold Wolfer's concept that "national security it an ambiguous symbol" to today's world. The concept is valid only if we expand the definiton of "national security" to those issues of concern today, e.g., environment health. Bibliography included. Natisecu.wps

James L. Sundquist & Parity Systems : A 12 page argument against Sundquist’s resolutions to the two-party divisiveness that is choking the United States’ political autonomy in today’s global world. The writer argues that while Sundquist’s reasoning is valid, his approach is not. Bibliography lists 7 references. Sundqust.doc

U.S. & Britain / Foreign Relations : The fact that the United States is an important factor in British foreign relations is argued in this 6 page paper.Several reasons for the phenomenon are explored including political and economic factors. The paper also stresses that the countries share a common history as well as similar values. The current state of the world is the focus of this 1998 paper which notes the implications of the recent Iraqi crisis and possible consequences of the euro after it is introduced. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Britus.wps

Canadian vs. US Foreign Policies : An 8 page political science paper comparing the foreign policies of Canada and the US. Though the basic ideology of the two countries has more similarities than differences, Canada is more willing to make exceptions in certain areas if those areas affect the good of the country. Examples used are: (1) Canada’s acceptance of Chile as an important trading partner after the US rejected Chile for NAFTA because of their political practices; (2) Canada’s support of including Romania in NATO over US objections but more because of secessionist rumblings in Quebec and France’s support of Romania; and (3) racial and educational discriminatory immigration policies that have caused tensions with the countries of origin. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Canus.wps

United States & Japan / Foreign Policy : The continuance of current Japanese-U.S. relations as likely is the premise of this 6 page argument. Several issues are explored including cultural differences, trade agreements, and the positions of both the United States and Japan in the new world order. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Japanus.wps

The Trouble With Treaties : This 5 page paper argues that treaties are generally worthless because they are too difficult to enforce. The SALT agreements are discussed. Iraq is used as a contemporary example. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Treaties. wps

Canada and the United States: "Uneasy Bedfellows" : A 7 page research paper on whether America will overtake Canada with its cultural imperialism. The writer explains that Canada has improved economically, and has a national identity that will keep it separate. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Canadaus.wps.

Cuba & Castro : Approximately 3 pages in length. Report discusses U.S.-Cuban Relations with emphasis on their relevance to Fidel Castro. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Cubacast.wps

U.S. Relations With Cuba Since The Monroe Doctrine : A 6 page research paper on how the history of these two nations has intertwined with the U.S. frequently playing a vital role in the Cuban government. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Uswcuba.wps

Cuba & The Normalization of Relations : A 7 page research paper in which the writer explains that we should normalize relations with Cuba because to do otherwise is unfair to American businesses who are eager to head over there. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cubarela.wps

The Cuban Missile Crisis & The Role Of John F. Kennedy : A 5 page examination of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the role of John F. Kennedy. Bibliography lists five sources. Cubanc.wps

John F. Kennedy As A Cold War Warrior : A 30 page research paper which examines Kennedy presidency from the viewpoint that Kennedy was the epitome of a Cold War combatant due to the aggressive stance he took with the former Soviet Union. The writer covers such topics as the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Berlin Wall, as well as the plotting by the Kennedy administration to have Castro assassinated. Bibliography contains 15 sources. Kencoldw.wps

Socio - Political Theories Behind The Cuban Missile Crisis & Vietnam : Social and political theories attempt to explain motivations behind executive decision making in this 10 page paper. Highlighted are the decisions reached by President John F. Kennedy during the 1960's in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Cubanam.wps

The American Invasion Of The Panama Canal (1989) : A 10 page paper that reflects upon the history of the Panama Canal leading up to the invasion, and also recognizes the implications of the invasion and treaties on the prospects for the future. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Panama.wps

Latin-American Foreign Policy During The Reagan Years : An article by Carothers on Latin American foreign policy is discussed in this 4 page analysis. Reag2.wps

U.S. Drug Policies & Latin America : This 45 page paper investigates the domestic and foreign drug policies of the United States. The paper traces the history of drug use and policies within the country, then looks at the policies in Latin America with an emphasis on Bolivia and Colombia. Drug production and trafficking are described as are the efforts of these two countries in decreasing the drug business. Criticisms regarding the U.S. drug policies are provided along with suggestions from experts regarding more effective policies the U.S. could adopt. Bibliography lists 39 sources. Drlatp.wps

Relations Between Colombia & the US: A 4 page paper discussing the effects of US involvement in the internal politics of Colombia. Colombia receives more US aid than any other country in the hemisphere, even though the Colombian government carries the worst human rights record in the Americas. Most of the aid is designated for anti-drug activity, but too much evidence consistently points to US military involvement in preserving a corrupt Colombian government. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Columus.wps

U.S./ Puerto Rico Relations : A 5 page paper that discusses how Puerto Rico is an iconoclastic synthesis of two governments--the imposed U.S. government and the remnants of the Spanish commonwealth that were in effect at the time the U.S. assumed control of the island in 1898. The paper explores these issues in light of legislative and judiciary branches, and by differentiating taxation and entitlements between Puerto Rican citizens and U.S. citizens. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Puerto.wps

The Iraq Crisis : A 5 page opinion essay that expresses Clinton’s potentially doomed idea of getting public support for invasion of Iraq. The writer provides a factual background for the reasons that Clinton would want to pursue military action vs. his adversaries—the U.N., Saddam, and U.S. citizens. Bibliography included. Crisiraq.wps

The Vietnam War & American Foreign Policy : A 10 page paper that considers the history of American foreign policy and demonstrates how policy in Vietnam was actually influenced by policies of the past. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Vietfp.wps

U.S. 20th Century Involvement In Indochina : A 6 page research paper addressing the war in Indochina and the subsequent peace treaty. A brief background of the war and its costs are given with the major points of the peace agreement. Changes in foreign policy since Vietnam are discussed. Bibliography is included. Indochi.wps

The United States & Vietnam -- Normalized Relations At Long Last ! : In this 16 page research paper, the writer examines the formal normalization of trade between the U.S. and Vietnam-- announced during the mid 1990's. The years leading upto this monumental event are described, statistical figures are analyzed, and the writer presents some of the issues that lie ahead-- concerned with whether or not lingering resentment will lead to greater social strife between the people of these two countries. Issues and other challenges to successful normalization are assessed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Vietnamr.wps

Palestinians, Reasons Behind Actions, & The Role Of The U.S. In the Problem : A 4 page essay that looks at the history and involvement of the United States in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Palest.doc

Israel / Continue Aid? : A 5 page overview on the debate and the facts behind the debate on whether to continue economic aid to Israel. The writer discusses this in terms of U.S. fiscal policy, U.S. international policy, and human rights issues. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Isrlaid.wps

Ongoing U.S. Investment In India : A 6 page paper that proposes that based on the human resources available, the amount of resource support India needs to improve its infrastructure, and what the U.S. could learn from India's fast-moving economic growth and improvement, the United States should continue to invest resources in India. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Indiaecn.wps

US - Soviet Foreign Relations / 1972 - 1991 : A 9 page paper covering the years 1972-1991 in US-Soviet relations. Paper is divided into 3 parts: 1972-1979; 1980-1985; 1985-1991. Bibliography lists12 sources. Ussoviet.wps

U.S. - Russian Relations / After The Cold War : A 3 page research paper exploring the necessity for the Presidents of the United States and Russia to continue meeting despite the end of the Cold War. The recent summit focused on expanding NATO, which Russia opposes, and further arms agreements. Bibliography included. Natoruss.wps

(The) Cold War : A brief, yet comprehensive 4 page historical overview of the Cold War. Report touches upon the struggle over German, the Korean War, and Nuclear treaties. Bibliography contains 4 sources. Coldwar2.wps (*see various other sections for other Cold War papers !)

The Decision To Send Troops To Bosnia : A 5 page paper discussing the ideological and motivational perspectives that influenced the U.S. decison to send troops into Bosnia. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Bosnia.doc

US Foreign Policy In Bosnia : A 7 page paper that provides an overview of US foreign policy in Bosnia, and provides a critical analysis of the actions taken in that region by the united states and their outcomes in recent years. Bibliography included. Bosnia2.doc

U.S. -- Central European Involvement : An 11 page paper discussing current US interest and policies for Central Europe--specifically Hungary, Poland and the Czech republic. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Ceneuro.wps

Diplomatic Immunity / Is there A Need To Rethink The Vienna Convention ? :
A 60 page paper that provides an overview of diplomatic immunity as it applies within the United States and for United States citizens in other countries. This paper reflects upon cases against diplomats having committed crimes in the United States, reflects upon the history and purpose of diplomatic immunity, considers the problem of abuses and the benefits inherent in this system of legal exclusion from prosecution, and then determines if there is a need to re-address the existing policies and legal statutes regarding its application. Bibliography lists 35+ sources. Dipimm.wps

Why the U.S. Should Have A More Protected Border With Mexico : A 20 page research paper which examines the various ramifications surrounding the issue of Mexican immigration. The writers look at the both sides of this issue before concluding that a protected border with Mexico is a regrettable, but nevertheless necessary requirement to stem the tide of illegal immigration and its resulting negative impact on the U.S. job market. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Meximmg.wps

The International Humanitarian Aid Network – Depending On Governmental And Non-Governmental Organizations : This 12 page report discusses non-governmental organizations and intergovernmental organizations, paying special attention to the United Nations and The International Committee of the Red Cross. Bibliography lists 12 sources. UNaid.wps

United States Nuclear War Policy : This 5 page paper argues against using nuclear weapons to end the threat of chemical and biological warfare. The 1997 situation involving Saddam Hussein is highlighted. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Grm1.rtf

U.S. Economic Policy And The Asian Economic Crisis : This 5 page paper provides an overview of President Clinton’s speeches during September of 1998 concerning economic issues. Some background information and follow up is included. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Clinasia.wps

Nuclear Tensions Between the U.S. and North Korea : A 20 page paper that presents the nuclear tensions between the United States and North Korea, past and present, and how these tensions have created ongoing economic sanctions against North Korea in the present, despite provisions of the Framework Agreement. This paper postulates a stalemate between the two countries and provides the reasons behind those stalemates. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Nkorea.wps

Civil Rights Violations in Burma : A 6 page paper describing the social and political ramifications of the civil rights violations currently taking place under the current dictatorship in Burma. The author considers the effects of these violations in regards to ethnicity, religion, and the economic status of companies currently doing business in Burma. Because of the current political climate and the effects that brutal troops have on the social climate, many foreign companies have decided to pull out of Burma. But this transition, along with proposed US sanctions, could have very negative effects on the citizens of Burma. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Burma.wps

Tibetan Refugees : A 6 page research paper that examines how Tibetan refugees have succeed in the difficult task of maintaining their ethnic identity and purpose while in exile. The importance of the Dalai Lama and other contributing factors are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Tibetan.wps

US / China Economic Relations : A 10 page paper research paper discussing the present status of US/China economic relations and considering past and present indicators that could impact the future of Sino-American trade. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Uschina.wps

U.S. Financial Foreign Policy and China : A 20 page research paper examining much of the phenomenal growth of China’s economy. There are three basic sections: overall Trade Policy, Foreign Investment Policy and Foreign Exchange Rate Policy. The trade policy section lightly discusses the WTO, of which China is not a member, but deals extensively with the ever-intense issue of renewing China’s Most Favored Nation status. The United States has growing numbers of business concerns within China’s borders, as some of our largest companies seek to take advantage of some of the lowest production costs in the world. Similarly, Taiwan has made the same sort of investment in China’s economy. As U.S. trade deficits show us reaching more of a balance with Taiwan, it is only a paper balance—many of the Taiwan products we import are actually produced now in China, and are called Chinese. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Chinapol.wps

Should the US Continue to Grant Most Favored Nation Trade Status to China? : An 8 page paper presenting the universalist’s argument that yes, the US should continue to trade with China under the most favorable conditions possible. The paper presents the conservative, and some say uncaring, view as described by economics scholars from the Brookings and Cato Institutes. Those who claim that human rights issues should be paramount are right, but the methods the most liberal would choose are economically misguided. As the paper argues and concludes, human rights issues are best served by keeping the freest form of trade possible with China, thereby not only keeping the country and their human rights issues in the world’s spotlight, but providing an economic basis with which to implement change, as well. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Favchina.wps

U.S. Imperialism & Japan : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of post-1945 imperialism in Japan. This paper demonstrates the reasons for US imperialism, the influences that the US involvement had on Japan and the relationship that developed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Usimp.wps

The Trade Conflict Between Japan and the United States : An in-depth, 10 page look at the sources and outcomes of U.S. trade conflict with Japan in modern history. Japantra.wps

Ending the Trade Conflict with Japan : 10 page report that provides an overview of the history, causes, and possible solutions to the United State's trade conflicts with Japan (as they specifically relate to the auto industry). Bibliography lists 12 sources. Japanaut.wps

Trading with Japan : A 6 page analysis of the Clinton administration's efforts to improve U.S. trade relations with Japan. The writer assesses all sides of the issue and proposes some degree of mutually-beneficial compromise between the two countries. Bibliography lists 5 supporting sources. Japanust.wps

Asian Financial Crisis And Effect On Regional International Relations : This 9 page report discusses the impact the financial crisis in Asia is having on its neighboring nations and how that has affected international relations. Also discussed is the IMF’s role in policy changes and the impact of those changes. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Asiancr.wps

Financial Market Efficiencies In Light Of Asian Crisis : This 4 page report discusses whether or not financial markets can still be regarded as efficient, especially in light of this year’s financial crisis in Asia. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Effiasian.wps

The Mexican Peso Crisis and Clinton's Bailout Plan : A 4 page look at the Mexican Peso crisis of the 1990's and some of the factors concerning President Bill Clinton's decision to bail Mexico out. A good overview of economic reasons for the devaluation of the Peso is provided and Clinton's plan is criticized based upon available economic research. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Peso.wps

The Mexican Peso Crisis / Did the U.S. Exhibit a Newfound Isolationism ? : In this 5 page essay, the writer examines what U.S. actions (or lack thereof) in responses to the Peso crisis might suggest about our post-Cold War foreign policy. The role of Congress, the President, and various other political factors are assessed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Peso2.wps

The Mexican Peso Crisis / Evaluation of Problem & Possible Solutions : This comprehensive 7 page overview provides a complete economic discussion of the Peso crisis in Mexico (1990's) and some of its implications. The writer discusses Mexico's markets of change, faltering economy, and lack of stability. A number of alternatives are presented and evaluated-- with recommendations being made for the best one. The paper concludes with an overview of methods to control the Peso's value. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pesocase.wps

NAFTA And The Transportation & Logistics Industry : A 9 page paper on this topic. The writer explores how NAFTA has impacted the railway and trucking industries, and affected trade with Mexico. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Naftatra.wps

Domestic Terrorism : A 17 page paper that provides an overview of domestic terrorism. This paper demonstrates that while current numbers of acts of domestic terrorism are decreasing, the magnitude and impacts of the acts that do occur are causing signficant loss of life and injury. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Domterr.wps

The First Amendment and Terrorism : A 14 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to applying First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and religion to organized terrorism. Bibliography lists 8 sources. 1amterr.wps

Terrorism & Terrorist Activity : In this 11 page research paper, the writer examines terrorist activity, frequency, statistics, etc; The paper focuses upon specific instances of terrorism and state, U.S., & World Policy towards terrorism in general. Counter-terrorism is explored as are methods being used to protect certain key targets. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Terorism.wps

Terrorism vs. The United States Of America : An 8 page paper on terrorist acts against the United States and U.S. policy against terrorism in general. Issues concerning state sponsorship, business as targets, and more are examined. (Similar to Terorism.wps). Bibliography lists 6 sources. Terrv2.wps

The Anti-Terrorism Act Of 1996 : A 7 page paper discussing the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act of 1996. What are its strengths and what are its weaknesses? Bibliography lists five sources. Antiter.wps

National Security & Constitutional Issues : This 8 page paper looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the American government as they relate to the pursuit of national security objectives. Highlighted is a discussion on scientific data as well as the effect of the Internet on the continuing struggle to achieve a balance between individual rights and the physical and financial well being of the nation. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Natsec.wps

U.S. Foreign Policy & The Caribbean : 5 pages critically analyzing U.S. policy in Central America. Reflecting upon two books cited in the bibliography, the writer finds that mistakes in foreign policy mainly arise from a general lack of agreement among decision makers. "Evidently, the Central American situation is a reflection, then, of disagreements that came into being during the War in Vietnam." Forepoli.wps

U.S. Foreign Aid in a Changing World : 19 pages in length. Primarily discussed is the changing role of foreign aid in promoting U.S. national interests. It is understood that post-Communist emerging markets and new political ideologies are presenting cause to change our traditional views regarding foreign assistance. A plan is described for the re-allocation of funds based upon relevant statistics, trends, and events cited in the research. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Foreigas.wps

International Policy Objectives : A 5 page essay answering the question of types and numbers of policy instruments necessary to attain the most advantageous position for the US economy, both domestically and internationally. Using Singapore as an example of a blend of a strong central government yet an economy based on totally free entrepreneurism, the paper concludes that (1) the government needs to allow businesses to operate as profitably as possible, with a tax structure that encourages investment, and (2) international trade barriers should be reduced to the lowest level possible. No bibliography. Policy.wps

U.S. International Relations / Trade & The Changing Middle East : A 7 page research paper in which the writer analyzes changes in the Middle East as they relate to the feasibility of trade in that region. U.S. trade and investment currently plays a critical role in promoting our foreign policy and national security interests in the Middle East. It is argued in this paper that this role has grown in importance as the Middle East peace process continues to move forward.--Some political reasons for this trend are analyzed as well. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Middleea.wps

Negotiating Sytles Of The US & The Kurds : A 5 page paper comparing and contrasting the negotiating styles of the US and the Kurds as they fight to attain autonomy for their country. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Uskurd.wps

North & South Korea / The Danger of Post Cold War Nuclear Arsenals :
A 14 page discussion of the post Cold War nuclear threat imposed by Korea and the socio-political events that have made North Korea so especially dangerous. The writer provides an excellent look at international politics and the problems the U.S. has faced with regard to nuclear proliferation. Great attention is paid to detail. Bibliography lists 11 scholarly sources. Korenuke.wps

Nuclear Proliferation & The Importance of U.S. Policy : 16 pages in length.
A detailed look at U.S. policy towards nuclear proliferation and how that policy has changed over the years. Emphasized is the fact that we must actually be more cautious now than ever before in the post-Cold War years. Current political issues, supply concerns, fear of nuclear asymmetry, etc; are examined. Proposals for multilateral arms control are assessed and recommendations for preventing the proliferation of nuclear arms in countries such as Iraq are presented. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Nukeprol.wps

The United States & Nuclear Nonproliferation Delay : A 5 page paper on nuclear nonproliferation, which advocates the current course of action taken by the U.S. as specified originally in December 1995 by Thomas McNamara, which is to place technological sanctions on countries purchasing black market nuclear and biochemical weapons and extend nonproliferation under the NPT based on the current unrest by new proliferating states. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Nonnuke.wps

Chemical & Biological Weapons / The American Approach : A 5 page research paper on the present state of chemical and biological weapons. This paper critically analyzes the need and use of chemical and biological weapons by countries of the world, with an emphasis on the policies of the United States. Bibliography lists 5 sources. ChemBioW.wps

Oil And U.S. Foreign Policy : An 8 page research paper on the historical and current impact of oil in determining U.S. foreign policy. The writer describes the history of oil and its importance to the U.S., the reasons oil impacts policy, and the current situation regarding foreign dependence on oil. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Forepoil.wps

Balancing Domestic and Foreign Policy : A 5 page paper that recommends a balancing of domestic and foreign policy through tax reform and trade policy changes. The paper is based on Joseph Nye's "Bound to Lead," and articles by Robert Reich and Paul Kennedy. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nye.wps

U.S. Involvement in Haiti : A comprehensive 10 page discussion of the U.S. involvement in Haiti during the early 20th century (1920's & 30's). Examined are the reasons we were there, the impact we had, and the way Haitian nationals viewed our presence. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Haiti.wps

Globalization : The concept is discussed primarily in relation to foreign policy in this 15 page paper. Many issues are addressed including economic concerns, social problems, environmental issues and foreign policy. The concept is defined as well as looked at in a historic context. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Globepol.wps

George Keenan’s "American Diplomacy"/ Foreign Policy : A 5 page paper on the issue of diplomacy and foreign policy within the Untied States. The past is addressed and the information provided is based on notions and thoughts produced by George Kennan’s book titled "American Diplomacy." Being discussed are the policy makers of the past, the wars that required this country’s involvement, and situations, past and present, in relationship to Russia. No additional sources cited. Kennan.wps

George Keenan’s "American Diplomacy" / Key Points : A 5 page overview of the book "American Diplomacy" by George Keenan. Outlines the importance of American decision making and diplomacy in the first half of this century. Relates the transition of this country from essential isolationism to one of world power. No additional sources cited. Keenan2.wps

William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick’s "The Ugly American" : In 5 pages, the writer discusses "The Ugly American" by William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick. The paper is essentially a critical analysis examining the authors’ main points and significance. The book itself focuses upon a personal relationship between two men that mirrors the relationship between their countries : the United States and Sarkhan, an emerging Southeast Asian state. No additional sources cited. Uglyamer.wps

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