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Sexual Behaviors of the Amazon People : An in-depth 5 page review of Thomas Gregor's book entitled "Anxious Pleasures : Sex Lives of an Amazonian People. Practices, myths, and various aspects are explored in great detail. Amazonsx.wps

Sexual Behavior
In 4 pages the author discusses human sexual behavior and compares and contrasts three methods for studying human sexual behavior. "Sexual behavior has been around since the beginning of time. The study of human sexual behavior, however, has only been done in the 20th century. During that time several methodologies have been used for the study of human sexual behavior." Bibliography lists 3 sources. Sexual Behsex.wps

Sexual Deviance / Changes In Perception & Definition Throughout Time: This 11 page paper looks at what constitutes sexual deviance and how those "measures" change with any given timeframe. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Sexdev.wps

Sexual Misconduct : This 6 page paper discusses the concept in terms of modern litigation. Cases include the Paula Jones allegation against President Clinton, the military case of adulterer Kelly Flinn, allegations by many women against Sgt. Delmar Simpson as well as a recent case involving homosexual advances which served to set a precedent. Definitions and guidelines are given for both sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. The recent Brown University controversy is used to demonstrate that there is a fine line between misconduct and acceptable sexual behavior. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Sexmis.wps

Stress & Its Effects on Fertility : 8 pages in length. Primarily a research paper on infertility and the significant role that stress plays in creating it. Various measures for reducing stress and increasing fertility are examined as are numerous case studies and relevant statistical data. Treatment methods are analyzed in great scientific detail. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Infertil.wps

Pornography / Sexual Slavery : A 4 page argumentative essay examining the controversy surrounding pornography. The writer discusses the negativity and danger of porn and argues against it from a social (not moral) perspective. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Pornogra.wps

DSM-IV Disorder - Sexual Dysfunctions In Men and Women : A 5 page research paper investigating specific aspects of this sexual dysfunction. Topics include: symptoms and definition according the DSM-IV, characteristics the clinicians must be concerned with before making the diagnosis, possible reasons for the condition and treatment alternatives. Orgdis.wps

The Female Breast in Historical Perspective : The subject is looked at in terms of biology, psychology, and culture in this 7 page paper. Modern American culture is compared to others around the world and issues such as breast feeding in public as well as laws which prohibit public nudity are discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Breast.wps

The Myth of Female Ejaculation : A 5 page essay in which the writer argues based upon research that the concept of "female ejaculation" is probably not a valid one. Evidently, it is more likely that during the excitement of orgasm some females who secrete in large amounts,might expel some of their natural secretion just from the physical vibrations of orgasm but this is not physical ejaculation in the definitive sense. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Femaleej.wps

Female Orgasmic Disorder : A 12 page study that presents the current literature and considers the impacts on treatment procedures. This paper provides an overview of diagnosis, and treatment options for one female subject. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Orgasm.wps

Should Women Fake Orgasms? : An eight page paper weighing the opinions of whether or not women should fake orgasms. The writer lists the pros and cons and reaches a final conclusion on the relative merits of faking. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Fakeorga.wps

Masturbatory Orgasmic Inadequacy : A 5 page essay that discusses Masters and Johnson's claim that this is an affliction that must be cured. The writer takes issue with the statement and points out that it is diametrically opposed to the opinions of Freud and is outside the range of most other sex therapists and "educators'' opinion regarding female orgasm. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Moi.wps

Orgasmic Dysfunction / Inability to Achieve Orgasm : This 5 page addresses the situation of a 30-year old woman who has never had an orgasm. The writer discusses the phonomenon, in general, which is not as uncommon as one might think and what specific sexuality theorists might suggest to help the woman. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Orgasmd.wps

Male Sexual Dysfunctions : A 5 page essay that discusses three specific penile conditions that cause pain and an inability to engage in sexual intercourse and one condition that causes low or no sperm count. The writer describes the condition and offers the preferred treatments, if any, for each. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Maledys.wps

Sexual Aversion Disorder & Treatment Options : A 12 page paper that considers the problem of sexual aversion disorder, reflects on studies in the current literature, and presents possible treatment and intervention techniques that have had demonstrated results. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Sexdis.wps

Sexaholics Anonymous vs Alcoholics Anonymous : This 12 page report discusses the Twelve Step programs that have been founded on the basis of the Alcoholics Anonymous program. The process, surrounding beliefs and the meetings of both AA and Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) are discussed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Alcsex2.wps

Aberrant Sexual Behaviors / Sexual Crimes : This 5 page paper defines and describes eight of the many aberrant and/or sexual crimes committed daily, including: incest, pederasty, pedophilia, statutory rape, child abuse and rape. Statistics regarding child sexual abuse and rape are also included as are discussions of these two specific crimes. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Abersex.wps

Child Sexual Abuse : A 5 page paper discussing different aspects of childhood sexual abuse. Topics include how sexual abuse is defined, incidence, effects on the victim as a child and adolescent and how those effects carry through to adulthood. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Chldab.wps

Pedophilia : A 10 page overview of the sexual orientation of pedophilia and the successes and failures of the various treatments. Emphasizes that although treatments are numeous and diverse, most all are ineffective. Examines pedophiles in the correctional system environment. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Pedophil.wps

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Sex / Physical, Psychological, Social : A 5 page research paper that discusses the topic subject especially in terms of the teenager and adolescent. The writer offers statistics that are alarming, to say the least, regarding the rise of HIV/AIDS among our adolescent population. Effects of alcohol on sexual performance as well as the effects of chronic use of alcohol are also discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Alcsex.wps

Venereal Diseases/Sexually Transmitted Diseases : A 5 page essay that discusses four of the many sexually transmitted diseases affecting Americans. The writer offers statistics on their occurrence, symptoms, causes and treatments of chlamydia, Human Papilloma Virus, Hepatitis B, and Genital Herpes. Bibliography lists 5 sources. STD.wps

Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy / Contributions : A 5 page paper discussing the contributions of specific theorists and practitioners in the field of sex therapy. Freud, Helen Singer Kaplan, Masters and Johnson plus the SAR process are discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Psychsex.wps

Censorship & The Sex Educator : A 5 page research paper that explores the question: should sex educators view or show sexually explicit films; is this necessary for them to do their job better? The writer takes the position that there is a distinction between sexually explicit films and pornography and discusses the difference and offers an opinion. Censored.wps

The Debate On How To Conduct Sex Education : A 22 page research paper that examines the national debate on how to conduct sex education. Religious and conservative factors feel that it should be ‘‘abstinence only,’’ that is, no information about contraception and other taboo subjects should be given. Broad-based sex education programs that distribute condoms represent the other end of the spectrum. The writer examines the scientific studies which have been done in order to determine which of the various forms of sex ed. is successful. Sexedu.wps

Sexual Identity : In 5 pages the author debates that a person's sexual identity is neither solely biologically nor socioculturally determined. There is a choice involved. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Sexid.wps

Sexually Transmitted Diseases : In 5 pages the author debates that not all of the focus of medical attention should be placed on HIV/AIDS, while forgetting about less threatening sexually transmitted diseases. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Sextrans.wps

Sexual Orientation & Humanitarian Rights : A 12 page paper that considers a comparison between humanitarian and human rights regarding sexual orientation, and evaluates the application of the UN charter in this area of concern in different regions of the world. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Sexualor.wps

"Outside the Family" / Views On Sex In American History : A 7 page review of textbook information presenting the 19th century’s history and development of sexual perceptions, the development of sexual utopias, and the creation of sexual commerce in the United States. This writer presents a number of major points and figures as they relate to the concepts of the nuclear family and to the formation of "sexual norms." No additional sources cited. Fam.wps

One Perspective On Female Sexuality : An 8 page paper discussing one woman’s perspective of female sexuality and sexual values. The author does not discuss right or wrong -- but simply her opinion. Bibliography lists five sources. Sexper.wps

Book Review / Being "Homosexual" : This well-known Richard Isay book is reviewed and critiqued in a 4 page essay. Isay offers information based on his 20 years of work as a psychologist and covers topics important for the adolescent who believes he may be gay as well as the man living a homosexual life. This writer questions one of his basic tenets, but overall believes this is a worthwhile book. Beinggay.wps

Book Review / "New Joy Of Gay Sex" : A 4 page review and critique of The New Joy of Gay Sex including a discussion of topics covered and warnings given regarding AIDS. Touted as a guide for adolescents the reviewer questions the motives of the authors. Newjoy.wps

Book Review / "The New Sex Therapy" : A 4 page essay offering a review and critique of Helen Singer-Kaplan's book, The New Sex Therapy: Active Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction. The writer believes Dr. Kaplan's book is helpful to both the professional and the lay person in that it offeres practical advice for treating and overcoming some of the most common problems in a couple's sex life. Newsex.wps

Book Review / Masters and Johnson's "Human Sexual Inadequacy" :
In 4 pages, this book is reviewed -- offering specific examples from the text, including their treatment process and requirements. This writer's critique suggests they presented honest data and presented their case in terms understandable language. Mastsex.wps

Book Review / "Erotic Mind" : In this 4 page review and critique of John Morin's "Erotic Mind," the writer suggests the purpose of the book is more for voyeurism than for any therapeutic reason. The book suggests all people have sex on their minds a great deal of the time and Morin just offers numerous examples of how people act on this. Eroticmin.wps

An Argument Against Involuntary Sterilization : A thorough 12 page analysis of the "pros" and "cons" of involuntary sterilization in which the writer argues against such a crude form of control. Various examples of biased race-engineering and incomprehensible experimentation are given to illustrate points made. Politics and various cultures are explored as well. Bibliography lists 5+ sources. Invoster.wps

An Argument for Monogamy : In this 5 page report, the writer makes an excellent argument for monogamy-- describing it in an historical context as actually outdating polygamy. The evolution of hunting societies and the imbalance of sexes in society are two of the many causal factors attributed to the unfortunate rise of polygamy. In great detail, the writer also explores social, medical, and economic reasons to promote monogamy. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Monogamy.wps

Monogamy & Polygamy: This 10 page paper examines the practices of monogamy and polygamy and concludes that monogamy is the best choice.
The conclusion comes after an examination of a variety of cultures that have allowed for multiple spouses. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Monopoly.wps

The State Of Marriage / Monogamy vs. Polygamy : This 10 page paper looks at the concept through a variety of cultures around the world. The prevalence of both forms of marriage is discussed in relationship to each particular geographic region. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Monopoli.wps

Human Fertilization & Reproduction / What Happens At The Cellular Level ? : A 9 page explorationof the biological mechanisms involved in reproduction and fertilization. Emphasis is on the human reproductive system and fertilization of the human ova. Bibliography lists five sources. Humfert.wps

Reproductive Technology / Parenthood or Propriety? : A 5 page paper outlining the major ethical issues dealing with reproductive technology and modern medicine. Some of the technologies discussed include in vitro fertilization, surrogate motherhood, etc; The writer takes the view of the protagonist: these medical breakthroughs should be used by those people unable to have children naturally. Bibliography lists 4 sources Invitro.wps

Assisted Fertilization and Its Legal Implications : A 10 page paper that examines the various kinds of assisted fertilization. The writer discusses the legalities of the different aspects, and the trend toward the future. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Fertilre.wps

The World’s First Test Tube Baby : A 7 page paper on the test tube baby and how the project has since contributed to the modern science of cloning and DNA technology. The paper discusses the various methods for in vitro fertilization and how this has led to the development of life-saving medicines and the recent birth of the Kansas City septuplets. The paper also discusses some of the ethical objections. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Testube.wps

Why There Should be Comprehensive Sex Education in Schools :
An 8 research paper that examines the growing trend in the U.S. toward abstinence-only sex education. The writer argues that these programs are ineffective and bad public policy that actually endangers adolescents rather then coping with the problems of teen pregnancy and the rate of STDs. Bibliography lists 6 sources. NeedSexE.wps

Sex Education Needs To Change : This 8 page paper investigates the controversy surrounding sex education programs. In recent years, there has been a push to change the curriculum to one that focuses on abstinence rather than on contraception. Statistics regarding teen pregnancy, the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases in the teen population are provided. Conclusions are drawn regarding the success of both comprehensive sex education programs and those that promote abstinence. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Educhan.wps

Sex Education, Post-Myocardial Infarction : A 10 page paper that looks at the unique counseling alternative for this subject in the nursing field. The writer compares the theories of Imogene King and Betty Neumann, and is written in support of King's theories in regard to changing self-image for the individual and related interpersonal relationships (e.g., spouse, SO, family). The paper provides a fictitious process record based on application of King's theories. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Myocard.wps

Breast Implants : 10 pages discussing and comparing the dangers between saline and silicone breast implants. Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Breastim.wps

Dow Corning’s Breast Implants : A 5 page report on the debate surrounding the use of silicone gel breast implants. Ralph Nader involved himself in the controversy in 1988. Since then, various groups have come forward with comments: consumer groups in favor of the implants, consumer groups in opposition to the implants, attorneys, insurance companies, plastic surgeons, and even Congress. That there have been problems with the implants is a point that no one contests. The issue at the core of the debate is whether silicone migrating to other areas of the body truly is, as was originally thought, biologically inert, or whether it contributes to some hidden reaction. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Implants.wps**BUSINESS ETHICS

Female Circumcision & Genital Mutilation : Approximately 6 pages in length. Paper discusses issues concerning female circumcision/genital mutilation. Cultural reasons and medical/health effects are examined. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Femaleci.wps

Ritualistic Female Mutilation : A 9 page essay on the practice of female genital mutilation considered traditional in many parts of Africa. Though not as prevalent in the cities, the estimated numbers of girls subjected to the ritualistic surgery, normally without the benefit of anaesthesia, is between 90 and 94 percent. When researchers ask why the mutilations are performed, the standard reply is that it is tradition, or (more rarely) that it enhances beauty. Native women are working with villagers to help end the practice, trying to help them see that not only is this surgery unncessary, it is also physically and psychologically damaging for a life time. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Mutilate.wps

Sexual Development : A 7 page paper on the devolpment of human beings and the gender roles we are given at birth. The paper delves into the psychology of what sexual development is and what impact does it have on every child’s life. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Sexual.wps

Human Sexuality from a Philosophical Perspective : A 6 page research paper that defines the broad interpretations of human sexuality and traces the interpretation of ethical behavior from the time of the ancient Greeks to the present day. The philosophies of Socrates, Epicurus, and others are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Humansex.wps

Bisexuality / The Social and Psychological Aspects : A 9 page paper outlining bisexuality. Provides a definition of bisexuality and both a historical and contemporary overview of the phenomena. Discusses studies which point to homosexulity and bisexuality as being a normal and acceptable part of human behavior from a biological and historic standpoint. Bibliography lists seven sources. Bisex.wps

Is Homosexuality in the Genes ? : A 12 page paper in which the writer explores homosexuality from a biopyschosocial perspective. Explored are the definitive roots of homosexuality, changing psychiatric opinions over time, and most importantly,-- recent breakthroughs which suggest that people's sexuality may be the result of their genetic predisposition. Numerous examples and statistical data are provided. Bibliography lists 8+ sources. Homogene.wps

Homosexuality Is NOT Genetic / Argument : A 6 page argumentative paper supporting the theory that recent genetic findings cannot displace years of documented support for the behavioral determinants of sexual identification. The writer contends that the many discrepancies in the findings of Hamer and his colleagues leads scientists, sociologists and psychologists to continue to support the concept that homosexuality is determined through behavioral choices, not through genes. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Homosexu.wps

Sexual Abstinence & The Adolescent : 12 pages offering methodologies for helping adolescents to achieve sexual abstinence. Using various documented studies, the writer offers a balance approach, a realist approach, and so forth. Also included is a realistic socio-psychological perspective on love and sex for adolescent. Bibliography lists 10 comprehensive sources. Abstinen.wps

Prevalence Of Psycho-Social Determinants In Sexual Motivation & Behavior : A 15 page paper that considers the topic of human sexual motivation and uses relevant research to support the fact that gender-based perceptions of the prevalence of biological determinants for sexual motivation for men has been exaggerated in the past. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Sexmot.wps

Television’s Effects Upon Sexual Behavior : A 7 page research paper exploring the effects of television on sexual behavior. The writer focuses upon the changes in adolescent sexual activity. Specific documented examples of youngsters mimicking acts they had seen on television or in the movies are given. The thesis of the paper is essentially that, "Yes, television does, in fact, impact the degree of sexual activity among adolescents." Bibliography is included. Tvsex.wps

Mandatory Testing for HIV - AIDS / Unacceptable : A 6 page paper describing the consequences of such a proposal. Social, health, and government issues are described. Also, some attention is put on testing for newborn babies. The thesis is that mandatory testing would only bring more problems and not solve the ones already in existence. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mandtest.wps

Young Adults / Behaviors & Attitudes towards HIV/AIDS : A 5 page research paper exploring the affects of AIDS education on young adults ages 18-24. The writer attempts to show that many young adults who participate in risky sexual behavior are not uneducated about the possibility of exposure to HIV. There are also a number of other factors that influence peoples choices around risky behaviors, including the use of drugs and alcohol. The writer cites a number of sources that support the idea that excessive alcohol consumption increases risky behaviors. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Aidyoun.wps

Young Adult / Behaviors & Towards HIV/AIDS # 2 : This 5 page paper is filled with statistical data and analysis of young adult attitudes towards HIV/AIDS. It is posited that in spite of the mass efforts being made to educate society, people are still knowingly-- and foolishly-- participating in high-risk, unprotected sexual behaviors. Bibliography lists 5+ sources. Aidsyou2.wps

Sexual Behavior & Attitudes Of Unmarried College Students : This insightful 5 page report examines the realistic sexual behaviors of college students (approx.. ages 18-24) and the reasons that AIDS education efforts simply aren't scaring them enough. Even though today's younger generation has assigned more "values" to sex than the older, "hippie" generation, they still very often fail to protect their lives while having sex. Various profiles and psycho-sexual scenarios are provided to illustrate points made. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Sexbehav.wps

Sexual Behavior & Attitudes Of Unmarried College Students # 2 : In light of the AIDS epidemic and current efforts to teach the public about the dangers of unprotected sex, one would think that college students would be the group most apt to indulge only in safe sex. Wrong ! This 4 page paper presents a realistic look at the behaviors of young adults in college and how, with the threat of deadly disease lurking between the sheets, they still continue to practice sex without using condoms. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Sexbeha2.wps

Sexual Behavior & Attitudes Of Unmarried College Students # 3 : 4 pages in length. In this essay, the writer examines a wealth of statistical information concerning condom use and attitudes towards HIV/AIDS among college students. While some of the data does indeed point to the fact that this unique population is finally practicing safer sex, there is still cause for alarm as more than 50% are not. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Sexbeha3.wps

Sexual Behavior & Attitudes Of Unmarried College Students # 4 : 5 pages in length. College students, like all humans, subconsciously believe that they are immortal. It is for this reason that they are not practicing safe sex nearly as much as they should. In essence, their sexual behaviors are really not much different than those of generations before them, they are just met by a different, and admittedly more severe threat. Consequently, college students acknowledge the health risks of sex but only to the same degree that a smoker remains aware of the health risks of their own potentially-deadly habit. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Sexbeha4.wps

Sexual Behavior & Attitudes Of Unmarried College Students # 5 : In this 4 page report, the writer examines Generation X's attitude towards sex. Left over from previous generations, young adults of the late 20th century believe that sex is a fundamental right... They also fail to protect themselves properly from the threat of HIV/AIDS..Examined are some of the reasons for this phenomenon and how the views of an older, married generation may tie in. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Sexbeha5.wps

The Problem Of Teenage Pregnancy : A 3 page essay on problems associated with teen pregnancy including emotional, financial, and social considerations. The writer focuses upon some of the reasons teen pregnancies occur so frequently with mention of which measures may or may not be effective in curtailing the problem. Teenpreg.wps

The Problem Of Teenage Pregnancy # 2 : A 5 page paper on the problem of teen pregnancy, its prevalence, relevant demographics, etc; The writer is particularly concerned with socioeconomic reasons why the problem occurs so frequently in the African-American community. Implications of the problem for children, parents, schools, etc; are discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Teenpre2.wps

The Problem Of Teen Pregnancy # 3 : The implications of teen pregnancy are explored in this 5 page report. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Teen.wps

The Problem Of Teen Pregnancy # 4 : An 8 page paper about teen pregnancy in the U.S. It discusses the various causes of teen pregnancy; how it effects parents, children, and society in general; and offers statistics and possible solutions on how to bring about change. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Teenpr.wps

The Problem Of Teen Pregnancy # 5 : The problem of teen pregnancy and its solutions are explored in this 7 page paper. The existing programs do not work so new abstinence based programs should be implemented; additionally, based on a study, volunteerism apparently lowers incidence of teen pregnancy. Thus, sex education and community based programs should be combined to reduce adolescent conceptions. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Teenp.wps

Teen Pregnancy : This 8 page overview discusses the problem of teen pregnancy and what can be done about it. Solutions on both ends of the political spectrum are addressed. Statistics are provided. Bibliography lists 8 sources Pgteen.wps

Teen Pregnancy : An 8 page research paper that examines the ongoing social problem of teen pregnancy. The extent of the problem and some relevant, but often overlooked facts such as the fact that many of males involved in this problem are not teenagers, but adult men, are discussed as well as preventative measures that have been suggested. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Pregteen.wps

The Effects of Teenage Pregnancy : A 5 page research paper that examines the long-term effects of teenage pregnancy. The writer outlines the negative cost to the mothers, the infants, and to society as a whole and does a brief review of the current literature before concluding that sexual knowledge should be made more readily available in a form and at an age to reach young people when they need it. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Pregeff.wps

Teen Pregnancies Among Hispanics : A 5 page paper on the rising incidence of pregnancy among Hispanic adolescents. The writer examines the possible reasons behind this growth and gives a suggested solution. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hisppreg.wps

Teen Pregnancy / A Possible Intervention Model : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the essential elements that can be related in a sample intervention model for the problem of teen pregnancy. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Teenp2.wps

Teen Pregnancy and Prevention Programs : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of the social and educational programs proposed as prevention models for teen pregnancy and then evaluates them in terms of outcomes. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Teenprev.wps

Margaret Sanger : In 5 pages, the writer discusses Margaret Sanger. She had an important role in establishing "Planned Parenthood", which has had an impact on today's society. She felt that women, particularly poor, lower class women, should be able to use birth control methods and be taught about sexual reproduction and contraception in general. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Sanger.wps

Margaret Sanger : This 5 page paper provides biographic data on Margaret Sanger with emphasis on her social work. Sanger is a well known pioneer but controversial figure in the birth control movement. Accusations of racism are addressed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Msanger.wps

Legal Enforcement & Sex : An 8 page research paper expressing the view that the government has better laws to enforce than laws designating the appropriate bedroom activities of married and consensual adults. The writer approaches this essay from several viewpoints including human nature, the U.S. justice system, effects on heterosexual and homosexual couples, the sex industry, and the reasons behind legislation. The writer expresses the further opinion that protecting children should be the only concern of enforcement, not creating civil and criminal wars between adults. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sexlegal.wps

Consensual Sex & The Aberrations of Law : A 7 page research essay postulating that laws governing private, consensual sexual practices between adults are immoral. The writer argues this thesis on a definition of "deviant" sexual definitions in the U.S. and how the criminalization of sexual practices leads to prostitution, the black market, and the prosecution of innocent citizens. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Devsex.wps

Right to Privacy / Sexual Conduct : An 8 page research paper on the legislative basis of right to privacy in the United States. The writer posits that the right to privacy is guaranteed under the Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment, but that discrimination policies continue abound at the federal and state level, and the certainty of the right to privacy in communications is still subject to debate and interpretation. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Privsex.wps

Sex and the Elderly : A 5 page paper discussing the various sexual realties that face the elderly today. While most individuals believe that the elderly experience far more sexual feelings than younger people, this is not necessarily the case as studies show. While it is true that normal changes do occur, which effect sexuality issues, these issues are not nearly as dramatic as society would have us believe. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Eldersex.wps

Popular Culture / Sexuality In Prime Time Television : 5 pages in length. Sex sells big, and television executives are the first to cash in on the potential draw of prime time television sexual content. However, there exist underlying considerations of this popular culture with regard to the negative side that such entertainment produces, from degenerating morals to low self-image. The writer identifies how prime time sexuality has negatively affected society, demonstrates how other journalists have reported on the issue, proposes a study and discusses its outcome. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Popsex.wps

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Nutrition & Exercise

Aerobics & Health : 2 pages on Aerobics and the factors that make this particular form of exercise so healthy. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Aerobics.wps

Changes For Healthy Living
: A 2 page overview of general ways to improve the health profiles of Americans. The standard practices of eating right, getting enough sleep and exercising are included, but the paper stresses that they all must be done routinely and over a long period of time in order for the individual to realize their full effects. The paper also mentions taking advantage of public health screenings for cost savings and convenience. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Healthy.wps

Stage IV (Delta) Sleep
: 5 pages in length. Sleep is essential to life; it is one of several components, including food and water, that keep the living being alive. However, a great many of the human population have considerable difficulty reaching and maintaining Stage IV within their sleeping pattern, the stage that allows the mind and body to fall into a deep and restorative sleep. This paper will offer some insight through suggested experiments as to the function of Stage IV, as well as attempt to understand its purpose. Bibliography lists 4 sources. StageIV.wps

Nutrition and Athletic Performance
: A 5 page research essay exploring the role of nutrition in athletic performance. Discussion includes the value as well as potential detrimental effects of fat and carbohydrate loading, hydration, vitamins and minerals. Suggestions given regarding intake of these elements. Bibliography includes 6 references. Athletes.wps

Physical Activity and Stroke Prevention
: A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the current literature regarding strokes and the impact that physical activity can have on improving the risk for this health problem. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Stroke.wps

Endorphins, Exercise & Pain
: A 7 page study proposal on the relationship of endorphin release to the perception of pain. The writer theorizes that vigorous exercise helps lessen non-exercise related pain, and outlines a detailed research proposal for proving this. Bibliography lists five sources. Endorph.wps

Exercise & Anxiety
: An 8 page research paper exploring the relationship between exercise and anxiety. The writer begins by offering operational definitions, the results of a literature search and concludes with a summary and recommendations for further research. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Exercise.wps

Exercise-Induced Asthma
: A 6 page paper on the causes of asthma and its relationship to exercise. Main focus is on yourth sports in schools. Subjects covered include: medications, alternative treatments (warm-ups, masks/scarves, swimming for cardiovascular and strength training, relaxation), and what school coaches and parents in combination can do to help young athletes. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Exasthma.wps

Asthma’s Effects on Lung Function
: This 5 page paper addresses diagnosis and treatment of the disease in terms of lung function. The healthy lung is examined in order to explain its reaction during acute asthma episodes. Possible long term consequences of the disease and treatment, as it pertains to the lungs, are examined. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Asthlung.wps

The Human Respiratory System & Intense Exercise
: A 4 page paper on the human respiratory system. The writer covers how the system works, the lungs' capacity for holding air, and that which specifically takes place during inhalation and exhalation. Applying these principles, the paper then attempts to solve whether the human respiratory system acts as a hindrance during intense exercise. It is concluded that the load on the respiratory muscles has only a minor role in the regulation of ventilation during heavy exercise. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Respsyst.wps

Bodybuilding vs Casual Weight Lifting / The Creation of a Subculture
This 20 page paper considers the issue of whether bodybuilding has actually become a subculture in the United States. This paper presents a proposal for a research study and outlines the current literature reflecting the differences between bodybuilders and casual weight lifters as a means of supporting the hypothesis of the developed bodybuilding subculture. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Bodybu.wps

Muscle Strain / Causes, Prevention & Treatment
: A 10 page analysis of the causes of muscle strain, prevention and treatment. The writer presents this information by analyzing current medical literature on the subject and compares the causes, prevention methods and treatments for professional athletes vs. non-athletes. The paper includes two appendices, incorporating five tables of research results and drugs used to treat muscle strain in the U.S. and Canada. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Msclstrn.wps

Muscle Strength and Running Speed
: A 22 page thesis that supports the correlation between muscle strength and increased running speed for non-professional athletes in a 50 meter sprint. The writer goes into great detail and examines in-depth research in this model. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Running.wps

Leg Strength & Muscle Mass In Football Linemen
: A 30 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to leg strength, muscle mass, and strength training to increase performance in football linemen. This paper considers the models and results presented in a number of articles and outlines the effective strength and conditioning program directed by Purdue University. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Linemen.wps

Gender Differences in Muscle Strength
: Scientists, physical therapists, and physicians have considered the nature of human strength and debated the efficacy of claims that men are inherently stronger than women. This 5 page review of the current literature reflects the findings of a number of research studies that present common and sometimes conflicting views on this issue. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Gendmusc.wps

Russian Electro Stimulation / Another Form of Electrical Muscle Stimulation
A 5 page paper that provides an overview of Russian Electro Stimulation as a form of muscular massage. This paper demonstrates the benefits of this technique for athletes and non-athletes alike. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Electst.wps

America’s Eating Habits / Have We Really Improved
? : A 6 page paper that considers the transformation of American eating habits from the 1950s and suggests that though the nation is focusing on healthier eating, it can also be argued that poor habits have been hard to break. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Eatingha.wps

Are We Really Leading More Health-Conscious Lifestyles
? : A 3 page paper that demonstrates a given argument and then considers how well it is reasoned and how substantial the claims are within the text of the argument. It has been argued that while there appears to be a greater level of concern for "health conscious" lifestyles in the United States in recent years, that there is evidence that this focus is actually a myth. No bibliography. Lifestyl.wps

Mexican - Americans & Nutritional Adaptation
: A 5 page paper discussing the nutrition problems and adaptation in the American life. Also looks at the living / eating habits and the general problem they have adapting to American life. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mexia2.wps

Binge Eating & A.D.D
. : An 8 page literature view mildly comparing Binge eating to A.D.D. Writing is fairly technical. Bibliography lists approximately 20 sources.

Food Addiction / The Body Knows
: A 3 page paper illustrating aspects of food addiction. Written as a narrative, the paper mentions many of the points of blame food addicts assign to their condition—mother was always heavy, too; everyone says it’s only a matter of will power. But there are other, less obvious reasons some people eat without even being aware of it. Some of it can be habit, but it’s also a reaction to stimuli that often are negative or a poor self image that needs physical reinforcement. There are organizations to help, just as there are for that one addicted to alcohol, but food is an insidious thing. The alcoholic can simply resolve never to drink again. The food addict is forced to relearn (or learn) why and when to eat. Bibliography lists 1 source. Foodadd.wps

Cholesterol Intake / Media vs. Reality
: Approximately 4 pages in length. Essay explores the disparities between different mediums and how they assess/discuss the problems of cholesterol and fat intake. Good reference for those studying health/nutrition topics- but also those learning about certain aspects of the media. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Choleste.wps

Fat-Free Foods & Weight Gain
: A 6 page paper examining issues related to the consumption of sugar based fat-free foods and weight gain. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Fatfree.wps

Calories vs. Fat As Causes Of Chronic Disease
: This argumentative 5 page research paper examines the issue of any relationship that might exist between total fat calories and chronic disease as well as the recent research which suggests that it is the types of fatty foods and acids which play a greater role in the advancement of chronic diseases like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and kidney disease. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Fatcalor.wps

Olestra / How Safe is Fake Food
? : A 6 page research paper which looks at the controversy surrounding the use of this fat-substitute in producing snack foods. Olestra is a manufactured compound that can be used to replace regular cooking oil. Because it has molecules which are too large to be absorbed by the body, it provides the taste of regular fat without any of the calories. Zero fat, zero calories, but does it equal zero nutrition? The writer outlines the pros and cons of this issue with the conclusion that moderation in its use is the tactic which makes the most sense. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Olestra.wps

The Benefits Of Being a Vegetarian
: In this 8 page research paper, the writer documents some of the more healthy aspects of a vegetarian diet-- arguing that even though we may not all want to follow such a "strict" plan-- adhering to certain key aspects of vegetarianism can be most helpful indeed. Discussed are : the health risks & problems associated with eating meat, foods consumed by vegetarians, and common vitamins / minerals that we all need to include in our diet. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Vegetari.wps

Nutritional Value Of Fruits And Vegetables / How Long Does It Last
? :
This 6 page report discusses the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables and how it changes as the item ages and how researchers have determined the effectiveness of various nutrient factors. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Nutfruit.wps

How Vitamins Fight Cancer
: 9 pages in length. Vitamins have long been touted as cancer-fighting agents when supplemented with an already vitamin-rich diet. Their effects on abating symptoms and even arresting various cancers have been studied with great interest over the past several years. The writer addresses both the skepticism and optimism of vitamin therapy with regard to the fight against cancer. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Vitcanc.wps

Vitamins & Their Benefit
: In this 12 page research paper, the writer discusses vitamins, the functions of specific vitamins, recommended dietary allowances, how vitamins can help the sick, vitamins as anti-oxidants and more. The role that vitamins play in physical fitness /body-building is presented as well. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Vitamins.wps

The Atkins' Diet Revolution
: 12 pages in length. The Atkins diet has been a bestseller in America in both its 1972 and its most recent incarnations. It consists primarily of high-protein, no or low carbohydrate intake. This report looks at its successes, problems, and compares it to other diets. No bibliography. Atkins.wps

Dangers of Dieting
: A 5 pager paper that explores the medical dangers of diet fads, including anorexia, bulimia and diet drugs such as Fen-Phen and Redux. The paper also explores the psychological and societal influences behind dangerous diet fads. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Dietdang.wps

Weight Watchers 1998
: A 5 page paper discussing the program and the different types of plans available for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Included is a brief history of the company. Bibliography lists 5 sources. WeightW.wps

Pop Culture's Influence On The Use Of Diet Drugs
: This 12 page paper looks at the effects of pop culture on body image. The negative influence of the media enhances a booming diet drug industry. Many subjects are addressed including the recent Fen-phen controversy and differences in body image by race and sex. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Dietdrug.wps

Degenerative Diseases Caused by the Modern Diet
: A 12 page discussion of problems in the modern American / Western diet and the degenerative diseases caused by them. Certain cancers, gout, osteoporosis, and more are noted as being caused by specific nutritional deficits, high fat foods, excess protein, and more. Several studies are cited. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Diet.wps

Population Dynamics Of Northern Ecosystems In Relation To Nutrient Application / A Research Proposal
: A 7 page examination factors which influence the ecological structure of northern ecosystems, one of which is nutrients such as those observed with the application of treated domestic wastewater. Outlines a proposal for evaluating the effects of nutrients on ecosystem dynamics. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Popdyn.wps

The Ethics Of Artificially Provided Nutrition
: A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to artificially provided nutrition and hydration as they relate to the rights of patients and their families. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Artnut.wps

Fighting Cancer / Natural Preventions and Herbal Remedies
: A 13 page research paper on some of the more common alternative herbal (and other natural) preventions & remedies for cancer. High fiber diets and the use of Echinacea, Goldenseal, Ginsea, Cayenne, and many others are discussed and the evaluated with regard to their effectiveness and side effects (if any). A section is devoted to warning us about some of the more dangerous remedies that exist. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Herbalre.wps

Healing Nutritional Approaches to Common Health Problems
: A 15 page paper on Dr. Wright's Book of Nutritional Therapy. The writer details the premise of the book, the case studies involved, and information on using diet and supplements to improve health and prevent illness. There is no bibliography. Healnutr.wps

The Relationship Between Excercise & Hypertension
: A 10 page paper that describes the correlation between excercise and reduction in propensity for hypertension. There is a link between weight, cardio-vascular health and excercise that directly impacts hypertension, and literature and studies support the belief that weight reduction and increased cardio-vascular health through excercise can demonstrate decreases in the occurance and reoccurence of hypertension in adults. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hyperten.wps

Nutrition Labeling / Compiled Research & Analysis
: 14 pages worth of article reviews and critical analysis of issues concerning nutrition labeling laws and the way they're reported in the media. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Please send us e-mail for more information before ordering this file. Nutlabe2.wps

The Obesity Problem in America
: A 9 page research paper on the overweight & obesity problem in America. Examined are the causes of the excess weight problem, dieting trends, and the "sensible approach" to understanding and being overweight (explaining the hereditary factor, etc;). Acceptance of one's weight, willingness to exercise, and commitment to low-fat foods are stressed as the key elements in being healthy-- both psychologically and physically. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Overweig.wps

The Challenge Of Losing Weight
: A 7 page essay exploring the challenge of losing weight. The writer’s own steps in losing weight are recounted as is research regarding weight loss techniques. Things "to do" and things "not to do" are discussed in detail. The writer concludes with a new plan to change eating habits rather than ‘diet.’ Bibliography includes 5 references. Losewate.wps

Community Intervention Nutrition Programs
: This 7 page report examines programs in place for food assistance, how the programs work and what more needs to be done to assist children from low-income areas. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Nutprog.wps

Sleep Benefits
: A 3 page research paper on the importance of sleep to the health of mind and body—and for others around you. Ideas discussed include physical and mental health, immune system, and road safety. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Sleepben.wps

Sleep Deprivation
: A 9 page paper examining the growing trend in the United States that leads to many people suffering from sleep deprivation. A description of the condition is included, which illustrates the various problems associated with this condition. The main reasons people suffer from sleep deprivation today are primarily due to voluntary behavior patterns. Naps are described as a temporary solution to the problem. Essentially, however, nothing can truly replace the much needed full night’s sleep. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Sleepdep.wps

Markets For Hydroponic Produce
: This 8 page essay discusses hydroponic lettuce. First, a brief background is provided which includes the reasons hydroponics are not well-thought of in the United States. A marketing plan is offered which identifies the benefits of hydroponically grown lettuce, potential markets, the benefits to those customers, and finally, strategies are offered for enticing them to purchase the product. Hydropon.wps

Instructional Methods for Physical Education
: A 5 page detailed discussion of new methods for teaching phys. ed. to children. Research studies concerning factors that influence a child's level of interest in gym class are explicated as are some of the reported reasons for their dislike of it. The role of the physical educator and some goals for success are outlined. Bibliography lists approximately 8 sources. Physed.wps

Personal Evaluation of Physical Fitness
: 5 pages worth of author's own evaluation of his physical condition at the time of writing, five years prior, and predictions for five years into his future. Please write to us for more details. No Bibliography. Fitness.wps

Physical Education / Effects on Children's Health
  : A 14 page research paper exploring studies regarding children's level of fitness, health status, and whether or not physical education exercise improves their health. Educational studies have been conducted on the effects of exercise and physical education since the 1950s, yet, despite the results of the studies, PE programs are historically reduced or eliminated as costs rise and budgets shrink. Is this practice in the best interest of the children? Is there evidence of sufficient gains to warrant a cry from the public to retain, and in fact, to improve physical education programs? The writer of this paper offers research suggesting this is exactly what should happen. Specific research studies are described with statistics regarding the health problems already showing up in children of all ages. Bibliography included. Pehealth.wps

Rollerblading / An Overview
: A 6 page paper on in-line skating that includes discussion of safety issues, including industry and community response, reference to training manuals, stats on numbers of people skating, endorsements from enthusiasts and traditional bureaus, and a section on why adults skate. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Rollerbl.wps

Swimming / One The World's Oldest, Most Popular Physical Activities
A 5 page report on swimming today & in history. The writer discusses different ztechniques, strokes, & styles, while pointing out which ones are not recognized by the F.I.N.A. Olympic competition and rules for entry are examined as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Swimming.wps

Anorexia Nervosa
: A 5 page paper on anorexia discussing occurrence, frequency, onset, the relationship between MHPG and depression in patients with anorexia, psychosocial development, and more. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Anorexia.wps

Factors Contributing To The Incidence Of Anorexia Nervosa
: A 12 page paper discussing cognitive and cultural factors which affect development of anorexia nervosa . Bibliography lists 17 sources. Anxi.wps

Bulimia / A Closer Look
: A 7 page paper on the most common eating disorder. The paper defines bulimia in the context of other eating disorders, discusses who is affected, how bulimia affects its sufferers’ health and lifestyle, and looks at possible psychological and physiological reasons for it. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Bulimia.wps

Women and Eating Disorders
: 11 pages in length. Discusses frequency of eating disorders in women. The writer examines causes, prevention, treatment, and compares Anorexia Nervosa with Bulimia. Statistics and case examples are provided throughout. Bibliography lists 17+ sources. Eatngdis.wps

The Short & Long Term Effects Of Eating Disorders
: A 5 page paper that considers both short and long term effects of untreated eating disorders. This paper demonstrates both physical and psychological effects and then suggests the problems that are posed to treatment teams when these individuals finally seek help. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Eating2.wps

Binge Eating Disorder
: 5 pages in length. Unlike the eating disorder of bingeing and purging, where the person induces vomiting or ingests large amounts of laxatives in order to get rid of the food, bingeing is a psychological disorder that manifests itself by loss of control. Food, being the commodity of which the sufferer has lost complete control, becomes more of an enemy than an inanimate object. Rather new to the long list of established eating disorders, binge eating is said to affect millions of Americans. Persons afflicted with this disorder are not immediately recognized, because they are quite masterful at hiding their actions. The writer discusses binge eating disorder. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Bingpurg.wps

Eating Disorders / Anorexia & Bulimia
: A 20 page paper discussing the conditions of anorexia and bulimia from many different aspects. Anorexia and bulimia are the most widely recognized of the eating disorders that many girls and young women experience in America today. There are many psychiatric and psychological reasons behind these problems and a large portion of this paper is devoted to a literature review which examines the many theories prevalent today. The final analysis is that these are conditions which vary considerably, and while they are essentially both mental and emotional problems, they also bring unique causes with each new case. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Anorbuli.wps

Eating Disorders / Treatment Alternatives
: Anorexia, bulimia and obesity are all considered by the general public as eating disorders. It would be more appropriate to designate them as "weight disorders", as they are primarily concerned with and defined, at least in part, by the weight of the individual. Anorexia is loss of weight to the point of emaciation and, or starvation. The physical repercussions are the uppermost consideration in the treatment of Anorexia because of the nature of physical damage caused by the disorder. Bulimia is an obsession with the manipulation of factors concerned with weight gain. Obesity is when weight exceeds a certain percentage of the norm and causes health problems. This 10 page paper examines the components of these eating disorders and the treatments available. Bibliography lists 21 sources. KTnervosa.wps

Eating Disorders & Residential Treatment
: A 5 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of the common inpatient treatments for eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa and bulimia. This paper suggests a multi-disciplinary approach and demonstrates the increasing focus on drug treatment for these disorders. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Eating1.wps

Steven Levenkron's "The Best Little Girl in the World
" : 2 pages in length. The writer offers a brief account of Steven Levenkron's book about a young girl with an eating disorder. No additonal sources cited. Bestgirl.wps

Why We Eat Certain Foods
: 8 pages in length. Using information from a documented Household Expenditure Survey, this paper attempts to analyze,-- mostly from a socioeconomic perspective, why we eat the foods we do. (i.e., lower classes consume more junk food, etc;) Bibliography lists 4 sources. Foodwhy.wps

T’ai Chi / Mental Health Exercise
: A 5 page research which focuses on the psychological benefits of t'ai’chi chu'an’ The writer presents the current research literature on these benefits, and discusses other benefits of this effective treatment tool. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Taichi.wps

General & Public Health Issues

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Addiction : A 9 page research paper discussing the problem of addiction, its causes, process & development, treatment etc; Bibliography contains 6 sources. Addict.wps

Addiction # 2 : 5 pages in length. Beginning with an anecdotal introduction, paper discusses addiction as it specifically applies to drug and alcohol addiction. The addictive properties of specific drugs are outlined. Bibliography not available. Addict2.wps

Adolescents & Drug Addiction : 8 pages of notes in brief essay format on the psychological causes and implications of addiction with mention of its evolution among the adolescent population. No bibliography available. Adoldrug.wps

Alcoholism & Post-Traumatic Stress : 10 pages, 16 sources, 2 tables. Excellent sample of a model APA (American Psychological Association) research paper. Includes abstract and all applicable sections. Specifically explored is the treatment of dually-diagnosed alcoholism patients with post-traumatic stress disorders. Apa.wps

Alcohol -- Here’s to Your Health? : A 7 page paper discussing both the health benefits and the health problems associated with regular wine consumption. Numerous experts are divided in their opinions on the topic and some of the opposing viewpoints and information are presented in this report. Bibliography lists seven sources. Wine.doc

Asbestos : A 2 page paper detailing the composition of asbestos, health consequences that are related to its exposure, a history of its use, and problems with measuring asbestos levels. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Prevmed.wps

Environmental Safety & Asbestos Analyzed : A 4 page paper which discusses and explores the continuing environmental safety hazard posed by asbestos. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Asbestos.wps

AZT Vs. AIDS : An 5 page analysis of AZT's effectiveness in the fight against AIDS. Well-detailed and highlighted with statistics, and factual evidence. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Azt.wps

AIDS & Public Health : 6 pages in length. Despite studies that report AIDS-related deaths are on the decline, there has been -- and will continue to be -- a tremendous burden upon the general public with regard to general health issues and all associated with it. A disease so wicked that its consequences even affect those who are not afflicted with it, AIDS has placed a huge price tag on society that influences the health status and care of every single person, regardless of their age, gender or social status. The writer addresses the effects of AIDS on public health, as well as discusses how the gay population feels about mandatory testing. Bibliography lists 5 sources. AIDSpub.wps

Contraceptives & High School Students : A 5 page paper discussing the distribution of contraceptives in high schools with a special emphasis on the issue in the state of Illinois. The writer argues that contraception should be available through school-based programs. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Planning.wps

The "Morning After Pill" : This 10 page report discusses the controversial "morning-after" pill and its contraceptive effectiveness. The writer presents the facts and history of the morning-after pill, as well as some information on several other somewhat controversial forms of birth control (depo provera and norplant). Bibliography lists 11 sources. Mornpill.wps

Sexually Transmitted Diseases : In 5 pages the author debates that not all of the focus of medical attention should be placed on HIV/AIDS, while forgetting about less threatening sexually transmitted diseases. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Sextrans.wps

The Influence of Social Determinants & Factors in the Health Care System on Wellness in Cuban Immigrants with HIV/AIDS in Miami, FL : As HIV/AIDS continues to spread in minority communities in inner-city areas nationwide, concern for evaluating the social determinants and factors in health care that impact wellness is a significant and increasing concern. This 12 page research study is designed to consider the problem of AIDS/HIV in a single population, the Cuban-American population of Little Havana in Miami, Florida, and define the response of health care providers in addressing the issue of wellness for this community. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Aidscub.wps

"The Health Practices of Homeless Women / A Causal Model" : A 5 page paper critiquing Linda Flynn’s publication named above, an investigation into both observed and reported health practices of homeless urban women. Where medical records were lacking, the author attempted to estimate the level of health care these women had known previous to their homeless life. Limited to data collection only by self-reporting, however, neither the author nor the reader can be fully persuaded that the research accomplished its intended mission. Homewome.wps

Women & Health Care : This 9 page paper addresses the issues surrounding women’s health with a focus on federal funding. Issues include abortion, welfare and medical research as being gender related in terms of decision making. Bibliography lists 11 sources. WmnHlth.wps

Homeless Women : A 20 page paper discussing the increasing problem of women and homelessness, the factors contributing to homelessness among women, and the structure of our society that punishes impoverished people for trying to rise above their poverty and find a way out. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Hmlswomn.wps

Review of "The Partnership Model: Working with Individuals, Families, and Communities toward a New Vision of Health" : A 4 page paper reviewing this article by Courtney et al. (1996). As evident from the several in-text references as well as this article’s bibliography, Reni Courtney, the article’s primary author, is one who has been active in both working and reporting views from the vantage of the public health nurse. The authors argue for integration of roles so that individuals are given greater voice in their own health care. Rather than being only a paper of theory, the authors present a clear plan of achieving that partnership and give an example of using the elementary school health fair as making contact with much of the community. Bibliography lists 1 source. KSnurse.wps

Issues Concerning Needle Exchange Programs : 4 pages in length. An argument in favor of needle exchange programs -- an inherently HIV- reducing idea that has proven itself to be effective in European countries and recently in the U.S. as well. The writer presents an overview of legal issues, public views, and concludes that the government should be more supportive of the idea-- but in the meantime, overpowering resistance would make most needle exchange programs fail miserably in the United States. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Needlexc.wps

Health In The Jewish Community : Health issues as it affects the Jewish community are discussed in a 5 page paper. Topics included are ritual circumcision, kosher food choices, fasting and physician assisted suicide. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jwhea.wps

"Modern Day Health Issues Of African Americans": A 5 page paper on the health problems facing the African American of today. Problems with health care are addressed. As well as work hazards and specific beliefs. Stress is put on the need for better education. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Africam.wps

Effects of Stress on Organizational Productivity : A 7 page research paper discussing the adverse effects that stress is known to have upon the individual and ultimately upon the organization. Organizational behavior theory, personality conflict, and high turnover rates are among the many keywords brought into the argument. Methods for reducing stress and improving workplace productivity are suggested. Bibliography lists 5 sources. FREE outline included ! Orgstres.wps

Stress & Stress Management : A 10 page look at stress, cumulative stress, and how to prevent them from harming us. Examples of how to manage stress effectively are presented. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Stresstc.wps

Health Promotion in Adolescents Analyzed : A 4 page paper which discusses such topics of health promotion in adolescents such as drug and alcohol abuse and safe sex, along with and the importance of such promotion in terms of public health. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Safekids.wps

College Stress : A 5 page research paper on the incidence of stress experienced by college students, the administrative responsibility to provide a "nurturing" environment, and methods of stress treatment in the campus setting. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Colleges.wps

The Stages Of Stress / A Narrative : A 2 page narrative detailing the stressful events of someone's life and pinpointing the various clinical stages of stress as that person went through each of them (i.e., alarm stage reaction, the resistance stage, and exhaustion). No Bibliography. Strstory.wps

Resilience Of Stress As Illustrated By The Experience Of Vietnam Vets :
A 10 page essay on the stress particularly as it is experienced by vets suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Stressre.wps

Gulf War Syndrome – What Is the U.S. Going To Do About It? : A 6 page paper examining the Persian Gulf Syndrome and how it has affected thousands of American families. An overview of the Gulf war is presented and details of the syndrome itself – symptoms, epidemiology, treatment – are discussed as is the issues surrounding a possible return to the Gulf by U.S. troops. Bibliography lists five sources. Gulfsynd.wps

Stress & Sufferers Of Gulf War Syndrome : A 9 page paper discussing the role of stress in the cause and treatment of veterans suffering with Gulf War Syndrome. Stress is as much of a disease for humans as any other pathogen. Bibliography lists seven sources. Saddhuss.wps

Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome / Treatment : This 9 page paper discusses different treatments being used for PSTD. The concept of trauma-related emotional disturbance has existed for more than a century but it was only in 1980 that it was given an official categorization in the nomenclature as posttraumatic stress disorder and recognized in the DSM. The most recent research suggests brain chemical interference and significant research is addressing this probability. Numerous treatments are discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Psst.wps

Preventative Care : This is a 3 page paper that looks at preventative health care. There are three levels to preventative health care that includes lifestyle counseling and immunizations, screening for early detection and the minimizing of existing health care concerns. Prevention is seen as an adjunct to traditional care that reduces costs on the primary level but has little or no effect on costs on the secondary and tertiary levels. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Prevcare.wps

Birth Defects : Approximately 5 pages on the subject Birth Defects, the predictability, diagnoses, etc; Contains a good amount of technical reference and terminology. No Bibliography included. Birthdef.wps

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome : 5+ page discussion of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Explores relevant problems, history, adolescent manifestations etc; Bibliography lists 7 sources. Fetalalc.wps

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome : An 11 page overview of the condition known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Relates the physiological manifestations of the condition and the factors which cause it. Includes specific information regarding the effects of the condition on memory, endocrine function and other physiologies. Bibliography lists 24 sources. Fetalalc2.wps

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) : A 12 page research paper on S.I.D.S. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The writer discusses frequency of occurrence, research funding, seasonal variation, infant epidemiology, and ways to reduce the risk of S.I.D.S. altogether. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Sids.wps

Support Services For The Families Of Deaf Infants : A 5 page overview of some of the problems families face in finding adequate and appropriate professional support in dealing with a deaf or hearing-impaired infant. Includes a detailed appeal for professionals to provide family support using the approach best for the particular family, rather than for the professional to promote only personal preferences in communication choices, future schooling, etc. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Infantde.wps

Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Drugs : Publicity on children exposed prenatally to drugs has fostered tremendous concern about their cognitive and behavioral development. This concern is reflected in the out-of-home care system, where the number of children from drug-involved families has increased dramatically. This advanced-level,14 page research paper examines the conflicting views in the literature on the effects of prenatal exposure to drugs and reports on an early intervention project in a specific inner-city agency. Bibliography lists approximately 25 sources. Pregbaby.wps

The Bubonic Plague -- Compared With The A.I.D.S. Plague : In this insightful 5 page essay, the writer discusses similarities between the Bubonic, or "Black Plague" (a.k.a. "Black Death") of the 14th century, and the modern-day A.I.D.S. crisis. Public health and social issues are taken into consideration as they relate to each of the two societies discussed. Stereotypes, discrimination, and popular fears are analyzed as well. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Bubonaid.wps

Steroids - Not Worth It ! : In this 10 page argumentative essay, the writer discusses steroid use and its harmful effects. It is asserted that steroids are not only dangerous-- they are impractical as well. Various case examples and relevant data concerning the undesirable effects of continued steroid usage are presented. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Steroids.wps

Steroids -- Do You Really Want A Body "To Die For"? : An 8 page, argumentative research paper detailing the dangers of steroids-- with particular relevance to athletes. The writer describes the biological effects of steroids, why they seem to "work," and what problems they ultimately cause after continued use. Studies demonstrating that steroid use causes aggressive behavior, impotency, etc.; are cited. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Steroid2.wps

Heart Disease & Prevention : A detailed, 6 page discussion of coronary heart disease (the leading cause of death in the United States), its occurrence, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Heartdise.wps

Heart Diseases : A complete 7 page research paper containing in-depth information on the subject of heart disease. Included in the discussion are congenital disorders, problems of the pericardium, problems of the myocardium, and endocardial disease. The writer also includes a conclusive section of treatment and new technologies. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Heartdis.wps

Lifestyle & Cardiovascular Health : This 5 page research essay explores the relationship between behaviors and cardiovascular disease. A change in behaviors/lifestyle is critical to the patient's survival, i.e., decreasing the risk in myocardial infarctions, strokes, hypertension and other diseases. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Har.wps

Sudden Cardiac Death : A 9 page paper that discusses the physiology of SCD, prevention techniques and treatment (of survivors of myocardial infarction) as it relates to prevention of SCD. The paper discusses how SCD affects people of all ages and those with unhealthy and healthy lifestyles. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Suddenc.wps

Does Niacin Really Help The Heart ? : A 5 page paper on the effects of niacin on high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol. In addition to talking about the effect of niacin as a drug that can help fight heart disease this paper also discusses and explains some of the other helpful benefits of taking niacin in smaller doses. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Niacin.wps

Surviving Stroke / A Family Affair : A 8 page paper that discusses stroke (cerebrovascular disease) and its effects on the patient's family, which plays an important role in recovery, particularly if the rehabilitation phase of treatment begins at home. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Stroke2.doc

Evaluation Of School-Based Intervention Programs / HIV - AIDS : A 6 page research paper on school-based intervention programs for teaching young people about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. The writer reviews different aspects of various programs (formal education, distribution of condoms, peer testimonials, etc;) and concludes that when properly-implemented, most approaches are quite effective at changing/preventing high-risk behavior. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Schoolcl.wps

Innovations in Public Health Education : A 10 page research paper on new and innovative methods used to dispense health information. The writer explores the new methods being used by health care professionals to reach the public. Of particular relevance to this discussion are new educational programs being used to curtail the spread of AIDS and other serious public health threats. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Publiche.wps

Health Care Reform – from the View of a Congressional Aide : This 6 page report discusses national health care reform and the reasons it was not approved by Congress in 1994. Opponents such as the insurance industry, many sectors of the medical community, even attorneys, complained that any health care reform plan involving universal coverage requirements would necessarily require numerous administrative regulations. A failure to recognize such problems, they claimed, would lead to an out-of-control health system becoming even more of an economic and bureaucratic burden than it already was for consumers and the health care and insurance communities. The entire issue serves as an example of special interest lobbying, partisan conflict, and legislative posturing. Bibliography lists 8 sources. BWhealth.wps

Redman’s "The Dance of Legislation" : A 5 page paper discussing Redman’s account of the passage of the National Health Services Act. Eric Redman was one of Senator Warren Magnuson’s crack staff of "bumblebees," assembled to aid the Senator’s loss of grasp on the 1962 senatorial campaign. From what was then the "old school" of politics, Magnuson’s career had been distinguished by a blend of caring and common sense, and a true dedication to his constituents and to his country. Redman describes the entire dance of the passage of this bill, and gives a clear and readable picture of the country’s legislative process along the way. Bibliography lists 1 source. Redman.wps

Public Administrators And The Survival Of Community Hospitals :
A 15 page paper in which the writer argues that public administrators can assist in the survivability of community hospitals in four ways: (1) helping the community hospitals contain their costs; (2) designing and participating in community awareness programs that seek to gain the confidence of the public in community hospitals and in community health services; (3) assist community hospitals seeking to affiliate and merge in ways that best serve the community; (4) maintain the focus on the community as a whole by working with larger institutions and smaller institutions to meet the focus of those businesses while serving the community. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Comhosp2.wps

Diagnosis Related Groups : The rising cost of medical care in the United States has been a concern for quite some time. Beginning in the 1960s with the advent of Medicare, a system has been needed that would balance cost with services provided within acceptable parameters. This 5 page paper examines the prospective payment system (PPS) based on diagnosis related groups (DRGs), whereby the diagnosis is grouped according to services, estimated length of stay and type of technology required for treatment. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Drgrou.wps

Clinical Pathways : A 4 page overview of clinical pathways, a mechanism for tracking and analyzing health care cost and effectiveness. Stresses the importance of implementing such a system to saving the health care system of this country. PPclinic.wps

Advances In Health Education : A 10 page research paper that discusses various aspects of the tremendous advances made in health education in the first part of this century. This is when John Dewey and others of the ‘‘progressive education movement’’ protested against the regimented ways of the past and brought significant change to health education and education as a whole. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Healthed.wps

Minority Smoking Rates : An 8 page paper written in the attempt to prove the hypothesis that smoking rates among low income minority adults in the southwest region are higher than those of upper and middle income classes regardless of race. What was discovered in the course of the research, however, was that not only is this sort of information apparently not available, but that current research is so poorly designed it cannot possibly provide reliable conclusions. Most discouraging is that the bulk of research data has come out of the Centers for Disease Control, one of our more respected government agencies. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Smoke.doc

Physical Effects of Marijuana Use : A 12 page paper discussing some of the current research into what the actual physical effects of long-term marijuana might be. Studies of controlled subjects indicate that the effects of varying levels of THC generally last no more than 24 hours, but other researchers have concluded that lung function of long-term marijuana smokers is even more damaged than that of tobacco smokers. Still others have isolated precancerous cells from lung biopsies. What researchers know best at present is that there is much to learn about the subject. For now, the issue remains divided largely between the proponents and opponents of legalization measures. Includes an abstract. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Mariphys.wps

LSD / The Drug : 7 pages in length. In this well-organized essay, the writer describes the nature of LSD, its history, use, properties, and banning. Particular emphasis is placed upon the 'LSD controversy' and some of the known side effects of drug usage. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Lsd.wps

Antidepressants - Are They Effective? : A 5 page essay that argues ‘‘yes, they are effective’’ by giving background information on how drugs like Prozac work. As well as giving their benefits, the writer also mentions some of the unexpected effects in certain individuals. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Antid.wps

Dysthymia Diagnosis & Treatment : The disorder recently made known by the popular drug of choice, Prozac, is discussed in this 12 page paper. An overview is provided that lists symptoms of dysthymia as well as ways to diagnose or rule out the disorder. Treatment is discussed including specific data about medications used. Information about controversies surrounding drug treatment and the possible benefits of psychotherapy are touched on. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Dysdiag.wps

Prozac -- Medicine or Poison ? : A 5 page report on Prozac in which the writer weighs opinions both for and against this particular drug. There are those who claim that the harmful effects of Prozac may ultimately be so hazardous that they destroy people emotionally-- This paper concludes, however, that so long as it is controlled and used in moderation, Prozac is a viable and worthwhile medicine. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Prozac.wps

Prozac and Breast Cancer : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of the issue of the use of prozac for women with breast cancer, and suggests that the use of this drug can result in increased progression of individual tumors. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Prozacbr.wps

Breast Cancer : 8 pages in length. An excellent and informative overview of breast cancer; its frequency, occurrence, causes, prevention, and treatment. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Breastca.wps

Breast Cancer & Coping Strategies : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of coping strategies of people with serious illnesses and then considers these in terms of breast cancer. This paper also suggests ways in which knowledge of these coping skills impacts nursing. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Canccope.wps

Breast Cancer Treatment / Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy : A 10 page paper that provides an intensive overview of the existing arguments surrounding the use of lumpectomies and adjuvant therapies rather than partial or radical mastectomies for different forms of breast cancer. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Brcancer.wps

Breast Cancer / A Look At Family vs. Group Therapy Options : A 75 page in-depth research paper providing an overview of the current literature concerning breast cancer treatment and mental health. The writer supports the hypothesis that a greater level of psychosocial improvement can be demonstrated by breast cancer patients who receive group therapy over those who are participate in family therapy. Bibliography lists 36 sources. Cancerb.wps

Cancer and Treatment : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of cancer and cancer treatments. This paper looks at two specific types of cancer, lung sarcoma and leukemia and determines the effectiveness of treatment processes for both. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cancer2.wps

Lung Cancer : A 6 page paper exploring the economicaspects of this disease. Treatment, new developments and prevention are discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Lung.wps

Breast Cancer & Coping Strategies : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of coping strategies of people with serious illnesses and then considers these in terms of breast cancer. This paper also suggests ways in which knowledge of these coping skills impacts nursing. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Canccope.wps

Breast Feeding / Benefits, Misconceptions & Challenges To Public Health :
A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the findings in the current health literature related to the issue of breast feeding, reflects the benefits over bottle feeding, and then considers the implications of misconceptions and health issues for public health. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Brfeed.wps

The Effects Of Smoking On The Body : A 5 page paper that considers the effects of smoking on the body. This paper not only considers the impacts of cigarette smoking on cancer, but also relates a general understanding of biological processes that suggest that smoking impacts a number of other ailments, from chronic emphysema to heart disease. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Smokbody.wps

Should Smoking Be Banned In Public Places? : In 5 pages, plus a one-page sentence outline, the author discusses that smoking should be banned in public places. Cigarette smoke is potentially hazardous to all those who inhale it, whether voluntarily or passively. second-hand smoke has been found to be detrimental to the health of the non-smokers who are forced to breathe this smoke that they find offensive. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Smokpub.doc

Polonium 210's Role in Lung Cancer Caused by Cigarette Smoking :
A 5 page paper discussing the action of polonium-210 on lung tissue. The isotope is a naturally occurring compound in cigarette smoke resulting from combustion of lead-210 emitting alpha radiation that has been shown to cause cancer in research animals. After more than 25 years of research into the specific action of polonium-210, it still is not totally clear what the carcinogenic action of the isotope is, but it is clear that it plays a direct role in carcinogenicity, most likely through mutagenesis resulting in damaged cell processes. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Polcigs.wps

Does Elevated Job Stress Affect Smoking Levels? : A 28 page paper researching the hypothesis that smokers in high-stress jobs tend to smoke more in response to stress than do smokers in jobs with lower stress levels. Though there was no existing research with which to guide our study, we believe we have obtained solid and statistically valid results that unquestioningly prove that a smoker’s response to a high-stress job is that of smoking more than usual. Existing literature emphasizes the relationship between stress and depression, and also that between smoking and depression. Biochemical and psychological research has concluded that there is a strong relationship between smoking and clinical depression, though it is unclear which contributes to the other. This survey does not specifically address depression, but it does give valuable insight to the relationship of stress-related smoking and workplace stress. Bibliography lists 42 sources. Smokstre.wps

The Importance of Smoke-Free Fast Food Environments : A 5 page overview of the importance of non-smoking policies and legislation in fast food restaurants. Stresses that while it is indeed the smoker’s right to smoke it is also the non-smoker’s right to clean air. Identifies the various health problems associated with second-hand smoke. No additional sources cited. Smokfree.wps

Should Smoking Be Banned In All Public Places? : A 3 page paper arguing in favor of a public ban on smoking. Citing statements from the World Health Organization and a number of cancer research centers, the paper proves that second-hand smoke has definitively been tied to lung cancer as well as other disorders. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Bansmoke.wps

Secondhand Smoke & Nursing Intervention : A 10 page research paper on the dangerous effects of secondhand smoke and some of the measures that nursing professionals can/should take to educate patients and to protect non-smokers. It is stressed that nursing students in particular, should make an effort to better-educate themselves about the ails of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). Bibliography lists 7 sources. Secondha.wps

"My Rights as a Non-Smoker" : A 4 page argumentative essay countering the points raised in a published article on smoker's rights. Utilizes a straight forward verbal attack on the rights of smokers and how what smoker's perceive as their rights are actually abuses on the rights of non-smokers. Includes a cover letter (with fictionalized address information) submitting the article for publication as a rebuttal in the same publication which published the countered article. No additional sources cited. Nonsmoke.wps

Emphysema / A Radiographic Overview : A 5 page overview of the various classifications of emphysema and the use of radiographic techniques, especially High Resolution CT, in the diagnosis, assessment and monitoring of patients with the disease. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Emphys.wps

Diabetes Mellitus / Overview : A 6 page paper discussing the actions and long-term implications of the diabetes. At its core, the disease is the result of either insufficient insulin production or a decreased sensitivity to that which is produced in the body. There are two broad categories of diabetes, Type I, or insulin-dependent diabetes; and Type II, non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Type I formerly was referred to as juvenile diabetes while Type II was commonly known as adult-onset diabetes, but those terms are rarely used now that it is understood that either type can strike any age. Type II is by far the most common. Newly diagnosed cases have reached epidemic proportions worldwide, with new cases in the US increasing 50% between 1980 and 1994, with long-term complications such as kidney disease, atherosclerosis and diabetes-induced blindness similarly increasing in incidence. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Diabmell.wps

Diabetes Mellitus : A 6 page paper discussing the condition of diabetes mellitus which is the most common form of diabetes. The pancreas is discussed in detail as it is this organ which produces the insulin necessary for the proper burning of fuel in the body. Symptoms of the disease, according to the two types of diabetes mellitus, are also discussed. In conclusion there is an examination of research and what the future holds for sufferers of this disease. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mellitus.wps

Diabetes Mellitus : Approximately 5 pages in length. A brief, and very basic overview of Diabetes Mellitus, diets, and pertinent issues. Good for those studying health, nutrition etc; No Bibliography. Diabetes.wps

Juvenile Diabetes : A 5 page paper overview of Type I diabetes mellitus, or insulin-dependent diabetes. Formerly referred to only as juvenile diabetes, it was thought in the past that children were affected with only this type of diabetes. As it has become known that anyone of any age can be afflicted with either Type I or Type II, the term "juvenile diabetes" has fallen out of favor, but its effects are the same regardless of how it is labeled aside from the particular ways it affects children: They often are larger than other children their age and many go through puberty sooner than their non-diabetic friends. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Juvdiab.wps

Insulin Synthesis Using Recombinant Plasmid DNA : A 5 page paper discussing methods of constructing this plasmid containing a gene for human insulin. As much as 5 percent of the population may be affected by diabetes, a disease of carbohydrate metabolism in which the sufferer of the disease is unable to absorb glucose from the blood. Insulin for injection has been extracted from other animals until only recently. Though bovine insulin will work for human diabetes control, the chemical differences also cause reaction in some individuals. Bacterial generation of insulin using recombinant DNA techniques has largely replaced the use of bovine insulin in cases of human diabetes. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Diabchem.wps

Type II Diabetes : A 6 page paper defining Type II diabetes. The writer describes its symptoms, causes, treatments, and recent research into the problem. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Diabete2.wps

Novo Nordisk – The NovoPen : This 12 page report discusses the Novo Nordisk "NovoPen," an insulin delivery system that is extremely easy-to-use and user friendly. The report compares marketing the product in the business climate of its company’s home country Denmark and the U.S. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Novopen.wps

Rheumatoid Arthritis : A 6 page research essay exploring the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of this debilitating disease. Recent experiments have resulted in new treatments that show great promise in reducing the symptoms and even in putting the disease into remission. These treatments are discussed with the statistical data resulting form the studies. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Rheum.wps

Rheumatoid Arthritis / The Fight To Stop The Pain : A 5 page look at the prevalence of arthritis, its causes, symptoms, and incurability. Of particular importance to the discussion is Rheumatoid Arthritis (atrophic) -- the most crippling and deforming type. The writer examines some of the efforts being made to treat this terrible disease and concludes with recommendations based upon available research. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Rheumato.wps

Women’s Health / Institutional & Clinical Perspective : A 5 page research paper on the benefits to women of taking personal responsibility for their health. Based on a statement by Elizabeth Fee, the writer discusses this in terms of institutional limitations and discoveries, and in terms of the mental, physical and spiritual components of women’s health. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Wmnbody.doc

Issue / Women’s Health : A 7 page research essay on the problems and solutions associated with women’s health, including the involvement of the global women’s health movement. The issues touched on include issues of access, research, physical fitness and changing opinions. Other issues of sex, race and disability are presented. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Wmnhelth.wps

Community Health Care Assessment of Paducah Kentucky: Need for an Obstetric/Gynecological Education/Intervention Effort on Crack Cocaine Usage : A 14 page assessment of community health care needs in Paducah Kentucky. Provides statistical data for the area and emphasizes the need for an intervention/education effort to reduce the use of crack cocaine by pregnant women. PPObClin.wps

A Community Assessment: A Suggestion for Evaluating the Efficacy of Obstetric/Gynecology Clinic Education/Intervention Efforts on Crack Cocaine Usage in a Mid-Sized Midwestern Community : A 5 page introduction on the importance of obstetric/gynecology centers on many aspects of women’s health care. Identifies the problems inherent in crack cocaine use among pregnant women and stresses the importance of educational programs in the reduction of crack cocaine usage and suggests that viable alternatives for these types of programs could be revealed by reviewing crack usage among pregnant women outside the large urban environment. PPobgyn.wps

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