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Moral Indifference, The Holocaust & The Directive for Genocide : A 6 page paper supporting the thesis that socialization and moral indifference have led to a lack of concentration on the major elements that have underscored the actions of leaders resulting in the Holocaust of Nazi Germany as well as atrocities in Central America and Vietnam. The writer supports the premise that it is possible for such conditions to occur again unless actions are taken to prevent emerging institutionalized complacency. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Porpora.wps

The German Question : A 4 page paper that discusses the relationship between the Third Reich and the Weimer Democracy with today's European situation. The works of Bracher, Dobkowski and Walliman, and Sweitzer are discussed in light of the "big business" philosophies then and now, and the remaining German question around a centralized and unified Germany. Bibliography lists 5 bibliographical references. Germnecn.wps

Sociopolitical Causes Of The Holocaust : This 6 page report provides a geopolitical analysis of pre-WWII Germany and the factors that led to the Holocaust. What were the factors that led to the mass consciousness bent on the annihilation of the Jewish people and Hitler’s rise to power? Only the most brief overview of one of the most horrendous events in history can be contained in six pages.Holopa.wps

Polish Anger & The Holocaust : A 5 page paper on the writings of Polish Holocaust survivor Tadeusz Borowski in his book "This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen." The paper concludes that Borowski’s refusal to separate the prisoners and captors into victims and villains has to do with his own sense of shame as a non-Jew as well as his sense of Jews as "outsiders". Bibliography lists 1 source. Polisang.wps

Hitler’s Degenerate Art Exhibition : A 6 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of the elements leading up to the German "Degenerate Art Exhibiton" of 1937, in which the Nazi's displayed and then destroyed the art works of major modernists artists. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Degenart.wps

Kristallnacht / Turning Point In The Holocaust : A 9 page paper discussing Kristallnacht, the events that led up to it and why it was such an important turning point in the Holocaust. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Kristal.wps

Adolf Hitler / The Man, The Demon : A 6 page discussion of Adolf Hitler, his life and his atrocities. Hitler’s background and twisted philosophies are expounded upon. Bibliography lists four sources. Hitdemon.wps

Hitler's Rise To Power : 6 pages in length. A discussion of Germany during the 1920's and early 1930's - with focus on how economic conditions facilitated Hitler's rise to power. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Germecon.wps

Hitler’s Rise to Power -- 1921-1933 : An 11 page paper discussing the background of Hitler’s rise to power in the 1920s and early 1930s. It considers the social, economic, and emotional factors that contributed to the development of the Third Reich. Bibliography lists five sources. Hitrise.wps

Hitler And The Voters : A 7 page paper that considers why people voted for Hitler between 1928 and 1932. The writer suggests that Hitler's personal characteristics and his ideologies were supported by the economic and political climate of his day and that people voted for him because they needed relief from their existing political and economic situations. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hitler.doc

The Negative Use of Propaganda By Hitler And Others : A 7 page paper in which the writer discusses the negative uses of political propaganda throughout 20th century history. A sizable portion of this discussion focuses upon propaganda used on the Austrians during German occupation, Hitler's propaganda-based manipulation of his own country in Nazi Germany, the 1990's-era Bosnian/Chechen conflicts, etc; Bibliography lists 4 sources. Propagan.wps

Adolf Hitler / The Man, The Demon : A 6 page discussion of Adolf Hitler, his life and his atrocities. Hitler’s background and twisted philosophies are expounded upon. Bibliography lists four sources. Hitdemon.wps

Adolf Hitler, A Study In Tyranny / Book Review : A 5 page discussion and review of Allan Bullock's biography of the person who would come to be known as the 20th century's most evil individual. The book examines Hitler's reign in terms of political theory and ideology -- outlining how he represented a definitive example genuine tyranny. No Bibliography or additional sources used. Hitlerty.wps

Adolf Hitler and His Terrible Psychology : A 7 page analytical discussion of Adolf Hitler as depicted by the authors of two books : "The Mind Of Adolph Hitler" by Walter C. Langer and "The Psychopathic God" by Robert G.L. Waite. The writer specifically examines the underlying psychological reasons for the Nazi leader's titanic will to power and discusses why we must never let such a man achieve greatness again. Hitlerbk.wps

Hitler’s ‘SS’ In The 1930s : A 15 page analysis of the political situation in Germany in the 1930s, and what part the SS played in Hitler’s rise to power, including the power struggle that went on between the SA and SS. Bibliography lists 9 sources. SS1930.wps

Resistance To The Third Reich : A 10 page research paper on the resistance efforts of two German pastors, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemöller. Both were held in Nazi concentration camps; Bonhoeffer was executed only 11 days before the camp was liberated by U.S. troops. Niemöller was released with the liberation by U.S. troops, and continued to be outspoken on pulpit responsibility until his death in 1984. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Reichres.wps

Book Analysis / Shirer's The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich : A 15 page critique of Shirer's book. The critique considers Shirer's use of his own personal experiences, Nazi documentation and visual representation of their own operations in support of an argument in support of the work as a good representation of historical fact. The argument is contrasted to arguments against the validity of most written history. No additional sources cited. Thirdr.wps

"Hitler: The Path to Power" by Charles Bracelen Flood : This 6 page report discusses the 1989 book that details the life and persona of Adolf Hitler before his rise to power in Germany. Bibliography lists only the book itself as a source. Cbflood.wps

Organization of Nazi Concentration Camps : The organization inherent in the Nazi agenda is addressed in this 25 page study. All death camps are explored, as well as the concentration camp Dachau of which there is a major focus. The structure of the camps, as well as the entire operation, is described. Some Nazi theory is discussed, including major concepts and terminology used within the camp boundaries. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Dachau.wps

Dachau Museum : 5 pages in length. Of all the horrific historical memories, nothing evokes the sense of terror and dismay more than that of Nazi concentration camps. Dachau stands out as being the first to inflict tremendous mental, physical and emotional suffering upon the Jews who lived during Hitler’s reign. As such, it carries with it a significant amount of memories that could not be allowed to merely perish over time; rather, a museum has been erected to pay tribute to those men, women and children who endured unspeakable cruelty at the hands of the Nazi regime. The writer discusses what museum visitors will experience at Dachau. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Dachau2.wps

Auschwitz -- Human Strength in the Face of Insurmountable Odds : 7 pages in length. In WWII the tragedy that unfolded in regards to the Holocaust was horribly atrocious. Many died in unimaginable ways. The hideousness that the Germans demonstrated was beyond comprehension to the outside world. It was undoubtedly far worse for the victims within who witnessed the acts against humanity every day as they somehow survived the concentration camps. Some survived by aiding the Nazis, but most survived by luck or sheer force of will. While it cannot be assumed that there are no great emotional scars remaining for the survivors, some of whom have taken their own lives since, it is quite evident that the strength many of these survivors demonstrated was insurmountable in the face of devastating odds. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Ausch.wps

Book Review / "Ordinary Men" : This 5 page report analytically reviews Christopher Browning's book entitled "Ordinary Men"-- an insightful look at how a few "common" people with no prior record of violence became blood-thirsty Nazis during wartime. Browning studied the war records of Nazi Police Battalion 101 to write this book and makes a very strong point of the fact that the Holocaust can literally happen anywhere..that any group of people can become Nazis and that these were, after all, just "Ordinary Men"... No Bibliography. Ordinary.wps

The Holocaust & The Dutch : 9 pages in length. An analytical discussion of the minimal role that the Dutch played in hiding Jewish people during the Holocaust. The writer proposes that accounts such as "The Diary of Anne Frank" have led us to believe that the people of Holland played a much larger role in helping out than they actually did. A comparative analysis is made between rebel groups and Nazi synthesizers in World War II's Holland. Statistical data is provided and cited. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Holodutc.wps

Diary of Anne Frank / Psychological Development : A 5 page essay analyzing Anne Frank's development as an adolescent in relation to Erikson's psychosocial stages. We can see, despite her circumstances, Anne travels through three stages of development. She experiences the same conflicts as most people her age and reaches the same conclusions. Bibliography included. Annefran.wps

Film Review / ‘‘Diary Of Anne Frank" : A 3 page review of the movie in which the writer provides a brief plot summary and examines the question of whether or not the movie accurately represents the history of the time period it depicts. Diaryofa.wps

Oppression / Anne Frank Compared With Chief Joseph : A thoughtful, 5 page look at the similarities between the oppressions of Anne Frank and those of Chief Joseph. The writer defines ‘oppression’ and then provides illustrative examples of how each individual suffered its persecuting spell. No bibliography. Franket.wps

Genocide of Native American Compared to that of the Jews in World War II : A 5 page overview of definition of "genocide" in terms on Native American history when compared with Jewish history in World War II. Makes extensive reference to, and rebuts the philosophies of Steven Katz, author of "The Holocaust in a Historical perspective". Concludes that the Native American peoples experienced genocide just as assuredly as did the Jews in World War II. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Najew.wps

Raul Wallenberg / Saving Jewish Lives : A 4 page overview of the accomplishments of Raul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jewish lives, in World War II. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Raulwall.wps

Cognitive Dissonance / Applied To Those Who Saved The Jews : In 6 pages the author discusses the concept of cognitive dissonance as it applies to those who saved the Jews from the Holocaust. It is posited that cognitive dissonance makes a person want to right a wrong in order to change a distasteful situation. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cogdiss.wps

Primo Levi’s "Survival in Auschwitz" / Literature of a Witness : A 6 page essay that explores why Primo Levi chose to write Survival in Auschwitz using literary techniques instead of writing it as a strictly journalistic account. Levi.wps

Yaffa Eliach’s "Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust" / The Power of Faith & Hope : This 6 page paper discusses three of the stories told by Yaffa Eliach in "Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust." The three stories illustrate the power of faith and hope to restore the world, even during and after a horror such as the Holocaust. Only one source other than the book itself is cited in the bibliography. Eliach.wps

Holocaust Literature / Hidden Lives, "Passing" and Escape : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of three works of Holocaust literature (The Last Jews Of Berlin, Dry Tears, & When Memory Comes) and considers the common themes presented. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Hollit.wps

The Holocaust & Literature / Comparative Studies : A 4 page analytical comparison of firsthand views and impressions of the Holocaust as illustrated by the writings of Primo Levi in his "Survival in Auschwitz" and Elie Wiesel in "Night." The writer finds Levi's book to be less emotional than Wiesel's. Holobook.wps

Wiesel & Levi / Two Views On The Holocaust : A 10 page research paper which analyzes the work of the two most preeminent witnesses to the Holocaust-Elie Wiesel and Primo Levi. The writer looks specifically at The Drowned and the Saved by Levi and the Night, Dawn, Day trilogy by Wiesel, and demonstrates that although these two men went through similar experiences, their ultimate orientation to those experiences are extremely different. Bibliography lists 5 sources. 2viewsh.wps

Two Different Sides of Night /Comparing Wiesel & Vonnegut : A 5 page comparison of Elie Wiesel’s Night and Kurt Vonnegut’s Mother Night. The paper shows that while both books are about the Holocaust, they depict suffering in different ways because of the degree to which the central characters are able to find meaning in their lives. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Wiesvon.wps

MAUS / A [Holocaust] Survivor’s Tale I : A 10 page overview of the horrors lived by one family of Holocaust survivors as revealed in MAUS I -- a cartoon book by Art Spiegelman. A brief background of Hitler's philosophy regarding the Jewish people during World War II is provided. Bibliography list two sources other than the book. Maus.wps

MAUS / A [Holocaust] Surviror’s Tale I and II : A 9 page exploration of the two works of Art Spiegelman ("cartoon book" depictions of Holocaust events) with a particular emphasis on the symbolism of the animal characters the author uses to represent the persecuted and the persecutors in World War II. No other sources are listed. Maussymb.wps

Elie Wiesel / Voice Of The Holocaust : A 10 page overview of the life and contributions of Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor, Nobel Prize winner, and prolific writer. Includes a one page briefing of the most important aspects of Wiesel. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Holovoic.wps

Eli Wiesel’s "Night" / Understanding Concentration Camps : The selected passage introduces the reader to the concentration camp, just as the experience it describes was Eli Wiesel's introduction. The imagery is extremely powerful. This 6 page paper examines the reference to the crematorium within this passage and elucidates on the history and meaning of crematoriums to assist in understanding the reading of the book, Night. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Wiesnite.wps

Elie Wiesel’s "Night" : This 5 page research paper examines Night, the harrowing autobiography of Professor Elie Wiesel’s concentration camp experiences. Specifically discussed are the author, the thesis of Night, connecting the book with historical events to evaluated the accuracy of the situations presented. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Nitelie.wps

Eli Wiesel’s "Night" / Reactions : A 3 page paper discussing Eli Wiesel's "Night," and a reaction to it--one of horror and fear and recognition that attempted annihilation of race still continues today. Feeling Weisel's lack of hope, the writer empathizes with a certain inability to truly effect changes. Ewiesel.wps

The Importance of Art & Literature in Remembering the Holocaust :
A 5 page discussion of literature and art from the Holocaust and their importance in helping us to remember this tragic period in world history. Numerous examples are used to illustrate the writer's points including such well-known works as "Schindler's List," "Night & Fog," "Survival in Auschwitz," and "The Diary of Anne Frank." Bibliography lists a total of 12 sources. Holoart.wps

Writings About the Children of the Holocaust – and Their Children :
A 6 page paper discussing the books "Children At Play in the Holocaust: Games Among the shadows" by George Eisen and "Children of the Holocaust: Conversations with Sons and Daughters of Survivors" by Helen Epstein. No additional sources are cited. Epstein.doc

Chaim Potok’s "The Chosen" / The Pluralistic Nature of Reality :
A 5 page essay which examines this award winning novel by Chaim Potok. The writer demonstrates that the differing viewpoints within this Jewish community are intrinsic to the thematic structure of this coming-of-age story of two teenage boys. The writer illustrates that by the novel’s conclusion, Potok has peeled back the layers of meaning to reveal the shared humanity of the two groups. Chosen.wps

The Two Worlds of Chaim Potok : An 11 page paper on this well-known Jewish American author and his conflict with Orthodox Judaism. The paper analyzes the nature of this conflict, and concludes that its basis is Potok’s openness to ideas and influences from outside Judaism. A 4 page annotated bibliography lists 21 sources. Potok.wps

Lessons from the Holocaust : One writer's emotional reaction -- reflecting upon the content of a course entitled "Literature of the Holocaust" and discussing in great detail what various works meant in terms of their contributive value. The writer realizes that the Holocaust must never be forgotten nor underplayed in the pages of history. Mentioned are the writings of Primo Levi, Elie Wiesel, and even a few guest speakers who had survived the Holocaust. No Bibliography. Holotest.wps

Attitudes Of Holocaust Survivors Toward God And Death : This 10 page report discusses the feelings and attitudes survivors of the Holocaust have relating to God and to death in relationship to the nightmare they experienced during World War II. Interviews, poetry, and memoirs of survivors are used throughout the paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Holosurv.wps

Film Analysis - Schindler’s List / Geographical & Environmental Factors :
A 5 page overview of the geographical and environemtal factors which shaped the events which unfolded up to and during the events depicted in "Schindlers List." Identifies the many contrasts of the georaphic location and concludes that this location and the events connected to it could not occur elsewhere. Biblipography lists 2 sources. Schind4.wps

A History Of Fascism In Germany : A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the development of fascism in Germany and focuses considerably on the impact that Hitler had on institutionalizing German fascism. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Fascism.wps

The Rise Of Fascism & The Response Of The Scientific Community :
A 6 page essay on the rise of fascism which includes its major charactertistics and origins as well as a look at the role that science played in helping to formulate the rascist ideas behind the Nazi atrocities. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nazifasc.wps

Nazi History -- The Lebensborn & Eugenics : A 20 page research paper providing an overview of the laws pertaining to eugenics and the Lebensborn program of Nazi Germany. The writer centers on the program and the support mechanisms put into place to underscore the development of the Nazi master race in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Nazifinl.rtf

Nazi Doctors and the Concentration Camp Experiments : An 8 page research paper on the Nazi Doctors and their activities in World War II. The writer details the background of euthanasia and medical experimentation, its use in the death camps, and the current application of the information. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Nazidoct.wps

The Nuremberg Race Laws & The Resulting Trials : A 15 page research paper on the Nuremberg Race Laws-- one of many horrific socio-political elements of the Nazi reign over Germany. These laws specifically defined "Jews," detailed their allegedly problematic history, and outlined the restrictions to be imposed upon them. The controversy surrounding the post-World War II Nuremberg trials is also analyzed along with the political questions that they raised. The role of the International Military Tribunal in bringing war criminals to justice is highlighted throughout the paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Nurember.wps

Adolf Karl Eichmann : A 5 page overview of the World War II activities of Adolf Eichmann, of his escape after the war, and of his capture and trial as a war criminal. Bibliography lists three sources. Aeichman.wps

Resistance To The Third Reich : A 10 page research paper on the resistance efforts of two German pastors, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemöller. Both were held in Nazi concentration camps; Bonhoeffer was executed only 11 days before the camp was liberated by U.S. troops. Niemöller was released with the liberation by U.S. troops, and continued to be outspoken on pulpit responsibility until his death in 1984. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Reichres.wps

The Problem of Evil : A 5 page paper discussing the philosophy on the presence of evil in the world. The writer makes frequent mention of Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel's writings (i.e., "Night") as a counterpoint to the Free Will Defense of St. Augustine. Evil.wps

The Problem Of Evil # 2 : A 6 page paper exploring "The Problem of Evil" using Elie Wiesel’s Night as a foundation. The opinions of other philosophers and theologians, such as St. Augustine, C.S. Lewis, David Hume, and the Bible are integrated into the discussion. Evil2.wps

Cynthia Ozick's "The Shawl" / Past, Present, & Symbolism : A 4 page essay on the symbolism of the shawl itself in Cynthia Ozick's novella. Special attention is paid to the way the symbolism changes over the course of the story. The writer presents a chilling account of life during the Holocaust. The primary source is cited. Shawl.wps

Surviving The Holocaust / Book Review : Author's own 5 page reaction to the book "Surviving the Holocaust : The Kovno Ghetto Diary of Avraham Tory." Avrhtory.wps

Yiddish-American Author Isaac Bashevis Singer / His Life & Works :
A 9 page paper on this seminal Yiddish writer. The paper discusses the significance of his emigration from Poland to the United States, and his struggle for acceptance as a serious literary figure. Works discussed include his short stories "The Letter Writer" and "The Lecture." Bibliography lists 7 sources. Bashevis.wps

Wyman's "The Abandonment of the Jews" : An 8 page analytical paper in which the writer discusses David Wyman's book by same name. Explained are the author's opinions on the topic of how countries that could have possibly helped the Jews during the Holocaust failed to do so and the important ethical responsibilities that the world [should] should bear in situations such as this one. Jewsaban.wps

Barnes’ Characters in the Light of Fascism : A 5 page paper discussing the characters of Djuna Barnes’ Nightwood as they could be viewed through the eyes of fascism. At the time Barnes published Nightwood, the tide of European fascism was rising and with it the antisemitism and homophobia that would lead to the incarceration and mass executions of Jews and homosexuals in Nazi concentration camps. The novel was seen as radical for the time, and it is now deigned as groundbreaking for lesbian literature. Bibliography lists 1 source. Nighwood.wps

Germany Since Re-Unification : A 5 page paper on problems that have occurred in Germany since its reunification in the early 90's. Specifically examined is a relevant speech which provides reason to fear Germany's aggressive role within the New World Order. Reference is made to the rise of the Third Reich in pre-World War II days and the possibility of a re-occurrence. Bibliography lists 4 supporting sources. Germany.wps

Survival Strategies For Jewish Youth : 12 pages in length. The Jews have, perhaps, been one of the most persecuted of all peoples throughout history. Their pursuits to survive as both a people and a religion have been paved with pits and valleys from the time they began the struggle to reclaim what has been lost to political and social strife. Jewish youth are no less affected by these survival efforts, forced to often find their own strategies of endurance. The writer discusses various ways Jewish youth have survived throughout the twentieth century, as well as addresses what impediments have fallen in their paths. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Jewshyth.wps

Tolerance and Assimilation / The Problems of Jews & The History of Prejudice : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the arguments of Montaigne, Condorcet and Herzl on the problems of prejudice against different races and religions, and evaluates their perspectives in terms of the call for assimilation and tolerance. 4 sources cited. Toljew.wps

US Catholic's Response to the Holocaust : This 10 page paper looks at the history of the Holocaust through the devices of the Catholic Church. First is a section on Christian anti-Semitism which gives background to the next 2 sections that examines the Catholic Church's response to the Holocaust by reviewing the attitudes and policies as presented by the Popes Pius XI and XII. The next section deals with anti-semitism in the United States and leads to a discussion of the response to Jewish discriminations. It concludes with a short summary of the information presented. The bibliography lists 16 sources. Usholo.wps

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