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The Courts : A 4 page paper discussing the relevance of philosophy and enlightenment, evident in books VI-VII of Plato’s "Republic," in regards to the courts in today’s government. Plato argues that true leaders must be aware and knowledgeable of many higher, and more spiritual, aspects of existence if they are to do the job well. it does not do to have leaders exist among the darkness with the rest of the people and it does not serve the people well if the leaders are only out for their own gratification. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Courts.wps

Attorney-Client Privilege : An 8 page paper on the adversary system and issues concerning attorney-client privilege. Writer analyzes both sides of the resulting controversy. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Attorclie.wps

Our Right To An Attorney / Gideon v. Wainwright : A 5 page paper on the original "right to an attorney" case, which brought up the issues for application to Miranda, ethnicity fairness issues, and prisoner litigation issues in the criminal justice system today. The paper posits that the success of Clarence Gideon must be defended as a means of protection for all U.S. citizens. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Gidewain.wps

Due Process of Law : A 10 page paper on due process of law under Miranda and Gideon as they apply to Fifth and Fouteenth Amendment Constitutional rights re equity in right to counsel. The paper argues in defense of these rights by providing opposing arguments and making a strong argument in support of continued protection of equitable rights for individuals. The argument relies on these cases and Constitutional law in relationship to the due process procedures defined by these cases. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Dueprlaw.wps

Due Process : Approximately 5 pages in length. Discusses the background and purpose of due process laws with a focus on trends during the early 1990's. Emphasis is upon the case of Bostick v. Florida. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Dueproce.wps

The Concept of Mens Rea / Intent to Commit a Crime : 6 pages in length. A comprehensive discussion of Mens Rea, the legal principle upon which we base our requirement of intent for a finding of guilty. Covered in this report are the meaning, background, and a brief history of Mens Rea in law as well as a more in-depth analysis of Mens Rea as applied to insanity pleas, hate crimes, etc; Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mensrea.wps

Search & Seizure : A 9 page paper that discusses the debate between protecting society and avoiding police harassment as it relates to the search and seizure issue. The paper posits that the only answer resides in interdependence of the separate "agencies" (community and police) with each other. The paper explores the issue based on a history of the use of search and seizure, the making of the exclusionary law and the 1995 loosening of that law, and how police and individuals can solve the issue through community involvement. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Searsiez.wps

The Criminal Trial Process : In 6 pages, the author discusses the criminal trial process, postulating on the events that someone goes through from the time of arrest, up until the time of trial. Bibliography lists six sources. Crimtri.wps

The Plain View Doctrine : A 10 page research paper providing an overview of the doctrine’s history, purpose, current case law, & modern applicability. The writer also discusses anticipated future uses of the Plain View Doctrine. Bibliography lists 15+ sources. Plainv.wps

The Importance of the Jury System : Beginning with an appropriate overview of why the U.S. Founding Fathers saw the need for a jury system, this well-prepared 8 page essay argues that the jury still remains an ultimate symbol of true American Democracy. Recent Supreme Court decisions as well as the linkage between jury service and other rights of political participation are discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jurysyst.wps

Grand Juries : An 8 page research paper which examines the early history of the grand jury system, specifically how it evolved in England; and then looks at how the grand jury is perceived today in our modern system. The writer gives an overview of grand jury procedures and then discusses the controversy which has raged for years as to whether or not it should be continued. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Granjury.wps

Mock Juries / Pros and Cons : 12 pages in length. A jury's verdict can be the difference between life and death for the person on trial. Filling the jury box is no guessing game, especially with the advent of mock -- or shadow -- juries, a group of people who play out the trial before it actually begins. The writer gives an overview of the duties of a juror, as well as addresses both the pros and cons of employing the mock jury system. Mockjury.wps

Jury Nullification : This 10 page paper addresses the problem of jury nullification and focuses on a 1998 article which appeared in the Spectator. The premise that nullification is acceptable is argued with the support of other articles. Examples are provided and the O.J. Simpson case is referenced several times. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Sa278crm.wps

Legal Services Assistance For the Poor : This 10 page research paper examines legal service assistance available to the poor in civil cases. Specifically explored are the history of such legal services, what services are provided, who qualifies for services, pro bono lawyers offering such services, and agencies which handle legal services, with particular emphasis upon Pennsylvania. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Lawpoor.wps

What Makes A Trial "Political"? : A 5 page paper that explores this question in light of racial and political currents in regards to four cases: Sacco-Vanzetti, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, The Scottsboro Brothers, and The Black Panthers. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Whatmake.wps

Cameras In The Courtroom / Right Or Privilege? : A 5 page paper discussing the role of cameras in the courtroom and proclaiming the need to keep them there. Bibliography lists five sources. Cameras.wps

Cameras In The Courtroom : 14 pages in length. The writer addresses how the presence of television cameras in today's courtrooms presents quite a dichotomy with regard to the legal and ethical ramifications surrounding the hotly debated issue. Opponents of such allowances claim there exists a multitude of problems stemming from the media having access inside the courtroom, while proponents say it is every citizen's right to see what is going on in the present judicial system. No matter which way one's opinion may stand, the fact remains that cameras in the courtroom have created an unprecedented obstacle that has both sides debating whether the final outcome of any given trial will been influenced one way or another. Bibliography lists 9 sources. CourtCam.wps

When Children Must Testify / Philosophy Of The Shield Laws : A 20 page paper that takes an in-depth look at some of the problems associated with cases in which children must testify in court, and the possible effects of shield laws that are beginning to be commonplace. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Shield.wps

Special Prosecutors and Presidential Powers : A 4 page research paper on a hypothetical supreme court decision. The writer details the law regarding original jurisdiction, executive privilege, hiring and firing certain federal appointees, and suit against a president. No bibliography. Specpros.wps

Executive Privilege : A 17 page paper discussing the subject of executive privilege. This presidential issue has been involved in much controversy as of late, in relationship to President Clinton, which is addressed further on in the paper. The first section illustrates some of the specifics regarding executive privilege, including the history and constitutionality of the issue. This section is followed by a section discussing executive privilege and President Nixon. A brief discussion of the Reagan administration is also included which illustrates how some presidents actively refuse the privileges granted them. This is followed by the section discussing Clinton and present day proceedings and attitudes. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Execpriv.wps

Alternative Dispute Resolution / Is It Always An Alternative ? : A 12 page paper discussing the move from litigation to arbitration. The paper discusses what ADR is, in what circumstances it is beneficial, and in what circumstances it may not be. Biblioraphy lists 10 sources. Arbit.wps

Use of Arbitration in Conflict Resolution : A 4 page research paper that examines the book Negotiation by Lewicki, et al (1994). The writer gives the example of how a dispute between rival student newspapers was resolved through the process of arbitration while discussing the general topic of arbitration. Bibliography lists 1 source. Arbcon.wps

Fault & No-Fault Divorce / Family Law In The 90s : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the legal issues related to no-fault divorce, and considers the existing elements of debate that have resulted from a renewed focus on fault-only divorce laws. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Divorce.wps

Tort Case : A 5 page example of defense strategies for a Tort Case involving two business establishments and an automobile accident. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Tortcase.wps

Contracts : A 5 page paper that specifies some of the main areas to consider in contract negotiation, including contingency areas. Subjects covered include the offer, assent, time specifications, nonperformance, termination and renegotiation clauses. No bibliography. Contract.wps

Essential Elements Of Contracts : A 5 page paper that highlights the categories of contracts and discusses terms and references applicable laws in regards to those categories. Categories/clauses include: offer/acceptance and problem areas, special considerations, termination statements and problem areas, and signatures. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Contrac2.wps

12 Angry Men / Film Review : 3 page discussion of the classic 50's film "12 Angry Men"; an examination of the American system of trial by jury and the role that stereotypes and prejudices can ultimately play in the system. Bibliography lists 3 sources. 12Angrym.wps twelve angry men

A Day in Court : 2 page essay describing two cases heard in a Central New Jersey Court; one criminal (traffic) and the other, civil. No Bibliography. Court.wps

A Day in Court # 2 : A thorough 10 page discussion of events transpiring (from beginning to end) during an Edison (NJ) township municipal court session. Excellent for those studying criminal justice, political science, and basic law. No bibliography. Court2.wps

A Day in Court # 3 : 11 pages in length. Same as Court2.wps- only the described court session takes place in East Windsor Township (NJ) municipal court. Court3.wps

A Day in Court # 4 : 10 pages in length. Same as Court2.wps- only the described court session takes place in Union Township (NJ) Municipal court. Court4.wps

A Day in Court # 5 : 12 pages in length. Same as Court2.wps- only the described court session takes place in East Windsor Township (NJ) Municipal court and includes one chart illustrating various sentences and penalties in New Jersey. Court5.wps

(The) Abortion Bill : A 6 page essay detailing the evolution of legislation concerning abortion in the mid 1990's from its initial controversy until its legal passing as a bill. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Aborbill.wps

Criminal Liability & Defenses : 3 pages worth of short essays analyzing and responding to specific textbook cases involving Defenses to Criminal Liability : Excuses. Writer takes the role of both a public defendant and prosecutor. No Bibliography. Please write for more information. Crimessa.wps

The Defense Witness & Forensic Testimony : 21 pages providing a detailed analysis of the validity and role of forensic testimony as a legal defense undermining science. Excellent for those studying law, criminal justice and also for sciences that examine such subjects as DNA. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Defenswt.wps

The Constitutionality Of Punitive Damages : This 10 page paper considers the issue of punitive damages and the changing perspectives in recent years regarding their increased prevalence and their constitutionality. This paper considers the US Supreme Court’s response to cases in which punitive damages were awarded and the evaluation of constitutionality through the process of judicial review. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Punidama.wps

Punitive Damages in Product Liability Cases : A 10 page paper focusing on tort law, specifically the punitive damages in product liability cases. Information is presented to show that there is a perceived need for limits to be placed on punitive damages. State-to-State case examples are given. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Producli.wps

Product Liability & Middle Managers : This 11 page paper discusses the effect product liability lawsuits have on the middle manager. Statistics are reported regarding the number of lawsuits filed in the U.S. Steps the manager can take to avoid lawsuits or limit their damage are given. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Prodliab.wps

Tort Law / Risk Management As applied To Public Recreation : A 10 page research paper which details tort law as it applies toward risk management in parks and other public recreation. The writer demonstrates how the litigious nature of current American society makes knowledge of this area a necessity for successful management of any public recreational facility. A particular emphasis is placed on risk management as it applies to supervision issues in tort law. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Riskrec.wps

Tort Law & Product Liability : This 8 page paper looks at the specific components of tort law and product liability as they pertain to the case of a man injured by home sauna. This paper considers whether the injury fits into the criteria of injuries that warrant the pursuit of product liability litigation and also evaluates the responsibilities of companies providing products and the criteria for determining faulty design. Tortprod.wps

Small Claims Courts In The United States / Issues & Procedures : A 6 page paper on small claims court. Examined are statistics concerning the number of cases tried, the procedure for filing a small claim in most states, issues, rules, loopholes, etc.; Sections also discuss which demographic groups are suing more frequently and what techniques should be established to help increase the number of inner-city minorities who exercise their right to sue when appropriate. Bibliography lists 4+ sources. Smallcla.wps

Why Do People Sue ? : A 7 page research paper analyzing some of the reasons why it has become so common for people to sue others in modern American society. Various types of litigation and their prevalence are examined and the writer makes several strong arguments concerning our "ability" to sue vs. our actions. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Suewhy.wps

Why Do People Sue ? # 2 : A 6 page look at the American legal system, society, and how we are compelled to sue over relatively minor incidents. Personality, accessibility, material gain, etc.; are among the many causal factors explored. Case examples are used to support points made. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Suewhy2.wps

The Anti-Terrorism Bill & Habeas Corpus : A 10 page paper discussing the concept of habeas corpus and the fact that it should not be changed or altered to accommodate recent anti-terrorist legislation. Bibliography lists six sources. Habeas.wps

The Role of Judges In A Litigious Society & School Prayer : A 12 page paper that considers the role of judges in the increasingly litigious American society as demonstrated by the issue of school prayer. This paper provides a number of case examples to demonstrate the complex role of judges in designing national morality. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Judges.wps

Bankruptcy & Legal Issues : 12 pages in length. Writer provides a comprehensive overview of Bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Code, the Federal Bankruptcy Revision, the differences between Chapter 11 and Chapter 13, etc;. Writer uses the case of Orange County, California, a government body that filed for Bankruptcy in the mid-1990's. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Bankrupt.wps

The Case of Stella Liebeck and Tort Reform as Supported by the Works of Kant : A 5 page paper that seeks to prove that Immanuel Kant would support both Stella Liebeck's case (women who sued McDonald’s after being burned by coffee) and Congress' subsequent tort reform laws, simply because they meet his altruism ideals for citizens and government under his laws of citizen duty to act under the laws and slow government reform. This paper claims that Kant would not support McDonald's egoism in retaining their hot coffee policy because of the number of complaints received prior to Liebeck's case--and also his "mine and thine" policy on dual responsibility. Kant was a supporter of free-will as long as the individual agreed to avoid chaos by lending itself to government's laws, and a supporter of government as long as it made slow reforms that did not incite revolutionaries. Bibliography includes 6 sources . Kantmc.wps

Child Sex Abuse Claims / Techniques for Assessing Validity : A 12 page paper in which the writer posits that while many child sex abuse claims are very true, some are indeed very false. Assessed are the various methodologies for determining the accuracy of statements made about such abuses by children, the existing laws concerning child testimony in court, and the psychological factors which may actually cause delusions of child abuse. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Childsex.wps

F. Lee Bailey’s "The Defense Never Rests" : In 6 pages the author discusses the book "The Defense Never Rests" by F. Lee Bailey. Some specific cases are discussed and the author attempts to pronounce what Bailey was trying say in his writing of this book. The questions of whether the author accomplished what he set out to do and whether his plan of action is agreed with are answered. Flbailey.wps

Job Termination and the Rights of Employees in the U.S. : A 7 page paper reviewing the legal climate surrounding terminations. The paper also objectively examines both the employee and employer viewpoints toward this emotionally charged topic. Eight references are listed and consist predominantly of articles from professional business journals. Firing.wps

Law & Ethics / Not Always the Same Thing : A 3 page essay discussing the differences between law and ethics. The case of Affirmative Action and the relevance of just laws are used to illustrate points made about law & ethics together. Law&Ethc.wps

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