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The Impeachment Process / Its Applicability in the Clinton Case : This 6 page paper examines the process of impeachment as a part of Constitutional law. Discussion of the definition of perjury as well as the applicability of the impeachment process is discussed in light of the Clinton scandal. The paper concludes that impeachment should be sought in the case examined. Bibliography lists 6 sources Impeach.wps

Arguments Against The Impeachment Of President Bill Clinton : This 10 page report discusses the controversy surrounding the possible impeachment of U.S. President Bill Clinton (written in November of 1998). The writer takes a strong position against instituting the impeachment process and presents arguments to support that viewpoint. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Agaimp.wps

Impeachment Focus / "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" : A 12 page research paper exploring the issue of the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. The writer looks at the history of other impeachment processes and makes comparisons between them, and explores the Constitutional provisions in Article II, Section 4 covering impeachment in relationship to the current proceedings. The writer defers to that definition. Bibliography lists 22 sources. Cnimpeach.wps

Deconstructionism & The Critical Legal Studies Movement : A 25 page paper that considers the importance of deconstructionism and CLS in law, and then argues against their use. The writer contends that standard legal practices are more effective than developments supported by deconstructionism. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Decons.wps

Differences Between Copyright and Trademarks : A 5 page research paper on trademarks and copyrights. The writer details what each covers, how it obtained, and international considerations. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Copyrite.wps

Sports Law / Who Is Liable When a Fan Gets Hurt? : A 6 page paper discussing legal and liability issues related to spectator injuries at sporting events. Bibliography lists four sources. Pucks.wps

Sports Law / Institutional Liability When Players Are Injured : A 5 page research paper which examines the question of what constitutes liability on the part of a coach or an institution in the event of sports related injury. The writer examines numerous cases and outlines the basics of what the courts expect from coaches and institutions. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Sprtliab.wps

Legal Profession : An 8 page paper that discusses different aspects of the legal profession. Topics discussed include: admission to law school; education; recruitment; legal specialties; hierarchies in law firms; stratification of the profession and the social status of lawyers. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Legprof.wps

Four Issues on Law and Education: This 8 page paper addresses four popular concerns relating to education and the law, including book banning, state action, constitutional rights of students and teachers and school prayer. Each issue is evaluated and the application of specific laws, including legal elements pertaining to constitutionality, are defined in this paper. Schllaw.wps

Public Interest Law & Technology : A 5 page paper discussing the history and background of public interest law and uses of technology to further its cause. Various examples and pertinent statistics are provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Pubint.doc

Issues In Labor Law : This 5 page paper looks at several articles pertinent to labor law as contained in a 1993 issue of Conservative Digest. The articles are discussed in terms of labor trends in the nineties. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Lablaws.wps

Right To Work Laws And Labor Laws Prohibiting Union Security Clauses : The Impact on the Changing Shape of Labor Relations: This 10 page paper provides an overview of the labor relations laws, including right to work laws and laws prohibiting union security clauses in labor agreements. This paper evaluates the guidelines set by the National Labor Relations Act, and also considers attempts at initiating union security clauses and the implications of both for the negotiating and arbitration of labor agreements. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Unionlaw.wps

Are There Positive Outcomes To Medical Malpractice Reform? : A 25 page paper that provides an overview of the major elements of malpractice reform, and considers the question of whether there are benefits to reform policies in light of the prominent arguments regarding proposed legislation over the past decade. Bibliography lists 24 sources. Medmal.wps

Legal Issues Surrounding Corporate, Partnership, Estate, & Gift Taxation : 
A 12 page paper discussing the current laws and/or regulations that directly concern the area of taxation in relationship to corporations, partnerships, estates, and gifts. These are complicated and multifaceted dimensions of taxation. The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 is discussed in regards to corporate taxation, and all other forms of taxation under examination as this is the most recent legal action involving these areas. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Legaltx.wps

The Gift Tax : In 1997, the Taxpayer Relief Act was passed, the purpose of which was to alleviate taxes for the upper middle class and to simplify some of the more complicated tax laws then in force. The 'gift tax' was one such area. In simple terms, the gift tax is payable by the donor on gift property during the donor's lifetime. It is based on the premise that a large gift of money and, or, property would have been included as part of the donor's estate and as such, would have been subject to taxes. This 7 page paper examines the provisions of the gift tax statutes and the impact of the Taxpayer Relief Act on the utilization of gift taxes on estate planning. Bibliography lists 5 sources. GiftTax.wps

Helms-Burton Law, Argument for Repeal : A 10 page paper that argues strongly for the repeal of the Helms-Burton Law based on its potentially devastating effect on U.S. and global economies, plus the fact that sanctions have proven, historically, to be ineffective as outlined by the Act. Issues considered also include state sovereignty, NAFTA, and the EU. Bibliography lists 10 sources. TheHelms.doc

Diplomatic Immunity / Is there A Need To Rethink The Vienna Convention ? :
A 60 page paper that provides an overview of diplomatic immunity as it applies within the United States and for United States citizens in other countries. This paper reflects upon cases against diplomats having committed crimes in the United States, reflects upon the history and purpose of diplomatic immunity, considers the problem of abuses and the benefits inherent in this system of legal exclusion from prosecution, and then determines if there is a need to re-address the existing policies and legal statutes regarding its application. Bibliography lists 35+ sources. Dipimm.wps

Searches & Seizures At Or Near International Borders : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of primary and secondary authorities on the issue of searches and seizures at or near international boarders and provides a literature search on the cases pertaining to "the limits, if any, that the federal constitution places upon law enforcement activity at the international border itself." Bibliography lists 8 sources. Seizbor.wps

Environmental Law & Society : This 7 page paper addresses the issues surrounding environmental law, particularly in relationship to the business community. The problems created by landfills and incenerators are noted as well as the difficulty in reaching environmentally friendly solutions. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Envlaw.wps

Environmental and Industrial Conflicts Over the Long Island Pine Barrens / One Example of Environment & the Law : This 20 page paper reflects upon the legal issues and political, social and economic determinants that impact social change as they relate to the issue of development in the Long Island Pine Barrens. This paper considers the conflicts between environmentalists and developers, including Richard Amper and Wilbur Breslin, and then reflects upon the legal actions taken, the course of legal determinants and the successes of the Pine Barrens Society under the leadership of Amper in protecting some of the central Pine Barrens wilderness in Long Island. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Pinebar.wps

Educators & Tort Liability : A 10 page research paper which explores how tort law applies to teachers and officials of the school system. The writer discusses the factors considered by the courts and then shows through discussion of case law how these factors are applied. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Edutort.wps

Trends in Sexual Harassment Law : A 15 page paper that provides a comprehensive critical analysis of the rends in sexual harassment law, with a focus on emerging trends, including same-sex sexual harassment. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Sexharla.wps

Sexual Harassment Law Review : A 5 page essay which argues that, although there are weaknesses in the law and its application, laws protecting employees from sexual harassment in government and private industry are necessary. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sexhlaw.wps

Sexual Harassment / An Important National Issue : In 3 pages the author discusses why sexual harassment has become such an important national issue. Sexnatl.wps

Prison Inmates Filing Frivolous Lawsuits : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the statistics and implications of the rise of frivolous lawsuits filed by the prison populations in the United States. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Frivlaw.wps

Microsoft / Antitrust Law and Economics : A 20 page research paper that explores the antitrust lawsuit to April 21, 1998 in terms of the Sherman Act, court transcripts, and monopolistic behavior. The writer argues that in addition to antitrust considerations, the economics of the issue must be considered, particularly in light of proposed regulation of the software industry. Both sides are presented and proposed resolutions explored, with a recommendation that whatever the outcome, that open competition be maintained. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Ecnmicrs.doc

Microsoft Anti-trust Lawsuit : 6 pages in length. In a world where money is omnipotent and those who possess great wealth are revered as being God-like, Bill Gates stands on the top of the highest monetary mountain. However, the Microsoft Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is feeling the strength of that mountain crumble just a little bit beneath his feet as the result of an anti-trust lawsuit brought about by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and twenty state attorney generals. Their claim: Gates' manipulative manner of using monopolistic practices in an overt attempt to control the Internet, including related software products. Their demand: That Microsoft detach its browser, Internet Explorer, from the Windows system and sell it separately or give users a choice between Explorer and its number one competitor, Netscape Navigator. The writer discusses actions taken by Gates in dealing with the lawsuit. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Antilaw.wps

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer & Antitrust Concerns : A 5 page paper discussing the Justice Department’s pursuit of Microsoft on antitrust charges stemming from its bundling of its products with new computers from third parties. The Cato Institute’s Robert Levy says of the entire antitrust suit against Microsoft, "That dispute revolves around Microsoft's "tie-in" of its browser (Internet Explorer) with its operating system (Windows 95) -- a tie-in that poses no greater threat to competition...than the packaging of tires with automobiles, cream with coffee, laces with shoes, even left gloves with right gloves". Instead, the threat to competition rests more in Microsoft’s competitors being less able to compete based on their own lack of good ideas. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Micft.wps

The Case For Bill Gates : A 5 page paper that offers a case for Bill Gates and Microsoft in the antitrust action brought by the federal government. The writer points to the fact that choices are available for the consumer. Gatescas.wps

Microsoft / Antitrust Case : A 5 page overview and opinion on the antitrust case against Microsoft. The writer explores the process from December 1997 through March 1998, with reference to the 1995 settlement. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Micrcase.wps

Usage and Violations of Antitrust Laws by Health Care Organizations : A 14 page paper that discuses recent changes to antitrust laws in regards to networked health organizations, and also the relaxed antitrust laws on acquisitions and mergers in the industry. The paper introduces potential alternatives to changes in the antitrust laws which may be advantageous to continued competition in the industry, and suggests that alternatives to relaxing competition should be pursued. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Antit.wps

Tort Reform / Against Current : A 7 page argumentative paper positing that the general public is continually losing ground when it comes to financial redress in the United States. The current (1998) bugaboo is tort reform. The paper agrees that abuse of the system led to the desire for change in the system; however, based on historical success in the product safety area, tort reform will not serve the public. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Ustorts.doc

Law Review / Avalanches & Liability : A 7 page research paper on avalanche predictions, postings, and cleanup in light of federal, state, and torte law. Also considered are contract, negligence and manslaughter. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Avalanc.wps

Regulation of Utilities : This 10 page paper focuses on the Public Utilities Holding Company Act of 1935 in a discussion on related regulation. A history of the law’s implementation is provided along with a discussion on its ramifications. The significance of monopolies, particularly as it pertains to utilities, is addressed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Regutil.wps

Electric Utilities and the Internet : A 5 page research paper that examines the changes that have been instituted in this quickly changing industry. The writer discusses how recent legislation has opened up the marketplace regarding energy use and how utilities are meeting these new challenges via Internet technology. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Netutili.wps

Affirmative Action # 1 : A 5 page research paper arguing that affirmative action can and should be banned. Includes outline, and bibliography with 6 sources. Affirm3.wps

Affirmative Action # 2 :16 pages excellently detailing affirmative action, relevant issues, problems, cases, opinion etc; Includes 16 bibliographic references. Afirmact.wps

Affirmative Action # 3 : This 4 page paper argues against affirmative action programs, with particular reference to 1996 legislation that sparked recent controversy. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Afact2.wps

An Overview of Affirmative Action : This 11 page report discusses the history of affirmative action, the arguments surrounding it and possible solutions to some of the conflicts attached to the issue. The report also emphasizes the employment opportunities and lack thereof for African Americans that was a major factor in the development and support of affirmative action programs. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Affover.wps

Affirmative Action : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the issues regarding Affirmative Action as presented by two different authors, liberal economist Barbara Bergmann ("In Defense of Affirmative Action") and conservative historian Thomas Sowell ("Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality"). This paper demonstrates the complexity of the issues related to the Affirmative Action debate. No additional sources cited. Affbook.wps

Affirmative Action / Do We Really Need It ? : A 16 page exploration of three decades of Affirmative Action policies. Includes the pro's and con's of Affirmative Action and an examination of current public sentiment towards these policies. Bibliography lists several sources. Afact.wps

Affirmative Action’s Lack Of Usefulness : A 10 page paper arguing that any usefulness that affirmative action policies could have claimed in the past have long since been obsolete. When affirmative action policies were instituted, there was little chance that an educated and qualified black man or a woman of any color could break into the corporate world by any means except that of growing their own. After more than 30 years of evolution of the act and of more than enough time in which to judge affirmative action’s effectiveness, the only logical conclusion in light of the facts—rather than of rhetoric—is that not only has affirmative action not worked for the black segment of our population for which it was originally intended, it has not worked for any segment of our population. Annotated bibliography lists 8 sources. AfActNo.doc

An Analysis Of Various Affirmative Action Programs : A 5 page paper exploring the differences and similarities between affirmative action programs based on race, sex and disabilities (ADA). The paper explores these issues from the viewpoint of public policy. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Affpr.wps

Affirmative Action In Health Care Settings : This 15 page research paper reports data regarding affirmative action in medical schools and in the delivery of health services. Specific arguments for and against affirmative action admissions policies are discussed. Court cases charging bias against nonminorities are included as are recent legislation and legislative proposals to ban affirmative action policies in university medical school admissions. Bibliography lists 20 references. Affmedi.wps

Affirmative Action / Analyzed From A Conflict Perspective : The problem is discussed from a conflict perspective in this 10 page paper. Several sections look at the problem, analyze data and apply theoretical principals to relevant studies. Solutions to the dilemma of affirmative action are discussed in light of polling data as well as sociological theory. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Aact.rtf

"Equal Opportunity For All & Preferences For None" : A 5 page paper arguing in favor of the University of California’s move to abandon affirmative action efforts in regards to college admission. This paper illustrates the ways in which affirmative action has failed to meet its true goals. Bibliography lists six sources. Eqop.wps

Affirmative Action On Trial / Melvin Urofsky : An 8 page paper that relates the issue of reverse discrimination to the determinations of Melvin Urofsky in his book of same title. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Urofsky.wps

Affirmative Action / Pros & Cons In Fire Safety : Affirmative action programs are evaluated specifically as they pertain to fire departments in this 7 page paper. Both sides of the issue are explored. Specific cases and examples are provided. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Affy.wps

Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employment : In 5 pages, the author discusses affirmative action and equal opportunity employment. Examples of both policies are discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Affequal.wps

In Defense of Affirmative Action : A 6page research paper which argues that affirmative action programs are still needed and useful for providing equal educational and employment opportunities to women and minorities. The writer states all of the major arguments against affirmative action, and then shows, through an historical and demographic context, why these arguments simply do not hold up as legitimate reasons for ending affirmative action. Bibliography contains 6 sources. Defaff.wps

Affirmative Action & The Detroit Police Department : A 12 page research paper outlining the results of an affirmative action program implemented in the Detroit police department in the mid-1970s. Stresses that the current successes of affirmative action policies, which are no longer in effect, could be lost without continued vigilance to maintain the current racial composition of the force. One method of doing this is the continued provision of training for both promotional candidates and first-time applicants to the force. Bibliography lists fifteen sources. Detroitp.rtf

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace / Do We Still Need Affirmative Action ? : A 9 page research paper examining the continued need for Affirmative Action policies instituted in the 1960’s. Some authors state that American minorities still need Affirmative Action’s protection; some state that we have moved beyond the quota system and that Affirmative Action has outlived its usefulness; and at least one maintains that the quota system was illegal from the outset and was never supposed to have been an issue. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Workplac.wps

The Philosophies Of Plato -- Applied To Today’s Affirmative Action Debate :
A 10 page paper discussing affirmative action from the philosophical perspective of Plato. Both sides of the debate over affirmative action are briefly presented. Bibliography lists six sources. Affpoli.wps

College / in loco parentis : A 3 page research paper which points out the foibles of the in loco parentis doctrine on the university campus. The writer argues that the problem is that college students are adults, not children, and should have access to the full weight of the law. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Inparntis.doc

In Loco Parentis, Tort Liability & Field Trips : An 8 page paper that reflects the application of in loco parentis in school settings, reflects on the nature of tort liability and considers the liability of teachers during field trips. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Locopar.wps

Race Exclusive Scholarships : This 20 page paper examines the issue by looking at a variety of cases including the 1978 Bakke decision that spurred the debate on reverse discrimination. Legal cases are cited and the issue is discussed both in a legal and moral sense. The paper takes the position that affirmative action and race based scholarships are necessary. Extensive footnoting. Raceexc.wps

Affirmative Action & California Universities : 19 pages and 14 sources cited in bibliography. Paper presents and argues some alternatives to affirmative action for the California University System. The author feels that as a law, affirmative action is not necessary but as a socio-political theme, it is both relevant and necessary. Affirm4.wps

Affirmative Action in Canada : 14 pages on multiculturalism and affirmative action in Canada. The writer describes how Canada has just barely begun to recognize the falseness of her perceived racial harmonies and examines the inherent problems that exist with regard to racial assimilation in Canada. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Affircan.wps

Affirmative Action / Public & Policy : A 10 page examination of affirmative action and its failed attempt to serve the public effectively. Includes a brief overview of affirmative action's history and a thorough presentation of both sides of the debate. The writer does not necessarily pick sides per se, but does offer intelligent analytical thought. Bibliography cites 6 sources. Affirm5.wps

Affirmative Action / Public Policy # 2 : A 5 page paper arguing for affirmative action. The writer discusses why this policy is necessary for the benefit of our society. Bibliography cites 9 sources. Affirm6.wps

The Americans With Disabilities Act : A 9 page paper on the 1994 Americans With Disabilities Act, why it was founded, and the implications that it has for today's managers. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Disabact.wps

America’s Love Affair with Guns – It’s Time To Break Up : This 20 page paper looks at the historical perspective of Americans owning guns and their right to do so. The writer argues that there is not a valid reason for private citizens to keep guns in their homes. Extensive bibliography included. Gunsaff.wps

An Argument for the Legalization of Marijuana : 8 pages in length. Although the writer of this essay does not necessarily endorse the use of marijuana, (s)he agrees with the argument that it is politically-incorrect to outlaw it in the United States. Very good points are made from the history of marijuana's existence in the country as well as the similar case of alcohol prohibition during the 1920's. The writer feels that the FDA should regulate the drug so that smokers do not risk using pot that is sneakily mixed with other substances. Medical evidence of marijuana's comparatively mild effects is presented and the report concludes that the negative impacts of marijuana's ban are far worse than those that would prevail if it were allowed to be sold openly and legally. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Marijle2.wps

An Argument for the Legalization of Marijuana # 2 : A shorter, 5 page version of Marijle2.wps, in which the writer is primarily concerned with the facts that : (1) there exists no solid argument against the legalization of marijuana and (2) outlawing the drug has created the same negative impacts that alcohol prohibition did during the 1920's. It is agreed that marijuana does indeed pose some seriously harmful side effects, but that these are not necessarily any worse than those produced by cigarette smoking-- a very legal activity (assumably because of the industry's economic contribution, etc;) Bibliography lists 8 sources. Marijleg.wps

An Argument for the Legalization of Marijuana # 3 : A 5 page research paper supporting the legalization of marijuana. Four of the many reasons for legalizing marijuana are discussed; the most compelling reason is medical; the most capitalistic is the many products produced from hemp. Bibliography lists 9 references. Marijlgl.wps

Legalization of Marijuana / Weighing Both Sides : Both sides of the issue are explored in this 7 page paper. The writer discusses health & social aspects of the controversy - citing the risks associated with legalizing marijuana as well as the possible advantages to doing so. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Mrijuan.wps

Sexual Harassment Legislation in Canada (Quebec) : This 15 page research paper examines the issue of sexual harassment in Canada, with particular attention paid to the Quebec province. Specifically discussed topics include the legal definition of sexual harassment, the Supreme Court's attitude expressed in Janzen v. Platy Enterprises Ltd. (1989), obligations of employers and employees, demonstration of proof and evidence, decisions and awarded damages, and latest developments and controversies. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Harassq.wps

Constitutional Protection : In June of 1990, Russell and Laura Jones of St. Paul, Minnesota found a cross burning in their yard. Two adolescents were charged; one plead guilty, the other was found guilty of a St. Paul "hate speech" ordinance which specifically makes bias-motivated cross burning a crime. The case was eventually appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme court. This 5 page paper describes the themes and findings, the controversial issues and different perspectives of that case as an example of the argument that the Constitution does not protect the average American from harm. The bibliography lists 4 sources. Protecon.wps

A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr : A 12 page essay on Harr's account of a law suit brought by five families against the chemical companies which poisoned their city's water supply. Due to these carcinogens, each family suffered the loss of a child. No additional sources cited. Civilin.wps

Book Review / Prosecution of the Lindbergh Kidnapping Case : A 4 page discussion of The Lindbergh Case. The writer details the investigation and the trial of the crime with regard to the role of and effectiveness of the prosecutor. Bibliography lists 1 sources. Lindbergh.wps.

Can Broadcast Media Reject Ads ? : A 6 page essay detailing arguments concerning whether or not broadcast media (Tv, radio, etc;) should be allowed to reject advertisements based upon their content. (Comm/Media, Law, and Advertising). Bibliography lists 12 sources. Broamark.wps

Chef’s Tables and Controversy in Chicago : 3 pages plus an outline. An argumentative essay on why the Chicago Board of Health’s proposed 1995 regulation regarding restrictions to be imposed upon "Chef’s Tables" in restaurants like Trotter’s,-- was unnecessary and wrong. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chefstab.wps

Child Support in the United States : Approximately 4 pages worth of notes on Child Support, relevant laws etc; Includes contact information. No bibliography. Childsup.wps

Child Support Collection & IRS : This 10 page report discusses tax and collection issues as they relate to the payment of child support in the United States. The question explored is whether or not the IRS should have responsibility for child support tracking and enforcement. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Chilsupp.wps

(The) Death Penalty & New Jersey : 6 page paper arguing reasons why the state of New Jersey should outlaw the death penalty. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Deatpen2.wps

Morality & Law : Reconciling personal morality with the letter of the law in issues of criminality often comes into play when considering legal ordinances and their constitutionality. More often then not, though, the moral arguments are more compelling and often mark the perceptions of the populous. This 6 page paper provides an overview of a legal issue regarding the societal perspectives on morality and the application of an "anti-smut" ordinance designed to prevent the pursuit of certain religious beliefs and the display of a pertinent statue in a small community. This paper considers both sides of the issue and then relates the most compelling legal (not constitutional) arguments as they are related through the theories of John Stuart Mill, Lord Patrick Devlin, and Graham Hughes. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Moralaw.wps

Medical Futility : A 20 page argument against the concept of medical futility and medical paternalism. The writer posits that as a concept, the idea of medical futility has no practical meaning in light of legal, social and moral values held by western society. The writer supports this argument with case law and legal and medical commentary. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Medfutil.wps

Euthanasia / The Right to Die : An 18 page comprehensive look at Euthanasia (right to assisted suicides for the ill) and its various arguments. Writer concludes that it should be outlawed and provides numerous reasons based upon facts and research cited. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Euthasia.wps assisted suicide

Euthanasia and the Legal Right to Die #2 : 6 pages in length. Case examples provided. Writer remains objective for the most part-- providing an overview of the subject. Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Euthana2.wps assisted suicide

Legal Perspective On Euthanasia / Analsis : This 10 page research paper explores the legal implications of euthanasia. Specifically discussed are the historical aspects of the term, constitutional considerations, general consensus and future outlook regarding the practice of euthanasia. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Legaldie.wps

Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide / Right or Wrong? : A 7 page examination of the history and issues surrounding euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. Discussion of the differences in passive and active euthanasia. Defines futility and outlines how it is determined. Bibliography includes six sources. Assisuic.wps

Euthanasia / Right To Die : In 8 pages, the writer argues against the right to die. Many aspects of the topic are covered. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Right2di.wps

Ethics Of Euthanasia/Physician-Assisted Suicide : 10 pages in length. The argument that has sent the world into a tailspin is whether or not people who are suffering from terminal or excruciatingly painful illnesses have the right to take their own lives with the help of physician-assisted suicide. Proponents contend that what one does with one's life is of no consequence to anyone else -- that it is both ethical and humane to allow someone to be relieved of constant discomfort. On the other hand, critics claim that the act of euthanasia is nothing more than a fabricated form of murder. Both sides have pertinent points to ponder when it comes to understanding and assessing the conflict, but euthanasia supporters have a significantly stronger argument. The writer discusses that physician-assisted suicide is not only the right thing to do for someone seeking such a decision, but it is ethical and humane for a physician to abide by the patient's wish. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Eutheth.wps

The Ethics of Suicide : A 5 page overview of the ethics of suicide plus a 1 page Roman Numeral Sentence Outline. Stresses that suicide is ethically wrong and presents views from ancient times and which have extended into contemporary religions which support that view. Presents the contention that those individuals with a strong religious background are less likely to attempt suicide than those individuals without that background. Encourages the incorporation of religious teachings into the counseling of suicidal patients. Bibliography lists 4 sources. SuicEthi.wps

Euthanasia / A Need & a Right : An 11 page overview of the issues of euthanasia. Stresses that the choice of euthanasia is an individual one and not one which should be prohibited by law. Uses extensive examples from the Netherlands where euthanasia has been openly practiced for twenty-five years. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Euthneed.wps

Pro-Euthanasia Argument Analyzed : A 10 page paper in favor of euthanasia, with evidence to support the position, including an examination of its international practice, and the positions of pro-euthanasia physician Timothy Quill, and Hemlock Society founder Derek Humphry, author of Final Exit. Bibliography lists 5 URL sources. Euthasi2.wps

Physician Assisted Suicide : A 5 page paper that supports the actions of doctors like Jack Kevorkian who have provided compassionate chemical euthanasia to terminally ill patients. This paper considers the actions of Kevorkian as they relate to medical ethics and personal moral issues. Though the issue is controversial, it is clear that there is a need for compassion in medicine that few like Kevorkian are willing to provide.  Bibliography lists 4 sources. Physsuic.wps euthanasia

Assisted Suicide / An International Issue : A 5 page paper that discusses the legal aspects of assisted suicide. Different aspects of the issue are discussed as they are viewed in the U.S. the Netherlands and Canada. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Suicint.wps

Euthanasia / An Argument In Favor Of ... : A 10 page paper arguing that competent terminally ill patients have a right to ask for humane aid in dying. The paper discusses the issues surrounding opposition arguments, including legal, medical, economic, moral, and religious, and presents strong arguments against these opposing arguments. Highlights include discussion of the recent Supreme Court case and recommended solution to Jack Kevorkian's brand of assisted suicide. The paper concludes that the U.S. Constitution guarantees an individual's right to act in his or her best interest, and interference with this fundamental American right by any entity should not be allowed. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Euasia.wps

Euthanasia & Physician Assisted Suicide / The Role Of Dr. Jack Kevorkian :
A 12 page paper defining euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. Provides a history of the issues and includes an examination of the legal, ethical, religious, and medical facets. Relates the specifics of court cases revolving around Karen Ann Quinlin and Dr. Jack Kevorkian and provides a brief biographical outline of Dr. Kevorkian. Bibliography lists twelve sources. Kevork.wps

Government -Limit Spending On The Terminally Ill & Grant Our Right To Die :
In this 9 page paper, the writer argues that the government is spending too much money on prolonging the life of hopelessly-ill patients and that changing this will ultimately have a beneficial effect on our health care system. Moreover, many terminally-ill patients want to end their suffering and die but are not being allowed to do so. The case for removing such restrictions is well-presented. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Termin~1.wps

Assisted Fertilization and Its Legal Implications : A 10 page paper that examines the various kinds of assisted fertilization. The writer discusses the legalities of the different aspects, and the trend toward the future. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Fertilre.wps

Gay Rights & Relevant Ordinances : 6 pages in length. Paper discusses civil rights for homosexuals and the importance of laws to protect such rights. Social, political, and historic issues are examined. It is concluded that there is absolutely no reason that "gays" should not have all of the same rights and opportunities in this country as everyone else Bibliography lists 5 sources. Gayright.wps

Pornography & Censorship : An 8 page paper that considers the issue of pornography within a social and philosophical construct and provides an overview of the debates that exist in order to answer the question: "Should pornography be censored even if it does not cause harm?" Bibliography lists 7 sources. Porncen.wps

Internet Pornography / Trying to Censor the Impossible : A 6 page analytical discussion of pornography and Internet censorship. The writer questions whether we can truly expect to effectively govern something as broad-based and with boundaries as undefined as the 'Net and cites various case examples to support all points made. It is posited that "cyberspace" is a mere reflection of society and can not be politically suppressed with any success. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Intncen.wps

The Telecommunications Decency Act / Industry & Politics : A 7 page research paper on The Telecommunications Decency Act of 1996. The writer focuses specifically upon how this legislation is affecting the telecommunication industry itself. Phone company break-ups and new standards are discussed. Political arguments are made that the debate over communications policy is restricted to elites and those with serious financial stakes in the outcome. It does not reflect well on the caliber of U.S. participatory democracy, but it is capitalist democracy at its best. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Teleact.wps

Legal Enforcement & Sex : An 8 page research paper expressing the view that the government has better laws to enforce than laws designating the appropriate bedroom activities of married and consensual adults. The writer approaches this essay from several viewpoints including human nature, the U.S. justice system, effects on heterosexual and homosexual couples, the sex industry, and the reasons behind legislation. The writer expresses the further opinion that protecting children should be the only concern of enforcement, not creating civil and criminal wars between adults. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sexlegal.wps

Consensual Sex & The Aberrations of Law : A 7 page research essay postulating that laws governing private, consensual sexual practices between adults are immoral. The writer argues this thesis on a definition of "deviant" sexual definitions in the U.S. and how the criminalization of sexual practices leads to prostitution, the black market, and the prosecution of innocent citizens. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Devsex.wps

Right to Privacy / Sexual Conduct : An 8 page research paper on the legislative basis of right to privacy in the United States. The writer posits that the right to privacy is guaranteed under the Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment, but that discrimination policies continue abound at the federal and state level, and the certainty of the right to privacy in communications is still subject to debate and interpretation. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Privsex.wps

Drug Testing in the Workplace : A 6 page discussion of laws and other considerations concerning mandatory workplace testing. Writer argues that employers should be allowed to mandate the tests but also that they must be responsible for ensuring that they use the most accurate equipment available. Bibliography lists 8+ sources. Drugtest.wps

Drug Testing in the Workplace #2 : An 8 page, socio-legal analysis of issues concerning search and seizure as they relate to mandatory drug testing in the workplace. Various cases are cited. Bibliography lists at least 10 sources. Drugtes2.wps

Mandatory Drug Testing in the Workplace : An 8 report on the controversial issue of mandatory drug testing in the workplace. The writer is larger against such a mandate as there exist too many flaws and inconsistencies with current methods. Key court decisions such as 1991's judicial endorsement of drug testing are cited as being unfair "infringements" of our rights. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Manddrug.wps

Mandatory Drug Testing in the Workplace # 2 / Legal Issues : A 6 page research paper on the laws governing drug testing -- using three case examples to illustrate points made. The writer details constitutional, federal and state laws, problems with drug testing, and what practical things management can do. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Drugtes5.wps

Social Policy For Mandatory Drug Testing : A policy for drug testing in the work place is proposed in this 8 page paper. Methods of testing are discussed in detail including biochemical methods as well as observational and self reporting approaches. The use of the polygraph and background investigations are also outlined. The Constitutionality of such a governmental effort is also addressed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Drugt.wps

Drug Testing In New York State : A 5 page paper analyzing the debate on the implementation of drug testing policies at the school, governmental, and private-sector levels. The writer concludes that the legal risks and ramifications of drug testing must be weighed against the practice’s potential benefits. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nydrug.wps

The Direction Of Antitrust Regulation : An 8 page paper discussing and analyzing the direction of antitrust regulation in the US. The writer cites case studies of the computer industry (Microsoft and Intel) and the long-distance telephone industry. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Antireg.wps

Tobacco Legislation : A 6 page paper that covers the tobacco legislation proposed and passed since 1996. The writer examines programs facilitated by the Clinton administration through legislation, and the new tougher proposal introduced in September 1997. The paper looks at various opinions, interest groups, legislators, and provides some background on the health risks associated with cigarette smoking and the tobacco industry's cover up. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Tobac.doc

Tobacco Regulation / America, Smoke-free? : A 5 page paper supporting tobacco regulation. It incorporates a strong thesis, the fight by the tobacco industry against current legislation, President Clinton's response, the legislatures response, and relevant news. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Tobacco.wps

The Tobacco Industry / History, Litigation & Settlements : A 9 page paper that discusses the history of the tobacco industry, while also considering the choices made by tobacco industry leaders that led to litigation and a mid-1990’s federal government settlement for over $300 billion. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Tobacind.wps

The Tobacco Settlement Proposal : In a 10 page paper the writer discusses how after much denial, the tobacco industry has finally admitted that nicotine does, in fact, kill people. Now their interests lie in protecting themselves from further litigation by proposing a settlement to gain the legal protection of the federal government. The writer reviews the proposal and interprets the future outcome on both the industry and the general public. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Tobacset.wps

Tobacco Settlement : This 5 page paper provides an executive summary of a Wall Street Journal article reporting on a tobacco settlement. The summary relates the facts to other situations in business. No additional sources cited. TobaSet.wps

America's Tobacco Settlement and the Third World : An 8 page discussion of the effects of the tobacco settlement on third world countries, specifically women and children. The paper discusses the economics of the decision not to include global provisions, and how world organizations and governments are dealing with the issue. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Glosmoke.wps

Tobacco / Issues Surrounding Trade : A 5 page essay exploring the issues surrounding the exporting of tobacco and tobacco products. Is this a policy the United States Government should continue to support in view of its opposition to the use of tobacco within the nation? As one of the top cash products within the country and with hundreds of thousands of people dependent on the industry, the question as to the U.S. government's role in supporting its export is a complex one. The writer discusses the issues in terms of economics and ethics. No bibliography. Tobacoe.wps

Tobacco Advertising / Should the Federal Government Step In ? : This 3 page paper examines the controversy between the restriction of our freedom of speech, the importance of the tobacco industry to our national economy, and the dangers of smoking,-- especially among the young. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Smoking.wps

Should Smoking Be Banned In Public Places? : In 5 pages, plus a one-page sentence outline, the author discusses that smoking should be banned in public places. Cigarette smoke is potentially hazardous to all those who inhale it, whether voluntarily or passively. second-hand smoke has been found to be detrimental to the health of the non-smokers who are forced to breathe this smoke that they find offensive. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Smokpub.doc

Should Smoking Be Banned In All Public Places? : A 3 page paper arguing in favor of a public ban on smoking. Citing statements from the World Health Organization and a number of cancer research centers, the paper proves that second-hand smoke has definitively been tied to lung cancer as well as other disorders. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Bansmoke.wps

Lawsuit Erupting From Nurse’s Decision Not To Save A Terminally Ill Patient :
A 6 page paper that considers a specific civil law suit that resulted from a nurses choice not to resuscitate a terminally ill patient. This paper considers the reasons behind the loss of her job and a law suit filed against the hospital for their negligence. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Civillaw.wps

Emancipation Of Children : A 25 page paper discussing the liberation of children from their parents’ control. The emancipation of children from the control of their parents has been an issue in this country for years. Twenty years ago, adults were nearly at a loss for any sense of control over the actions of their teenage children. Though many of the more radical measures have since been neutralized, parents are still at risk if they impose any measure of forced control over their dependent children who are approaching the age of majority. There are also those who believe that the age of majority should be lowered from 18 to 16, along with applicable child labor laws so that those between the ages of 16 and 18 can be employed in a manner in which they can support themselves and so be fully independent of their parents should they choose to do so. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Emanchi.wps

 Cults & The Rationale Behind Mass Suicides : A 6 page paper discussing several "suicide cults,"including Heaven’s Gate, The People’s Temple, The Branch Davidians, and the Canadian Solar Temple. The writer explains why people join these cults, and argues that although these groups are definitely an aberration of our times, there is little that can be done, at least in the United States, because freedom of religion is guaranteed under the Constitution. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Cults.wps

Suicide & Religion : The correlation between these two variables is outlined in this 10 page research proposal. After a review of sociological literature, a study is designed which includes the derivation of relevant statistical data as well as questionnaire distribution. Ten sample questions are included as well as an explanation of the methodology employed. Variables are described in detail. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Relsuic.wps

The Ethics of Suicide : A 5 page overview of the ethics of suicide plus a 1 page Roman Numeral Sentence Outline. Stresses that suicide is ethically wrong and presents views from ancient times and which have extended into contemporary religions which support that view. Presents the contention that those individuals with a strong religious background are less likely to attempt suicide than those individuals without that background. Encourages the incorporation of religious teachings into the counseling of suicidal patients. Bibliography lists 4 sources. SuicEthi.wps

Dangerous Cults In The United States : This 14 page paper answers the question as to whether or not dangerous cults should be legal in the United States. The answer is not surprisingly complex as the question involves many issues, most predominately Constitutional freedoms. Groups such as Heaven's Gate, EST, Santeria, the Ku Kux Klan and the Right to Life movement are just some of the groups discussed. Satanic song lyrics are also addressed as part of the issue. The paper concludes that while truly dangerous cults should be outlawed, this should be done very carefully as not to infringe on first amendment rights. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cults.wps

UFO Cults : A 5 page paper discussing UFO cults and their doctrine of suicide, how they lure people into their organizations and how to avoid being taken in by these groups.. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Ufocult.wps

Lawmaking In The United States vs. The United Kingdom : A 7 page paper discussing how laws are made in each country. Highlights the similarities and differences between the two and discusses how America's system of government was patterned after the British. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Lawmaking.wps

Good Samaritan Laws / Cons : A 13 page research paper arguing that the Good Samaritan Laws are ineffective and inefficient. The reasons posited are that the laws interfere with proper litigation, provide no greater legal protection than existing case law, increase potential risks for both the rescuer and the rescued individual, and tie up the court system. The writer also briefly touches on how these laws also interfere with religious doctrine concerning the Good Samaritan parable. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Cngodsam.wps

The History of Traffic Law : A 4 page paper documenting the origins of traffic law in Western Civilization. The writer provides an overview of the basic history from thousands of years ago to the present (literally from chariots to automobiles !) behind traffic laws and the progression from the origin to the need for laws in the present day. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Lawtraff.wps

The Basic Principles of Law Impacting Fire & Emergency Services : In recent years, the legal ramifications of liability law and other regulations impacting the fire and emergency services agencies has limited the ability of employees to effectively serve the public. This 8 page paper provides a concise overview of law influencing fire service workers. Bibliography lists 1 source. Firelaw.wps

Computers In The Law Profession: In 5 pages, the author discusses the uses lawyers and judges make of computers in contemporary society. The useful, ground-breaking features of the electronic age are emphasized. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Comput2.wps

Computers & Criminal Justice : A 5 page essay discussing the important role that computers play in criminal justice education and careers. Examples of how the F.B.I. cracks down on organized crime through the use of computers are provided. Bibliography lists 3 outside sources. Complaw.wps

Ethical And Legal Concerns Relating To Technology In The "Traditional" Work Environment : This 8 page report discusses the ethical and legal issues related to technology and applies them in the context of an existing company. Examples are presented illustrating the ways that unethical behavior can evolve when management is unaware of what is happening or unwilling too demand change. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Workenvi.wps

Phillip Howard’s "The Death Of Common Sense" : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of Philip Howard's book The Death of Common Sense and considers the points made by the author as they reflect the political and legal issues in the United States. No additional sources cited. Comsense.wps

Castleman & Niewoehner’s "Going to Law School" : A 5 page review of a book by Harry Castleman and Christopher Niewoehner that details what’s involved in going to law school-what law school is like, how classes are run, the ins-and-outs of which one to choose and how to apply-these topics and more are all covered in this book. This report concentrates on the first few chapters of the book which examines why a student would choose law school and the personality traits necessary to make a good lawyer. Quotations from the source. Golaw.wps

Importance of Law / Canadian Legal Studies : In 5 pages the author discusses the importance of law/legal studies. Several Canadian law schools and their course offerings are discussed. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Lawstud.wps

International Law / Nuclear Testing : A 15 page paper that explores France’s nuclear tests in the South Pacific and the potential international laws that could be used as recourse for citizens of Tahiti and other nations in the South Pacific. The paper iterates the situation, traces the evolution of international through contemporary use of conventional and human rights law, and possible application to the instant case. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Francnuc.doc

International Law : 6 pages in length. There is no question that international law, without effective sanctions, is no more than pious hope and morality. This assertion is neither flagrant nor misleading; rather, it represents the very basic foundation upon which international law was established in its infancy. The writer discusses how international law was developed as a means by which nations would become legally bound with regard to conduct. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Intnlaw.wps

Computer Crime & The Law : A 5 page examination of the problem of computer crime and the various state and federal laws which are in place to combat it. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cclaw.wps

John Grisham & The Theme of Law : 6 pages discussion the consistency of law as a theme in the works of contemporary author John Grisham ("A Time to Kill," "The Client," "Pelican Brief," "The Chamber," etc;. Bibliography lists 5 sources. FREE thesis-orientated outline included. Grisham.wps

John Grisham's "The Chamber" / Control of the KKK : An 8 page paper that considers the role of the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi from 1967 to 1990 and the way in which the Klan influenced the events in Grisham's The Chamber. No additional sources cited. Grischam.wps

The Ethical View Of Government Kickbacks : A 10 page paper discussing latter-day practices. We tend to assume that any discussion of government kickbacks in association with the US became invalid with the dismantling of the political machines of the nation’s largest cities early in the century, but recent cases show that not to be the case. Kickbacks and bribery very much are represented by the laws of supply and demand. Existing laws make both the supply and demand sides illegal. Many social observers and theorists want to ascribe the reasons for bribery as a matter of course of business in many of the developing countries of the world to poverty overcoming temptation, but continued practiced more likely results from a combination of the thrill of power and old-fashioned greed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Kicke.wps

Foreclosure / Florida Overview : A 6 page overview of Florida foreclosure laws, case law and effects of current lending trends. The writer looks at effects on the elderly and minorities via case law, and also at general effects of fraudulent or aggressive lending behaviors. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Flofore.wps


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