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(The) Emmet Till Trial : A 12 page research paper on the circumstances and events leading to the murder and the trial. The writer describes the story of Till, the murder and the trial that followed. This particular case was a landmark in 20th century history in which law agents attempted to cover up key elements of the torturous murder of a young Black child. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Emmettil.wps

The Lizzie Borden Trial vs. Sharon Pollock's "Blood Relations" : A 7 page paper relating the historical background of the 19th century trial of spinster Lizzie Borden who is said to have brutally murdered her parents to various contradictory accounts. Particularly important to this discussion is the information presented in Pollock's play on the same subject entitled "Blood Relations." Bibliography lists 5 sources. Lizziebo.wps

Sacco and Vanzetti : 6 pages in length. Discusses the famous death penalty case where two Italian immigrants affiliated with an anarchist group were executed for a crime they insisted they didn’t commit. To this day, there is considerable mystery surrounding this. Did they do it, or was their trial a political witchhunt? Bibliography lists five sources. Sacco.wps

The Sacco -Vanzetti Case / Failure of The American Justice System : An 8 page discussion of the Sacco-Vanzetti trial -- An historic case from the early 20th century in which two Italian-Americans were unjustly sentenced to die. Several sources listed in bibliography. Saccovzt.wps

Sexual Misconduct : This 6 page paper discusses the concept in terms of modern litigation. Cases include the Paula Jones allegation against President Clinton, the military case of adulterer Kelly Flinn, allegations by many women against Sgt. Delmar Simpson as well as a recent case involving homosexual advances which served to set a precedent. Definitions and guidelines are given for both sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. The recent Brown University controversy is used to demonstrate that there is a fine line between misconduct and acceptable sexual behavior. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Sexmis.wps

Anita Hill / The Challenge, The Denial, & The Impact : A 10 page examination of the 1991 congressional hearing regarding Anita Hill's allegations of sexual harassment against then nominee for the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas, the public perceptionof the case, and the overall impact. Biblioography lists six sources. Anitahil.wps

Mark Fuhrman’s Role In The O. J. Simpson Case / Was Race An Issue? :
A 10 page examination of the events in the O. J. Simpson murder trial and how race became an important issue. The activities and behavior of Detective Mark Fuhrman are emphacized. Bibliography lists five sources. Mfuhrman.wps

Technology & The Mass Media vs. O.J. Simpson : 4 pages in length. A fresh look at a worn topic in which the writer argues that O.J. Simpson was "robbed" of his right to a fair trial because media overage of surrounding events contributed to prejudicial opinions all over the world. As the media has made it virtually impossible for a truly "impartial" jury to exist, we cannot have expected Simpson to be judged as anyone else would. The role of technology in helping to solve the case is also discussed. Included FREE outline ! Bibliography lists 1 source. Oj.wps

O.J. Simpson / Trial of the Century ? : A well-argued 5 page look at how the O.J. Simpson criminal trial may have had harmful implications for the American legal system. The writer feels that this historic case was decided more on emotion than on fact.. that is was adversely affected by the media.. and that it will likely have a lasting impact on our criminal justice system. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Ojsimp.wps

The Fourth Amendment / Its Relevance To The O.J. Simpson Case : A 5 page overview of the Fourth Amendment and its Relevance to the Search and Seizure involved in recovering evidence in the recent O.J. Simpson murder trial. Bibliography lists 5 sources. 4thoj.wps

The "Nanny" Trial / An In-Depth Look At American Criminal Law : A 12 page research paper that analyzes one of the more compelling trials of the decade, that of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Woodward in which a young British au pair is accused of murdering her young charge. The writer dissects the judicial process with specific regard to this case, uncovering some surprising legal strategies and decisions that served to display the breadth of American law. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Aupair.wps

Roe v. Wade / Defense of Constitutional Rights : An 8 page argumentative essay on Roe v. Wade, covering: original Supreme Court decision, economic, legal and political impact, benefits to society, and refutation arguments. No additional sources cited. Roevwade.wps

Roe v. Wade & Griswold v. CT / Reproductive Rights Issues : A 5 page paper that outlines the basic arguments in both of these cases and considers the justification and a comparison of arguments in both. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Roe.wps

Mandatory Death Penalty In Louisiana And The Nation: The Impact Of Roberts vs. Louisiana : A 9 page overview of the legislative history of the mandatory death penalty. Cites specific cases and provides considerable information about the 1976 Supreme Court ruling in Roberts vs. Louisiana. Bibliography lists 9 sources. DeathSen.wps

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