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The History Of Children's Literature : This 10 page paper traces the history of children's literature from the Middle Ages to the present. Examples of books, their purpose, content and message are explored. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Histlit.wps

Censorship Of Children's Literature / Banning Books Written By Homosexuals : A 5 page research paper discussing the issue of censorship of children's and young adult's literature. Emphasis is on material written by and about gays and lesbians. Specific examples of books censored and banned are given as well as statements by some of the writers of books for young adults dealing with homosexuality. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Censchil.wps

A. Conan Doyle -- Sherlock Holmes / Logic In "Adventure Of The Speckled Band": A 3 page paper describing Sherlock Holmes' use of the scientific method in solving the mystery presented by his author in "The Adventure Of The Speckled Band." Each step of the investigation is discussed and Holmes' methodology for proving his initial hypothesis is analyzed. No Bibliography. Speckled.wps

Walter Dean Myers / Childrens’ Author : A 5 page overview of the life and work of Walter Dean Myers, the children’s writer who rose from a childhood in Harlem to become the author of over fifty books. Encapsulates some of his life experiences and eight of his more popular books. Bibliography lists three sources in addition to Myers’ works. Wmyers.wps

Freud & Fairytales : A 6 pg. paper on the theories of Freud in interpretation of three fairytales, "The Goose Girl", "The White Snake", and "Rapunzel." 6 critical sources used. Conclusions are drawn that while Freud might not have gotten everything right, his theories have a proper place in the history of psychology. Fairyfre.wps

Carl Jung & Fairy Tales / Hansel and Gretel : An 8 page paper that considers the popular Grimms' fairy tale using Swiss psychologist Carl Jung's theories the collective unconscious. Includes discussion of the composition of the psyche and various archetypes such as the self, the shadow, and the God-image. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hansgret.wps

Carl Jung and Fairy Tales : An 11 page paper that provides an overview of Jung's imperative to interpret fairy tales and then looks at two fairy tales to demonstrate Jung's considerations and the application of this notions. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jungtale.wps

Gender Roles in Fairy Tales : A 5 page paper examining the traditional gender roles presented in the classic fairy tales. Beginning from the observations of psychoanalyst Karen Horney and anthropologist Margaret Mead, the paper is mostly involved with the traditional view of the beautiful princess waiting for the rescue that will come in the person of the handsome prince. The concern with these tales is that they will train young female readers that normal life is that which can be found in the traditional fairy tale, and that they perpetuate traditional gender roles in which women depend on men for their very survival and are unable to think for themselves. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Gtales.wps

Philology & The Imaginary Worlds Of J.R.R. Tolkein : In this 5 page essay, the writer essentially discusses the life and works of Tolkein,-- focusing specifically upon the imaginary worlds he managed to create in "The Hobbit" and "Lord Of The Rings" and his love for language (philology). Throughout the essay, examples of words and names created by Tolkein are provided as are their meanings & usefulness in his stories. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Tolkien.wps

Rudyard Kipling's "Jungle Book" : A 6 page paper that looks at the life and works of Rudyard Kipling, -- focusing upon the Jungle Book. The writer attempts to show that the Jungle Book is not just a combination of stories for children. Instead, Kipling, while creating stories that appeal to children, created a compilation of stories that represent imperial India. They utilize the model of the fable to promote the understanding of basic lessons (or morals). Bibliography lists 5 sources. Jungbook.wps

Piper's "The Little Engine that Could" : An insightful 3 page essay in which the writer examines what meaning Watty Piper's classic story "The Little Engine that Could" holds for a child and in retrospect, the story's psycho-motivational value for an adult as well. For the most part, the writer is concerned with similarities and dissimilarities between the ways that an adult perceives the story vs. how a child does the same. No Bibliography. Littleen.wps

C.S. Lewis & The Kingdom of Narnia : A 5 page paper on the life, writings, and style of C.S. Lewis, with a special emphasis on his children’s work, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. The paper shows how Lewis’ Christianity informed everything he wrote. Bibliography lists three sources. Narnia.wps

C.S. Lewis "Perelandra" / Philosophy, Faith, & Allegory : A 4 page paper examining the religious purpose behind C.S. Lewis’ book. It asserts that Lewis used the Genesis story of the Garden of Eden as a backdrop for a thoroughly Christian novel with a deeply philosophical bent. No additional sources cited. Lewpere.wps

Beverly Cleary’s "Dear Mr. Henshaw" / Speaking to Kids : A 5 page paper looking at Beverly Cleary’s young adult novel in terms of its therapeutic effect on adolescents going through the same experience. The paper argues that many students who have never experienced the kind of emotional abandonment described by Cleary do not "get" the book, while it has an enormous benefit on students with the same problems. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Henshaw.wps

White's "Once and Forever King" : A 10 page report on T.H. White's "The Once and Forever King." The story is described in the context of an Arthurian legend-- modeled very much after stories from that particular era. Symbolism, characterization, Knighthood, and the importance of learning are among the many other elements discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Onceandf.wps

The Tales of Sleeping Beauty : An 8 page paper analyzing the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty" through four versions -- Basile’s, Perrault’s, Grimm’s, and Disney’s. (It also mentions two others, though not in depth). The paper argues that such analysis tells us not only about our changing civilizations, but about ourselves. Bibliography lists seven sources. Sleepinb.wps

Women & Their Depiction in Fairy Tales : A 7 page paper showing how women are depicted in the Grimm's fairy tales. Writer shows a possible correlation between societal roles and roles women play in fairy tales, since they are read to children. Bibliography lists 16 outside sources. Fairytal.wps

Saint-Exupery’s "The Little Prince" / Symbolism & Theme : A 5 page paper on the classic children’s book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It shows how through symbolism, Saint-Exupery demonstrates the unity of responsibility and love. No additional sources cited. Lttlprin.wps

Dreamspeaker vs. Tuck Everlasting : A 9 page paper on these two young adult books. Both the books have many similarities and these similarities are illustrated throughout the paper. They both maintain a sense of the unbelievable much like science fiction as well as their similarities in terms of philosophies and ethics. It remains important through each separate novel that people are intrinsically the same and that underneath the fear and lack of trust we are all connected. Dreamtu.wps

Script Writing For Screenplay / Children’s Stories : A 50 page scriptwriting paper on how to adapt the "Clever Calvin" series of children’s books to screen. The writer discusses scriptwriting concepts, plot structure, three-act play structure, and scene components. All of these are discussed in light of "Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?" by C. Vance Cast. Also includes an example of these components applied to the adaptation. Script.wps

"A Summer Tragedy" By Arna W. Bontemps : A 5 page research paper on the work of America's first and foremost African-American children's writer, Arna W. Bontemps. The writer gives biographical detail on the Bontemps, and also focuses on his greatest piece of adult fiction, "A Summer Tragedy." No additional sources cited. Bontemps.wps

The Wolves Of Willoughby Chase : 5 pages in length. The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken is an enchanting yet slightly frightful children's story that has held its appeal through generations of adoring readers. Craftily scenic and charmingly aesthetic in both its character appeal and atmospheric detail, the book offers young adults the chance to experience literary excellence at its best. What is particularly inviting about Aiken's work is that it readily keeps up the suspense without compromising either the plot or theme, which the writer addresses in this overview of the book. No additional sources cited. Willough.wps

Children’s Literature / Fantasy & Science Fiction : A 9 page research essay on the necessity of allowing children to form their own ideas from reading. The writer posits that fantasy and science fiction are good genres for children and argues this in terms of fable, myth, and even horror stories. The reason: intellectual development and a desire for reading. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Fansci.wps

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