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The Life & Influence Of Alexander Pushkin : A 7 page paper on the famous Russian writer of the nineteenth century. It analyzes how Pushkin’s writing reflected not only the events of his own life but the influence of European literary movements as well, and shows how Pushkin took these movements and made them Russia’s own. Four sources. Pushkin.doc

Alexander Solzhenitsyn : A 10 page research paper on the life of Solzhenitsyn, the famous Russian author. The writer details his life story up until 1995. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Solzhheni.wps

Solzhenitsyn & Morality : An 8 page research paper on the theme of morality in all of his works. The writer details the basis for his belief in morality and religion, and traces the themes through his works. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Solzh2.wps

The Plays of Anton Chekhov : A 10 page paper that discusses the style and themes of the plays of Anton Chekhov. This paper takes a specific look at two plays, "The Seagull" and "Three Sisters" and demonstrates the way these two plays represent Chekhov's stylistic and thematic considerations. Specifically, this paper reacts to Chekhov's realist tendencies and demonstrates that his plays represent his depiction of Russian life. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Chekhov.wps

Anton Chekhov's "The Kiss" : 5 pages in length. The writer discusses overall story content and adaptation as it relates to Anton Chekhov's "The Kiss." No additional sources cited. Thekiss.wps

Anton Chekhov’s "The Cherry Orchard" : This 5 page research paper examines Anton Chekhov's final play, "The Cherry Orchard" (1904). Specifically discussed is how Russian political and social changes are developed within the play. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Cherry.wps

Anton Chekhov’s "The Cherry Orchard" # 2 : A 5 page essay that explores two opinions of Chekhov’s work—that of Chekhov and of Stanislavsky. The paper posits that under the Aristotelian definition, The Cherry Orchard is a comedy as Chekhov always claimed. In discovery of this fact, the opinions and viewpoints of both artists are explored. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cherorch.wps

Anton Chekhov’s "The Lady with the Dog" / Gurov’s Dilemma : A 3 page paper looking at the change in attitude exhibited by Gurov, the protagonist of this short story by Anton Chekhov. The paper points out that Gurov, originally a Don Juan, learns late in life that love implies a responsibility to the beloved, and difficult choices must be made in order to live up to that responsibility. No additional sources cited. Cheklov.wps

Women’s Consciousness Chekhov And Ibsen : An 8 page paper discussing the way women’s need for identity and self-integration are dealt with in three of these author’s plays. Specific works discussed include : Hedda Gabler (Ibsen), A Doll’s House (Ibsen), and Three Sisters (Chekho). Bibliography lists two sources. Ibsen.wps

The Evolution And Realities Of Three Literary Characters : A 5 page paper discussing the characters of Nora from "A Doll’s House," Gregor from "Metamorphosis" and the Underground Man from "Notes From the Underground." Each character is unique and each one displays different qualities inherent in mankind. The paper examines their individual evolution to some extent, as well as their commonalties. No additional sources cited. Evolreal.wps

Realism in Ibsen & Chekhov : A 5 page examination of realism in Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People and in Chekhov’s short story The Lottery Ticket. No additional sources cited. Ibchek.wps

Ed Albee’s "The American Dream" v. Pohl & Kornblum’s "Space Merchants" :
A 5 page paper on the themes central to these two books. One set in the 1950's and the other in the future, they each deal with social issues and relationships concerning American life... what is was and what it may become. Four sources are cited. Space.wps

Doestoevsky’s "The Brothers Karamazov" / Individualization : A 6 page paper which discusses the way the personalities of the three brothers in the novel form one complete functional personality. Each of them borrows traits from the others as the novel progresses, so that by the end, each brother is a more complete person than he was at the start. No additional sources cited. Brothers.wps

Doestoevsky's "The Possessed" : A 6 page essay that studies the characterization of six characters in the novel in relationship to Dostoevsky's battle against socialism/atheism in Russia. One source cited. Possess.wps

Doestoevsky's "Crime & Punishment" : A 2 page comprehensive essay analyzing the character of Raskolnikov and the importance of the murder scene in Doestovsky's "Crime & Punishment." No Bibliography. Dostovky.wps

Doestovsky and His Many Themes : A 6 page comparative essay discussing how markedly different the author's characters are in four of his most popular novels. "Crime & Punishment," "The Idiot," "Possessed," and "The Brothers Karamazov." Bibliography lists these 4 primary sources, as well as 3 additional, outside sources. Dostovk2.wps

Dostoevsky’s "Grand Inquisitor" : A 5 ge paper analyzing the function of this parable told in the middle of Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. The paper shows how the implications suggested in this parable affect not only the way we look at religion, but how we as a free people regard the society in which we live. Bibliography lists 1 source. Grandinq.wps

Doestoevsky’s "Notes From The Underground" / Individuality : A 6 page paper analyzing the issue of universality versus conformity in Dostoevsky’s famous novella. It also examines the author’s reaction to the literary movements of rationalism and realism, and looks at some of Dostoevsky’s most notable symbolism. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Dostoev.doc

Dostoevsky's "Notes From The Underground"vs. Goethe's "Faust" : An 8 page paper comparing and contrasting Goethe’s (German) and Dostoevsky’s (Russian) view of the dark side of existence as depicted in these two novels. The writer posits that each book illustrates mankind's growing fascination with his own dark side --offering little hope for redemption (particularly true of "Notes From The Underground"). Bibliography lists 6 critical sources. Faust.wps

Doestoevsky’s "Notes From the Underground" vs. Kafka’s "Metamorphosis" :
A 5 page essay that looks at how the doctor-researcher symbol (representative of tradition and "state") is treated by Dostoevsky and Kafka in these two works. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Dostkaf.wps

A Comparison / The Creature & The Underground Man : A 6 page essay which compares the character of the Underground Man in Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the Underground to the character of the creature in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The writer demonstrates that there are numerous similarities between the two characters, and that their differences make the creature the more sympathetic of the two. No additional sources cited. Creatman.wps

"Notes From The Underground" And "Fear And Trembling" : This 5 page, 2 part report discusses: (first) Dostoevsky’s "Notes from the Underground" and the types of freedoms represented in it; and, (second) Kierkegaard’s "Fear and Trembling" and the types of human existence. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Notefear.wps

Nabokov’s "Glory" / Autobiographical Aspects : A 5 page essay that examines the similarities and differences between the character Martin in Nabokov’s novel and his own life. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Nabglory.wps

Nabokov’s "Laughter in the Dark" : A 5 page paper on one of Vladimir Nabokov’s least-known novels. It argues that Nabokov very cleverly presents the degree to which we all operate by our perceptions of reality, which are really nothing but illusions. No additional sources cited. Nabokov.wps

Nabokov's "Lolita" : A 10 page paper that considers the themes of Lolita in the development of Nabokov's perspective as a Russian author and an author in general. This paper demonstrates Nabokov's focus as a European author with Russian roots rather than a representative Russian author. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Lolita.wps

Pedophilia & the Role of Women in "Lolita" : A 10 page paper looking at critical responses toward the integration of the issues of pedophilia and women’s social roles in Nabokov’s famous novel. The paper asserts that in the nineteen-fifties when the book was written, women were not expected to have an "equal role" in a sexual relationship, which often caused men to treat them as if they really had been children. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Pedowom.wps

Humbert / Pedophilia Is A Control Issue : 5 pages in length. Building a case that proves pedophiliac compulsions are nothing more than issues of control is an especially clear-cut task with relation to Lolita's Humbert Humbert. While it can be argued that there is a significant connection to Humbert's alleged sexual encounters with his uncle that ultimately led him to seek sexual gratification from young girls, it can also be just as easily proven that he is fully capable of restraining such behavior if he so chooses. The writer addresses the fact that while Humbert's pedophiliac tendencies may have stemmed from his own childhood abuse, it is in no way a defense for inflicting such out of control abuse upon others. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Humbert.wps

Leo Tolstoy / His Life & Works : A 7 page paper on the famous Russian novelist and thinker. The paper examines his two greatest novels as well as several lesser works, and shows how all Tolstoy’s themes reflect the times in which he lived and his concern for the Russian people. Bibliography lists five works. Tolstoy.wps

Leo Tolstoy's "Death of Ivan Ilych" & The Meaning of Life : 8 pages in length. A comprehensive, analytical examination of life's meaning and value as presented by Leo Tolstoy in "The Death of Ivan Ilych." The writer delves into Ivan's character and offers insight into his behavior. This is a well-written, thesis-orientated essay. Bibliography lists 3 supporting critical sources. Ivanily2.wps

Leo Tolstoy’s "The Death of Ivan Ilych" : This 5 page report discusses what has sometimes been called the greatest novella ever written in Russian literature. The writer of this paper explores whether or not Ivan Ilych’s death is a moral judgement against his life. Bibliography lists 1 source. Deadivan.wps

Leo Tolstoy's "Death of Ivan Ilych" : A 2 page overview of Ivan Ilych's character with discussion of how he was treated by society and the possible implications this may have had. No Bibliography. Ivanilyc.wps

Leo Tolstoy’s "War & Peace" / Notes & Diary : A 25 page essay that records the writer's impressions as this epic novel is read for the first time. The writer while giving a synopsis of the action discusses how the characters and plot are developed by Tolstoy as the novel progresses. No additional sources cited. Warpeace.wps

Views on Death: Thomas and Tolstoy : A 4 page research paper that contrasts The Death of Ivan Ilych by Leo Tolstoy and Dylan Thomas' poem, "Do not go gentle into that Good Night." The writer argues that these two writers deal with the same ominous topic-resistance to death. While they appear to be dealing with two different viewpoints-the emotions felt by the person facing death and those felt by those who are left behind-they each offer valuable insight into what resistance to death can mean both to the dying and to their families. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Thomtols.wps

Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy / Motivations, Relationships & Morality :
There are a number of distinct similarities in the perspectives of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy presented in "Notes from the Underground" and "The Death of Ivan Ilych," especially similarities that can be derived through understanding motivation, relationships and morality within these texts. This 5 page paper presents a comparison of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy in respect to motivation, relationships and morality, demonstrating complicity on some levels between these two authors. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Dostolst.wps

Vengeance in "Anna Karenina" and "The House of the Spirits": A 7 page paper looking at the issue of vengeance in these two novels by Tolstoy and Isabel Allende, respectively. The paper argues that in both books the authors considered their protagonists to have sinned against God or the laws of nature, and thus their punishment was out of human hands. Bibliography lists one source. KBkare~1.WPS

Tolstoy & Ibsen / Best Societies : A 5 page essay on the framing of "best society" in "The Death of Ivan Ilych" and "A Doll House" as defined by Homer’s "Odyssey." The writer discusses social role and hierarchical constructs in terms of the characters residing outside the "best society" in support of the thesis that the authors maintain the framework of constructed social norms as superior to the "other." No additional sources cited. Tolsibs.wps

Slave Girl Vs. Ilych : A 1 page essay comparing Linda Brent from "Incidents In The Life of A Slave Girl" with Ivan Ilych in "The Death Of Ivan Ilych." The author argues that Ilych is a bit more outspoken and upset with his condition and that such exemplifies how Brent was "brainwashed" to conform with her enslavement. Slaveg2.wps *TOTAL PRICE FOR THIS ESSAY ONLY $ 9.95 !

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" : 5 pages in length. Literary analysis comparing and contrasting One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. Although worlds apart, the two works have almost identical themes: freedom vs. control and the good of man. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Cuck.wps

Tugenevy's "Fathers & Sons" / Theme Of Old Vs. New : A 6 page paper describing this classic in Russian literature as one written at the brink of significant new change. During the era of Fathers & Sons, there was still a large servant class in Russia. The writer argues that "Fathers & Sons" illustrated differences occurring since an older, more transitional change, -- showing contrasts between old & new, rich & poor, etc; Bibliography lists 4 sources. Tugenevy.wps

Velimir Khlebnikov – An "Ultimate Poet" : A 6 page paper discussing the Russian futurist and poet, Velimir Khlebnikov and his magical use of words and vision which led to him being known as an "Ultimate Poet." Bibliography lists five sources. Velimir.doc

Babel’s "My First Goose" / Jewish Identity : A 13 page paper looking at this short story by Russian-Jewish writer Isaac Babel in terms of its protagonist’s problems with his Jewish identity. The paper concludes that despite Liutov’s attempts to disassociate himself from his Jewish intellectual background, Liutov is irrevocably a Jew and irrevocably an intellectual; nothing he can do will make him a true warrior. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Ibabel.wps

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