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Cervantes’ "Don Quixote" : A 4 page paper which discusses the classic Spanish tale. The writer explains the author's commentary on his society and countrymen. No additional sources cited. Donqux.wps

Cervantes’ Don Quixote & The Nature of Illusion : A 6 page paper discussing the nature of illusion and reality in Cervantes’ work. The paper concludes that the conflict of reality and illusion is epitomized in the contrast between Sancho Panza and the Don himself, and that Don Quixote’s vision, considered by the world to be an illusion, is in the end the truer lens through which reality can be seen. No additional sources listed. Don.wps

Cervantes’ "Don Quixote" vs. Upton Sinclair’s "The Jungle" / Planes of Existence : An 8 page paper contrasting Cervantes’ Don Quixote with Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.   The writer shows how one functions at the level of the spirit and the other at the level of the body, but both are necessary for every human being. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sinclair.wps

Cervantes’ "Don Quixote" & Shakespeare’s Prospero in "The Tempest" :
This 6 page research paper analyzes the contention that , "Don Quixote is a failed Prospero." Specifically discussed are the similarities and differences between Don Quixote and Prospero. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Quixpros.wps

Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "Love in the Time of..." : A complete 10 page overview and summary of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's contemporary novel "Love in the Time of Cholera." The writer identifies Marquez's usefulness of language, sharp depiction of characters, and more. No Bibliography. Lovein.wps

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s "Love In The Time Of Cholera" : 5 pages focusing on Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel, "Love in the Time of Cholera", and how it is intrinsically South American and whether or not this love is of the type that is worth waiting a lifetime for. Lovetime.wps

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings" : A 5 page paper detailing points of the novel "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Focus is placed on human nature and how Marquez presents that nature. Emphasis is also placed on how fear is involved in the treatment of the angel. It is stated that common beliefs exist despite differences in time and placement of peoples. Angles2.wps

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings" # 2 : 4 pages in length. There are many important life lessons to be learned in A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The story tells of an angel who comes to a small, South American town masked as a broken-down, old man and describes the way the townspeople mistreat him because of his appearance and seemingly undeveloped sense of humanity. Because the people refused to look beyond the angel's tattered clothes and missing teeth, they did not allow themselves to find out the real meaning behind the old man's visit. The writer addresses several points within the story: the fearful lesson of the angel's story; how the spider woman compares with human truth; how the story teaches a lesson about life; and how human nature is represented through events and characters in the story. Bibliography lists 1 source. Oldwings.wps

Gabriel Garcia Marquez / Life & Works : An 8 page research paper on the life and works of the well-known Colombian novelist, author of One Hundred Years Of Solitude and Love In The Time Cholera. The writer includes a number of critical appraisals of Garcia Marquez’ work. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Marquez.wps

Sandra Cisnero’s "The House On Mango Street" : A 5 page analysis of the book by Sandra Cisneros. The writer stresses Cisneros’ use of setting, both physical and cultural, in establishing the meaning and character of this somewhat autobiographical novel of a young Chicana girl’s adolescence. No additional sources cited. Mangohs.wps

Luis-Martin Santos' "Tempos De Siliencio" : (trans. "Time of Silence"). In this 7 page essay, the writer evaluates Santos' novel as an important literary advance which signaled the abandonment of the older, linear works of Spanish provincialism. The story is analyzed with relevance to the author's own life and times. Very well-written. No other sources are cited. Tiempos.wps

The Character of Lazarillo de Tormes : A complete 8 page analysis of the famous character in Spanish literature : Lazarillo de Tormes. No Bibliography. Lazarill.wps

Jose Maria Eca de Queiros’ "Cousin Bazilio" : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of Eca de Queiros' work and considers the major themes as they apply to Portuguese society of the late 19th century. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Joseeca.wps

Jose Maria Eca de Queiros’ "The City & The Mountains" : An 8 page research paper that examines how this novel by Josa Maria Eca de Queiros reflects the life of nineteenth-century Portuguese society. The writer presents various interpretations of the novel including one proposed by New York University Professor Alexander Coleman who argues that this novel is representative of the declining Portuguese aristocracy who were either unconscious or oblivious to the political and social elements which would soon impel Portugal into the creation of a republic. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Citym.wps

Jose Maria Eca de Queiros’ "The City & The Mountains" # 2 : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of Eca de Queiros's work and the considers the major themes as they apply to Portuguese society of the late 19th century. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Citymoun.wps

The Social Structure of Portugal as Reflected in the Work of Eša de Queiroz :  A 6 page paper primarily dealing with the social history of Portugal. It discusses how little Portugal changed between the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries, and touches on the work of realist writer Eša de Queiroz, who attempted to address Portugal’s social backwardness. No sources. Queiroz.wps

Trope Of Song / Music In Latin American Literature: In 5 pages the author discusses the trope of song/music in Latin American literature, addressing the work of various Latin American writers. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Tropelat.wps

The "Poem Of The Cid" Vs. Anthony Mann's Cinematic Achievement "El Cid" :  A 3 page paper that compares the epic "Poem of the Cid" with Mann's 1961 epic film, "El Cid." The author basis the comparison between these two on consideration of the definition and characteristics of epics and uses both cinematic and literary considerations of both. The nature of epics to exaggerate the truth or the history for the benefit of the story is a major point within this paper. No other sources cited. Elcid.wps

The Industrial Revolution Through the Eyes of Dario & Lorca : An 8 page paper discussing specific literary works: "New York Oficina Y denuncia (New York Office and declaration)," by Frederico Garcia Lorca, and the first two chapters of "El Oro del Malorca (The Gold of Malorca)," by Ruben Dario. The industrial revolution was a time of great change that eventually has led the world to the technological state it resides in today. People’s lives changed in many ways due to this revolution. Some of them were perhaps good changes and some were bad. These two literary men saw the effects of the revolution and wrote about their impressions. While both saw similar things they differed in their approach and their passion. Lorcaind.wps

Nada By Carmen Laforet : A 5 page essay that analyzes the book by Carmen Laforet. Nada is the first novel written by noted Spanish author Carmen Laforet. First published in 1944, some critics have regarded this work as autobiographical as it recounts the spiritual desolation of a country emerging from civil war. Many have regarded this work as a feminist reworking of the Bildungsroman or "novel of maturation." However, others have offered a contrasting point of view that the main character, Andrea, does not appear to adhere to this model of development due to her extreme passivity. The writer discusses alternate views and the essential symbolism of the novel. No additional sources cited. Laforet.wps

Jamaica Kincaid’s "The Autobiography of My Mother" : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the novel by Jamaica Kincaid, and considers its application in terms of identity. No additional sources cited. Kincaid.rtf

Jamaica Kincaid / Anger Expressed In Her Works : A 9 page research essay which studies Kincaid’s tangible anger in light of the fact that she is imprisoned by the construct of a "foreign" language and by constructed roles for women on her native Antigua in five works. The writer posits that her use of language eventually creates a sense of freedom from the constructed prison by the act of exploring it. Bibliography lists 7 references. Jkincaid.wps

Jean Rhys’ "Wide Sargasso Sea" : 8 pages in length. The extent to which Edward Rochester, in Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea, was like a Spanish conquistador compels the reader to imagine that the author did a considerable amount of research in order for him to convey such characteristics. History has demonstrated the Spanish conquistador as terribly cruel and heartless individual who proceeded to retrieve whatever his heart desired with an incomparable boldness and tenacity. Like his historical counterpart, Rochester exhibits many of the same inherent traits when it comes to emotional manipulation. The writer draws comparisons between Rochester and the Spanish conquistadors. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sargasso9.wps

Jean Rhys's "Wide Sargasso Sea" / Antoinette's Struggle With Racial Identity :  5 pages in length. In Jean Rhys's compelling novel about racial tension amidst confusion and anxiety, the author addresses this subtext in such a way as to portray Antoinette as a product of an intolerant society. While more of an underlying theme, the character's racial inner struggles in Wide Sargasso Sea represent a significance to the story's overall flavor and intensity, being that Antoinette is torn the entire time between calling herself black or white. The writer discusses who she really is, and why she is having such a difficult time coming to terms with her true identity. No additional sources cited. TLC_Sea.wps

A Woman’s Struggle for Identity / Two Novels of Awakening : A 3 page paper discussing "Wide Sargasso Sea" by Jean Rys and "Heremakhonon – a Novel" by Maryse Conde. No additional sources are cited. Idenawa.wps

Heremakhonon, Cane, and The Chosen Place, The Timeless People : A 4 page paper describing the themes and narrative styles of these three novels (authors are Conde, Toomer, & Marshall). Bibliography lists the 3 books. Caribw.wps

Themes In Caribbean Literature : A 5 page paper on the over-use of Charterization in Heremakhonon, Tar Baby, and The Chosen Place, The Timeless People. The writer describes how each of these novels focuses so intently on the main characters, that larger issues are often glossed over. (authors are Conde, Morrison, & Marshall). Bibliography lists the 3 books. Caribb.wps

Caribbean Literature / A Look at Race and Gender : An 8 page paper that provides an over view of works of Caribbean literature by Rhys, Walcott, Schwarz-Bart and Selvon and considers the way they present issues of race and gender. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Cariblit.wps

Mariano Azuela’s "The Underdogs" / War & Cynicism : A 5 page paper on this novel about the Mexican Revolution, by Mariano Azuela. The paper concludes that Azuela feels there is no sense to the cyclical rise and fall of leaders and movements, alliances and feuds, and that war is a waste of precious human life. Bibliography included. Unddog.wps

Julia Alvarez’s "In the Time of the Butterflies" : A 6 page paper discussing the changes the four Mirabal sisters moved through on their journey from the children of a middle-class landowner in the 1930s Dominican Republic to full-blown political activists. One sister never did participate, though she was sympathetic to the rebel cause, but the other three gave their lives and became more powerful as martyrs than they were in life. Bibliography lists 1 source. Alvarez.doc

Jose Antonio Villarreal’s "Pocho" / Richard & His Parents : A 5 page analysis of the relationship between the main characters in this novel. Parents around the world face the challenge of instilling in their children values and cultural heritage but so often children resist their efforts. In this case, the parents fought to keep their son from becoming a "pocho" - one who forgets where he's from. No additional sources are used. Pocho.wps

Isabel Allende’s "The House Of Spirits" : A 5 page essay comparing and contrasting two of the main characters--Nicolas and Uncle Marcos. It describes the similarities in beliefs, interests, relationships and, ultimate, their destinies. Houseof1.wps

Isabel Allende’s "The House Of Spirits" # 2 : The second essay explores the roles of legitimate and illegitimate children in the novel. Several examples are provided which show how illegitimacy is viewed by Esteban and the resulting consequences of that viewpoint. Houseof2.wps

Isabel Allende’s "The House Of The Spirits" # 3 / History & Fantasy : A 5 page essay which examines the novel by Isabel Allende. The paper is based on the premise that Allende’s story of the Trueba hacienda works as an allegory of the turbulent history of Chile and, in general, achieves Allende’s goal of painting in "broad strokes the culture of Latin America." No additional sources cited. Spiriths.wps

Isabel Allende’s "The Infinite Plan" : A 5 page paper on the 1991 novel by Isabel Allende. In an analysis of the book’s theme, the paper explains Allende’s belief that everything happens for a reason; in some inscrutable way, the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe, or God, or karma, writes the events of our lives so that no matter which path we choose, it somehow fulfills a cosmic imperative. No additional sources cited. Allendei.wps

Isabel Allende / Loneliness as Part of Love In Her Works : A 10 page paper discussing the work of writer Isabel Allende. All types of love in her writing include a significant component of loneliness. The writer of this explores Allende’s premise of loneliness and its role in love. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Allende.wps

Isabel Allende / Families & Ghosts : A 5 page essay which explores Chilean author, Isabel Allende’s contribution to world literature. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Allende2.wps

Paule Barton’s "Emilie Plead Choose One Egg" : This 6 page paper argues that the short story "Emilie Plead Choose One Egg" by Haitian writer PaulÚ Bart-n, offers both a diagnosis and a cure for the ills of Caribbean culture. The story, in featuring a strong-willed woman and an ineffective, irresolute man, reveals the effects of colonialism on the Caribbean psyche, and offers a cure in the form of a call for personal empowerment, particularly among men. No additional sources listed. Carib.wps

Luis Vaz de Camoes' "Os Lusiadas" : A 4 page paper on this classic of Portuguese literature. The writer explores the author's life in reference to his work, and describes the historical reference. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Camoes.wps

"So Far From God" In God’s Country : A 5 page paper on Ana Castillo’s 1993 novel. Using as a secondary source Zweig and Abrams’ book Meeting the Shadow, it analyzes the way in which the environment and culture in the novel’s setting helps to defines the characters. No additional sources are listed. Farfgod.wps

Assata Shakur / Her Life & Her View of Foreign Struggle : A 3 page paper discussing the autobiography of Assata Shakur and how struggles against racism and classism throughout the world is linked with her own struggle and exile. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Shakur.wps

Iguana Dreams / Images of the Latino Family : A 7 page paper that provides an overview of the different elements of family represented in the Latino short stories compiled in Iguana Dreams. No additional sources cited. Iguanadr.wps

Octavio Paz’s "Labyrinth Of Solitude" : A 6 page essay which analyzes how Paz makes use of the Mexican "pachuco," that is, a Mexican youth who is trying to assimilate into the U.S. culture, as a symbol for wider sociological problems facing Mexico. Labyrin.wps

Octavio Paz’s "The Labyrinth Of Solitude" # 2: A 6 page paper that answers the question: Why does Paz start off using the example of the pachuco, yet seems to leave it float thereafter? This paper contends that Paz demonstrates some of his major symbolic representations through his characterization of the pachuco. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Octpaz.wps

A Land to Die For: An Honest Appraisal of Political Opposition by Binka Le Breton: Binka Le Breton’s journalistic pursuit of the events that surrounded the assassination of Josimo Morals Tavares, a priest involved in the squatters land struggles in the countryside of Brazil, is a book of social, political and religious significance. This 8 page paper provides an overview of some of the basic elements in Le Breton’s book and then relates them in terms of the format she uses and its impact as a vehicle for the often controversial messages related. No addtional sources cited. Breton.wps

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