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Henrik Ibsen's "Doll’s House" : A 3 page discussion of "Doll’s House" and how Ibsen deals with the issue of the position of women in marriage and in society through the character of Nora (and Torvald). No Bibliography. Dollhous.wps

Henrik Ibsen's "Doll's House" : A 7 page paper on this play by Ibsen. The writer explores Ibsen's themes and symbols and explains Ibsen's controversial view of morality and society. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Dollshse.wps

Henrik Ibsen’s "Doll’s House" / Bird Imagery & Self-Esteem : A 6 page essay on Henrik Ibsen’s classic play. The paper examines the tension between Torvald’s objectification of his wife as a pet and Nora’s growing awareness of her own wings; it concludes that only when she discovers her real self is she able to do what birds do best -- fly. No additional sources cited. Dollbird.wps

Henrik Ibsen's "Doll's House" / Love & Marriage ? : 5 pages in length. Love is not necessarily a prerequisite for marriage. This statement is clearly proven in Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House, where Nora and Torvald Helmer easily execute what could be one of millions of masquerade marriages of their day. Brought together in matrimony but respecting none of the inherent principles, the two people merely wade through their relationship as though one were the master, the other a slave. The writer discusses these points as they pertain to the play. No additional sources cited. Dolllove.wps

Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House" / Author’s Version vs. Modern Film Version :
In 6 pages, the writer compares Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House" with the movie version starring Claire Bloom as Nora. Nora is also compared and contrasted with Oedipus. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Compibs.wps

Moliere’s "Tartuffe" & Henrik Ibsen’s "A Doll’s House" : A 4 page paper discussing the role of women in Moliere’s "Tartuffe" and Ibsen’s "A Doll’s House." In examining the personalities of the female characters we examine Nora, from "A Doll’s House," and Pernelle, from "Tartuffe." Where Nora is a weak individual who feels a need to blame others for her misfortune, Pernelle is a woman who is not necessarily liked, but is a woman who plays no games and understands herself and what she wants, or needs, out of life. No additional sources cited. Tardll.wps

Women’s Self-Image in Ibsen and Chopin : A 6 page paper comparing and contrasting hthe characterization of Edna Pontellier in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening with that of Nora Helmer in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. The paper concludes that the heroines’ differing fates are defined by the nature of each woman’s self-image at the time of the story’s climax. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Womnself.wps

Society And The Individual In Ibsen And Hurston : A 5 page look at the way the female protagonists of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God respond to society’s traditional roles for women, and to what extent these characters are able to overcome these social constrictions to achieve a self-actualized life. No additional sources cited. Hursoci.wps

Women’s Consciousness in Chekhov And Ibsen : An 8 page paper discussing the way women’s need for identity and self-integration are dealt with in three of these author’s plays. Specific works discussed include : Hedda Gabler (Ibsen), A Doll’s House (Ibsen), and Three Sisters (Chekho). Bibliography lists two sources. Ibsen.wps

Ibsen’s "Hedda Gabler," an Exploration of the Unconscious Mind : A 5 page research paper on Hedda’s internal conflicts and the reasons behind them. The writer posits that her lack of freedom to act autonomously in society caused her to delude herself into believing that she would find an answer in manipulation, but that she comes to realize that her efforts were futile. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Cnhedda.wps

Henrik Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler" / Gender & Social Power : A 5 page paper that discusses the role of power and gender in Ibsen's play. This paper demonstrates the way in which Hedda both manipulates and is manipulated by her vie for social power. No additional sources cited. Hedda.wps

Henrik Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler" : 4 pages in length. Essay discusses the frustration and self-absorption of Hedda, and how it ultimately led to her assisted suicide of Luvborg and her own death. General overview and analysis. No additional sources cited. Heddagab.wps

Henrik Ibsen's "The Master Builder" : A 5 page research paper discussing the themes and characters in Ibsen's classic play. The writer describes the themes of tragedy, self & alienation, the role of female characters in the play, and also various elements of symbolism in the play. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Mastbu.wps

Henrik Ibsen’s "The Master Builder" # 2 : A 10 page paper on this work by Henrik Ibsen. The writer explores the characters, plot, themes, and analyzes the play. Bibliography cites 6 sources. Masterb.wps

Henrik Ibsen’s "Ghosts" : This 8 page paper reflects upon the theme, characters, language, and plot development (the main dramatic elements) in Ibsen’s play "Ghosts." Specifically, this paper considers the character of Mrs. Alving, the role of her husband, and the themes of communication, confession and reconciliation that are expressed through the character development and plot structure of the play. As a result of this analysis, this paper also allows the writer to consider the strengths and weaknesses in each area of dramatic development. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ibsengh.wps

Realism in Ibsen & Chekhov : A 5 page examination of realism in Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People and in Chekhov’s short story The Lottery Ticket. No additional sources cited. Ibchek.wps

Tolstoy & Ibsen / Best Societies : A 5 page essay on the framing of "best society" in "The Death of Ivan Ilych" and "A Doll House" as defined by Homer’s "Odyssey." The writer discusses social role and hierarchical constructs in terms of the characters residing outside the "best society" in support of the thesis that the authors maintain the framework of constructed social norms as superior to the "other." No additional sources cited. Tolsibs.wps

The Protest Of Vaclav Havel : a 7 page paper showing how Havel’s play "The Protest" demonstrates the effects of artistic repression during the Communist era in Czechoslovakia. It provides a considerable amount of background into the position of the Communists in that country at the time Havel wrote the play, and demonstrates how he moved from dissident playwright to President. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Havel.wps

Mehta & The Healing Powers Of The River Sutra In Indian Culture : A 4 page discussion of the Indian myth of the River Sutra. The writer examines this story as being similar in theme to popular American "old wives' tales." The healing powers of the river can easily be compared with those of chicken soup-- the capacity to cure is really only mental. The paper goes on to discuss the plight of individual characters along the River Sutra but it is ultimately concluded that the River does not have any healing powers over the seriously ill. No additional sources cited. Riversut.wps

Suleri’s "Meatless Days" and Gunesekera’s "Reef" / Comparison & Contrast :
A 10 page paper in which the writer compares and contrasts two authors who present distinct stories supporting perspectives relative to post- colonial and post- imperial Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Sara Suleri and Romesh Gunesekera present two very different novels that provide perspectives on the societal and political issues in these countries through the development and actions of their characters. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Books.wps

Arabian Women in Literature : This 5 page paper offers a brief comparison of the women in three specific novels: From Sleep Unbound by Chedid; Children of the Alley by Mahfouz and A Sister to Scheherazade by Djebar. The similarities of the intentions of the female characters and the different approaches taken by the authors is briefly discussed. Arabwom.wps

Chicano Culture in Contemporary Literature : A 7 page paper discussing contemporary Chicano literature as reflected in works by Anaya, Galarza, Rivera, and Hinojosa. The paper argues that current Chicanos are becoming increasingly more proud of their heritage and more comfortable with their ethnicity, and this shows in their literature. No sources. Chicano.wps

The Lady Who Loved Insects : This 5 page essay discusses the story, The Lady Who Loved Insects. The writer offers a general analysis and synopsis of the work. Ladylove.wps

Billy Pilgrim On Trafamadore : A 3 page fantastical autobiographical essay on Billy’s approach to his zoo experience—in Vonnegut circularity. The points raised are some of the chronological events, the science of Montana, the theme of time, and war. Written as fiction based on fact from Billy’s perspective. Billypil.wps

Edal Adnan’s "Sitt Marie Rose" : A 5 page paper discussing the book "Sitt Marie Rose," by Edel Adnan. This story is a fictional story based on a real event that took place in Lebanon years ago. A woman was tortured by Christian militiamen and eventually killed. In evaluating this book we examine pages 65-76. No additional sources cited. Sittrose.wps

The Middle East in Crime Fiction / Mysteries, Spy Novels & Thrillers From 1916 to the 1980’s : Middle East historian Reeva Simon’s book The Middle East in Crime Fiction: Mysteries, Spy Novels and Thrillers From 1916 to the 1980’s is an interesting sociological and cultural view of the Middle East presented through an evaluation of literature. It is Simon’s assertion that the crime fiction, including mysteries, spy novels and thrillers that have been created since World War I represent a significant view of Middle Eastern cultures as they are reflected in societal perspectives and defines a process of evaluating this through particular readings. This 6 page paper provides an overview of the elements in this book and then considers the implications for Middle Eastern cultures. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Eastcrim.wps

The Middle East in Crime Fiction : A 5 page book review on Reeva S. Simon’s book titled, "The Middle East in Crime Fiction: Mysteries, Spy Novels and Thrillers from 1916 to the 1980's." While often appearing to be inconsistent and muddled, this book offers a new and unique perspective of the Middle East. Seen from a completely different aspect than is often presented to the public, this book offers valuable insight into the Middle East from an interesting angle. No additional sources cited. Rsimon.wps

The Oral Tradition in African Literature : Walter Ong, in his work Orality and Literacy, stated that the oral cultures of the world are based in words that have not static objects, but instead are comprised of events, power and actions (31-32). This 5 page paper considers the basic premise of Ong’s basic evaluations of oral traditions, and demonstrates them through a view of Courlander and Herzog’s recount of the African short story "Talk." Bibliography lists 2 sources. Oraltrad.wps

Ivan Doig’s "Bucking the Sun" / The Message : This 5 page report discusses Ivan Doig’s "Bucking the Sun" and the message Doig presents to his readers. No additional sources cited. Ivandoig.wps

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