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Bette Bao Lord's "Spring Moon" / A Look at Chinese Culture : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the story presented in Lord's book, and reflects on correlations between the actions and perceptions of the main protagonist and the life story of the author herself. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Bettebao.wps

Jung Chang’s "Wild Swans / Three Daughters of China" : A 5 page paper on this nonfiction work by Jung Chang. It tells the story of three generations of Chinese women in the author’s family, and how the cataclysmic changes of the twentieth century affected their very different lives. Bibliography lists one source. Wildswan.wps

Ishiguro's "The Remains of the Day" : A 3 page discussion of this work of Japanese literature focusing on one specific scene. The writer analyzes the importance of Mr. Stevens' meeting with Miss Kenton as it relates to the story. No Bibliography. Ishiguro.wps

Junichiro Tanizaki's "The Makioka Sisters" : A 5 page essay discussing the issue of sociocultural values in this acclaimed book. The writer examines various changes occurring in Japanese society as it became "Westernized" and how such changes affect the characters in Tanizaki's novel. Makioka.wps

Junichiro Tanizaki's "The Makioka Sisters"/ Conflict of Values : A 5 page paper on the way the characters of the four sisters in Tanizaki’s classic novel epitomize a conflict of values, and values in transition in pre-war Japan. One source (the book itself) listed. Makioka2.wps

Natsume Soseki’s "Kokoro ": Soseki’s novel is analyzed in this 6 page paper. The writer’s thesis seeks to demonstrate the timelessness of the Japanese work. The primary relationship in the work is discussed in depth through a character analysis in addition to the exploration of several of the author’s themes. No additional sources are used. Kokoro.wps

Hachiya’s "Hiroshima Diary" : In this 13 page research paper, the writer presents an in-depth analysis into the historic importance of the Hiroshima Diary -- written by a Japanese physician soon after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Hirodiar.wps

Pa Chin’s "The Family" / Delineating Change & Status : A 5 page argumentative essay in support of the thesis that Pa Chin’s purpose was to introduce the world to the viability of gender role changes in his society by maintaining the traditional family structure as a base for that change. Bibliography lists 1 source. Pachinfm.wps

Pa Chin’s "The Family" vs. Tsao Hsueh-Chin’s "Dream Of The Red Chamber" : An 8 page paper that provides a comparison of the family represented in these two works. This paper suggests that while Pa Chin's account of family interactions within a Chinese family compound presents familiar elements of the family structure in China, Hsueh-Chin's account supports a definitively different gender perspective. Bibliography lists no additional sources. Pachin.wps

Wang Anyi’s "Love In A Small Town" : A 5 page paper on this seminal work of modern Chinese fiction. It demonstrates how Wang departs from old romantic narrative patterns of traditional Chinese literature to show the opportunities and dilemmas of women in modern Chinese society. Wanganyi.wps

Partners in Modernism / Lu Xun & James Joyce : A 5 page paper comparing the famous Irish author with a Chinese writer less well-known in the United States, but just as influential in his own country as Joyce is in the English-speaking world. The paper illustrates the many uncanny parallels between these two authors. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Luxun.wps

Modernism : A 5 page paper discussing two forms of cultural expression in relationship to modernism. The two forms discussed are literature and the cinema. These forms of cultural expression can be considered to be quite dissimilar, being that their essential framework is composed of slightly different ingredients, but despite these differences the essential modernism influence is obvious in both, illustrating how modernism involves all things related, however slightly, to the fields of creative expression and art. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Modcult.wps

Shonagon’s "The Pillow Book" / A Reflection Of Japanese History : A 14 page research paper on this work by a tenth-century Japanese woman who served as a lady-in-waiting at the Imperial Court. The writer demonstrates how Sie Shonagon’s collection of anecdotes, reflections, aesthetic assessments and accounts of courtly life provide a window into life in medieval Japan. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Pillowb.wps

Saikaku’s "Life Of A Sensuous Man" : This 5 page essay analyzes Saikaku's story entitled Life of a Sensuous Man (translated). Two specific themes are discussed with citations to support the themes. Especially emphasized is Saikaku’s use of irony. No additional sources cited. Lifeman.wps

"The Romance of the Three Kingdoms"/ A Primer In Chinese Initiative :
A 16 page paper describing the classic Chinese work on warfare and political strategy. The paper points out how, by studying the strategies of "Three Kingdoms" (written by protagonist Chuko Liang), Chinese industrialists hope to impress upon their workers that there is nothing foreign or Western about management, leadership, or strategy. The writer examines how Chuko Liang’s political and military strategy provides models for today’s highly competitive global marketplace, and show how Chuko’s trust and confidence in his generals provide models for a team-oriented and initiative-driven approach in industry. Bibliography lists seven sources. Kingdom.wps

The Story Of The Stone : In the reading of The Story of the Stone there is an enormous amount of symbolism inherent in the presentation. The author tells the reader, in the preamble, that many of the names are allegorical. The style of writing, similar to the telling of a myth or fable, and the inclusion of metaphysical thought and paranormal activities (prescient dreams) lends credence to the interpretation of the story in terms of the symbols and the social climate at the time it was written. This is 5 page paper examines the changes in social and class structure in the late Imperialist era of the Qing Dynasty through the auspices of the symbols presented in the story. No additional sources cited. Storysto.wps

Lee Ki Chuck’s "From Korea to Heaven Country" : In 5 pages, the author discusses "From Korea to Heaven Country by Lee Ki Chuck, looking at the story from a cultural heritage perspective. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Lekichuc.wps

White Badge: A Novel Of Korea : A 5 page paper discussing 4 separate excerpts from the book "White Badge: A Novel of Korea" by Ahn Junghyo. Each section details the realities involved in issues concerning war from the perspective of the men who fight and must somehow endure the hardships. From each segment the reader can easily see the truths of war and it matters not that the soldiers may be Korean, American, or Vietnamese, for they are portrayed as nothing more than human beings. No additional sources cited. Wbadge.wps

The Role of Women in Chinese Literature : This 5 page paper is divided into to segments: the first addresses the role of women and the different female perspectives presented in Chinese literature during the Tang and Song dynasties, and relates gender differences based on authorship; and the second segment considers the social changes that occurred in China after the An Lushan Rebellion of 755. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Chinale.wps

Gender In Henry James "Turn Of The Screw" vs. Fumiko Enchi's "The Mask" :
In this 4 page essay, comparisons are made concerning depictions of culture and power (as they relate to gender and feminity) in "Turn Of The Screw" and "The Mask." The first of these suggests that a man can also be the object of a mastering look and that the association of that position with the woman is conventional. The latter work illustrates harsh conditions under which Japanese women had to live in their own society and relevant comparisons are made. No other sources are cited. Turnscre.wps

Confucius, Alexander the Great & Socrates / A Comparison : A 4 page comparison of three historical figures, Confucius, Alexander the Great and Socrates. Discusses the accomplishments of each and presents a comparison of military verses philosophical pursuits. Bibliography lists 4 sources. PPconfuc.wps

Vietnamese Construction Infrastructure: Perceptions of Investors : A 14 page overview of the importance of infrastructure in attracting investors in Vietnamese construction. Relates the economic problems the country is experiencing and proposed a research design for an alternative wastewater disposal project designed to be of both environmental and economic benefit. Bibliography lists 9 sources. VietHou2.wps

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