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Comparison Of Three Journal Articles : A 5 page comparison of psychological journal articles addressing extroversion and introversion. Three articles were selected, two from The Journal of Psychology and one from The Journal of Genetic Psychology. The first discussed is an investigation of the reliability of models of determining general personality traits. The second attempts to establish a link between introversion and depression; the third investigates the possibility of a statistical basis for personality traits as indicated by the signs of the zodiac. All of the studies seem to be designed as well as they could be in their areas of investigation, but all seem to conclude that apart from neurosis of either introversion or extroversion, the existence and the description within the individual remains subjective and its definition elusive. Psycjou3.wps

Three Psychology Journals / Comparison : A 5 page paper analyzing three psychological journals for content and slant. The journals are: The Journal of Abnormal Psychology; The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology; and The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis. While the first two concern themselves more with research, the last is more concerned with what Freud would say. Bibliography lists 2 sources. 3journal.wps

Mood And Thought Disorders / Review of Journal Articles : This 10 page paper reports the findings in six different studies concerned with mood and thought disorders. Specifically, articles on obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, major depression disorder, and phobias were reviwed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Disorders.wps

Literacy Instruction / Psychology Article Critique & Research : A 7 page paper that reviews a psychology of education article by Needels and Knapp and presents documentation to complement the contents and application of the article. Bibliography lists 6 references including the primary source. Psychart.wps

Reading & Behavior Problems : A 6 page paper that provides an assessment of Smart, et al's 1996 article in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology on this very topic. Full ciration included. Readbeh.doc

Review / Mother, Child, & Teacher / Associations With Depression & Anxiety :
A 5 page paper discussing the psychology study of Brigg-Gowan, Carter, and Stone. Brigg-Gowan, Carter, and Stone studied 188 children to better understand the relationship depression and anxiety, experienced by a parent, have with the child’s behavior. The study makes several strong points which are examined after the discussion of their study. Behav3.wps

Family Assessment I : In 4 pages, the writer summarizes "Family Environment and Psychological Well Being, School Adjustment, and Problem Behavior" by Daniel T. L. Shek, in the Journal of Genetic Psychology. The article is primarily concerned with the impact of parental & family involvement on adolescent development. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Famass1.wps

Journal Article Review / The Psychology of Loneliness : In this 3 page review of an article from The Journal of Psychology, the authors' purpose, methodology, etc; are evaluated. The psychological effects of loneliness are of primary importance to this discussion. Citation information included. Psyart13.wps

Journal Article Review / Familiarity vs. Attention : 4 page review of a journal article in which the authors attempt to determine whether or not the fact that a subject has some memory/stored familiarity of an object will affect how much visual/spatial attention they inherently give it. Various parts of the study are analyzed and critiqued. Citation not available. Psycar10.wps

Journal Article Review / Procrastination & Planning : 3 page review of a journal article in which the authors attempt to determine whether or not planning can be genuinely treated as a personality trait. Various parts of their study and conclusion are analyzed. Full citation not available. Psycar11.wps

Journal Article Review / Cross-Cultural Analysis Of ... : 4 pages reviewing a journal article that examines the cultural differences between Europeans and Japanese and their relation to spontaneous causal attributions. The point is made that the disparities between these two cultures causes each of them to behave a bit differently. Attributional theory inherently dictates that Western-Europeans tend to think rationally while the Japanese attempt to stay away from the monotony of logical analysis. Full Citation Not Available. Psycar12.wps

Journal Article Review / Personality Traits And Disparate Family Structures : This 4 page essay analyzes and evaluates a study from The Journal of Psychology entitled "Personality Traits of a Group of Young Adults From Different Family Structures." The socio-psychological impact of family structures is of primary importance to this discussion. Citation information included. Psycar14.wps

Journal Article Review / Children & Maltreatment : A 3 page review of an article from The Journal of Interpersonal Violence discussing the prevention of psychological maltreatment of children. The authors' study is evaluated and briefly critiqued. Full Citation Information Is Available. Psycar15.wps

Journal Article Review / Learning-Disabled Students : Detailed 4 page review of a journal article entitled "The Influence of affect on the achievement and behavior of students with learning disabilities" in which the writer discusses various sections and the ultimate implications of the study conducted. Full citation information not available. Psycha10.wps

Journal Article Review / Peers With Behavior Disorders : 3 page review of journal article dealing with the attitudinal problems often exhibited between peers when one has a disruptive behavior disorder. All major aspects of the study are evaluatively discussed. Full citation for article is provided. Psycha20.wps

Journal Article Review / Adolescent Suicide : 3 page review of a journal article examining cognitive issues/causal factors concerning adolescent suicide. A primary thematic tenet of the author's argument is that killing one's self is the result of a conscious decision. Full citation for article is provided. Psycha30.wps

Journal Article Review / Memory In Pre-School Aged Children : 3 page review and discussion of a journal article in which the authors seek to determine factors relevant to the development of both reference and working spatial memory in pre-school aged children. Citation information not available. Psycart4.wps

Journal Article Review / Implicit Memory : 3 page review of a journal article whose author attempts to resolve not only what circumstances cause implicit memory; but what psychological tensions need it and maintain it. Full citation information is not available. Psycart9.wps

Journal Article Review / Cognitive Memory & Music : 3 page review of a journal article studying factors relevant to mental practice and the memorization of piano music. Findings reinforce ideas that memorizing music is quite different from memorizing other common things. Citation information not available. Psycart5.wps

Journal Article Review -- Personality Trait Structure / A Human Universal? :
A 4 page summary and critique of a research study reported in the American Psychologist journal. This reviewer offers a synopsis of the study and findings of the researchers then takes issue with the manner in which the research is reported, e.g., the hypothesis is not clearly stated confusing the reader. The purpose of the study was to analyze the results of translating and administering the FFM in seven different societies. Full citation included. Ampsych.doc

Journal Article Review / Parental Perceptions : 4 page review of a journal article examining whether or not the social skills and perceptions of parents as well as family interactions might have something to do with a child's own social development. Full citation information is unavailable. Psycart7.wps

Journal Article Review / Reaction Times & Intelligence : 4 page review of a journal article review studying reaction times and intelligence in Korean children. One of several points built upon is that people who react more quickly to simple tasks have higher intelligence quotients. Citation information is not unavailable. Psycart8.wps

Journal (Non-Study) Article Review / Adolescent Behavior : 4 page review of an article from Adolescence assessing patterns of behavior from a social perspective. Building upon theoretical models which assert that demographic factors influence behavior, the author of this particular article presents a well-researched essay outlining the importance of previous studies and contemporary analyses. Full citation provided. Psychado.wps

Article Review / The "Philo-Counselor" : In this 2 page review of an article from Psychology Today, the focus is upon differences between traditional psychologist and the "philo-counselor" The typical psychologist reportedly prone to ask more direct, personal questions of its patients, whereas the philo-counselor will be inclined to ask general, broad questions for the "client" to philosophize. Citation information is provided. Psycart2.wps

Article Review / Psychological Development Gender Differences : 6 pages total -- File contains two 3 page reviews of articles from Psychology Today discussing socio-psychological differences between men and women, their early development, sterotyping, etc; Citations for articles are listed. Psyarrv2.wps *Available separately as 3 pages by E-mail request !

Article Review / Socio-Legal Responsibilities Of the Psychiatrist : 2 page discussion of a World Press Review article in which the writer highlights some of the important responsibilities that psychologists face with regard to victims of sexual abuse, suppressed memories, etc; Citation information included. Psyartrv.wps

Psychology Approaches : In 5 pages the author compares and combines two articles related to psychology, one from a current newspaper, and the other from a journal. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Appsych.wps

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