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Assessment of a 6 Year-old Child : 15 pages worth of observations relating to a 6 year old boy. The writer was studying child psychology and took notes on the child's naturalistic socialization, ability to interact & more. An interview with the boy's mother is included and the paper concludes with assessments based upon common knowledge and 4 supplemental articles cited in bibliography. It is concluded that the child has adjusted quite well from a psycho-social perspective. Justinpa.wps

Early Psychological Studies of Special Needs Children: The Mandate for Special Resources in the Public School Setting: This 6 page paper provides an overview of psychological studies and experiments during the 1950s and 1960s that were conducted on learners with special needs, which determined the mandate for resources, including elevators, pools, special equipment and services. This paper evaluates the literature that determined the focus on mainstreaming and suggested that benefits could be derived from providing effective services for special needs students in the public school setting. Bibliography lists 10 sources. MHphysth.wps

Child Abuse : 5 page overview of the problem of child abuse. Discusses its legal definition, sexual abuse, memory recall, how these problems are addressed and more. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chilabu2.wps

Child Abuse # 2 : A 5 page paper discussing some of the different forms of child abuse, and the dangers that go along with them. It also gives some startling statistics, it discusses just how a grave a situation this is, and describes some ways to improve it. Abuse2.wps

Child Abuse # 3 : In 10 pages the author discusses child abuse. Child abuse in its many forms is alive and well in the 1990s. The parents or other caregivers abuse children very frequently. Child abuse is clearly defined under state and federal statutes. Children have rights. There are specific clues to look for to know whether a child is being abused. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Childvar.wps

Child Abuse & Memory Suppression : Approximately 6 pages worth of technical (psychology) notes on memory suppression and its relevance to child abuse/molestation. Collective bibliography lists approximately 30 relevant sources. Chilabu4.wps

Child Abuse & Memory Suppression # 2 : 7 pages on the trauma of Child Abuse and the role of amnesia (suppressing the memories). 7 comprehensive sources listed in bibliography. Chilabu5.wps

Child Abuse Survivors : 7 pages on survivors of child abuse. Covers such areas as post-traumatic stress disorder, memory suppression, and so forth. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Abusesur.wps

Sources Of Child Abuse : A 5 page research paper that examines the basic trauma that abuse imposes upon children and the prevailing theories as to what causes this behavior. The writer argues that the theories that pertain to the psychological makeup and background of the abusive parent appear to have the most validity. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Sourceab.wps

Child Sexual Abuse : A 5 page paper discussing different aspects of childhood sexual abuse. Topics include how sexual abuse is defined, incidence, effects on the victim as a child and adolescent and how those effects carry through to adulthood. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Chldab.wps

Child Sexual Abuse / The Predator : An 8 page research paper in which the writer considers the issues of child sexual abuse. This paper explores what is abuse, who are abusers and what the effects of abuse are to the children. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Chabuse.doc

Child Sex Abuse Claims / Techniques for Assessing Validity : A 12 page paper in which the writer posits that while many child sex abuse claims are very true, some are indeed very false. Assessed are the various methodologies for determining the accuracy of statements made about such abuses by children, the existing laws concerning child testimony in court, and the psychological factors which may actually cause delusions of child abuse. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Childsex.wps

Childhood Sexual Abuse As A Predictor Of Adolescent Substance Abuse :
A 20 page research proposal that suggests a correlation between childhood sexual abuse and adolescent substance abuse. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Abusex.wps

Child Discipline / Spare The Rod & Understand The Child : A 5 page research paper in which the writer cites the opinions of numerous authorities who oppose physical punishment for children. The psychological implications of inflicted violence are stressed and alternatives are presented. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Children.wps

The Connection Between Child Sexual Abuse & Dissociative Identity Disorder : A 6 page dissertation proposal for a paper outlining the history and causative factors related to dissociative identity disorder (DID) with a focus on childhood sexual trauma. This proposal also focuses on the treatment of sexual adjustment as an outcome of the research provided. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Dissidis.wps

Connection Between Child Sexual Abuse & Dissociative Identity Disorder :
A 65 page dissertation that outlines the history and causative factors related to dissociative identity disorder (DID) with a focus on childhood sexual trauma. This research study focuses on the treatment of sexual adjustment as an outcome of the research provided. Bibliography lists 43 sources. Dissid.wps

Corporal Punishment / Pros and Cons : An 11 page paper that presents the arguments regarding the use of corporal punishment. This paper focuses on the negative psychological impacts and suggests a number of options to this kind of action. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Childcor.wps

Spanking & Subsequent Violent Behavior : This 11 page paper explores the question: does spanking result in violent behavior in the child who is spanked? The writer posits there is no relationship between spanking as defined in the essay and a child's future violent or other antisocial behavior. An extensive literature review was conducted which revealed some significant gaps in the investigations that have taken place. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Spankvio.wps

Corporal Punishment : A 5 page essay discussing the pro's and cons of corporal punishment. The debate about the use of corporal punishment, i.e., spankings, by parents as a form of discipline has rages for thirty years. Studies and opinions on both sides of the issue are presented. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Crpunish.wps

Corporal Punishment / Its Effect on Child Development : 4 pages. An overview of the choices in child punishment and a review of the effects of physical punishment. Concludes that such punishment is not only counterproductive but potentially harmful. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Puncorp.wps

Spare the Rod? : A 5 page paper on corporal punishment. Spanking has been used by parents as a form of discipline since the beginning of time but that does not make it right. Research has, more often than not, shown that spanking actually increases negative behavior, rather than putting an end to it. A specific study is illustrated which demonstrates how poorly the spanked child’s behavior remains the same, or worsens, because of the spanking. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Spank.wps

How Necessary is Discipline for Children? : A 6 page paper analyzing child-rearing advice found in a syndicated newspaper column for validity and applicability to a broad range of families. John Rosemond, psychologist and author of all three of the articles examined here, appears to be a voice of reason, standing firmly midway of those who advocate worshiping the child and those who hold to the repressive views of past times when children often had no rights at all. He advocates common sense over learned authority and diagnosis, as he describes in his article "To get child's attention, be as outrageous as child is," in which he tells how parents of an unruly fifth-grader gained their son’s attention and enabled him to change his behavior. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Pardis.wps

Do Abused Children Grow Up To Abuse Their Own Kids ? / The Cycle Of Abuse : A 10 page study designed to determine if there is a correlation between children who are abused and their becoming abusers in adulthood. The literature supporting this study demonstrates a cycle of abuse, and there is significant evidence to link the behaviors of abusers to the modeled behaviors of abused children. This study contains information relative to the development of the problems, a review of pertinent literature, and a proposed plan for data collection. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Child.wps

Do Victims Of Child Abuse Become Abusers ? : This 15 page research paper explores the incidence, definitions, and the causes of abuse. Several theories regarding what makes a person become an abuser are discussed. Statistics include incidences of abuse committed by victims of abuse and the percentage of incarcerated sex offenders who were abused as children. Bibliography includes 18 references. Abuchil.wps

Parental Alcoholism & Children : A 10 page paper in which the writer discusses how parental alcoholism is rampant within the American family, and its effects on children are particularly devastating. The writer explains how the various life stages are individually affected by alcoholic parents, as well as addresses their long term consequences. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Paralch.wps

Impact of Domestic Violence on Children : This 8 page research paper examines the long-term effects of domestic violence on children. Specifically discussed include signs and symptoms of behavior exhibited by children who have witnessed acts of domestic violence and what can be done to help them. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Childvio.wps

When Children Must Testify / Philosophy Of The Shield Laws : A 20 page paper that takes an in-depth look at some of the problems associated with cases in which children must testify in court, and the possible effects of shield laws that are beginning to be commonplace. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Shield.wps

Observing Children at Play : A 5 page research paper that examines the role of play according to the cognitive/developmental techniques pioneered by the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget. The writer observes the behavior of toddlers at a public playground using the framework provided by the Parten/Piaget scale. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Chilplay.wps

Some of the Effects of Child Abuse on Self Esteem : A 10 page research paper. Statistics reported by the Menninger Perspective in 1995 point to the belief (true numbers cannot be absolutely known) "that one child in ten is the object of violent abuse by a parent or caregiver; and one out of every three women report sexual abuse as children" (Helm, 1997; p. 551). There were over one million reported cases of child abuse and neglect during the year of 1993 alone, 20% of which typically will lead to serious psychologic disorders, such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Abuselfe.wps

Self-Esteem and the Elementary School Student : A 10 page research paper exploring aspects of self-esteem including: how self-esteem is defined by different theorists, what are the components in self-esteem, and how does the teacher help to improve a student's self esteem. Several programs are described and discussed with a final caution to select activities carefully so the efforts do not backfire. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Selfest2.wps

Self-Esteem In Toddlers Analyzed : This 8 page research paper examines the importance of self-esteem in toddlers. Specifically discussed are why a child's self-esteem would be high or low and the ways in which self-esteem can be raised. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Esteem2.wps

Attitudes & Behavior / The Influences Of Parental Interaction And Gender : A 6 page examination of attitudes and behavior, how they relate to identity formation and are influenced by factors such as parental influence and gender. Stresses how a child’s persona, their identity, attitudes, and behavior are shaped during early childhood by parental and societal interaction and indeed by their own gender. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Attbeha.wps

Runaway, Homeless, Throwaway Youth : In 15 pages the author discusses the dilemma of runaway/homeless youth. The plight of the runaway/homeless youth is a terrible one. Basically, they have been considered as ‘throwaway youth’ by society. The value system of society is skewed when it will allow such a problem to continue. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Runthrow.wps

Children Who Run Away From Home : 3 pages worth of information on runaways including some of the socio-psychological reasons why kids leave home, the legal definition of what constitutes a "missing child," and more. Bibliography lists over 20 suggested sources. Runaway.wps

Maturation & Aging / Childhood vs. Adolescence : A 10 page research paper investigating the similarities and differences of the aging and maturation development process between childhood and adolescence. Specific topics include: physical growth and cognitive and psycho-social maturation. Theorists included are Piaget, Erikson, as well as new theories of pathways related to adolescent development. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Child/Adol.wps

Developmental Delays : This 10 page research paper offers a general overview of developmental delays. Topics include: incidence, etiology, identification, assessment, intervention and the laws mandating services for infants, toddlers and preschool children. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Devdelay.wps

The Growing Role Of Fathers In Today's Family : The changing role of the father is examined in this 10 page paper, inclusive of historical references. Numerous studies reveal that a father's role significantly impacts the development of the child, which is separate and distinct from maternal influences. Also noted are differences in black and gay communities and how the male role model is viewed by each. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Father.wps

The Impact of Absent Fathers on Children : A 4 page paper that documents the impact of absent fathers on the social, psychological and cognitive development of children. Literature supports the theory that children who are raised by single mothers often exhibit a number of problems relative to their development, including lower test score reflecting cognigitive problems. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Fatherle.wps

The Effects Of Parents Not Being Home : This 5 page research paper discuses the controversy regarding the effects of having children in day care as opposed to having the child being cared for by a parent. Some researchers believe there is a negative effect, some do not think there is a negative effect. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Workpare.wps

Parenting Effectiveness & Style : A 9 page paper exploring the role of parenting in the successes and failures of a child. Bibliography lists six sources. Pting.wps

Parental Interaction / Effects On The Development Of Children’s Gender Roles : A 16 page examination of gender roles and how these roles are shaped during early childhood by parental and societal interaction. Includes an extensive bibliography with dozens of sources cited. Parint.wps

Raising Children With Special Needs : A 6 page research paper investigating the stress parents experience raising a child who has exceptional needs. Topics include types of stress, family functioning, social support, implications for parents and counselors. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Stressp.wps

How Children Respond To The Word "No" : A 24 page research paper emphasizing different disciplinary techniques. Emphasis is on how children respond to being told "no." The predominant reaction if rebellion and resentment. Other techniques for saying "no" were explored including Positive Discipline and Induction. Extensive bibliography is included. Toldno.wps

Effects of Divorce on "At Risk" Children : A 6 page research paper which examines the effects of divorce on children who have emotional or behavioral disorders. While divorce is difficult on any child, research shows that it is particular difficult to children with these disorders and can exacerbate their problems. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Atrisk.wps

Attachment Theory, Divorce And The School Counselor : A 6 page research paper that explores the topics of attachment theory and the effects of dis-attachment. Divorce is offered as a significant event in a child's life that results in disattachment from one parent. The writer posits that the school counselor must have a firm understanding of attachment theory and its effects in order to help children. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Attacht.wps

Attachment Theory, Divorce & School Counseling : A 60 page paper that provides an overview of the current literature, and attempts to demonstrate the link between attachment theory and divorce. This paper then uses the current literature to discuss the implications for counseling. Bibliography lists 42 sources. Atchtheo.wps

Managing the Behavior of Aggressive Children : A 3 page research essay that investigates how to reduce aggressive behavior in young children. The writer reports on two research studies, one in the home and one in the classroom. Each uses a similar behavior management strategy and both are successful. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Agrkid.wps

Adaptive Behavior Inventory (A.B.I.) / A Review : A 5 page paper that reviews the Adaptive Behavior Inventory (1986) designed to measure five different functional behavior categories. A general overview of the measurement is offered, followed by reliability and validity coefficients derived for the measurement. Cautions of using the scales are also offered. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Adaptive.wps

Children With HIV/AIDS : An 8 page paper on Children with AIDS. The writer discusses the pscyho-social impact the disease has on them and offers suggestions for helping to cope. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Aidschil.wps

Should Kids With AIDS Be Allowed To Attend Public Schools? : 6 pages in length. In 1985, people in parts of the country were approaching hysteria at the thought of children with AIDS attending the same public schools with their own children. Today, we know better than to think that the disease can spread through casual contact. Many school systems have put into place AIDS awareness and prevention programs to which the AIDS-infected student can be a valuable asset, and the affected children themselves need the security and acceptance of routine and friendship. The paper concludes that kids with AIDS certainly should be allowed in the public schools, that their presence can benefit all. Bibliography lists 17 sources. AIDS-kid.RTF

Pediatric AIDS : A 17 page paper on the diagnosis, treatment and other factors surrounding pediatric AIDS. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Pedaids2.wps

The Sudden Death of a Child / Siblings Coping With The Fact : A 9 page paper discussing the death of a young child in a sudden and often violent manner. The siblings and the fact that they have been neglected in terms of research and counseling are the main focus. Children can be simple and not understand what has happened like adults do and it is important to approach them correctly according to their cognitive abilities. Bibliography lists10 sources. Sudeath.wps

(The) Intellectual Development of Children : 8 pages discussing the intellectual development of children. 9 references cited. Excellent for those studying child psychology, child development, theories of learning etc; Paper makes many references to the works of Piaget and cites a number of sources. Childdev.wps

The Etiology of Learning Disabilities : A 5 page overview of the causes of learning disabilities. Discusses the role of the central nervous system (particularly the hippocampus) and other aspects of the body’s physiology. Bibliography lists 10 sources. PPlrnDis.wps

Moral Development In Adolescence : Lawrence Kohlberg has presented a theory of the stages in moral development that is appropriate as a guide to understanding the process of moral determination for the adolescent. Systems theory states that all of the components of a system come together in the formation of the person. Social cognitive theory (SCT) explains behavior through the cognitive processes. A combination of these approaches will allow an inspection of the issues and processes that are involved in the moral development of the adolescent. This 11 page paper examines the influences and issues in the lives of adolescents in terms of the above theories. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Morateen.wps

Childhood / Theories of Moral Development / Literature Review : A 12 page comprehensive review of journal articles related to theories of moral development in children. The writer reviews different works from experts in the field of child development. Bibliography lists 25 sources. Devmoral.wps

Childhood / Theories Of Moral Development / Literature Review # 2 : A 12 page review of current literature that supports Kohlberg, Carol Gilligan and Piaget's theories relative to moral development. The writer divides the information into categories that have an impact on development, from gender specificity to socio-economic influences. Current journal articles are used to support the writer's theory that there are many influences on moral development and that this development takes place within a culture, a society, and a family structure that influences development. Bibliography lists approximately 25 sources. Devmora2.wps

Understanding Child Development : A 7 page research paper exploring the efficacy of needing theoretical frameworks to understand child development. Two specific cases were explored: child abuse victims and sibling and peer interactions. Lacking the theories we would not be able to understand why children do some of their behaviors. An extensive bilbiography is included. Efficacy.wps

Moral Development / Ages 1 - 6 : A 5 page essay explaining moral development according to Piaget and Kohlberg. Tables illustrate each theorist's sequence of development in childhood. Similarities are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Childmor.wps

Child Personality Development Analyzed : This 10 page research paper examines the evolution of child personality development. The conclusion that a child’s personality is firmly in place at birth is based upon presented evidence. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Kidpsych.wps

Dealing with Difficult Personalities : A 6 page analysis of the Florence Littauer book, How to Get Along with Difficult People that gives a comprehensive overview of this work. Littauer uses the four personality classifications described by Hippocrates and applies to them recognizable modern characters that one might meet at church. Although written as a popular work, the writer argues that recent research tends to substantiate Littauer's categories and observations. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Diffpers.wps

Einstein / Learning Disabled Or Schizophrenic ? : This 7 page paper analyzes Einstein’s youthful development in terms of Piaget’s theories of developmental stages, Lenzenweger’s theories of schizophrenia, and modern theories on learning disabilities. The paper concludes that psychologists may have some justification for believing Einstein to have had schizophrenic tendencies, and that it is these, not a learning disability, that caused his famous problems in school. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Einpia.wps

Birth Order : A 5 page essay comparing Adler’s ideas on birth order with those on development by Erikson and Freud, using Erikson’s study on Martin Luther. The writer also makes a brief comparison to Sulloway. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Brthordr.wps

Alfred Adler: Childhood Insecurity : A 6 page paper discussing Adler’s theory involving children, feelings of insecurity, feelings of superiority, and how these feelings involve social interactions. A lecture presented by Adler in 1933 is used to illustrate his views in regards to this issue and a through examination and analysis of his theory is included. While his extremes may not hold much truth, his general theories are incredibly enlightening. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Childins.wps

Birth Order & Its Effect on Cognitive Development and Learning : A 20 page overview of the impacts, both perceived and assumed, of birth order on cognitive development and learning. Provides an extensive review of the literature and makes suggestions for additional research. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Birthcog.wps

Childhood Prejudice / An Aspect of Socio-Moral Development : A 12 page research paper on the development of childhood prejudice. The writer looks at the formation of racial preferences, stereotyping, and supports all ideas with existing research studies from journal articles. The point is made that classroom settings are of particular importance to this area of research and consequently, appropriate educational suggestions are made for reducing the development and continuation of the destructive "hate cycle." Bibliography lists approximately 20 sources. Prejchil.wps

Children Who Stutter / Assessing & Controlling The Problem : A 15 page, comprehensive research paper on the psychological and physical implications for children who stutter. Speech patterns, behavior patterns, avoidance of speaking situations, etc.;-- are all discussed. The writer also analyzes their own observations from a one-on-one interview session with a young girl who stutters. Presenting an extensive literature review, the argument is made that stuttering is not something that can be "cured" per se.. Rather, it is a learned behavior that can be controlled through such promising techniques as Dr. Schwartz's "Airflow." Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Stutchil.wps

The Prevalence Of Stuttering : A 20 page paper on stuttering research over the years and the ever-changing views that pathologists have held on the subject. The causes, effects, and most importantly, the prevalence of stuttering are examined in considerable detail. The studies of many widely-acclaimed researchers are discussed. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Stutteri.wps

Children With Epilepsy / Impact in School : A 6 page research paper discussing the different seizures associated with epilepsy and their effect on the victim and peers in the school setting. Cautions to teachers regarding the student's medication are included. One of the questions schools must face is whether or not to tell peers that a student has epilepsy. If the decision is made to tell them, one process that will be extremely helpful in developing sensitivity is a portfolio. How to use a structured portfolio is discussed. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Epilepsy.wps

Effective Parenting / Model Essay Answers : 4 pages worth of free response essays to questions from case stories (actual cases are no longer available) concerning parenting techniques and methods. Discussed are the impossible goals of "perfect parenting," permissive vs. authoritative styles, Freud's views on parental love & control, and more. No Bibliography. Parntpft.wps

The Cons of Youth Sports : A 7 page paper the explores the negative aspects of youth sports, and includes consideration of the impacts of competativeness, parental expectations, and outside pressures on the children participating. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Youthspo.wps

Lawrence Kohlberg's Theories of Morality & Development : An 11 page discussion of Kohlberg's three levels of morality as they relate to child development. Assessed is how Kohlberg elaborated the ideas of Jean Piaget and concentrated primarily upon the socio-cognitive domain. Kohlberg's constructs are applied to situations and evaluatively assessed. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Kohlberg.wps

Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development : This 5 page essay identifies and describes the major components of Kohlberg's theory. Examples of how one might behave at each stage are offered. Speculation as to whether or not an individual can be taught to reason or behave in a moral manner is also covered. Bibliography included. Kohlmor.wps

Moral Development / Ages 1 - 6 : A 5 page essay explaining moral development according to Piaget and Kohlberg. Tables illustrate each theorist's sequence of development in childhood. Similarities are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Childmor.wps

Margaret Mahler's Theories of Attachment : A 12 page research paper on Margaret Mahler's theories of early childhood identity development. The writer details the theory, its uses and its critics. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mahler.wps

Piaget's Theories of Development : A 12 page research paper on the theories of Dr. Jean Piaget and his work in perceptual, cognitive, and intellectual development. Piaget's formulas for explaining the various stages of development are explained and illustrative examples are provided. The work of subsequent researchers who built upon his ideas is studied in an attempt to evaluate several Piaget-born concepts such as his proposed model of IQ testing.... Bibliography lists 20+ sources. Piaget.wps

Piaget : In 5 pages, the writer discusses some of the theories of Piaget that relate to adolescence. Jean Piaget was a psychologist that formulated many common theories pertaining to children and their learning. A great deal of his work dealt with the adolescent. Those theories have practical value for one's understanding of adolescence. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Piaget5.wps

Moral Development / Piaget : This 5 page essay is an analysis of Piaget's ideas about the moral development of children as expressed in his book, Moral Judgment of the Child. Piaget's theory breaks moral development into two stages which cross over his cognitive stages. This essay explains the theory in terms of the two stages. No bibliography. Piagetmd.wps

Piaget & Vygotsky : This 20 page research paper compares and contrasts the theories of these two great thinkers. The main points of each theory is provided with a discussion to compare and contrast their ideas. The writer suggests that their ideas may have been more in synch than disparate, after one considers the theories carefully and also after reviewing specific statements made by each man. The points on which they definitely did not agree are cited. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Piagvygo.wps

Moral Development / Kohlberg vs. Piaget : An 8 page research paper that compares and contrasts the moral development theories of Kohlberg and Piaget. Specific emphasis is given to the role of the family in each theory. Two tables reflect the stages included in each theorist's model. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Kohlpiag.wps

Personality : A 10 page paper discussing Sigmund Freud’s and B.F. Skinner’s theories of personality. The issue is addressed as to how much biology, or heredity, plays a part in the development of personalities. The theorists defined are of the opinion that all, or nearly all, of the individual’s personality is formed and created by outside influences. They believe that the environment is the shaper of personality, not genetics or biology. A discussion of each individual theorist is included, followed by a section analyzing the two theorists and their beliefs in regards to personality and environment. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Person8.wps

Einstein / Learning Disabled Or Schizophrenic ? : This 7 page paper analyzes Einstein’s youthful development in terms of Piaget’s theories of developmental stages, Lenzenweger’s theories of schizophrenia, and modern theories on learning disabilities. The paper concludes that psychologists may have some justification for believing Einstein to have had schizophrenic tendencies, and that it is these, not a learning disability, that caused his famous problems in school. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Einpia.wps

Application Of Sociological Theory : A 4 page report using social theory to explain the behavior patterns of a young pre-adolescent girl who prefers male sports and various other non-traditional activities. Psychoanalytic tools are described and Social Learning Theory is applied. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Socitheo.wps

Piper's "The Little Engine that Could" : An insightful 3 page essay in which the writer examines what meaning Watty Piper's classic story "The Little Engine that Could" holds for a child and in retrospect, the story's psycho-motivational value for an adult as well. For the most part, the writer is concerned with similarities and dissimilarities between the ways that an adult perceives the story vs. how a child does the same. No Bibliography. Littleen.wps

TV Violence / Sociological & Psychological Impact On Children : An 8 page research proposal for studying the topic question: does violence on television have an impact on children. Controversy and debate have raged for at least three decades on this question. Meanwhile, the level of violent acts committed on television shows during prime-time, including the family hour, has increased steadily. A brief search of the literature suggests that TV violence does have an impact on children's behaviors and level of sensitivity. Tv.wps

The Working, Single Mother & Primary Care vs. Secondary Care : A 6 page examination of sociological issues and transformations concerning the move from primary care to secondary care. Examined is the impact that the changing role of the mother has had -- While they once stayed home with their children, they no go off to work-- often leaving children in the hands of secondary care. Highlighted are the different relationships that evolve between mother and child and the possibility of increased social risk for the child. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Primacar.wps

Working Mothers & The Mother-Child Relationship : A 7 page research paper describing how the modern family has changed now that so many women are working full-time and not spending entire days with their children. The writer analyzes the effect that this social phenomenon has had on relationships between mothers and children-- arguing that mothers who work all day are not as apt to understand all needs communicated by their children and are consequently, unavoidably neglectful in some areas. Children do, however, often regard their maternal working parent much in the same light that they once did their father -- as a strict disciplinarian. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Workinmo.wps

Propsal -- Working Mothers vs. Non-Working Mothers / Impact Upon Children : This 7 page paper discusses a proposal for a research study to investigate the psychological impact on children of working mothers and non-working mothers. The hypotheses are that the impact is minimal and, in fact, children from homes where the mother works may even have some advantages. Bibliography includes 2 references. Promo.wps

Effects of Racism on Children : An 8 page research paper which examines how racism impacts children. The writer discusses how black parents have to transmit to their children information concerning racism and the dangers of world without having the children internalize the dominant culture’s negative messages concerning African-Americans. Other topics addressed include the importance of multiculturalism in school curriculums, conflict resolution, and the traditional approach to teaching history. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Childrac.wps

Kids Killing Kids : 5 pages in length. The late 1990’s rash of children opening fire upon their classmates and teachers on school grounds has triggered a closer look at the makeup of the juvenile psyche. Experts say the inclination to kill comes from a combination of inadequate upbringing, overexposure to violence and the all-too-easy access to guns, as well as an inherent propensity for abnormal behavior. The writer gives an overview of the various reasons children act with violence, as well as ways to deter such behavior. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Kidskill.wps

"Prisoners of Childhood" / Key Concepts : A 4 page analysis of Alice Miller’s Prisoners of Childhood which demonstrates how the dynamics behind the relationship of a gifted child with a narcissistically-deprived parent can hamper or prevent that child from developing as an independent, emotionally-healthy adult. No additional sources cited. Childpri.wps

Comparison of Research Approaches / Family Psychology : A 5 page paper discussing the method in which four researchers have approached the issue of family cohesiveness and its effect on the children of the family. Most of the studies reviewed revolve in some way around previously established models, and one was little more than a basic literature review of previously published work. Because the focus of each of the others was that of attitudes and feelings, the researchers were unable to employ definite measures of specific qualities. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Famre.wps

Today’s Children : This 6 page paper examines Dr. David Hamburg’s Today’s Children. Several subjects are explored including social programs, smaller classrooms in the schools and government funding issues. No additional sources cited. Childtod.wps

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