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The Rorschach Inkblot Test : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the elements of the Rorschach Inkblot Test, and reflects on issues like reliability and validity raised within the current literature. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Rorsch.wps

The Rorschach Technique / Quantitative And Qualitative Approaches : This 6 page paper considers the strengths and weaknesses of both quantitative and qualitative approaches to the Rorschach ink blot test and considers the theories of psychologists and researchers like Acklin and Exner as they have impacted the development of testing systems. This paper also provides a comparison between both types of evaluative systems, and considers whether the two types can be combined or if they are mutually exclusive. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Rrsch2.wps

Therapeutic Alliance : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of therapeutic alliance as it applies to psychotherapy and considers the ethical implications for practitioners. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Theralli.wps

Ethical Issues in Counseling : In 15 pages the author discusses that it is important for the counselor to leave behind personal bias and opinion when in a counseling session. "It is important to leave behind personal bias and opinion when counseling. From a Christian counseling perspective, it is important to help the client and not let personal opinion or bias or religious affiliation cloud judgement. It is never acceptable behavior to allow cultural, ethnic, or sexual bias to enter the counseling session. Although the Christian counselor is in great demand, he/she is at risk for placing his religious beliefs and moral standard on the client. Counseling is a field on which many individuals, both secular and Christian, rely. The counselor must be ready to face difficult situations in which he/she is in total disagreement with the client's lifestyle, religious beliefs, ethnicity, or culture, and still be able to do his/her job, and do it to the best of his/her ability." Bibliography lists 11 sources. Couneth.wps

Attention Deficit Disorder : 10 pages in length. The author discusses the history, definition, classification, etiology, treatment, and studies of Attention Deficit Disorder. Understanding ADD, and ADD versus LD are also topics. Bibliography lists 8 sources. ADD.wps

Attention Deficit Disorder / Treatment & Associated Difficulties : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the current literature on ADD and considers the implications for educators. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Add3.wps

ADD -- Attention Deficit Disorder / Parent Interview, Observation, & Comments : A 7 page research paper that includes an interview with a parent, observation of a child with ADD and comments based on research. A distinction is made between ADD and ADHD pursuant to DSM IV. This writer comments of the interview and observation as compared to the descriptions offered by researchers. This can be a difficult diagnosis and behaviors do not always fit within the parameters established. How this child's behaviors compare and contrast with the diagnosis is discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Kork.wps

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) as a Learning Disability : A 6 page paper discussing the cognitive aspects of ADD with little emphasis on the behavioral issues connected with the disorder. While there have been documented cases of abuse of the use of the ADD label on children who were only victims of poor teaching, also documented are cases of children whose disabilities prevented them from learning as much as they could have had their problems been diagnosed and treated early enough. The manner in which children with ADD learn is very different from standard ways, but that difference does not preclude ability. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Attdef.wps

Attention Deficit Disorder & Ritalin : A 6 page research paper examining Attention Deficit Disorder and the Use of Ritalin (Methylphenidate) in its Treatment. Bibliography lists six sources. Ritalin.wps

A.D.D. & Ritalin / Friend or Foe? : A 9 page overview of attention deficit disorder and the primary method of treatment, Ritalin. Examines the potential for misdiagnoses of attention deficit disorder and points out the downfalls of treating cases of misdiagnoses, and sometimes even true attention deficit disorder, with Ritalin. Bibliography lists eight sources. Ritalin2.wps

ADHD and Ritalin : An 11 page paper discussing the condition known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the use of Ritalin in treatment. ADHD is a very common problem today, thought he cause is of yet unknown. A section describing the condition is included followed by a section discussing Ritalin, which is the most common drug used for this condition. An additional section discussing the possible problems with Ritalin is also included. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Adhd2.wps

Ritalin as a Therapeutic Intervention for Treatment of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder : A 12 page paper discussing the effectiveness of Ritalin in the treatment of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Rithyper.wps

Proposal For Researching The Effects of Ritalin On Children With ADHD :
A 6 page proposal for research into the effects of ritalin. Ritalin has been used for more than 25 years, apparently without long-lasting effects. Some researchers claim that it does indeed have long-term effects, though they are not fully understood. This paper proposes a longitudinal survey research lasting five years in order to formulate some valid conclusions about the long-term effects of ritalin. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Ritalin3.doc

The Sociology Of Attention Deficit Disorder : A 45 page research paper that discusses and analyzes the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD. The writer argues that ADHD is a very over-diagnosed condition that relieves children and parents of taking responsibility for the children's misdeeds. Significant data from research studies is offered to support the position. Additionally, the writer discusses why over-diagnosis and over-medication is a fact of our society. Bibliography lists 31 sources. Sclgyadd.wps

A.D.H.D. : An 8 page paper detailing attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Covered are its causes, characteristics, and assessment. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Adhd.wps

Causes Of Conduct Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder :
6 pages in length. The incidence of conduct disorder, with particular focus upon Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), has a number of potential causes behind the affliction. The etiology of these disorders can stem from genetics, cultural implications, head injuries and symptoms of HIV. This paper will delve into these four causes of conduct disorder, paying specific attention to ADHD. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Conduct.wps

Coping with ADHD : A 10 page research paper on Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which is the mostly frequently diagnosed childhood behavior disorder. Currently, 600,000 school-age children are on medication for ADHD whose symptoms can cause trouble both academically and socially. The writer’s main focus in this paper is on how it impacts the family and the early school years. Bibliography lists 9 sources. ADHDcope.wps

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adolescents : A 15 page paper that provides an overview of the major diagnostic, epidemiological and treatment processes for ADHD and predicators of outcomes for adolescents. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Hyperact.wps

Assessment and Diagnostic Issues / ADD, ADHD & LD : A 4 page paper that provides an overview of ADD [attention deficit disorder], ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] with LD [learning disorder], emphasizing the assessment and diagnostic issues involved. Implications for the classroom are also discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. AssessADD.wps

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Analyzed : This 8 page research paper examines the neurological malady known as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the treatment for adults and children. Specifically discussed is whether or not medications should be used in the workplace and classroom, and possible alternatives. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Hyper.wps

Children With Disabilities / Case Study : A 6 page essay that investigates the case of one 8 year old boy diagnosed with ADHD and the impact his disability has on the family. The paper reports the results of an interview and an observation and describes the unsatisfactory relationship with the school during the child's first two years in school. The situation did change, however, and this paper describes the current relationship between the family and the school. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Casedoc.wps

Adlerian Psychotherapy : A 10 page research paper which analyzes and summarizes Harold Mosak’s chapter in Current Psychotherapies on "Adlerian Psychotherapy." The writer discusses Alfred Adler’s contributions to psychoanalysis and offers a fictional example of Adlerian-based therapy. Quotations from the source. Adleria3.wps

Psychotherapy From An Adler Perspective : A 5 page paper discussing psychotherapy with emphasis on Alfred Adler’s methodology which involves the young. How does this particular method work? How well does it work? What problems does this method best address and why do people get better? These are areas in relationship to psychotherapy that are described. Also included is an analysis of how this method would work in a particular hypothetical situation. A bibliography lists 5 sources. Adler.wps

Adlerian & Person-Centered Therapy / A Comparison : A 6 page paper that provides an overview and comparison of Adlerian therapy and person-centered therapy. This paper demonstrates that these different approaches can be utilized to address different levels of personality disorders. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Adlerian.wps

Human Behavior Theories / Reasoning & Decision Making : This 40 page research paper is divided into two separate but related sections. The first section discusses a number of psychological theories that attempt to explain human behavior. Theories include: behaviorism, Gestalt, cognitive, social, and social learning theory. The second section discusses types of reasoning and decision making models including prospect theory, fuzzy-traced theory, utility theory and formal deductive logic and the Anticipatory Management Decision Process Model. Bibliography lists 43 sources. Behtheo.wps

Levels of Analysis : A 5 page paper discussing micro, macro, and molecular analysis levels and how they apply to the analysis involved in examining a specific behavior. The behavior illustrated is that of anorexia. Micro-analysis is defined as involving a very small or minute group, macro-analysis involving a larger group which may well entail a demographic study, and molecular analysis is given two possibilities in definition, one being simple physiological, or the more complicated organizational, issues. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Levana.wps

Behavioral Change Contract Instrument As A Tool In Counseling : A 30 page proposed behavioral change counseling dynamic through the introduction of an instrument in the commitment phase of the counseling process—which further acts as a contract between the counseling psychologist and the client in determining the initial and ongoing direction of treatment. The instrument would, therefore, offer a continuous means to not only provide the adolescent with eating disorder pathology an autonomous relationship with self within the behavioral change program, but recreate the program through a simple tool. The pros and cons of the tool are discussed in the discussion section of the proposal. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Bcci.wps

Existentialist Humanist Theory In Psychoanalysis : A case study is provided in this 11 page paper that uses the client centered therapeutic approach to psychoanalysis. Rogers and Maslow are discussed but primary focus is on the case itself. A personality assessment along with recommendations are made. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Humexist.wps

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A 12 page paper that provides an overview of 5 empirical studies of PTSD and proposes a treatment protocol after discussing the results of the study. Bibliography lists 6 sources. PTSD.rtf

Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome / Treatment : This 9 page paper discusses different treatments being used for PSTD. The concept of trauma-related emotional disturbance has existed for more than a century but it was only in 1980 that it was given an official categorization in the nomenclature as posttraumatic stress disorder and recognized in the DSM. The most recent research suggests brain chemical interference and significant research is addressing this probability. Numerous treatments are discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Psst.wps

Alcoholism & Post-Traumatic Stress : 10 pages, 16 sources, 2 tables. Excellent sample of a model APA (American Psychological Association) research paper. Includes abstract and all applicable sections. Specifically explored is the treatment of dually-diagnosed alcoholism patients with post-traumatic stress disorders. Apa.wps

Behavior Therapy Vs. Psychoanalysis : An 8 page paper that looks at the development and differences between behavior therapy and traditional psychoanalysis. The author determines that the progression from the psychoanalysis to behavior therapy is natural, and that the current use of behavior techniques is based on the necessary transition. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Behapsyc.wps

Left-Handedness And Accidents / A Non-Experimental Study : This 9 page paper provides a model for a non-experimental study in which the thesis is that left-handers have more accidents than do right-handers and the reasons for this propensity are environmental. A literature review supports the thesis. Sections include: abstract; introduction; literature review; results and discussion. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Leftyacci.wps

Clinical Depression & Wellness : A 7 page (plus FREE abstract) research paper on depression; its treatment, prevention, cures, etc; Writer uses DSM-III. Bibliography lists more than 6 sources. Depressi.wps

Depression : A 10 page definitional overview of depression, its causes, and treatment.Writer describes relevant terminology with frequent mention of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV). Bibliography lists 5 sources. Depress3.wps

Depression : A 10 page research paper on the behavioral approach to treating situational clinical depression. Writer uses primary research project as well as 5 relevant sources cited in bibliography. Depress2.wps

Depression / ‘More Than Just Feeling Sad’ : An 18 page report that takes an in-depth look at the mental illness of depression and the treatments that are currently in use for this malady. The reports looks at demographics, current research, and the variety of manifestations that depresssion can take. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Depress.wps

African-American Women & Depression : An 8 page research paper that examines depression with the African-American community and specifically how it applies to African-American women. The writer offers an overview of this subject, but argues that there are factors that pertain to depression in African-Americans that simply don't apply to the white population. Bibliography lists 7 sources. aafdep.wps

Manic Depression/ Bipolar Disorder : A 15 page research paper detailing this particular form of depression-- and particularly its frequency in women. The writer describes the various forms the illness can take, causes, treatments, etc;. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Bipolar.wps

Bipolar Disorder # 2 : Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depressive psychosis, is described in this 12 page research report, possible causes and diagnosis are discussed, and official treatment guidelines as well as alternative treatments are considered. The difference between emotions and ordinary shifts of mood and the extreme states of several types of affective disorders is made clear, and the incidence of these in the general population is reviewed. Particular attention is given to the effect of antidepressants on persons with bipolar disorders. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Bipg.wps

Causes Of Bipolar Disorder : 6 pages in length. The causes of Bipolar Disorder, formerly called Manic-Depressive Illness, have long been a mystery. Recent research, however, suggests there are specific genetic factors that predispose an individual to the disorder. Additionally, environmental factors play a part in developing bipolar. Bibliography includes 10 references. Bipolar2.wps

The Biology of Bipolar Disorder : A 6 page overview of bipolar disorder. A discussion of the physiological causes and possible treatments. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Biobip.wps

Issues in Treating Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents : A 9 page research paper that examines the issues and problems that surround this field of study by examining four recent research articles. All children have temper tantrums and episodes where their behavior tries their parents' patience. However, imagine one of these episodes lasting anywhere from one to three months and entailing truly bizarre behavior-chronic insomnia, recurrent compulsions (such as emptying all the closets and piling their contents in the middle of the room), plus anxiety that borders on panic. This is what it is like when a child has bipolar disorder. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Bipochil.wps

Suicide & Suicidal Tendencies / Aspects Of Personality ? : In this 15 page research paper, the writer attempts to determine whether suicidal tendencies are "built-in" to certain personalities or if they can be prevented altogether. An examination of literature, statistics, depressive disorders, etc.; is presented and it is ultimately concluded that there is always some treatable, underlying reason for an attempt to take one's own life. Bibliography lists approximately 8 sources. Suicide.wps

The Psychology Of Suicide : A 7 page paper dealing with the tragedy and psychological ramifications of suicide. The writer specifically discusses the mental state of the person contemplating suicide, who is most at risk, and some of the things that can be done about it. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Suicide3.wps

Exercise & Anxiety : An 8 page research paper exploring the relationship between exercise and anxiety. The writer begins by offering operational definitions, the results of a literature search and concludes with a summary and recommendations for further research. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Exercise.wps

AIDS and Suicide : A 12 page paper analyzing the social, cultural, and ethical issues relating to suicide among AIDS patients, as well as the populations at highest risk for developing the disease. It concludes that AIDS is now treatable, and an equal amount of attention in the form of counseling at both the high-risk and infected levels is the best solution to the depression engendered by the disease. Bibliography lists 5+ sources. Aidssui.wps

Dysthymia Diagnosis & Treatment : The disorder recently made known by the popular drug of choice, Prozac, is discussed in this 12 page paper. An overview is provided that lists symptoms of dysthymia as well as ways to diagnose or rule out the disorder. Treatment is discussed including specific data about medications used. Information about controversies surrounding drug treatment and the possible benefits of psychotherapy are touched on. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Dysdiag.wps

The Mind in Relation to the Brain Analyzed : This 10 page research paper examines the human mind and how it is related to the brain. Specifically discussed are the implications this connection has on the way psychiatric disorders are treated. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Mind.wps

Issues Affecting Healthcare For The Elderly : An 8 page discussion of the factors affecting health care for the elderly. Discusses the increasing life spans, the ever-improving medical technology, health rationing and managed care. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Hlthed.wps

Medication & Illness / Essential Contributors to Mental Impairment in Elderly?: A 10 page paper discussing the intellect and cognitive abilities in the elderly illustrating that the main contributors to mental impairment can be directly traced to illness and prescribed medications. Other possibilities are also discussed within the literature review, such as the relationship surgery has to mental impairment. A large portion of the literature review discusses a study performed by Starr et al., which indicates the normal decline of mental impairment in healthy senior citizens 70 years of age and older. This is provided to better illustrate what normal cognitive loss may entail, thereby leaving room to better explain what the additional mental impairment can be attributed to. Findings illustrate that medication and illness rarely have any significant effect on mental impairment. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Eldermed.wps

Essays On Bereavement, Death, & Dying : 10 pages worth of short essays on writings related to death and dying. The first reflects on the writings of Volkhart and Michael and their discourse on bereavement. The second considers Waechter's reasoning concerning children and terminal illness. The final essay considers the impact of Moody's book about "near-death" experiences. The primary sources are cited. Dying2.wps

Alzheimer’s Disease, The Brain & Memory Loss : A 9 page research paper exploring the possible causes and the progression of symptoms of senile dementia, of which Alzheimer’s is the most widely occurring and best-known type. Current thinking is that the diagnosis and, therefore, the treatment of Alzheimer’s should be physiologically based since Alzheimer’s truly is a physiological disease rather than just a given of "old age." Bibliography lists 12 sources. Alzh.wps

The Effects Of Alzheimer’s Disease On Brain Structure : A 5 page research paper on the physical changes observed in the brain cells of Alzheimer’s Disease patients. Early in the century, pathologist Louis Alzheimer first discovered and described the neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques consistent with the presence of the disease. For all the research into the causes of Alzheimer’s, microscopic examination at autopsy remains the definitive diagnosis tool. The paper presents descriptions of both neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques along with popular theories of their formations and possible physiological treatments. As it is though, researchers only know the two conditions are part of the disease. Whether they are caused by Alzheimer’s or Alzheimer’s causes them is still unknown. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Alzbrain.wps

Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Loss : A good 6 page overview of the various forms of memory loss including dementia, Alzheimer's, and so forth. Alzheimer's is specifically compared to Vascular Dementia and a thorough discussion of symptoms, treatment, research, etc; is provided. Bibliography lists 12 comprehensive sources. Memorylo.wps

Sensory Changes and The Elderly : A 9 page paper that discusses the changes that many elderly go through in regards to perceptions of the 5 basic senses, and the impact this has on the elderly as well as nursing care providers. Though sensory perception deficits vary greatly from patient to patient, there are a number of deficits common in the continually increasing elderly population as a whole. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Sensory.wps

Indicated Causes and Symptoms of Senile Dementia : A 6 page research paper exploring the possible causes (no one knows for sure yet) and the progression of symptoms of senile dementia, of which Alzheimer’s is the most widely occurring and best-known type. Bibliography lists 8 references. Senile.wps

Caregiving And The Elderly : A 5 page paper that considers the impacts of family care giving on the elderly, with a specific look at the emergence of problems relative to Alzheimer's disease. The basis for this paper is the review of information found in psychology journal articles and the difficulties presented within the realm of family psychodynamics. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Elderly3.wps

Care for the Elderly / At Home vs. Nursing Home : An 8 page overview of health care options for the elderly. Evaluates the need for long-term care and the factors which went into creating this need and identifies home health care as being advantageous in many respects over health care provided in residential nursing homes. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Eldrcare.wps

Geriatric Health Care Administration : A 5 page paper discussing a career in geriatric health care administration. The subjects addressed include a general discussion of the career possibilities, the levels of positions, whether they be a head administrator or an assistant, the job environment, and the level of education required for such a position. Also included is a description of the possible earnings, and an illustration of the outlook for such a profession. Overall this is a job industry that appears to be incredibly stable and necessary in our society that is seeing, and will continue to see, a rise in the elderly population. Bibliography lists 3 sources. RAgeriat.wps

Grief Therapy For Those Whose Loved Ones Are Dying : A 5 page paper describing the process of grief and grief therapy. The writer describes the therapeutic techniques of grief, the stages of grief, and the unique experiences of those facing death. Specifically emphasized are the various theoretical frameworks offered for counseling with an individual anticipating a major loss such as a terminal illness of his/her own or a loved one. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Griefpap.wps

Grief Therapy For Those Whose Loved Ones Have Passed : A 5 page paper on the process of grief therapy and specifically identifying the unique experiences an individual has who confronts the loss of a loved one as well as the particular therapeutic challenges presented by this kind of loss. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Griefpa2.wps

Carl Rogers vs. Gestalt / Comparing Therapeutic Approaches : In this 9 page analysis of A Carl Rogers Reader, A Gestalt Approach, and Eyewitness to Therapy, the writer explains key elements in each therapeutic model and offers examples of how each type therapist reactions. No bibliography. Rogerian.wps

Gestalt Theory / Meaning & Context Through Perception : This 3 page essay discusses Gestalt Theory and the question that if images are perceived as a pattern or a whole rather than the sum of various components, who or what defines the perception received by the individual? If such images are perceived contextually, what defines "context?" Bibliography lists 3 sources. Gesttheo.wps

Music Therapy / Benefits, Demographics : A 9 page research paper on the age groups and other demographics who have experienced the medical and psychological benefits of music therapy. The writer presents the benefits of music therapy in terms of case studies and a discussion of various treatment programs. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Musicben.wps

Music Therapy in Stress Reduction : A 6 page paper discussing how music helps reduce stress. Introduction describes some of the history, as well as common facts, relating to music and its therapeutic ability. A review of current research is offered in order to evaluate which type of stress is most benefited by music therapy. Research involves the elderly, the young, and individuals suffering from stress as a result of pain. Ideas are provided which address the question of why music therapy works. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Muscther.wps

Alcoholic Intervention : A 9 page psychology paper on how to intervene to help an alcoholic. The writer describes the types of treatment interventions, the family dynamic, and the role of the family. Cognitive and behavioral techniques are highlighted. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Alcohi.wps

Cerebral Palsy : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of cerebral palsy including: etiology, incidence, causes, treatment and prognosis. Emphasizes physical therapy as a treatment program. Bibliography lists 3 sources. CP.wps

Epilepsy : A 10 page paper discussing seizure disorders, causes, incidence, diagnosis and treatment . Bibliography lists 14 sources. Epipap.wps

Multiple Sclerosis : 10 pages on Multiple Sclerosis. The write defines the disease, its onset, symptoms, unpredictable course, difficult clinical diagnosis, treatment, etc; Bibliography lists 8+ sources. FREE pie Chart included in Appendix section to illustrate the frequency of several types of MS. Bibliography lists 8+ comprehensive sources. Multipsc.wps

Multiple Sclerosis # 2 : A 5 page paper that discusses the origins of the disease, the physiological effects, treatment options and physical therapy for the symptoms of MS. This paper supports the theory that physical therapy benefits the sufferers of MS by promoting increased mobility and physical stamina. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ms.wps

Multiple Sclerosis # 3 : A 5 page exploratory paper about this crippling disease. Topics covered include: incidnce, symptoms, etiology, prognosis, and treatment. Bibliography lists 5 sources. MS2.wps

Drug Abstinence / Does It Work ? : A 7 page research paper evaluatively assessing whether or not drug abstinence programs can work for addicted people. Psychological factors determining how effective such programs will be are discussed throughout. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Drugabst.wps

Incest & The Trauma of Its Survivors : A 12 page analytical look at trauma, memory suppression, etc; and the roles that they play for survivors of incest (specifically referring to those who were abused as children). The writer examines various case studies, statistics, and provides some psychological insight into how the problem could conceivably be curtailed in the future. Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Incest.wps

Psychology of Addiction : A 9 page research paper discussing the problem of addiction, its causes, process & development, treatment etc; Bibliography contains 6 sources. Addict.wps

Psychology of Addiction # 2 : 8 pages of notes in brief essay format on the psychological causes and implications of addiction with mention of its evolution among the adolescent population. No bibliography available. Adoldrug.wps

Psychosocial Motivators of Drug Use : A 10 page look at the most important psychosocial reasons why people turn to drugs. The writer is concerned with making the point that the stereotypical image of an underprivileged, ethnic minority abusing drugs is hardly a realistic one. Depression, peer pressure, and high society acceptance are among the major factors examined. From a psychological standpoint, the role of education in preventing drug use & abuse is stressed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Motidrug.wps

Quitting Chewing Tobacco / A Behavior Modification : 6 page discussion and review of writer's brief abstinence period from chewing tobacco. Discusses moods, attitudes, the struggle to withdraw etc; Written in the first [person .. Relevant to subjects such as the psychology of addiction. 3 sources listed in bibliography to support ideas discussed. Chewtobc.wps (psychology of add)

Stress & Its Effects on Fertility : 8 pages in length. Primarily a research paper on infertility and the significant role that stress plays in creating it. Various measures for reducing stress and increasing fertility are examined as are numerous case studies and relevant statistical data. Treatment methods are analyzed in great scientific detail. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Infertil.wps

The Self & Modern Psychoanalysis / Freud vs. Lacan : An 8 page paper that demonstrates the impacts of the conceptualization of the self on modern psychoanalysis. The writer suggests that the development of the self by theorists like Freud and Lacan have implications for society as well as the individual. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Flacan.wps

Study In Sleep Psychotherapy / Rapid Eye Movement : This 4 page paper specifically examines Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)-- a process which maintains that someone can remove the pain of traumatic memories from a patient's mind by moving their eyes from side to side. Promising case examples are discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Rapideye.wps

Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy / Contributions : A 5 page paper discussing the contributions of specific theorists and practitioners in the field of sex therapy. Freud, Helen Singer Kaplan, Masters and Johnson plus the SAR process are discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Psychsex.wps

A Comparison Of Family Therapies / Ericksonian And Brief Family Therapy :
A 10 page research paper comparing two forms of family therapy: Ericksonian hypno-therapy and brief family therapy. Detailed analysis are presented concerning the use of hypnosis in Ericksonian therapy and the traditionally short time span associated with brief family therapy. Specific techniques and outcomes are detailed when using these therapeutic approaches. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Famthe2.wps

Pychoneuroimmunology / Psychology & The Immune System : A 12 page research paper explaining and investigating the field of psychoneuroimmunology, the study of the inter-relationships between the central nervous system and the immune system. Introduced in the 1970s as a new field of study, many advances have been made in the field in terms of the effect of psychological factors on the immune system. Research has focused on numerous diseases, including those in the autoimmune category. The field of psychoneuroimmunology is still in its infancy, however, sufficient evidence exists to indicate that there is a very definite interrelationship between and among the central nervous system, the brain, psychological factors and the immune system. This is an exciting field with the potential to offer dramatic advances in the control of certain illnesses. This research paper offers a comprehensive overview of the field. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Psycneur.wps

Hyperhidrosis / Overview of Treatments : A 10 page research paper on the medical and psychological effects of persons with hyperhidrosis and current treatments for the condition. The writer focuses on surgery, a proven method of treatment, but presents up to date medicinal treatments currently studied and tested. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hyprhidr.wps

Tourette's Syndrome : A 10 page research paper on Tourette's Syndrome. The writer examines Tourette's frequency, symptoms, associated behaviors, genetic issues, etc; It is pointed out that children with Tourette's are usually very intelligent-- and some of the social problems they endure are explained. A number of characteristics unique to Tourette's are examined. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Tourett2.wps

When Personal Bias in Counseling is a Good Thing : A 5 page paper discussing it is impossible to avoid personal bias or personal values in a counseling setting and why that is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as the counselor does not project his or her biases onto their client. Bibliography lists five sources. Pbias.doc

Why Women Drink : A 10 page discussion of the socio-psychological factors that cause women to drink. An extensive review of the literature is included and bibliography lists 14 sources. Alcywomn.wps

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