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Cognitive Psychology : A 5 page essay that presents an overview of various aspects of cognitive psychology. The overview includes a brief explanation of cognitive psychology and numerous studies investigating different aspects, such as memory and cognitive-behavior therapy. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Psycog.wps

Birth Order : A 7 page paper that addresses the social studies of the effects of birth order in behavior. The paper talks about what Birth Order theory is and what some of the differing opinions on Birth order are. The writer also discusses some of the research studies that have been done in birth order and what the findings were. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Birthord..wps

Developmental Psychology & Prenatal Development : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of literature regarding the impacts and outcomes of prenatal development, with specific concentration on the development of maternal stressors and behaviors. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Predev.wps

Personality & Emotional Health : An 18 page paper that considers different personality types and personality typing as it impacts mental health. This paper uses the current literature to support the hypothesis that understanding personality types can assist in better mental health. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Pershea.wps

Dealing with Difficult Personalities : A 6 page analysis of the Florence Littauer book, How to Get Along with Difficult People that gives a comprehensive overview of this work. Littauer uses the four personality classifications described by Hippocrates and applies to them recognizable modern characters that one might meet at church. Although written as a popular work, the writer argues that recent research tends to substantiate Littauer's categories and observations. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Diffpers.wps

The Metaphysical and Spiritual Aspects of Personality : A 5 page paper that provides a concise overview of the metaphysical and spiritual components of personality and then considers their implications in terms of psychological theory. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mspyc.wps

Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire : This 15 page paper investigates the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire, also called the 16PF. The essay provides: a general overview of the assessment, tables displaying and describing the primary and global factors, the development of the 16PF, changes in the latest revision, utility of the Questionnaire, how it is structured, and a critical analysis of the instrument. Bibliography lists 8 sources. 16perfac.wps

Personality : A 10 page paper discussing Sigmund Freud’s and B.F. Skinner’s theories of personality. The question is raised as to whether or not biology, or heredity, plays a part in the development of personalities. The theorists defined are of the opinion that all, or nearly all, of the individual’s personality is formed and created by outside influences. They believe that the environment is the shaper of personality, not genetics or biology. A discussion of each individual theorist is included, followed by a section analyzing the two theorists and their beliefs in regards to personality and environment. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Personfr.wps

Personality Development / Freud, Horney, Piaget & Maslow : A 9 page paper comparing and contrasting the theories of these four theorists. Although Piaget is more a learning theorist than a personality development theorist, aspects of personality development can extrapolated can be made from his work. One illustration is provided. Bibliography lists 9 sources. 4theoris.wps

Piaget : In 5 pages, the writer discusses some of the theories of Piaget that relate to adolescence. Jean Piaget was a psychologist that formulated many common theories pertaining to children and their learning. A great deal of his work dealt with the adolescent. Those theories have practical value for one's understanding of adolescence. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Piaget5.wps

Personality Theory : This 7 page paper explores general ideas about personality theory including current perspectives. It also offers a description of Erikson's eight ages of man as found in his Childhood and Society, each stage is dependent on the one before it. This is an example of the psychoanalytic perspective of personality theory. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Person.wps

Discussion Of Freud's Personality Theory : A 5 page paper in which the writer discusses Freud's Id, Ego, and Super-ego. The paper also raises the question of sexual bias and in psychoanalytical fields and posits that Freud became convinced later in life that his theories would better serve a cultural discussion rather than an actual application of his theory. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Freudthe.wps

Thoughts on Personality Development : A 5 page paper discussing possibilities of personality development not always addressed. As example, a common premise of the 20th century is that children are born inherently good but learn such qualities as dishonesty and aggression from the influences of the evil and corrupt society around them. The thinking person might ask why society is corrupt if everyone born is inherently good? Other topics are viral and chemical causes of mental illness, and the psychological problems faced by adults who were abused as children. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Devpers.wps

Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) : This is a 6 page analytical research study that examines aspects of PPD (pervasive developmental disorder) pursuant to a discussion on the efficability of a study to determine the significance in the amount of misdiagnosed autistic adults and the likelyhood of endangerment in subsequent treatment. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Pdd.wps

Freud And Erikson / Personality Theory : A 5 page paper discussing personality theory according to Freud and Erikson. the major points of each are discussed, including Freud's Id, ego and superego and Erikson's stages. Bibliography lists 6 sources. F&E.wps

Erikson's Stages Of Development : A 10 page paper that discusses the eight stages of development according to Erikson. Each stage is discussed identifying the primary goal for each. Identity crises, identity closure and identity redefinition are discussed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Erikstag.wps

Borderline Personality Disorder : A 5 page research paper that gives a comprehensive overview of this frequently diagnosed personality disorder. Since it first appeared as an officially recognized personality disorder in DSM-III, 20% of all psychiatric patients have received this diagnosis. The writer demonstrates that there is a strong correlation between a history of childhood abuse and BPD. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Borpers.wps

The Addictive Personality: A 3 page paper discussing the book by Craig Nakken (Hazelden Foundation, 1996). The paper briefly discusses the compulsive personality and the addictive process, which is characterized by beginning as a dependency. That dependency turns into a crutch, and addiction follows if the crutch breaks. The individual often will assign blame for personal failure to his dependency, relieving himself of any personal responsibility. Bibliography lists 1 source. Addpers.wps

Antisocial Personality Disorder : A 6 page paper discussing different aspects of antisocial personality disorder. This disorder is confused with psychopathy and has been variously referred to as the psychopathic or sociopathic personality. Antisocial behaviors are not the same thing as this disorder either. An explanation of the disorder, the confusions regarding diagnosis and treatment programs are discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Aspd.wps

Personality Theory & The Impact on the Family / A Case Study : A 5 page paper that reflects the impact of personality differences on family structure by presenting a single case study. This paper reflects a number of personality theories, including Maslow’s self-actualized personality, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Kelly’s theory of personality, and Gray’s theory of anxiety. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Persth.wps

Religion, Values & Peak Experiences : A 5 page essay disucssing Maslow's major points in this 1964 publicatoin. Maslow makes a strong case for the interdependence of science and relgion and explains how the two have been polarized. No additional sources cited. Maslorel.wps

Cognition In Infancy vs. The Elderly : An 11 page paper discussing cognitive processes in infants and the elderly. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Cogabil.wps

Cognition in Learning Theories : A 5 page research paper on theories of thinking in learning and motivation . The writer details ideas of Albert Bandura, Martin Seligman, and Jean Piaget. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Bandura2.wps

Mechanisms Of Change—Cognitive Patterns : A 5 page paper discussing appropriate theories for mechanism of change. Piaget proposed adaptation and equilibration as two major mechanisms for cognitive change. Karmiloff-Smith proposed representational redescription, and others have proposed connectionist back-propagation as the mechanism. Still others have proposed a variety of learning mechanisms. From the beginning we were told that newborns were sponges, blank slates on which to write the lessons of life and who were, after reaching appropriate developmental age, eager to soak in as much information about their world as possible. It was only later that the theory of some form of innate knowledge, of collective memory, came about. This paper recommends Piaget’s concepts as being of more use as mechanism for cognitive change. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cogpatt.wps

Learning and Memory / The Biology and the Culture : A 5 page overview of the phenomena of learning and memory. Provides a detailed physiological review of how each occurs and supplements that view with a discussion of the cultural and belief components which come into play. Bibliography lists 20 sources. PPLearn.wps

Precategorical & Categorical Distinctions in Memory / Examining Iconic and Echoic Store : Many theories have been proposed to explain the cognitive development of the human mind and the distinctions between the stages of development as well as the types of processing and modes of perception. In recent years, a number of researchers have considered the distinction memory as a component of cognition, and have made distinct delineations between iconic and echoic (or auditory sensory) store and their relationship to precategorical and categorical stages in development. This 5 page paper supports the contention that auditory sensory store (echoic) is precategorical and considers the implication of this theory. In addition, the researcher also provides an overview of studies that could be conducted to evaluate this theory and to assist in clarifying this issue. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Predist.wps

Triggers for Proactive Interference in Memory : Proactive interference during memory recall has been recognized as one of the most prevalent causes of forgetting and the importance of this process in determining memory and cognition has been the focus of considerable research. This 10 page paper reflects the specific components of the process of proactive interference and considers the implications for memory and cognition. In addition, this paper proposes an experiment and evaluations to demonstrate the link between specific triggers and the process of proactive interference for a subject population. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Proint.wps

How Learning Takes Place : A 6 page research paper which examines some of the current theories on how knowledge is acquired. The writer looks specifically at two different theories regarding "learning styles" and provides analysis. The writer’s own personal analysis of how the learning process takes place is also presented. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Learnhow.wps

Knowledge of Results & Transfer of Learning : A 12 page research paper that investigates knowledge of results, transfer of learning and the relationship between the two. The paper begins with a very brief synopsis of a journal article that investigated the relationship between frequency of knowledge of results and transfer of learning in conjunctive and disjunctive tasks. The writer then traces the progress of knowledge regarding transfer of learning since 1901 and feedback in the form of knowledge of results since 1955. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Knoreslt.wps

Theories Of Albert Bandura : Bandura’s concepts are compared with other theorists’ such as Lawler and Piaget in this 11 page analysis. Bandura's premise that self-efficacy expectations are the most important influences on motivation is highlighted. All theories are discussed as related to the nursing profession and the key elements of individualism, environment, society and health are discussed in relationship to nursing and Bandura's theories. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bandura3.Rtf

School-Based Intelligence Testing in Children : 10 pages in length. Educators, psychologists, parents and even children have long known there was "something" not quite right about standardized intelligence tests. They do seem to be ingrained in our society, but their value has been questioned for more than 20 years. Since 1990, the concept of emotional intelligence has been increasingly used to explain the successes of those whose intelligence test results indicated would not perform well. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Testing.wps

Intelligence - What Measure of Genetics, Culture, and Environment? : This 5 page report discusses the aspects of the debate as to which most contributes to the development of intelligence. The question is explored as to which of the three factors has the greatest impact. The writer is obviously predisposed toward genetics serving as the greatest contributing factor. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Intelgce.wps

The Neurobiological Process of Reading, Memory & Cognition : A 7 page paper that provides an overview of the physiological processes of reading, memory and comprehension, with a focus on the elements of brain function. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Neurobio.wps

Assisting In The Cognitive Development Of Special Needs Children: A 12+ page paper that uses the principles of cognitive psychology to teach special needs children the difference between fruits and vegetables. The writer suggests that instructors familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of cognitive development of special needs children and with their various impairments, using this information to develop lessons plans and long-term goals for each child. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Cogpsych.wps

Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development & The Reggio Emilia : Lev Vygotsky proposed the zone of proximal development as a means of understanding the progression of cognitive development in children and the necessity for interactive communication and curriculum to move children through necessary developmental stages. This 8 page paper examines the basic premises of Lev Vygotsky's theory regarding the zone of proximal development, and then applies this to the development of curriculum at the Reggio Emilia schools in Italy. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Vygotsky.wps

Memory / Mnemonic Techniques : This 5 page paper discusses techniques for improving one's memory. Specific examples of mnemonic techniques are offered. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Memorym.wps

Is There A Flashbulb Memory Mechanism? : A 10 page research paper that investigates the existence of 'flashbulb memory.' Topics include the definition of this kind of memory, mechanisms underlying it, research conducted and whether or not this is a good name for the events it is describing. This writer concludes that whatever one calls it, individuals have memories such as those described as "flashbulb memories." Bibliography lists 8 sources. Flashmem.wps

Previous Learning Experiences / Mezirow & Freire : A 3 page essay that requires the writer to relate their own learning experiences to Mezirow's and Freire's theories of adult learning. Examples are provided. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Mexfre.wps

Knowles’ Andragogical Assumptions : A 3 page essay discussing the four assumptions of adult learners offered by Knowles. The writer discusses the importance of each in their own learning experience. Bibliography lists 1 source. Knowles.wps

Psychological Theory Of Learning : This 3 page essay explores how three specific learning theories: behaviorist, social and humanist, affect personal learning experiences. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Adulearn.wps

Migraine Headaches / Neurological Manifestations : An 8 page paper detailing the neurological symptoms associated with migraine headaches and their believed causes. Details the methodology and results of an online literature search for sources pertinent to migraine headaches. Bibliography lists six sources. Migrain.wps

The Physiology & Neurology Of Sleep : A 6 page overview of the cycles of sleep and its neurological and physiological components. Discusses the importance of optimizing sleep for ensuring better academic performance. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sleepneu.wps

Sleep Deprivation : A 9 page paper examining the growing trend in the United States that leads to many people suffering from sleep deprivation. A description of the condition is included, which illustrates the various problems associated with this condition. The main reasons people suffer from sleep deprivation today are primarily due to voluntary behavior patterns. Naps are described as a temporary solution to the problem. Essentially, however, nothing can truly replace the much needed full night’s sleep. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Sleepdep.wps

A Neurological Basis for Aggression : A 7 page research paper which summarizes three scientific journal articles pertaining to neurological processes in the brain and aggression. The writer specifically addresses the role of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, and how low levels of this chemical in the brain have been linked to aggressive behavior. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Neuroagg.wps

Neurobiology of Depression / Causes and Treatment : A 10 page in-depth research paper investigating the debilitating disorder of depression which affects a large portion of the population. The focus of the paper is neurobiology and neurobiological advances in the study of depression which are discussed with examples. A comprehensive investigation into the neurobiologic relationships is offered. The serotonin hypothesis is also discussed in depth with numerous research citations. Why psychotropic drugs work is explained along with new research being conducted. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Neurob.wps

Depression / Psychotherapeutic Treatment : A 5 page research paper investigating the effects of drug therapy compared to psychotherapeutic intervention. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, physicians continue to treat depression with mediations rather than referring their patients to therapy. Numerous research studies have consistently revealed that specific models of therapeutic interventions are more effective in treating depression. Cognitive behavioral interventions have been the most successful in treating this condition that affects more than 50% of the population at some point in their lives. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Deptreat.wps

The Atkinson-Shiffrin Model For Memory : A 7 page research paper in which the writer provides an overview of this model for memory, also known as the modal model, and demonstrates its efficacy in light of existing research providing other memory systems. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Shiffrin.wps

Amnesia / Types & Causes : A 12 page paper describing the different types of amnesia and brain conditions that cause the condition. A section describing the how the brain and memory work. Separate sections illustrating different causes are included. These sections consist of Alzheimer’s, alcoholism, brain injuries, a nd traumatic experiences. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Amnesia3.wps

The Role Of Mossy Fibers In Memory : A 7 page paper outlining the role of mossy fibers in information transmittal and in memory. Provides specific information about ultrastructural changes which can occur as a result of stress or of exposure to chemicals. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Mossyf.wps

Variables Impacting The Ability To Learn : A comprehensive 8 page research paper in which the writer focuses upon the variables that affect learning including : self-concept, achievement needs, social aspects, peer influence, locus of control and motivation. Paper emphasizes different motivational factors. Bibliography lists 11 references. Psylearn.wps

Importance Of Learning Environments : The topic is addressed in a 12 page paper that looks at literature on the subject, particularly as it pertains to learning and cognition. Several issues are addressed including special education and experimental learning. A paradigm shift at the higher education level is noted as it pertains to the learning environment. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Leaenv.wps

Learning & Skill Automation : A 6 page paper discussing what is involved in learning and the automation of skills. Analyzes how we learn, how certain skills can become automatic and the pros and cons of automated skills. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Learnaut.wps

The Stroop Effect Phenomenon As A Measure Of Cognitive Functioning Of Bilingual Subjects : This 5 page research paper investigates the Stroop Effect Phenomenon, what it is, its effects and some of the many research studies conducted examining the effect under different conditions. Attention is paid to bilingual speakers and the Stroop effect. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Stroop.wps

Comparison Of Existenialists / Humanists On Learning Development :
An 8 page paper that compares the learning theories of Carl Rogers, Viktor Frankl and Erik Erikson in relationship to the questions: nature v. nurture, common human motivations, emotions expressed, developmental processes, and the roles of gender, personality and parents in learning experiences. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Edpsy.wps

Nurture Versus Nature : This 5 page report discusses "nurture vs. nature" controversy in human development. This writer supports the idea that nature and genetic determinism plays a far greater role in human development that science is even aware of today and which will prove to be essential in the development of future abilities and methods of nurturing. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Natuvnurt.wps

Proposal / Cognitive Abilities Of Twins And Siblings : This 12 page paper discusses the value of research on twins, especially in the nature versus nurture dilemma. A literature review provides studies relative to this question. The proposal section includes a proposed participant base, proposed methodology for the study and what is expected to be gained from this study of identical and fraternal twins and their older adopted or biological siblings. Paper includes a questionnaire to be used with teachers and parents. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Twins.wps

Can Hypnosis Help Victims of Stage Fright? : A 5 page paper discussing stage fright and the possible help that hypnosis may offer to those who suffer from this problem. While stage fright is a common problem of all performers it does, at times, present a real stumbling block for some, threatening to seriously impair their performance. Hypnosis has been proven to help many different people who suffer from various problems and there is realistically no reason why it would not help in the case of stage fright. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Stagef.wps

IQ Subtests and the WAIS-R : A 12 page paper that provides documentation in regards to reactions to the use of subtest data in conjunction with test results for determining IQs. This paper considers the impact of the subtests on the process of intelligence assessment as a whole and also considers the Block Design of the WAIS-R and its validity in comparison with other tests of spatial relationships. Extensive bibliography included. Iqtest.wps

Insects As Intelligent Animals With The Ability to Learn : A 10 page paper describing the intelligence and learning capabilities of insects. Emphasis is put on social insects. Studies are described that support the statements of an insect’s abilities. The main insect in focus is the ant as it is the most thoroughly studied. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Insects.wps

Retrospective & Perspective Memory In Rats : A 10 page examination of the phenomena of memory and how it is evidenced in rats. Emphasizes the role experimental design can have on the results and conclusions of an experiment. Bibliography lists 22 sources. Memorat.wps

Gorillas Learning Sign Language / Is it Feasible? : A 6 page paper on the possibility that gorillas can learn sign language for communicating. Koko the gorilla is the main subject behind the theory that gorillas can learn to sign. While other primates have been studied the main subject of concern is the gorilla. It is maintained that gorillas do learn and comprehend sign language. A bibliography including 10 references follows. Gsigning.wps

Self-Recognition in Chimpanzees and Gorillas : A 10 page comparative paper that discusses the differences relative to self-recognition in chimpanzee and gorilla population. Gallup, Povinelli and Patterson, as well as many other prominent researchers, have recognized a marked difference in the cognition of these two primate species in relation to their abilities to self-recognize in the presence of mirror images. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Chimps.wps

Emotional Intelligence & Nonverbal Communication : A 6 page paper that provides an evaluative overview of the elements of emotional intelligence and their correlates to nonverbal communication. This paper argues the elements of Dan Goleman’s premises on emotional intelligence and their developmental impact and considers the nature of emotional expression as it impacts nonverbal actions. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Emiq.wps

Object Recognition / Theories and Empirical Concepts : A 5 page paper that considers the role that object recognition plays in cognitive psychology. This paper utilizes research to demonstrate empirical support for the importance of object recognition as an determinant of memory. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Objectre.wps

Self Concept As It Relates To Self Improvement & Mastery : An 8 page paper discussing self concept as a factor in success or failure. Includes summaries of scientific studies which show self concept to be more important, in some cases, than actual preparedness. Includes criteria for goal setting and discusses self improvement and mastery as they relate to self concept. Bibliography lists six sources. Self.doc

The Anatomy Of Disgust : A 14 page paper looking at William I. Miller’s exhaustive analysis of the place of the faculty of disgust in our lives. He looks at what disgusts us, why it does so, and concludes by showing how difficult it is to get over something so deeply embedded in our psyches. No additional sources cited. Adisgust.wps

Can a Computer Tell a Lie ? : A 10 page paper that postulates that under modern technology, a computer cannot tell a lie. The writer uses intelligent references and humor to explain why today's computer cannot lie because it cannot yet "think"--using an analogy to Descartes' "I think, therefore I am." To prove the technological thesis, the paper discusses thoughts about the human brain, digital "thinking," digital v. neural nets, and how SW programs are helping humans think in their creative endeavors. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Ai.wps

Computer Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence : A 3 page essay in which the writer analyzes a specific journal article which explains the disparities that exist between human and computer "intelligence." It is posited that although they may be able to execute certain functions with much greater speed, computer intelligence still can not match or replicate true human intelligence. No Bibliography. Intelcom.wps

Intelligence is Not A Transfixed Trait : In this 5 page essay, the writer analytically discusses the work of several key theorists in the area of intelligence and comes to the conclusion that intelligence is not necessarily pre-determined at birth but that it can indeed be improved with experience. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Intellig.wps

Howard Gardner and Multiple Intelligences : A 10 page paper that outlines Gardner's eight intelligences and considers their application. This paper supports Gardner's contention of eight distinct intelligences and demonstrates the way in which each is developed through biological and environmental impacts. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Gardner.wps

Multiple Intelligences : A 10 page paper that looks at the different intelligences as defined by Howard Gardner. Originally, Gardner defined 7 different intelligences but in the mid-1990s, he added an 8th. Each intelligence is explained. Also included is Gardner's perception of the myths of multiple intelligences versus the reality as he intended. Application examples are provided. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Multint.wps

Inhibitors / Organization & Retrieval : An 8 page analysis of current research on inhibitors in the area of organization and retrieval in psychological processes. The writer provides a search of the literature preceding and explains several studies on inhibitors as they relate to the study of long-term memory. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. Ltmemry.doc

Motor Skills Development / Theories : This 6 page research paper investigates different theories of human motor skills development. A review of the literature offers a consistent view of the sequence in which these skills are developed along with the caution that not all children develop the same skills at the same age. Four different theorists are offered. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Motor.wps

Kephart & Perceptual Motor Development / Developmental Problems : A 5 page paper that considers New Kephart's perspectives on perceptual motor development and its impact on issues ranging from non-achiever problems to developmental evaluations. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Kephart.wps

Rudolf Arnheim / Perception : A 5 page research paper on the works and theories of Rudolf Arnheim. The writer makes a comparison to opposing views, and theorizes that Arnheim’s Gestalt views have a measure of accuracy throughout artistic time. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Rarnheim.wps

Long-Term Motor Memory Analyzed : This 12 page research paper examines the cognitive psychology topic known as long-term motor memory. Specifically provided is an explanation of the concept, its importance in the understanding of cognitive psychology, and procedures as considered by research journals in relation to long-term motor memory so that conclusions may be drawn as well as implications for future research. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Motormem.rtf

The Effects of Knowledge of Results Paradigm in Motor Learning : A 12 page paper that provides a substantive overview of the current literature as it relates to the issue of motor learning, the process of cognitive motor development and the impact of knowledge of results. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Motors2.wps

Modeling, Motor Learning & Long - Term Motor Memory : A 12 page paper that provides a substantive overview of the impacts of modeling in the development of motor learning and in the maintenance of long-term motor memory. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Motlear.wps

How Environments Can Enhance Or Inhibit One’s Sense of Independence :
10 pages in length. The author discusses the problems disabled persons have and their relationship to the ADA. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Envidisa.wps

The Psychology Of Color : A 5 page research paper into the latest findings on the use of color and the associations between color and emotion. Research has shown that color can effectively be used as a learning tool and also that use of color can affect the quality of a work environment. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Psycolor.wps

Habituation and Dishabituation : 8 pages in length. Individuals have varying abilities to assess the degree of variation between either related or unrelated events. Habituation is the technical psychological equivalent of "get used to it," and is important in industrial applications involving environmental noise and chemical odors. Some workers do indeed "get used to it" more quickly than others, while some are affected to the point of illness. The underlying difference may be no more than personality type, a point that could be effectively and economically important to industrial manufacturers and affect worker placement according to personality type. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Habitua.wps

Habituation and Dishabituation #2 : 6 pages in length. Observed behavior can result from habituated responses. Habituation is the technical psychological equivalent of "get used to it," and then exhibit a resulting change in behavior. Many researchers directly apply the results of animal studies to human behavior, but at least one cautions against doing so. The underlying difference may be no more than personality type, a point that could be effectively and economically important to industrial manufacturers and affect worker placement according to personality type. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Habit2.wps

A Critical Analysis of Cognitive Dissonance Theory : An 8 page paper that provides an analytical overview of the principles of Festinger’s Cognitive Dissonance Theory, and also critiques the theory based on the criteria for theories and the current debates regarding its applicability. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Cogdiss2.wps

Cognitive Dissonance / Applied To Those Who Saved The Jews : In 6 pages the author discusses the concept of cognitive dissonance as it applies to those who saved the Jews from the Holocaust. It is posited that cognitive dissonance makes a person want to right a wrong in order to change a distasteful situation. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cogdiss.wps

Cognitive-Based vs. Behaviorally-Based Behavior : A 5 page argument that as people age behaviors become cognitively-based (on interpretation by the individual) rather than behaviorally based (by emulating others such as parents, etc.). Bibliography lists 4 sources. Aggress.wps

Cognitive Communication Theory / Applied To The Individual : A 4 page essay discussing how cognitive communication theory can be observed in everyday life of an individual. Cognitive communication, also referred to as constructivist theory, has recently been emphasized in mass media, especially in films but these same precepts are also true in everyday life. Communication requires cognitive processing just as it requires the perceiver to construct meaning. No additional sources cited. Cogtheo.wps

Behavior Modeling : This 6 page research paper reviews the literature on the behavior modeling training model. The writer describes and explains the model and the inherent steps in training, reports research studies, discusses challenges for the 1990s and concludes with conclusions about this model of training. Bibliography lists 5 sources. BehMod.wps

Sources Of Aggression : A 25 page examination of ten studies that pertain to current research on aggression. Starting from the premise that aggression has a positive correlation with high testosterone levels, the writer shows where the relevant data supports and contradicts this hypothesis before arriving at the conclusion that aggression has a variety of causes with the most important being environmental trauma in childhood. Bibliography includes 17 sources. Aggsourc.wps

Rent and Quasi-Rent Seeking Behavior: This 3 page essay discusses issues inherent to rent-seeking, its desired results, and quasi-rent seeking behaviors. Rent seeking behavior can best be described as "the expenditure of resources in order to bring about an uncompensated transfer of goods or services from another person or persons to one's self as the result of a "favorable" decision on some public policy. " Bibliography lists 3 sources. BWrent.rtf

Group Methods in Behavior Modification / Changing Racist Behaviors of Public Servants : The problem of racism and the use of racial slurs by public servants has gained considerable representation in recent years, as public servants from police officers to the governors of a number of states have been reprimanded for their inappropriate behaviors. This 12 page paper considers the problem of the use of racial slurs by police officers in a suburban community and applies a group behavior method presented by Sheldon Rose, as a means of addressing the problem in a police department. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Racebeh.wps

The Insanity Defense : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the insanity defense from a psychological perspective. The writer suggests that while there are considerable arguments against the veracity of the insanity defense, it remains a necessary part of the legal system in supporting the needs of the mentally ill. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Insanity.wps

The Use of the Polygraph : A 7 page paper in which the writer discusses the polygraph and its uses. Controversy over the subject is expounded upon. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Polygrap.wps

The Tarot and Jung's Archetypes : A 22 page research essay that explores the similarities between the symbolisms found in the Tarot and in Jung's Collective Unconscious Archetypes. The essay is divided into three major sections: an explanation of Jung's Archetypes; a description and explanation of the Tarot cards; and the relationships between the two. Synchronicity is discussed both in terms of Jung's psychology and the use of the Tarot cards. An example illustrating the archetypes found in the Tarot cards is given, interpreting two of the cards. Bibliography lists 8 sources. TaroJung.rtf

Personal Influences / The Metaphysical & Spiritual : Individuals pursue knowledge of the spiritual and metaphysical for many different reasons: because of their history and family patterns, their desire to shape their personal beliefs around structured religion, or negative personal components, like loneliness, confusion or a lack of a sense of belonging. This 5 page paper reflects on the nature of the relationship between the spiritual and metaphysical and personal characteristics and behaviors. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Metaspir.wps

Zagzebski’s "Virtues of Mind": A 6 page paper on Linda Zagzebski’s "Virtues of the Mind: An Inquiry into the Nature of Virtue and the Ethical Foundations of Knowledge," which argues that Zagzebski's theory is valid and based on an inclusive study of why people act on knowledge, and where knowledge is based. The paper posulates that her intent is to not seek to rewrite the current theories, but to combine them. Theories used for the basis of her thesis include: epistemology (virtue), and philosophical and psychological bases of knowledge. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Zagzebsk.wps

The Precepts of Behaviorism : In this 6 page research paper, the writer explores the precepts of Behaviorism briefly tracing major contributors from Pavlov to Skinner. The effect this theoretical concept has had on learning is the focus. How the individual is perceived within the Behavioristic theory is also discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Behavior.wps

Historical Evolution Of Behaviorism Analyzed : This 8 page research paper charts the evolution of the behaviorist school of psychology from its beginnings to its present-day incarnations. Specifically discussed are the psychologists who had a major impact on the development of behaviorism, and its changes through the years. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Behaviorhe.wps

Conditioning / Reinforcement : 5 pages in which the writer defines various kinds of reinforcement (positive, negative,scheduled etc;) and presents personal examples of each. All terms are well-defined. No Bibliography. Reinfrct.wps

Deviance as a Catalyst for Social Change : This 8 page paper analyzes some of the functions of deviance and how the violation of norms actually contributes to social order. Bibliography cites 7 sources. Deviance.wps

Cognitive Psychology and the Transference of Knowledge During Problem Solving : A 6 page paper that discusses the process and mechanisms involved in tranfering knowledge from on situation to another in problem solving. This paper considers the computer metaphor model suggested by a number of theorists as the basis for considering knowledge transfer. Also presented are the concepts of encoding and problem solving as reviewed by Siegler. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Cogpsy.wps

Cognitive Behavior Therapy & EBD Students : A 10 page research paper that investigates emotionally and behaviorally disturbed students and interventions shown to be effective. One such intervention is cognitive behavior therapy which is explained. An example is used for clarity with an illustration. Bibliography lists 12 sources. EBD.wps

Cognition and Emotions : This 8 page paper develops the view that cognition and emotion play equally important roles in the development of consciousness. Though it has been proposed by psychologist like Ellis that cognition must come before emotion, there is also opposition to Ellis' premise. By looking at the cognitive theories of psychologist's like Piaget, and considering the premises set by other psychologists, it is possible to determine that the most effective argument for the development of consciousness incorporates primary consideration for both emotion and cognition. Cogemot.wps

Gender Differences & Helping Behaviors / An Overview of Current Research :
A 6 page paper that provides an overview of the current research regarding helping behaviors and gender differences. Helping behaviors are interactions that result from the perceived need of another person and the directive towards assistance, either based on emotional or social determinants.Bibliography lists 5 sources. Helpgend.wps

Encoding Specificity : An 8 page paper that presents the experimental findings of two studies on encoding specificity, then designs a third experimental proposal. The experiment proposed looks at the impact of age on encoding specificity and attempts to disprove Salthouse's belief that there is a direct correlation between age-memory decreases and limited encoding specificity. The thesis of this experiment suggests that other factors, including an abundance of prior knowledge, is the cause of what appears to be an age-bias. Encoding.wps

Mind Body Dualism : A 5 page paper that considers the writings of Fodor, Smart and Cornman in defense of mind-body dualism. In their writings on materialism, each independently finds support for some division between the mind and body. These three theorists support the belief that the non-physical mind can effect physical situations. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Mindbody2.wps

The Mind-Body Problem : A 10 page paper that presents the arguments relative to the mind-body problems and then makes an individual determination about the significance of Cartesian Dualism as it relates to other basic premises. This paper considers the importance of both monism and dualism in the determination of the most applicable concept in regards to the mind-body problem, and uses both of the concept areas to create an argument is support of Cartesian Dualism. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mindbody.wps

Prevalence Of Psycho-Social Determinants In Sexual Motivation & Behavior :
A 15 page paper that considers the topic of human sexual motivation and uses relevant research to support the fact that gender-based perceptions of the prevalence of biological determinants for sexual motivation for men has been exaggerated in the past. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Sexmot.wps

Blind Taste Tests & Flavor Perception : This 5 page paper explores how an individual's sensory perception influences blind taste tests. The writer is concerned with various psychological factors and how they may or may not impact the validity of relevant studies. Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources. Tastest.wps

Perception / Is Seeing, Believing? : A 5 page research paper on the intricacies of perception and how they affect what we believe about reality. The writer reviews some of the current thinking on this subject and relates it to how sometimes what we see is affected by what we believe; just as other times, what we believe can literally affect what we perceive we see. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Percepti.wps

Psychological Testing Of Job Candidates : A 5 page paper that discusses two specific aspects of psychological testing: managed care organizations and job application processes. The debate concerning the trend toward shorter tests in MCOs is discussed from each side. The benefits of testing job applicants is also discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Psyctest.wps

Mythology & The Mythopoetic Mind : A 4 page paper discussing the existence of the mythopoetic mind as defined by Mircea Eliade. To Eliade, all mythology was created as a bridge from the human to the divine. Mythology, in his belief, was sacred history, and no matter what the culture, myths provided answers to the deep philosophical questions of who we are, why we are here, and what perspective, based on sociology and culture, defined existence Bibliography lists 3 sources. Mythpt.rtf

The Effects of Music in the Workplace / Research Experiment : A 14 page research experiment supporting the theory that there are a number of positive benefits derived from playing music in work environments. These benefits, which are physiological, psychological and cognitive, promote increased employee satisfaction, increased understanding of information provided, decreased stress and increased productivity. A study of workers in a hardware distribution center is the central focus of this research document. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Musicwor.wps

Caffeine And Behavior : An 11 page paper that discusses the impacts of caffeine on behavior, based on physiological changes caused by the drug. This paper considers physiological changes relative to neurotransmissions that impact behavioral considerations presented in a number of supporting studies. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Caffeine.wps

Key Concepts in "The Neurotic Personality of Our Time" : A 4 page analysis of the book by Karen Horney that examines specifically Horney’s theories which pertain to how the neurotic personality often craves affection while simultaneously is able to give affection in return . No additional sources cited. Neurotic.wps

The Enneagram : 50 pages in length. A comprehensive, analytical body of graduate level research / model thesis. Subject explored is The Enneagram; a controversial; personality test. Contains a comprehensive literature review building upto supporting evidence through analysis of early theories posited by Freud, Jung, Adler, and others. Bibliography lists more than 30 sources. Ennegra.wps

Evolution of Intelligence & Visual / Auditory Development : A 15 page research paper on language development in humans, auditory speech integration, visual audition, etc; A number of research studies and pertinent issues are analyzed in great detail. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Visulaud.wps

Visual Memory : A 6 page paper that investigates the subject of remembering what one sees -- what factors play a role in one person remembering accurately and another not remembering. The writer reports studies and discusses different issues such as mood, hormones, aging and types of memory that are affected. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Vismem.wps

George Berkeley & Perception : A 5 page paper that explores Berkeley's theory that nothing can exist outside of perception. This paper demonstrates that Berkeley's contention is based in his understanding of perception as the only means by which a person can determine the characteristics of an object. Because perception is the only means for determining an object, then perception must also be the only way to determine existence. One primary source cited. Berkeley.wps

Perceptual Psychology / Visual Audition & Other Sensory Interactions : A 10 page research paper on the senses and the information they provide as important objects of psychological study. The writer is particularly concerned with general perception, vision & touch,etc; Bibliography lists 5 sources. Senseper.wps

Piaget's Theories of Development : A 12 page research paper on the theories of Dr. Jean Piaget and his work in perceptual, cognitive, and intellectual development. Piaget's formulas for explaining the various stages of development are explained and illustrative examples are provided. The work of subsequent researchers who built upon his ideas is studied in an attempt to evaluate several Piaget-born concepts such as his proposed model of IQ testing.... Bibliography lists 20+ sources. Piaget.wps

Psychology & Stress In The Workplace : This 9 page report looks at the applicability of various psychological tests (i.e., The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) as a framework for identifying the most likely sources of stress for diverse personality types in workplace settings. The M.B.T.I. is explained in great detail and then applied to a specific workplace example. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Psychlib.wps

Suicide & Suicidal Tendencies / Aspects Of Personality ? : In this 15 page research paper, the writer attempts to determine whether suicidal tendencies are "built-in" to certain personalities or if they can be prevented altogether. An examination of literature, statistics, depressive disorders, etc.; is presented and it is ultimately concluded that there is always some treatable, underlying reason for an attempt to take one's own life. Bibliography lists approximately 8 sources. Suicide.wps

Understanding Adult Personality : Erich Fromm, humanist and existential psychologist, observed first-hand the neuroses of adult human behavior. In this 8 page research paper, the writer details through the use of examples-- how Fromm had a more general understanding of the adult personality than did his contemporaries. Theories of character, social development, etc;-- are discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Fromm.wps

Adlerian & Person-Centered Therapy / A Comparison : A 6 page paper that provides an overview and comparison of Adlerian therapy and person-centered therapy. This paper demonstrates that these different approaches can be utilized to address different levels of personality disorders. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Adlerian.wps

Behavioral Psychology / Theories, Techniques, & Application : 12 pages worth of essays on Cognitive/Behavioral Psychology. Topics defined and explored include the use of different approaches to "organizing" human behavior, the application social theory, criticisms of behavior modification techniques, etc; No Bibliography. Psycessa.wps

Human Behavior in Managerial Accounting : A 17 page paper on the effects that human behavior has upon a managerial accounting system. The writer includes some basic accounting principles, and discusses how they are, and could be, effected by human behavior. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Humanb.wps

Defense Mechanisms : The concept of defense mechanisms are and how we use them are discussed in this 10 page research paper. The writer explains defense mechanisms, then identifies and describes, with examples several of those used often. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Defensem.wps

Dental Phobia : In 6 pages the author discusses the condition commonly known as dental phobia. There are many phobias experienced by people. Some are afraid of heights. Others are afraid of closed-in spaces. One big phobia among today's population is dental phobia. Yes, that's right. The fear of dentists and/or dental procedures is a really big one. In fact, a surprising number of people have dental phobia. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Phobdent2.wps

Dental Hygiene And Phobia : There are many people who, for different reasons, have a very real and often debilitating fear of dentists. The fear of pain or the use of a needle, an aversion to the sights, sounds or smells that are encountered in a dentist's office or a cultural background that lends no importance to dental health - all of these could keep a person away from the dentist. The solution accepted by most professionals is an emphasis on preventative measures. Better dental care and early intervention will decrease the probability of painful, complicated or intrusive measures and possibly reduce the mount of trauma associated with the visit. This 10 page paper looks at phobia in terms of dentistry and the best strategy for an effective influence on dental phobia - education about and strict adherence to preventative measures such as using fluoride, efficient personal dental care, regular visits to the dentist and attention to the diet. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Dentphob.wps

Dealing With Anger : A 5 page paper examining why anger occurs and the various methodologies for coping. The works of numerous authors and theorists are discussed to support points made. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Angerdea.wps

Anger & Aggression : This 12 page paper looks at anger and aggression, its manifestations and the impact of punishment and reinforcement on behavior. Media is explored as being a reinforcer of aggression. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Angagg.wps

The Psychology Of Creativity : A 7 page paper on what creativity is and what are the psychological ramifications of it. Discussed in the paper are different uses for creativity, different ways of finding creativity, and learning to increase creativity through visualization. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Creatvty.wps

Creative Thought : A 5 page paper comparing and contrasting Jacob Bronowski's "The Nature of Scientific Reasoning" and Northrop Frye's "The Motive for Metaphor." Both of these essays deal with creative thought in one way or another. They both examine, in their own way, how creativity is essentially a tremendous part of all human thought, creation, and discovery. The mind is naturally a curious organ that searches for different or unique ways of examining or describing life and reality as we know it and both authors address this concept while addressing different subjects of examination. No additional sources cited. Createt.wps

Token Economy / Designing & Implementing : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the major components of creating a token economy to shape the behaviors of people who are mentally unstable. In essence, a token economy is a reward system by which individuals receive compensation (tokens) for positive behaviors and compliance with outlined expectations, and lose compensation for negative behaviors or non-compliance. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Tokenec.wps

Analysis Of Motivation : A 3 page paper that selects an opinion on motivation, considers the extent to which the writer agrees of disagrees with this opinion, and supports the reasoning with observational examples. It has been posited that there are essentially two forces that drive people into action: self-interest and fear. This is an overly simplistic perspective on motivation and suggests that man's actions are inherently based in negative elements, either selfishness or a general sense of impending doom. In reality, there are a number of other factors that support the motivation of individuals that can not be categorically determined within the scope of these two basic forces. No bibliography. Motivate.wps

Psychology Case Analysis From a Cognitive Behavioral Perspective Analyzed : This 5 page research paper analyzes the case of a 21-year-old male college student from a highly-competitive family who is experiencing physical and psychological distress as a result of unrealistic expectations. Specifically discussed is the cognitive-behavioral approach to the patient’s case, recommended technique, list of goals recommended to assist patient, and expected results of therapy. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Psycase.wps

Human Behavior / A Result of Genetic Make-up & Environmental Influences :
An 11 page paper discussing human behavior and their origins. Some believe that human behavior is merely due to biological make-up where others firmly believe it is environmental conditioning. There is much evidence that points to both biology and environment playing a role in thedevelopment of human behavior. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Makeup.wps

Social Cognition / Thinking Style : A 5 page essay describing the social cognition, critical versus creative thinking and information processes of a fictional 14-year-old boy as a means of discussing these psychological processes. No bibliography. Cognit.wps

Individualism & Parental Separation : A 5 page essay which shows how role differentiation in the upbringing of girls and boys creates a disadvantage for women in the psychological area of individualism. Focusing on both a funneled view of separation events and a global perspective, the writer argues that role differentiation has created a problematic world for women in regards to individualization. No additional sources cited. Parsep.wps

Pegg A. Wright’s "A Psychobiological Approach to Shamanic Altered States of Consciousness" : A 5 page paper discussing this article published in 1994 in ReVision Journal – "Insight Into the Social Sciences." No additional sources cited. Drugart.wps

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