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Privileges of Jews in Ancient Rome : This 9 page report discusses the special privileges and immunities offered to Jews through ancient Roman law. The writer discusses the atmosphere that existed in ancient Rome for the Jewish community and notes the observations of historians of the time. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Jewsrome.wps

Evolution in Judaism : A 7 page research paper on the changes in Judaism from the early periods to the modern, focusing on a division between nationalist (Pharisees) and unity (Sadducees) theory. The writer also makes comparisons to other faiths, including Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism from the basis of the Jewish concepts of "social reality" and "historical experience." Bibliography lists 6 sources. Cnjudai.wps

Origins Of Judaism, Christianity And Islam : A 5 page paper which compares and contrast the origins of Judaism, Christianity and Islam by determining how, where and when these religions emerged and by describing their relationship to each other. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Judchri2.wps

Comparing Judaism, Christianity & Islam : 6 pages in length. There exist a great many religions in the world; some could not be any further apart in beliefs and principles, while others that are seemingly opposite actually have a significant number of qualities in common. Such is the case with Judaism, Christianity and Islam, where even though the three religions appear quite diverse, they share quite a few collective properties. The writer discusses these similarities as they relate to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Bibliography lists 4 sources. 3rels.wps

Judaism & Christianity : A 20 page paper on discussing, and comparing, Judaism and Christianity. A history of the beginning of Christianity is discussed as well as the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem which was the beginning of the end of the Jewish rule in the then civilized world. The works of Flavius Josephus and Pope Clement I are included. Similarities and differences are discussed with a focus on the differences between the two. Persecution is also addressed followed by some pertinent information regarding relations today. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Judchris.wps

Flavius Josephus : A 5 page paper discussing the life of Flavius Josephus. He was born during a time of great change that was to change, and influence, world history. He wrote a book detailing the war he witnessed and also a book which described the Jewish people and their history leading up to the war that was to see the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. His works provide an invaluable look into history. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Flavjos.wps

Judaism & Buddhism / A Comparison : 15 pages in length. While there are great many parallelisms between Judaism and Buddhism, there also exist a number of contrarieties. The two religions share many of the same fundamental beliefs with regard to the world as a whole, encompassing family, religion, male domination, modernity and mysticism, yet there are also significant differences within those subgroups that place Judaism and Buddhism at opposite ends of the spectrum. This paper will attempt to compare and contrast these factors as they relate to the two religions. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Jewbudd.wps

Jewish Theocracy / Social & Theological Plurality : A 5 page discussion on the success of the Jewish community’s focus on bringing theological and social plurality to the world community and how the church has developed because of the horrors of the Holocaust. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Postholo.wps

A Comparison Between Jeremiah & Moses : A 10 page comparison of the two prophets in relationship to their contrasting responsibilities to the Israelites: one to lead them out of slavery, the other to explain why they had lost their freedom and also to give them hope for the future. The paper compares and contrasts the writings, biblical and others, that describe their responsibilities, and how similarities and contrasts between the two work to maintain a continuity of religious information, while reflecting societal changes. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Mosjere.wps

The Code Of Hammurabi Compared With The Laws Of Moses : This 5 page paper provides an overview of the code of Hammurabi and compares it with the laws of the biblical Moses. The history of the region, where Hammurabi lived, is touched on. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hammose.wps

History Of Jewish Belief & Practice : 9 pages charting the entire history of Jewish ritual and belief, starting with the Matriarchs to Hebrew Union College. Charts history, conflict and literary work, naming specific leaders, including King David, King Saul, Judah the Maccabee, Moses Mendlessohn, Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch and Rabbi Frankel. No Bibliography. Judai.wps

Renaissance Judaism : A 5 page paper discussing Judaism during the Renaissance, especially as it was expressed through the culture and art of the time. The treatment of both Jews and their faith during the time is also briefly examined. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Renjew.wps

Jewish View Of God : A 10 page research essay exploring the perception of God within the Jewish faith. Several scholars are cited and a comparison to the Christian view of God is offered. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Jewview.wps

Jewish View Of The Messiah : A 10 page essay exploring the Messiah in the Jewish faith. Topics covered include: historical context of the concept of the Messiah, what the Messiah will be like, why Jews are waiting for the Messiah, why Jesus cannot be the Messiah, and what will happen after the Messiah's coming. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Jmess.wps

How Jewish Was Jesus? : This 8 page report discusses the question of how Jewish Jesus of Nazareth was according to the gospel of Matthew. Bibliography lists 1 source. Jewjesus.wps

Judaism & The Chosen People : A 4 page research paper on the history and religious tradition of "The Chosen People." The writer describes the concept of "the chosen people" in Judaism and its role in Judaism and Jewish theology. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Chosenpe.wps

Masada / What The Land Means To The Jewish People : A 10 page paper that discusses the land issues surrounding the war in the Middle East. The writer defines Masada, looks at the Israeli claim to Masada through archeological records, and explains the political environment through the last two centuries leading up to Zionist ideals, the main focus being a nation established according to the promise of the prophets--Masada. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Masada.wps

Jewish Reform Movement -- Ethics Movement : A 10 page paper on the Reform Jewish Movement that discusses immigration to the United States, and the background behind that immigration, including population statistics, contributions of the Reform Movement to American society in general and to its own membership--concentration on civil and human rights issues. It also discusses the Reform Movement's involvement in the creation of a world Jewry. Bibliography includes 10 sources. Reformje.wps

Conservative Judiasm / The Movement : A 5 page paper that postulates that the Conservative Movement was designed to meet a specific need to westernize Judaism for Americans. As such, it has been the sect to evolve with its congregation. Although numbers may be dropping in membership, strong points are made to prove that there is little difference in the liturgical teachings between all the sects--and therefore the Conservatives aren't all that liberal just because they allow inter-marriage and woman in the rabbinical. Because of the amount of foresight, Jewish youth prefer it to other sects. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Judaism.wps

Traditions of Judaism / How Chasidim Differ : 8 pages in length. An analytical examination of 'tradition' as it relates to modern Jewish people. Based upon experience and library research, the writer argues that many contemporary Jews have lost sight of tradition and attempt to offer some historic explanation as to why. The differences between Chasidic, Conservative, and Reformed Jews are discussed in great detail to illustrate points made. An informative history and overview of the Chasidic people is provided. Bibliography lists 10 supporting sources. Jewstrad.wps

Sects of [Jewish] Hasidim : A variety of sects within the Hasidic community are described in this 5 page overview. Groups highlighted are Lubavitch, Satmar and Tascher Chassidim. The paper discusses geographic location and origins as well as customs and beliefs. Differences and similarities are provided. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hasidism.wps

Traditions at Jewish Weddings & Their Meaning : An 8 page research paper on the Jewish Wedding ritual and what various things in it mean. Discussed are the role of the Chuppah, the ceremonial breaking of the glass, and more. Mentioned frequently are the minor disparities between Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed weddings. Comparisons are also made between Jewish wedding tradition and Christian wedding tradition. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jwshwedd.wps

Visiting a Jewish Temple / Observations : 6 pages in length. This extremely detailed essay recounts the writer's observations made while visiting a Jewish synagogue one Saturday morning during prayer. Discussed are the Torah, Haftorah, talises, yarmulkes, dovaning, the importance of the Hebrew language and more. Points are extremely insightful and very accurate. No Bibliography. Jewstemp.wps

Jewish Mothers Empowering Jewish Daughters : A 30 page example of a dissertation proposal that would support the hypothesis that Jewish mothers empower their daughters even in light of signficant cultural, historical, social and religious problems. Bibliography lists 28 sources. Jmoms.wps

Jewish Women in Religion : The role of the woman in Judaism is explored in this 4 page essay that uses Judith R. Baskin's book Jewish Women In Historical Perspective. Baskin edits an anthology that delves into various time periods and places around the world. All essays focus on the role of women in the Jewish tradition. Baskin's book is the only source used. Baskin.wps

Judaism vs. Catholicism / Before The Inquisition : An 8 page paper that posits that antisemitism was built slowly over the first millenia C.E., and that prior to the Inquisition, the theology of Judaism and Catholicism followed the same general path, meeting the same intents for the two religions. The paper shows that although the intent was the same and the timing of interpretations followed similar paths, the philosophies behind the two religions were different from the beginning. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Judocath.wps

Pharisees, Essenes, & Sadducees / Second Temple Period : A 9 page research paper on the emergence of the above sects from 44 B.C.E. to 70 A.D. The writer presents a comparison of these philosophies to the "Jewish mind" or consciousness developed since biblical times and concludes with a comparison of these influences with today’s Jewish consciousness. Bibliography lists 7 sources. 2temple.wps

The Essenes Analyzed : This 5 page research paper examines the all-male Jewish communal group known as the Essenes. Specifically considered are the Essene ideas and the more extreme group which emerged from them at the Dead Sea, referring to the Dead Sea scrolls, including the book of Enoch, and how the Qumran group envisioned the end of history, and the role they played in it, if any. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Essenes.wps

Jews During the Ottoman Empire : A 10 page paper tracing the history of the Jews and their persecution during the Ottoman Empire. Discusses the history of the Jews leading up to the Ottoman Empire to establish a background for understanding the persecution during the empire's 600 year existence. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jewsotto.wps

Medieval Judaism : A 3 page essay responding to the lot of the Jewish in the Middle Ages. The paper mentions the premier Jewish philosopher of the era, Maimonides, and a few of his positions that are tenets of Orthodox Jewish doctrine today. It glances at the fact that practicing Jews, through application, education and commitment, are generally effective at their work, regardless of what that work might be, and that the anti-Semitism of the time might have sprung more from envy than from dogmatic differences. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Jews.wps

French Jewry in the Eighteenth Century : This 5 page paper focuses on the Jewish population in France under Napoleon. A look at these religious communities as they existed in the eighteenth century helps to explain conditions before and after the French Revolution. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Frenjew.wps

Zionism, The Jews, & Modern History : A 7 page paper on the Zionist movement and its underlying belief that the Jewish people must return to Eretz Yisrael. The writer discusses Zionism's spread throughout modern history as a political movement, as well as its value in academic and non-academic circles today. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Zionism.wps

Zionism, Roots and Legacy : A 7 page research paper focusing on the underlying reasons behind the Zionist movement during the mid-1800s, including nationalism, socialism and utopianism. The writer also looks at the legacy of Zionism in terms of ongoing conflict in Israel. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cnzionim.wps

Historical Education and Jewish Immigration : An 8 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of Jewish immigration around the turn of the century, and focuses on the importance of education for Jewish immigrant families. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jewimm.wps

Judaism vs. Oriental Religion / A Comparison : A 5 page essay examining the differences and similarities between these major fields of religion. The writer shows how each has a different view of reality while still retaining certain commonalties in regards to ethical behavior. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Judor.wps

Zoroastrianism & Its Influence On The Development Of Judaism and Christianity : A 15 page paper that provides a substantive view of the prophet Zoroaster, the subsequent development of the religion of Zoroastrianism, and considers the implications for the development of Judaic and Christian doctrine and practices. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Zoroas.wps

Health in the Jewish Community : Health issues as it affects the Jewish community are discussed in a 5 page paper. Topics included are ritual circumcision, kosher food choices, fasting and physician assisted suicide. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Jwhea.wps

Tolerance and Assimilation / The Problems of Jews & The History of Prejudice : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the arguments of Montaigne, Condorcet and Herzl on the problems of prejudice against different races and religions, and evaluates their perspectives in terms of the call for assimilation and tolerance. 4 sources cited. Toljew.wps

The American Jewish Experience : It is a fundamental aspect of New York life that there are enclaves of different social and class distinctions that have grown from the need of sets of immigrants to come together in a cohesive community to support and provide each other with a sense of stability and coherence. This 6 page paper examines the unique position of the Jewish immigrant to New York in the early twentieth century. It looks at the rift in the community that was described geographically but was based on socio-economic factors and rooted in cultural beliefs. The political organizations of the Zionist and Labor Movements are also explored. No bibliography provided. Amjewex.wps

The Jew in the Modern World : A Documentary History : When considering the issue of the Jewish State and the imperative of its formation as a central component of the Jewish identity, the perspectives of men like Theodor Herzl and Ahad Ha-Am provided differentiated views on the subject. This 5 page paper considers the perspectives of both Herzl and Ahad Ha-Am, especially as they relate to being a citizen in the state, a member of a family, a participant in a particular national or cultural tradition. Depictions by both Herzl and Ahad Ha-Am are evaluated in the text of the book The Jew in the Modern World. No additional sources cited. Jewmod.wps

Survival Strategies For Jewish Youth : 12 pages in length. The Jews have, perhaps, been one of the most persecuted of all peoples throughout history. Their pursuits to survive as both a people and a religion have been paved with pits and valleys from the time they began the struggle to reclaim what has been lost to political and social strife. Jewish youth are no less affected by these survival efforts, forced to often find their own strategies of endurance. The writer discusses various ways Jewish youth have survived throughout the twentieth century, as well as addresses what impediments have fallen in their paths. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Jewshyth.wps

Rabbi Soloveitchik’s "Halakhic Man" / Ethics and a Perspective on Time :
A 5 page research paper that examines the theological philosophy of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik as discussed in his book Halakhic Man. Soloveitchik's description of the Halakhic man shows that the past and the future leave their imprint on the ethically sensitive individual. Conversely, the ethics of the individual also influence that person's perception of time, giving him or her a broader view that transcends the meaning of the given moment. The writer argues that this philosophy can provide a firm basis for making ethical decisions and uses the persecution of the Jews during World War II as an example of a real life situation that called for ethical decisions. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Perstime.wps

Franz Kafka / Judaism In His Works : A 5 page paper looking at this important German writer of the twentieth century in terms of the Jewish context of his works. The paper argues that his frequent allusions to deformity, illness, and guilt mirror his own self-perception, resulting from the anti-Semitic stereotypes of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Kafka’s work entitled "Metamorphosis" is emphasized. Bibliography lists five sources. KBkafka.wps

Babel’s "My First Goose" / Jewish Identity : A 13 page paper looking at this short story by Russian-Jewish writer Isaac Babel in terms of its protagonist’s problems with his Jewish identity. The paper concludes that despite Liutov’s attempts to disassociate himself from his Jewish intellectual background, Liutov is irrevocably a Jew and irrevocably an intellectual; nothing he can do will make him a true warrior. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Ibabel.wps

Meyer Levin’s Heritage in "The Old Bunch" : A 12 page look at the issue of ethnic character in Levin’s novel. The paper looks at Levin’s novel in terms of his own life and history, and argues that the seeds of his later mania are contained in this early book. Bibliography lists 7 sources. MeyLevi.wps

Yiddish-American Author Isaac Bashevis Singer / His Life & Works : A 9 page paper on this seminal Yiddish writer. The paper discusses the significance of his emigration from Poland to the United States, and his struggle for acceptance as a serious literary figure. Works discussed include his short stories "The Letter Writer" and "The Lecture." Bibliography lists 7 sources. Bashevis.wps

"Fiddler on the Roof" (a.k.a. "Tevye") & "Tevye the Dairyman" by Sholem Aleichem / Compare and Contrast : A 4 page paper which examines the collection of Yiddish short stories entitled Tevye the Dairyman and the Railroad Stories by Sholem Aleichem and the 1971 musical film, upon which it was based, Fiddler on the Roof (also referred to as Tevye). Bibliography lists 3 sources. Tevye.wps

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