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Abraham / As Viewed by Christians, Jews and Muslims : A 6 page paper that discusses Abraham as viewed by Christians, Jews and Muslims. This paper provides supporting evidence that any world conflict cannot be blamed on the division/separation of Abraham from his sons Isaac and Ishmael, and that Abraham was a "wise man" that kept the "word of God." Bibliography lists 6 sources. Abrahams.wps

Ezra / Character In The Old Testament : A 5 page essay exploring the life and accomplishments of Ezra, a scribe and priest from the Old Testament. Credited with saving the Jews from disintegration, Ezra was a devout, prayerful man who journeyed from Babylonia to Jerusalem to establish and implement the law of Moses. Bibliography includes 6 references. Ezra.wps

Mary Baker Eddy / Founder of the Christian Science Church : A 7 page research essay on the life and influence of Mary Baker Eddy who founded the Christian Science Church in 1866. Areas looked at include: the world around her, the reasons she established the church, the impact she had on the world. Bibliography includes 8 references. Marybake.wps

Pope Gregory I / The Great : A 10 page paper discussing Medieval Europe. Examination of this particular period of time is limited to the letters of Pope Gregory I who was incredibly active towards the call of Christianity within the boundaries of England. These letters were obtained from the book Ecclesiastical History of England by the Venerable Bede. Bibliography lists 5 sources. pgregory.wps

Pope Gregory VII : An 10 page paper on Pope Gregory VII (papacy 1073-1084). This paper presents a history of his political dealings and philosophies under the precept of his visions which are: that the church should control the government and that an army of Christian Knights should go forth and ensure, at whatever cost, the conversion of all humanity to Catholicism. He did not instigate the Crusades in his time, but he fathered the idea and it was carried out beginning ten years after his death. The paper presents in detail his political dealings with King Henry IV under his precept that the church should rule over kings and lords. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Gregory.wps

Pope Leo XIII : Written as if Pope Leo XIII is telling his own story, this 5 page paper provides a brief biography of the pope as a person and how he influenced the course of Roman Catholic church history. Bibliography lists three sources. Popeleo.wps

St. Augustine/Life & Works : 7 pages in length. This essay analyzes St. Augustine's life and contribution to Western Culture & Religion. The writer views St. Augustine as a driving force in the unification of Christianity. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Augustn2.wps

St. Augustine’s "The City of God" : 5 pages in length. St. Augustine describes how each city begins and what those who belong to each city will find on the last judgment day. The text is primarily the history of mankind, with generous quotations taken from the Bible. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Citygod.wps

St. Augustine’s Confessions : A 5 page paper discussing "Confessions" by St. Augustine. He was a great figure in the past who illustrated, through "Confessions," that his life had not always followed one path, other than the path to seek truth. His ideas concerning the material, physical, natural world, as well as his beliefs surrounding Neoplatonic and Christianity are discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Augconf.wps

St. Augustine, Descartes, and Galileo / Comparing Views on Religion & Science : This 5 page report discusses how three of the pre-eminent thinkers of the past 1,500 years viewed the relationship between religion and science. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Augdegal.wps

"The Golden Ass" & St. Augustine’s "Confessions" / Studies in Transformation : A 6 page paper comparing the conversion experiences of Lucius, the main character of Apuleius’ Golden Ass, with St. Augustine. The writer examines Book 8 of the Confessions alongside Book 11 of the Golden Ass, and finds points of correspondence between each. No additional sources cited. Goldenas.wps

St. Augustine and Aquinas / A Comparison : An 8 page research essay that compares and contrasts the similarities and differences between these two great theologians of the Christian church. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Augaqu.wps

St. Augustine & Aquinas / Philosophical Views on the Problem of Evil and Man’s Separation from Goodness : This 10 page paper considers the religious and philosophical arguments that have existed regarding the nature of evil and man’s propensity for it in the natural world. This paper begins with a presentation of the Christian view of good and evil that stems from the Book of Genesis, and then relates this notion of evil to the arguments presented by theologians and philosophers St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Goodsep.wps

Saint Gregory of Nyssa : This 7 page paper explores this historical figure's life as well as his contributions to theology. St. Gregory believed that stability is perfection and that alteration is not good; thus it was inevitable that humankind "fell" from perfection and needed to return to a static state of existence that they so admired.Bibliography lists 8 sources. Nyssa.wps

Luther and Erasmus on Sin and Salvation: A 5 page research paper on two great figures of the Reformation and their religious views. The writer details theories of the sacraments and whether faith or works were primary to salvation. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Erasmus.wps

Ulrich Zwingli : A 7 page paper on Ulrich Zwingli and the Reformation of the catholic religion. The paper is basically a life and times work on Zwingli, but details his involvement in the Reformation and his thoughts and disputes with Martin Luther. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ulrichz.wps

The Virtue of Thomas More as Depicted in "A Man For All Seasons" : A 2 page essay on Bolt's "A Man For All Seasons" -- in which the writer marvels at Thomas More's displays of integrity. The conclusion is made that based upon actions depicted in this infamous work, it can indeed be said that More was a characteristically righteous man. No Bibliography. Moreman.wps

The Virtue of Thomas More as Depicted in "Man For All Seasons" # 2 : 3 pages on Sir Thomas More's depiction in "A Man For All Seasons." Some of the primary concerns of this essay deal with More's predicament and moral dilemma. It is argued that he was indeed a man of great virtue who -- under the circumstances -- preserved his integrity. No Bibliography. Moreman2.wps

Noah Was A Righteous Man : A 4 page essay arguing that Noah was indeed a righteous man. Citations from the Torah and the Holy Bible are offered as support. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Noah.wps

Flavius Josephus : A 5 page paper discussing the life of Flavius Josephus. He was born during a time of great change that was to change, and influence, world history. He wrote a book detailing the war he witnessed and also a book which described the Jewish people and their history leading up to the war that was to see the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. His works provide an invaluable look into history. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Flavjos.wps

The Life & Thought of John Duns Scotus : This 10 page (one page is full outline) report discusses the 13th century theologian and philosopher Duns Scotus who was the founder of a school of Scholasticism known as Scotism. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Scotus.wps

Thomas A Becket : 5 pages in length. Just as fascinating as the mystery that surrounds his murder is the whereabouts of Thomas A Becket's bones. The English saint's death was considered so dramatic that its historical value has withheld the test of time, as well as inspired countless poems, novels, plays and films. Unraveling the mystery around Becket's death is a quest that has been ongoing since the very time of his demise; such intensity has come full circle in that researchers and historians alike are still at a loss as to the ultimate resting place of the dead man's bones. The writer discusses the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Thomas A Becket's bones. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Tbecket.wps

Superstitions & Ancient Beliefs

Astrology :A 10 page overview of Astrology; i.e., its history, purpose(s), principles, and criticisms. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Astrolo2.wps

Astrology & The First Amendment : Approximately 50 analytical and opinionated pages that attempt to respond to the title question : "Astrology, Psychics, Superstition, Cults in America : Symptoms of a malfunctioning First Amendment?" No bibliography. Astrlogy.wps

Cosmology : 5 pages in length. The concept of human beings understanding everything about their universe is preposterous and arrogant. We truly do not have any idea what has transpired, is occurring or will happen within the cosmos, even with the aid of scientific data. There are just some things that cannot be obtained merely for the asking. The writer delves into the deeper meaning behind the universe and discusses why mortals are not likely to be the ones who find out the secrets of the cosmos. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Cosmolgy.wps

Mormons in Utah : This 5 page report discusses the sociological and anthropological aspects of a group (Mormons) and the their rituals, beliefs, and ideas that are associated with a particular region of the United States (Utah). Their characteristics as a collective, as well as their customary way of life are briefly examined. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mormon.wps

Adventism & Swedenborgianism : A 6 page paper comparing and contrasting the two forms of thought in terms of religious application. Brief histories of each religion are included within the text. Swedenborgianism is based on ideas which focus on nature as the manifestation of God. In Adventism it appears as though White is the prophet who often contradicts herself and changes, or adds to, the teachings of the Bible. While some portions of the religions are similar, essentially they are far removed from one another. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Advswed.wps

Celtic Paganism & The Progression Of Culture Towards Christianity :
A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the movement in Celtic literature from paganism to Christianity and the way in which the Celts supported their traditions within the emerging culture. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Celticp.wps

Celtic Druid Priests: Rituals and Ritual Sites - An 18 page comprehensive paper on Druids. In the course of the paper, the writer details Druid ritualistic practices and religious beliefs (including Stonehenge), Druid philosophy, and Druid history & mythology, and then goes on to describe the available sources of information on Druid priests. Druids2.wps

Ancient Grecian Temple Priests : A 6 page essay examining the roles of the priest in the religion of ancient Greece. The Grecians had a god for every occurrence of nature and for every condition or abstract thought, and they were responsible for duly worshipping each in order to avoid the wrath of any god or goddess that might feel slighted. Consulting with a god meant consulting with the oracle ensconced in the most important holy places; the priest associated with the particular site was to interpret the sayings of the oracle, translating them into a language that the more common types could understand. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Grecian.wps

Greek Religious Practices / Hellenic vs. Hellenistic Era : Is a 5 page paper contrasting early Greek Olympian religious practices which could be called Hellenic, themselves a result of combining a variety of cultures settling the Greek region, and including the later rise of mystery cults and a variety of philosophies, with the diaspora of Greek culture during the Hellenistic imperial era after Alexander the Great’s conquests. The analysis stresses the many cross-cultural influences during both eras. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Greek Relig.wps

The Essenes Analyzed : This 5 page research paper examines the all-male Jewish communal group known as the Essenes. Specifically considered are the Essene ideas and the more extreme group which emerged from them at the Dead Sea, referring to the Dead Sea scrolls, including the book of Enoch, and how the Qumran group envisioned the end of history, and the role they played in it, if any. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Essenes.wps

The Amish : A 12 page overview of the Amish, their culture and the factors which are changing that culture. Gives a brief historical account of the Amish and provides considerable information regarding the effects of their increased interaction with non-Amish and the factors which have caused that increase. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Amishcul.wps

Marduk : A 6 page paper explaining the origin of the Babylonian god, Marduk. It traces the history of Marduk, decribes his position as supreme god, cites references to him in the Book of Daniel, and compares the Babylonian creation story to that of the Biblical story of creation. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Marduk.wps

Marduk & Yahweh : A 6 page paper comparing Marduk and Yahweh. Explains the origin of Marduk, his worship, and compares and contrasts Marduk to Yahweh. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mayahweh.wps

The Nuer Religion & Its Views Of Nature : A 10 page paper discussing the Nuer religion in Africa and its views regarding nature, as well as the foundation for those beliefs. There are currently close to one million Nuer living in the Sudan and Ethiopia. Bibliography lists six sources. Relnuer.wps

Cults & The Rationale Behind Mass Suicides : A 6 page paper discussing several "suicide cults,"including Heaven’s Gate, The People’s Temple, The Branch Davidians, and the Canadian Solar Temple. The writer explains why people join these cults, and argues that although these groups are definitely an aberration of our times, there is little that can be done, at least in the United States, because freedom of religion is guaranteed under the Constitution. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Cults.wps

Suicide & Religion : The correlation between these two variables is outlined in this 10 page research proposal. After a review of sociological literature, a study is designed which includes the derivation of relevant statistical data as well as questionnaire distribution. Ten sample questions are included as well as an explanation of the methodology employed. Variables are described in detail. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Relsuic.wps

Dangerous Cults In The United States : This 14 page paper answers the question as to whether or not dangerous cults should be legal in the United States. The answer is not surprisingly complex as the question involves many issues, most predominately Constitutional freedoms. Groups such as Heaven's Gate, EST, Santeria, the Ku Kux Klan and the Right to Life movement are just some of the groups discussed. Satanic song lyrics are also addressed as part of the issue. The paper concludes that while truly dangerous cults should be outlawed, this should be done very carefully as not to infringe on first amendment rights. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cults.wps

UFO Cults : A 5 page paper discussing UFO cults and their doctrine of suicide, how they lure people into their organizations and how to avoid being taken in by these groups.. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Ufocult.wps

Christianity & Vampires : A 5 page paper investigating whether there is any connection between vampirism and Christianity. Vampire census-takers have identified several hundred individuals around the world who claim to be physical (but not spiritual) vampires. That there is paranormal activity in the world there is no doubt. God has promised it, and the Bible describes some of it. But even with all the evidence of the paranormal and of the occult, plus the Bible's confirmation that it will indeed occur, there is no evidence that any comparison between vampirism and Christianity needs even to be made. The idea of the "living dead" is inconsistent with the most basic teachings of the Bible, and there are far more other, real occurrences of the paranormal that are not. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Chrivamp.wps

Religion and "Magic" : A 6 page paper that considers the magico-religious elements of a number of primal religions and compares them practices in Catholicism. This paper utilizes information presented by Kenneth Kuykendal and others to demonstrate the importance of magic and ritual in religion. Magicrel.wps

Islamic Alchemy : A 10 page research paper on the this early form of chemistry plus the mystical implications it held for its adherents as well as its influence on Western culture. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Alchemy.wps

Rastafarianism : An 8 page paper on the religion, philosophy, and culture started by Marcus Garvey. This paper mainly deals with the history, the background, and the religious beliefs of this predominantly black religion. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Rastas.wps

The Seventh Generation - The Religion Of The Native American :
A 6 page paper discussing important concepts in Indian spirituality. The writer features quotes from a number of Native Americans and reliable sources. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Indian1.wps

Navajo and Hopi : A 7 page research paper describing the world and religious views of each tribe and their impact on arts.The writer describes how certain worldviews of each tribe contribute to the art forms including sandpaintings of the Navajo and kachina dolls of the Hopi. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hopinava.wps

Nostradamus / Life & Works : A 3 page look at the life of Michel de Nostradamus, the "man who saw tomorrow," his work in saving victims of the Plague, his oath of secrecy, and some of the true predictions he is believed to have made about our own present and future. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Nostrada.wps

The Jesuits : In 8 pages the author discusses the Society of Jesus, which is also known as The Jesuits. Through it preachings, teachings, etc., the Jesuits have held a major impact on the Catholic reformation, even though the papacy (bishops, etc) thought the society was a major danger to the faith and was destined to cause havoc rather than edification, etc. Without the Jesuits, the church might not be where it is today. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Socojes.wps

Jesuits in Canada : An 8 page study of the works of Jesuit priests in Canada 1608-1773. The writer posits that the historical evidence refutes the theory that Jesuits led to disintegration of faith in Catholicism and proves this argument through a discussion of the political conflicts of the period and evangelical role played by the Jesuits. Bibliography cites 6 sources. Canjesu.wps

African Tribal Culture / Rites Of Passage : This 12 page paper focuses upon a number of African rites of passage as they pertains to young men. The Bushmen, Toma, Gisu, Makonde and Masai tribes are among those highlighted. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Rites.wps

African Marriage Customs : A 5 page research paper that explores different customs in practice. Lobola, bridewealth and customary laws are discussed and specific examples given from the Turkana people. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Afrmcust.wps

Birth Twins & Synbolism In African Religion / The Dogon : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of twins in African religion and ritual, with a focus on both symbolic and birth twins in Dogon tribes. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Afrtwins.wps

Dogon Religion : A 10 page paper discussing how the Dogon of Mali, Africa, view the origin of the world and how it is connected with astronomy. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Dogonrel.wps

The Dogon Religion & Animals : A 10 page research paper which explores the animistic aspect of religious belief in this primitive African culture. The writer discusses the role that animals play in Dogon rituals which predict the future, and also gives a possible explanation for the mystery surrounding the impressive knowledge of this primitive tribe regarding the star cluster which makes up the "dog star," Sirius A and B. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Dogon.doc

Santeria & Voodoo : 13 page-long elaborate discussion of religion in Africa. Divided into sections, key focuses are on : Animism (the religious belief that everything on Earth is imbued with a powerful spirit, capable of helping or harming human needs), Voodoo, and the Santeria Religion. Many issues, ideas, and subtopics are explored. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Africrel.wps

Thematic Considerations On Witchcraft : 25 pages in length. An in-depth analysis of the occult, witchcraft's themes and practices including the "evil eye" etc.; The writer examines witch craft's history, various theological perspectives, the concept of salvation, the possibility of Hell, cults, and much more. Bibliography lists approximately 20 sources. Witchthe.wps

Women & Christian Witch Hunts During The Reformation : During the Reformation era, persecution of women whom the Catholic Church perceived to be "witches" was at an all-time high. This 12 page paper examines sociopolitical issues from that time as well as specific theological views on witchery and witchcraft. It is argued that fear and ignorance towards women (i.e., "the transformation of the witch from wanton woman to bad wife") led to much of the scare and confusion. A final section also compares the persecution of women as witches during the Reformation with that of Jewish people during the same period. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Witchcra.wps

Joseph Campbell & Michael J. Harner / Ritual Compared : A 5 page paper comparing and contrasting the ideas of these two theorists about the function and importance of ritual. Joseph Campbell was a well-known writer in the areas of mythology and ritual, and frequently drew analogies between established religious practices and long-forerunning mythological beliefs. He maintained that ritual was an important part of any religious practice as a way of setting the practice apart from daily routine, working to keep it within the realm of something outside, yet part of, the individual. Michael Harner teaches shamanism to Westerners for incorporation into holistic healing practices. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Ritual.wps

Why People Believe In Magic : A 10 page research paper which examines magical belief systems from an anthropological standpoint. The writer discusses the prevailing theories in this regard and demonstrates how magical beliefs perform certain concrete functions within the societies where this is prevalent. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Whypeop.wps

Role Playing Games Do Not Lead to Satan Worship & Murder! : A 6 page paper discussing role-playing fantasy games that have been blamed for deviant, violent, and criminal behaviors. The goal of the writer is to demonstrate the foolishness of such claims and assure readers that "RPG"s do not lead to Satan-worship or murder! Bibliography lists 7 sources. Roleplay.wps

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