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The Feminist Perspective In Sociology / Analyzed : This 7 page paper explores the historical development and varieties of the feminist perspective in sociology by examining the feminist theories (or lack thereof ) of Herbert Spencer, Karl Marx, Talcott Parsons and Dorothy Smith. Specifically discussed is the contribution of the feminist perspective in the understanding of society, and does it deserve a separate and distinct place in the study of sociology. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Femsoc.wps

The Economic & Social Impacts of Women in the Workforce : A 5 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of the changing role of women in the American workforce and demonstrates their changing influence and the call for equality. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ecsowom.wps

Women in the Workplace : A 5 page research paper on the statistics of earnings and achievement of women in the workplace. The writer posits that although advancements have been made, current indices and future predictions require change in business and government policy. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Workwomn.wps

Characteristics of Women Seeking Careers in Technology : A 15 page paper discussing the issues and environment affecting women seeking careers in technology-based fields. The writer provides an overview of the literature relating to the subject, as well as making an analysis of the characteristics of women involved in technology and science careers. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Techwomn.wps

Battered Women : A very thorough 20 page research paper discussing the various prejudices and other social problems faced by Battered women. Focuses on many relevant sub-topics including : immigrant women, adolescent women, women's inability to "leave" their abuser, and the difficulties they face in receiving proper medical treatment. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Additional keywords : spousal abuse, domestic abuse, etc. Batterd2.wps

Battered Women # 2 : A 5 page overview of Battered women, their psyche, and the problems that they face in our contemporary society. Discusses how the actual "problem" belongs not to the women- but to the men who abuse them and offers insight into various causal factors. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Additional keywords : spousal abuse, domestic abuse, etc. Batteredw.wps

Domestic Violence / Why Women Stay : A 6 paper on battered women / spousal abuse --in which the writer examines the typical 'reasons' for abuse, and why people stay in abusive situations. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Domabase.wps

Domestic Violence # 2 : A 5 page paper discussing the book by Susan Murphy-Milano entitled Defending Our Lives: Getting Away from Domestic Violence. Murphy-Milano has produced a book here that is a very thorough study of the abusive relationships within the home. She addresses almost every single aspect of the problems as she goes from the fear to escape to legal issues. It is a very complete work that should be read by anyone who is in such a situation or knows someone who is. Domestic.wps

Domestic Violence : This 5 page paper compares and contrasts two journal articles on domestic violence. One is by a medical team whose purpose was to determine characteristics related to the involved persons and the other was by a police officer who offered a profile of the typical batterer and the three phases in the violence cycle. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Domvio.wps

Impact of Domestic Violence on Children : This 8 page research paper examines the long-term effects of domestic violence on children. Specifically discussed include signs and symptoms of behavior exhibited by children who have witnessed acts of domestic violence and what can be done to help them. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Childvio.wps

Female Victims Of Crimes & Unjust Treatment : A 12 page paper detailing the injustices women often have to face as the victims of violent crimes from not only the criminal but also the law enforcement personnel who are responsible for investigating crime, the criminal justice system which is responsible for litigating such crimes, and the media which often gives an unfair view of the woman’s role in the crime. Bibliography lists eight sources. Victim.wps

Counseling Of Rape Victims : 10 pages in length. Professional counseling and support groups are essential for those who have suffered sexual assault. Rape victims have a great deal of emotional and psychological issues to process, and these often cannot be accomplished without the intervention of trained counselors. The writer discusses the various benefits of rape counseling, as well as addresses underlying issues concerning why some people refuse to seek counseling. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Rapecoun.wps

How Pornography Is Beneficial To Women : 15 pages in length. While the anti-pornography movement has taken over the debate, the anti-censorship feminists have a valid argument that pornography is beneficial to women in many ways; however, this argument has not been given due respect and attention. The writer discusses the various aspects of pornography that are beneficial to women, as well as addresses the counterpoints of those who oppose the concept. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Pornthes.wps

Women & The Mafia : This 8 page paper looks at the roles women play in the Mafia and how the role has evolved over time to one that is slightly more active. Despite the change in female participation, Mafia families remain patriarchal in nature and wives are still put on pedestals. A look at the phenomenon is taken with examples drawn from both the United States and Italy. Bibliography lists 9 sources Womob.wps

Caring for the Children of Employees : 3 pages discussing trends towards greater corporate interests in providing for the care of their employees' children. (child care, policies, laws, cyber-commuting etc;) Includes 2 demographic pie charts and bibliography listing 4 sources. Corpchil.wps

Date Rape : A 7 page analysis of date rape {behavior} with relevance to attribution theory. Excellent for those studying criminology. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Daterape.wps

Date Rape # 2 : The phenomenon of date rape and its sociological causes are explored in this 8 page paper. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Daterap2.wps

Date Rape # 3 / Differing Perspectives : This 5 page argumentative essay looks at the increasing phenomenon of college date rape from two perspectives -- the victim and the college. Bibliography included. Daterape.wps*

Campus / Rape and Assault : A 5 page research overview on the issues and effectiveness of response by campus administrators. The writer provides that campuses are still not responding appropriately to the issues. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Adminrap.doc

Marge Piercy's "Rape" : A 4 page paper on Piercy's poem entitled "Rape." The writer discusses the poem's meaning, relevance to Piercy's other works, and its psycho-emotional impact. Poetic technique, rhythm, symbolism, and intent are among the many other elements elaborated upon as well. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Piercy.wps

The Relationship Between Animal Abuse, Human Abuse and Antisocial Behavior : A 6 page paper that considers the issue of animal abuse and relates it to childhood history of abuse and neglect and to problematic behaviors in adulthood. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Relabuse.wps

Abortion : The controversial issue is explored in this 6 page paper. Three countries, Japan, Italy and the United States are considered along with three religions of Buddhism, Catholicism and Protestantism. The thesis maintains that the influence of religion concerning abortion exists throughout the world among various religions and has served to ironically increase abortion by neglecting proper sex education. Infanticide as a new disturbing trend is also noted. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Abrtn.wps

Pro - Choice / Why Women Must Have Free Choice in Reproductive Decisions : This 8 page argument supports a woman’s right to make the decision to have an abortion. The debate has raged for decades and its time to say enough is enough! Bibliography list seven sources. Womneed.wps

Abortion & Women's Rights : A 5 page paper discussing women's rights and abortion. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Abortion.wps

Pro Abortion / A Woman’s Right to Life : A 6 page philosophical argument for the right to life of women seeking abortions over the right to life of the fetus. The argument focuses on the theme of dominance. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Abortpro.wps

Evolution of Abortion Law Analyzed : This 10 page research paper chronicles the evolution of U.S. abortion legislation by examining landmark Supreme Court case law decisions. Specifically discussed are historic cases including Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), Roe v. Wade (1973), Harris v. McRae (1980), and Akron v. Akron Center For Reproductive Health, Inc. (1983). Bibliography lists 9 sources. Abortlaw.wps

Beauty Pagents & Their Depiction Of Women : This 8 page argumentative essay explores how beauty pageants depict women, and discusses whether they are demeaning or actually present a positive image for the modern woman. Pageant.wps

Society's Role Models & Adolescent Girls : A 10 page paper discussing the effect media depictions of role models have on adolescent girls. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Models.doc

Feminism & Exotic Dancers / Freedom Of Choice vs. The Identity of Womanhood : A 14 page paper that provides an overview of both sides of the issue of conflicts between feminism and exotic dancing. This paper looks at the social and psychological arguments surrounding the responses to exotic dancing, unionization of strippers, and the impact on society. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Stripper.doc

The Feminization of Poverty : 40 pages discussing from a feminist's viewpoint how changing social structures have brought about "the Feminization of poverty." Numerous case studies are backed-up by relevant statistical data to prove thesis. Bibliography lists 20+ sources. Fempover.wps

Pornography / Sexual Slavery : A 4 page argumentative essay examining the controversy surrounding pornography. The writer discusses the negativity and danger of porn and argues against it from a social (not moral) perspective. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Pornogra.wps

Anita Hill / The Challenge, The Denial, & The Impact : A 10 page examination of the 1991 congressional hearing regarding Anita Hill's allegations of sexual harassment against then nominee for the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas, the public perceptionof the case, and the overall impact. Biblioography lists six sources. Anitahil.wps

Canadian Health Care / Womens’ Issues -- Today and Tomorrow : A 7 page research paper on the current status of the universal health care program in Canada, as well as predictions on how well it will have survived the first decades of the twenty-first century. Particular emphasis is laid on women’s health funding, which now is threatened to some degree by budget cuts. Bibliography lists six sources. Canadaw.wps

Women as Outsiders in America / An Ethical Dilemma : A 7 page essay comparing the views of Betsworth and Brubaker on the oppression of women by traditional views of American society. The writer details Betsworth's concepts of social narratives and the how they apply to women in society. Traditional and religious views are also examined. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Ethicwom.wps

Vatican Attitudes Towards Liberation Theology & The Women’s MovementThis 15 page paper compares how each of these "movements" are officially viewed by the Vatican. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Vatican.wps

Women As Priests ? : A 7 page paper on the controversial issue of womens' ordination. The writer is particularly concerned with the impact that mid-1990's statement made by Pope John Paul II had on the topic ("I declare that the church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the church's faithful"). The discussion continues with the views of other clergy, disparate opinions from different sects of the religion, and so forth. It is concluded that if there is truly some religious reason for barring women from the priesthood, it has not been effectively articulated as of yet and thus, women should be ordained--even though this will not be widely-accepted anytime soon. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Prieswom.wps

Ordination of Women : An 11 page research paper exploring the various arguments for and against the ordination of women. The writer reviews the issue in terms of canonical, political and spiritual arguments, and explores these arguments on historical, present and future terms. The writer focuses on various opinions including feminist, orthodox Roman Catholic, Episcopal, and others. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Womnord.wps

Women’s Basketball / More Than A Sport : A 5 page overview of the importance of female participation in sports such as basketball and in the importance of this participation receiving an equal media coverage and emphasis as does male participation in sports. Correlates female participation in sports with lowered teen pregnancy, higher academic success, and less gang participation. Bibliography lists six sources. Wmnball.wps

Women & Their Depiction in Fairy Tales : A 7 page paper showing how women are depicted in the Grimm's fairy tales. Writers shows a possible correlation between societal roles and roles women play in fairy tales, since they are read to children. Bibliography lists 16 outside sources. Fairytal.wps

Women & Christian Witch Hunts During The Reformation : During the Reformation era, persecution of women whom the Catholic Church perceived to be "witches" was at an all-time high. This 12 page paper examines sociopolitical issues from that time as well as specific theological views on witchery and witchcraft. It is argued that fear and ignorance towards women (i.e., "the transformation of the witch from wanton woman to bad wife") led to much of the scare and confusion. A final section also compares the persecution of women as witches during the Reformation with that of Jewish people during the same period. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Witchcra.wps

Trapped at Home: The Status of Women in the Odyssey and the Old Testament :  A 6 page paper comparing the treatment of women in Homeric times (as illustrated by the tribulations of Penelope in the Odyssey) with the many rules and prohibitions given to women under early Judaic law. The paper concludes that both systems effectively tie women to the house without giving them any authority over it. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Odyot.wps

Women and Welfare Reform : A 5 page paper that studies the impact of welfare reform on single mother's collecting Aid for Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). This paper focuses on the inherent problems within the AFDC system that related directly to women's un-wed status, along with current misconceptions regarding participant status, education and ability to transition from the program into work. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Womewelf.wps

WIC - Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants & Children Analyzed : This 10 page research paper examines the federally-established program known as WIC (Women, Infants and Children). Specifically discussed is the agency's history, current available information on program eligibility and benefits, its goal and program objectives, standards and criteria, services, and some suggestions on how the WIC program could be more effective. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Wominfch.wps

Will WIC Survive the Nineties? : A 6 page paper discussing the Women’s, Infants, and Children’s supplemental food program. Beginning with its history, it describes how the program works, who is eligible, and discusses the various problems the government has had paying for it. Bibliography lists seven sources. Wic.wps

Le Sueur’s "The Girl" And The Exploration of Feminine Relationships : A 4 page essay exploring the relationship between mothers and daughters and between women in relation to the feminist movement. The story of "The Girl" by Le Soeuer is integrated into the text. No additional sources cited. Motherd.wps

Homeless Women : A 20 page paper discussing the increasing problem of women and homelessness, the factors contributing to homelessness among women, and the structure of our society that punishes impoverished people for trying to rise above their poverty and find a way out. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Hmlswomn.wps

"The Health Practices of Homeless Women / A Causal Model" : A 5 page paper critiquing Linda Flynn’s publication named above, an investigation into both observed and reported health practices of homeless urban women. Where medical records were lacking, the author attempted to estimate the level of health care these women had known previous to their homeless life. Limited to data collection only be self-reporting, however, neither the author nor the reader can be fully persuaded that the research accomplished its intended mission. Homewome.wps

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