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Jacqueline Cochran / World War II Aviator : A 5 page paper outlining the life and the contributions to aviation of Jacqueline Cochran. Bibliography lists five sources. Cochran.wps

Astronaut Sally Ride -- First American Woman In Space : A 5 page overview of the life & contributions of astronaut Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. Ride's work in the field, space missions and scientific research are discussed. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Sallyrid.wps

The Phenomenon of Geraldine Ferraro / Media Portrayal : A well-researched 30 page paper on the first woman to be nominated for national office in the United States. The writer describes the media's portrayal of Ferraro and how she coped with the 'bad press' she received. Ferraro's unique social responsibilities and the media's unfair treatment of her -- based entirely on gender -- are of primary importance to this discussion. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Ferraro.wps

Book Review / Barbara Kingsolver’s "Holding the Line" : A 4 page paper that provides an overview of Kingsolver's book. The mining strike of 1983 in Arizona was impacted significantly by the role of the Women's Auxiliary, and Kingsolver provides and account of the strike with consideration from the perspective of the women. No additional sources cited. Kingsolv.wps

Women In Early America : During the revolutionary era, at a time when North Americans proclaimed liberty and political participation as their birthright, women remained separate from the institutions of political life. This 7 page research paper examines the sociopolitical oppression of women and the beginnings of feminist activism in the United States. The writer discusses womens' productivity in the 19th century, the first school mistresses, and more. It is argued that women essentially created a female sub-culture which redefined the meaning of public life itself. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Womncolo.wps

The Average Women’s Contribution To History in the Early Twentieth Century : An 8 page paper looking at the way women’s contributions to our culture have fundamentally altered American history in the early part of this century. The paper contends that even if women’s political contributions are ignored, changing social attitudes – changed by women, from within -- toward such issues as consumerism, contraception, and working outside the home transformed our culture. Bibliography lists five sources. Women3.wps

Women During The Revolution : This 5 page paper outlines the society in which women lived during the time of the Revolutionary War in America. Dominant opinions about, standards of behavior, and expectations of American women of 18th century are presented. Bibliography included. Wmrev.wps

Patriots in Disguise : A 3 page paper examining the book, "Patriots in Disguise: Women Warriors of the Civil War," by Richard Hall. The paper examines Hall’s opinions as well as his descriptions of women in battle. The issues examined are discussed in context with issues concerning National Defense and how women can, and do, play an important role in warfare. No additional sources provided. Richall.wps

Women Veterans : A 3 page paper discussing "Women Veterans: America’s forgotten Heroines," by June A. Willenz. The book is discussed in terms of its relationship to the contributions women have made, or the influence they have had, on the National Defense. Willenz discusses many different instances concerning women in the military, ranging from early colonial times to the war in Vietnam. Her emphasis is on the issues surrounding women veterans and benefits available to them. No additional sources provided. Womnvet.wps

Battle Cries and Lullabies : A 3 page paper discussing the book "Battle Cries and Lullabies: Women in War from Prehistory to the Present," by Linda Grant De Pauw. Her book briefly details many women throughout history, who have played an essential role in warfare and issues surrounding National Defense. In light of the information the author provides, it is surprising that women are not as recognized for their involvement as the figures say they should be. No additional sources provided. Lindpauw.wps

Women In The Renaissance Thru The French Revolution / Voices from the Silence : An 11 page paper on how women were subjegated in the Renaissance and started to get serious about their status during the French Revolution. The paper postulates that voices where heard throughout the 300-year period as well. Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources. Renwomn.wps

Women in Religion : This 11 page paper explores the obstacles women faced in the Christian church during the nineteenth century and similar problems they live with in America today. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Womenrel.wps

Women In The Protestant Religion / 1900-1940 : A 5 page paper discussing women and how their image changed within the Protestant church in the early part of the twentieth century according to the article "From sainthood to submission" by Marty Nesselbush Green. Women were once revered as holy and pure individuals. They were deemed more spiritual than men. Then changes occurred and the women became nothing more than housewives. Women are still fighting the results of those changes. Protest8.wps

Women In World War I : A 7 page research paper demonstrating the involvement of women in WWI relief efforts all around the world. The writer discusses the work of The Woman's Motor Corps, The Smith College Relief Fund, and more. Names of specific women who contributed most to the cause are mentioned and the unprecedented success they enjoyed in getting much larger companies and organizations from all over the world to help out is discussed in detail. It is noted that the self-motivated efforts of women were more socially-accepted during this era than they would have ever been in previous centuries of Western history. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ww1women.wps

Vietnam War / The Role Women Played : A 5 page essay on the role of women in the Vietnam War and how it is has changed how we look at women and war. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Namwom.wps

Women's Movement Of 1919 Russia / Conflicting Views : An 11 page paper that provides an overview of the elements leading to considerable opposition in the Russian Women's movement of 1919, essentially dividing the women of Russian. This paper argues that the fundamental premises of both Feminist and Bolshevik groups pitted women against women. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Russwf.wps

"History Of Women In Journalism" by Beasely and Gibbons : A 5 page paper discussing the book "Taking Their Place" which details the history of women in journalism. Various notable female journalists are briefly discussed, as are the challenges they faced. Bibliography lists three sources. Journalw.doc

Mothers' Organizations : A 7 page paper discussing the history and effect of organizations formed by women and mothers for the purpose of reform. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Mothrorg.wps

Margaret Sanger : In 5 pages, the writer discusses Margaret Sanger. She had an important role in establishing "Planned Parenthood", which has had an impact on today's society. She felt that women, particularly poor, lower class women, should be able to use birth control methods and be taught about sexual reproduction and contraception in general. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Sanger.wps

Margaret Sanger : This 5 page paper provides biographic data on Margaret Sanger with emphasis on her social work. Sanger is a well known pioneer but controversial figure in the birth control movement. Accusations of racism are addressed. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Msanger.wps

Women in Politics / Toward Equity : A 10 page research paper on the historical basis behind barriers to politics, and how the barriers are being broken in U.S. politics. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Wmnpolit.doc

Women and the Supreme Court : This 9 page paper focuses on the role of women in the legal profession. The paper attempts to answer the question as to why there are less female judgeships in the higher courts of the Untied States. Explanations revolve around general issues of women’s rights and equality. The political climate of various administrations, particularly those of Reagan and Clinton, are the focus. Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are portrayed as role models. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources.Womsupr.wps

Women’s Lives In The 1830s : A 5 page paper on the topic of the diversity of the life experiences of three different American woman during the 1830s. One diary and two autobiographies are used to show that there really is no truly universal American experience. Bibliography lists three sources. Diary1830.wps

Women and the Criminal Justice System / Equality for All ? : A 15 page examination of women in the criminal justice and how their treatment is inferior to that received by men in the same situation. Bibliography lists fifteen sources. Winjail.wps

Women & The US Justice System : A 16 page research paper. The topic of women and the US Justice System is indeed a broad one, containing several aspects that cannot be ignored by any discussion of both the role of and the effects on women. It is necessary to look at women on each side of the judicial bench—how those in judging positions perform their duties and the contributions they make, and how those embroiled in legal issues common to women are faring today compared to past times. Also important is the fair and unbiased evaluation of the effects and the realized results of laws specific to women, such as sex discrimination of women and reforms of rape laws that have been in place in several jurisdictions for several years, while are still under discussion in others. Bibliography lists 12 sources. WomenUS.doc

Minority Women In Criminal Justice Positions : A 9 page paper in which the writer discusses the success story of Vicki Miles-LaGrange -- an African-American woman named by Bill Clinton to serve as U.S. Attorney. Examples of several other such women are provided as well. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Wmncrimj.wps

Women and Art: A History of Women Painters and Sculptors from the Renaissance to the Twentieth Century by Elsa Honig Fine: Women have been both the mother and the maiden in the eyes, hearts and art of men. Elsa Fine has given another perspective to the appreciation of art - that of women as creators and critics of art. Women are able to use their ability to create as a means to express their inner desires and beliefs, to connect to themselves in times when a female identity had to be hidden beneath a charade of demur behavior and extravagant fashion. This 10 page paper examines women and art from the perspective presented by Ms. Fine. Bibliography lists 9 sources. KTwomnart.wps

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